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29 November 2018
Issue Eighteen
Mission and Values
Dates to Remember
Principal's Report
JPPC Twilight Market
Success Stories
Curriculum Matters
Community News
2018 JPPS Concert 'The Rainbow Within'
JP Racing 2018
Computer Programming Club
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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To nurture and develop individuals to become adaptable in a changing environment and to acquire a lifelong love of learning and the skills and attitudes necessary to function successfully in a sustainable global society.

Our Values

Respect, Honesty, Excellence and Resilience.

Student Oath

I am Proud to be an Australian

I will honour the flag

Obey the laws

Respect the community and

Care for the environment

Commitment to Child Safety

Jells Park Primary School is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Jells Park Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse.


Jells Park Primary School is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.


If there are any concerns or questions regarding Child Safety procedures, please see one of the following staff members: Mr Kevin Oakey (Principal), Mr Dave O'Kane (Assistant Principal), Melissa McLeod (Leading Teacher - Wellbeing)

Acknowledgement of Land

Jells Park Primary School acknowledge the Woi Wurrung  people of the Kulin nation,

as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which our school is situated, and we pay our respects to their Elders both past and present. 


Dates to Remember

Term Dates 2018

Term 4- 8 October - 21 December

Concert Dates 2018

Full Dress Rehearsal - Monday 10 December

Night - Wednesday 12 December 7pm

Matinee- Thursday 13 December 1pm

Night - Thursday 13 December 7pm

November 2018

Friday 30 November- Foundation 2019 Transition - Session 4 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Friday 30 November- JPPC Twilight Market 5pm - 9pm

December 2018 

Monday 3 - Wednesday 5 December Link Dental Van 

Tuesday 4 December - Last day for School Banking for the year

Wednesday 5 December - Level 6 Parent dance practice 

Thursday 6 December - End of Year music lesson concert

Friday 7 December - Full concert run through at school 

Friday 7 December - Foundation 2019 Transition - Session 5 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Monday 10 December- Canteen CLOSED

Monday 10 December - Concert full dress rehearsal at Caulfield Grammar

Tuesday 11 December- Year 6 -7 Government High School Transition Day

Wednesday 12 December - School Concert 7pm

Thursday 13 December - Canteen CLOSED

Thursday 13 December - Matinee School Concert 1pm

Thursday 13 December - School Concert 7pm

Monday 17 December - Future Students 2019 Transition Day 

Monday 17 December - Student First Aid - 1 hour per class

Tuesday 18 December - Last day of Canteen for the year 

Tuesday 18 December - Student First Aid - 1 hour per class

Tuesday 18 December - Meet the Teacher 2019 2.30pm-3.30pm

Wednesday 19 December - Class parties 12.30pm -1.30pm

Wednesday 19 December - Level 6 Graduation Evening

Wednesday 19 December - Canteen Closed

Thursday 20 December - Canteen Closed 

Friday 21 December - Canteen Closed

Friday 21 December- Last Day of Term - Final Assembly 12pm, Dismissal 1pm


Term 1 2019

Wednesday 30 January - First day of Term 1 (Level 1-6 students)

Thursday 31 January - First day of Foundation 9am-1pm

Friday 1 February - Second day of Foundation 9am-1pm

Principal's Report

Jells Park Primary School


Principal:                         Kevin Oakey

                                             [email protected] 


Assistant Principal:     David O'Kane

                                            [email protected]


2019 Classes - Update

Mr Brian Clarke (2C) has been successful in gaining a 12 month appointment at Heathmont East PS for 2019 and Ms Jackie Kapoor (office) has gained an appointment as Business Manager at Blackburn PS. Congratulations to both of them and we wish them well. 

Miss Annie Henderson has been appointed to work next year in Level 2 and we have advertised for an office staff member.

Former student drafted to Richmond FC

Look in Success Stories for the news about Jack Ross, a former student, now drafted to play for Richmond FC in the AFL.

New Class Timetable for 2019

Above is the new timetable for 2019 which allows for the inclusion of our new Social & Emotional Learning units.  This will support student learning and development.

Families not returning in 2019

Any families that will not be returning to Jells Park PS next year are asked to advise the school via email to [email protected] ASAP. Knowing our numbers allows us to complete staffing arrangements, as well as respond appropriately to requests for enrolments from new families. We are a popular school and knowing where we have space is really important.

2019 Parent Contributions

Requests for the payment of 2019 Parent Contributions were sent home earlier this term. These are a very important part of our school income that allow us to deliver the programs and materials that our community value about JPPS. We have requested payment of these contributions by 30 November to enable us to start purchasing supplies for 2019. The voluntary contributions are vital for us to maintain and upgrade our facilities and services. Without these contributions we would not have been able to upgrade the new retaining walls this year.


The canteen will be closed on Monday 10 December & Thursday 13 December due to Concert. 

The last day of Canteen for the year will be Tuesday 18 December 2018. 

School Banking

The last day for School Banking 2018 will be Tuesday 4 December. School Banking will commence again in early Term 1 2019. We welcome helpers for 2019, if you are interested please contact the office. No experience is required, you will be trained by our current helpers. 

JPPC Twilight Market

The Twilight Market is nearly here!

We are so excited for our Twilight market and family fun night this Friday.


We are overwhelmed with the response to our market this Friday night and thank you all so much for your generosity so far with class donations and volunteering on the night to help.


A reminder that you can still buy wrist bands on Qkr! They are only $10 and include unlimited inflatable activities, craft stall and face painting.


The weather is looking wonderful so we hope to see lots of familiar faces on the night. Spread the word to family and friends. Everyone is welcome.

Success Stories

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at Assembly on the 19th November:

Milla E (FJ), Isaac F (FJ), Audrey L (FH), Chloe T (FH), Jack B (FMC), Audrey W (1K), Samara P (1W), Zoe L (1W), Ara L (2A), Hailey S (2C), Amelie H (2C), Willow S (3L), James K (4C), Alex S.B. (5T), Gemma J (5M), Flynn W (5M), Jett D (5S), Kristian B (LOTE), Shikaafaa F (ART)


Congratulations to the following students who won an award at Assembly on the 26th November:

Janice K (FF), Max S (FF), Joshua F (FF), Nikolas B (FMC), Harry H (2A), Everleigh M (2A), Ridhaa F (2C), Mitchell J (2C), Sally S (2DW), Ava V. S. (4C), Lexie B.C (4L), Maddy P (4L), Jordan C (5T), Rusha R (5T), Gloria J (5M), Liam K (5M), Manish D (LOTE)


Premier's Reading Challenge

This week we celebrated 36 amazing students who read or shared more than 100 Books in the 2018  Premiers’ Reading Challenge.  They were presented with certificates and book vouchers at assembly.


Rachel C FMC, Hanna C FH, Oscar D FMC, Bentley D FJ, Zoe E FJ, Joshua F FH, Jasmine F FJ, Isaac F FJ, Thomas H FH, Charlotte J FF, Justin L FH, Amaya M FMC, Ishani M FF, Matthew R FF, Luke S FF, Carissa T FF, Zian V FF, Kezia V FMC, Oliver C 1W, Anna M 1K, Leo T 1K, Libby C 2A, Eddric N 2A, Zane V 2DW, Evan W 2A, Justin X 2A, Jade Y 2A, Ara L 2A, Grace C 3N, David E 3C, Thomas R 3N, Alisha S 3C, Luke E 3M, Arvin L 4K, Abigail C 4K, Julian K-A .


Certificates were also presented to all of the 220 students who completed the PRC. That is 220 students who have delved into other worlds, journeyed, adventured and encountered exciting characters. A truly enriching experience. Congratulations.


 Naomi Hoewel, Lauren Antoniou, Buj Marriot, Sandy Mettrick

PRC Coordinators.

Former Student drafted to Richmond FC

In 2012, Jack Ross was just one of the boys running around Jells Park PS oval and participating in all the class activities we do now. Roll on 6 years and in 2018 Jack has been drafted to Richmond FC in the AFL draft last week. Congratulations Jack, that is a fantastic achievement and one well deserved. We are delighted to be able to say a former Jells Park PS student is now playing in the AFL system - can't wait for your first game!!


Curriculum Matters

Level 1 & 2 CERES Excursion

On Thursday 15 November Level 1 and 2 visited CERES in Brunswick East. We had a fantastic day learning about the Wurundjeri history, culture and traditions.  I really enjoyed the face painting with ochre. All the girls were painted as emus and the boys were painted as Bunjil the eagle. We made our own paint by crushing the ochre on rocks and adding water.

Rachael 1W


At CERES we walked along the Merri Creek which used to flood when the aboriginals lived there. There is a new bridge so it is doesn’t flood.

Adam 1K


In the play Tiddalick the Frog we all got to dress up as characters and I was a possum. Darius’s dad was Tiddalick and he was funny! The costumes were great.

Chloe 1B

Level 3 & 4 Mont De Lancey Excursion

The Level 3 and 4 students took a visit to Mont Delancey and were taken back in time to the 1800’s. We got to see how people lived back in the olden days. They did not have toilets or kitchens in their houses! They had to cook all their food on a fire. We also got to see a Blacksmith heat metal up to 1000 degrees and then we got to help twist it into a screw.


After that, we took a visit to the wood shop and saw how they turned wood into useful things like bedposts, play toys and furniture. At Mont Delancey they have a school just like they had in the 1800s and we learnt how to march into class, call the teacher Ma’am and they told us all the strict rules they had. Did you know that when you are naughty, you got hit by a belt or a cane! Students are very lucky nowadays.


We also played games such as quoits, billy carts, hoola hoops and we practised walking on stilts. After that, we did some crafts using pegs, and cooked damper on a real burning fire. It was a great experience taking a trip back in time but we are glad to be back to our electricity and nice teachers.

Foundation Community Walk Excursion to Knox and Other Things

The Foundation students have all been working very hard this term. We have been practicing our concert songs and dances and are working with our buddies to make this year’s concert performances fantastic.


As part of our Integrated unit “Cool Communities,” students attended an excursion to Knox Shopping Center. We visited Kmart and donated gifts to the Wishing Tree for children less fortunate. Kmart staff were overwhelmed at the student’s and families generosity. We also donated second hand goods to the Brotherhood of St. Laurence.  Students thoroughly enjoyed their time at Tunza Fun where they were able to apply their problem solving, team work and independence skills. Students climbed up walls that were extremely tall and most managed to make it to the top of the spiral tower! We finished the  excursion with a visit to Knox Library, where the librarian introduced the students to the amazing services they offer. Mr Meredith read them all a story and we even got a sneaky photo with Santa!


On Wednesday this week, students engaged in a multicultural cooking experience. They enjoyed making pizza, dumplings, meatballs and nachos as well as rocky road, sago pudding, eton mess and chocolate cupcakes.  They were all very excited and very full by the end of the day!

St John Student First Aid Training

During the week of the 17th of December, St Johns will be visiting the school to teach the children first aid awareness. This is an important part of the curriculum and the children will learn the importance of first aid, what an emergency is, what they should do in an emergency and how to keep themselves safe.

The program is tailored to be aged appropriate and teaches them valuable life skills.

For information, please visit

Community News

Junior School Council

Come as Your Future Self Free Dress Day

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. We raised $375! Thankyou also to the students who brought in goodies for our delicious morning tea. There was some amazing costumes and we know your future will be bright!

Junior School Council


In the Art Room this week ...

In Art, Foundation students have been making Eric Carle – Inspired houses using collage and printing techniques. This has linked to their Inquiry unit on our local community.


The Level 1 and 2 students have created Aboriginal artwork inspired by Indigenous artist Bronwyn Bancroft. They have painted Aboriginal symbols onto rocks and a background using dots, lines and shapes. These symbols make up a story about an imagined or real place.


The Level 3 and 4 students have finished their Chinese lanterns and have been painting their clay artwork. Some pieces are looking like awesome Christmas presents.


The Level 5 students have been making wire animals which they have assembled onto paper. They first sketched an animal from a photo then simplified their sketch to an outline and main features. This drawing was the basis of their design. They showed a lot of skill to twist and form the wire around their sketch of their chosen animal. Their animals look amazing.


The Level 6 students are in the final stages of their Legacy Project. They have put an incredible amount of effort, dedication and creativity into this task. Hopefully, by the end of this week all students would have finished their final artwork at Jells Park Primary School.

2018 JPPS Concert
'The Rainbow Within'

The Rainbow Within- Ticket Sales


Concert Costumes

Concert Costumes for Levels F-5 are due to be handed in on Friday 30 November.  Please make sure costumes are ONLY the colour listed on the notice.  All costumes to go to the classrooms.



You may have noticed our little Ziggy acting a little aggressive in the yard in relation to other dogs. Jells Park Primary School is essentially Ziggy's home, and like most dogs around two years of age she has become a little territorial. Can we please ask parents to remember that other dogs should not be coming into the school grounds (a rule we've had since pre-Ziggy times), not only because of Ziggy's behaviour but also if an incident occurs it could jeopardise the safety of the students and the D-PAWS program. 

Ziggy will be receiving more training over the next twelve months and this plus getting older should help with her behaviour when faced with other dogs in the school.





If you have any questions about the program please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Small on [email protected]

We are very fortunate to have three community sponsors already and are always looking for more, so if you or anyone you know might be able to help please contact Mr Small via email.

Families are also able to donate toward the cost of Ziggy's care through the Qkr app.

A huge thank you to Mulgrave Country Club for their generous donation towards Ziggy's training and food costs, Brandon Park Vet for their support of the program through free puppy classes and subsidized vet costs and to Waverley Park Dental Care for covering the costs of Ziggy's first obedience training.


JP Racing 2018


After a long year of preparation that began way back in February, the JP Racing team finally competed in the Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough. The students and teachers left school on Wednesday 21 November and set up camp on Princes Oval. The Pushcart teams had their Design and Scrutineering element in the evening and both teams did a wonderful job talking about the carts and showing their ability to drive them safely. Thursday saw an early start after a fairly quiet night and the HPV teams had to give their presentations to the judges. Team Vanquish did an amazing job with their Safari theme and were followed by an equally impressive team Shazzam with their Medical themed presentation.

The push cart teams impressed with their design and construction and spoke well showing their knowledge of the carts. 

Thursday night saw the HPV teams complete their practice race with Vanquish gaining 5th position and Shazzam 11th.

Friday was a big race day! Pushcart teams competed in their Endurance Race with both teams overtaking some other carts. Team Thunder delighted with their Space themed presentation and team Vortex did a great job with their Bakery theme. In the afternoon both teams competed in the new and improved obstacle course, showing off their strength and driving ability.

The HPV teams started their 14 hour race and had a strong start. Both teams had a few crashes during the 8 hour session but with no injuries or major damage to the vehicles.

Saturday morning saw many of the HPV riders up and out of their tents before the 6am re start to the race. With another 6 hours of racing team Shazzam managed to climb back up into top ten consideration despite a few more crashes. When the race finished at 12pm team Vanquish was 4th and Shazzam 12th.

The pushcart teams finished off their competition with the Sprint event, team Vortex winning their heat and team Thunder coming an incredibly close second in theirs.

The students worked very hard and were a wonderful group to camp with. All the teachers are very proud of how they behaved and the commitment they showed during the event.

Overall final placings were:

Vanquish : 4th

Shazzam: 11th

Vortex: 5th

Thunder: 12th

Thank you to all the parent helpers who camped with us, and for all of the parent support we received during this program.


Scott Zachariassen

J.P Racing

If you would like more information about the program visit the Energy Breakthrough Challenge website.

Keep up to date by following us on Social Media


Facebook: JPPS Racing

Platinum Level Sponsors

Mulgrave Country CLub

Mulgrave Country Club has been a valued supporter of JPPS racing for several years now. They are a community club offering great sporting facilities to members. The club is an excellent function venue in Glen Waverley, with three function rooms catering for functions of all types and sizes and is now open until 4am 7 nights a week. The Country Bistro serves meals 7 days per week. Enjoy free entertainment most nights and indulge yourself with the new International Seafood Buffet/Carvery; now every Sunday for lunch and dinner, more info.



Waverley Meadows Netball Club

We are a non-profitable organisation that prides itself on being a family friendly, easily accessible and spirited club. Our love of netball and team environment has helped us grow and develop strong players and coaches. We are represented by 18 teams with over 160 players playing during the week and on Saturdays and we have a number of life members and committed coaches.

Our club has become one of the most successful in the competition where we regularly play in finals and have been successful in winning several premierships in all age groups. We cater for ages 6 and above, always welcoming new players. Please see for more info.




Gold Level Sponsors

CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products is a supplier of high performance and high precision products and has been representing some of the world`s leading manufacturers of bearings, rod ends/spherical bearings, brakes/clutches, tooling components/fixtures, hydraulic cylinders/valves and precision hardware for over 40 years.   [email protected]   (03) 9775 1125


Coach Approach

Coach Approach is a national organisation made up of elite and professional athletes from a wide variety of sports. Members of our team have competed at Olympic, Commonwealth, International or State level. At Coach Approach we are passionate in encouraging the people of Australia to ‘Keep Active’ with the principle aim of promoting sports participation, health and fitness education to all Australians.


A.A.V. Tiling PTY LTD

Commercial and Residential Wall and Floor Tiling.






Pebblemix Finishes

A family run concreting business that specializes in all forms of decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate and internal polished concrete. We are veterans in the Melbourne concreting industry and have laid more than 5000 decorative driveways and have in excess of 50 years concreting experience. Customers keep returning because they know we’re fast, accountable and will deliver over and above what we promise.

We pride ourselves on being masters at our trade, and that’s what drives us to continually develop our skills while learning about the latest techniques and products. (Ph. 9511 4452)




Computer Programming Club

Digimaker Computer Programming Club

In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it is crucial that our children understand how it works. To accomplish this objective, there is an exciting Computer Programming club running at the school.
The aim of the club is to provide students with exposure to the fundamentals of computer science concepts. Run by external consultants from Digimaker, this program will:
• Build games, animations, stories utilizing pupil’s creative thinking
• Develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills
• Express ideas & boost confidence working in a collaborative environment
• Enable the grasp of computational thinking which combines math and logic
For details on the course, visit
The club will run for 8 to 10 weeks each term (depending on the length of the term) and is charged on a per-term basis. Students work on school computer during the session.
Program for Term 1 2019 is as follows:
Room : Computer Room
Grades : 3 to 6
Fee : $152
Batch – Monday After School
Monday’s 04th Feb to 01st Apr (08 weeks – 11th Mar is a public holiday)
03:40pm – 04:40pm
If you are interested in your child being considered for the programming club, please *fill the form online @ latest by Thursday 13th Dec 2018. Digimaker will confirm your child’s spot via **email.
*Existing students need not fill the form
**All important emails from Digimaker will be sent from [email protected] Please ensure this address is whitelisted in your Junk Email filters or added as a Trusted contact.

Community Advertising







Jells Park News
PRC 100 Students
2018 Concert Costume Information Foundation-Level5.pdf
2018 Concert Costume Information Foundation-Level5.pdf