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02 August 2018
Issue 12, 2 August 2018
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From the Principal

“Rethinking our priorities, slowing down, disconnecting from technology sometimes (such as when we’re eating a meal in the company of family and friends, or heading for bed), noticing what is happening to our children as a result of the toxic blend of their excessive screen time and our excessive busyness…in other word, being a little more moderate, a little more restrained, a little better prepared for the future.”


These are some of the words of advice in Australia Reimagined, Hugh Mackay’s latest book.


Why is Mackay suggesting this? In his opinion, we are a more fragmented society than ever, and we are experiencing an “epidemic” of anxiety across (particularly) our young people…


…and so it probably comes as no surprise to learn that, according to Mackay, these two points are linked: “Heads we’re more fragmented; tails we’re more anxious,” he writes.


Mackay acknowledges that anxiety isn’t something new, although the “epidemic” of anxiety is…on an unprecedented scale, in fact.


The cause of the epidemic? Mackay posits that, in the past, we have drawn upon four vehicles or means for keeping anxiety under control – the power of faith, community, nature and creative self-expression – but that in recent times we have been neglecting these important facets of life.


We have, Mackay argues, retreated into self-absorption, a heightened sense of personal entitlement and an over-concern with our own personal comfort. This, Mackay says, is only further amplified by our fixation with social media.


Faith, says Mackay, gives meaning to our lives, something “bigger than us” to believe in; and a sense of community – an “exercise of compassion” – “keeps us in touch with people who might need us, and nothing relieves anxiety like a focus on someone else’s needs.”


Mackay reminds us that we are indeed paying a high price for our economic success and, while we can’t now stop the tide, we can rethink our priorities and strive for a healthier balance in our lives.


It is our hope that our focus on an holistic education helps ASC students see the need for just such a balanced life: exploring their spiritual selves, understanding the need for balance between the focus on the individual and the community, recognising the importance of investing time to “sharpen the saw”, developing their creative and critical thinking skills as well as their ability and confidence to articulate their ideas, and so on…


(“A message best deleted”, Ross Gittins, The Age, 25 July 2018)


Ms Belinda Provis

Whole College

Whole College 

When a student is absent from school or required to leave the College during school hours due to illness, or other reasons, parents are required to contact the College on the following telephone numbers.
JUNIOR SCHOOL – (08) 9313 9334
SENIOR SCHOOL – Student Services direct line: (08) 9313 9302
Please note these numbers to ensure your call is dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner, ensuring all students are accounted for.



The College's sixth Whole School Photograph has been assembled and is looking amazing! Take a look for yourself at the image above - can you spot any familiar faces?


The first All Saints’ College Whole School photograph was taken in 1993 when there were just 850 students from Years 1 to 12. This tradition has continued every five years since, with the College capturing a photographic record of the entire College population for posterity.


Towards the end of last term, our staff and students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 were individually photographed at the College for the 2018 Whole School Photograph. 


There are only a limited number of Whole School Photograph prints still available for purchase, so click HERE to secure your copy now! This is truly a special memento, something your child will treasure in years to come. Families who have placed pre-orders will be contacted in the coming weeks when their prints are available for collection.


For further information or any queries, please contact Miss Karyn Osmetti (Communications Manager) on 9313 9341 or [email protected] 



As per the College calendar, the Junior School Columba Photograph Day / Senior School Music Groups will be held next week on Monday, 6 August in the Lower Theatre.


All students are required to wear their Full Formal Winter Uniform with a cardigan (Year 3/4) OR blazer (Year 5 - 12). Year 2 students are required to wear their Winter Sports Uniform with a jacket. A copy of the College uniform and appearance standards, can be found by clicking HERE.


To view a copy of the Junior School Columba Photo Day schedule, please click HERE. 

To view a copy of the Senior School Music Group schedule, please click HERE.



Our Rotary Global Youth Exchange (GYE) students from Texas recently visited the WA Parliament House during their stay here. The students were shown through the Lower and Upper Houses whilst also learning some Australian history, including the construction of Fremantle Harbour, the Goldrush, Kings Park and Edith Cowan. The students also visited our famous Kings Park to view the statues of Edith Cowan and Sir John Forrest.


The students then met with The Hon Dean Nalder MP, Shadow Minister for Energy and Finance and former College parent, who took them to the upper level of Parliament House, through the People's room containing Aboriginal art and Mr Nalder’s Liberal Party room.


Mr Nalder discussed politics in the House and what politicians do there and answered several questions from the team. He then presented the Texan GYE team with a full-size Western Australian flag which has been taken back to America with the students who returned to Texas last Sunday night.



All Saints’ College Year 7 student Jorja South has been very unwell for much of this year with Very Severe Aplastic Anaemia, and as part of her treatment and recovery is in isolation at the Perth Children’s Hospital.


Recently Jorja developed a close relationship with Nic Naitanui from the West Coast Eagles Football Club when he visited the hospital and spoke with her via Facetime from outside her room. Nic has lent his support, starting a fundraising page for her and for the South family in order to assist with the significant and ongoing costs associated with Jorja’s treatment.


Should you wish to support Nic’s work to assist Jorja and her family, you can access his story about her and his fundraising efforts, by clicking HERE

Junior School

From the Dean of Junior School


The Year 5 Exhibition will take place on Tuesday, 14 August at 6.00pm in the Year 5/6 Building. The focus of this exhibition is Year 5 HITS (History, Inquiry, Technology and Science) and is a celebration of the learning in Year 5 this year.


The Year 6 Exhibition will take place on Thursday, 6 September at 6.00pm in the Year 5/6 Building. This exhibition centres on two main key points: ‘Why Australia is home to so many different nationalities’ and ‘How scientific knowledge helps us to make better consumer choices for a sustainable environment’.



‘Bringing children and books together’

This annual event brings children and books together to highlight the importance and joy of reading. The week-long celebration also recognises the creativity of Australian children’s authors and illustrators represented in the Shortlisted Books for 2018. The theme Find Your Treasure sparks student discussion and inquiry.


Each year various class activities occur in the Junior School, with our annual Kindergarten – Year 6 Parents Night In, along with the Early Childhood Book Character Dress-Up Assembly and our popular Pop-Up Library.


To celebrate Children’s Book Week the Junior School Library will be holding the annual Parents Night In on Wednesday, 22 August, 6.00pm – 7.00pm. This is an opportunity for parents and children to relax in comfortable clothes/pyjamas and share a story or two in the Junior School Library. Bring along your favourite cushion and join us for a cup of hot chocolate, tiny teddy biscuits and lots and lots of wonderful books to read. Bookings are essential for this event; please click HERE to reserve your place.



A strong core group of students forms Saints’ Voices, with some new students joining the choir last week. Mr Harries is eager to build on that strength with these new voices.


We encourage any parents who have children in Years 5 and 6 who would like to join this dynamic group of singers to email Mr David Harries (Director of Music) via [email protected]



The Years 5 and 6 Grandparents and Friends’ Morning will take place on Monday, 27 August, starting in the Centre for Performing Arts (CPA). We are looking forward to warmly welcoming our grandparents and friends to the College on this day. Bookings are essential for this event; please click HERE to reserve your place.


Ms Penelope Crane
Dean of Junior School



As per the College calendar, the Junior School Columba Photograph Day will be held next week on Monday, 6 August in the Lower Theatre.


All students are required to wear their Full Formal Winter Uniform with a cardigan (Year 3/4) OR blazer (Year 5 - 12). Year 2 students are required to wear their Winter Sports Uniform with a jacket. A copy of the College uniform and appearance standards, can be found by clicking HERE.


To view a copy of the Junior School Columba Photo Day schedule, please click HERE. 



Senior School


Year 12 students are excused from Year 11/12 Sport on Tuesday afternoons after lunch during Term 3. This arrangement began in Week 2 on Tuesday, 24 July.


This concession provides the perfect opportunity for Year 12 students to create some extra study time. Students are encouraged to make effective use of the time for long-term benefit.


If any student is unable to or does not wish to leave the grounds at this time because of transport difficulties, or any other reason, he or she is welcome to stay until the end of the school day and to make use of College resources.


Students who opt to remain at the College during Periods 5 and 6 on Tuesday must ‘sign in’ at Student Services. This is so that we know who is on campus, should an evacuation, lockdown or some other similar event occur. If a student does not ‘sign in’, we assume that person has left the College grounds.


Students who remain at the College to study should locate themselves in the Senior School Library. The usual expectations for a Directed Study session apply – quiet, effective work. Use of the Library requires prior arrangement with Ms Cameron, who will check on the use of the Library at that time by other classes.


Because Year 12 students are not involved in Tuesday afternoon Sport in Term 3, they are required to wear their formal winter uniform to school on Tuesdays.



Parents are reminded that once having arrived at school, students are not permitted to leave the College grounds without permission. On occasion this term, students have been spotted in the morning before 8.30am walking away from the College, without their school bags, to local shops and then returning with junk food, sugary drinks, etc. Students place themselves outside the College’s Duty of Care when they choose to leave the grounds and potentially place themselves at risk.


The following statement appears in SEQTA Documents under ‘ASC Policies and Protocols’:


Students are not permitted to leave the College grounds at any time during the school day without appropriate written permission/authorisation from a parent/guardian/staff member. Students who do leave the College grounds during the school day without permission place themselves outside of the College’s duty of care, and may be issued with a Saturday detention for doing so.


Please ensure that your children understand they must stay on the College grounds once they have arrived, even if school is yet to commence, and they must not leave before the end of the school day without permission and without ‘signing out’ at Student Services.


Mr Steven Davies

Dean of Student Wellbeing



Correspondence has been forwarded to families/students in Week 2 regarding test dates and help sessions for Round 2 of the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).


The following tests have been scheduled for Round 2:

  • Literacy Writing – Tuesday, 28 August, Tutor Group/Period 1 in Room 3.1, Building 8
  • Literacy Reading – Thursday, 6 September, Tutor Group/Period 1 in Room 3.1, Building 8
  • Numeracy – Friday, 7 September, Tutor Group/Period 1, Room 3.1, Building 8

OLNA help sessions as listed below are being offered for both Year 10 and 11 students. For more information about OLNA and practice tests, click HERE.


Please note that the numeracy help sessions are during school time and are mandatory; however the literacy sessions are after school and are therefore voluntary.


Numeracy help sessions (Mandatory for students who need to complete OLNA only) – G2

Numeracy session 1: Monday, 20 August – Period 6

Numeracy session 2: Tuesday, 28 August – Period 4


Literacy help sessions – in D3 (Voluntary)

OLNA Writing help session - Monday, 20 August, 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Catch up OLNA Writing session  - Monday, 27 August, 3.30pm to 4.30pm

OLNA Reading help session  - Monday, 3 September, 3.30pm to 4.30pm



Bookings with your child’s counsellor will remain open until Monday, 13 August 2018 via the SEQTA Parent Gateway.



This week staff and students at the College celebrated Languages’ Week.


With the introduction of a new language at the College this year, students have even more to celebrate, with various activities taking place across the week, including crêpe making, face painting, pétanque, cultural dances, a poster competition, and a Language Perfect Championship.


The canteen also had a special menu inspired by the four Languages studied at the College – French, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese – with food such as spring rolls, wonton soup, ravioli, minestrone soup, croissants, risotto rice balls, Japanese custard buns, and French onion soup available at recess and lunch.


Today Year 7 and 8 students took part in a half-day incursion, rotating through exciting activities such as Origami, Chinese calligraphy, Italian masks, French cards, crêpe making, historical 3D walk and a quiz.



Last week Senior School staff and students celebrated Bond’s birthday at ASC by sharing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) with each other.


During the week Bond received lots of cuddles from some Senior School students, and watched on as they created RAKs to share with others in the Senior School Library.


In addition to the craft table, the Senior School Library staff also created some positive and inspirational messages which they added to books for students to find as a surprise when they borrowed them.


Don’t forget to share your RAK with Bond on his Instagram page or on the College Facebook page.



School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA), in conjunction with WA Police and agencies such as Red Frogs, are hosting a Year 12 Leavers Parent Information Event. This FREE session covers: 

  • What’s happening at Busselton/Dunsborough and Rottnest Island 
  • The role WA Police play 
  • Ways to speak with your child about alcohol and other drugs 
  • Young drivers and their passengers 
  • Tips for keeping Leavers safer 
  • Volunteers providing a positive peer presence

When: Sunday, 12 August, 10.00am (morning tea provided)

Where: AQWA Function Centre, 91 Southside Dr, Hillarys 

To book your free ticket, click HERE by Sunday, 5 August.

All attendees will get a free family pass for AQWA to use on the day (valued at $79.00) and go into the draw to win an overnight stay at Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton.


More information can be found on the SDERA Website or via the facebook event.


What's On?

WANT TO PLAN FURTHER AHEAD? Click HERE to visit our 2018 College Calendar


Limited tickets are available on Wednesday, 8 and Thursday, 9 August for the College Dance Concert. Friday, 10 August is now sold out. Email [email protected] for more information. To book tickets, click HERE


To book tickets for the Nulsen Quiz Night, click HERE


For more information about the All Saints' College Playgroup, click HERE


To book tickets for the Jazz Saints performance, click HERE


To book tickets, click HERE


The HotHouse Company

The term is still very young but already the HotHouse Company has welcomed many artists and experienced wonderful opportunities.



During the recent school holidays, HotHouse opened its doors to one of Australia’s premier dance organisations, Sydney Dance Company (SDC). Twenty-three students from across WA including Old Saint Lochie Walmsley (2017), worked closely with dancers Natalie Ayton and Kate Grima-Farrell as they introduced them to SDC repertoire as well as creating structured improvisation.


When asked for feedback, our participants described the HotHouse experience as:

Fulfilling, inspiring, fun, creative, unique and has given myself and others an amazing opportunity to train with people who we look up to.



Complicité, a UK theatre company based in London spent a week at the College during the first week of Term 3. Actor and director Joyce Henderson, who ran the workshops, was incredible and offered a myriad of opportunities for our students, teachers and members in the wider community.


Joyce worked with 20 students from across WA including students from Cape Naturaliste College. Participants spent the day working on creating an original drama work which will be published in the next few weeks via the HotHouse Company website. Joyce also spent two days working with teachers from across WA giving an invaluable insight into the way Complicité devise works using creative and innovative techniques. Teachers stated that the HotHouse Company provided them with an incredible opportunity and they loved visiting our wonderful facilities for such a great professional development.



A group of committed students has been working on a unique new program called ‘The Guardians Project’. Students, along with celebrated playwright and director Jeffrey Jay Fowler, have been devising material to create a new play. Students have interviewed parents, staff, and members of the community regarding themes of protection, safety, and danger.


We hope to share the community’s voice through an original theatrical work. As the students complete the scriptwriting and devising process, they will commence rehearsals next week.


The Guardians Project will have two performances – Friday, 24 August and Saturday, 25 August. The work will be challenging, expressive, and eye-opening. Information about tickets to the performances will be shared through the HotHouse Company website and Facebook page.



The annual College Dance Concert is just around the corner, with three nights of performances to hit the stage next week. Friday night has sold out with limited tickets available on Wednesday and Thursday evening. 


As always, the students are so appreciative of our communities support and would love to welcome you to one of the highlights of the College calendar.


Limited tickets are available on Wednesday, 8 and Thursday, 9 August for the College Dance Concert. Friday, 10 August is now sold out. To book tickets, click HERE


To book tickets for the Jazz Saints performance, click HERE


Sport & Physical Education


Last term our Years 11 and 12 students represented the College each Tuesday afternoon in the Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) Southern Associated Schools (SAS) Winter Sport competition.


At the end of the season, all sporting teams that finished on top of their ladder were able to progress to the Interzone Finals, where All Saints’ played the school that won in the Northern division. This year both the girls Soccer team and girls Netball B team progressed to this point.


The girls Soccer team travelled to Chisholm Catholic College on Tuesday, 24 July and played a great game; however, unfortunately, the Chisholm team was just too strong for us on this occasion. Mr Jamieson was extremely proud and congratulated the team on their performance.


The girls Netball B team travelled to Sacred Heart College the same afternoon and, after a slow start, managed to lift the intensity and came home strongly, winning by 10 points.


After having over a month off over the holiday period, Miss Greene said that the girls came together as a team really well and were able to put on a very impressive performance. Congratulations to Lauren Hanson (Year 11) who was named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the finals.

Finally, after all the hard work the Year 11 and 12s put in this year, we are pleased to announce that All Saints’ finished second overall in the SAS competition. Consistency was the key to doing so well and, as we say goodbye to our Year 12s who have been a part of the competition for the last two years, we look forward to the current Year 10 group being a part of next year’s competition.



In Week 5 of Term 2, the School Sport Western Australia (SSWA) Netball Carnival was held, with 50 girls representing All Saints’ College in numerous divisions. Our Year 7/8 A team was undefeated on the day, and they have since played a knock-out game against Corpus Christi College. The girls faced some tough competition against Corpus; however, they should be very proud of making it this far.


Our Year 9/10 A team was also undefeated on the day, and in their after-school game they successfully triumphed over Mercedes College and progressed to a final competition held this term. On Thursday, 19 July the Year 9/10 team travelled to the Fremantle Netball Courts with coach Mrs Harmsen to compete in an elimination day. After the morning pool round the girls were sitting in second place. After winning a final against Atwell, they faced Churchlands. The Churchlands girls were a little strong on the day, and our girls played their last game of the competition.


This is the furthest an All Saints’ team has ever progressed in a SSWA Netball Competition, and we are extremely proud of this group of girls. Mrs Harmsen said the girls were an absolute delight to coach, and we look forward to all these girls continuing to participate in Netball as they move into their senior years at the College.



The regatta on Saturday, 21 July was held in very rough and windy conditions, with racing suspended while a strong rain front passed over the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre.


Rowers were given the option to discontinue racing, but all ASC rowers chose to finish the regatta.


Results were impressive, with five wins and many second and third placings.


I would like to thank Mr Steven Davies and Miss Britt Gray for braving the elements to attend and support all rowers.


The penultimate regatta for this year will be held at the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre on Saturday, 4 August 2018 where students will be competing in 15 different boat types and age categories.


The final competition for this year will be the All Schools’ Championship Regatta held at Champion Lakes on Saturday, 18 August 2018. All Saints’ College and Curtin University Boat Club are co-hosting this regatta for the first time.


Mrs Jo Boserio

All Saints’ College Rowing Coordinator

Success Stories

We are always pleased to acknowledge the successes of our students and would be delighted to hear of their achievements. Please email: [email protected]

Congratulations to the following students and staff on their fine achievements.



Congratulations to Ceicilia Limargana (Year 5) who won First Place in the Junior category of the Transylvanian International Piano Competition in Romania from 9 – 15 July 2018.


Congratulations to Charlotte Ch'ng (Year 11) on recently receiving a Highly Commended award for her work Proud Feathers in the 16th annual St George’s Art Exhibition at St George’s Cathedral.


Charlotte’s artwork comments on Australia’s biodiversity and features a hand-cut lino print of a peacock embellished with delicate embroidery of native flora.  


The College congratulates the following students who received High Distinctions in the 2018 ICAS Digital Technologies UNSW Global Assessment held in Term 2:

Jing Quan Chong (Year 5), Samuel Frossos (Year 6), Rémi Hart (Year 10), James Ji (Year 5), Ceicilia Limargana (Year 5) and James Lund (Year 10).


The College congratulates Rhea Makesar (Year 7) who has been selected for the School Sport WA Bruce Cup – Primary Tennis team that will compete at the prestigious Bruce Cup Championships in Adelaide from 20 – 28 October 2018.


Rhea has competed at a number of tennis tournaments over the last few months to earn her spot in the team.


During the recent school holidays Rhea played in two back-to-back State Gold Tennis Tournaments, placing first in both singles and doubles in the first competition, and playing in the semi-finals in the second.


After also playing in the semi-finals of the Under 14 Girls Silver Tournament and in the quarterfinals of the Under 12 Platinum Nationals in Adelaide during April, Rhea maintained her first-place ranking in Western Australia and second place in Australia in her age group.


Congratulations to Toby Landau (Year 7) who won first place in the Year 7 Monologue and Year 7 Duologue categories in the Perth Speech and Drama Senior Festival 2018 from 16 – 17 June.


Congratulations to our Senior School Physical Education teacher / Years 11 and 12 Coordinator, Mr Oliver Beath, for receiving a 10  Year Service Award from School Sport AFL at a Presentation Dinner in Adelaide on Tuesday, 24 July 2018.

Service Learning



Towards the end of last term, All Saints' College and HotHouse Company hosted its third annual fundraising art exhibition, Connected³.


More than 130 inspiring artworks responding to the theme 'Connected' were created by both well-established and emerging artists as well as students, parents, College staff and Nulsen Disability Services residents.


All artworks were available to purchase through an Online Auction, and in the end we sold 66 pieces to raise more than $2 500 for Nulsen (ASC's Service Learning partner organisation).




Propeller Enterprises


Six students attended the Intergenerational Innovation Network (IIN) hosted at Flux by Spacecubed and Edith Cowan University (ECU) on Friday, 27 July


At this event around 25 university and industry partners spoke with students about entrepreneurship and innovation, and how they can support the students to create and explore.


IIN is the network which was formed after receiving a Federal Grant in 2017, in partnership between All Saints’ College and Spacecubed. Spacecubed hosted workshops with youth in Perth, Bunbury, Port Hedland and Newman as a part of the IIN’s launch in WA earlier this year.

Learning Technologies

What do schools want from technology?

I recently presented at a meeting hosted by the Australian Council for Educational Leadership (ACER) and EduGrowth, a company trying to connect EdTech companies with educators. The brief for the meeting and panel was "What do schools want from technology". The Chief Information Officer from the Western Australian Department of Education, Mr David Dans, among others, was on the panel and presented at the event.


We are indeed fortunate at the College to have the infrastructure and support, Led by Mr Ian Mackay-Scollay and Mr Brad Lucas, for our hundreds of devices to connect to a reliable, fast network which gives our staff and students the capacity to innovate with technology. We would be the envy of many schools that I spoke with last night. The progression from paper-based to a digital-based paradigm is neither linear nor simple. Effective use of technology - my message at the meeting - puts great teaching and strong pedagogical principles at the heart of the way we employ technology. Using tech for the sake of it is never a good idea and many activities are better served without technology, however, I would argue strongly that there is an increasing plethora of tools that augment and redefine tasks for the benefit of both learners and teachers. I love this quote:

When technology is employed skillfully and purposefully it becomes so integrated with our natural practices that it becomes invisible - brilliant! The other principles I discussed were around technology solutions that support personalised learning and student agency, something I see as increasingly relevant in a globalised landscape.


Mr Greg Port

Head of ICT Integration

Wireless projection solution

One of the fundamental problems I wanted to solve arriving at the College was the issue of wireless projection. After investigating a number of options, we settled on using Vivi, a device that connects to a projector and allows staff and students to wirelessly project their device.

The key criteria, understandably, were reliability and ease of use and Vivi has proved to be a great solution that works with any kind of device - Windows, Mac, or any phone or tablet. 

Currently we have over 50 classrooms and spaces with Vivi which then allows staff to be untethered from the front of the room and set up and project from anywhere in the class. Additionally students can quickly and easily display their work and ideas. 


Screen Recording

A great tool for being able to record your screen is Loom. This simple add-in for the Chrome web browser allows students to quickly do a recording of either their screen, webcam or both.

The videos are stored online and you can also do some editing which is a great feature. Here are the details. Sometimes it may be easier to show how something is done rather than writing it out - Loom makes this easy to do!


Cocurricular Activities

RoboCup Junior WA State Event

Over 20 All Saints’ Years 6 – 12 students will compete at the RoboCup Junior WA State Event this Friday, 3 August and Saturday, 4 August at Curtin Stadium after their excellent performances at the recent RoboCup South Metro Competition. The event is free and open to all who wish to watch. We would love to see you there to cheer on our Robotics Club students!


When: 3 and 4 August 2018

Time: Friday - 8.30am - 3.00pm, Saturday - 8.30pm - 2.00pm

Venue: Curtin Stadium

For more information about the State event, click HERE

Holiday Programs

Vacation Care Program for children aged 3 - 12

Vacation Care enables students to participate in a vibrant and energetic recreational program that is both stimulating and enjoyable. The children feel comfortable and secure, and, most importantly, have fun as they take part in an engaging program that fosters creativity, curiosity and wellbeing.

Further information can be found by clicking HERE.


School Holiday Program for 9 - 17 Years


Is your 9 – 17 year old looking for something to do during the upcoming school holiday break? Why not have them join our exciting Holiday Program.
All activities are conducted by qualified and experienced coaches, staff members and suppliers.
Holiday Program Dates 2018:


Tuesday, 2 October - Thursday, 4 October
For further information email: [email protected] 

Click on the video below to watch highlights from our most recent School Holiday Program 




Next P&F Meeting: Monday, 10 September 2018. Commences at 7.00pm in the Boardroom (located in the Senior School Reception).



To book your spot for the upcoming Cooking for the Homeless event, click HERE


Wanju Café


Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 11.00am AND 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Did you know Wanju has a Facebook page? Click on the video above or HERE to learn more!​


To order an entertainment book or a digital membership, click HERE


Important Contact Details

Senior School - student absence, lateness, queries

Student Services (08) 9313 9302  (8.00am - 4.00pm - Term Time)


Junior School - student absence, lateness, queries

Junior School Reception (08) 9313 9334 (8.00am - 5.00pm - Term Time)


TSC - technical help desk, log on queries

TSC Help Desk  (08) 9313 9363 (7.00am - 5.00pm - Monday to Friday)


Accounts - pay school fees, tours/incidentals

Pay fees, tours/incidentals (08) 9313 9365 (8.30am - 4.30pm - Monday to Friday)

Queries on fees (08) 9313 9313 (8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday)


Senior School Reception 

General enquiries (08) 9313 9333 (8.00am - 5.00pm - Daily)


Uniform Store

Uniform Store Manager - Michelle Read  (08) 9313 9301


Monday:  7.30am – 11.30am
Wednesday: 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Thursday: 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Friday: 7.30am – 2.00pm

Health Centre

(08) 9313 9326

Aquatic Centre

(08) 9313 9386


In the news

ASC Year 7 student Jorja inspires Nic Nat

All Saints’ College Year 7 student Jorja South has been very unwell for much of this year with Very Severe Aplastic Anaemia, and as part of her treatment and recovery is in isolation at the Perth Children’s Hospital.


Recently Jorja developed a close relationship with Nic Naitanui from the West Coast Eagles Football Club when he visited the hospital and spoke with her via Facetime from outside her room. Nic has lent his support, starting a fundraising page for her and for the South family in order to assist with the significant and ongoing costs associated with Jorja’s treatment.


Should you wish to support Nic’s work to assist Jorja and her family, you can access his story about her and his fundraising efforts, by clicking HERE

Cody Reader (Year 6) selected for WA Ice Hockey team

To read more about Cody's selection for the Western Australia Ice Hockey Team in the Canning Times, click HERE

The College Courier