10 April 2019
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R.E News


Lent is a time of abstinence, prayer, charity. As Catholics we can prepare for Easter in Lent by;


  • Putting up something violet around the home as a reminder that it is the lenten season.
  • Fasting and abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday.
  • Going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Attending the stations of the Cross (Friday evenings at 5.00pm at the Cathedral and the last day of term at school)
  • Daily Prayer
  • Attending Sunday mass.
  • Contributing toward Project Compassion
  • Joining a Lenten group.


Project Compassion

Students have being given a Project Compassion box to take home to collect change as a donation to Caritas (the official charity of the Church). This years theme is "Give Lent 100%". Your contributions help empower communities with hope and help those in great need, shape a better future. The focus in the first week in Lent is to provide clean water for vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe.


Lenten Groups

There are a number of Lenten groups in the Cathedral Parish. You can contact the Parish Office for more details. There is a Lenten Group held every Tuesday at O'Connor in the chapel from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.



Thank you to those students in the Vinnies group who cooked pancakes on Shrove Tuesday as a fundraiser for Project Compassion. They are very busy organising "The Paupers Banquet". This is a great fundraiser for Project Compassion and highlights the the gap between the wealthy and poor in the world. 



Ash Wednesday

Thank you to Father Vince for celebrating mass with O'Connor students on Ash Wednesday. Father Vince gave a stirring homily on the meaning of Lent and how we can prepare for Easter in simple everyday ways.


Youth Group

Youth Group is really going well and gaining numbers under the leadership of our Lasallian Youth Ministers. It is on every Friday after school.


Lasallian Youth Gathering

All notes are now due for our pilgrimage to Melbourne for the Lasallian Youth Gathering. It is getting very close and the excitement is building!



Damian Roff

Religious Education Coordinator

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers

Home Learning

Our Pastoral Academic Care focus for this week is Home Learning. Setting up good habits at home is the key to success in learning. Parents are vital in this role. The PAC item in this newsletter discusses what is needed to set up a good home learning area.


There are numerous studies into the benefits and problems associated with homework. I have included a link to a research scan done by Public Schools NSW which contains a good summary of the various research papers on homework here.


The summary section of this article outlines the findings -

  • The ‘more homework the better’ view has no research support

  • The quality of the homework assigned is likely to be more important than the quantity

  • Homework must be purposeful and relevant to student needs and should not jeopardise the right of children to enjoy a balanced lifestyle

  • The amount of homework and time spent on it should accord with the student’s age and developmental level

  • Effort spent on homework is a stronger correlate of academic achievement than time spent on homework

  • Year level appears to be a determinant of homework’s academic effectiveness


Most researchers conclude that for primary students, there is no evidence that homework lifts academic performance. There is only a small correlation between homework and achievement in middle school (Cooper, 1989; Walker, 2011). Only in the senior years of high school does homework clearly raise academic performance.


In 2018, using the research, we developed our home learning policy replacing our homework policy. I have included part of it here (it is also in the student diary):


Key purposes for Home-learning

  • Practice – Home-learning which is intended to enable students to practise skills learnt in class, increase the ease with which these skills can be used; and increase their understanding of how and when to use those skills

  • Preparation – Home-learning which is intended to ensure student readiness for the next class, most commonly by reading articles to introduce or deepen students understanding or activities which have been started in class and need to be completed as the basis to move on in the next activity

  • Participation – Home-learning is intended to increase individual participation in the learning process through mastery and independence

  • Personal Development – Home-learning promotes personal responsibility for learning through:

  • building competency levels

  • ability to follow directions

  • complete tasks on time

  • achieve a feeling of self-confidence and personal accomplishment


Home-learning Progression


Stage 4

Year 7 & 8

  • Focus on literacy, and numeracy skills through the 4 Ps

  • Mathematics and reading each night

  • Physical activity

Stage 5

Year 9 & 10

  • Focus on development of academic opinion and voice through the 4 Ps - inclusive of flipped approaches

  • Reading, writing, reflecting in all subjects

  • Synthesising feedback to refine skills

  • Mathematics practice

  • Physical activity

Stage 6

Year 11 & 12

  • Continual interaction with classwork, independent research and practice, and hypothesising and synthesising of ideas with feedback

  • Flipped and self-directed approaches

  • Wide-reading beyond set texts with a focus on substantiating personal academic opinion and voice

  • Refining mastery of skills

  • Balanced commitment across all subject areas

  • Physical activity


As you can see home learning should progress through Year 7 to Year 12, both in complexity and time given. Every student should be doing home learning every day. Gone are the days when students can get away with the ‘I have no homework’ excuse. Everyone has home learning to do. Parents need to support this. At this moment surveying our students, many are doing little to no home learning. This is especially concerning at the Senior (Year 10, 11 and 12) level. The difference between students who do and do not complete any home learning in the senior level is marked and has a large impact on their overall learning and learning growth. Preparation and practice is especially important, that is, going over the work that was covered in class, looking at the work for the next lesson (Atomi Hub is perfect for this for Year 11 and 12 students). All students need to commit to home learning and they will reap the benefits in their learning.


Child Protection

The Catholic Church continues to dominate the news for all the wrong reasons. Please be assured that we continue to implement a rigorous, comprehensive Child Protection Policy strengthened in accordance with the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

We should never forget, that in any matter of this nature, our concern and prayers are
with victims and their families. Please be assured that our school system works
tirelessly to ensure the safety of every child in our schools, and will continue to do so
as together we share the responsibility for the wellbeing of your children. I have included a prayer below you might like to use:


You asked that
the little children
be allowed to come to you;
for it is such as these that
the Reign of God belongs.
You entrust them
to the care and protection
of our communities of faith.

Guide us
as we strive to ensure
that our Catholic communities
provide a safe environment
for each child.
We pray especially for all those
who have been harmed
in their childhood.
Give them courage
in facing the past
and lead them
to your healing protection.


(source http://mediablog.catholic.org.au/prayers-for-child-protection-sunday-2012/)





What new learning will you undertake this week?


Regina Menz



 Assistant Principal's Message

Progress Reports

Student progress reports will be available week 8. These reports enable parents to receive a snapshot of how students have started the year. The focus is really upon learning dispositions or attitudes to learning at this point in time. We ask these survey questions to identify students who may require intervention strategies and also to congratulate those who have made a great start to the year. It is worth keeping in mind that these reports may not reflect the academic grade which will appear on the semester one report. This year we will send a copy of the report home by mail. Parents will also be able to access reports on our new information system Compass.


In the next few weeks many of our students will be attending sporting events across the region. Swimming, Netball, Rugby League, Touch Footy and League tag to name a few. This year our sport is being organised by Mr Mark Honeysett.

When it comes to travel arrangements there is nothing more frustrating than to order buses for the expected number of students to then have them say they do not want to go. We all need to be responsible when committing to a team, submitting permission notes and paying any money for these events.


Thursday March 21st will see our first step day for Year 6. Mrs Jenny Roff will be coordinating the transition program in 2019. Students will be rotated around activities in Science, PDHPE, Technology and Mathematics. For further information please contact the school office

02 6772 1666 



Parents information and passwords will be sent out soon. All parents are asked to keep your Compass username and password secure and confidential. As parents have the ability to approve absences online, your login details should not be shared with your child. In addition to using Compass, parents are welcome to provide notes, emails and/or call the College to inform us of absences.   

A parent information evening has been set down for Monday March 25th. 

Special Consideration

Assessments Tasks Stage 6

A reminder that if a student cannot attend or submit a scheduled assessment task in year 11 and 12 they must apply for Special Consideration. Students are entitled to apply for Special Consideration in case of Illness/Misadventure. The appeal must be made on the appropriate form and supported by independent evidence. If circumstances are known, students should apply for special consideration prior to the due date. 

Failure to submit a task or attend an assessment will result in a zero grade unless special consideration has been granted. If students know they will be away when a task is due they should apply for special consideration as soon as possible. It is our responsibility to ensure that procedural fairness is seen to have taken place for all involved in the assessment.

Staff Development Days 2019

We wish to advise parents/carers of the dates for staff development days for the remainder of the year.

Term 2 - Tuesday 11th June and Wednesday 12th June. The College will be closed as all staff will be attending the Systems Conference run by the Catholic Schools Office.

Term 3 - Monday 22nd July. The Library will be open for senior students wishing to study.

Term 4 - School concludes on Wednesday 18 December.


Thank you ..

For your ongoing support & Cooperation



Simon Fleming

Assistant Principal

Pastoral Academic Care


Pastoral Academic Care (PAC) Focus

This week’s Pastoral Academic Care focus is HOME BRAIN PATTERNING AND HOME LEARNING


Wellbeing  Element: Positive Engagement

Character  Strength:  Perseverance


Parent Wellbeing: The greatest predictor of success by a large margin in nearly every field, is the relationship between you and your colleagues. Describe your relationship with each of your colleagues and one thing you could do to enhance your connectedness with each of them.


Extending students’ learning beyond the classroom, builds their independence, brain pathways and growth mindsets to explore and learn, and one of these learning environments is at home. An area predominantly used for study is highly desirable. Over time their brains will build patterns that associate that place with study, thus creating habits and reducing barriers to getting started. Also, plenty of colour in this area stimulates students’ brains.

Many families find space a problem and a special study area very difficult to provide. In these cases, the best scenario is to create as many of the features for an efficient learning/ study area as possible, including well lit, quiet, warm and comfortable, a copy of their Personal Timetable and a Forward Planner on the wall. It also needs to be well resourced with stationery and a computer, away from distractions, especially TV and loud music and mobiles on flight mode. Quiet rhythmic music can actually enhance learning.

Studying in front of the TV is a total waste of time, because their brains’ attention cannot compete with the brightness, noise and movement on the screen. Studying in bed is ineffective, because the brain relates bed to sleep, not study.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

Year 7

The Year 7 camp is just around the corner. There are many students who have not submitted their consent and medical forms. Students can not attend camp without completing the forms. The full amount of $360 for camp is now due. Please ensure you have paid this amount in full. Students were given a list of what to bring and what not to bring. If your child has misplaced their information booklet please ask them to let their pastoral teacher know. The information has also been sent in an email to all parents and carers.


Immunisations are on Thursday. If your child is absent on the day we are having a catch up immunisation day. The date of this day is to be announced.


A reminder to students and parents about the importance of kindness. This is our yearly focus. It is so important to ensure all interactions, communication and relationship is framed by kindness. Have a conversation with your children about one kind way they have acted this week and allow them to reflect on how this made them and others feel.





Yolanda Kreuzen

Yr 7 PAC Leader

Year 8

We have made it halfway through Term 1 and are seeing no signs of enthusiasm waning in Year 8. A huge shout out to Thomas Kratz and Isabelle Kelly for the first Year Leader's Awards for year 8. Something for the rest of the year to strive for.


After Dio u15’s rugby league trials in Tamworth last week it is wonderful to celebrate Logan Dalli’s selection to the team.  We wish him all the best next week in Lismore.


Congratulations to our Year 8 contingent Angela Ryan, Quinn Dalton, Ruby Mills, Jasmine Hockey on gaining selection in finals and winning some classes at the regional shows.



During our last pastoral period, students looked at the dangers of inappropriate online behaviour. This can serve as a reminder for parents and students to be mindful of their online footprint. Are you aware of the different privacy settings on your social media accounts? Did you know deleting a photo does not mean it is gone forever? Take some steps to have frank and meaningful conversations with your families about appropriate online behaviour and how to keep safe online.

Some useful information can be found at https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents




Lloyd Honnery.


Year 9

The Year 9 camp is fast approaching. It is dependent upon the parents and carers of students to ensure they have registered their child for the camp through the sport and recreation website formerly emailed to you and sent to you via notes home. That website also contains information about what the students should take to camp. (Don’t forget your toothbrush) Money for the camp is also due by this Friday. ($320 full cost)

In other news, students are preparing for learning tasks in many of their subjects and should be focusing their efforts towards prioritising their time to ensure they complete these tasks by the due dates and to the best of their ability.

This week’s Pastoral focus is the Character Strength - Zest (great enthusiasm and energy).

During their PAC period on Friday, students will be learning how to strive for accuracy and how to slow their thinking down to be more analytical in their approach to a topic or question. Check out what they did on Friday afternoon when they arrive home after another week of learning.


Thanks for your ongoing support.



Peter McLeish

Year 9 PAC Leader

(on behalf of the Year 9 Pastoral Academic Care team)

Year 10

Year 10 hopefully are starting to use some of their time away from academic pursuits, starting to look for and organise their work experience for term 2. My hope is that they find some work experiences relevant to their potential chosen career paths. Work experience begins in week 9 from 24-28 June.

A big thank-you to Mrs Glenda Lemon for her work with students in Careers and setting up a streamlined paperwork bundle for students/parents/carers and employers to start this process.

This week is also a time for students in year 10 to begin their practice NESA minimum standards tests in numeracy and literacy. This should give the students the confidence in completing the actual tests later this semester.

I would also like to congratulate year 10 for a mostly settled mid term and hope that the opportunities offered to them are taken and that they continue to work hard in regards to their learning.





Mark Fulloon

Year 10 PAC  Leader

Year 11

Many of our Year 11 members of Z Club attended the International Women's Day Breakfast hosted by Quota International on Friday 8th March. The theme for 2019 is #Balance for Better.

Z Club provides students with an opportunity to serve and advocate for women locally, nationally and internationally. A wonderful example of social justice in action. The Z Club executive for this year are all from Year 11. Georgia MacMahon is President, Emily Meehan, Vice President and Chloe Brown is record keeper. Congratulations to these students for putting themselves forward for positions of responsibility.

I would also encourage other students to participate in some club or group here at the College, whether it be sporting, cultural, social, service, music, chess, academic etc… There are so many opportunities available and research has shown that well being is increased when you are part of a team or group.

Year 11 students who are celebrating birthdays this fortnight are Clancy, Corey, Brianna, Nathan, Jake and Tahlia. Happy birthday fellow classmates.

Year 11 students are very busy completing and submitting their first assessment tasks for the courses that they are enrolled in. It is a new experience for most of them as the rigour and standard is set high. Some are struggling with the demands of schoolwork, homework, study, part time employment, social time etc. It is all about organisation - time and work management is something that needs to be developed, learned and practiced…. Easy for us as adults to do and understand as we multitask our way through many jobs in a day.

It is important that they let someone know that they are doing it tough so that we can support them in a manner that is appropriate to them and perhaps put some strategies in place to assist them to become more efficient with their time.

Congratulations to the many students who received commendations this fortnight and a special mention to Lara Walters who has gained the first Year Leader’s Award.




Vicki Channon

Year 11 PAC Leader

Year 12

Seniority in a school context usually comes with a certain amount of expectation. Expectation to lead, to be a role model and to represent the College in the community. During PAC times we often speak of the importance of leading and the significance of the little things that students do in building the culture of our school. Many of our Yr 12 Cohort have been doing a fantastic job in these areas of late. Be it in wearing their uniform proudly, promptly heading to class or offering a friendly hello to a younger student, these small things really do add up to make a big difference. Some other ways in which our Year 12 students have been making a difference are listed below.


  • The annual International Women's Day Breakfast was hosted by Quota International on Friday 8th March. Our College Leaders were out in force representing O’Connor at the event. A number of our young ladies also attended the International Women’s Day Luncheon during the week.

  • This coming weekend many Yr 12’s are planning to represent our school at the Campus to City Canter and at the New England Festival Grand Parade. Yr 12 will be leading the running team and co-ordinating the decoration of the O’Connor Float.

  • Congratulations to our newly elected Yr 12 delegates for the Student Representative Council Nathan Westaway and Lauren Campbell.




     James Russell

      Yr 12 PAC Leader


Leader of Pedogogy

LOP Message

On a recent learning walk through the school, I had the pleasure to see tangible evidence of this incredible learning journey we are on to ‘enhance the learning for all. This is resulting in students who are creative, confident and informed people, ready to make a real difference in our world’. It was affirming to come to the realisation that, through the persistence and perseverance in our commitment to the school vision, our students are developing the metacognitive skills to authentically engage in the learning.


There have been multiple studies into the effectiveness of student ‘learning strategies’, and most centre around preparation for exams. While there is significant awareness that examinations are not always the most meaningful nor inclusive means of measuring learning success, what we can extract from these studies is invaluable. Most recently, a study exposed the disparity between what a student ‘thinks they know’ and what they ‘actually know’. As Terada states, “It’s far too easy for students to overestimate their understanding of a topic simply because they’re familiar with it.”


If you think back to how you studied, I could guarantee it included the rewriting of notes, highlighting headings, and practising key points on flashcards. But what did this actually do for your learning? Sure, you mastered memorisation, but once that information had passed its usefulness (i.e. at the end of the exam), it was gone. Replaced, instead, with a memory of ‘having to do that at school’ but not actually remembering ‘how or why it was done.’ I’m currently thinking of the entire evolutionary tree of chordates I had to reproduce once for an exam in Science. I now only remember the hours practising the drawing, not so much the content, nor even why I needed to reproduce such a masterpiece!


It’s important that we encourage our students to actively manage their own learning rather than passively absorbing the content of the classes. This is why opportunities to consider how they learn should be incorporated in learning sequences. That awareness of their own personal learning processes is key and underpins the idea of moving our students’ sense of mastery of a concept/skill from familiarity to deep understanding. Now this might begin with the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria but it is through the learning conversations they have with each other, teachers and parents that impact the most.


During our learning walks, we ask the students six questions:

  • What are you learning?

  • Why are you learning it?

  • How are you going?

  • How do you know?

  • How can you improve?

  • Where do you go for help?

These questions are what Sharratt and Fullan see as essential to “providing the springboard needed to incorporate the 21st-century learning skills [Collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, problem solving] into the curriculum content.” If our students struggle to identify and articulate how they learn, why they are learning it and how they can move their learning going forward, then how can we expect them to negotiate a world that demands them to think innovatively, critically, and collaboratively?


Learning walks are the perfect opportunity to authentically see and hear the impact our work in making the learning visible is having on our learners. When student answers to our six questions are characterised with considered reflection and thoughtful solution finding, they are demonstrating their metacognition and we know that our learning community is succeeding meaningfully in our vision.





Eli Simpson

Leader of Pedagogy

Parent Information

Practical Parenting


Uniform Shop

Opening hours

Monday - 8am - 12pm

Wednesday - 12pm - 4pm

Friday - 10am - 2pm

New England Art Grant

Here’s an opportunity for young musicians.


Naplan 2019

All students in years 7 and 9 are expected to sit the NAPLAN tests between the 14th -24th May 2019.

While participation by all students is expected, students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer. This is a matter for consideration by individual parents/carers. Withdrawals are intended to address issues such as religious beliefs and philosophical objections to testing. A formal application in the manner specified for each state or territory must be received by the principal prior to the testing. Ms Menz can provide further information about the withdrawal process.


Safer Driver Course


Hillgrove Trivia Night


Around the School

SRC News

Wow what a whirlwind of nominations and voting for the SRC 2019!

First I would like to congratulate everyone that nominated themselves. It takes great courage and it was truly amazing to see the number of nominations. With the amount of nominations this year it created the closest polling results I have ever witnessed. Most results are still only separated by one or two votes so well done to everyone. These results would not be possible without every individuals amazing effort. A massive thank you to the teachers and students for making this happen.


So without further ado I would like to announce the 2019 SRC.

Representing Year 7 are:

Riley Fittler, John Harris, Heather Bassett and Ryley Smith

Representing Year 8 are:

Harrison Ross, Claude Toakley, Carmela Brown and Ameila Roberts

Representing Year 9 are:

Ethan Hinds, Angus Scrivener, Bridie Giles and Abby Jackson

Representing Year 10 are:

Ethan Boshoff, Felix Martin, Cyan McLauchlin and Lara Moloney

Representing Year 11 are:

Jacob Lynch, Liam Smith, Ellen Hawthorne and Emily Meehan

And last but not least representing Year 12 are:

Nathan Westaway and  Lauren Campbell

I personally am very excited to see what the new SRC achieves this year.



Thank you

Miss McQuilty 



Z Club

Members of Z Club attending the International Women's Day Breakfast hosted by Quota International. The theme for 2019 is Balance for Better.

Z Club provides students with an opportunity to serve and advocate for women locally, nationally and internationally. A wonderful example of social justice in action.



Great work by our sports captains and house captains with the inter house dodgeball competition this week. Congratulations to Benilde who won the final against La Salle today!
There will be more inter house competitions held this year, and points will to go towards the house cup.


Year 10 Textiles

 Year 10 Textiles have just finished an introductory unit on Soft Toys. They learned a variety of decorative skills such as applique and hand embroidery, as well as some production techniques specific to the task. Some of the students added squeakers to make them more interactive for children as well as tactile type materials. The students then entered them into the Armidale Show. Georgia Luchich received 1st prize, Lillian Johns came away with 2nd and Claudia Best got 3rd prize. We then peer assessed the projects based on guidelines developed by the students themselves. After this, we gained the perspective of an 8 year old child who ranked them according to what she felt made a successful toy. The process was very worthwhile. We are now moving onto the design and construction of a bag.



Vicki Channon

Textiles & Design




World Book Online

The College is very fortunate that the CSO has paid for our subscription to World Book Online. It allows for differentiation as it provides three variations of information. The e-book section allows for multiple copies to be open at once.

The web address is: www.worldbookonline.com

The user name is: oconnor

The password is: oconnor

The account has access to:

 Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgas, World Book Student, Mobile, Timelines, Kids and Advanced

Students can use it as a valuable resource and we thank the CSO.

If you have any problems contact the Librarian, Mrs Glenda Lemon. (glemon@arm.catholic.edu.au)

Agriculture News

Armidale Show Report 2019


O'Connor students had a very successful 2019 Armidale Show, with large numbers of students participating in interdisciplinary collaborative learning tasks over 4 days .


Our Primary Industries students assisted with the set up of the livestock exhibition areas on Thursday and we entered thirty school exhibits in the pavilion sections.


Erin Porter gained valuable agribusiness experience stewarding for the wool section, finding herself working with industry leaders . She then backed up to do the scoring at the junior stock appraisal, as well as peer mentoring other students. Thank you for your contribution to the community Erin.


On Tuesday 15 students competed in the cookery assessment with Kloe Levingstone and Jasmine Hockey becoming the overall winners.


On Friday fifty two students competed in a combined agricultural appraisal competition encompassing Vegetables, Grain, Wool, Meat Sheep, Merino Sheep, Stock Horse and Cattle.  These events develop skills in observation evaluation, decision making and public speaking to name just a few.

O’Connor students were represented in every final with many students presenting orally. Results as follows:


Vegetables: Jack Danieli - 3rd

Grain: Lucy Barley -1st, Eliza Boland -2nd, Jack Danieli -3rd

Sheep: Meg Lawry -1st, Tim Brazier -2nd, Isabel Hine -3rd, Tahlia White -5th

Wool: Isabel Hine -1st, Lucy Bailey -2nd, Meg Lawry -3rd, Abby Jackson -4th, Tilly Brown -5th

Horses: Ben Jones -5th

Cattle: Lucy Bailey -5th


Later that afternoon our heifers competed in the heifer show. Our 'Not A Lot' school cattle got a 3rd place while Tom Smith – Glenview Murray Grey Stud won Grand Champion Heifer.


Many students used our stud cattle to enter the Junior Paraders competition.


In the Pavilion, Jack Danieli was second in the sculpture, third in the crochet, second in the vegetable and animal sections . He won several other classes with our school flowers. Jack was also rewarded with a successful exhibitor Junior prize across several sections.


Aaron Coop and our school food production team won lots of prizes in the farm produce sections including, cucumbers, marrows, herbs and tomatoes to name a few.

Aaron was named most successful junior exhibitor in the farm produce section with his own highly productive garden.


Several students entered the photography section with Allie Carson having success.

In the Horse arena Jamie Jorden won enough champion ribbons in one day to make a rug !! Jamie went on to become Supreme rider of the Show and her horse Supreme Hack of the show – a very rare double! Congratulations Jamie.

Many other students were seen in the horse arena, with Blake Rose making his debut in showjumping and Miss Davidson was the winning champion on her pony.


On Saturday our cattle were exhibited by Will Starr, Makaala Dodd, Hain van Eyk, Mitchell Northam, Allie Carson and Ronald Boxall. Congratulations to this team of students who gave up their Saturday for a school event. The cattle were professionally presented and we won Champion Senior Female with 'Not a Lot Haylee'.

A huge thank you to farm assistant Josh Tout and ex students Sean Skinner and Zeke Johnstone for their assistance.


To complete the weekend several students competed in the stock appraisal Zone Finals with Hain van Eyk to represent us in the Wool State Final and Analiese Wark in the Grain State Final.  Isabel Hine and Eliza Boland were finalists.


Janet Price

Agriculture/ Science

Career Corner

Career News

Two useful websites that offer an independent end-to-end experience for job seekers, parents and students seeking career advice, training information and employment opportunities are:

www.skillsroad.com.au     It is a free site.

A student or parent must first register and add their details. After this is done, it will remember you.

www.jobjump.com.au .  The CSO pays for our access to this one. Firstly, register. The College's password is yaks. After the first time you do not need the password as it will remember you.


World Book

The College is very fortunate that the CSO has paid for our subscription to World Book Online. It allows for differentiation as it provides three variations of information. The e-book section allows for multiple copies to be open at once.

The web address is: www.worldbookonline.com

The user name is: oconnor

The password is: oconnor

The account has access to:

 Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgas, World Book Student, Mobile, Timelines, Kids and Advanced

Students can use it as a valuable resource and we thank the CSO.

If you have any problems contact the Librarian, Mrs Glenda Lemon. (glemon@arm.catholic.edu.au)



Dio Rugby League

The Diocesan u15’s rugby league trials were held in Tamworth and we congratulate the following O’Connor students who have gained selection;
Josh Urquhart, Tyler McCann, Sam Johnson, Logan Dalli, Darcy Booth and Zac Walters.
The boys will now compete in the combined Armidale/Lismore selection trials, to be held at Woodlawn College on Tuesday 19th March.
We wish them the best of luck.


Mark Honeysett

Sport Organiser


The Campus to City Canter


Flyer for 2020 enrolment (1).pdf
2019 Early Entry NSW Universities.pdf
2019 Canter flyer.pdf