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02 August 2019
Issue Nineteen
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 3 Term 3

Welcome  to our newsletter for Week 3.

In the next few weeks we have many different opportunities for Community participation which I encourage you to be part of.


I am very excited to say that we have been fortunate to have been allocated a spot in the popular Bunnings Sausage sizzle! Please put Sunday 25th August in your diary to come and visit us at Bunnings Oakleigh- 1041 Centre Rd.  

If you have good skills on the barbecue and /or like chatting to people about our wonderful school then you might like to help us on the day. We know Sundays are quality family time, but would value any help! If you are unable to help us on the day, we will need help in the days leading up to the event, with the preparation of onions etc. 

If you are available to help at any stage between 8:30am and 4:30pm on the Sunday or in the days leading up to the event, please let myself or Miss K know.  This is a fantastic opportunity to raise money for the school. If you would like to add to our wish list of ideas of what to spend the money on, again let us know.


We would also really appreciate some parent help to wrap the gifts for our upcoming Father's Day stall. If you are willing and able to help out, we will have an area set up every Thursday morning from 9am for approximately an hour until we have completed the gift wrapping process.

We will commence this as a weekly routine from Thursday 8th August, until the stall which will be held on Wednesday 28th August. Thank you in advance!


On Sunday 18th August, we invite students and families in F/1C and F/1S to parish mass at 9:30am, followed by morning tea in the Parish centre. We ask any families attending to bring a plate of food to share as part of morning tea. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a closer relationship with our parish.


Our Cyber Safety Evening is next Thursday. Thank you to all those parents who have indicated they will be attending this very valuable opportunity. If you have not replied to the Caremonkey form we have sent out, it is not too late. I look forward to seeing a member of every family next Thursday!

I hope to see you at one, or all, of these fantastic events that provide so many opportunities for us as a community.

Have a good week.

Sharon Daujat


Planning for 2020

As scary as it sounds, we are already beginning to plan for 2020. Please let us know if you have any future plans that mean moving away from St Peter's, such as building or buying a house in another area.  Also, if you have pre schoolers who turn 5 years old before 30 April 2020 and you would like them to commence school next year, please ensure you complete an enrolment form as soon as possible. These are available to download from our website or to pick up from Bec or Margaret in the office.

Important Dates & Reminders

What's ahead?



Wednesday 7th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Thursday 8th  ~ 9am Mass Mary MacKillop

7pm Cyber Safety Evening

Thursday 15th ~ 9am Mass Feast of the Assumption

Sunday 18th ~ F/1 C and F/1 S Parish Mass / Morning Tea

Mon 19th - Fri 23rd ~ National Book Week

Wednesday 21st ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Friday 23rd ~ School Closure Day

Sunday 25th ~ Bunnings Sausage sizzle

Monday 26th ~ Oakleigh District Athletics (Knox Athletic Track)

Friday 30th ~ Father's Day breakfast




Monday 2nd ~ Responsible Pet Ownership program in class

Wednesday 4th ~  'Meet a lifeguard' program (at school)            ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Thursday 5th   ~ Art Show 3:30pm- 7:30pm

Friday 6th ~ Art Show 9-11am

Sunday 15th ~1/2 F and 1/2 D Parish Mass / Morning Tea

Wednesday 18th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm- 3:25pm (all welcome)

Friday 20th ~ Footy Colours Dress Up Day and Last day of Term 3





Sunday 6th ~ Daylight Savings Starts (move your clock forward 1 hour at 2am)

Monday 7th ~ Term 4 BEGINS; school returns (normal school hours)

Sunday 13th ~ Yr 3/4 Parish Mass / Morning Tea 9:30am - 11am

Wednesday 16th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Saturday 26th ~ Parish Gala Dinner Dance

Wednesday 30th ~  Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)



Friday 1st ~ Years 3/4 Kanga Cricket

Monday 4th ~ School Closure Day (no school)

Tuesday 5th ~ Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (no school)

Monday 11th ~ Remembrance Day Liturgy 10:30am - 11am

Monday 11th - Friday 22nd ~ Swimming Program for the whole school (details to follow)

Wednesday 13th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Wednesday 27th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Thursday 28th & Friday 29thSchool Closure Days (no school)



Monday 2nd ~ Italian Day

Monday 9th ~ Carols evening 6pm

Wednesday 11th ~ Awards Assembly in the Hall 3pm-3:25pm (all welcome)

Tuesday 17th ~ Year 6 Graduation Evening 6pm

Wednesday 18th ~ Last day of school for the year - all students finish school today (normal school hours)



Unless other arrangements have been made with Margaret, please ensure all school fees are paid in full by 30th August, 2019.

2019/2020 Term Dates


Term 3     15 July-20 September

Term 4      7 October-18 December


Term 1       29 January-  27 March

Term 2       14 April-26 June

Term 3        13 July-18 September

Term 4         5 October-18 December

Religious Education

Gospel Reading

Luke 12:13-21

A person's life does not consist of possessions.

Family Connection

Family life helps us learn about the values of solidarity and the common good. As a family, we strive to respect the rights of each family member and make decisions that promote the common good of the family. Talk about what it would be like if the family ordered a pizza and then divided it unevenly, with some members getting as many pieces as they wanted while others got only a half slice. Talk about how you work to make sure that everyone in the family has his or her fair share.

Talk about how your family is also a member of the human family, called to share the goods of creation fairly and justly. Explain that in this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus challenges us to remember that the goods of the world are intended to be shared by all. Read aloud Luke 12:13-21. Talk about the parable of the rich fool and ask family members to describe what they think he did wrong. Emphasise that although the man in the story doesn't seem bad, Jesus points out that this man's flaw was that he was thinking only about himself and his own comfort and security. Emphasise that when we fail to think about the needs of others, we call that a sin of omission.

Remind your children that each time we go to Mass, we ask forgiveness for what we have done and for what we have failed to do. We call this prayer the Confiteor. End this time together by praying the Confiteor (“I confess to almighty God…”).



Why your children should go to Mass with you

Now that students have received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, it is important for them to go to Sunday Mass. We request parents/God parents to make sure that the children participate in the Holy Mass. The Church itself is a Sacrament instituted by Christ to give us grace to become children of God.

Thank you to those parents/God parents who bring your children to Church every weekend to participate in the Mass.

When children go to Mass, they hear the word of God and prayers praising Him. Those precious phrases expressing the foundations of our faith are repeated week after week, and they will stay with our children forever.




Iris DeVisser

REL (Religious Education Leader)



Dear families, friends and students,

The end of week three already! The days are getting longer in the evening which is very welcome.


We Need Jars
We need your help with the olive pickling and bottling. We need jars with lids. If you have any clean jars with lids please  send them along to school. We would be very grateful as we have many  many olives to pickle.


Cyber Safety Evening

Can you please ensure that one of your family members at least are coming to our Cyber Safety Evening on the 8th of August. You will not regret it. It will be a very informative evening.


Amazing app to connect you with your home town or city

I don't normally recommend an app  for you on this newsletter page but I was alerted to one last week that I thought was powerful and very worthwhile sharing. Like you all, I am always looking to find ways to connect with my hometown as well as friends and family who live overseas. 


Welcome to  Radio Garden!
Radio Garden allows you to listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.
Every green dot represents a city or town. Tap on it to tune into the radio stations broadcasting from that city.


Thank you to Maree and Caterina

We are very grateful to the wonderful helpers who have taken on the enormous task of picking, sorting, soaking and salting of our precious olive harvest.  Thank you to Marie-France and Caterina for their hard work. 


Today  my class went olive picking. It was a fun olive adventure. I picked all sorts of olives. Caterina and Maree were picking olives with the net and rack. We had three buckets to put the olives in. My bucket was very heavy. We had so much fun outside in the sun picking olives.

By Sienna


Our Winter Garden



Today My class and I went to  picking olives. There were red, purple and green olives. Caterina and Maree were using a rake and net for the olives. We put the olives in a bucket . The purple ones were fresh!

by Jayden 1/2 D

Running Club for all 
students and parents

Running club for anyone who is interested is on Monday and Thursday mornings Meet on the oval at 8.30 am  to run on the oval until about 8.45am. All welcome. Miss Richards will be organising this running club so if you have any questions you are welcome to ask her or Ms K. Please wear your runners/trainers to run and then students should change back into their school shoes.


What a great atmosphere it has been at our three initial playgroups. It has been quite a unique family atmosphere with Caterina and Marie-France pickling olives in the kitchen while children play in the library and Mums chat and have a coffee and cake. We are so very grateful to the staff of Goodstart Early learning Centre for their time, bringing their children along today and their resources. We really appreciate your energy and commitment to our Playgroup here at St Peter's. We look forward to many more sessions together.

Our Garden

Our garden is producing winter citrus fruit that is really juicy and wonderful to snack on. We harvested over 20 pumpkins and leeks, chard, spinach and kale are abundant. Mint is growing as is the parsley, chillies and capsicums. We made a very tasty soup last week for our senior children out of pumpkins and herbs. We feel lucky today to be in the winter sun weeding the garden.


We don't want children or young people to experience hardships or difficulty. However growing up generally means that kids will experience their fair share of hardships, frustrations and challenges which lead to uncomfortable feelings.


Pyschologist Available

Kelleynne is available for students who may be experiencing difficulty emotionally.  She is a  qualified Psychologist with experience working with children and their families.  This service is completely covered by Medicare. To access this service please speak to your child’s teacher or you can email or speak to Nerissa Kinnaird ~ Deputy Principal who will provide you with details on how to refer your child.


Warm Regards,

Nerissa Kinnaird

Deputy Principal and Wellbeing leader

Learning and Teaching

Book Week Celebrations


What's happening in... F/1S

Following a procedure then writing a procedural text

Students in F/1 S are currently learning how to write a procedural text. As a way to deepen their understanding on Wednesday we watched a video together to observe the process.

As a group, students were supported to make their own paper plane.  It was a slow process, where we watched one step in the video then folded the paper in the same way; then we watched the next step in the video and again followed on. As the folding became more complex, students required a little extra support however really enjoyed the end result where they had a competition to see whose plane could fly the furthest. After this activity, we discussed the steps in the process and then wrote out the procedure. 



What's happening in... 3/4

An exciting excursion to the Melbourne Theatre Company

On Wednesday 17th July all the children from Grade 3/4 went on an exciting excursion to the Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC). We were lucky enough to also visit the Art Gallery before watching a live production of Storm Boy.


We traveled to the city by train and enjoyed eating our lunch in the Botanical Gardens. After watching the production we decided to write letters to show our appreciation to the actors of Storm Boy. It was really exciting because they read these letters to everyone at the MTC party after the final night of the production. 


What's happening in... 5/6

Year 5 and 6: Information Texts


"...side by side they stick together..."

Special Guests at St Peter's School

We were lucky to have a visit from four Collingwood AFL players on Thursday. As a Collingwood supporter I was very excited to see Scott Pendlebury, Jamie Elliott, John Noble and Nathan Murphy walk through the door .

The players were very engaging and encouraged all students in their ball skills. I hope you enjoy Angela's passionate recount below!

Sharon Daujat

Collingwood Came To Our School!

By Angela N


When I was in the office I waited impatiently for Collingwood to come. So I waited and waited, then finally they came. There were four players who came, Scott Pendlebury, Jamie Elliot, John Noble and Nathan Murphy. When they arrived, my friend Andrea and I stood up and welcomed them into our school. We both shook their hands then all the teachers wanted a photo, us too. We then showed them the way to the oval where the Year Three / Four were. When we were at the oval they explained to everyone about what they do and who they are.  


After all of the explaining we went and started to handball to each after. To be honest, my hands were really sore after the hand-balling. After the hand-balling exercise we went and did some kicks. One of my favourite parts of the day was kicking because it was really fun and it didn’t really hurt my hands as much. 


Now this was my favourite part of the day - I got to take single pictures with the players and also got them to sign my Collingwood jacket and my piece of paper. Seeing my dream AFL team at our school was awesome.

Extra Community Information

Parent Information Session:


Music Lessons at
St Peter's School


All questions regarding secondary school enrolment, please refer to the school you wish your child to go to.


Remaining School Tours: 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am on Tues 15th Oct

Enrolment Applications for 2021 close: Friday 23rd August

Ph: (03) 9560 0911 


St James College

Term 3 ~ Open Mornings and Application Information


Sacred Heart Girls' College



Goodstart Early Learning Kindergarten, Clayton


Murray Street Early Learning Centre, Clayton


Camp Australia

What's ahead in Camp Australia?




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