15 June 2017
Issue Eighteen
Important Dates & Correspondence
Principal's Report
Infant Jesus School
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Important Dates

Important Dates and Correspondence


Term 2 2017                                                  


Friday                                  Faction Cross Country

16 June


Tuesday                              P & F Meeting

20 June


Thursday                           Parish Mass Yrs 3 and 4

22 June                               Interschool Winter Carnival 

                                                 Report Workshop 


26-28 June                        Parent/Teacher Interviews


Thursday                           Whole School Mass Yr 1

29 June                              11.00am  Year 6 ihour presentations


Friday                                   End of Term 2

30 June                                11.00am   Year 5 ihour presentations

                                                 1.10pm   Year 4  ihour presentations


Tuesday                              Term 3 begins for students

18 July





Uniforms can be purchased from Lowes located at the Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre.


Lowes have advised that any quality issues regarding uniforms can be addressed with their Mirrabooka Store directly and exchanges will be made on faulty stock. New shipments will be arriving soon with all stock and sizing available.


For opening times and online orders go to


Student Free Days 2017

Our tentative dates for Student Free Days for 2017 are as follows:


Term 2 - Monday 24 April      

Term 3 - Monday 17 July

Term 3 - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October


Parents need to note that these days may change, due to availability of PD requests for staff.





Principal's Report


Dear Parents, 

Over the past few months I have met with parents who are seeking to join our community for Kindergarten in 2018. Parents, whose first child is beginning their educational journey, talk about choosing a Catholic school because of a sense of community, a commitment to social justice and a recognised standard of values and behaviours that a Catholic school offers. Many parents of other faiths also seek a Catholic school. For some it is because our values, although grounded in the teachings of the Catholic faith, are shared by all members of the community. For other parents, there is a need to provide an environment that will support theirs, and in turn, their children’s search for meaning and spiritual awakening.


At the foundation of our existence as a Catholic school is this key belief from our Mission Statement:

Infant Jesus School is a place where every individual is welcomed, cherished, respected and valued.  Our Catholic ethos ensures that a Christ-centred approach is at the heart of all we do. ​We live and learn within a community that is caring, loving, compassionate and forgiving. Meaningful relationships form the basis of all our interactions.


As a Catholic community, we promote Gospel values and strive to develop life-long learners who actively contribute to society. The Catholic school shares in the mission of the church to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Infant Jesus School seeks to nurture the faith of young people through its religious education program and through the faith environment it cultivates. Our challenge is to endeavour to be a community that believes, worships and celebrates together, is welcoming and accepting and offers quality teaching and learning.

“Catholic schools have grown more complex, but at their heart lies a great and

simple truth . . . .  they exist primarily to

give saints to the world.”

 (St John Paul II, 2000)


Our celebration last weekend of the Sacrament of Confirmation was a very special and memorable ceremony.  The celebration was the culmination of many weeks of preparation, which involved Religious Education lessons, student retreats and parent meetings. We recognise and thank the many people who have been involved in the candidates’ preparation.


Congratulations to all involved

  • Archbishop Costelloe, Father Sunny,     Fr John & Fr Tadgh who conducted the ceremony on Saturday afternoon and ensured it was meaningful to the candidates and their families.
  • The Year 6 teachers, Mr Colangelo, Mrs White and Mr Sheridan who have been involved in every aspect of the preparation of the Confirmation students. They are to be congratulated on their excellent efforts.
  • Mrs Faith Rico and the members of the Parish Sacramental Team (Angela Youens, Sue Goodwin, Adrian Doesberg)  for all their help and assistance in coordinating the sacramental program
  • Mr Lenny Ong  and the members of the choir who enhanced the Confirmation ceremony with their singing.
  • The staff for their support at events leading up to the Confirmation and their attendance at the celebration on Saturday afternoon.
  • The parents, as prime educators of their children, who have helped them on their faith journey.
  • The Parish community for their involvement and assistance with the Mass.



How to Raise your Child to be a Giver


Michael Grose highlights why it is so important to teach your child to be a giver not a taker, and gives five practical ways to develop a sense of generosity in kids.


Young children are egocentric by nature. As any three-year old knows only too well the world revolves around them.
“I want...” “Give me...” “It’s mine!” and other variations are the mantras for this age group. This self-centredness is developmental, which means its something they grow out of...or they’re supposed to.


But some kids never bridge the gap from self-centredness to generosity. They become takers with an inflated sense of entitlement rather than givers who do all they can to accommodate the needs of others. While it can be argued that some children maybe self-centred by temperament I’m not convinced that
we can blame Mother Nature entirely. There is no doubt that parenting impacts enormously on a child’s propensity to give rather than take.


In the eagerness to get kids off to a good start in life, a spirit of generosity is one quality that parents can easily overlook. Developing children’s personal competencies tends to be higher on most parents’ wish lists for their kids than developing a generous spirit.


But developing a sense of sharing in kids has plenty of positives. Children who are able to share their time, their space and themselves generally have more friends and experience more success than those who are self-centred and mean- spirited. Quite simply, they are leadership material!


Like most facets of child rearing developing a community ethos in kids can be a frustrating task but perseverance, modeling and expectations are parents’ greatest allies when it comes to things that really matter.


Here are the practical ways to develop a sense of generosity in kids:


1. Expect kids to help

With families shrinking, kids get fewer opportunities to help at home than before. With this in mind expect your kids to help without being paid. Regular chores and activities that benefit others such as setting the meal table or helping a younger sibling get dressed teaches them that their contribution is valuable and very much required.


2 Think ‘gang’.

It’s a quirk of modern life that parenting is an individual endeavour. “What’s in the best interest of my child?” has replaced “What’s in the best interest of the family?” as a key parenting principle. Encourage children to make allowances for each other which may mean everyone watches a sibling’s special concert rather than some children missing it because ‘it’s boring!’ ‘We put ourselves out for each other’ is a wonderful family strength that often needs to be reinforced by parents.


3. Don’t let them get away with meanness.
Children wear L-Plates when it comes to behaving generously. They don’t always get it right, which means that parents as the wise adults need to remind children when their words and actions are intolerant or mean-spirited, or when they need to put their own needs behind the needs of others.


4. Develop a sense of other.

Children and teenagers don’t live in a bubble.
The socialisation process demands that kids be accountable for their poor behaviours. “What does this social situation reasonably require of my child at his or her age and stage of development?” is a great question to ask yourself to develop a sense of other, rather than entitlement in kids. 


5. Encourage giving

During the Victorian bush fires a few years ago I heard the story of a nine-year old whose mum went into his bedroom to growl at him for being up too late. She found him busy emptying his money-box into little plastic bags, ready to donate at the school bush appeal next day. There were plenty of stories like this showing the generosity of Australian kids, we just need to encourage them in everyday life, rather than wait for a tragedy, to give their generosity a kick start. You can begin by encouraging them to give toys, books and clothes away when they have finished with them, or doing a good deed by a neighbour or friend. 


The skills that kids need for future success are changing as technology, greater flexibility and mobility, and new economic forces are transforming workplaces at an astonishingly rapid rate. But the basic attitudes and character traits needed to succeed such as teamwork, initiative and generosity haven’t changed too much over time. Ask any employer and I’m sure they’d say they’d hire a giver over a taker any day as they are just so valuable to have on a team. Hopefully they are not becoming a rarity as well!


 Noah's Ark


All I Really Need to know about life, I learnt from Noah’s Ark:

  • Don’t miss the boat
  • Don’t forget we’re all in the same boat
  • Plan ahead – it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark
  • Stay fit – when you’re 600 years old someone might ask you to do something really big
  • Don’t listen to critics, just get on with what has to be done
  • For safety’s sake travel in pairs
  • Two heads are better than one
  • Build your future on high ground
  • Speed isn’t always an advantage, after all, the, snails were on the same ark with the cheetahs
  • When you are stressed, float a while
  • Remember, the ark was built by amateurs: the Titanic was built by professionals

Remember that the woodpeckers inside are a larger threat than the storm outside.



Faction Cross Country

As you are aware our Faction Cross Country Carnival is tomorrow. The children are so excited and they have worked extremely hard on their fitness and they should be very proud of their efforts. Long Distance Running is an integral part of the Physical Education Curriculum and all children in Year 1 – Year 6 are required to participate. The aim of the carnival is participation so all children are encouraged to give it a go.


Cross Country Carnival Details:                                                                  

Venue:                        Lightning Park

Date:                           Friday 16 June 2017


On the day, a bus will shuttle each year level to and from Lightning Park. The timetable for the day is attached; however, please note that these times are a guide and we may be running ahead or behind time.


The children need to bring:

  • a hat and drink bottle with them on the bus
  • a jacket (if they need it)
  • a white school sport shirt and school jacket to put on after the race if it rains.


The children are allowed to wear a t-shirt in the colour of their faction to school on that day (similar to last year’s Athletics Carnival). If they are unable to find a shirt we will provide coloured bibs.  Our Year 6 Wellness Ministry will be providing support throughout the day.


Any permission slips not returned need to be returned to your classroom teacher tomorrow morning.


Parents are welcome to attend and cheer on their children. There is plenty of parking and parents are asked to use the steps/pavilion for watching the children race and avoid going near the track.  The P&F will be selling tea and coffee out of the canteen and some light food.


Any parents coming to support please enter the ground off Della Road via Benara Road. Tonkin Highway has been closed recently because of the roadworks.  A map has been attached with this newsletter.


As this is a winter event we will go ahead if there is light rain. The Carnival will not proceed in the event of a storm.


A small assembly will take place at school at the end of the day to present the winning faction with the Cross Country shield.


We are looking forward to tomorrow and wish all the runners the best of luck.





A smile something that we can all give and all receive. A smile is something that makes us all feel special.


The following prayer celebrates something that costs nothing but gives much.



A smile is something that costs nothing but gives much.

It enriches those who receive, without

making poorer those who give.

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.


None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it and none is so poor

that he can be made rich by it.


A smile creates happiness in the home,

fosters goodwill in business and is the

               countersign of friendship.                      


It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the

discouraged, sunshine to the sad and is

natures best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged,

borrowed, or stolen,

for it is something that is of no

value to anyone until it is given away.


Some people are too tired

 to give you a smile.

Give them one of yours,

as none needs a smile so much

 as he who has no more to give.


We hope there is the opportunity for you, your family and your friends to give and receive lots of SMILES over the ensuing weeks.


Interschool Winter Carnival

Next week our Year 6 children will be competing in Football, Soccer and Netball against other schools in our Association. This carnival will be held on Thursday 22 June with Netball at Noranda Netball Courts and Football and Soccer at Carine Open Space. The Year 6 children have already chosen their sports and are beginning to prepare for the day.  


More details can be found in the School News section of the school newsletter. 

Car Park

Parking Restrictions 

Please be aware of the parking restrictions around the school. Adhering to these restrictions keeps all in our community safe. The well-being and safety of all people occurs when following these procedures in a cautious and responsible manner. 


We ask that you please; 

- adhere to the speed restrictions.

- leave the 'Disabled Parking Bay' to be used by people who need it. 

- park sensibly within designated bays. 

- follow and keep the flow of traffic running smoothly. 

- use the school drive throughs at Peter's Place and Russell Street if you would like to drive through and pick up your children. 

- use the church car park and walk down to collect your children. 


We thank you for your assistance and co-operation with this matter. 


Infant Jesus Family

Our congratulations goes to Stephanie and Nathan Archer on the arrival of a little son Wesley. Blessings on you all as a family at this joyous time.


Thought for the Week

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.




God Bless,


Paul Hille







The importance of place value in mathematics

Place value is perhaps the most fundamental concept imbedded in the Foundation to Year 6 mathematics curriculum. It is absolutely essential that students develop a solid understanding of the base ten numeration system and place value concepts.

  • In our decimal number system, the value of a digit depends on its place, or position, in the number.
  • Each place has a value of 10 times the place to its right.
  • Zero "holds the place" for a particular value, when no other digit goes in that position.
  • A whole number is separated into groups of three digits with a small space in between so that we can read the numbers in their HTO (hundreds, tens and ones) groups. (We no longer use a comma in between.)
  • These three numbers are always hundreds, tens and ones, repeated into the thousands place and then the millions place and so on.


Kindy News

This term the focus is on families and their cultural background, senses and transport. Initially, we will introduce and discuss the roles our family members play within our lives and how they may be similar or different. We develop an awareness of family, friends, and others in our immediate community. This will allow children to explore the diversity of cultural backgrounds that exist within our class community. Through the use of books, photos, videos, music and role-play we will identify the similarities and differences in our own cultures in order to explore the diversity of cultural backgrounds in our community. The children will be exposed to languages, music and foods from other countries in order to develop an awareness of different cultures.


In talking about the family, the emphasis is on linking it to The Holy Family and the Church. We will identify Jesus’ family and the children will be given the opportunity to know Jesus through scripture in order to identify ways of living like Jesus. Our Bible story focus will be Zacchaeus, which will link to exploring ways of showing love, consideration and forgiveness like Jesus did. 


As children learn through sensory play, our next theme explores the environment through the use of our senses. This will motivate and nurture children’s inquiry and develop communication skills.  Through a variety of sensory experiences, we will expose children to vocabulary in order to develop the language used to describe what we can hear, see, touch, taste and smell.


In the second half of the term, we will identify and explore different types of transport, starting with the family car. Following this, we will explore other forms of transport that we use, focusing on emergency vehicles such as the ambulance and fire truck and their role in the community.


In Literacy, we will read books about families, cultures, countries and transport. The discussion will be on the title, author and illustrator of the story.  The emphasis will include identifying the starting point when reading and directionality, ie we read from left to right. We plan to continue our learning about sounds in words and introduce the concept of rhyming words. We will focus on retelling basic stories, events and experiences in addition to taking part in conversations and sharing ideas.


In Mathematics, the focus is on counting, one to one correspondence, number recognition to 10 and beyond. We will continue to develop and explore shapes and patterns in the environment and form simple patterns using colour, shape and abstract objects.


Throughout our learning day we incorporate technology through the use of iPads for photos and appropriate Apps, the Interactive Board, You Tube clips, etc. These forms of technology help to enhance our learning and enable the children to learn visually in our

ever-changing world.  The children’s work will continue to be documented through our Seesaw App which informs parents of their children’s daily learning.



Year 4 Excursion

On Monday, the Year 4 children visited the Kings Park Education Centre for a fun day of learning. The children became ‘Environmental Investigators’ and went orienteering throughout the park. We were joined by lots of parent helpers who were amazing! Thank you to everyone who came along.


Sport News


Next week our Year 6 children will be competing in Football, Soccer and Netball against other schools in our Association. This carnival will be held on Thursday 22 June with Netball at Noranda Netball Courts and Football and Soccer at Carine Open Space. The Year 6 children have already chosen their sports and are beginning to prepare for the day. 


Thank you to the parents who have volunteered already.  I will send home the equipment that you need for the day with your child next week.  We are still chasing another soccer coach if anyone is available to volunteer.


Please return permission slips ASAP.


Mr Sheridan

Physical Education Teacher



P&F News


The P&F will be in the Lightning Park canteen from 9am ready to serve you!  For a gold coin donation you can have a coffee, tea or milo with a biscuit.  We've also got you covered for morning tea and lunch, with plenty of options available.  Cash only please.


Thank you to the parents who are donating items or have volunteered to help.  If you're available to assist any any point throughout the day, please pop in and see us.



Infant Jesus School is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

We are raising as much as we can to support our technology and Innovation Centre, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017/2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!


"The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations."


A Sample Book and Order Forms are available in the Front Office if you wish to have a look. 

Nicola Cecchele - P&F President



If you would like a copy of all the photographs taken over the MAD Camp weekend by our photographer, Maria Bellesini, please drop a USB into the school office in a bag labelled with your name. You will be notified when it is ready for you to collect. 


Some photos from MAD Camp last weekend.


Family Camp is a great opportunity to make new friends, experience a bit of the Infant Jesus tradition and this year's theme is "Heroes and Villains".

Venue: Point Peron, Rockingham.

Date: Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October. (not the long weekend and 2 nights only).

Anticipated cost of $350 per family (this may change after budget confirmation) includes accommodation, all meals, all indoor/outdoor activities and of course lots of fun and laughter. 


Places are limited. To secure your place and in fairness to everyone wanting to attend, this will be a first come first serve basis on receipt of non-refundable $50 deposit on or before 19 June 2017. 


Please take your slip and the $50 deposit in an envelope with your name to the school office. The date and time will be noted on the slip. We are also asking if anyone has any items (figurines, posters, etc) in relation to the Heroes and Villains theme that you no longer use or need and are willing to donate. We will gladly collect. Please contact Ardrian on 0403439888. 


We look forward to seeing you all there, especially NEW families, so start spreading the word! Any queries please don't hesitate to contact

Linda Prestianni 0433 925 857 [email protected]
Ardrian Gonsalves 0403 439 888  [email protected]



When:    Saturday 1 July

Time:      8pm

Place:    Minq Bar Burswood Crown   

Cost:       $40 PP Nibbles/Drinks provided

Contact:   Nicole 0400266755 or Maree 0412336965 for payment

RSVP and Payments by 16 June


When:  Friday 23 June  

Time:   10.30am

Place:  Our Table, 180a Grand Promenade, Bedford
Please RSVP to Justine or Sherrie for booking numbers
All welcome, see you there!


When: Thursday 22 June

Time: 6.30pm
Place:  Inglewood Hotel, 803 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.
Come join us for a catch up, something good to eat and a drink or two.
Please RSVP to either Simone [email protected] or Tash [email protected] to let us know if you will be there.


When: Thursday, 22 June
Time: from 8.45am
Place: Coffee Club, Morley
Hope to see you all there!
Please let one of us know if you can make it, thanks...
Maria, Lisa and Rochelle, Year 5 Parent Reps.


When: Wednesday 21 June 
Time: straight after drop off
Place: Jamoca in Noranda Shopping Centre
Hope to see you all there!


Canteen Roster


Friday 16 June

Rosanna Monastra, Belinda Chami, Sarah Ruggiero

Monday 19 June

 Tracy Caputo, Louise Staltari, Wanita Gentile

Wednesday 21 June

 Jenny Allpike, Emily Dayan, Louise Murace


If you cannot do your Roster please arrange with another Parent to do your Roster as a swap. Please also see the attached Canteen Winter Menu for Term 2 and 3.





A Report Workshop will be held on Thursday 22 June at 2.30pm in the Library for Year One parents interested in learning more about the formal Semester Reports that are sent home twice each year. 



Please do not pick up or drop off students in the Admin Carpark. This Carpark is for office business and visitors to the school only. It is not a safe area for students to be at anytime, due to the amount of traffic and delivery trucks using the space. Please use the designated pick up and drop off areas.



Please consider others and park correctly along Lovegrove Way to help with the flow of traffic in that area.



To assist with school based events, please ensure that both of these have been completed. 

1. Complete the Volunteer Workshop 

2. Read and Sign the Code of Conduct which is new in 2017.  


It is a requirement that not only the Parent Volunteer Workshop has been completed, but the school based Code of Conduct has been signed and returned to the office.  


Copies of the Code of Conduct are available from the front office or online. 




Feastday of St Anthony of Padua 13 June

One of the most loved friends in heaven is St. Anthony of Padua. Your church might have a statue of him, and you might even have a holy card with his picture on it. People ask St. Anthony for help all the time, and for the most ordinary things, and that’s okay. Like a good friend, St. Anthony is always willing to help. People especially like to ask St. Anthony to help them find things that are lost. In a minute, we’ll find out why.


We turn to St. Anthony for help with our ordinary problems, but his life was really anything but ordinary. St. Anthony was born in Portugal, and when he grew up, he studied to be a priest. He was a brilliant student and knew the Bible backward and forward. Someone once said that if all the Bibles in Europe were burned, it wouldn’t be a terrible problem. People could just go to St. Anthony, and he could write the Scriptures down for them!


Anthony was a good teacher, but one day something happened that inspired him to follow Jesus in a slightly different way. Five Franciscan priests had travelled to Morocco, a country in Africa, to preach the good news about Jesus. They were brutally killed, and what was left of their bodies was brought to the town where Anthony lived. Anthony couldn’t sit still any longer. More than anything, he wanted to go to Morocco himself and try to give the love of Jesus to the people who had done this terrible thing. No one seemed to need Christ’s love more than people who would torture and kill innocent men. So Anthony joined the Franciscan order, got on a ship, and sailed to Morocco. Things didn’t work out as he had hoped, though. He fell ill soon after he arrived and had no choice but to return to Europe.


Anthony’s plans weren’t working out, but perhaps that’s because God had something else in mind for him. The ship Anthony was on, the one he thought was taking him back to university life in Portugal, got blown off course by a sudden strong wind. It went straight to the island of Sicily, where a huge meeting of Franciscan brothers happened to be taking place at that very moment.


Anthony didn’t speak at the meeting, since he was really an outsider. He sat silently and listened. Perhaps he even heard St. Francis of Assisi speaking of holy poverty as the way to follow Jesus and of how important it is to preach the love of Jesus to all people, especially the poor.


After the meeting, Anthony continued to live a quiet life as a friar, working in a hospital in Italy, taking the humblest jobs of all. Back in Portugal, Anthony had already begun to gain fame as a scholar and teacher, but he said not a word about that in the hospital. He worked hard in the kitchen and the garden, helping the sick in the most ordinary, everyday ways.


Then one day something happened that was almost as strange as the ship wandering off course. There was a large meeting of Franciscans and Dominicans, but oddly enough, the plans for who would give the sermon at the meeting fell through. There were plenty of fine preachers present, but none of them were prepared.


Those in charge of the meeting went down the line of friars. “Would you care to give the sermon, Brother? No? What about you, Father? No? Well, what about you, Fr. Anthony—is that your name?” Slowly, Anthony rose, and just as slowly, he began to speak. The other friars sat up to listen. There was something very special about Anthony. He didn’t use complicated language, but his holiness and love for God shone through his words. He was one of the best preachers they had ever heard!


From that point on, Anthony’s quiet life in the hospital kitchen was over. For the rest of his life, he traveled around Italy and France, preaching sermons in churches and town squares to people who came from miles around. His listeners heard Anthony speak about how important it is for us to live every day in God’s presence. As a result of his words, hundreds of people changed their lives and bad habits, bringing Jesus back into their hearts.


Anthony wasn’t always successful, though. In most cities, businesspeople would shut down their shops to come listen to Anthony. But in one city the townspeople closed their hearts to him and listened with hard faces and harsh eyes. St. Anthony had done his best. He shrugged and turned around. The fish in the bay poked their heads out of the water to see what was going on, and St. Anthony started preaching to them instead!


Now, back to the first question. Why do we ask St. Anthony to help us find lost things? St. Anthony had a book of psalms that was quite special to him. It was special because in those days before the printing press, books were rare and expensive. But it was also special because it contained many notes Anthony had made to help him in his preaching and teaching.


Late one night, a young Franciscan decided to leave the community. He’d had enough of that life, so he made plans to just sneak out in the middle of the night. He saw Anthony’s book of psalms on his way out, and he snatched it up and ran. He knew that he could sell this precious book for a good deal of money.


Of course, Anthony was quite upset. He prayed that God would change the young man’s heart and bring him back to the Franciscan life. He also hoped that while God was at it, he would return Anthony’s book too.


The next day, the young man returned, tired and ashamed, with Anthony’s book. He also brought back his own gifts and talents, which he decided once more to offer to the Franciscan community.

So that’s why we like to ask St. Anthony to help us find lost things. He was an extraordinary man who can still help us from heaven, even in the most ordinary ways.


"The family is experiencing a profound cultural crisis, as are all communities and social bonds. In the case of the family, the weakening of these bonds is particularly serious because the family is the fundamental cell of society, where we learn to live with others despite our differences and to belong to one another; it is also the place where parents pass on the faith to their children."

(From The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) by Pope Francis #66) 


Parish News

The professional photographer’s photos are now available for viewing at the  Parish Office.
Office hours are Mon-Thurs. 9.30am -12.30pm.
Prints are available in
 7 x 5" ($12) and  8 x 10" ($26).
Please note that payment by cash or cheque is paid at the time of ordering


Enrolment Masses - Saturday, 22 July  at 6:30pm or Sunday, 23 July at 9.30am or at 6.00pm


Commitment Masses- Saturday, 19 August at 6:30pm, or  Sunday, 20 August at 9.30am or  at 6.00pm.



Infant Jesus Parish 24:7 Morley Youth GroupAll youth in Years 6-12 are invitedJoin us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish HallFor more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393











Archdiocese of Perth



Local news from across our parishes, agencies, schools and organisations can be delivered weekly directly to your inbox via The eRecord. It contains the latest news, events and photos from the Archdiocese. Parishes receive a PDF copy of the e-newsletter to print off and distribute for those who don’t have or don’t use email. Subscribe to the e-newsletter by sending details to [email protected].

Further info: Jamie O’Brien 08 9220 5900.


City of Bayswater
School Parking Schedule


City of Bayswater
Book Week Program - August 2017


Mercedes College

Mercedes College is proud to present its 2017 Production of The Little Mermaid. Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story, this is the Broadway version of the story of Ariel – a mermaid who desires to be human. Her wish is eventually granted, although with dire consequences. A cast of over 80 feature in this spectacular production with lots of colour, singing, dancing, puppetry and under the sea frolic. Coming to the Regal Theatre in Subiaco for 4 performances only, from Friday 28 July. Tickets are available at


Relationships Australia

Please find attached a flyer outlining our Parenting related Courses running in June 2017.
Go to or ring 6164 0200 to enrol


Infant Jesus Soccer Club

Welcome to Infant Jesus Soccer Club Fostering and promoting community, friendship and team work while having fun. Enclosed is our website to stay in touch. The aim of the website is to aid in the awareness of the club and the community participation it provides and fosters.


World Wide Marriage Encounter

Remember the early days of your marriage. Just being together was most important.  The Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend has the same focus.  The weekend centres entirely on your relationship.  It is a positive and private experience between you and your spouse, that can help see again those loving qualities in each other that you may be taking for granted. Take a weekend out of the busyness of your lifestyle, where there is just the two of you, free of distractions.  We invite you to join us on our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.   11 – 13 August  or 13 - 15 October 2017 For information or booking contact:  0424 220 625 – George & Monica or  Email: [email protected]  Website –






2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 1 June).pdf
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Drop Off Diagram.pdf
Importance of place value in mathematics.pdf
Importance of place value in mathematics.pdf
Importance of place value in mathematics.pdf
Importance of place value in mathematics.pdf
Importance of place value in mathematics.pdf
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