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21 February 2019
Issue Four 21st February 2019
Diary Dates
Principal's Report
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Celebrating Noah's birthday 
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Diary Dates

February 2019

18th - 22nd Yr 5/6 Camp Weekaway


March 2019

6th Parent Meet and Greet Interviews 3.40-7.00pm

8th SSPS Annual House Sports Years 3-6

11th Labor Day Public Holiday

13th Swimming Year 3-4 commences


April 2019

5th Last day of Term 1

23rd First day of Term 2

29th School Photos


Victorian School Dates 2019

Term 1 - 29 (Teachers only) - 30 January - 5 April 2019

Term 2 - 23 April - 28 June

Term 3 - 15 July - 20 September

Term 4 - 7 October - 20 December

Principal's Report

Wow! It’s been a very busy and productive fortnight at Syndal South. We have had the new State Member for the Mount Waverley District Matt Fregon and John Mullahy from the Electoral Office, attend our assembly to present our Foundation students with their new Library Bag which included four terrific books: ‘My Two Blankets’ by Irena Kobald, ‘Where is Galah?’ by Sally Morgan, 'The Second Sky' by Patrick Guest and 'Frog on a log in a bog' by Andy Griffiths. Matt and John then returned the next day to continue our discussion about how best he can support Syndal South now and into the future.



Welcome Picnic

Last Friday night we had a fantastic ‘Welcome Picnic’ evening with many SSPS families and staff supporting this which will now be an annual calendar school event. The weather was perfect and the whole evening had a very relaxed feel about it. The children enjoyed all the activities especially ‘cracking the code’ where we saw the Huppe family win the $100 Robinson’s Book voucher. Special thanks to Viv Potter for organising all the activities in Charlie Kenez’s notable absence. Mr. Kenez was very disappointed on missing the picnic but last Thursday after many years of suffering in silence he had both his knees replaced (‘ouch’). The operation was a great success and he is now looking forward to working hard on his recovery to return to school at the beginning of Term 2. We all miss him and wish him all the very best!



Foundation Information Night

We held our Foundation Information Night where I congratulated all the parents on the way in which they had prepared their children for this school year. The children have transitioned beautifully and have settled in beyond expectations. We are so lucky! Thank you to our fabulous parents. The Foundation Team who ran the information session did an awesome job.



Tomorrow, we welcome back our ‘Weekaway Campers’ who from all accounts have had a fabulous experience really living our school values of Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Curiosity, and Care to be the main focus of this camp. We look forward to hearing more about the different experiences they had on their return.




Last Friday I popped over to the Hall to see the ‘Try Outs’ for the Aerobics, it was amazing. The boys were all totally focused on learning the routine, it was fabulous to watch the level of talent on display.

I’m looking forward to seeing the teams develop through their rigorous practice schedule as they work towards the competitions.


Meet and Greet Conferences

This year’s meet the teacher evening is scheduled for Wednesday 6th March. These meetings will give parents the opportunity to meet their child’s 2019 teacher and to communicate anything pertaining to their child’s learning. This year all bookings are being made online through the COMPASS parent portal. The booking system will be available from tomorrow afternoon. I look forward to seeing as many parents/carers at these important exchanges as possible.


Telstra Kids Grant

Monday, I received some great news from Telstra regarding an application that had been lodged by Sandeep Gupta, parent of Avaneesh in Year 2, for the Telstra Kids Grant.  Sandeep had worked with Julie Pfitzner and Clare Searle to put the application together, with the result being that we will now receive $1,200 to spend on ipads.   Thank you everyone, a fabulous effort!


Finally, I would like to welcome Mrs Jan Oliver to our school. Jan has joined the Year 3 /4 team and will be working three days a week supporting students with their literacy and numeracy skills development.


Assistant Principal

Traffic Management

Road works

Thank you to all the families who have been very patient with the road works that have been happening around the school in the past few weeks. I appreciate the feedback I have been receiving from families about the impact that the roadworks are having on their drop off and pick up arrangements.


Yesterday I telephoned Andy Chuo (Project Manager for the local road works) on behalf of the school community to express our concerns  regarding traffic management control and child safety. I hope that there will be improvements in the near future. If you still have concerns please email me at: or see me at the office.


Two Minute Pick up Zone

The two minute drop off and pick up zone on Vasey Avenue is designed exactly as the sign states. It is an area where parents are to drop students off of a morning and then drive away promptly for the next person to drop off their child. The drop off zone is designed to help with the flow of traffic at peak traffic periods as well as to keep our students at the school safe.


During the afternoon period parents are requested to only park in the two minute zone for two minutes.  If your child has not appeared the procedure is that you are to leave the area and drive around the school and then return back to the two minute zone. Parents are especially requested not to park their cars and walk into the school from this area. 


It is also important to remember that double parking and asking your child to cross in front of parked cars in the two minute zone is an unsafe practice as well as illegal. Parents will also be given a traffic fine if they are seen double parking along Vasey Avenue.


There is a No Standing zone on Vasey Avenue closest to the Montgomery Avenue roundabout. Many cars have been seen to park in this zone which then causes a bank up of cars trying to turn right from Montgomery Avenue into Vasey Avenue. It is illegal to park in a No Standing zone and you will be given a parking fine for doing so.


Last week traffic officers from Monash Council were patrolling the roads adjacent to our school and many parents were given a parking fine for not observing the 2 minute zone, double parking and parking in a No Standing area.


Many local residents have sent complaints to Monash Council as they have been quite concerned about the manner in which the parents in our community are driving and not following the local traffic laws. As a result Monash Council will be increasing their patrols at our school in 2019.


Please be mindful that this is to keep all of our community safe.


I look forward to seeing an improvement in the traffic flow around our school this year.




From the Sport Desk

District Round Robin

The Year 6 students had a great time at Jells Park on Friday when they played games of T20 Cricket, TeeBall, Softball, Rounders and Danish Rounders against the other schools in our district. They showed fantastic team spirit, wonderful sportsmanship and represented our school brilliantly. Everyone tried their best, with huge improvements seen throughout the day. Overall we finished second in Division 1 - only 2 points behind the winners. Congratulations  to all students and staff involved with particular thanks to Luke Delaney for giving up his time to coach the undefeated cricket team.


Thanks to those parents who have offered to help at PMP sessions this term. We are still looking for more Year 1/2 parents (Tuesday’s 1.50pm-3.30pm) and Foundation parents (alternate Friday’s 11.10am-12.50pm). I am hoping to roster parents only once or twice a term. It is a great way to see what happens in these sessions and the students love having their parents come and help. 


Student News

Student of the Week 11/02/19




  • Care – For displaying a positive attitude and taking wonderful care when completing all work.




  • Care – By offering to help his peers with translation from English to Chinese.  Thank you Leo!




  • Care – For always displaying consideration and kindness towards peers.




  • Resilience – Showing great courage and fitting in well at her new school.




  • Resilience - For a fantastic start to grade one and demonstrating great listening skills.  Well done!




  • Care – By showing excellent responsibility in looking after the school chickens.




  • Respect – He is always ready to learn and is respectful of others.  Keep up the good work!




  • Resilience - For making a great start to SSPS.  He has shown a very positive and focused attitude to all learning tasks.  Well done Vishisht!




  • Resilience – Kiron showed excellent resilience by accepting a challenge and stepping out of his comfort zone.




  • Care – Olivia shows care and pride with her work while valuing the art of presentation.




  • Care – Jason looked after a new student to Syndal South and made him feel welcome.



  • Respect – Belle willingly takes part in all class and group discussions.



  • Respect – Jayden makes sure he takes an active role in group activities and produces excellent work.




  • Curiosity – Resilience - By making sure that every work task given to you is done properly, efficiently and with tremendous effort.

Student of the Week 18/02/19




  • Respect – By always using beautiful manners, being a kind friend and showing great listening skills.




  • Respect – By using beautiful manners with everyone he talks to and being a great friend.




  • Curiosity – For immersing herself in creating an interesting character for her fairy tale by using descriptive language.




  • Respect - By always following instructions and the school rules.  He even reminds others to do the same.




  • Respect – For always demonstrating the value of respect with pride and maturity.




  • Curiosity – By always showing eagerness to learn and do her best in all lessons.




  • Care - For taking time and care to write a great description of her candy house setting.




  • Care – By helping out a friend who has come back from holidays, welcoming him and showing him how to do things in Year 3.  You’re a star!




  • Care – For always taking pride in her work and checking the class timetable to see which books she needs ready.




  • Care – For helping Brooke feel welcome during her first week at Syndal.  Being a great friend.  Well  done!




  • Care – Quin showed consideration and was mindful of other peoples needs.

ICAS Assessments

As in previous years, we will be offering students the opportunity to participate in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). The University of New South Wales has informed us recently that they are changing the way in which the tests are administered and the cost.


All tests except for Writing will now be completed online. The tests will run over a three-week period from Tuesday 3rd September to Thursday 19th September.  Each test will cost $ 14.50.


Information regarding how to apply and payment will be provided early August via the ‘Rocket’ school newsletter.


ICAS Coordinator

Kate Holly (3 /4 Teacher)

Celebrating Noah's birthday 


Monday:  magazine art

Tuesday:  alien faces

Wednesday:  fun clothes peg people

Thursday:  thumb print tree

Friday:  art using alfoil



Monday:  mini pizza

Tuesday:  pita bread chips and dips

Wednesday:  bread with spreads

Thursday:  yoghurt with fruit

Friday:  pikelets

All of these children received the maker of the week award.  We love it when the children source their own activities and have fun.


Finlay and Keeley 

Finlay and Keeley are the Helpers of the week.  They took time to research activities for the children to do at the program.



It has been seven months since the new Child Care Subsidy started.  It is a good time to check in on your family income estimate to ensure it is up to date and reflects your income for the whole financial year.  If your estimate is lower than your actual income, you may get a debt,  which you will have to pay back.  It is also a good time to check and update your activity test if your circumstances have changed. The easiest way to update your family income estimate is by using your Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink app. While you are there, make sure your activity details are up to date.


Fun times at OSHC





Community Advertising




School Community Information

Second Hand Uniform

Our second hand uniform shop is run by volunteer parents and is open monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month from 9.00 to 10.00am . It is located next to the OSHC rooms.


Please note: payments are now cash only. 


Our uniform is available at the PSW store in Mt Waverley.  Please see attached forms for further details.


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Ad rates:  

Inserts - $35.00                                                             

Small items for school families -$3.00

Non-profit organisations  - No charge

School Banking

Thursday is School Banking Day!!


Lunch Orders

Students are able to order their lunch via Classroom Cuisine – Monday through Friday, except Tuesdays. Classroom Cuisine is an online lunch order provider.

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