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24 August 2019
Issue Six
Principal's Message
From the General Office...
Wargomerrin (Year 7) News
Wurrin (Year 8 & 9) News 
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Principal's Message

Our Fantastic Students

There are over 1150 students at Bairnsdale Secondary College. That translates into lots of individual interactions on a day-to-day basis. None of these students are perfect. None of the staff are either. Come to think of it, none of the parents are that makes all of us!

I read with interest about some of the unfortunate stories coming out of Melbourne High Schools this week. Students causing disruption is a worry...but not surprising given they represent everyone in the community. Couple that with the challenge that adolescence represents and it is not surprising that sometimes these young adults cause issues.

Our school represents our community. It is imperfect. We would all like to think that every person walking in through the school door would do so without any problems - but that is a dream.

Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of our children are wonderful. They are kind, humble and caring. They wake up each morning willing to look the world in the eye and give it their best shot. Some children arrive at school, however, under less than ideal circumstances. Some have not eaten, slept or been made safe the night before. It is tricky for them and challenging for the staff and students they interact with in classrooms and yards. 

The whole staff are about to embark on a new journey in Term 4. We have worked to tighten up our expectations and applications of rules. It will be challenging for some students and families as it will mean that some behaviours that may have slipped in the past will no longer be tolerated. Families may get 'unwanted' calls from the school holding their child to account for behaviours that are unwelcome in the social context of the school. It might get tricky for all concerned - but we are comfortable that making our school a safer and happier place is the right moral thing to do.

For the hardworking student who comes along to school to feel safe, happy, connected and achieving - the application of these standards will be welcome. I often get students in my office complaining that they have trouble concentrating when others are too loud or disruptive. This has to change. Too much time is being wasted on behaviours that are unwelcome in the school setting. 

This work will not be easy and it may not be popular with some....but that might be the cost of the good order we build together.

If I had one wish it would be this....if you get a call from the school holding your child to account for behaviour that is not acceptable....back the school up. Support the change. Reject your child's behaviour for the greater good of the community.

A society should be judged by the way it treats its children. The "anything goes" mentality is dangerous and destructive for young minds. They need boundaries as well as freedoms. 

I want to repeat....our students are amazing. I believe that with all of my heart. Now they need to behave 'amazingly' so their lights can shine bright.

Legends of Bairnsdale Secondary College

Last Monday, I had the privilege of hosting two 'greats' of our school. Graham Kiel and John Rogers are former educators at Bairnsdale Secondary College. They are known as the Fathers of the Music Program that we all enjoy today. Graham is an ex-Principal of the school and John a former leader. Both were instrumental (no pun intended) in setting up the Music Program; including constructing the Music Centre that has educated hundreds of past and present students.

The visit culminated in a tour of the school and the witnessing of the band as they rehearsed for their upcoming performances. What a treat it was to spend time with these fine gentlemen and be reminded of our rich history. We are grateful to Graham and John for their legacy.


Class Visits This Week

It was great to spend some time this week visiting classrooms to see young people engaged in their studies. We have some incredibly talented students who are keen to showcase their skills. I was treated to some wonderful work in Art classes taken by teachers Ms D'Amelio and Mr McFadyen. Students were engaged in drawing and painting and were totally engrossed during the time of my visit.

I am slowly getting to know my way around the site and feel very happy spending time in classrooms. Excellent work is being done in our rooms by talented and knowledgeable teachers. 

Leadership Team

I want to acknowledge the work of our Leadership Team. Twice per week, the group get together and passionately discuss the improvement of our school. The Leadership Team consists of Mr Martin, Mr Fella, Ms Greenaway, Mr Porter, Ms Murphy, Ms Betts, Mr Hall, Ms Anderson, Ms Rankin, Ms Holmes and myself.

This group is tasked with guiding the strategic direction of the school as well as developing the next level of leaders so we leave a legacy for the future. I am very proud of the work of this team. They are talented, hardworking and caring. The school is in great hands.

From the General Office...

Staff Profile

Name: Peter Falla

What is your role? Assistant Principal 

What do you like most about your job? Helping young folk be the best they can be
Which Mr. Men character best describes your work personality? Mr Marvellous (some advice sought from within the Hub on this...)

Best vacation you’ve been on?  Thailand
What are 3 words that describe BSC?  Friendly, supportive, welcoming

Wargomerrin (Year 7) News

7D  Art with Mrs D'Amelio

Student interview with Jasmine.

What Have you drawn?

It's a bug!

How did you draw it?

Using a Tonal Scale.

What's a Tonal Scale?

It's where you use all your different pencils to go dark and light.

Why would you want to go dark and light?

To make it look 3D, I also added shadow. When I used the 6B I also pressed really hard and made it go shiny, just the bugs shell.

(students commented around the room how the bug looked like it had landed on the page)



James made the choice to use charcoal, he's got such a strong grip we thought that the charcoal might end up like dust. Brace Choice, Go James!  Then James got us to use masking tape around the charcoal attaching it to his finer. He used his whole arm and formed the "arch" of the shape. We helped by turning the paper upside down so he could do the other side. James was super proud of his work because it also used the painted shadow he did last session and also made it look like a big sculpture.



Rhys worked on a whole page around The Arts Process. Super cool idea, (have a close look!). He spoke about all the elements (like Line) being poured into the hopper like a big cement mixer and out popped basic Shapes, it went along the conveyor belt with a lift up the factory where other elements were added (Texture) into the arts process and popped out along the top level where all the good 3D stuff happened (Tone & Form) = "shading". It then drops through a Colour wash machine and then "wow" the "latest painting".


Way to go 7D, awesome work.  Thanks for sharing.

Write up by Leo Harvey and Darcy McSweeney 7B 

7B has made some very creative self-portraits that light up the room and catch your eye.

These self-portraits express the student' artistic abilities and creative side of their personalities.

Each student had a photo of themselves which they outlined and designed with a variety of bold patterns.


7B with their Key Teacher Ms Norling



Congratulations to Olivia and Indi for representing the College at the Waverley International Schools Netball Chairmanships in July. 



Art Club

Art Club every Monday lunchtime in D2 with Mrs D'Amelio. Student's are to bring their lunch. Art supplies will be provided. 

Wurrin (Year 8 & 9) News 

3 Little Houses

Once upon a time there were 3 little houses, and they were all unique. The first house was made out of stringy wood. The second house was made out of yellow box wood, and the most formidable house was made out of red gum wood.


The magical houses were living lovely peaceful lives, until a dingo came along, looking for some firewood. The dingo laid his eyes on the first house made out of stringy wood. In a few swift swings of his axe, he made short work of the first house.


The next day was cold and the dingo was determined to get some firewood since the stringy wood burned so quickly. The dingo found the second house and said “this will burn nicely”, but this house took half a day to chop up. He was tired at the end of the day but he was happy.


The next day passes, so did the next, until the next day arose. The dingo came out looking for some more firewood, until he found the last house. The dingo swang his axe a couple of times but his axe was now blunted beyond repair. Then he tried a chainsaw, no luck! By the end of the day he just gave up.


The last house lived happily ever after.


Written by Year 8 Student Ryan Reidy  


Science Week Awards 

Congratulations to Jordy Gardam for winning the 2019 Wurrin HUB science award for her experiment with an oobleck. Jordy and runner-up Hope Emery presented their work very thoroughly to a panel of judges on Monday 19th August.

Congratulations and thank you for celebrating science week with us.



Alpine School For Student Leadership

The College is delighted to announce participation in the Alpine School for Student Leadership in Term 2, 2020. This school for student leadership is unique within the Department of Education and has been operating since 2000. The College last participated in this program in 2018.

Three boys and three girls will be accepted to participate in the program in Term 2, 2020. They will live, work and study in a close environment at the Dinner Plain campus with 44 of their peers from other secondary schools in Victoria.

During their stay, students from each school will work together to design, create and implement a community learning project. In addition, they will be responsible for helping maintain the school, organising rosters, and controlling their home and place of learning.

The Alpine School prides itself on the lessons of human relationships developed during the students’ stay; those of great friendship, tolerance and teamwork.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the application form together with your family and submit it to the Wurrin Hub by Friday October 18th, 2019.


Japanese Project

Molly Westhorpe of Year 9 Japanese is to be commended on her outstanding effort on a recent project, showing off her talent with media presentations with a high level voice over speaking in Japanese.

She is to be commended on her amazing work! Enjoy the video below...


Malgobila (Year 10, 11 & 12) News

VET Hospitality

In previous years the VET Hospitality course has run outside of school on the Federation TAFE Campus in Bairnsdale, however as of this year the course has been partaken here at the school and the students are being trained under the supervision of Teacher Rachel Prince. The school received funding to build a fully functioning Hospitality trade centre equipped with a full stainless steel commercial kitchen, a dining room and a spectacular theory room located on the McKean Street campus. The students have recently moved into the new building and are loving it so far. Students have been undertaking training covering food safety and food handling skills throughout the course as well as having to present six simple dishes within the time given. We also have discussed social and cultural considerations to be aware of when in a working environment, to improve our understanding and standards of customer service.


Story by Sam Radford Year 11 Student

VCE and VCAL Attendance


Year 12 Graduation

The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony will be held on Thursday 21st November, 2019 after the completion of external exams in November. 

Students will be placed on the list for graduation only if they have completed the requirements for the course they have studied, according to the College, VCAA Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). 

These requirements must be met by Thursday 31st October, 2019 in order to be eligible to graduate.
Any correspondence or clarification regarding this date should be directed in writing to the Graduation Committee. The Graduation Committee will comprise of the following staff members:

- Year 10-12 Assistant Principal

- VCE and VCAL Leading Teacher or Coordinator

- Year 12 Coordinator

BSC and Headspace Working Together to
Promote Mental Health

Senior VCAL students from Bairnsdale Secondary College have been studying the issues of homelessness and mental health.  The students have planned a fundraising event to raise money for Headspace.  Delicious homemade cupcakes will be sold, along with sausages in bread, at the Nicholson Street Mall on Thursday 29th August, 2019 between 11am and 2pm. 
Staff from Headspace Bairnsdale will be in attendance with information about their support services.  Come along to support this event and see the great work our students are doing.


Hospitality Herb Garden 

The Herb Garden is well under way........


Celebrating Music

 Musical Performance at ABC

The band are multimedia superstars. Enjoy this grab from their recent visit to ABC Gippsland. Our school is a great school...


Sports and Outdoor Education

Year 9 Excursion to Mount Taylor

On Tuesday 13th of August we had two groups of Year 9 Outdoor Education students attend the Mount Taylor navigational day. The weather was kind to us and the students were outstanding. The students took part in a number of orienteering courses and were also able to further develop and learn some new hard skills in preparation of the upcoming hikes. The Year 9s were lucky enough to have some of our high achieving Year 10 students attend the day, and these Year 10s were able to step up and become leaders for the day. They were also able to set up one of their own orienteering courses for the Year 9s to complete. Overall it was a very enjoyable and success day. As you can see in the photos the students enjoyed cooking Miss Betts secret damper recipe on a stick over the open fire.



The Dragon e-Newsletter
BSC students R Thomson and D McNamara. Headspace staff - Faith, Jake and Brydie.
James 7D
Rhys 7D
Cameron & Jamey
Olivia & Indi with their certificates
Riley & Tess 7A