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28 June 2019
Issue Ten
Happy Birthday
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Upcoming Events

Friday  26th -  July  School Disco

August 5th - August 9th Book Week

August 12th - August 23rd Swimming Program

Thursday 12th - September School Concert


CSEF Applications Open

Please see newsletter for application form and details

Term Dates 2019

Term 1  31st January      -       5th  April 

Term 2  23rd April          -     28th June

Term 3  15th July             -      20th September

Term  4  7th October      -      20th December


Public Holiday

    5th November  -    Melbourne Cup


Curriculum Days (Students do not attend school)

4th November Staff  Professional  Development Day



Happy Birthday

Children who have a birthday that falls during the week may wear free dress for that day and for those children whose birthday falls on the weekend they can wear free dress on the Monday.

Sophie, Ryan, Barbie, Damian, Ella, Sophia, Ethan, Mia, Elliana, Sophie and Anshu

 Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East School community,


I would like to congratulate all of our students and staff for a very productive term’s work. When I visit classrooms, I see students completely engaged in their learning and increasingly proficient in talking specifically about the focus of their learning and how they are progressing – not just an outline of the task that they have been set. This developing ability to self-reflect will stand our students in good stead in their future learning.


It was great to see so many families at our Three Way Conferences throughout the week.  Having the opportunity to unpack the student report and discuss future learning is essential for student development.  There is extensive research stating that a productive relationship between home and school leads to greater student outcomes. The strong relationship between BEPS and our families was certainly evident this week.  Thank you for your ongoing support.


I would like to take this time to acknowledge and thank our teaching staff. Over the last few weeks our teachers have been writing school reports. This is a job that is done outside of the working day. Routinely over the last month our teachers have been working through to the late hours making student judgements and writing reports. This makes the working day up to 12 - 13 hours long. Our teachers write detailed and highly personalised reports that provide great insight into each student’s progress in a multitude of areas. I thank them for the professionalism and care that they use. I know this thank you is echoed by the whole Burwood East Primary School community.


Next term, from the viewpoint of Principals, is always a challenge as we have to have our head in the here and now, as well as the following year. As difficult as it seems, we are already working on staff and curriculum structures, what the special events might be and what is needed to continually improve student learning. To support me as I work through this process, I would appreciate it if families could inform me of any student movement as soon as possible. Of course, we know our Year 6 students will be moving onto secondary school. Our ‘expected’ enrolments inform the school’s 2020 budget and staffing, so therefore we prefer to be as accurate as possible. Please forward me an email ASAP if you expect your family to be saying farewell to BEPS this year ([email protected])


Reading and Celebrating Your Child’s Report

Kids of all ages take their cues from their parents, so your reaction to their school report can affect the way they see themselves as learners and as people. As you read over and reflect upon your child’s report, do a little self-check to see if you are in the right frame of mind:


1. Are your expectations for your son or daughter realistic and in line with their ability?

Expectations are tricky. If they are too high then kids can be turned off learning. Too low and there is nothing to strive for. Pitch your expectations in line with your child’s abilities. A quick check of your child’s last report cards may provide you with a good yardstick.

2. Do you believe that children learn at different rates?

There are slow bloomers, late developers and steady-as-you-go kids in every classroom, so avoid comparing your child to siblings, your friends’ children and even yourself when you were a child. Instead look for individual progress.

3. Are you willing to safeguard your child’s self-esteem rather than deflate it?

Self-confidence is a pre-requisite for learning, so be prepared to be as positive and encouraging as possible. Here are some ideas to consider when you open your child’s report:

Focus on strengths. Do you look for strengths or weaknesses first? The challenge is to focus on strengths even if they are not in the traditional 3Rs or core subjects.


Take into account your child’s effort and attitude to learning. If the report indicates that effort is below standard, then you have something to work on. If your child is putting in the required effort, then you cannot ask any more than that, regardless of the grading.


Broaden your focus away from academic performance to form a picture of your child’s progress as a member of a social setting. How your child gets along with their peers will influence their happiness and well-being, as well as give an indicator to their future. The skills of independence and co-operation are highly valued by employers so don’t dismiss these as unimportant.


Take note of student self- assessment. Kids are generally very honest and will give a realistic assessment of their progress. They are generally very perceptive so take note of their opinions.


Discuss the report with your son or daughter talking about strengths first before looking at areas that need improvement. Ask for their opinion about how they performed and discuss their concerns.


Excerpt taken from and written by Michael Grose


After reports are read and discussed, celebrate your child’s efforts with a special activity or treat. In this way, you will recognise progress and remind them that the upcoming holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend much valued time together celebrating their achievements and setting goals for next semester.


To our parents who have helped in some way through the term –whether as classroom or sport helpers, members of the PFA or the School Council or as keen audience members at our assemblies and other special events. Your contribution and participation have such a positive impact on the way your child feels about school and that directly impacts on their success at school.


Holiday Reading

One particular piece of research presented earlier this month at the Education State School Leadership Conference (from Dr Douglas Fisher at San Diego University ) really struck a chord. Not only did the facilitator affirm our instructional models in literacy, the message was about how daily reading impacts on learning outcomes:




Words per year

Reading Time Per Day

Score on Standardised Test

Student A

1,800,000 words

20 mins per day

90th percentile

Student B

282,000 words

5 mins per day

50th percentile

Student C

8,000 words

1 min per day

10th percentile


This research goes to show how big an impact daily reading has (and why a major aspect of our homework program is based on regular home reading).


As parents we have a big responsibility to support our children’s reading development. The best thing that you can do to help your child is to make a daily time to enjoy books together. For the younger students this means finding a time to sit on the couch together or snuggle up in bed to read together each day.


Reading in the younger years will often be mum or dad reading aloud to a child as they begin to make connections themselves and start to join in. Home reading books give our students the opportunity to have a go themselves and to practice what they are being taught at school. There are many things to learn including knowing that the picture gives a clue as to what the words are about, when we read we start from the left and move to the right, and that one word I say is one word I point to. Whenever we read, what we say should always make sense.  If it doesn’t, we need to have another try. Reading is about making meaning from print. Whenever your child ‘self-corrects’ (has another go when something doesn’t sound right), we should praise them so they get into the habit of knowing this is what good readers do. If you find it hard to not stop and correct every little word (which holds up the flow of the reading), you might encourage your child to read to a pet these holidays.


Hearing mum and dad read a great story aloud should not be restricted just to the younger year levels either. In the upper grades we constantly read great novels, poems or extracts to the students at school to model how good readers make sense of what they read. As a parent, you can have a big effect on how your child perceives reading – do they see you reading for pleasure as well as to find an answer for a question you have? Have you read aloud to them your favourite books from when you were their age? Catching a loved ones’ enthusiasm for reading rubs off!


In the middle and upper years parents can help their children to become ‘thinkers’ as they read. Learning to read becomes less about being able to ‘say out loud what the words are’ (decoding) and moves to ensuring we comprehend or understand what we have read. You can help your child greatly by discussing stories with them.


There are different kinds of questions you can ask your child during and after reading to help guide their understanding. Questions which help to find answers that are directly stated in a book could start with: What happened…? How many…? How did…? Who…? What is…? Which…?


Questions which help children to think a little more deeply and start to ‘read between the lines’ by thinking about what the author is telling us may include: Why did…? What was…? What do you think about…? Can you explain…? How was this similar to…?


We can help children to think even more deeply about what they are reading by discussing what they think, feel and wonder about what they read. Some good questions to ask about this level of thinking are: How would you…? Do you agree…? What would have happened if…? How might…? What effect does…? If you were…? What would you…?


Being able to read is a gateway to being a life-long learner, so consider using the holidays as a chance to connect with your children through daily opportunities to read.



Happy holidays to all!


Yours in Partnership

Darren McDonald

Principal's  Awards






As Principal, I believe it is very important that I acknowledge the wonderful work our students produce in all areas of the curriculum, therefore students are encouraged to visit me in my office (classroom) to showcase their achievements.


Robin for his outstanding effort in Inquiry Learning and Aslan for being a great friend.

Zac, Aarnav, Lincoln, Lucas, Jonathan, Dora, Nevaan, Eshaal, Debbie, Ryan and Elena for their great effort in creating portraits


Venuli for her great effort in Maths and Ally for being a great friend.

Elyann, Pranshi and Ahana for their awesome effort in writing.



Senthan for his great effort on his poster.

Jemma and Zoe for writing beginning middle and end.

Alexander for his great effort in writing B words.

Kanushi for her great effort in writing.

Han for his great work on iMovie and Emmanuel for being a great friend.

Taara and Charles for their great effort in writing.

Student of the Week Awards

Student of the Week Awards are presented weekly at assembly.  These awards recognise students effort and success in the classroom. Well done to the following students!



Visual Arts:  Alyssa, Tyson,  Performing Arts:  Felicia, Physical Education: Kanishka

FMS :Vinni,   FM: Silvia ,  FT: Cloris ,  FCB: Felicia , FC: Eliot, 1M : Viola, 1D: Marisa ,  1J:Eshaal ,

1C: Louise , 2B: Eshaan

  2R: Robin,  2SR: Khoi,  3A: Simon,  3B: Bardia,  4L: Sanomi, 4S: Samy, 5R: Mia           

 5S: Zac , 6D : Xinyu, 6L: Colin

Visual Arts:  Albert  Performing Arts: Elliana Physical Education: Liam Languages: Mia, Adrik

Mathematican of the Month

Kevin 3B, Barbara 2R and Cassie 6L

2nd Cross Country



FMS :Zoe,   FM: Yuna,  FT: George ,  FCB: Richard , FC: Sean , 1D: Amelia,  1J: Dora ,1K: Jaydon

1C: Helen 

2R: Ryan,  2S: Jacob, 2SR: Daisy,  3A: Kloey, Albert,  3B: Kevin , 4S: Adhithi, 5R:   Caleb      

 5S: Omkar , 6D Liana , 6L: Elva

Assistant Principal's Report

­­Hi everyone,


It’s hard to believe we are now halfway through the school year. I’d like to thank all the staff at Burwood East for the effort they have put into supporting the learning and success of the students at our school which have been highlighted through the student reports and 3 Way conferences we have had over the past week. I have particularly enjoyed hearing students discuss the ways they have been able to develop and show their creativity through our Inquiry Unit this term.


I was also impressed by the Mathematics in 3A and 3B where students were able to work out that during Earn and Learn we collected on average; 24 stickers per student, 553 stickers per class and 1738 stickers per year level for a total of 12,165. Thank you to Matthew, Simon and Vidun in Year 3 for using their problem solving skills to calculate these totals!

3 Way Conferences

What a great turnout we have had to our 3 Way Conferences this week with well over 90% of families making a booking with the classroom and specialist teachers. I personally enjoyed sitting in on some of these conferences and seeing our students talk openly about the growth they have made over the year. We also greatly appreciate the parents support in this process and are grateful that parents take up this opportunity to support the learning at BEPS.



One area that has been highlighted through feedback from parents is that there are some concerns around safety especially to do with the crossing at the corner of Blackburn and Highbury Roads during peak times.


Unfortunately as this is off school grounds this is a Whitehorse Council and Vic Roads matter, however I am happy to speak to any parents who have specific feedback and put this forward on behalf of the community. There are crossing supervisors at the intersection before and after school that support students in crossing safely. We strongly encourage all families to model appropriate behaviour by using the crossing and not walking out in front of traffic at other sections of Highbury or Blackburn Roads.



We have also received feedback from local residents about parents parking illegally in front of driveways. As a community it is important we respect the residents of the local area that surrounds the school. I am aware that in response Whitehorse Council will be ensuring there are regular checks in the area during school times and parents who are found to be doing may be fined. I again encourage families to use the Drop off zone on Blackburn Road or the Kiss and Go zone on Highbury Road. Alternatively there is parking available at Highbury Park or further along Highbury Road past Worthing Avenue.



This week we have had further security fencing installed outside the Year 1 classrooms towards the gate on Blackburn Road. This will support students in staying in the appropriate areas during recess and lunch. Also a reminder that works on our Foundation playground will begin next term.



Finally, I hope all of our families have a relaxing holiday and look forward to working with you again next term.

Many thanks,


Andrew Den Elzen



Assistant Principal's Awards



What’s been happening in Year One?



This term the students have been learning about ‘telling the time’, ‘fractions’ and ‘Australian coins.’ When telling the time, the students discussed the meaning of days, weeks, months and years, and what they mean to them in the form of timelines. They have also been telling the time to the o’clock as well as half past using both analogue and digital clocks.


With fractions the students looked at sharing evenly between two or more people building up to using the term halves, quarters, eighths and thirds etc. Students have also investigated the different Australian coins, what they look like and their values. With such a diverse school, children bought in different coins from different countries and compared them. They also used the Australian coins in classroom shops to build on their knowledge.


Inquiry Investigations

‘I am Creative’ is a topic that has opened the students’ eyes up to the many different ways that people can be creative. With an understanding that we create to tell stories, express emotions or solve problems by inventing something, the students have been investigating and exploring their own creativity. Such ways to create have been through various forms of art and craft, dance, song, puppetry, photography, music, and digital technology programs like iMotion, iMovie and Chatterpix.


Students have asked their own questions about being creative, and then through hands-on activities, they were able to form their own answers to the questions. Some of the student questions were: Can I be creative with sticks? How is shadow puppetry creative? Can scientists be creative? Can I be creative with fashion? Are cooks creative? How do we use colours creatively? Some of the student findings were: colours can mix, sticks can create fishing rods, cooks can create new recipes, scientists can invent medicines, shadows can be made with hands and the whole body.



This term has seen a focus on the habit, ‘Think Win-Win’. Think Win-Win is the belief that everyone can win. It’s not me or you—it is both of us. It is a belief that there are enough good things for everyone; it is a wonderful way of thinking. Think Win-Win is being happy for others when good things happen to them.


The students have been explaining and describing what the habit means to them and how they can use it in their everyday life. They have been reading books and watching clips that help them understand the habit and allow them to discuss how the characters used ‘win-win’ to compromise and reach a solution. Students have been using the language with each other when there are disagreements or they can’t reach a decision in group work which has allowed them to settle these disputes independently and in a calm manner.



This term in writing students have focussed on two different text types, narrative and response.

Students firstly become immersed in the text type then they focus on the structure. Teachers model the text types and then students write with assistance and then independently.

When writing narratives students came up with characters and a setting for their story. They included an orientation, problem, series of events and a resolution.

Students learnt that responses are their own personal judgements; students wrote judgments about movies, food, games and books. Students included a context statement and then judgments. Some students even added their own recommendations.



The main focus this term in reading has been on visualising the text, retelling the story and using beginning and ending sounds.  Students continue to independently read for 10 minutes at the beginning of class and their teacher takes this opportunity to listen to individuals read. There have been lots of activities to assist student learning such as drawing the image they see in their mind while a text is read to them and also using the iPad to show their visualising skills.

Students have retold the story they are reading to other students and have also had the opportunity to use iMovie, creating a trailer that identifies the main ideas of the text.


Karen, Charlotte, Josh, Adam and Daniel



Visual Arts - Term 2


The Visual Arts room has been the perfect place to explore the inquiry topic, ‘I am Creative,’ this term. All year levels have explored the creative possibilities that the age old theme of portraiture can offer. Foundation classes worked on a multi layered, mixed-media portrait. This artwork was large format and saw students stretching their bodies across their artwork to create their eye catching and character filled works. Students from Year 1 and Year 2 have practised drawing a face in proportion and then transferred these skills into a printmaking project. This has resulted in students having an edition of 2 prints, created with the relief method, which uses lines carved into a foam plate to make a print. These artworks had highly successful results and students really enjoyed working in small groups at the printmaking station to ‘pull’ their prints.


Year 3 & Year 4 student investigated a more technical method of printmaking by exploring ‘mono-printing’. This makes ‘one off’ prints and requires a concentrated mind and steady hand to transfer a drawing into a print. Students were challenged further when they learnt the highly creative ‘continuous line’ drawing technique that came from The Surrealist and Dadaist movements of the early 19th century. Students celebrated the end of the printmaking unit with a gallery walk and class photo.


Year 5 and Year 6 student have delved deeper into the precision of portraiture. They connected these challenges with creative colour theories of contrasting complimentary colours to produce bright, expressive portraits showing bold, eye catching hues. Year 5’s have worked with watercolour paper, learning about the way paper is made and the differences of qualities on offer. Water colour paints and specialist brushes have been used to create unique artworks. Year 6 students produced their own self portrait on canvas using acrylic paints and fine acrylic brushes. The portraits of Vincent Van Gogh were studied in order to recognise light sources and to observe his painting style. Their portraits display a light source and contrasting complimentary colour theory. Year 6 students were truly proud of their artworks at the conclusion of this unit.


A big thanks goes out to the Art captains, Aanya and Emily, who have assisted with the smooth running of the Visual Arts room this term.  Well done to all BEPS students on a successful term of art making!

Please note: all of these artworks can easily be framed by visiting our local large brand store just around the corner from BEPS! They will look wonderful on the wall in your home!


Ellie Martin


Write 4 Fun - Writing Competition
Year 5


Run To Red



Fire Department Visit

This week the Foundation students had a visit from the Fire Department. This has been our second visit this term and they have been teaching us about what to do if there is a fire. The Fire Fighters taught us to call 000 in an emergency and how to be safe around fire.


We learnt to Stop, Drop, Roll and to Go Go Go.


Students had the opportunity to look at a fire truck and each student had a go at squirting the fire hose.


Soccer Round Robin

Soccer Round Robin


On Friday the 14th of June the Year Five and Xix students went to the Soccer Round Robin. There were two teams, the girls and the boys. We played at Eastern Lions Soccer Club; it took around 15 minutes on the bus. There were six teams in our division; Burwood East, Pinewood, Syndal South, Holy Family, Glen Waverley and Parkhill. It was really  difficult and tiring playing against these teams.


 The girls team won two games and drew once and the boys won once. It was a great experience and we all enjoyed competing our hardest and we were super exhausted after playing five games.


Special thanks to Beth for organising this event and thanks to all the parents that came and cheered us on. Great job to Douglas and Yunwan for getting the All-Star awards for their excellent team work and attitude.


By Kevin and Misaki


School Disco



‘They’re Calling On You’ Gorilla Campaign

Did you know BEPS collect mobile phones and small electronic devices to be recycled in connection with Melbourne Zoo’s campaign to help Gorillas. You can drop off your old phones etc. at the reception table that has a white box where your phones can be placed. Thanks for your support! 



School Based Programs
Wise One's
Computer Club
Multi Sport Program





BEPS Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

BEPS has a great community and one reason is due to all the families who contribute to our events and the PFA that organise them.  We are a group of parents who work together to help produce fun events for the school and to fundraise for our children’s school needs.  It is a great way to meet new parents and get involved with your children’s school experience.  Last year we raised over $13,000 to help fund the replacement of the shade sails over our two playgrounds.  This year we will be raising funds to help upgrade the junior school playground.

Every Friday we have school Breakfast Club.  We are looking for volunteers (no experience necessary) to help serve food to the kids.  In addition to breakfast, we meet approximately once a month to plan events and fundraisers at the school.  This year we already have a few things planned:



Term 3:


  • School Disco   July 26th
  • Father’s day Stall 29th August   
  • 2 x meal deals                                                                                 

Meetings - All Welcome

  • 17th July          9.05am
  •   7th August     9.05am
  • 28th August     9:05am

Term 4:


  • Colour Run Major Fundraiser TBC   
  • Christmas Breakfast  
  •  2 x Meal Deals  

Meetings - All Welcome

  • 16th October      9.05am
  •  6th November  9.05am

We need volunteers to help out at our events, either selling tickets, working on the BBQ or handing out food.  There are many ways you can help.  We will be asking for helpers for each of the events as they occur. However,  If you would like to be on our list of helpers to be contacted at these times, please leave your details at the office.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us at our meetings.  It’s a great way to meet other parents and get involved with the school community. 

Thank you


School Holiday Program
Team Kids






 Student Banking 


Student Banking - Bendigo Bank

Please send your banking to school on Tuesday .  Banking deposits are collected on a Wednesday and returned on the same day.

To sign up for Student banking please contact:

Marcy Whitby  

Customer Service Officer

Blackburn South Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank  I 134 Canterbury  Road I Blackburn South VIC 3130

P: 03 9894 8467  I  F: 03 9894 7862  I  E: [email protected]


Nude Food Friday


Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019 is now underway and Burwood East Primary School is delighted to be participating again.


The challenge is open to all Victorian children from birth to Year 10 in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for students to read a set number of books by 6th of September 2019. 


Children from Prep to Year 2 are encouraged to read or ‘experience’ (this means books can be read to them) 30 books with their parents/grandparents and teachers. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 are challenged to read 15 books. 


Students must choose most of their books from the challenge book list and record their reading online. All students have been enrolled in the challenge and teachers have been given their students’ passwords and user names. This is to be used by students to logon to the website and record the books in which they have read.


All students who meet the challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier.


The Burwood East Library has hundreds of books from the challenge list, so it is easy for students to find books to borrow and read. There are thousands of books to choose from with fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, short stories and graphic novels all available. Reading books in other languages also counts towards the challenge.


NO PARENT signature is needed to join the challenge and it is free to participate. 

If you would like to find more information about the Challenge, head to the official website:


For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher or myself.


Good luck to all students in their reading journey.


Carley Thomas

Foundation C

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)




Community Notices 


Information Page



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