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24 November 2017
Issue Eighteen
Important Dates
Principal's Message
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STEAM Matters - Science
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Important Dates

Term 4 


Monday 27 November

Headstart begins 

7pm, Past Students' Association AGM, Staff Room


Wednesday 29 November

9am, College Tour


Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 December

Report Verification - Early finish at 2.30pm


Thursday 7 December

9am, College Tour (last for 2017) 


Friday 8 December

Last day for 2018 Year 11 & 12


Tuesday 12 December

Orientation Day for 2018 Year 7


Friday 15 December

Last Day 2018 Year 8 to Year 10


Monday 18 - Thursday 21 December

Environment Week


Friday 22 December 

Last Day Term 4



Monday 29 January 

Office opens


Tuesday 30 January 

Year 7 and Year 12 students start


Wednesday 31 January 

Year 8 to 11 students start 


Thursday 1 February

Welcome assembly


Thursday 29 March

Last day of term 1 

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Guardians


Our Presentation Evening was celebrated at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University on Tuesday bringing together students, staff and families to acknowledge the achievements over the year and farewell the 2017 Year 12s.  This is a transcript of my address.  


Thank you for coming along this evening to acknowledge the achievements of all of our students from Year 7 to Year 12. I welcome the families, friends, teachers, School Councillors, Parents and Friends' Association and Past Students' Association members.  Your presence here tonight is much appreciated.

The achievements of the students that we celebrate tonight come as a result of the thoughtful application of intellect and talent.  As a parent, teacher and Principal I can say that these achievements really do mean something. 

When your child sits at the kitchen table or their desk each night putting pen to paper, paint brush to canvas or you hear the sounds of them playing their musical instrument throughout the house that is a sign that your child loves learning. It is our privilege to be part of their learning journey and to acknowledge this here tonight.

I also acknowledge the teachers who have guided the students along this pathway. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and boundless in their energy.  They always think of the individual child as well as the group.  They are intuitive, insightful and are the sages of our school.  Without their presence, the growth of each and every student here tonight would not take place at the rate that it does. Growth in knowledge is measurable, but sometimes what goes unnoticed is the growth in the confidence in the child. 

This growth might be in the area of public speaking, performance, writing or general knowledge. But when we see it there is that Eureka moment when we say “I can’t believe how mature or how knowledgeable you are”.  What joy that brings to us as teachers and as a family.

As the only Government Girls’ School in the South Eastern Region we play an important role in promoting the virtues of single sex education. We offer a high quality program delivered by teachers who genuinely care about their students. At our College students are able to challenge themselves by pursuing whatever passion they have. 

The “deeply embedded cultural expectations and traditions” that influence the sense of identity of both the current and future self of our girls are set aside as students walk through the school gates.  Students who graduate from MGSC compete as equals on the world stage and tonight is one such opportunity to acknowledge the various stages in their journeys.

Whilst MGSC graduates can be found competing in many fields, there is still another one for women to leave our mark on and that is in the area of STEM.  Many schools have adapted the STEM theme to suit their context and at MGSC we value the inclusion of the Arts as this is where creativity meets logic. Talked about widely it encompasses everything from maths, data, programming, analytics, information communication technology, science and the arts. 

So, what is the next challenge for girls’ education?  A recent Invergowrie Foundation report, authored by researchers from the University of Melbourne and Deakin University, found that these “deeply embedded cultural expectations and traditions” steer girls away from STEM related studies and careers.

As a community we need to raise awareness in the media and share the successes of students in as many forums as possible.  Whether that is in publications or through word of mouth, it all contributes to breaking down the stereotypes.

It is estimated that 75% of the fastest growing occupations will require STEM-­related skills and knowledge, including critical thinking, problem solving and analytical capabilities. If girls are not encouraged to believe they can be the physicists, engineers and computer scientists of the future, they will not choose the advanced-­level subjects at school that are required to enter STEM programs at vocational and tertiary institutions.

Young women will not only be shut out of the majority of jobs, but also many of the highest-­paid careers, leading to further extending the gender divide of the workforce as men continue to dominate STEM professions.

This is the challenge for all of us in education and it is a challenge for all parents as well.  At MGSC we know that the girls here tonight who are receiving their awards have the ability to break down these misconceptions.  They have worked hard to achieve these awards which are just one form of recognition of their accomplishments.

To the graduating class of 2017 I say: Aim high, have courage and work hard. You will lead the way in your respective areas. These achievements are the precursors and predictors of achievements to come.  They foretell the mark that you will make on the world. Speak out. Show everyone what you are made of.  Be bold and become resilient in the process. Remember that you are a graduate of MGSC. Don’t lose touch with us. Tell us what you have achieved. Be the trail blazer in whatever areas you wish. We are proud of you. Well done on your achievements.


Linda Brown



College Matters


Semester 2 reports

The semester 2 reports will be available on Friday 15 December. This year the college has moved to continuous reporting. This means that as tasks are completed, students and parents are able to view the grade, the rubric and the comment on Compass. These comments will also appear on the end of semester report, along with a report on:

  • Classes attended
  • Progress against the Victorian Curriculum standards (for Year 7-10 students)
  • VCE Outcomes (for students undertaking VCE subjects)
  • Work habits
  • Semester exam (if relevant)

We will be continuing to refine our reporting process in 2018.


Parent/Teacher/Student interviews in term 3

In term 3 we conducted 2 separate Parent/Teacher/Student interview sessions – one on 15 August for the Year 12/Unit 4 students and another on 29 August for the rest of the school. I am seeking feedback from parents and students as to whether this was a successful arrangement. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.


Information and Policy Guide

When students commence at the school we provide parents with a summary of key policies regarding:

  • Student code of conduct
  • Attendance
  • Anti-bullying
  • Head lice inspections
  • Responsible use of electronic communications
  • Recording and publication of student images
  • Library
  • In-class excursions, Physical Education excursions, House sport and the Interschool sport program

At the most recent College Council meeting, these policies were updated. Please head to the Policies page on the website to view the updated Information and Policy Guide.


Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principal


Past Students' Association 

The Annual General Meeting of the MGSC Past Students' Association is

 Monday  27 November at 7pm in the Staffroom. Refreshments from 6.30pm.

All past students are welcome. New Committee members are very welcome!

Please advise  your attendance to assist with catering by Friday 24 November. 

Contact Maureen on 0403 174 976.

Worldly Matters

World Challenge

Congratulations to Laura Caesar who was able to collect $815 for the walkathon, thereby creating a new record. I would also like to congratulate Tuyen Trigg-Graynoth for raising over $700 hosting a movie at the Village Cinemas recently.

World Challenge leaders have now all been assigned to the MGSC teams - their names and past experience can be found on the World Challenge website.

Hint #4: In Nepal, it is considered good luck to walk (where possible) to the left of prayer rocks and spinners and to spin the spinner twice clockwise.


Michael Warden

World Challenge Coordinator

Home Stay Families Needed

Our International Student Program is looking for families living in the local area -  Mentone, Beaumaris, Parkdale and Cheltenham - to host International Students. The students are from China, female and between 14 and 17 years of age.

The student's family pays a weekly fee to the host family to cover costs. If you and your family are interested in learning about another culture and enjoy sharing our Australian way of life with others, consider being a host family. We are looking for placements now. 

To find our more, please contact the International Student Program Coordinator, Ms Si Feng, on 9581 5294 or email  [email protected]

Junior | Middle | Senior School Matters 

Junior School

Good Luck

Good luck to all of our Junior school students as they move up to Year 8 and Year 9 respectively. They have worked hard, been involved in all of the activities on offer at MGSC and been wonderful ambassadors for the Junior School.

To those girls who are leaving us we wish you all the best at your new school. To those who are joining us at the beginning of Headstart, we hope you enjoy your time here, make lots of friends and that you involve yourself in all of the activities here.



Ms Catherine Jones, our Year 7 Student Manager is leaving MGSC next week to take up a job at the Melbourne Sports Museum. Sport is a passion for Cat and we are sure she will really enjoy it. A huge thank you to her for all of her work with the girls as 7A-D Student Manager and also as an ALL teacher for many years. She will be greatly missed.

We would also like to farewell Miss Emily Price from the Junior School Office. Miss Price has replaced Ms Witt whilst she has been on leave this term. Miss Price will be sorely missed by us in the Junior School and by the girls with whom she has developed a strong relationship.



We would like to welcome Mr Steve Williams and Ms Isabel De San Sinforiano to the Junior School Office. Steve will be a Year 7 Student Manager with Ms Sachael Miller and Issy will be working with Ms Janine Gollant as a Year 8 Student Manager.



A reminder that girls do not require their 2018 books for Headstart. They do need their iPads, and a folder for each subject which will also be used next year. They should bring a water bottle to each class and leave their mobile phones and headphones in their locked lockers. Teachers will be confiscating phones if they are brought to class.


Junior School Team

Middle School 


Well done to all the Year 9 and Year 10 students who completed their exams last week. I hope students are reflecting on the revision, examination and feedback process for the exams and this can inform their future preparation for exams in Year 10 and 11 next year.


We have welcomed the new Year 9 and 10 students to the sub school through their orientation days this week and look forward to beginning the 2018 Headstart program this coming week. We have a number of new students who we welcome into the MGSC community. Students should start preparing for the program by organising their subject resources - such as 

  • have a different book/folder for each subject
  • use their new diary to keep track of upcoming due dates and events
Please note that Year 10 2018 classes will all operate in elective style – core and elective subjects. Students are not in a form class for their core classes. This is a great opportunity to get to know many other students in the year level, and also experience a VCE style timetable. This change in timetable scheduling has enabled our students much wider choice for their elective and VCE accelerated program.

Student Managers for Headstart 

Year 10:

Mrs Sue Cook -  Surnames A  to MAO

Mr Michael Warden: Surnames MASON to  Z

Year 9:  

Ms Adrianna Welniak - 9A-D

Ms Amanda O’Hara - 9E-H



Well done to Grace Geddis  (Year 10)  who is representing Victoria in hockey, competing in the Pacific School Games in Adelaide. We wish her the best of luck. Grace has also been selected for the Victorian Vipers team, playing in the Australian Hockey League next year, and training with the Victorian Institute of Sport .


Deb Jarvis

Middle School Leader 

STEAM Matters - Science

ANSTO 2017

Year 10s, Katie and Dessy have returned from their ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) experience with newly acquired knowledge of nuclear science. They were chosen along with 19 other students from across Australia to take part in the ANSTO Big Ideas Forum, where they posed a question they hoped scientists could solve. Through field work and other practical work in the lab, they discovered more about radiation, nuclear medicine, isotopes, nuclear reactors and the myths surrounding nuclear research. It was an amazing experience not only to be working in labs with equipment such as a mass spectrometer, but to also have the chance to work alongside experts in their field. For more information about the forum visit:


SuperHack 2017 – Good luck ‘Team MGSC’

Only 14% of the Australian Engineering Workforce consists of women. This shockingly low statistic is something MUEEC (Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club) and 'Robogals' intend to change. On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 December  our MGSC team, consisting of Casey, Katie, Ayannah, Angie and Kenia, will participate in a two-day engineering festival - a hackathon. With a superhero theme and supervision by University of Melbourne staff, each team will represent their school and have the chance to bring home awesome prizes, as well as cashing in on free giveaways. We wish our SuperHack MGSC team the best of luck in solving. For more details about this event:

MYSci program - January 2018

2018 Year 11 and 12 Students

MYSci is a three-day science program designed specifically for students in Years 11 and 12 in 2018.  It will be running at Monash University in mid January 2018. It  includes workshops from five Schools of Science; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Earth, Atmosphere and  the Environment. If are interested in attending register online at

More details have been emailed to you, see Mrs Rieniets if you have any questions


Louise Rieniets

Science Domain Leader 


Wheel talk 

The Year 10 coaching class learn more about disability sport  when 'Disability Sport and Recreation-  Wheel Talk', visited the school recently.  They had practical experience of wheel chair sports and the challenges for athlete and coaches. 


In our community

Community Carols

Carols in the Park (Glen Eira Council) Saturday 9 December, 5.30pm to 8pm

Features Sam Moran and Antoinette Halloran
Bentleigh Hodgson Reserve, Higgins Road, Bentleigh  


Carols by Kingston (Kingston Council) Sunday 10 December, 7pm to 9.30pm 

A jazzy celebration with guest artists including Vince Jones and James Morrison. 

Sir William Fry Reserve, Cheltenham


Carols in the Park (Bayside Council) Tuesday 12 December, 7.30pm to 9.30pm 

Concludes with the famous fireworks spectacular.  

Dendy Park, Brighton East, 3187


Bayside School Holiday


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