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08 December 2017
Issue Nineteen
College Principal's Report
Junior Campus Principal's Report
Senior Campus  Principal's Report
Victorian Young Leaders to China Program
School Uniform Reminder
College & Community Updates
College Calendar
National Youth Science Forum
Traralgon College
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Traralgon, VIC, 3844

College Principal's Report

Mr David Mowbray
College Principal

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending the Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Post Program Forum in Melbourne. This wrap-up event gave our students – Kaitlyn Algie, Tamika Lynch, Bruk Lynzaat, Ana Varela-Pereira and Chantelle Young, and teacher Brea Hobbin the opportunity to reflect, debrief and showcase their learning with Principals, AFS intercultural Programs staff and the International Education Division team from DET.

Brea reflected on her experience and learning through a short 5 minute presentation on her project – student leadership. The students worked with other schools to present a highly entertaining 10 minute video built around a Chinese dating game show If You Are the One 缘来非诚勿扰 (Yuan Lai Fēi Chéng Wù Rǎo). It looked like our students had a wonderful time and developed some very good grasp of Chinese language, culture and international travel.

Head Start is alive and well at TC. The staff and students have made great strides in commencing our 2018 learning program. There is a great buzz in the air. The 5-period day has certainly generated a livelier pace to our day.

Our Year 12 students have been fantastic over the two weeks of their Head Start and we aim to keep this momentum rolling into next year. The summer break will enable them to re-charge, but it is also a key time to complete some essential reading and get organised with their study notes – a key to year 12 success. The Year 11’s made a successful transition into the fulltime VCE program and a lot of positive stories coming from teachers about their application to classes. Our ‘newbies’ to the senior campus have also relocated extremely well. They survived a hectic first day – new campus, teachers, and the 5 –period day. Well done and keep up the strong start.

On the junior campus the Year 7 and 8’s have moved up and are now enjoying life with their new teachers and leaders – once again, more positives. The Year 7 team are preparing for our large new student cohort on Monday and Tuesday. We are very pleased with the community’s support for our school…this more positive attitude about our ability to deliver a quality educational experience is reflected in the enrolment numbers that indicate strong growth for year 7 (around 190), approximately 25 new students coming into years 8 & 9, year 10 almost at capacity, and our VCAL numbers growing to 120.

I hope to see you at the Awards Presentation next Wednesday at the Senior Campus Gym.

Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
Junior Campus

All our students have made a terrific transition to the next year level this week called Head Start. The students have been excited to move to the new sub-school and the feedback from teachers has been very positive. The purpose of Head Start in our junior year levels is to take away the anxiety of moving up a year level, to introduce the students to the new subjects and the learning expectations and where possible meet and get to know the teachers they will have next year.


Staffing in a secondary school is always interesting and every year we have a number of staff who leave and new staff who arrive. We are still working though these processes and will do our best to ensure that everything is set for 2018 and that leaving staff are acknowledge and new staff introduced to the students as soon as possible.


Monday and Tuesday next week will see our new year 7’s in the school for their first classes. We are excited to have an increase our intake of  year 7 students which means we will have eight classes of 23 or 24 students. We hope that our students feel welcome and excited about starting secondary school education.  


A reminder that Wednesday next week we have our Presentation Afternoon which will be held at the senior campus and starts at … This is a compulsory school event and all students are expected to attend. All parents and family members are welcome.


On Wednesday night l attended a Year 8 Broadening Horizons presentation where 8 students presented their learning about the Department of Justice and Regulation to family, friends,  school and Department of Justice staff.  This was an excellent presentation that captured the students learning about the Department of Justice and Regulation, the different departments and their areas of responsibility as well as future career pathways and options for employment. Our students worked collaboratively and certainly enjoyed learning in the community. A big thank you to Ms Kerrie O’Bryan for leading the program and for creating real life learning experiences that build learner confidence and create opportunities for true collaboration. This is the first time that Year 8 students have participated in Broadening Horizons as this is usually a Year 9 Program known by most as CLiC. Connected Learning in Community.


Senior Campus  Principal's Report

Ms Nicole Pryor
Senior Campus Principal

Welcome to all our new year 10s. They have completed their first week of headstart and have settled in quickly, getting their way around, using the canteen and café, getting to class on time and being prepared. Teachers have overall been impressed with their commitment. This also goes for our year 11s and 12s who are using their study periods appropriately and are prepared for class. Work during headstart is not repeated so students will be expected to catch up next year.


Holiday homework

I have had a few queries about completing homework during the summer break. It is essential for VCE students as they need this time to pre-learn materials or revise in order to get through the amount of coursework in the VCE program. This will look different in every subject but will involve reading English novels, certain chapters of textbooks, some research on issues and ideas, plus Maths problems and revising certain concepts. Teachers do not give homework lightly over summer it is necessary to meet the demands of the course the students are undertaking.


Work placement for VCAL

It is essential that CAL students have a work placement to meet the requirements of their course. If your child has not brought home any information or you are unsure what this is about please contact the school.


Safe and Orderly Learning Environment

This year we have worked hard to be in UNIFORM, ON TIME to CLASS, using MOBILE PHONES appropriately, and TASK SUBMISSION. Next year we will continue to focus on these areas but also our preparedness for classes and readiness to learn. We need to maximise our learning time and if we are in class on time with all our stuff it reduces lost minutes. Our attitude is also important- we need to be prepared to try new things, tackle hard tasks and take risks in our learning and teaching. We learn from mistakes and we develop resilience through persistence.


Upcoming events


Awards ceremony- Wednesday 13th December 1.30pm at the Senior Campus

Activities Days- Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December (on COMPASS)

Student Free Day- Monday 18th December

Year 12 Valedictory- Tuesday 19th December- Premiere Function Centre

1stt day of school 2018 for students- Tuesday 30th January

Victorian Young Leaders to China Program

Victorian Young Leaders to China Program

At the moment we have 3 of our year 9 students - Claire Bartlett, Harlequin Goodes and Sam Harrison - in Zengcheng that are currently undertaking the Young Leaders to China Program. Their journey started at Dinner Plain where they attended the Alpine school for 3 weeks. They carried out day hikes, camping trips, leadership games and activities, as well as learning about self-awareness and globalisation. The first 3 weeks of the program left the students quite knowledgeable and they have grown so much already. On the 4th of November, they travelled from Melbourne to Guangzhou. The flight was 9 hours altogether and now they have been in China for 2 weeks. They have already explored their new environment through bike riding and day excursions to ancient temples as well as starting lessons based on Mandarin Language. Their next part of the program is travelling to Pak Lap Wan where they will experience the responsibilities and roles that will be needed for them to overcome difficult challenges. They will carry out activities such as sea kayaking, rock climbing/abseiling and raft building.




2 main highlights of my trip so far have been: One of the biggest highlights whilst attending this program is meeting and associating with new and different people. I have grown so much by showing my responsibility and trust with my new friendship community. One of my closest friends at the moment might be moving to Traralgon College next year and that has really lifted my spirit.

How have you grown as a group? As of 37 students - including myself – from Victoria, we have all connected so well and we are always looking for improvements and the steps towards growth. We have been broken up into 4 expo groups that tend to go off onto excursions together. As of 2B, our group of 8 – including myself – has worked so hard and well together. We will let someone know that they have done something good and when we see someone struggling, we will push and encourage them. I see my new community as my family.

3 things I have learnt so far whilst in China: As an individual, I have learnt how to talk and communicate with people more clearly and calmly. I have been able to take on scary, unusual roles that has made me a bigger and better person. While being at Alpine, I was able to learn about Metacognition as well as self-awareness. I have also learnt how to be more independent without having to rely on others, but when the time is right and I need to work in a larger group, I have the knowledge on how to communicate successfully.


Biggest fears you have overcome whilst in China: One of the scariest activities whilst being here would probably be going on a cable cart. Not so much because I am scared of heights, just because I didn’t really know how to get on, what would happen while ascending, and how I would even get off. Another big fear of mine is the future and not knowing how to expect and challenge myself with new environments and sharing my insecurities. So far I am really enjoying myself and making friends so far has really helped me with this journey.

Have you been feeling homesick? Why/why not? Whilst in China, I haven’t been home sick much, but when I do feel a bit low, I think about how excited I am for Christmas and all the summer activities I can do with my family and friends when I get back. I’ve been feeling really happy, excited and super keen!




2 main highlights of my trip so far have been:

 We went on a ski lift type thingy that took 20mins to get to the top of a really tall mountain each way, this was when we went to the Taoist temple, it was really nice and there where so many stairs.

We went to a Buddhist temple where the head monk showed us how to meditate, and taught us all about Buddhism, and the different Buddhas (god's) they believe in.

How have you grown as a group?

We have gotten along much better that we did at the beginning and we have full and interesting conversations with each other.

3 things I have learnt so far whilst in China:

China in most parts, is not as busy as people would have you believe, in fact its about the traffic of Traralgon rush hour, when its busy anyways, besides that it is quite fast.


Fun fact a can of coca cola cost's about

47¢ Aus. in China


True happiness is only when shared


Biggest fears you have overcome whilst in China:

My fear of cable cars and dangling from machinery, after flying in a plain for that long and taking a 40min cable car ride you really get over that sort of fear  

Have you been feeling homesick? Why/why not?

Not really, the people here have become almost like family, we all act as if siblings, at this point we even call each other brother/sister



2 main highlights of my trip so far have been:

The city is really cool. Its pretty crazy that its so different, yet it’s similar to Melbourne. Also we went up this mountain and it was really tall. That was a good day.

How have you grown as a group?

The group is a family. Everyone is friends here and its good as.

3 things I have learnt so far whilst in China:

  1. A lot of language
  2. How different places can be so different
  3. That China is a really cool country

Biggest fears you have overcome whilst in China:

Honestly I wasn’t scared of anything because you know why should I, realistically we are really sheltered where we are (a private boarding school). I suppose seeing some of the wet markets was kind of shocking. They have live animals in cages, bringing a whole new meaning to fresh food.

Have you been feeling homesick? Why/why not?

No because everyone is friends here and we have lots of fun and many laughs. Its really nice here as well, and everyone who's here wants to be here which makes it good fun.


School Uniform Reminder

College Uniform

Traralgon College is a uniform school, we wear our uniform with pride to identify us as part of the Traralgon College community.

A reminder to all parents/ guardians and students that as the weather warms up we should be wearing correct summer uniform. Students NOT in uniform are required to bring a note and are required to change. We are encouraging families to check they have the correct uniform items and restock ready for the summer period.


The College Uniform policy is set out by the College Council.  Staff, parents and students are responsible for ensuring the policy is adhered to. The Traralgon College uniform instils in students and the College Community a sense of pride and belonging.  It is designed to be comfortable and have enough variety to cater for individual student preference. 

It assists to minimise unhelpful fashion comparisons amongst students and foster an environment focused on learning rather than fashion choices.


Students are expected to be in full school uniform at all times and to keep their uniform in good condition.


Uniform Exchange Program


If students are unable to wear full uniform for a valid reason they are asked to:

  • Go to the student manager’s/sub-school office before Form Assembly/TLC.
  • Ask for the uniform item(s) you require, in your size.
  • Hand over your own clothes
  • Treat the school uniform items with respect throughout the day
  • At the end of the day (before you leave school) return the school uniform items and collect your own clothes/shoes.  We will keep your clothes until the uniform is returned.

We guarantee that the school uniform items are washed and dried before they are worn again by another student.


If students do not follow the process outlined above before TLC/Form Assembly and/or they are found to be out of uniform throughout the day, they will be given the usual consequence of a detention and still have to exchange non-uniform items.

Summer Uniform


  • Summer Dress - To be worn with knee high or short white socks


  • Navy Logo Shorts and College monogrammed polo shirt - 
  • To be worn with knee high or short white socks
  • Navy V Neck Woollen Jumper (monogrammed)


  • Fully enclosed shoes 
  • There must be a mechanism for securing the shoe to the foot eg. strap, buckle, laces.


  • Micofibre or weather proof jacket
  • It is to be worn over the regularly school day uniform when it is cold or wet or windy or any combination of these.

Sports Uniform

Junior Campus:

Compulsory for all students undertaking PE classes

  • Plain Black Basketball Shorts
  • House colour Polo Shirt
  • Sneakers of student choice.
  • Navy Bucket Hat or Cap.

To be carried to school and changed into for PE classes and subsequently changed out of after PE classes.

Senior Campus:

Change of Clothes

College & Community Updates

Traralgon College - New On Site Uniform Shop
Managed by Uniforms ByDesign

The onsite uniform shop Uniforms by Design is located in the Year 8 Centre at the junior campus and will be open on the following days to service Year 7 Orientation


Monday  11/12/2017   8.00am - 9.45am

Tuesday  12/12/2017   2.30pm - 4.45pm

Thursday 14/12/2017   8.15am-9.45am  (last day of trading for 2017)


January 2018


Tuesday  23/01/2018   9.00am - 12.00pm

Thursday  25/01/2018  1.30pm - 4.30pm


Normal hours resume


 Tuesday 30/01/2018   3.00pm - 4.45pm

 Thursday 1/02/2018   8.15am - 9.45am


          UNIFORMS BY  DESIGN                               






SUMMER DRESS, SIZES 8-12 $42.00   SIZES 14-26  $46.00



WINTER SKIRTS SIZES 8-12 $54.00  14-26 $59.00



CAPS $9.00.   TIE $15.00






We are very excited to have this opportunity to provide all uniform requirements for your school. Our commitment is to offer both competitive pricing and convenient times for families to purchase the school uniform. We intend to carry good quantities of stock to ensure the highest level of service.


Uniforms By Design manufacture the majority of special make garments in Australia, and in the case of your school, all Jackets, Polo Shirts, Summer Dresses, Rugby Tops and Winter Skirts are Australian Made.


In the near future we will advise of the availability of online ordering, but we will of course be providing full EFTPOS facilities.


Traralgon City Church
Christmas Concert
Saturday 16th December


Trading Hours 


Traralgon Football Netball Club


2018 Latrobe CityYouth Council


College Calendar


4-8 Year 12 Headstart

4-13 Years 8-11 Headstart

13- Presentation Assembley 1.30pm-3.00pm Senior Campus Hall

14 - End of Year Activities

15 - End of Year  Activities

18- Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning

19 - Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning

19 - Valedictory Dinner

22 - Last Day Term 4

January 2018

30 - First Day Term 1

National Youth Science Forum

National Youth Science Forum

After attending the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in January 2017, I had the opportunity to apply for International programs such as the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) that allowed me to further explore aspects of science.


After applying and receiving an offer, finding the near $10,000 was a challenge. I received sponsorship from Traralgon Rotary, The Australian Government, Traralgon College and also set up a Go Fund Me page where I reached my goal of raising the full $10,000 to attend the forum. In order for me to attend the LIYSF I had to miss out on a month of year 12 studies. A challenge in itself, however with the help of all my teachers, I managed to finish all required work before I left, leaving for a somewhat smooth return.

Whilst in London, we had many opportunities to attend plenary lectures and full Forum lectures, which allowed us to speak one on one and as a forum to some of the most experienced scientist in Europe. I would believe that my favourite lecture to attend was the Virgin Galactic mission. This lecture was given by 2 of the Virgin galactic pilots and shown was the mission that had to launch plane type rockets into space and transport ordinary non-pilot trained people to explore what is out of our world. What was also said was that right now it would cost an average person $12Million whereas in the future they would like to cut the cost down to the amount you would pay for a commercial airline ticket.


We also got to visit many science organisations and tourist attractions such as the science museum, the London Eye, National History Museum, wicked the musical and many more. Although some educational, the chance to do social things was definitely allowed. After lectures were completed for the day we got to hang out with our new found international friends. We gathered groups and git the town of London, a tradition of my groups was to go and get ice cream or frozen yogurt at midnight each night, then potentially go out and have a few drinks at the local bars (soft drinks). Whilst waiting in lines, I learnt a bit of French and Polish from the people behind me. Meeting so many new people and always having the opportunity to meet more, made saying goodbye so hard and emotional.

Towards the end of our stay in London we said goodbye to everyone bar 32 people going on the addition CERN trip to France and Switzerland. We travelled by the Euro star from London to France and explored the France attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumph, then we headed back on a train that travels at 350km/per hour to arrive at Switzerland. On our short stay in Geneva we went to CERN to explore the largest particle colliders in the world. We also got a lot of free time which enabled us to take in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. We spent most of our last moments at a beach park, with water slides and climbing walls before heading to the airport, for a 9pm departure back to Australia.

Attending this Forum was honestly a top experience that I’ve ever had. I have learnt so many new things and made so many lifelong friends that I continue to keep in touch with. I would like to acknowledge and thank every single person that donated and supported me through this amazing journey, I never would have had the most amazing experience and learnt so many new things without attending this forum with the help from all who supported me along the way.

Alex Chappell


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