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20 May 2018
Term 2 2018
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Events Calendar


Thursday 31st May

Middle Years Philosothon (Immigration Museum)


Saturday 2nd June

Primary Philosothon Briefing

Friday 22nd June

Primary Years Philosothon (NGV A)


Mon-Wed 9-11th July

FAPSA Conference (Perth)

Sunday 29th July

VCE Unit 4 Forum


Saturday 12th August

Secondary Philosothon Briefing

Thursday 30th August

Secondary Philosothon



Fri-Sat 14-15th September

VAPS Conference


Sunday 14th October

Level 1 Training (Day 1)

Sunday 28th October

Level 1 Training (Day 2)



Sunday 11th November

Level 1 Training (Day 3)

Thursday 15th November

Middle Years Philosothon (Melbourne Museum)


Middle Years Philosothon

Middle Years Philosothon

The next VAPS Philosothon will be the Middle Years Philosothon. This event will take place on Thursday the 31st of May at the Immigration Museum. 


The theme for all of the VAPS Middle Years Philosothons this year is 'Rights'. Students will visit the Mahatma Gandhi exhibit at the Immigration Museum, details of the exhibit are available here.


Bookings are still being taken for students from years 5 - 10. Each school will bring 10 students. For more details please contact the Philosothon Coordinator here 


Facilitators are needed for all philosothons. If you are interested, please fill out this short form.



Other Events

School registrations for the Primary Years Philosothon at the National Gallery of Victoria on the Friday the 22nd of June are now closed. Anyone wishing to observe please contact the philosothon coordinator.


School registrations are still currently open for the final Middle Years Philosothon on Thursday the 15th of November at the Melbourne Museum. Please contact the philosothon coordinator for more information.


School registrations for the Secondary Philosothon on Thursday the 30th of August at the Ballarat Grammar City Site will open in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information.


Philosothon Grants



Australian Philosothons have recently received a boost in funding after being awarded the Templestone Grant. Students, teachers, and schools can access this funding to attend philosothons by applying directly to FAPSA here.





VAPS has also received funding from the Department of Education to support regional and remote schools to access philosophy events. 

Funding is available to attend all VAPS events, including Philosothons, the VAPS conference, and Level 1 training. Grant applications will be assessed based on need, with preference going to students attending Philosothons first. 

For more information, contact the treasurer here.


VCE Events

 Sunday 20th May

Unit 3 Forum

Sunday 29th July

Unit 4 Forum


Unit 2 Forum

VCE Network Meetings

Thursday 9th August

The Good Life & Essay Writing for the Exam

Saturday 13th October

Chief Examiner's Report


The Chief Examiner's Report from 2017 is now available. Please find it here.


The new edition of the Unit 3 and 4 Text book is in the process of being published and will be available for 2019


2019 will bring with it a new study design. Get your head around it early here. Also have a look at the new 2019 prescribed texts here











Please see our website and calendar for full details about venues, times, and registrations for all events.

Please join the VAPS VCE google group here.


VAPS Conference

VAPS Conference: Cultivating Curiosity: Philosophy and STEM


The Biannual VAPS conference will be running again in September this year. 

The conference title is Cultivating Curiosity: Philosophy and STEM


The theme for this year focusses on the role of philosophy in STEM areas and will be held between the Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of September at Siteworks in Brunswick.


More details to follow in upcoming newsletters including keynote speakers and how to participate.


FAPSA Conference

FAPSA Conference: What is the Future of Philosophy in Schools?


The FAPSA Conference will be held in Perth this year from 9-11 July.


What was once called Philosophy for/with Children (P4C), now known as Philosophy in Schools incorporates philosophical inquiry in the classroom, reflective education and Socratic dialogue through the use of the Community of Inquiry (CoI) methodology.

The biennial FAPSA Conference will be held in beautiful, historic Fremantle, Western Australia at The University of Notre Dame Australia July 9 – 11, 2018.

Details can be found here.

Tickets are available here.



Philosophy in Schools Readings

Phillip Cam - The Generic Argument for Teaching Philosophy


Phillip Cam analyses how philosophy develops the ability to think and why this is important for today’s students. Have look at his abstract below, with a link to the full article.


John Dewey wished to place development of the ability to think at the core of school education. The kind of thinking that Dewey had in mind was based on his conception of scientific inquiry. Matthew Lipman was likewise committed to an education centred on thinking, but he claimed that we should turn to philosophy rather than to science in order to secure this end. In his view, philosophy has a stronger claim to this mantle than does science, or any other subject, when it is appropriately reconstructed and taught. He developed various arguments to that effect, but the one considered here is that philosophical thinking has a generic character that especially suits it for the role. I examine this argument to see how compelling a case it makes for the inclusion of philosophy in the school curriculum.







VAPS has a new executive committee after the 2018 AGM on the 22nd of March. Your new executive are:


                        Chair:                                     Bonnie Zuidland

                        Deputy-Chair:                     Harry Galatis

                        Secretary:                             Lucas McGauran

                        Treasurer:                             Ben Kilby


Contact details for the VAPS executive, as well as other non-executive positions can be found on the VAPS website here.




Chair: Bonnie Zuidland (Email) 

Deputy-Chair: Dr Harry Galatis (Email)

Secretary: Lucas McGauran (Email)

Treasurer: Ben Kilby (Email)



Education and Innovations Officer: Dr Janette Poulton (Email)

Webmaster: Julian Lowndes (Email)

Social Media and Publications Officer: Tristan Hill (Email)

Membership Officer: Ben Kilby (Email)


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