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21 June 2018
Issue Ten
From the Principal's desk
What's Happening?
Student Awards
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Student Wellbeing
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From the Principal's desk

This week I had the pleasure of watching the matinee of Numurkah Secondary College's, 'A High School Musical'.  It was a lively performance and it was fantastic to see so many of our children participating in the show. Ms Davis and the NPS Choir students have put in a lot of extra effort to participate in the production. We are very impressed with their dedication and hard work which has been displayed as they represented Numurkah Primary School.


Equally pleasing was the enjoying the performances of past Numurkah Primary School students.

Compass - We now have 80 percent of our families on Compass and will from next term be posting all our notices and updates on the News feature of this platform. We will continue to use our facebook page as a more informal sharing of students going about their learning. Teacher interviews will also be booked by parents through Compass next term, so if you are one of the twenty per cent that have not logged on, please ring us so we can assist you.


A new literacy and numeracy resource for parents to support learners aged 0-12 has been released by the department and can be viewed on the link below:



What's Happening?

Upcoming Dates

Monday 25th June - No assembly (will be held Friday 29th)

Monday 25th June - School Council Meeting 7pm

Mon 25th / Tues 26th / Wed 27th June - Year 3/4 Debates Round 1   

Wednesday 27th June - Pyjama Day! Wear your pyjama's to school and bring along a Teddy Bear.  Gold coin donation. 

Thursday 28th June - Reports published on Compass

Friday 29th June - Whole School Assembly 9am 

Friday 29th June - Last day of Term 2. Students finish at 2:20pm


Term 3


Monday 16th July - First day of Term 3

Tuesday 24th July - Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 25th July - Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews


Last Day of Term 2 - Friday 29th June

  • All families are invited to come along to our final assembly which will be held at 9 am in the Prep - 3 Open Learning Area.
  • Students will participate in some special House Buddy activities during the morning.
  • Students will have an early lunch at 1:10 pm - lunch orders are available
  • School dismissal at 2:20pm

School Photos

School photos arrived and were sent home with students on Wednesday 20th June. Please check with your student to make sure they have come home.  

2018 Debating Festival

This years debates have commenced, with students working very hard to research and present their side of the debates.


Monday 25th June - Girls Got Pop vs Princess Power

                                   "Junk mail should be banned."

Tuesday 26th June - Krazy Koalas vs Cats & Dogs

                                    "Winter is better than Summer."

Wednesday 27th June - The Flying Bananas vs The Gems

                                     "T.V. is better than books."

Regional Cross Country

Yesterday, Wednesday 20th June, Bridget Brown competed at the Regional Cross Country event at Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla. Bridget competed well and gave it her best, which is a remarkable achievement given the fact that she had a leg muscle niggle only last week.


Despite feeling puffed and sore Bridget put in an amazing effort to come 7th! She was very happy to have improved on her placing from last year. Achieving 7th place means that Bridget has qualified to compete at the State Cross Country. We wish Bridget all the best at State!


Congratulations to all of our students who represented themselves and our school, in such a brilliant manner during this year’s Cross Country Program.

Student Awards

Student of the Week - 08/06/2018

Prep/1S - Tamika Arundel - For always displaying the four school values and getting your work started straight away. Keep it up!

Prep/1H - Charlie Jenner - Consistently producing work of a high standard. Being a responsible and reliable classroom captain. Well done Charlie.

2/3C - Isaac Forman - Isaac has had a very solid week in all areas. He is a handy computer expert and gave a very informative "share" at Investigations. Well done.

2/3R - Sienna Kubeil - Sienna was a keen participant in the Life Ed Van session. She was a wonderful contributor to the discussions and question times.

3/4S - Marli Salter - What a great week Marli - your sparkly personality has kept us all going during a very hard working week!

4/5W - Shaye Bowen - You were well organised with your learning this week. Keep it up!

5/6H -  ​Jacob Lindberg- For contributing in a relevant and purposeful way to our class discussions this week.

5/6S - Keisha Broad- For showing great organisation as you efficiently managed your class workload and debating commitments. You also worked cooperatively with others, listening to their ideas and sharing your thoughts.

Student of the Week - 15/06/2018

Prep/1S - Georgie Hall - For outstanding work ethic and putting 110% effort into all your tasks. Keep it up!

Prep/1H - Jordan Carter - Jordan you put effort into all your tasks and you are always displaying the school values. 

2/3C - Brock Jenner - For being a great role model for younger students this week, and helping them when needed. 

2/3R - Rihanna Williams - Rihanna has worked very hard on her Geography project and she has been a willing helper to other students.

3/4S - Jacinta Holmes - Jacinta you are an extremely enthusiastic class-member. You work really hard every day, and you are full of good ideas! 

4/5W -Zac Newby  - Well done on participating in your first debate and having the confidence to speak to an unfamiliar audience

5/6H - Tyson Hill - For being an interested student who participated enthusiastically in Library Literacy sessions. You also did a great job as catcher during softball practice. 

5/6S - Sapphire Brown - For showing great enthusiasm and interest as you read a range of books. You are also effectively teaching and involving the class in a range of French tasks.

Aussie of The Month - May 2018

Prep/1S - Sieanna Lourens - For using your manners all the time and playing nicely with others. You are a great learner by always persisting with your reading.

2/3C - Asha Parry - For always being such a kind and caring member of our class and helping out anyone who is in need. 

2/3R - Liam Young - Liam is always respectful and kind. He tries his hardest with his work and will always help others. Liam is a 

3/4S - Noah Johnson - Noah, you are always ready to lend a thoughtful ear to people, quick to help and slow to judge. Everyone in the class counts you as a good friend. 

4/5W - Charlie Hodge - Everyone in our class appreciates your kind and caring nature and that dazzling smile you greet us with every day. You always do quality work and aim to achieve your personal best. 

5/6H - Jorjiah Moody - For being a caring student who shows respect to others and tries hard to achieve her best in all areas. She is persistent, especially in maths. Jorjiah is truly an asset to our class.  

5/6S - Keisha Broad - Keisha is a diligent, responsible student. She is organised, cooperates with others, stays on task and always does her best work. Keisha makes good choices and cares for others. Keisha is a valuable member of our school community. 

Parents & Friends

5c Challenge

Tomorrow will be the last chance to bring in your 5c pieces! The winning class will be rewarded with a movie, popcorn, lollies and a drink!

The 5 cent challenge finishes this Friday. The class that has raised the most money will celebrate with a film, popcorn and other treats on Wednesday 27th.

PJ Day - Wednesday 27th June

All students are asked to bring a gold coin donation next Wednesday and come dressed in their Pyjamas. Also teddies or bedtime toys are welcome to come for a sleep over. Who knows what mischief they might get up to! Money raised will go towards new playground equipment.



Student Wellbeing

Friendly Faces

One thing that has impressed me in my time at Numurkah Primary is the friendliness of our students, especially in welcoming newcomers. Getting to know new people is a fantastic life skill and one that not only helps newcomers feel comfortable in a new environment, but also adds to our own sense of well-being. Meeting new people is not always easy, but we can always get better with practice!


There may be many reasons why making a newcomer feel welcome may be difficult but making a new friend is a great reward! We learn so much when we connect with people from other places or other cultures. I especially love trying new recipes from people I meet from other countries! This week, we had a great cooking time, trying out some foods from other cultures; hummus, tzatziki, salsa, nachos and baklava. Cooking and food preparation teaches us heaps – we especially enjoyed trying some produce from our veggie garden! Learning about new friends, different cultures and trying new foods adds to our life experiences; a sense of curiosity and willingness to explore is fantastic for our mental and social well-being!



Tam Joyce



Student Wellbeing

Hi everyone,

At Numurkah Primary School, we really care about our students and their wellbeing. The best way to know if a child is happy and okay at school is to talk to them, listen and have a conversation. Student Wellbeing is very difficult to measure as illustrated in the cartoon below, ha ha. Food for thought: Sometimes we may assume that everything is okay when it is not, however, often we may also think that things are not okay, when they actually are. It is here that we need to work together and have a chat to work out what is the best way forward, for the student, family and school. Have a great weekend everyone.


Mr Jenner



New Picture Story Books

The All Must Have Orange 430

By: Michael Speechley

Harvey owned a heap of stuff, but could always use more. The ORANGE 430 was the latest and the greatest. Harvey wasn’t sure what it did, but he had to have it!


A cheeky picture book for anyone who's bought a thingy or whatsit . . . and doesn't quite know why. In his debut picture book, Michael Speechley explores our obsession with stuff in a fun and edifying way.

Tiger's Roar

By: Alex Rance


Tiger was the champion of all the jungle. He was strong and bold and proud, and he sat at the top of the very tallest tree. But one day the winds blew, the birds shrieked, the tree shook, and...


Tiger fell all the way down to the mud at the bottom of the tree, and bumped his head on a rock. What will it take for Tiger to be able to climb back to the top of the tree?


A hugely entertaining picture book about teamwork and never giving up.


Canteen Helpers

Friday 22nd June - Selyna Wilson

Monday 25th June  - Toni Adams

Tuesday 26th June - Cynthia Morgan

Wednesday 27th June - Kylie's Leadership Group

Thursday 28th June - Helper Required

Friday 29th June - No canteen - early school finish 2:20pm


Term Three

Monday 16th July  - Junior School Council

Tuesday 17th July - Helper Required

Wednesday 18th July - Kylie's Leadership Group

Thursday 19th July - Helper Required

Friday 20th July - Selyna Wilson


Volunteers Required - 

Our school canteen, selling ice creams and icy poles,  is staffed by parent volunteers. If you would like to assist in the school canteen, a volunteer is required each day from 1:30pm - 2:10pm. During Term one our canteen was only been open on limited days due to limited availability of volunteers. The canteen will be open more regularly this term as Julie Wilkinson and the Junior School Councillors and Kylie Jones with her Leadership Group will be assisting in the Canteen.


We still need a parent volunteer on Tuesday's and Thursday's, if you are able to help out please let the office know.

Canteen Menu

Our Canteen items and prices have remained the same as last year. A price list is attached below.


Lunch Orders


The Lunch Order menu has remained the same as last year. Please see the attachment below if you do not have a copy.



Class Page - 2/3C

This week 2/3C took a look back over the term and reflected on some of our favourite events and activities. This is what some of the students thought:

Tyrell J.:

My favourite activity was making dragons in themes. I liked the cutting out the head and figuring out how it went together. It was tricky.

Izaac K.:

My favourite activity was the Bully Bull Ring because Brutus tried to punch Bellamy and missed and it was really funny.

Billy E.:

My favourite activity was making emoji’s in art. We had to draw them first and then we made them out of paper. We had to make six of them.

Asha P.:

My favourite activity was learning about the colours in French. My favourite colour is “rose” which means pink.

Carley B.:

My favourite activity was the Bully Bull Ring because it taught us how to stop bullies. My favourite part was when Bellamy got the text messages. It was funny.

Riley B.:

My favourite activity was making 3D cows in themes. We made them because we were making paper toys. They were challenging and fun.

Briley B.:

I really liked making puppets in themes. We made them out of a paper bag and got to stick more paper on it to make an animal. It was really fun.

Charles W.

My favourite activity was the Sporting Schools. My favourite sport was soccer because you can kick the ball and run around.

Taesharn C.

My favourite activity was the Bully Bull Ring because all the animals gave me advice about what I could do if someone was bullying me. I think the Polar bear was the most important because he told me to make sure I had a snuggley teddy bear beside me.

Brock J.

My favourite activity was PE because it is fun and we get to do all different games. My favourite game was “Chase the Rabbit”.

Community Notices

Goulburn Valley Library - School Holiday Program

A number of activities will be run at the Goulburn Valley Libraries during the July school holidays. For more details please see the attachment below.


SkillZone - School Holiday Program


Immersion Puppetry Workshop

This workshop will be held at Numurkah Library on Tuesday 3rd July at 2:30 pm. For more details please see the attachment below.


Little Bags of Magic - School Holiday Program

WINTER School Holiday Program

Monday – Thursday 8am – 4pm

To Book – simply pop into the shop or email [email protected]


Numurkah Singers -
Into the Woods Jr

The next show that Numurkah Singers is putting on is "Into the Woods Jr" and the Teepee Kids have been rehearsing hard since the start of the year.

They will perform two shows on Saturday 23rd June at Numurkah Town Hall at 2pm and 7:30pm.

Tickets will be available at the door before the show and it is unreserved seating. Cash only

Adults $15.00
Student/Concession $10.00
Programme $5.00

Community Reading Day

The NumurkahCommunity Reading Day will be held again this year – this is our 10th year running this great event, it will be held on

Thursday 23rd August 10.00am – 11.30am


For more information please see the attachment below.


Numurkah Primary School
School Lunch Summer Menu .pdf
GV Library July School Holiday Program.pdf
Immersion Puppetry Workshop.pdf
Community reading day flyer.pdf