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08 May 2017
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Principal's Patch

Dear Parents

Over the last two weeks I have been very involved in finalising quite a few exciting projects to further enhance the educational experience for the students of PBSS. 

1. Additional Computer Lab

This year was the first year of our One2One ICT program. THANK YOU TO ALL FAMILIES THAT HAVE PAID FOR THIS PROGRAM! The support for all we do at PBSS continues to flourish. 

As a result of the success of this program, and added funds from the Parent Voluntary Contribution which was also well supported, I have been able to make a hoped for second computer lab a reality. Last week I met with builders, electricians and tech support staff and we have assessed and planned the best possible outcome at this time. 

In the coming weeks The Hub will be transformed into a computer lab consisting of 28 desktop computers. Staff and students expressed their preference for a second lab at this time rather than a set of laptops due to the reliability of desktops vs ongoing maintenance issues that can occur with laptops with multiple young students accessing them. 

This also supports improved technology and ICT infrastructure for the near future and the inevitable requirements for schools with NAPLAN online from 2019. 

2. Junior Playground

The construction and payment of an addition to the junior playground has been a collaborative exercise with the school and the P&C fundraising priorities. The design is now finalised and it will be constructed in the June/July holidays ready for the commencement of Term 3. Below is a diagram of the design, including the much requested slide by the students. 



3. Possible CCTV

Unfortunately PBSS has had a history of being targeted by vandalism on weekends.  A few years ago, security fencing was added which certainly has helped, but we are still experiencing these senseless acts on a too regular basis. Over the last two years I have notified regional security staff of each incident that has occurred in an effort to perhaps receive added security fencing and/or funding for CCTV. 

Last week PBSS was selected as one of a small group of Queensland schools that may benefit from the installation of CCTV if  DET funds become  available in an end of  financial year audit. A technical  officer

from Protective Services, Operations Support Command - Queensland Police Service met with me and has since provided a scope of work that details CCTV requirements should these funds become available. Let's hope the end of finacial year funds fall our way! 

4. Flashing Lights for Townson Ave 40km Zone

If you have ever driven down Townson Ave  before/after school  you would have seen the number of cars that do not slow down in the 40km zone!

Michael Hart MP has worked closely with the school and P&C to organise a postcard petition asking for Palm Beach parents and residents to support his request in parliament asking for this additional signage. Each family received one via their child. PLEASE take the time to complete it and drop it in a letter box to support the safety of our PBSS students. *Postage is free!




This week, Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th May,  our Year 3 and Year 5 students will participate in the NAPLAN testing program.  Whilst students and staff have worked hard all year with the teaching and learning process,  it is worth noting that NAPLAN is only one part of the assessment process and that their achievements as learners in all areas of their lives are many and varied. 

Now that the Australian Curriculum is being implemented in each state and territory,  NAPLAN is aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English and the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. As such, NAPLAN should have less impact on your child’s day-to-day learning, as the best preparation for NAPLAN is for students to continue learning what they do every day in the classroom.
NAPLAN is an important tool for parents, educators and the public to see how Australia’s children are meeting essential literacy and numeracy standards. It’s a point-in-time snapshot assessment of students’ achievements in these important areas. It simply complements existing tests and adds a valuable national dimension.
In August–September you’ll receive your child’s NAPLAN results. If you have any concerns, you should speak to your child’s teacher, as they know your child’s learning best.
Some students may feel anxious about NAPLAN, but it’s up to the adults in children’s lives to help keep NAPLAN in context. It’s a test that is only taken four times in a child’s schooling life – over three days, there are four tests that take around forty minutes each. NAPLAN tests what students should already know from their everyday learning, and there are no prizes or repercussions for doing well or not so well in the tests.
NAPLAN doesn’t test everything that happens in a classroom – it isn’t intended to – but it does look at the critically important areas of literacy and numeracy – skills that your child will take with them to their adult life. For more information about NAPLAN, including fact sheets, FAQs and examples of tests, please visit the NAP website. See Deputy's Desk for more NAPLAN information. 

We will be celebrating the efforts of the PBSS students with a Sausage Sizzle on Thursday at the conclusion of the testing.  


Kind regards


Sandra Thompson



Deputy's Desk


This week our Year 3 & 5 students will be undertaking the NAPLAN testing.  For the Year 3s it is the first time they will sit the tests, which will set a benchmark for them and supply the school with useful information about individual students.  For our Year 5 students, they will be completing the test for the second time in their schooling and we will be able to quantify how their learning has progressed over the last two years.


Students, parents and teachers often voice concerns for or suffer exam stress.  Throughout our life, we experience stress in many different ways and much research has been done to help people deal with this pressure.  On the last senior assembly, I spoke to the students about growth mindsets and how our attitude in stressful situations has a big influence on how we perform or act.  Andrew Fuller, author of “Unlocking Your Child’s Genius” (Finch Publishing, 2015), writes about how important feeling confident and relaxing are when in stressful situations. I found some of his tips helpful and have included them below.

1. Get Stressed

The first strategy to dealing with stress is to get stressed. Huh? Makes no sense? Let me explain.

Stress feels yucky but it is actually your body’s way of preparing you to perform at your best. Blood gets pumped to your arms and legs, your heart speeds up, and nonessential services like your digestion slow down- you are ready to take on the world. So stress might feel unpleasant but realising that it is your body’s way of revving you up and helping you to perform at your best, will help you to keep these feelings in perspective.

2. Focus on now.

Stress can spin your head. It can have you thinking all sorts of weird ideas. Stress can have you remembering that time you failed all those years ago or that time you were so embarrassed by something. Stress can also blow things out of all proportion and have you predicting bad things in your future.

The past is no longer with you and the future hasn’t happened yet. Worrying has never changed anything in the past and predictions about the future are usually wrong.

Doing well on a test or exam means you need to focus on the question in front of you now. Keep reminding yourself, “What do I need to do right now?”

3. Breathe Out - S L O W L Y

When you feel stressed one of the fastest ways to calm down is to breathe out slowly. We all have a calm down system that is controlled by our breathing. If you breathe out and count silently to yourself, “one thousand, two thousand, three thousand”, you will start to feel calmer.

4. Stand tall, walk proud

Your brain is incredibly intelligent. In fact, you possess at the top your neck, humanity’s latest upgrade- the most intelligent brain in all of history.

But! Your brain is also incredibly gullible. It believes what you tell it. This means if you stand-up and maintain a powerful posture your body sends a signal to your brain that tells it you are feeling in charge of things and it can reduce your stress hormones.

5. Look after yourself

Breakfast- eat “brain food” the morning before NAPLAN. Have a higher protein, lower carbohydrate mix at breakfast. That means less toast and more eggs.

Drink water- water lowers your levels of cortisol that causes stressful feelings. Avoid energy drinks as they rev you up, increase anxious feelings and may interfere with your levels of concentration.

Sleep well- try to get a good night’s sleep the night before. If you are feeling really worried, set an alarm so you can wake up early and feel awake and ready.


Please share some, or all, of these tips with your child/ren or make them aware of some of the positive ways you deal with stressful situations.  Talking about it and around it is one way to help our students build resilience and be successful when coping with stress now and in the future.


On senior assembly we celebrated our Year 6 students who have maintained an amazing 100% attendance so far in 2017 and acknowledged those who are reaching or exceeding our target of 95%.

I have supplied some information in past newsletters and reiterate that regular attendance at school remains a focus for Term 2.  Please note the rain affected days at the end of last term do not impact our Term 1 attendance rate.


Attendance Check In Term 1:

We have 153 pupils attended school every day last term, achieving 100% attendance.


Our school target is 95% and currently we have 333 students who are achieving or exceeding this goal.


Whole School Attendance is currently 93.6%


Attendance Tip #1: Extracurricular Involvement 

Students are more likely to attend when they feel connected to school.  Schools with high rates of participation in school-based extracurricular activities can have significantly lower rates of student absenteeism than other schools.  Effective extracurricular activities include sport and community service. Such activities nurture school pride. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for teachers to forge stronger relationships with their students outside of the classroom.  Our sports program is currently under way for our year 4-6 students and trainings are being held by our teacher coaches.  Also our Palm Beach Pals program will commence in the final weeks of this term and training for our year 5 students will be in week 6.  Please encourage your child/ren to join in and have a go.  Other programs include Chess, Instrumental Music, Running Club, Games Club and Kids Club on Fridays to name a few.


Congratulations to our Year 6 students who celebrated 100% attendance on Wednesday:

Maddison, Bella, Yoshi, Star, Shmyka, Cameron, Bailey, Sheldyn, Joel, Jewel, Tayah, Diezel & Ella.


Students reaching or above our school goal of 95% were also acknowledge on Wednesday:

Toriarna, Jacob, Noah, Scout, Jesse, Logan, Dominic, Vincent, Kalani, Jesse, Mos, Aidon, Zayne, Kai, Alex, Summer, Tayah, Azia, Beth, Jacob, Elena, Ty & Maddie.



The following students were acknowledged on our junior and senior assembly:

Prep G -  Indiana & Lucia

Prep N - Mila & Bailey

Prep S - Analise & Zara

ID - Finn & Maddie

IK - Isla & Keiran

1R - Jack & Malakai

2E - Rutva & Marley

2H - Isla & Alice

2T - Mitchell & Samantha

3B - Kalani & Kiara

3M - Meilani & Joel

3T - Kalani & Jordan

4H - Riley & Cooper

4L - Ella, Jade & Brydon

4S - Paige

5H Veronica & Serenia

5P - Beau & Sylvia

6B - Anais, Summer & Daryna

6C - Rori & Tayah

6N - Jacob & Shmyka


Library and ICT News

Reading Ticket Winners

Congratulations to the April reading ticket winners:

Grace - Prep G

Liani - 1 /2 B

Ben - 3 B

Veronica - 5 H


As our students progress through school there is a greater expectation to use typing skills. At school our students have access to 'Typing Tournament' which is a keyboarding program that introduces keys in a fun way. The program activities familiarise the students with the keys and provide fun games to increase speed.

The students do a test to progress to the next level and the teachers are able to monitor the skill development of each student.

Below are some links to sites that you may be interested in if you are wishing to provide your child with opportunities to develop keyboarding skills at home.

Keyboarding Games: a selection

Typing Rocket: game

Typing Club: tutorials

P & C News

P&C Meeting – Wednesday 10th May, 5:30pm

We are very fortunate at Palm Beach to have a P&C Association, who in their goal to enrich the quality education of your child fosters first and foremost a spirit of cooperation.  Through the operation of our school canteen, the school uniform shop, various fundraising events throughout the year, and through the operation of our Farmer’s Shed (which sells second-hand goods to our community) our P&C raises valuable funding to help enrich the journey of learning at Palm Beach. And perhaps most importantly, we like to have fun while we work! To pitch in and share ideas, or to join in on the conversation to determine how these funds are spent at your child’s school, please join us at our next P&C meeting on Wednesday, 10th May at 5:30pm in the school library.  Alternatively, please contact us anytime at [email protected].  New members are always welcome!

Book Club

Thank you to everyone who purchased a book through Book Club! Your child should receive their order delivered to their classroom next week.


Thank you to PCYC and all our wonderful volunteers (new faces and old faces) who came along and helped out at the disco!  Congratulations to the door prize winners Ruby and Natalie!

Mother’s Day Stall

Our Mother’s Day Stall will be held this Thursday 11th May from 8:00am until 11:45am (end of first break).  We have a fantastic variety of gifts ranging from $1-$10 including kokedamas made by a parent at this school (For The Love of Balls) AND we will also be selling gift cards for just $1 each and gift bags for $2 each!  Make Palm Beach State School your one stop shop for mum this year!

Please ensure you send children to school with pocket money in smaller notes as our Tuckshop and School Office are unable to make change for larger notes.  


We wish all our Palm Beach mums a wonderful, relaxing Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Raffle

This is your last chance to win our beautiful hamper!! Thanks to Shane Seghers at Ray White Tugun for donating!  Drop by the Tuckshop for a peak at the goodies inside, extras tickets can be found at the Tuckshop.  Money raised will go towards upgrading the Junior Adventure Playground!  The winner will be announced at assembly this Wednesday 10th May so good luck to everyone!

Colour Run

This year we are holding a Colour Run as our major fundraiser!  Lock in Wednesday 17th May for a blast of colour!!


All funds raised will be going towards the upgrading of the Junior Adventure playground.  Sponsorship forms and money are due back to school Tuckshop no later than Friday 12th May (online funds to be finalized by this date also).

Please ensure your child wears a white or light coloured shirt, old shorts & shoes on the day.  Students participating in the morning Championship event can opt to wear their house shirt and change after the morning event or wear white to compete  Students are also encouraged to bring a towel to use after the event and to protect your car upholstery when travelling home in the afternoon.

Book Fair

Term 2 Book Fair will run from Thursday 1st June until Friday 9th June.  Make sure you come on in and check it out to support our fantastic library!  Please look out for the flyer and colouring competition forms that will be going home next week for your chance to win a $15 voucher towards Book Fair purchases!

Our fundraising coordinator; Shannyn; will be contacting volunteers to help with the Fair.  We need help with decorating and setting up the Book Fair (Tuesday 30th May), collecting sales and packing up the Book Fair on the final day.  If you didn’t return the volunteer form back in Term 1 but would still like to help out, please contact Shannyn on 0402 255 722.


Kind Regards,

PBSS P&C Executive committee


Opening Hours

Our Tuckshop is open Monday – Friday for both first and second break.


To place orders and to see the healthy menu options that are available, please visit Flexischools.  We do have a small menu available for those orders that need to be placed on a brown paper bag; this can be done in the morning before school starts at the tuckshop window.


We are open for over the counter snack sales during both Lunch and Afternoon tea breaks.

What’s on the Flexischools Menu

Menu items include:

  • Taco Tuesdays - choose from Beef, Shredded Chicken and Salad Tacos
  • Wednesday Chicken wing pack with oven baked sweet potato chips and corn on the cob
  • Thursdays is Sushi Day, Avocado, Chicken Avocado, Chicken Teriyaki and Tuna
  • Meatball Sub Meal Deal
  • Butter Chicken Curry

We also have a selection of Gluten Free meals and snacks - check the Flexischools website for the full menu.

Volunteer Roster Tuckshop

Monday          8th May Help needed

Tuesday         9th May Kylie

Wednesday   10th May Yulia

Thursday       11th May Sue

Friday             12th May Teneille and Mel P


Monday          15th May Help Needed

Tuesday         16th May Kylie          

Wednesday   17th May Yulia

Thursday       18th May Sue

Friday             19th May Teneille

How can I help?

Not sure how you can help in Tuckshop?  If you can make a sandwich then we need you!  Volunteers prepare food (such as sandwiches), place orders in bags, put all the orders in class Tuckshop boxes and; if you can stay for first break; help serve children.  We would love to hear from you, please come and see Cheryle at the Tuckshop.

Short on time?

Want to help out but don’t have time?  Busy parents don’t forget that even if you can’t volunteer your time in Tuckshop or at fundraising events, you can still help out by buying a coffee at school drop off, or ordering a meal deal for your child on special days.  Every little bit counts, and your contribution helps to ensure the survival of a quality Tuckshop at Palm Beach.

Breakfast Club

Donations of the following are needed for Breakfast Club and Chappy snacks, if you are able to help with the following items please drop them in to Tuckshop:

  • Jam
  • Margarine
  • Muesli bars (nut free and chocolate free)
  • Fruit snack pots (eg diced fruit in natural juices)
  • Fresh fruit (eg mandarins)

Uniform Shop

Open Hours

Our Uniform shop is open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30 – 9.00am, or order at your convenience anytime through Flexischools and your order will be delivered to your child’s classroom the following school day.

Uniform Pricing

Jackets $50.00  only size 4 and 6 available at the moment expecting delivery of larger sizes next week

Polos $30.00

Shorts $30.00

Skorts $30.00

Hats    $15.00

Events Calendar




- Every Friday

Start typing your article in here...

P&C Dates For Event Calendar

P&C Meeting - Wednesday 10th May 5:30pm in the library

Mothers Day Raffle - Winner Drawn!! Wednesday 10th May at assembly

Mothers Day Stall - Thursday 11th May 8:00am - 11:45am

All Colour Run Sponsorship Booklets and money to be returned - Friday 12th May

Colour Run - Wednesday 17th May at 1:30pm

Book Fair set up - Tuesday 30th May at 8:50am in the library

Book Fair - Thursday 1st June - Friday 9th June


Photo: Advertisments

“Advertisements Disclaimer
Although we at times include advertisements in our school newsletter we do not necessarily endorse products or the information provided. It is important that parents thoroughly investigate products or services advertised and make their own informed decision."



Sport and Music News

Term 2 Interschool Sport-Soccer

Wow! It has been a triumphant start to the 2017 Interschool Soccer Competition.


Both teams have had two very good games. The year 5 team has defeated both Varsity and Burleigh Heads.


The year 6 team has defeated Hillcrest and Burleigh Heads. The most inspiring aspect is the great sportsmanship and team spirit displayed at each game.


The players would like to say a very big thank you to the parents and grandparents who are transporting the players to and from the games each week. Without your help we would not be able to play.


The teams are excited by this week's games that are sure to be a challenge.


Year 6 play Elanora and Year 5 play Mudgeeraba.  

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