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29 March 2018
Issue Three
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Celebrating the Life of Renee Fan – former student of St Andrews Christian College

(21/02/2004 – 17/03/2018)

Many staff and students attended Renee’s funeral last Saturday at Holy Trinity Church in Doncaster.


My heart broke for her family as they said their goodbyes to their beautiful daughter.


Renee was an exceptional young lady who seemed to ‘have it all’:

  • She was an accomplished musician (AMusA in piano and 8th Grade in Oboe); member of Melbourne Youth Orchestra and Percy Grainger Ensemble.
  • She was a talented artist; an outstanding CHESS player, debater, linguist, leader, academic light house and role model for her peers.
  • Renee was a popular student; had a huge personality and loved by all students and staff.


We can be a brilliant and wonderful person but in the end it is our relationship with Jesus that matters. What was most important in Renee’s life was that she gave her heart to the Lord and was a committed Christian. From this, we know with certainty that she is now with her Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, free from sickness.


Renee ran the good fight.


Please continue to hold Renee’s family in your prayers.


The following talks were given by myself and Dan Ferguson (Year 5 teacher) at the funeral:


I stand here representing everyone at St Andrews Christian College who knew Renee and together we pass on our condolences and heartfelt prayers to Renee's family and friends.


As a principal you don't get to know all students, but Renee stood out as she was an exceptional young lady.


She was good at so many things whether it was chess, music, her studies, her organisation skills - but to me what stood out was her attitude to life and wanting to live life to the full.


We can all learn from Renee and the way she embraced life and all it has to offer.


God gave her talents - but she used these generously for others.


God gives all of us some gift and talent and when we use our talents for his glory and not our own purposes, and do it in his strength - not our own strength, we can do everything and live without fear, without regret and without concerns.


We can be like Renee and live full lives, overflowing in the fullness of God and be courageous and embrace all that life brings.


Ephesians 3:19 says “and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

Renee loved God, she loved others and she loved life!


I read this little poem and thought of Renee, as it depicts her vibrancy, her love of life and now her place in heaven:


"May every soul that touches mine -

Be it the slightest contact- get there from some good,

Some little grace, one kindly thought,

One inspiration yet unfelt, one bit of courage

For the darkening sky, one gleam of faith

To brave the thickening ills of life,

One glimpse of brighter skies beyond the gathering mists,

To make this life worthwhile,

And heaven a surer heritage."(Author unknown)


Thoughts from Daniel Ferguson - Renee’s Year 6 teacher

Renee lived life to the full. This could be seen by her schedule and her achievements.


Achievements like Australian chess champion, top academic student, accomplished musician, talented artist and the list goes on.


These achievements didn’t only come by sheer giftedness - although Renee was certainly gifted. You only had to have one conversation with Renee or read one piece of her writing to know, wow, this girl is special. But these achievements also came about because of Renee’s zeal for life.


Both during and after school Renee made sure her schedule was completely full. Even during lunch, if Renée wasn’t to be found at concert band, she would be in the art room or with the garden club gathering produce that she would later sell that afternoon to any passers-by. These activities were not undertaken out of compulsion, but they were insisted upon by a girl who wanted to use her talents, all the while blessing others along the way.


The more I think on it, the more I believe, that God, knowing Renee’s life would be short, purposed her to reach out and take advantage of every opportunity. Through this she was blessed, bravely living life like many of us dare not to.


In living the way that she did, Renee left a lasting impression on many of the St Andrews staff and students.


Mrs Darlison, our primary art teacher recalls Renee coming in one morning, sniffing and saying, “I love the smell of the art room.”

One student remarked, “Renee was always telling jokes. It was hard to keep up with her, she made the rest of us look dull.”

Many teachers commented on how blessed they were by being greeted by Renee’s smile and how encouraged they were from receiving one of Renee’s hugs. Renee’s enthusiasm for life, just had a way of rubbing off on you.


Like anything else, Renee pursued questions of faith with vigour. This proved to be a very important.


Jesus said, ‘seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you’, and this is exactly what Renee did.


She had a lot of questions, questions that you might think an adult might ask. But through her searching and by the grace of God, she learnt, what I believe is the most important thing there is in life to know, and that is that Jesus is God and that he loved her.


When she was in Year 6 Renee put her faith in Jesus, and because of this we have the promise of God that she will go on living with Jesus in heaven, forever.


In the parable of the talents (a parable told by Jesus) God, who is portrayed as a master, gives three of his servant’s talents, to invest. One of the servants hides his talent in the ground and does nothing with it, but the other two use their talents well and receive a good return for their master. At the end of a specific time God returns and says ‘what have you done with what I given you?’ finding those servants that have used their talents to the best of their ability, God then says to each one, well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your master. I think we would also agree with what I believe God is saying to Renee now.


Well done, sweet heart, well done!




From the Chaplain
Rev’d Warwick Grant

Washing Day!


Do you have a “washing day”?


A friend of mine who is a bachelor says that Friday is his “washing” day. He works six days each week, and Friday, being his day off, is when he does all his household chores. Little does he know, perhaps, that when you have young children, washing day can occur each day of the week!


We spend a lot of time cleaning up don’t we?  We wash dishes, clothes and floors. We vacuum carpets and the car.


We brush our teeth, wash our face our hands, our hair. We take a bath or shower. We even give the dog a bath!


We clean the windows, the toilet, the bath, the shower recess, the oven, the stove and sometimes (if we’re really motivated) we clean out the spouting.


As parents, we often have to clean up for our young children. But as they grow, we seek to help them become responsible and contributing to cleaning around the house.


In the Bible, the analogy of cleaning is used of what God freely offers to do for us in forgiving us for the wrong things we do.  As one of Jesus’ disciples – John, writes in one of his letters in the Bible;


“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and there is no truth in us. But if we tell our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and completely clean us from all our wrongdoing.”

      1 John 1:8, 9


Or, as one of the psalms beautifully puts it;


“As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our sins from us.”

         Psalm 103:12


All this is possible because of what Jesus did on Good Friday.  From the Bible, Christian people understand that, in dying on the cross, Jesus takes the blame and the punishment for the wrong things we do. God offers to forgive us completely and to help us live His way. Jesus’ resurrection (rising again to life) demonstrates that God is stronger than evil or death and that nothing can literally keep him down!


God’s forgiveness is a cleaning up in our lives that only he can do. As we go through life, no matter how hard we try, we will of course keep on ‘mucking up’. But when we do, we can, as a song says, ‘pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off’, and, gladly receiving his forgiveness, start afresh all over again with his help. 


God’s “cleaning-up” offer is one that will not disappoint you!  All sins – big and small, can be removed by trusting in Jesus. And this is the most important cleaning of all!


May you know this forgiveness this Easter and always.


Warwick Grant


[email protected]

Music News

Year 2 have been learning to compose their own percussion rhythms, the whole of Year 4 performed Imagine Dragons’ ‘Thunder’ in the Junior School Assembly, and Year 6 have been learning how to make an arrangement and backing track in GarageBand on their iPads. All of Years 1 to 3 have been preparing the song Let Your Light Shine for assembly next term. Busy times!

Helen Metcalfe

Music Teacher


On the 13th March, seven students from Years 7 and 8 participated in the Christian schools (CSEN) chess competition at Belgrave Heights Christian School where we achieved first place. This is the first time we have won this secondary competition. Congratulations to Elijah Ferguson, Samuel Tie, Nathan Kong and Andrew Chen for making up the winning team and well done to all who participated.

On the 14th March it was the Primary’s turn. The Primary team came in second, only getting beaten by the current Australian champions. Well done to Laura Hooi, Isabel Liu, Adel Kalnoki, Nicholas Kho, Joseph Cho, Chris Vuong, Nathan Miao, Alyssa Kong and Anya Zhang who all scored 6 points, achieving a second place medal. It was a wonderful result for all who participated. Well done, team!

Daniel Ferguson

Chess Coordinator


Important Coming Events for Term 2 2018:



  • Tuesday 17th April – Term 2 Commences – all students back
  • Wednesday 18th April - Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Wednesday 25th April – ANZAC Day – No school for Staff or Students
  • Thursday 26th April – St Andrews Christian College AGM & Board Meeting
  • Friday 27th April – CSEN Swimming Championships
  • Monday 30th April – Whole School Photo Day
  • Wednesday 2nd May - Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Wednesday 2nd May – PFA General Meeting
  • Thursday 3rd May – VCE Rally Day
  • Friday 4th – Sunday 6th May – Generations in Jazz Festival, Mt Gambier
  • Monday 7th – Friday 11th May – Year 7 Camp – Forest Edge
  • Wednesday 9th May - Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 10th May – Year 10 – 12 Women in Leadership 2018 Event
  • Thursday 10th May – Interschool Debating (Wesley College)
  • Friday 11th May – PFA Mothers’ Day Stall
  •  Saturday 12th May – PFA Bunnings BBQ, Vermont South
  • Tuesday 15th – Thursday 17th May – Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 NAPLAN Testing
  • Friday 18th May – SSV Primary Cross Country
  • Wednesday 23rd May - Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Wednesday 23rd May - Interschool Debating (Wesley College)
  • Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June – Year 7&8 Exam Week
  • Tuesday 29th May – Year 5/6 SSV Winter Sport
  • Wednesday 30th May –Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 31st May - St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting
  • Monday 4th June – Thursday 7th June – Year 7 – 11 Exam Week
  • Wednesday 6th June - Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Friday 8th June – Report Writing Day – Student Free Day - NO School for Students
  • Monday 11th June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday - No school for Staff or Students
  • Wednesday 13th June – VCE GAT
  • Wednesday 13th June – Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Friday 15th June – Year 5/6 SSV Winter Sport
  • Wednesday 21st June – Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Wednesday 21st June - Interschool Debating (Wesley College)
  • Monday 25th – Friday 29th June – Year 9 Internal Mock Elections
  • Monday 25th – Friday 29th June – Year 10 Work Experience
  • Wednesday 27th June – Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 28th June – St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting
  • Friday 29th June – LAST DAY OF TERM 2


* Parents welcome

Term Dates


Term 1: Thursday 1st February – Friday 29th March 

*Prep commence Friday 2nd February

Term 2: Tuesday 17th April – Friday 29th June 

Term 3: Monday 23rd July – Friday 21st September 

Term 4: Mon 8th October – Tuesday 11th December 

Parents and Friends

Get To Know Your Executive Committee

In order to help Parents know a little bit more about our Executive Committee, I included a short Bio on myself last November.  In line with this philosophy this week we get to know a little bit more about our Assistant Treasurer, Eric Chen.

Dear Parents and Friends:


By way of introduction, my name is Eric Chen, I am the Assistant Treasurer to the PFA for this year. I am a father of four. Emma, being the oldest child, is currently in 4C. My son, Benjamin, who is the only boy of the four, is in 1L. Mercy, our second daughter, is in Prep-J. Annabelle, the youngest of the four, is currently in 4-yo kinder at Rangeview Pre-school in Mitcham, who will join St Andrews’ community next year.


I am an Australian CPA (“Certified Public Accountant”) and have worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a mergers & acquisitions tax manager in Taiwan for a period of 6 years or so. Given our growing family size under God’s grace, my wife, Angela, and I had decided to relocate our family back to Melbourne, some three years ago. Currently, I am working three days a week as the assistant business manager for Evangelical Community Church Inc. in Box Hill.


I have volunteered to serve the St Andrews Christian College’s community, because I believe and strongly agree with the school’s core value, which is to glorify God’s name in everything we do. Particularly, I was truly touched by the remarks that Mrs Lepileo made during the school tour she gave when she was the admission officer two years ago, that the school’s goal is never to nurture future leaders of the business enterprises, but to bring up leaders of every field who can glorify God’s name in everything they do, regardless of the nature of the their works. This belief coincides with mine and that of Angela’s, and thus encourages me to serve the school community when the opportunity arose.


Lastly, I would like to say that we are really lucky to have our children studying at a school with true Christian teaching, given the current social and political environments. I therefore urge more parents can actively participate in the school activities, including that of the PFA’s. The more people can serve in unity for God, the stronger and better the school and its community will grow.


Under God’s Grace


Eric Chen

Assistant Treasurer to PFA

Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stalls

The PFA will be running the Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day stall again this year. If you have any new items or gifts that you no longer need, and is suitable as stock for the stalls, please consider donating them to the PFA this year. 


Goods at the stall are usually priced from $1 to $20 per item.  


Please don't go and buy items for the stalls.


The PFA will be collecting donations in the first 2 weeks of Term 2.  


Donations can be dropped off at the Rembrandts building to Mrs Sally Wade. 


We thank you in advance for your generosity. 

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform shop will open from 8:30am - 9:30am each Tuesday during the Term.


The Second Hand Uniform Shop is located in Rembrandts. We are looking for parent volunteers for 2018 who can commit to assisting in the Uniform Shop. Please contact Liz Romney via [email protected]

School Banking

School Banking will take place on each Tuesday of the School Term.


Icy Pole Friday

Every Friday lunchtime.


We are looking for parent volunteers for 2018 who can commit to assisting with Icy Pole Friday. Please contact Andrew Musgrove via [email protected]


Andrew O’Brien
PFA President

Parent Participation Hours

Families can participate by being involved in a variety of activities. During the year, notices will be sent out requesting parent help at various events or activities, for example, helping at sports carnivals, covering library books, icy pole Fridays, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, PFA events, classroom help or attending working bees.


Parents are required to record the hours they have completed in the Parent Hours Book which is kept in the College office. You will be charged a Parent Participation fee of $250 at the commencement of each year and will be credited at the end of the semester for any work done. You will be credited at a rate of $25 per hour of work completed, up to a maximum of $250 for the year. The time requirement for each family is ten hours per year.

Term 2 2018 PFA Events

  • Friday 11th May – Mothers' Day Stall
  • Saturday 12th May – Bunnings BBQ at Vermont South
  • Entertainment Books Fundraiser

2018 PFA Executive Committee

President:                     Andrew O’Brien

Vice President:            Sally Wade

Secretary:                      Lesley Goh

Treasurer:                     Jean Lee

Assistant Treasurer:   Eric Chen

Email:                              [email protected]

Junior School

Photo: Year 3 History - Aboriginal Art

Year 2s Botanical Gardens and NGV Excursion

The Year 2s recently went on an art excursion to the Botanical Gardens and the NGV. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, drawings and excited students!

Judy Hendricks and Nicole Ng

Year 2 Teachers

Swimming Fun

Year 2s enjoying their swimming lessons


Year 3 Melbourne Museum and IMAX Excursion

In week 7, the Year 3 classes visited the Melbourne Museum and IMAX.

Isabella: There was a myriad of amazing things to see.


Andrew: It was the best excursion ever!


David: Seeing the things in the 3D Exhibition room was awesome.

Sunny, Sean and Aiden: We loved the movie about space. It felt as though we were really on the spaceship with the astronauts.


Year 3 Teachers

Year 3 History

The Year 3s have been studying Aboriginal culture in History and tried out some of their own Aboriginal artwork.


Middle School

Photo: Year 8 in Canberra

Year 7 – A Year of Opportunities!

(Part 3)


In the previous two newsletters, we introduced a series where Year 7 students of 2017 will be advising the 2018 Year 7 students on some essential skills to make this a successful year.


Andrea Chai, our Parkes captain for 2018, gives the following advice:


I have learned many useful things in Year 7, but there are five lessons that I will always remember. Some things caused me a lot of distress, but I learnt from my mistakes. Trust me, I have learned the hard way! The five most important things I have learned is to stay organised, how important it is to study, how to lead others better, how listening well could be useful; and how to cope with the fact that everything is not always perfect.



First of all, staying organised is super important. Not only is it good to keep your belongings tidy – it just makes life so much easier! At the start of the school year, my locker was not the neatest, and I would always forget to bring books to class, or sometimes I even brought the wrong books! Now, my locker is tidy and I never have to run back to my locker to get forgotten books! In Year 7, the pile of homework and assignments just grows bigger, so I have definitely learnt that managing my time well, is also important. When I manage my time well, I find it so much easier to get my homework done on time, but not only that – I am less stressed as well!



Studying can be super stressful at times, but when studying the “right” way, I find that I remember things better and get through topics quicker and more efficiently. Sometimes I did procrastinate and leave assignments to the last minute, and that was not good! I would stay up late and rush so much to get things done, that I would barely remember what I learnt! When studying for upcoming tests or exams, distractions are your biggest enemy, so I always like to study in our dining room, where there are no distractions.



As I have had the opportunity to be Parkes Middle School Captain in 2017, I have learned many things to improve my leadership skills. One thing that is very important, is listening. Listening to others and what they have to say is a skill all leaders should have. I  learnt how to listen to others’ ideas and incorporate these to make ideas better and more effective. As I grow up and move on to bigger and better things, I will always make sure to remember this lesson.



As mentioned above, listening is an important leadership skill, but listening in class is also very important. Sometimes teachers give us important information that may come in handy in tests or exams! Once during a test, there was a question that I clearly remembered was brought up during a lesson, but I could not remember the answer as I was not paying full attention to the teacher at that time! This is something I will always remember to remind me that I should always pay attention during class time.



Lastly, I learnt that everything cannot always be perfect, but that’s okay! I always set very high standards for myself, and if I made careless mistakes, I would beat myself up for it (not literally). In Year 7, I learnt that making mistakes is okay, as it is part of the learning process. Grades do not define a person, and now I know that! Trusting in God and what He has planned for me is what I need to do. This is the most important lesson I have learned this year.


In conclusion, Year 7 has been a rollercoaster ride! I have made new friends and have had great experiences, but most importantly, I have learned some life lessons. Organisation is the key to getting things done! Studying effectively is also something I have learned to do. How to listen to others’ ideas, is a skill all leaders should have, and listening to what teachers say in class is very important. I have also learnt that I just have to try my best, and it is okay if everything is not perfect. I have definitely learned much in Year 7!

Year 8 Educational Tour To Canberra
19 March to 23 March  2018


Canberra was an amazing experience for all of us. We stayed at the Bush Capital Lodge, which was surrounded by Nature, and each morning we left the Lodge to engage in an exciting exploration of many fascinating places - discovering, learning and having fun every step of the way.


Our itinerary comprised of visits to: The Museum of Australian Parliament, where we role-played as Senators debating a Bill, The Australian Institute of Sport, The Deep Space Complex, Mount Ainslie to enjoy the spectacular view of Canberra by night, Parliament House where we were met by Mr Alan Tudge, The Australian War Memorial where we participated in the wreath-laying ceremony and chatted with two war veterans, Geoscience Centre, The Australian Mint, where we made our very own coin, The National Gallery of Art and Questacon. Bowling on Thursday night was a sensational time of great fun and laughter!


We had devotions each night at the Lodge and were challenged to glorify God in every way as Christian ambassadors. We also enjoyed our picnic lunches, morning and evening hikes,

 the city experience and movie time.


Overall, our Year 8 Camp was an awesome and enjoyable experience of learning, recreation and memorable moments!!!

We discovered many things while in Canberra… Did you know that: 
  • while red poppies honour our brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives  for our  nation…   purple poppies honour the animals that served in the war? ~ Sophia @ the War Memorial
  • the green seats  at the House of Representatives take their colour from the eucalyptus leaves and the red seats in the Senate represent the shades of the red soil in the Australian landscape? ~ Julia @ Parliament House
  • you can differentiate FOOL’S GOLD  and REAL GOLD by  the colour  it leaves behind when you streak it on a surface  … a black streak indicates real gold; a yellow/ goldish streak is fool’s gold ~ Samantha @ GeoScience 
  • colour can affect taste.. pink may evoke a sweet taste and  yellow-green, a sourish taste?  ~ Samantha @ Questacon
  • Op Art is short or Optical Art … it’s abstract art and uses optical illusions? ~ Caitlyn @ National  Gallery of Art
  • the Mint manufactures  650 coins  in one minute? ~ Neha @Royal Mint

I  loved…

  • the energy and enthusiasm everyone displayed at  bowling - Chavella @AMF Tuggeranong 
  • bowling…I discovered that I’m actually a good bowler… Canberra Camp is the best! - Cathy
  • the walks …everyone just walked and talked and enjoyed the cool air; it was fun and relaxing -Sam Liu 
  • 'cubing' with my friends in the common area - Kayle/Rubik’s cube expert 

Neha Jouls 8L and Andrea Chai 8K
Photographs: Kiriaki Katsigiannis 8K,Chavella Tanubrata 8K and Teachers


Senior School

Photo: Year 10 Camp

Year 9 City Experience

The Year 9 City Experience 2018 was an awesome opportunity for our students to be stretched, challenged and inspired. Students met each day at the CYC Basement Hub on Collins St, traveling by public transport in small groups and being responsible for all their travel arrangements throughout the week. They relished in the freedom of being given autonomy over the week, completing their inquiry projects and learning lots at all the tours and structured activities along the way. 


Here's a few snippets of their experience:

On City Experience I really enjoyed the treasure hunt on the first day. It was so much fun to learn about the city with friends.

- Aimee Crotty


We enjoyed the free time, spending time with our friends and building independence.

- Maddie & Diana


My favourite part of city experience was the MCG tour as I love sport, and got to learn more about the history of Australian sport.

- Jason Lam


We really enjoyed discovering areas in the city and the independence, also that we had a communal area to meet and socialise.

-Tom Audet & Jack Moody


A particular highlight for the group was the Salvation Army Youth Homelessness tour on the final day, where students were shown another side of the city, being challenged to place themselves in the shoes of someone else and consider life from a different perspective. St Andrews students represented themselves in outstanding fashion all week, meeting all the requirements set upon them and interacting with people and places in the city with maturity beyond their years.

Steve Mellody

Head of Sport and PE

Year 10 Coffee School

As part of our efforts to expand the expertise and skill set of our senior students, the Year 10 cohort attended Melbourne Coffee School for a day of learning barista skills this past week. They traveled independently into the city, learnt about the different coffee beans, coffee machines and the art of making a good coffee - a skill that most of us agree is of the utmost importance!

It was a great opportunity to not only enjoy learning a new skill, but also to attain a basic food handling and coffee making certification that could serve them well when looking for part time work over the coming years.


Thanks to Mrs Yevlahova for organising the event.


Steve Mellody

Year 9/10 Coordinator


On Thursday and Friday in Week 7, Year 10 students attended a Barista Coffee Art Course at the Melbourne Coffee School in the city.  Each student had the opportunity of learning about the different types of coffee and how it can be ground for making good coffee.  Instruction was then given on how to operate a coffee machine, from preparing the coffee grounds to extracting the coffee and how to prepare the milk. Students were then shown the differences in the variety of coffees and how to make them.  Then the students had a chance to make some coffees – cappuccino, café latte, macchiato, flat white, mocha, long black, piccolo late and hot chocolate.  Of course there was much sampling done as well.  After the lunch break it was practicing making more coffees and the students were also introduced to coffee art and how to decorate the froth on top of the coffee.  There were some great efforts by all the students and we have some budding baristas in our Year 10 cohort.  Each student will be issued with a Barista certificate and the students also have the opportunity to complete a food hygiene course.  These qualifications will assist them should they wish to look for part time work in the hospitality industry.  A fun and informative day was had by all!


Tim Farmilo

Deputy Principal

Year 10 Camp

From the 5th to the 9th of March Year 10 went to Mill-Valley Ranch. Although the trip wasn’t long, from the serene scenery to the horses right around the corner,  Mill Valley Ranch seemed as far away from school as anywhere else. While everything was very different to our usual suburban lifestyle the warm welcome from our hosts made the settle-in very quick. During our stay we slept in rustic-style wagons that looked modest in the beginning, however made a cosy bed when filled with plenty of blankets. The mornings were early starts and that took us a bit getting used to, but by the end of the week, we were all ready for the breakfast call at 6:45.

Some of the highlights of the camp were the multiple activities such as the crate climb – a challenge of who could build the highest single stack of crates while climbing them – and the archery range where we each got to try our hand at hitting the bullseye. One of the favourite and definitely most anticipated events though was the horse riding. Over the five days, we each got to ride the horses multiple time – each of us connecting particularly with the horse we rode that week. We also learned how to properly groom and care for the horses which we all thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m sure will never forget. When the night rolled around the fun didn’t end but were filled with festivities including: a bonfire, a western-style dance, a role-playing murder mystery, and a camp-out; meaning most nights we fell in to bed with stomachs that hurt from laughing and smiles on our faces.

Over the week the Year bonded as friends and peers and many a relationship was formed. The times spent swimming in the lake, playing basketball on the outside courts and of course, the countless games of frisbee will be memories reminisced with a certain joy that won’t be forgotten.


Rachael Song

Year 10H

VCE Rally Day

On Thursday 15th March our VCE students had their Term 1 VCE Sports Rally Day. St Andrews sent out several teams in boys volleyball, boys cricket and girls basketball. These days are a great opportunity for VCE students to take one day away from their studies and enjoy being physically active, competing against other schools and making new friends.


Our girls basketball team deserves special mention, being placed in Division 1 against the best teams and coming out in 1st place for the day - winning another flag for our wall! We played the Grand Final against Hillcrest, who had beaten us earlier in the day, but St Andrews managed to come out on top by 3 points in a nail biting finish!  Congratulations to Caylee Hendricks, Michelle Hole, Audrey Ang, Chloe Chandraraj, Bianka Mlinar, Tupou Beovich, Talar Hagopian and Sarah Alexander for their outstanding play. 

Careers News

I am excited to confirm that our Year 10 students have successfully completed the Accredited Barista and Coffee Art Course and will receive a Nationally Recognised Statements of Attainment with the following 2 Units of Competency:


Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee SITHFAB005

Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety SITXFSA001


The course consisted of practical, hands-on one day training and an online learning component. The practical workshops took place on Thursday 22 March (10B class) and Friday 23 March (10H class) at the Coffee School Melbourne: 593 Elizabeth St Melbourne. The online component was completed after the workshop under my supervision.


Coffee School is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91614) located in Melbourne CBD and is one of the largest providers of hospitality courses. The course was delivered by an experienced and accredited trainer and the equipment and facilities simulated industry standards.


This was the first time we’ve offered our students this opportunity and I am so pleased with the effort and dedication that the Year 10 put in.


Please find attached St Andrews Careers Newsletter No 5


Items in today’s issue include -


  • Inside Monash Seminar Series
  • Deakin University ‘Step on Campus’
  • Health Information Sessions at Deakin
  • Bachelor of Nutrition Science at Deakin
  • A Career Information Afternoon at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)
  • Box Hill Institute - A Day in the Life of a Fashion Illustrator & Developing Your Fashion Portfolio
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo ‘Keeper for a Day’
  • Careers in Marine Science
  • Angliss Experiences – ‘School Holiday Program’
  • Health Science Degrees in Victoria
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians


If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator



Photo: CSEN Primary Interschool Swimming

SSV Division Swimming Championships

Here is a full list of results from the recent SSV Division Swimming Championships:


U10 Girls Freestyle - 1st place: Bonnie Carline

U10 Girls Butterfly - 1st place: Bonnie Carline

U11 Boys Freestyle Relay - 1st place: Eugene Tu, Daniel Elias, Matthew Wu, Daniel He

U11 Boys Breaststroke - 2nd place: Eugene Tu

U11 Boys Butterfly - 2nd place: Eugene Tu

U11 Girls Freestyle - 1st place: Jessica Hwang

U11 Girls Butterfly - 2nd place: Jessica Hwang

CSEN Seconadry Interschool Swimming

On Tuesday the 20th of March we had the Eastern Region Christian school swimming. It was so much fun and we all tried our best. Our highlights were all U13/14 Girls events. The girls SMASHED the relays and were successful in their individual events. For me personally my favourite was the 50m Butterfly & 100m freestyle.

- Lauren Carline (Yr 7)

On Tuesday, years 7-12 went to AquaNation for a CSEN swimming competition. My highlight was swimming the medley relay. It was an exciting and intense day.

- Samantha Loke (Yr 7)


Many of our swimmers will qualify for the CSEN Champions Carnival coming up in early Term 2 - stay tuned for more information.

CSEN Primary Interschool Swimming

Two days after the secondary carnival, the primary school competition was held. St Andrews went in with a strong team that were a chance of winning our division for the day. The day was so close with only a handful of points separating the top 3 schools, less than one race was the decider! St Andrews placed 3rd, a great effort, led by Jessica Hwang (6 x 1st), Bonnie Carline (5 x 1sts, 1 x 2nd), Michelle Lim (3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd), Daniel He (3 x 1st, 3 x 2nd), and Eugene Tu (3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd).

Many of our swimmers will qualify for the CSEN Champions Carnival coming up in early Term 2 - stay tuned for more information.

Year 9/10 Sport Finals

Our Year 9/10 Wednesday sport teams went out for their final round this past week. Well done to our Boys Volleyball A team who won the flag against Waverley Narre Warren (WNW)! The game was a rematch of one played 2 weeks ago, when WNW beat us in a close affair. We played again in the Grand Final on their home court, and after a shaky start that saw us go down 2 sets to 0, the boys fought back and won the game 3 sets to 2! It was tight all the way with some incredible serving from both teams and some gutsy defending on our side. Congratulations to Jack Potter, Brendan Lam, Patrick Accadia, You Sheng Hsieh, Aaron Valle, Jack Moody, Joseph Kuhlmann and Joshua Effendi.


Good luck to our Year 7/8 teams who play their finals this week.


Meanwhile, our FITNESS group of students were given the opportunity each week to participate in a Self-Defence course led by Ultimate Personal Defence. Thanks Teresa for all your work in leading this class!


Steve Mellody

Head of Sport and PE

St Andrews Soccer Club

The St Andrews Soccer Club is going from strength to strength and will soon be churning out world Cup soccer players !! This term 35 Year 3 and 4 students have been playing soccer each Tuesday after school and scoring lots of goals ! Next term the club will continue to work with the Year 3 and 4 students who are left on the waiting list and will be offered to Year 5 students. Eventually I hope to be able to offer the Soccer to all primary school students from Grade 2 to 6 but please wait your turn !! We have had some super coaches come and help me including Mrs Hughes, Mr Pardo and a number of Year 8 students who are learning to coach and run games. If there are any other parents who hold a current WWC and are available to help out with coaching duties please see me ASAP or e-mail me on [email protected]

Also, on Tuesday March 13 some lucky members of the Soccer Club had the exciting experience of attending a Melbourne Victory ACL game and cheered the local team onto a last minute winning goal! Some 60 teachers, students and parents cheered on the Victory team to an important victory. I am hoping there will be some more Soccer trips to come so get onto the St Andrews Soccer bandwagon and get playing! Next term Year 3- 8 students boys and girls are invited to play in a new soccer league I am starting at the High Street Regional Football Centre every Thursday 4:30-6:00pm. Parents will have to take their children to and from the venue but if you are interested to register your interest then complete the permission form e-mailed to you recently or contact me by e-mail! Go the Socceroos and go the St Andrews Soccer Club from strength to strength!

Andrew Farmer

PE Teacher

Coaching with Melbourne Victory

PE Teacher Andrew Farmer is involved with Schools Sport Victoria and Melbourne Victory in  leading soccer coaching sessions for students, teachers and parents in the community. He attended a recent Teacher PD event at AAMI Park coaching with Melbourne Victory.


End of Term Soccer

Our final Soccer session for Term 1. As we are affiliated with Melbourne Victory they gave us posters, scarves and stickers etc

This term the Soccer Club has been aimed at Year 3/4 students and next term will be aimed at Year 5/6 students on Tuesdays.


Three Times Champs!

Though St Andrews might appear a small school with small PE Department at the CSEN sporting competitions we sure are punching well above our weight! This Wednesday 28th March St Andrews have won three flags with our Year 7 and 8 Boys! 

Our boys took home the Flags for Cricket Division 2 and in Volleyball A and B Division – go St Andrews!


Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath


Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Before School:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: Open from 8.15 am

During School:

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch

After School:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.


 Email:  [email protected]

Our New Opening Hours 

This year, the Senior Library will be open from 8.15am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for students in Years 4-12. Students are able to read, study, complete AR tests and change library/ AR books. On Mondays and Fridays, the Senior Library will be open from 8.30am.

Some Wonderful Work

Over the past few weeks, we have hosted a number of beautiful art works by Middle and Senior students. They have brought a splash of colour to the area and been enjoyed by all visitors to our space. Year 5 French students have also made a contribution, with a display of fève designs. Fèves are figurines that can be found in special cakes eaten at the Fête des Rois (January 6th).    

 We hope to have more work on display next term                                                        

Accelerated Reading Program

This year, the Year 6 students are being given goals to work towards for Accelerated Readers. A number of students achieved their goals for the term.


Congratulations to:


Super Reader
Christian Bligh 
Krish Gupta
Ryan Rowley
Adrian Tan


Justin Gobrial 
Laura Hooi
Adel Kalnoki 
Tricia Lay
Daniel O’Donnell
Abraham Williams


Advanced Reader


Charlotte Chen 
Ashley Cheng
Noah Crotty
Jayden Hung


Isabel Goh 
Ethan Hua
Adel Kalnoki 
Nicholas Kho
Tricia Lay
Elizabeth Li
John Liu
Isabel Liu
Jackie Qiu
Kevin Zhang
Tony Zhang


Star Reader


Daniel Farmer 
Aidan Hu
Ruby Muggeridge
Matilda Russell
Una Yu



Isabel Goh 
Jessica Hwang 
Evan Kong
Elizabeth Li
Isabel Liu
Alvin Motet
Jackie Qiu
Isabelle Smith
Andrew Tan
Tony Zhang

Calling All Writers!!

If you are in Year 7 or above, there is an exciting opportunity for you to participate in some creative writing. Each Year level has a different theme.


Year 7 : Truth and lies (400-800 words)

Year 8: Fantasy and reality (400-800 words)

Year 9: Love and forgiveness (600-1100 words)

Year 10: Innocence and guilt (600-1100 words)

Year 11: Fear and courage (900-1400 words)

Year 12: Power and wisdom (900-1400 words)


For further details go to:

You can also view previous winners’ stories.

Entries close 15th July, 2018

Thank You

Library Staff would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to help in the Library this term. Your help has been very much appreciated.

A new shelving roster has been prepared for Term 2. These will be sent out by email and put in your child’s diary if you have volunteered.


Library Staff


Year 4 and 5 Art

Year 5 torn paper collages of cactus and Year 4 torn paper collage of frogs and salamanders.

Sally Darlison

Art Teacher

Middle and Senior Art

Some samples of Middle and Senior School Art.

Marina Heading

Art Teacher

Year 6 – Op Art (Optical Illusion Art)

Students created an ‘Op Art Wave’ as the culmination of an investigation into OP Artists Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely.  They have produced wonderfully creative and unique waves, taking their 2D design and painting it onto a 3D sculptural form – very challenging!

Year 7 – Appropriation Task – Lin Onus/Hokusai

Lin Onus was a ‘bridge builder’ between his Aboriginal and Scottish cultures and used art to tell his story and passion for reconciliation.  Students in year 7 have appropriated a painting from Lin Onus and have placed a ‘wave rider’ on Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’.  In doing this they are telling their story and connecting with their culture whilst exploring colour and movement with painting, printmaking and colour study.

Year 8 – Eden’s Birds of Paradise

These ceramic bird and plant sculptures are heavily influenced by the work of Barbara Kobylinska, an American ceramic artist who painted highly decorative sculptures.  The students have persisted and overcome frustrations with such large sculptures whilst learning coil building techniques - and they have survived the kiln!  I am so proud. 

Year 9 – Surrealism – Creating ‘dreamlike environments’

Students have been working with manipulating familiar objects in unusual spaces, echoing the works of artists like Salvador Dali.  They have been working with tracing, watercolour and posca to reach their desired outcome, experimenting with complimentary colours, simplification and abstraction.

Thank you

Thank you to all the wonderful students who have made my first term here at St Andrews an absolute delight, and have impressed me with their skill and determination.


Marina Heading

Art Teacher


The St Andrews Christian College Alumni represents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and remember God’s faithfulness in each student’s life journey from small beginnings to diverse roles and achievements that take place after leaving the school gates.


Our Alumni Association would love to keep our College community informed while connecting students of past and present to care and share the joys and tears of their journeys and to mutually encourage one another. In each newsletter we would like to present you with a past student profile to encourage you.


We would also like to invite all past students and staff to connect with us by completing the Update My Details Form 

or to provide your story to us at [email protected]


This week we would like to share with you the journey of Sasha Song - Class of 2014.

Sasha Song

I am Sasha and I graduated from St Andrews just over three years ago, in 2014. Since completing Year 12, I have also graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, where I specifically studied Accounting and Finance as my two majors. During this time, I worked some odd jobs while also working part-time at Coles as a check-out-chick and later, a supervisor. I now work as a graduate Business Consultant at Junkeer New Era Consulting where I am fortunate enough to be part of an amazing team and growing company.

It seems like a lifetime ago since I was sitting in my last assembly at St Andrews and celebrating the start of my adult life with some of my closest friends beside me. Over these last few years I have gone through many new life experiences – some exciting, some daunting – all of which I have been readily equipped with handling thanks to the supporting and loving environment I was nurtured with at St Andrews.


I remember being constantly told how different and difficult it would be transitioning from a Christian high school into university. While I was prepared for the worst, I was looking forward to this new phase of my education where I could meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Looking back, I can confidently say that the transition was made so much easier thanks to the solid faith I grew during my school years. St Andrews helped me understand what it means to be ‘strong in your faith’, and while being in a very loving environment, I was also taught that the trust I put in Jesus would guide, and at times carry, me through the realities of living in the world and becoming an independent human being.


While I enjoyed the independence of university, it was hard work. I had many personal struggles along the way and they ultimately burnt me out. My plan had always been to complete my three-year degree in two years by taking advantage of Deakin’s third Trimesters. During my second year of university I began to fail subjects and become generally unwell. It was at this time I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder and had to push back the time which I originally planned to graduate from university. While this was tough and it was incredibly difficult to stay positive, one of the biggest things I learnt to do during this time is to trust. Without trusting in Christ that everything would work out as it should, no matter what, it would have been a much easier path to simply give up on everything.


As it turned out, having that extra year at university was the best thing that could have happened – I was able to secure an internship at the beginning of the year, which later turned into a part time job, which I worked at alongside my Coles job while finishing off my degree. I was able to foster some special relationships and connect with family during this year as well, all of which I would not have been able to do, had my path not had taken the turn it did. It is easy to say simply ‘trust in Jesus’ while you’re in school, but I learned to really appreciate this valuable message that was engrained in me during my time at St Andrews.


I now work at the same place where I secured my internship at the beginning of my third year of university and have not looked back. I went from primarily studying Science and English in VCE – my heart set on being a paramedic; to changing my course preferences to studying project management after my exams; and then changing my course preferences to Accounting at the very last second. I now have an active role, officially as a business consultant, in conducting business transformations, financial advice and managing client accounts.

Working full time in my chosen profession has been a great journey so far. I have now been working full time for about five months and wow. One word to describe it is tiring! However, it is incredibly rewarding after all the hard work put in during the years of full time study and it is now nice to come home and just relax! While I have chosen the typical, go to university and study to get an office job path, I do not think I have one friend who has chosen the same path as what I did. Each of their journeys have been equally rewarding, challenging and exciting. I truly believe if you listen to where God is guiding you, not necessarily what you think is the best way, you will find your niche and end up doing exactly what you were created for.


If I could end this with one piece of advice, it would be to trust the plan, trust the journey, and ultimately, find your trust in Jesus.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6


Community Notices

Newsletter 3

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organisations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Nunawading Basketball

Nunawading Basketball will be holding a range of camps during the school holidays.


Girls Soccer

Knox City Football Club are looking for new Matilda's.


Basketball and Soccer Clinics


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