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02 June 2017
Issue Seven
Wellbeing and Community Engagement
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Wellbeing and Community Engagement

Patrick Halpin 
Wellbeing and Community Engagement


Open Day and Open Night

Thank you to everybody who joined us for our Open Night last week.  It was fantastic walking around and seeing our students and their families laughing and enjoying the fun activities.  Thank you to the staff for their hard work, commitment and dedication in getting everything organised for the evening and to Kingswood Primary School, generally. 

Congratulations to the parents on their winning score of 59.  The students came second with 52 and the staff scored 39 points.  Please send us your feedback via the latest questionnaire (see the link below).


Bendigo Bank Grant

Simon Lees (President, School Council) and I attended the Annual Grants Night held by Bendigo Bank on Wednesday night at Southern Golf Club.  We accepted a grant that they have given us to build a digital sign at the front of the school.  We will provide more information about our new community resource at a later date.

Thank you to Bendigo Bank for their support and congratulations on your 15th birthday.

Camps and Excursions

Welcome home to all of the students who attended the second Japan Tour.  All reports indicate that the students and staff had a fantastic experience.

Many of the other classes have been attending camps and excursions over the past few weeks.  Year 6 students went on camp, Year 1 went to the Museum, Year 2 went to Como House and Year 5 went to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens.  There are further excursions coming up in the next few weeks – we hope you all have lots of fun. 

Como House 


Community Engagement Taskforce

All members of Kingswood Community are invited to attend our next Community Engagement Taskforce Meeting on Monday, June 5th at 6:30pm.  At our meeting, we will examine the goals for Term 2 and discuss the progress that has been made.  All parents and carers are encouraged to attend and assist us with our work on building a sense of community.  Please RSVP by phoning the school office or emailing me directly.

Parent Helper Sessions

We have two Parent Helper Sessions scheduled for next week.  It is school policy that parents complete this training at least once every three years in order to participate in school based activities, including assisting in classrooms, attending excursions, working in the kitchen, garden or canteen, etc.  If you are unsure if your training is out of date, please contact the school office. 

If you would like to attend the training at 7:15pm on Tuesday June 6th or 9:15am on Wednesday June 7th, please RSVP by calling the school or emailing me directly.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Please note that school will be closed on the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday on Monday, June 12th.

Online Training Course

I have been working through an online training course on supporting children who have experienced trauma.  It is a free course that can be accessed by clicking here.  I would recommend that every parent completes this training as the strategies provided are relevant for all children. 

Snapshot Surveys

Congratulations to the Parent Club – over 80% of the respondents to our survey on the Mother’s Day events would like to see it run again next year and over 90% would like to see the breakfast continued. 

The survey's comments included; 

  • Using the same format for the Father’s Day Breakfast, with lots of respondents thanking and congratulating the fathers who got involved and assisted with the set up and serving. 
  • One person was concerned about the size of the breakfast served and the amount of food that was thrown away at the end. 
  • Another parent suggested that the students are given the opportunity to make a present – handprints on paper with a message, for example. 
  • Some people would like to see more options and variety at both the breakfast and the stall and only one person pointed out my typo (Mother’s Day Stall not Staff!!). 

We are very grateful to all of the respondents who took the time to send us their feedback.  If anybody is interested in joining the Parent Club or assisting with specific activities and events, please let me know.

Our next survey seeks feedback on our Open Night.  It would be great to hear your feedback, even if you did not go.  The information we gather through these surveys represents the voice of the whole parent body so it is in the best interest of our students for each family to be represented. 


Please feel free to contact me by phoning the school office or by emailing if you have any concerns, queries, questions or ideas regarding wellbeing and/or community engagement.

Thinking Culture

Sharron Cramer
Thinking Culture Leader


Mindful Moments

So what’s been happening in the world of Thinking at Kingswood Primary this semester? In a word-HEAPS!


As a staff, we held a conference, we informed our prospective parents about our 'Cultures of Thinking' and the 'Habits of Mind', we observed each other teaching thinking skills, we planned units of work with challenging learning tasks to practice the Habits of Mind. We had collegiate discussions about the cultural forces and shared best practise. Phew! Did I mention actually teaching the students?


As for the students, well they have certainly been immersed in ‘thinking' opportunities judging by the work on display around the school. From Prep to Year 6 we can see how students are generating, recording, analysing and sharing their thinking in a whole range of curriculum contexts.


How about our parents? Yep, they too were thrown into some challenging situations during Open Night. So many Habits of Mind were used to complete the ‘Minute to Win It' challenges, to try and achieve success: Persistence, Thinking Flexibly, Applying Past knowledge to New Situations and Striving for Accuracy to name a few. Finding Humour helped some overcome failure!


Learners as Thinkers Conference

Kingswood Primary School was proud to present the inaugural 'Learners as Thinkers' Conference.

Our international keynote presenters, Karen Boyes from New Zealand and Patricia Leon from Columbia, opened the conference with insightful research findings about the future needs of our students. Both speakers promoted the Habits of Mind and the Cultural Forces that build effective Thinking practices that Kingswood aspires to.

As educators, we were presented with the challenges of providing opportunities for students to develop critical, creative and ethical thinking skills in preparation for a successful future as active, collaborative, global citizens. The theme of the day, ‘Learners as Thinkers’, was addressed throughout the various workshops. Contexts for learning included: Mathematics, Literacy, Inquiry-based investigations, problem solving and reasoning, and critical thinking skills. The message throughout the day was clear: we must strive to continually provide challenging, authentic, engaging and collaborative learning opportunities in our schools to meet the demands of the future.


We were most fortunate to have such great attendance and positive feedback from local and interstate teachers. Visitors to our school were impressed with the conference organisation, quality of the learning and the amazing catering, but it was the numerous comments about our school that made us all stop and recognise how hard we work together to build a positive, collaborative, engaging and challenging learning environment. We will continue to strive to be leaders in education.

We look forward to working with Karen Boyes and the Habits of Mind later in the year when she returns to Kingswood Primary School.


Let us hear from the teachers as learners.

So what have we learned? How have we put our learning into practice?

“I use the strategy ‘Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce” during discussions”.

“I have gained a better understanding of the Maths proficiencies and started to include more opportunities for their development in my lessons”.

“I have to explore deeper discussion questions to build critical thinking skills”.

“I now connect better to the Understanding Framework and the importance of the ‘big ideas’ that are delivered through content”.

“I am including a social and language learning intention as well as content”.

“I am becoming more explicit with questioning techniques”.

“I am applying reasoning strategies used in maths to reading and writing”.

“I have finally realised that planning for thinking is necessary. It is what I do as the teacher that fosters thinking skills, it won’t happen by osmosis”.

“I have a better understanding of when the Habits of Mind are needed-there must be a challenge in the first place”.

Visual Arts 

Denise Stach & Kerry Eeckman 
Visual Arts Teachers

The students of Year 3/4 have been hard at work during Term 2 looking at the culture of the Native Americans and their beautifully carved Totem Poles. The students have had to persist and work through 'hard' to get to 'easy', using materials and surfaces with which they are not as familiar. Working on a curved surface was certainly a challenge for most. The Totems represent animals that the students love, admire or are interested in for known or unknown reasons. They tell a story of each child's interests and passions. There are many more wonderful examples in the Art Room and Office Foyer. You are very welcome to come and view them.

Could you please save these items for the Art Room?

1. 1 litre milk cartons (cardboard type only)

2. Moccona jar (just the glass lids)

3. Wool

4. Any out of date rice

5. Spray Can lids

6. Cardboard rolls (only glad wrap type size)

Thank you to the person who generously drops off bags of boxes and plastic containers for the Art Room, those resources are valuable. Please do not send anymore as we are at storage capacity.

Thank you. 


Lucie Hill
Library Technician 

Hello everyone and welcome to winter. As much as I love the warm weather, I also love these cold days where we get to wear our scarves, gloves and hats. One of my favourite things to do is curl up in a cosy chair with a good book. Not at work of course, although sometimes it is very tempting.

Question: What does BEING KIND mean to you? Is it something that you say, something you do or is it something you think? In fact, it can be all of these things.

I would like to share with you, a list of Random Acts of Kindness that may inspire you to do some kind acts of your own. It does not take much effort or time, and there is no cost involved. However, I guarantee you will feel so good inside, knowing you have been kind and have shown kindness to someone.  Click on the link to see the list.

I would like to say thank you to all the students for coming in regularly to borrow books from the library. This year we have seen an increase in the number of books being borrowed, which is very pleasing.

In this Newsletter, I have shared with you an article that appeared in a newspaper recently. It is titled, Get Kids Reading for Love, and I hope you will all read it and take something away from the article that you can put into practice. Reading is so important and if the 'love' of reading can be established in the early years, there is a great chance of creating a lifelong love of reading.

Happy reading!

SA Kitchen 

Sonia Nista - Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Specialist


Open Day at Kingswood

On Monday the 22nd of May, Kingswood Primary School held their annual Open Day where both current and prospective new families were invited to see the classrooms and facilities operating during a regular school day.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program also extended a warm welcome to the community by moving two 5/6 classes from Thursday to Monday to demonstrate an example of a regular kitchen class during the open day.


The menu that the students created on the day was as follows:

Week 6 Autumn lunch menu

  • Spicy red lentil and pumpkin soup
  • Flat bread
  • Bliss balls served with fresh mandarin segments


Year 6 Camp 

Abbey 5/6R

Year 6 camp was a hit! As soon as we got there we did some icebreaker games to get to know the staff and one another. After settling in we walked and walked and finally arrived at our camping spot. We had a really fun night cooking our own dinner, going on a night bush walk, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. The rest of the camp was made up of many activities such as: the vertical challenge, the giant swing, archery, mountain biking, fishing, geocaching, canoeing and the crate climb. We all had so much fun pushing ourselves and getting know each other in a different environment.


 Year 1 News

 Ayaan 1B

I was extremely excited to go to the Melbourne Museum and discover a heap more about mini-beasts, and see interesting stuff about Dinosaurs. We saw a heap of magnificent bones from Dinosaurs.

A few of my friends and I were watching a movie in 3D glasses in a huge room. I could not believe that the workers had 4 million bugs at the Melbourne Museum. We did an activity that includes mini-beasts, which was ‘insects or not insects’. The Butterfly and Dragonfly were the hardest to solve and my group did it the quickest. I cannot wait to go again.


Charlotte 1B

The night before the excursion, I was so excited. All of the Grade 1s and all of the Grade 1 teachers and 12 parent helpers went to the Melbourne Museum. When we got there, we had our snack and then we went to a mini-beasts show. We learnt how to tell which is a bug or insect.

After the show, we went to see some bugs then we went to a movie. We had to put 3D glasses on. Then we had lunch. After lunch, we went to a rain forest where we walked through a cave and looked for mini-beasts. Then we went back to School on the bus.


HOM Awards  

Habits of Mind Awards - 19th May

Liam Prep B, Milly Prep C, Hazel Prep R, Amber 1B, Alexia 1H, Levi 1M, Wennie 1S, Scout 2F, Tara 2N & Cooper 2S

Abigail 34D, Sam 34H, Cooper 34N, Josh 34P, Rochelle 34S, Summer 34T, Shayla 56B, Zack 56H, Lily 56M, Kiera 56R, Mason 56S & Kai 56W

Visual Arts 56M, Coding 56M, Science Year 6 Students in 56S & Logan 56R Engineering

Rubiks Club Award

Zara 2N

Kindness Card Award 

Luke 34H

Kingswood Kids Challenge Winners

Josh 56S, Billy 56R, Elenor 56B, Darcy 34D, Liv 34S, Izzy 2N, Sarin 1M & Ethan Prep R

Habits of mind Awards - 26th May

Pheobe Prep B, Justin Prep C, Lucas Prep R, Leon 1B, Olive 1H, Cameron 1M, Luca 1S, Nate 2D, Ryan 2F, Levi 2K, Izzie 2N & Jack 2S

Lila 34D, Owen 34N, Tristan 34P, Forbes 34S, Ollie 34T, Nicholas 56H, Duy 56M & Riley 56W

Performing Arts 34S & 34P, Visual Arts 34S, Coding 34D & Science 34T

Rubiks Club Award 

Sarah 2D & Wennie 1S

Kindness Card Award 

Justin Prep C

Open Night Challenge 2017

Congratulations to the Parents of Kingswood Primary School 

Upcoming Events

Term Two 

5th June   6.30pm   Community Engagement Taskforce Meeting 

6th June   Dolphin Ambassador Program

6th June   7.15pm   Parent Helpers Session 

7th June   Division Cross Country Carnival 

7th June   9.15am   Parent Helpers Session 

12th June   Queens Birthday Public Holiday

13th June   Prep Aquarium Excursion

19th June   Regional Cross Country

22nd June   Year 6 Girls Soccer Gala Day

22nd June   7.00pm   John Bench: Auditory Processing 

26th June   1.30pm   Senior Choir Singalong with St Mark's

28th June   Year 6 Basketball Gala Day

28th June   Year  5/6 STEAM Fair

30th June   Year  5/6 Interschool Sports Finals

30th June   Last Day of Term 2

Term Three

17th July   First Day of Term 3

20th July   6.00pm   Ski Camp Information Night 

26th July   Year 5/6 NRL Clinic

28th July   5/6 Netball Victoria Schools Championships

2nd August   Ski Camp 

7th August   Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival

11th August   ignite STEAM Conference   STUDENT FREE DAY 

STEAM Fair 2017 


Community Messages  

Thank you Thank you Thank you

We would like to thank the Families of Kingswood Primary school for the overwhelming support you have shown to us during our “Autumn drive” for UHT Milk.


Design Competition




Garden World


Mordialloc Community Centre 

Mordialloc Community Centre Holiday Program 

Nominate A Teacher


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