05 July 2019
Week 2.10- Issue 10
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Term 3 
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We thank you Lord, for this term.

For the challenges, the successes, and the mistakes from which we have learnt. 

Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends.

Give us strength and courage to do what is right: to be witnesses of our faith.

Help us to be a practical Christian these holidays, to appreciate what others do for us, to give time and effort to help others.

To be peacemakers in our family.

Keep us safe in our activities; give us good rest and good fun.

Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term.

We thank you for our students, teachers, parents and a community that cares for us.

May we always be conscious of you in our lives. 




St Norbert, pray for us



From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

Pride, joy and happiness are often felt following hard work and effort. I can wholeheartedly guarantee that the pride, joy and happiness experienced by staff and students at the end of this school term is undoubtedly as a result of much hard work and effort, in the form of teaching and learning, events and experiences and, most importantly, as a member of such an engaging and committed community. We are committed to the development of our young people and preparing them as Christ-centred people for the future.


This week I highlight a number of events from this week that have as a focus, building the foundations for their future.

  • Year 9 Camp

We welcomed back our Year 9 students this afternoon, who have been enjoying the wonders of the great south in Margaret River for the annual Year 9 camp, an experience which aims to develop in our students a strong sense of friendship, resilience and learning about oneself that will springboard them into the rigours and challenges of the remaining years in secondary school. We thank Miss Michelle Ronchi who organised this five-day experience, along with all those members of staff who gave of their own time to assist. While the weather conditions towards the end of the camp were less than desirable, early indications are that it had little impact on the spirit and engagement of our students.


  • Year 10 Work Experience

Our Careers Education students in Year 10 have spent this past week involved in an array of work experience placements, the aim of which is to attempt to connect their school-based learning with potential career goals, but also to commence the understanding of career as vocation. It is with much gratitude that we thank Mr Michael Openshaw, Mrs Karen Gonsalves and Mr Trevor Saunders, who spent many hours of preparation, energy and dedication, including time spent visiting students at their placements, to ensure that students were making the most of this experience.

  • Year 10 Parent Information Evening – Subject Selection

At this time of the year, the focus for our Year 10 students swings towards to the senior years of secondary schooling and the courses and pathways that await in Years 11 and 12. Mr Michael Openshaw, Mr Peter Hawke, Mr Rod Dowling and other key staff hosted an informative subject selection evening on Wednesday night, providing great support for our Year 10 students and parents as they navigate a somewhat complex journey to assist our young people on their path to achieving their goals. It was delightful to witness the video detailing the experiences of many of our current Year 12 students. Heartfelt thanks must go to those students in the video, but especially to the co-creators in Tallulah Armenti, Oscar McDonald, Jessica Ramos (pictured above) and Mrs Lisa Quartermain (College Community Relations and Marketing Officer) for their efforts. Work is currently under way to make this video available to all parents in the most appropriate means.

  • Year 12 Retreat

Held at Integrity House this week, the Year 12 Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for our most senior students to take a step back to ‘retreat, reflect and propel’ themselves into the final semester of their secondary schooling life. My thanks to Ms Margaret Kyd and staff in attendance, and to our Year 12 students who gave of themselves in preparation and participation on this retreat.


We hope that these and many other experiences for our students have positive and lasting impacts on their ability to navigate the future with success.


Sadly, at the end of the term we bid farewell and thanks to staff and students who are transitioning in other paths and schools. I would like to take this opportunity to wish our very best to those students and families not returning in Semester Two. We thank them for the support and cooperation forged between the College and home and wish them well in the future.


I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Bronwyn Pescud, who has worked very hard as our interim College Psychologist for this term. We were very fortunate to have Mrs Pescud at the College and our staff, many students and their families have benefited greatly from her time with us. Mrs Pescud will be a smaller presence within the College in the early part of Term 3 to assist with the handover and transition of our newly appointed College Psychologist Mr David Yeoh.


I also wish Mr Michael Openshaw, our Head of Careers and VET, our best wishes for semester two as he embarks of a period of study and long service leave. We welcome back Ms Michela Buhagiar into a teaching role and congratulate Mrs Karen Gonsalves who will cover for Mr Openshaw in this important leadership role.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valuable College staff members who always go to extraordinary lengths to provide an optimum environment of teaching and learning for the benefit of our students.


I wish all members of our College community who are able, a safe, healthy and relaxing holiday break.


God bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Asbestos Audit

I would like to inform of an upcoming asbestos audit to be undertaken at our College facilities, which will help ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of our community. The audit is part of regulatory Catholic Education Western Australia compliance requirements. Our College will engage Coffey environmental services to undertake an asbestos audit during the holidays on Monday, 15 July.


Please be assured that the safety and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority and we will continue to ensure our facilities meet safety standards.


I will be in touch again with an update after the audit. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Dean of Studies

What does school prepare students for?


In a survey of students in NSW Schools in 2013, researchers asked 3500 school students about their career aspirations and the top five ranked occupations chosen (according to the year level of the students) are listed below in preference order:



Year 8

Year 10






Defence Force











Source: Gore, J., Holmes, K., Smith, M., Southgate, E., and Albright, J. (2015) Socioeconomic status and the career aspirations of Australian school students: Testing enduring assumptions. Australian Educational Researcher.


If this survey was repeated for students at St Norbert College, the results would make for an interesting comparison, as this may offer an insight into what our students’ value and what they perceive as being necessary for their life beyond school. As many students consider their subject selections, study options or career pathways for 2020, it may be worth considering what a student learns at school that cannot always be measured or assessed by an exam, assignment or report.


An article by Margaret Renkl* entitled “Let’s Hear It for the Average Child”, highlights the achievements and learning of students that don’t necessarily receive the awards, accolades and prizes, yet are still learning and developing essential skills and required knowledge for success as an adult. Some of the examples include: The student who completes all their homework in the hardest subject(s), submits all tasks by the deadline, studies diligently for tests and shows up for every extra study session or uses the library to complete homework after school. This student has never taken the easy path and their personal best may include achievement of ‘C’ grades, yet in life beyond school, they will excel at what they do best and let others excel at what they do best. As Renkl states: “For the rest of your life, you will never again think of this ‘C’ grade, but you’ll bring your character and your capacity for hard work to all your future endeavours.”


The student that easily makes friends across grades, groups and genders, may sometimes feel like an outsider at every insider gathering, yet their gift for friendship will transcend circumstance and people will acknowledge them for the skill in making others feel at ease regardless of location or circumstance. Their skills in observation and the nuances of human behaviour may be adept for many occupations and careers.


The student who sits in the classroom with the textbook or required website open, yet will take every opportunity to read their (hidden) library book. There is no getting around the course you are required to complete, but your love for reading is a foundation for a healthy life, as Renkl states:


“Immersing yourself in a grand story will be a respite from your troubles, and a lifetime spent lingering over language will give you the right words when you need them yourself. No one writes a better love letter than a lifelong reader.”


We can also celebrate the players on the team that are more often the reserves or substitutes, that have a love for the game and a developing sense of loyalty. They may never score the winning basket, kick the winning goal or be celebrated for the performance that carries the team forward. However, the pleasure of belonging and the pride of representing your team will go with you forever. Their skills as contributors to the team goals will carry them forward in the workplace of the future.


There are many other examples provided by Renkl, from the student with a well-developed sense of empathy to support a friend or family member through illness and troubled times, to the day-dreamer who although appears to lack focus, but can find inspiration and innovation in the, ‘aha!’  moments of life, and their capacity for deep thinking and reflection.


So as Semester One concludes, reflect upon your achievements, celebrate and acknowledge your areas of strength, reset your goals and commit to, “doing one thing better” in Term Three. Be mindful and appreciate what is best summarised by Renkl with respect to the journey of school,


“Life is not a contest, and the world is not an arena. Just by being here, unique among all others, offering contributions that no one else can give, you have already won the one prize that matters most.”


(*Margaret Renkl:,  31 May, 2019)


SEIJO EXCHANGE – Assistance required

The College has a warm and long-lasting relationship with Seijo School in Japan and we are again seeking support from families in the St Norbert College community to assist with hosting some of the visiting students from Seijo in Term Three.


We are in particular need of families that may be willing to host female students, and we encourage you to contact the College to indicate your interest. This is an opportunity to provide an Australian cultural experience for overseas students and build mutual friendships between our students and the Seijo students.


OLNA (Round 2)


Students in Year 10–12 who have not yet achieved Category 3 for either Writing, Reading or Numeracy will be required to complete Round 2 of the OLNA in Term Three. The scheduled dates will be as follows:


1. Monday, 2 September,

  • Writing (9am-10am)

2. Tuesday, 3 September

  • Reading (9am-9.55am)
  • Writing catch up (9.55am-10.50am)

3.  Monday, 9 September
Numeracy (9.00am-9.55am)

  • Reading/Numeracy catch up (12pm-12.55pm)

Assessment Catch-Up

This year the College elected to implement after-school catch-up sessions for students who are absent from in-class assessments. The constraints of the curriculum often requires assessments to be completed and marked within a short time-frame, and the purpose of the catch-up is to ensure minimal disruption to student learning.


The College appreciates that the circumstances for an absence is often beyond a student’s control, and may include ongoing health-related absences. The assessment catch-up sessions are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday (3:30pm – 4:30pm) and aim for students to complete assessments within seven days of the originally scheduled due date. 


If no alternative arrangements have been made with a subject Teacher or the respective Head of Learning Area, then the assessment item remains incomplete at the end of this period, and will no longer be offered. As always, we encourage a conversation to achieve the best learning outcome for students.

University of Notre Dame – Early Offer

If you are a Year 12 student, here's your chance to secure a university education through the Notre Dame Early Offer Program. This program is open to Year 12 students who have demonstrated academic excellence and/or are making a significant contribution to their school or community.


With an early offer, you can sit your Year 12 exams with added confidence. It’s also a great way for schools to acknowledge their outstanding students. Applications for an early offer to study in Semester 1, 2020 are due by Wednesday, 31 July 2019.

Go to: for more information regarding applications.

ATAR Revision Seminars – Parent Committee subsidy


For many Year 12 students, the opportunity to attend ATAR Course Revision Seminars in the school holidays can enhance their examination preparation and course content knowledge. Due to the support provided by the St Norbert College Parent Committee, any Year 12 student who attends an ATAR revision seminar, is eligible to receive a subsidy ($20) for attending. If you attend a seminar during the July school holidays, please pay for your course and then return your receipt to the College at the commencement of Term Three to receive the subsidy.


As an added incentive, TEE Consultants are giving away a FREE subject course in the TEE July Program valued at $175. To enter, all a Year 12 ATAR student needs to do is use the link below and enter their details at:


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Deputy Principals

College Uniform

A reminder for all students and parents that students are to return impeccably presented in Winter Uniform for the commencement of Term 3 on Tuesday, 23 July. This means polished shoes and clean uniforms, including blazers in excellent, clean condition. Hairstyles should be conservative, neat, tidy, of natural colour and shoulder length hair should be tied up. We girls to ensure their winter skirt length is on the knee and that boys can still do up their top buttons under their ties. May I also take this opportunity to once again remind parents to label all uniform items with their child’s first name and surname. At the end of each term we have a number of articles of clothing, bags, caps, sport bags and shoes in Lost Property not labelled and not claimed.


Parent Committee Meeting

The Parent Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, 23 July in the Koinonia (Board Room in Administration) at 6pm. All are welcome to share ideas for our next events - Parent Seminar (Tuesday, 13 August) and Celebrating Dads Breakfast (Friday, 6 September).

Term 3 College Family Calendar

The Calendar will be uploaded onto SEQTA. Please be familiar with important dates:
•    Tuesday 23 July – Term 3 commences
•    Tuesday 30 July – Monday classes to operate
•    Wednesday 31 July - Parent Teacher Interview -Home Study Day
•    Thursday 22 August – Friday classes to operate
•    Friday 23 and Monday 26 August – Home Study Days
•    Wednesday 28 August – Monday classes to operate
•    Wednesday 25 September - Final day for Term 3: Year 12 students
•    Thursday 26 September – Final day for Term 3: Years 7 – 11 students
•    Friday 27 September – EALD & Japanese College Oral Exams
•    Tuesday 1 to Wednesday 9 October – Year 12 Final College Exams

Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 7,9,11)

Year 12 Retreat


On Tuesday July 2, the Year 12 Retreat was held at Integrity House, Osborne Park with members of the Youth Ministry Team (YMT). The retreat provided our Year 12 group with one of the few remaining opportunities to come together, engage with their friends and fellow students and begin to consider the positive impact that they can have on the wider world that they are soon heading out to join. The enthusiasm and positive spirit that our Year 12 students displayed on the day was noticeable with several members of the YMT being highly complementary of the mature and reflective approach of our students. Our students benefited greatly from the day.

 Here is a snapshot of what the students thought of the day … 


I really enjoyed the Year 12 retreat. The youth volunteers were very friendly and the part I enjoyed the most were the activities because everyone was participating and working together as a team. I also liked the dramas because they were meaningful and I could relate to them.                                                                                                                                       (Jade, X7).


The personal reflections were the best part of the retreat in my opinion as it allowed me to take some time to really reflect on deeper personal matters.                                                                                                              (Josh, P7).


The Year 12 retreat was quite nice, as some of the plays they did were quite enjoyable and were relatable to the struggles of teenagers.​ It seemed as though many of the students enjoyed the games they played and also were happy participating in the activities.              (Swarnim, M5)


The Year 12 retreat was a great experience as it was something different that not many people get to be a part of. It was nice to learn something new that can potentially benefit you in the future.​                           (Iana, P2)


The Year 12 retreat is definitely something to look forward to and I highly recommend everyone to go as it is inspirational and life impacting. It was definitely a good day to interact with my classmates for the last time and learn how close Jesus is to us even if we don't realise it.           (Sharni,P6)

Semester Reports

Semester One Reports have been uploaded to SEQTA.  The Report provides students and parents an opportunity to reflect upon student progress and to consider what adjustments can be made to improve performance. The report also indicates whether teachers would like to meet with families at the Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews next term. We encourage all students to use this valuable feedback as an opportunity to reflect upon their Semester One performance and to set goals that would see further academic improvement next semester.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews will take place on Wednesday, 31 July between 12pm and 7pm. This is a Home Study Day, so students do not attend school but should accompany their parents for interviews in their full College Winter Uniform. Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews provide parents with an important opportunity to discuss student progress in more detail with subject teachers. In some cases, teachers have requested an interview on the Report. In these situations, it is important that every effort is made to meet with the subject teachers so that positive actions can be put in place to improve student progress.


The College uses Edval Interviews to book Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews. Parents/Primary Care Givers have received an email instructing them how to access Edval Interviews. The email will also provide parents with a unique log-in code as well as a link to the online booking system. Interview length will be eight minutes with two minutes being allocated for parent movement between teachers. Bookings close at 9.00am on Tuesday 30 July. It is important that parents access Edval Interviews as subject teachers, pastoral leaders and Deputy Principals often request additional parent interviews after reviewing the finalised reports.


On the day of the interviews, each teacher will have 36 interview slots available for parents. However, a standard classroom teacher teaches over 100 students across all of their classes – for some teachers that number is closer to 150. It is for this reason that we have restricted interviews to one slot per teacher per student. To help with this, please ensure you only book ONE timeslot with your child’s teacher, even if they teach your child in multiple subjects. If you are unable to secure a timeslot during this round of Parent-Student-Teacher interviews, you may contact the relevant teacher(s) directly via email to arrange a conversation on another date.


For any parent for whom English is not their original language, the College supports the decision to invite a friend or family member to the interviews to provide interpreting assistance.

If you have any difficulties accessing Edval Interviews, please contact the College in the second week of the school holidays.
Please note that the College Administration is closed during the first week of the holidays.

Year 10 Information Evening

On Wednesday night, the College held our Year 10 Parent information Evening to discuss the pathways and courses on offer throughout Year 11 and Year 12 for the Class of 2021. Thank you to those parents and students who attended the Information Evening and thank you also to those Year 12 students who were involved in the superb video presentation that commenced the evening’s proceedings. A reminder that Student Handbooks, the PowerPoint from the night and many other important resources are available on the Subject Selection Portal on SEQTA. Subject Selection Online (SSO) is now open so that students can begin the process of choosing courses for 2020. A reminder that families have been allocated an appointment with mentor teachers scheduled between 3:30pm and 7pm on Tuesday, 6 August.

Subject Selection Online

Subject Selection Online (SSO) is now open to Year 10 and Year 11 students for them to begin making choices about their subjects and pathways for 2020.  Students have been sent a link along with instructions on how to access SSO. Students need to be mindful of the Minimum Entry Requirements for those courses that they are interested in studying as students will not be allowed to automatically select subjects for which they have failed to make the prerequisite requirement. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be given the opportunity through SSO to select their elective subjects early in Term Three.


Mr P Hawke
(Deputy Principal - Years 8, 10, 12)

Academic Excellence

Year 7-9 Academic Excellence Program (AEP) Semester One


Thank you to the students who have participated in the Academic Excellence Program (AEP) in Semester One. They have shown a great interest in the topics studied and have gained confidence as the semester progressed, now more willing to share their knowledge with and to challenge their peers.

The group of students have learned about the cycle of habits, had an introduction to Philosophy, discussed team work, practiced public speaking and more recently they were introduced to the art of debating. The students participated in the first-ever SNC Bridge Building Competition.

Bridge Building Competition

After researching and designing their bridges, the AEP students built and tested their bridges. Bridges were to be made using recycled household materials such as pizza boxes, cardboard boxes, popsticks, bamboo skewers or Lego. The bridges looked amazing - all very different from each other - and proved to be tough, some carrying more than 50kg despite weighing just under 1kg.


The final results are as follows:

  • Strength Award went to two teams: Emma Pickering, Chanelle Min and Sharie Fernandez, and Deena Manlutac and Chelsea Inocencio.

Their bridges managed to hold more than 50kg and could’ve gone further if we had more weights available and space on the bridges to hold them!

  • Overall winners were Isabella Hulm and Sophie Griffiths.

Their colourful bridge managed to hold 20kg and their accompanying report was fantastic. Well done to all the bridge engineers for their fantastic efforts.

AURECON Bridge Building Competition

Congratulations to Year 8 students: Isabella Hulm, Sophie Griffiths, Kelly McKie, Sharie Fernandez, Chanelle Min and Emma Pickering for being selected to participate in the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition based on their fantastic bridges in the College competition. 

They will be busy designing their bridges over the holidays and building them in Term 3.


The students have discussed tips for public speaking and have been introduced to debating. Their next challenge is to debate on the topic “The insanity plea should be abolished for crimes”, an issue they identified as interesting. The debate took place before school today and the results will be published next newsletter.


Year 7-9 Academic Excellence Program (AEP) Semester Two

Application forms for the Academic Excellence Program in Semester Two are now available. They are due to Mrs Cardenia by Wednesday, 24 July 2019.


Applications must demonstrate at least TWO of the following:

  • NAPLAN (Listed in the Top 10 ranked students)
  • MYAT score (‘as above’)
  • Academic Score (Listed in the Top 10 ranked students)
  • Demonstrated significant academic improvement in at least TWO core subject areas (Religion; English; Mathematics; Science or Humanities)

[I.e., From a ‘C’ grade to an, ‘A’ grade; from a, ‘D’ grade to a ‘B’ grade].


Applicants will also be considered for entry by demonstration of the following criteria:

  • Record of outstanding effort, commitment or progress in the Academic Excellence Program in Semester One.


  • Personal recommendation from at least TWO subject teachers

Students may have the opportunity to take part in Tournament of Minds and the Aurecon Bridge Building competition.

                                         Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator)

Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC)

Year 10 students Diep Nguyen, Tony Ngo, Isioma Onyemgba and Juphil Jiji attended the Brain Bee State Finals on Friday, 21 June at the University of WA. They were great ambassadors for our College. As well as answering the extremely difficult quiz questions on Neuroscience, the students heard from an expert in the field and were also taken on a tour of the Anatomy laboratories.

In the morning students competed in individual and group competitions to determine those who would go into the finals in the afternoon.  The students had an opportunity to attend seminars and presentations to learn about neuroscience from PhD and Honours students. Students also competed in mind games and tested how good their concentration was against other schools. Isioma and Tony defeated many students with their mind power and concentration!

Students then witnessed the individual and group finals in the afternoon. Many of the questions were 2nd and 3rd year university level questions and it was amazing to watch the students answer questions correctly. I wanted to personally congratulate Juphil, Tony, Isioma, and Diep on representing St Norbert College beautifully and even though they were a bit nervous they did very well in the competition.


Thank you Mrs Cardenia for organising this Brain Bee Challenge for the students and to Mrs Spinks for driving the bus.
                                        Miss A Fogliani (Science and Psychology Teacher)

Isioma Onyemgba wrote:

The experience was amazing. We learnt many new things about the human brain in the studying process and even more during the tours that we took around the campus. There were many schools competing so we were a little nervous but we tried our hardest and recalled as much as we could during the testing. We were delighted to know that our studying paid off and although we didn't get into the top schools I still found the experience to be one that was truly delightful. Thank you to Miss Fogliani and Mrs Cardenia for introducing us to this competition, I really enjoyed it. 

                                      Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator)


Performing Arts

Music Night 2019

"Treat every single note like it's your little baby.  Look after it and be proud of what you do on that stage. I love you all. Have fun!''

And with those words from the Head of Arts and Director of Music, Mr Chadwick Beins, more than 100 performers took their place in line behind the scenes for the start of Music Night 2019, eager to perform to a near-full house at the Xanten Theatre on a wet and stormy Wednesday.

Hosted by Performing Arts Captain Blake Jenkins, the College Concert Band and College Chorale opened the show followed by soloists, violinist Oscar McDonald and Caris O'Hara whose gentle touch on the classical guitar set the scene for the premiere of the College’s newest and loudest addition, the College Percussion Ensemble.

There was plenty of applause too for Thomas Rogers, one of the College's 2019 Music Scholarship winners who looked resplendent against the red velvet curtain on his saxophone. Blake and Cooper Jenkins' vocal duets led beautifully to more incredible performances by the College’s Guitar, String and Senior Vocal Ensembles as well as the heavenly Liturgical Music performance that captivated the audience.

The contemporary element amplified in the second half when Certificate II band The Zingers channelled the Artic Monkeys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, followed by XIV:XXV (14:25) delivering smashing Simple Plan and Alicia Keys covers.

The evening culminated in the highest energy when the Skinny Elephants set the crowd swaying with a Santana/Camila Cabello mash-up, before upping the tempo and accompanying stage moves with One Way or Another. The finale was a perfect choice, symbolising how each and every performer has blossomed in one direction. And that direction is up!


Mr Beins said after the show: "A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making the night such an incredible show. Special thanks goes to Mrs Katherine Freind, whose constant work behind the scenes and in the lead up to the show is always greatly appreciated.''

                                 Mrs L Quartermain (Community Relations and Marketing Officer)

2020 Blessed Ricvera Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships are now open online and available to current Year 6 students who have enrolled at St Norbert College for Year 7 in 2020. The scholarship covers full instrumental or vocal fees to the value of $3000 and is tenable for Years 7-9 subject to student performance each year.


If you know someone who has a love of music, has background musical knowledge, has learnt an instrument in the past, or is interested in learning a new instrument, please do apply online at Applications close on Friday, 26 July (Week 1, Term 3) so get in quick!

If you would like further information regarding the scholarship, please contact Katherine Freind or phone 9350 5433 ext. 226.



St Mary's Cathedral Orchestral Mass

St Norbert College has been invited to be a part of this year’s Orchestral Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. The Senior Vocal Ensemble as well as instrumentalists Oscar McDonald (viola) and Elicia Yii (flute) will be representing our College, joining forces with young music students from around Perth to fill the Cathedral with glorious massed choir sound.

Anyone is welcome attend the 11.00am Solemn Sung Mass on Sunday, 28 July, so please do come down and witness this very exciting opportunity for our senior music students.

2019 Recital Afternoons

The 2019 Recital Afternoons will take place in Week 1 of Term 3 in the Xanten Theatre and is a showcase of solo performers who are preparing for the upcoming Catholic Performing Arts Festival or for students looking for a performance opportunity in front of a live audience. Specific information relating to performers will be available via MCB Consent2Go, and entry to the event is free!

  • Wednesday 24 July (4pm) – Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Woodwind, Brass, Drums
  • Thursday 25 July (4pm) – Piano, Voice

Please contact Katherine Freind by email at or phone 9350 5433 ext 226 if you would like more information.


Mr C  Beins (Director of Music)

Student Success

Swimming, soccer, dance

Tegan Reder: national squad


Record-breaking swimmer Tegan Reder has yet another feather in her swim cap - named this week as the only West Australian in the 2019/20 Para-Swimming Development Squad.


Swimming Australia chose the Year 10 based on her performance at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Championships in Adelaide in April, identifying her as a swimmer “we believe is progressing towards senior team selection’’.

Making the squad is an important step towards achieving Dolphins Australian swim team selection, the pathway needed to represent Australia at top-level competitions including the 2020 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham (para-aquatics) and the 2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris.
Being chosen as the only West Australia was “amazing but scary too,’’ said Tegan, who trains up to 13 hours a week at an aquatics centre in Victoria Park. “I’m excited to get to go on a training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra (in February),’’ she added.
As well as skills in the pool, the squad of 24 are helped to cope with the demands of high-performance swimming - something Tegan knows a lot about, having broken Australian records in the S11 category for swimmers with no sight, including the 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke, 50m and 100m freestyle and 50m and 100m backstroke. Good luck Tegan.

Nicholas Lee: State team

It's the year of international travel for soccer-loving Leaver Nicholas Lee. The Year 12 embarked on his first overseas trip in April as part of the College immersion to Italy – and is now packing his bags again after being chosen by Football West to represent WA in soccer in Indonesia.


Nicholas, who plays right back for the Inglewood Under 18s team outside of school, was selected in the Western Australia U19 squad to tour Surabaya, Indonesia, from July 19 to 26.

While he admits he was “pretty surprised and very happy’’ to be chosen, Nicholas’s inclusion to play against professional football club Persebaya Surabaya probably won’t shock the teachers he faced in the Staff v Student soccer match at the College on St Norbert Day last month. As these pictures show, Nicholas gave all of the teachers a run for their money on the College oval!

“It’s a really big opportunity to be selected and I hope something does follow it,’’ said Nicholas, who is on a vocational pathway towards an electrical apprenticeship. “It will be very interesting to see what football is like there.’’

Cassie Best: national title

Whether it's jive in Latin, tango in Ballroom or hip-hop at the Xanten Performing Arts Centre, Cassie Best loves to dance. And her talent has earned her first place in the National Dancesport Latin Champion C division at the Mercedes Benz National Dancesport Competition in Wollongong on the NSW south coast. 

Cassie and her dance partner of 15 months, Harrison, also placed second in the Latin Open division, third in C division and fourth in the open division of ballroom dancing against couples aged 13 to 16 years old from all over Australia. 
Cassie, who has been dancing since she was five, will be doing a floorshow at the Year 11 Dinner Dance along with one of her three brothers. Keegan (SNC Class of 2013) dances ballroom , Kade (Class of 2018) dances ballroom and Coen is the current State Junior Ballroom and Latin Champion.
"They are very competitive kids who all support each other greatly,'' says Mrs Jodie Best. "It is such a great sport for teaching them discipline, precision and self-care.''
Cassie's next major competition is the WA Open Dancesport Nationals in October in Perth and the Australian Dancesport Nationals in Melbourne in December. 


Mrs L Quartermain (Community Relations

and Marketing Officer)

Year 11/12 Literature

State Theatre and Curtin University visits


On Tuesday 25 June, the Year 11 and 12 Literature classes, accompanied by Mrs Johnson and Ms Chalmers, attended a performance of Australian playwright Oriel Gray’s play The Torrents at the State Theatre Centre. The play, set in a fictional mining town during the 1890s, tells the story of a young woman, Jenny, as she arrives in town to become assistant editor of the local paper. Its comic and dark humour critiques gender questions of the time and questions young Australians to consider how far gender equity has come. The students thoroughly enjoyed the production; particularly its elaborate set, humour and themes.

On Thursday 27 June, the Year 12 ATAR English and Literature students attended the English and Literature Conference at Curtin University. They were able to immerse themselves in a day in the life of a university student, experiencing what university life would be like and also focusing on building their skills and an understanding of key English and Literature syllabus concepts, getting tips from a range of expert lecturers – many who set and mark the WACE exam. The students enjoyed the experience and came away with strategies of how to improve their results.


Mrs P Mulley (Head of Learning Area - English)

Year 12 Chemistry

Titration Stakes competition

Congratulations to the six Year 12 Chemistry students who competed in the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute’s (RACI) Titration Stakes at Curtin University on Tuesday, 25 June. After a fierce internal competition in class, and after-school practice sessions, two teams were selected from the Chemistry ATAR class to represent the College. The stakes were high as the competition tested the students' accuracy and precision and practical knowledge of acid-base chemistry.


This competition is a great opportunity to represent the College and to put into practice chemistry knowledge that is used by chemists every day in real life.


Our students competed against 77 teams from 50 schools across the wider Perth metropolitan area. SNC Team One included Ben Rowlands, Dawn Saji, and Millenium Paneru who placed 59th and SNC Team Two which included Simran Shivnani, Dylan Wemyss, and Sanjita Ghimire who placed 40th, in a competition where the results have never been closer.


Both teams are to be commended for their enthusiasm, maturity, and dedication towards the competition.


Thank you to Mrs Bunyan for accompanying the students to Curtin University and to our lab technician Ms Nugent for preparing the practice solutions and glassware for the competition.



Miss K MaGee (Chemistry & Science Teacher)


Pastoral Care

Have You Had Your Nature-Pill Today?

By David Bott


The way we are living our high-tech, hyper-connected, stimulus-rich lives can be very exciting, meaningful, rewarding…and stressful.

Ongoing exposure to highly stimulating environments can take a significant toll on our nervous system, endocrine (hormonal) system, and immune system.

One particular study at Bournemouth University found that, on average, dementias in Western countries are affecting people a decade earlier than they used to in adults. Furthermore, the proportion of deaths caused by brain disease has risen significantly in adults aged over 55 and nearly doubled in adults aged 75 years or older.

In part, these types of findings reflect our relative success in treating diseases of the body, such as cancer and heart disease, compared to neurological illness. But this is only part of the story. Undoubtedly, our modern lifestyle is straining our brains like never before.

For example, the proliferation of social media has provided a wonderful platform for connecting with others – but not without cost. A recent study of Australian women found that frequency of Instagram use is associated with depressive symptoms, lowered self-esteem, anxiety, and body dissatisfaction. And in particular, increased exposure to beauty and fitness images on Instagram significantly decreased self-rated attractiveness.

Another recent University of Pittsburgh study found a significant link between extended periods on social media and depression rates in young adults. The study found that ‘frequent checkers’ were 2.7 times more likely to develop depression than those who checked social media feeds less frequently.

And it’s not just social media that’s to blame. For many of us, in so many ways, the experience of ‘normal life’ is shifting radically. Our world has changed. Our interaction and interface with our world continues to change. It’s not hard to appreciate how, unchecked over time, the frenetic pace and complexity of our lives can have poisonous effect on our wellbeing.

But, we do have a very powerful antidote. Nature.

Research over the last 30 years has demonstrated that connectedness and exposure to nature is linked to a range of mental and physical health benefits including:

  • increased positive emotion, vitality, and life satisfaction;
  • reduced pain and faster hospital recovery;
  • stronger feelings of connectedness with others, greater sense of community, lower levels of violence and aggression, and a better capacity to cope with life’s demands.


However, whilst all of this is great – we are busy. We have students to teach, and families to look after, and meals to cook, and reports to write. How much nature do we actually need?

A new 
study from researchers at the University of Michigan has helped to answer this question. They found that taking a “nature-pill” involving spending 20 minutes in a “place that brings a sense of contact with nature” was enough to significantly reduce stress hormones in saliva samples. On average, participants who were exposed to between 20 and 30 minutes of nature, had their blood cortisol levels reduced by 18.5%.

Whilst the researchers acknowledge that age, baseline stress level, socioeconomic factors and lifestyle factors all modulate the effect of nature, there is significant potential benefit for all of us.
There are many things that we can do to enhance our wellbeing and help protect us against stress and ill being. But ultimately, there may be nothing simpler and more broadly effective, efficient, and powerful than a short daily stroll through the park.



“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”


Lao Tzu, 6th Century Philosopher


More information on this article can be found at:


The Pastoral Care Team

Climate Canons

Plastic recycling plan

Last week 21 Climate Canons met to discuss ideas and make plans for sustainability projects in the College for Semester Two and beyond. The students debated and discussed plans for PET 1 plastic recycling on campus and the most efficient ways for that collection. The group also discussed an e-waste recycling program for the College. The Climate Canons have many ideas they hope will be supported by the College community and are working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle. The Climate Canons hope to have many updates in Term 3 so watch this space. Thank you to Mrs Silva, Mrs Rogers and Ms Marsh for their support.


Miss D Pisconeri (Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher (Geography)

and Science Teacher)


Basketball inspiration

Rebound WA visit

WHEN Paralympian Amber Merritt shared her life story and Olympic journey with Specialised Basketball players in the ORC last week, you could have heard a pin drop.


Students were captivated by the wheelchair basketballer's abilities and attitude in overcoming adversity to win not only a silver medal for Australia at the London Paralympics, but in her off-court career helping people with physical disabilities become more involved in sport and recreation.

Amber, 26, explained that she was born with “congenital talipes equinovarus’’ – otherwise known as club foot, a condition in which her left foot was rotated internally at the ankle, causing her achilles to stop developing – and how she is also living with "Ankylosing spondylitis'' (or spondi''), an inflammatory arthritis that mainly affects the spine. Amber, who is 6ft.1, can walk and drive but when it comes to elite sport she uses her upper strength as a "4.5-point'' wheelchair basketballer who plays forward.


“I’ve had lot of surgery and live with pain and there are three sizes difference between each foot,’’ said Amber, who was originally a swimmer but was recruited into basketball in 2007. “I can’t flex my foot and running is hard because there is no heel-toe action through my leg and I can’t develop any muscle in my left leg and my legs are different sizes.


“But even though I have all these little issues, I’m really lucky to play elite basketball.’’

Amber’s role at Rebound WA, a WA disabled sports organisation, sees her travel to schools to promote the Wheel Life Disability Awareness Program as well as talking to people in hospital rehabilitation wards to encourage them to explore what is possible in their lives.


Amber brought 15 modified chairs with her to St Norbert College and said introducing able-bodied students to wheelchair sports gave them perspective and fostered resilience.

After hearing Amber’s story and asking questions, students spent a couple of hours interacting with her on the court and learning the skills needed to play wheelchair basketball before launching into a game.

“The way Amber was able to challenge the students in something that was quite foreign in the way they moved was exceptional and the students thrived under her guidance,’’ Mr Godfrey said.
“The valuable points Amber raises about the importance of resilience and overcoming adversity through basketball show she is a true representation of what it is to be resilient and our students certainly took something away from the experience. 


“Rebound WA does a fantastic job in promoting the sport and sharing the ups and downs of sport and life and Amber did a great job of sharing her story with our Specialised Basketball students.’’

A story about our basketballers' participation in the program made the sports pages of this week's Canning Gazette.


Mrs L Quartermain (Community Relations and Marketing Officer)


Match Report



Mathematics Workshops for Term 3 


Term 3 

Uniform Shop

Mondays 8.30am – 11.30am
Thursdays 1.00pm – 4.00pm


NEW: St Norbert College Towel Ponchos

$40 available from the Uniform Shop 

Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Photo Catch-up Day

Our annual College Photo Day ran very smoothly thanks to the punctual and well-organised Homeroom students and staff. Thank you to our parents for making sure their children were perfectly presented for the day.


On Wednesday 24 July, the photographers will be returning to the College to take any individual photographs of students that were absent on the original day. These photos will take place in the BP Forum from 10am. A list of students required to take photos will be placed in the Daily bulletin.

A reminder that for the photo students will wear no jumper and girls need to wear socks, not tights.


If any students did not bring in their photo envelopes on Photo Day and would like to still buy photos, please bring in the envelope, with correct money, prior to Photo Catch-up day to Mrs Cardenia.


Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence

Co-ordinator )

Entertainment Book

St Norbert College is selling the Entertainment Books again this year with proceeds to going towards St Joseph’s Primary school.

The books are $70 each and you can purchase either a hard copy (available at College Reception) or the digital version by clicking on the link  

Order page:


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer)

Lost Property

There are a large number of items currently in the lost property boxes located upstairs in the ORC. Items include tracksuit jackets, running shoes, school shoes, towels, goggles, school shirt, jumpers, canons basketball uniform, socks and hats.


Please feel free to come up and have a look through the items if you are missing something.


Mr M Price (Head of Health & Physical Education)

Heard any alumni news lately?


Norbertus, the St Norbert College alumni magazine, would love to hear any news about former students: engagements, weddings, births, graduations, promotions, sporting achievements, travels, reunions, catch-ups… Photographs and details gratefully accepted.

Please email

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  • Tuesday 23 July - Term 3 Commences
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