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18 December 2018
18 December 2018
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Prayer and Reflection

Christmas Prayer

When the song of the angels is stilled,

when the star in the sky is gone,

when the kings and princes are home,

when the shepherds are back with their flock,

the work of Christmas begins:

to find the lost

to heal the broken

to feed the hungry

to release the prisoners

to rebuild the nations

to bring peace among brothers and sisters

to make music in the heart.


Our Lady of the Rosary. Pray for us.

St Dominic. Pray for us.

Blessed Edmund Rice. Pray for us.



It is with great pleasure to announce in this newsletter the St Agnes Vinnies leaders for 2019.  They are as follows: 

President – Madeline Neville;

Vice President – Peter Iuso;

Secretary – Sara Lui;

Spiritual Advisor – Lyndell Boschma;

Social Coordinator – Stephanie Koukides;

Publicity Officers – James Smith and Josie Chick.

The new leaders have been especially busy and industrious since their election with fundraising activities for the annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. On Wednesday 12 December the students organised a Christmas mufti day which raised $425.00; this plus $145, which came from the sale of Candy Grams and Christmas bon-bons, totalled $570.

The total value of the hamper donations was in excess of $500. These hampers will go to McCarthy families this week.

This January, Campion College opens its doors to bright young students throughout Australia who are looking to explore a Liberal Arts education and dive head-first into a truly unique student experience.


Some highlights to look forward to:

  • Swimming and coastal trips
  • Blue Mountains
  • Hiking
  • Swing dancing
  • Trivia night
  • Movie night
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Theology

In addition to this snapshot of academic life, students experience Campion hospitality – living on campus, sharing delicious meals and taking part in fun activities.

Campion’s Summer Program provides students with the opportunity to meet academic staff, ask questions and attend lectures in the Liberal Arts. This encourages students to broaden their minds, think critically, argue persuasively and engage with the big questions that line the path to truth.

The Campion Summer Program is open to all young people aged 16-25.

Mrs Cate Allen - Mission and Spiritual Formation Coordinator


Principal's Report


Well done to all of our 2018 Year 12 students on their HSC achievements. I attach the list of Distinguished Achievers below and they are to be highly commended not only for such an achievement but their work ethic and dedication. I especially identify the academic leadership of two of our Year 12s - Isobelle Sullivan, our 2018 Dux of the College who earned 2 Band 6s on her HSC and an ATAR of 94, and College Captain - Eleanor George who also earned 2 band 6s and an ATAR of 93.7 which qualified her for the prestigious Tuckwell Scholarship from ANU (see below).


It is this high quality of academic performance that teaching staff intentionally nurture and target each year and in commending Isobelle and Ellie I also commend the dedication and unrelenting efforts of teachers and support staff. While we did not get as many Band 6s in 2018 as we targeted, the story in Band 5s shows that we are well on track for developing stronger academic rigour in all courses. Many students received HSC scores in the high 80s, within 2 or 3 marks of getting a Band 6. This fact suggests that the hard work teachers are putting into improving Literacy and Numeracy throughout Stage 4 and 5 is working. Our mantra that every teacher owns our Year 12 performance means that the daily effort of our Year 7 Mathematics teacher has an impact to be built upon for Isobelle’s Mathematics Extension 1 result. It gives me great pleasure to publicly acclaim the work of our teaching and support staff and well done to the Year 12 students on their hard work and achievement.
Jessica Clarke - Food Technology
Atharva Dighe - Mathematics
Maggie Fulwood - Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Textiles and Design
Madeleine Gale - Business Studies
Eleanor George - English Extension 1, French Continuers
Laura Jeffery - Community and Family Studies
Sophie Littlejohns - Community and Family Studies
Kate Pianta - Business Studies
Isobelle Sullivan - Business Studies, Visual Arts
Ella Wilkinson - Food Technology.

Tuckwell Scholarship

The Tuckwell Scholarship Program at the ANU is the most transformational undergraduate scholarship program in Australia. Now in its fifth year, the program currently supports 110 Tuckwell Scholars at various stages of their undergraduate degrees. The Scholarships, founded in 2013 by philanthropists Graham and Louise Tuckwell, allow and encourage students to take full advantage of their time at university, including the many academic, social, cultural sporting and leadership opportunities that come with life on campus at ANU. Every year, 25 Tuckwell Scholarships are awarded to highly talented and motivated school leavers planning to study at ANU, to help them fulfil their potential and reinvest their knowledge, skills and experience in ways that positively benefit others. The program has a focus on giving back to Australia and is the only one of its kind that nurtures scholars to fulfil their broader community ambitions over and above the pursuit of an undergraduate degree. The Scholarship offers financial support (up to $23,000 per year), mentoring, health and wellbeing support, leadership opportunities and much more. We are extremely proud of McCarthy Catholic College Captain - Eleanor George, who is a full scholarship recipient this year due to her excellent efforts in her HSC year. The application, interview and selection process is rigorous to say the least and for Eleanor to receive such a prestigious and lucrative scholarship speaks volumes for her ability and character. Well done Ellie!


Award Night

Congratulations to all the award winners from last night’s annual Award Night. In choosing a theme of legacy in my Principal’s Address, I chose to highlight the untiring effort that is put in by so many members of the McCarthy family to grow and nurture the legacy that our students build into the future. Thank you to all teaching and support staff for their untiring effort and support of students. I similarly acknowledge the support of our parents and carers who operate in partnership with us to provide a high quality educational opportunity for our students. Special thanks to all of the Administration staff who collated results, printed certificates, wrapped prizes, organised trophies for engraving and setup on the night. Their work almost always goes on behind the scenes with little public acknowledgement. Their work is always high quality and I thank them for their ongoing support of the great work going on at the College.


Staff News

I deeply thank and acknowledge the dedication and hard work put into the respective roles by Mr Marcus Chittick and Mrs Kerry Ackhurst. As we move into new leadership structures in 2019, we lose our Student Management Officer and KLA Coordinator - Religious Education roles. Both Kerry and Marcus have fulfilled our expectations of these roles to the full and deserve high praise for their 110% commitment.

A special mention also to Mrs Jenny Ayres who has filled in for two significant periods of time in the Canteen this year. As the students would attest the food produced by the Canteen staff is top quality and there is lots of it! No mean feat when there are close to 900 students at McCarthy. Thank you Jenny for your dedication and generous support of our students.

Please note that I will introduce all of our new staff in the first edition of the 2019 Newsletter.


Happy Retirement

We wish Mrs Margaret Banson and Mr Brian Kells all the best in their well-earned retirement. Similarly, we trust that the future for the following staff is bright and brings them and their families great happiness and success - Mr Marcus Chittick, Mr Frank Patricks, Mrs Jo McHugh, Mr Daniel Glasson, Mrs Jane Ashcroft, Ms Kathryn O’Sullivan, and (finally...maybe?) Mrs Kate Woolaston.


Baby News

Congratulations to Beano Radebe and her husband on the safe arrival of their second son, Retumile Ruhama.


Creative Arts Showcase

Congratulations to the Creative Arts faculty and the talented students for their wonderful showcase of artistic, dramatic and musical performance in Week 8. The lament we have once again is how do we get more members of our community to witness the incredible talent that we have at the college? For only about 200 guests to see such a quality show is a shame. We will continue to investigate alternatives to showcase our gifted kids. Well done to all involved!


Clothing Pool

Please note the Clothing Pool will be open on Friday 25 January 2019 from 9:00am - 11:00am.



May the peace of Christ be with all McCarthy families these holidays. If you are travelling, be safe and enjoy the love and fellowship that comes with relaxing and sharing a meal together with family and friends. Take care and may God go with you.


Commencement Dates for 2019 

Staff commence Tuesday 29 January 2019

Years 7, 11 and new students commence Thursday 31 January 2019

Years 8, 9, 10 and 12 students commence Friday 1 February 2019.

Mr Geoff McManus - Principal


Assistant Principal - Mrs Sparke

As we move rapidly towards the end of the 2018 school year, some areas of curriculum are winding down. Exams have been completed, reports have been written, Leaders of Learning have determined which students have earned 1st place in subject and teachers have made their nominations for Consistent Application. Talent, motivation, application, intelligence, organisation and perseverance were celebrated at last night's McCarthy Award Night.


The HSC results have been released and they tell a story of individual effort and growth, with many students demonstrating significant growth and  improvement.  Congratulations to those students.


The 2019 timetable will be available when students commence in January next year. Philosophically, individual patterns of study in Years 11 and 12 and elective choices in Years 9 and 10 drive the construction of the timetable. Unless students have been called to the office to discuss a problem, they can assume they have been entered into the courses they selected. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities that a new year will bring.


I wish all families a happy and holy Christmas and a restful holiday.

Mrs Sally Sparke - Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal - Mr Larkin

Why Obsession with Happiness Makes Us Miserable

In an essay titled ‘The dark side of the dream’, Leah Kaminsky explores how “society’s obsession with happiness may be making us miserable”. This strikes a chord with me and parallels a concept that I regularly speak to my students about. The challenge for schools is that we are often a counter-cultural institution – that is, much of the ideas and values that we espouse are contradictory to the dominant norms that saturate society, making learning seem an irrelevance.

This conflict provides quite a challenge for students and teachers alike. Young people are often preoccupied with materialistic demands and expectations. Marketing seeks to indoctrinate consumers to believe that through the purchase of a product or service fulfillment can be found. Kaminsky argues:

“Finding meaning and purpose in life isn’t always easy, but it can’t be found in the fleeting pleasures of materialism and consumerism. You might feel excited by the latest smartphone, but within six months it becomes obsolete and can be a source of dissatisfaction.”

Wealth and abundance have taken the physical challenge out of life in most Western cultures. As a consequence, young people (and many old) want everything that they desire and feel unhappy when this does not transpire quickly. School on the other hand requires students to work hard, consistently and in a sustained manner to achieve growth. Growth is often not spectacular or dramatic – it comes slowly, gradually, sometimes unperceptively. Concrete results are often only realized in the long term. This becomes a problem in a society where people expect to be permanently happy and satisfied and they want it now. Kaminsky expresses it beautifully, “We are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the next quick fix, trying to buy our way towards a permanent smile.”

As educators, one of the things we strive to do, to help students see their progress, is to recognize what Gus Gould refers to as the “small victories”. Two seasons ago Gus was asked during a game how he would go about helping Newcastle who at the time were being walloped by Manly. He said that you have to find the small victories – every training session, every game – to build the necessary confidence, skill and mind-set to be successful. Effective teachers try to do this in each lesson and each learning activity. Parents too can help in this process by recognizing and acknowledging the progress of their child – it might be in an idea they expressed, a word or concept that they used, the playing of an instrument, the completion of homework itself or the way they organize themselves for school. Building confidence builds success.

As the year nears an end and students complete and receive feedback on their exams and final assessment tasks (or for Year 11 their first HSC tasks), I urge them to be reflective; to not be discouraged, to be mindful of the long term, to not waste energy comparing their performance with others (not to say that you can’t learn from how others approach a task or work to achieve their goal) but to consider what they did well and what they need to do to improve, that if they have worked as hard as they could then they should be satisfied with such a performance, that future achievement will be founded on the bedrock of work that they have done now. As parents you can support them by reiterating such ideas.

To become an expert in any domain it is said that it takes ten years of deliberate practice. This requires a person to identify their weaknesses and work on them ruthlessly. An educationalist, Marzano, says that expertise exists in “thin slices of behaviour”. His metaphor alludes to the idea that it is the small things that we do that have a cumulative effect – the constant repetition of good habits, the very mindful, deliberate acts we engage in that build toward success. He goes on to argue that to achieve a satisfying life we need to do several things:

  • Do something complex and become good at it
  • Affect people in a positive way, help others through what you do
  • Have a degree of autonomy and are able to express creativity.

Interestingly this aligns with what Kaminsky discusses towards the end of the essay,

“Research shows that genuinely happy people are more inclined to transcend immediate self-gratification and embrace a more value-based life that is focused on others.”

The life of Jesus becomes a powerful example that we hold up to the students, and ourselves, to inspire a life “focused on others”. I must admit to being incredibly impressed and proud of the way so many of our students respond when given an opportunity to help others – I hope that it is an indicator of the fact that these young people are becoming counter-cultural in their values and destined for a life of true fulfillment and not one obsessed with seeking immediate gratification.


A big thank you to all of the parents and guardians who provide such wonderful support to all that we do at the College – it is truly a privilege to serve such a community. I hope everyone has a happy and Holy Christmas, a well-deserved break and return ready to learn and grow and make this world a better place for all.

 Mr Mick Larkin - Assistant Principal


Important Dates


25 January:  Clothing Pool open from 9:00am - 11:00am

29 January:  Term 1 commences for staff only

31 January:  Term 1 commences for Years 7, 11 and new students

1 February:   All students return

1 February:   First Friday Mass

3 February:   Wollongong and Sydney University Excursion

Teaching and Learning

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

At this time of year, many students are contemplating their pathway for the following year. Last week, I was invited to speak to Mr Kenniff’s Year 9 English class about the options for heading into Year 10 and beyond in relation to Vocational Education, in particular School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. Since then I have had a number of students contact me for further assistance on how to make a start. Mrs Kellahan and myself welcome the chance to assist our young students in the planning of these pathways. Each year at McCarthy we host an information evening early Term 3 where Year 10 students are invited to attend and discover how Vocational Education pathways are accessed at the College. Should you be 15 years old, in Year 10 in 2019 and if you have an employer who would be willing to sign you on, please make contact with Mrs Kellahan via email or myself.


Congratulations to Baxter Woods, Corey Aitken and Oscar Dietrich in Year 10. These students have been successful in securing full-time apprenticeships in 2019.


Beyond School Study Guide

Included in this newsletter is a useful resource published by the Australian Government, Beyond School Study Guide, which may assist our senior students over the holidays who are contemplating their future.


Year 12

Feedback is a significant contributor to learning. Our Year 12 students this week have received significant feedback from NESA. For many, this will affirm the efforts of a long and consistent approach to learning effectively at McCarthy and based on this feedback, it is clear that many of our students have the necessary skills to learn.  I wish students all the best for their future studies.



End of year reports have been emailed, these are an important form of feedback along the learning continuum. However, for the feedback to be most effective, students should do something with it. Setting a learning goal for next year is one way to do this. Perhaps taking note of consistent themes emerging and reflect on how next year might be different.


One of the highlights of the school holiday period (besides Christmas of course!) is undoubtedly the restocking of pencil cases in readiness for the new year. Please take the time to replenish stationery items in preparation for an excellent 2019 academic year. Behind the scenes, Mr Larkin and I  have been working hard to deliver an exciting new program that I am confident students will engage with.


May you have a holy, happy and safe Christmas.

Mrs Raelene Maxworthy - Teaching and Learning Coordinator


English Extension 2 Workshop 

On Wednesday 21 November, the four English Extension 2 candidates at McCarthy Catholic College in Tamworth, visited St Mary's, Gunnedah with their mentor, Mrs Melanie Thompson, to participate in a workshop with their Extension 2 students and teacher, Mr Adam Thompson. Designed to give an insight into the process of developing a Major Work in English, the day was organised and run by Mr and Mrs Thompson (the English Extension 2 mentors of St Mary's and McCarthy, respectively - and, yes, they are married), with a guest appearance by Miss Patsy Stanley.

Starting at 9:00am, the four students from McCarthy - Peta Anderson, James Austin, Abigail Kelly and Madeline Shearman - and the four from St Mary's along with their mentors, worked through a series of workshops that focused on each aspect of the course. Although English Extension 2 has been a long-standing elective at McCarthy, the 2019 HSC cohort marks only the second group of students to undertake the course at St Mary's and so the day proved a valuable insight into the requirements and rigours of the course. Given the option to produce a major work in a literary form of their own choosing, across the eight students there was a diversity of projects and literary focuses that included a speech, critical interpretations, creative narratives and even the script for a short play.

Overall, the workshop proved an overwhelming success, with our students walking away feeling confident and inspired in their desire to pursue English as an elective subject, and as an opportunity to dip their toe in the creative world of writing. Students were able to gain great insight into the creative minds of fellow Extension 2 students at St Mary's Catholic College, Gunnedah.

Mrs Melanie Thompson - English Coordinator



Year 9 Elective Excursions: Visit to St Joseph’s Primary School and French Lunch at Le Pruneau

Today, Year 9 Elective French students are going to St Joseph’s Primary school to participate in two teaching and learning sessions with Year 4 and 5. The goal of this visit is to give the primary school students a first exposure to French and promote the learning of a new language in primary school. It is also an opportunity for McCarthy Year 9 students to develop their leadership skills and to use their knowledge and skills to teach others.

This visit will be followed by a French lunch at Le Pruneau Restaurant, where Year 9 students will experience a three-course meal (entree, main and dessert), like every student has in France at the school canteen or at home. In France the lunch break is longer, which allows for some students to go back home before the afternoon lessons.


Year 8 French Breakfast

This week, Year 8 French classes have had a taste of a French breakfast - petit pain au chocolat, baguette with butter (avec du beurre) and jam (de la confiture), and orange juice (du jus d’orange), as French people are served when in a café or a hotel. This cultural experience was also an opportunity to apply their knowledge of the language to order what they wanted (avec ou sans beurre ? / with or without butter?)

Congratulations to Claudia, Matilda, Abbey, Jazmyn, Max, Wilson and Mikani who successfully completed the Year 8 Language Perfect Challenge.

Congratulations to Hayley Grey who completed her Year 9 Challenge on Language Perfect!

This year, all Year 8 Italian and French students worked on the online platform Language Perfect. The challenge for Year 8 French students was to complete all the Units of the Elementary level. Well done to these students for their hard work. 

A special ‘well done and thank you!’ to all these students who greet me and initiate basic conversation in French and answer my questions in and out of class whenever we meet. So many students from Year 8 to Year 12 are happy to use their knowledge to communicate with a native speaker. This is an open-minded and welcoming attitude which illustrates McCarthy’s growing awareness of the importance of speaking another language in today’s multicultural Australia.

We are looking forward to seeing these students and many more pursue their study of Languages in Year 11 and 12.

Mrs Oriane Monet - French Teacher



Careers News

Year 12 2018  - Vital Dates and Information Regarding University Offers for Students and their Parents

We have started the period when many students will be receiving offers to university, making applications for colleges and scholarships as well as applying for full time or gap year jobs. Students need to be keeping on top of deadlines and checking emails frequently.  A list of the UAC dates are inside the ATAR 2019 book and at the UAC website.
Due to the quick turnaround between the release of results and deadline for University offers, students and their parents have limited time to get information to make decisions if ATARs are much higher or lower than expected or needed. All universities will have Information Days and hotlines to assist.
Students (or parents on behalf of their child) are encouraged to contact me for information and advice via the school or my email:  [email protected].
I have resources and information on a lot of options, suggestions and alternative pathways  to enable students to ultimately be able to do the course they want at the university they choose to attend. However, I can only do this and share this with you if I am contacted.   The College is not provided with the ATARs so we do not know who needs help or is disappointed by their ATAR.
Here are the important dates and details from UAC:

  1. December 20: Undergraduate: December Round 2 Offers Released - Offers released on this website at 7:30am. These are the first offers made to Year 12 students based on ATARs and preferences as  they were at midnight on Sunday 16 December. Change your preferences for the next offer round by midnight 6 January.
  2. December 20: SRS: Conditional Offers Converted to Unconditional Offers - Conditional offers are converted to unconditional offers for applicants who meet institution criteria. 

There will also be a Destination Survey sent out to all Year 12 students during January-February so look out for this.


Work Experience Leading to Apprenticeships

This year has seen quite a few students who have chosen to do Work Experience starting back in Term 1. Since then we have had students receive offers of full-time apprenticeships and make a successful transition from school to the world of work. Some students in Year 11 have left during the year as they received offers and in Year 10 we are seeing a group of students who have done Work Experience leaving at the end of this year.

I congratulate these students on their initiative and determination to work towards their goals and for recognising that choosing to continue through to Year 12 and the HSC is not the best option for all students.


Tamworth Youth Employment Project with CareerHQ

McCarthy students currently in Years 9-11 are part of a community-wide project that pioneers a collaborative approach to addressing economic development and employment opportunities for young adults at a grassroots level. 


In partnership with CareerHQ and JobGetter, Tamworth Regional Council and local industry bodies are sponsoring the building of a local integrated career education and employment platform that will be available for all high schools and young adults in the Tamworth council area. 


This will include: 

● CareerHQ’s career education tools 

● A localised jobs board created by JobGetter 

● Real-time data on the career interests of students and skills of young adults in Tamworth and a local employment map of the local area.  

The first step in this pilot program was for all these students to complete two online surveys to both assist them in their individual career goals and to assist the school, council and other local industries to provide opportunities and facilities to further support them. 

Mrs Susan Barrett

Careers Adviser

[email protected]


Diocesean Cricket

On Wednesday 28 November, the Year 7-10 boys played a 20/20 match against St Mary’s College of Gunnedah. After a thrilling last ball victory against O’Connor Catholic College, Armidale the previous match, the boys were keen for another good game. Some early rain delayed the start of the game resulting in a reduction to 16 overs per team. St Mary's batted first and were all out on the final ball for 96. Eddy Williams bowled well. He delivered a great ball to dismiss St Mary’s opener for 22, and from this point, the McCarthy boys took regular wickets. Ben Chick bowled beautifully picking up 3/9, Sam Anderson  2/8, and Noah Dunnill claimed 2/23.

In reply, with storm clouds brewing, McCarthy needed to score quickly.  Ben Chick batted well, top scoring with 37. Noah Dunhill hit a towering 6 before being dismissed for 8 and Nathaniel Thrift hit the winning runs just before the rain arrived in an exciting finish. Thank you to Kilian Apen who scored after an injury prevented him from playing and to Mr Peter Virgen for umpiring. The game was played in good spirit.

Team: Samuel Anderson, Kilian Apen, Owen Bennett, Ben Chick, Tyhla Condrick, Zack Cook, Noah Dunnill, James Highlands, Cameron Morris, Nathaniel Thrift and Edward Williams.

Mr Brad Mitchell - Sports Coordinator


Creative Arts

Creative Arts Night

On Tuesday 4 December, the Creative Arts Evening was held in Our Lady of the Rosary Cultural Centre. The night displayed the wonderful creations from Art and posters from Languages, followed by Drama and Music performances. The Concert Band, Jazz Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Trio and Brass Ensemble, along with a selection of soloists on various instruments, performed on the night. For some students it was the first time they had performed solo in front of a crowd. All students involved are to be commended for the contribution they made to this performance.


Band Awards

During the concert, Band Awards were made to numerous students in the Concert, Jazz and Junior Bands.

Concert Musician of the Year: Ryan Thompson

Jazz Musician of the Year: Tully Munro

Junior Band Musician of the Year: Grace Salkeld


Concert Band Achievement Awards:

Nicholas Hannan

Clementine Monet

Augustine Mundele-Turner


Jazz Band Achievement Awards:

Innes Munro

Eoin Shepherd

Michelle Coates


Junior Band Achievement Awards:

Cameron Keys

Anna Nixon

Sarah Coates


Congratulations to these students, and congratulations to all students who performed, or displayed work on the night.


McCarthy Environmental Council

McCarthy Environmental Council

The 2019 McCarthy Catholic College Environmental Council has many plans for the future and we cannot wait to achieve these goals together with the school community. We have many projects scheduled over the coming months. We are going to complete the bottle cap mural which will take pride of place on the I Block Terrace wall, under which will sit some recycling bins in order to encourage some environmental mindedness. We are further aiming to replace and add recycling bins to all classrooms around the College.

The Council is also hoping to put the idea of staff member Mr Shaun Nichols into action, where we will aim to regenerate (TREEgenerate, if you will) the unused area behind the groundskeepers shed. We would like to grow trees and plants in this area, improving the landscape for all members of the McCarthy community. We will keep the community up to date with our progress throughout the year, via the newsletter.

The new Executive members for the 2019 McCarthy Environmental Council are as follows:

President: Sara Lui

Vice President: Peter Iuso

Publicity Officer: Stephanie Koukides

Secretary: James Smith

Sister Squared

Sister Squared held their end of year Christmas Movie Night this week. Students watched The Princess Switch while eating Christmas themed food and lollies. Santa came to visit after the movie, giving gifts to those who attended. Games were played, including trying to unwrap a present whilst wearing a Santa hat blindfold and oven mits! A special thank you to Abby Kelly and Julia Hannaford for organising the event. From everyone at Sister Squared, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the festive season.

Mrs Aimee Cook


Christmas MassTimes

2018 Christmas Mass Times

St Nicholas, East Tamworth

Monday 24 December:   Family Mass  7:00pm

Monday 24 December:   Christmas Vigil Mass  9:00pm

Monday 24 December:   Midnight Mass

Tuesday 25 December:   Christmas Mass  9:30am


St Mary's Church

Tuesday 25 December:  Christmas Mass  7:30am


St Edward's, South Tamworth - Mary Help of Christians

Monday 24 December:  Children's Mass  6:00pm

Monday 24 December:  Christmas Vigil Mass  9:00pm

Tuesday 25 December:  Christmas Mass  9:00am


St Patrick's, West Tamworth

Monday 24 December:  Children's Mass 5:30ppm

Monday 24 December:  Christmas Vigil Mass  8:00pm

Tuesday 25 December:  Christmas Mass  9:00am


St Michael's, Manilla


Monday 24 December: 7:00pm



Monday 24 December:  5:30pm



Tuesday 25 December:  9:00am


St Brigid's, Quirindi


Monday 24 December:  Christmas Vigil Mass  7:30pm

Tuesday 25 December:  Christmas Mass  9:30am


Willow Tree

Tuesday 25 December:  Christmas Mass  8:00am


St Thomas More, Werris Creek

Thursday 13 December:  Parish Reconciliation Rite 2  6:00pm

Monday 24 December:   Christmas Eve Vigil Mass  6:00pm


St Joseph's, Gunnedah

Monday 24 December:  Christmas Vigil Mass  7:00pm (St Xavier's Hall)

Tuesday 25 December:  Christmas Mass  8:30am



McCarthy Parents Association

Picnic Tables

As part of our distribution of funds raised by the Parent Association we purchased 6 new picnic tables for the students. We are sure they will be put to good use. Thank  you for your ongoing support of the Association.

Merry Christmas

We wish the McCarthy community a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.




General Information

Clothing Pool

The Clothing Pool can be accessed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00am and 8:30am via the bottom carpark. It can be found at the top of the stairs, to the left (facing Tribe Street).

Hours of Supervision

The playground will be supervised from 8:30am. School hours are 8:45am – 3:00pm. After school, students will be supervised in the bus bay area until the last bus leaves.

Executive Staff

Principal: Mr Geoff McManus

Assistant Principals: Mrs Sally Sparke and Mr Mick Larkin

Mission and Spiritual Formation Coordinator: Mrs Cate Allen

Teaching and Learning Coordinator: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy

Leader of Pedagogy: Mrs Briony Martin

Year Coordinators

The 2018 Pastoral Care team is:

Year 7 Coordinator - Mr Bernie Williams

[email protected]


Year 8 Coordinator - Mr Andrew Davy

[email protected]             


Year 9 Coordinator - Mrs Melissa Bearup

[email protected]                


Year 10 Coordinator - Mrs Fiona O'Neill

[email protected]                    




Year 11 Coordinator - Mr Damian Kenniff

[email protected]                        


Year 12 Coordinator - Mrs Michelle Gale

[email protected]                       

Change of Details

It is imperative that the office be advised about any change of details from last year, such as change in family situation, address, workplace, email addresses, phone numbers – mobile and landline for home and work.

McCarthy Catholic College Newsletter
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