31 October 2019
Term 4/week 4
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From the Principal

Dear Families,
Friday 1st November - School Closure Day - NAPLAN & CEMSIS Data

Monday 4th November - School Closure Day – Assessment & Reporting

Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Dear Families,

I hope that all families enjoy the weekend ahead and the Melbourne Cup public holiday.  A timely break for many as we prepare to launch into the ‘busyness’ of November and December. 

Foundation Parish Mass - Thank you!

We thank all Foundation families who gathered for the celebration of the Foundation Level Mass on Saturday evening.  It was wonderful to see so many families join our parish community for this celebration.   We thank the Foundation staff team and Daniela Dal Santo for their efforts in preparing the mass.   Our thanks extends to Fr Joe for engaging so warmly with our children.    And of course a huge thank you to our children.   They were simply outstanding! 



Link 2020 Book Lists - Due 31st October

2020 Book lists are due by Thursday 31st October.  Please hand them into the School Office by 4pm today.

 You have the option of  prepayment or  payment on book collection day. You will collect your order from the School Hall on Wednesday 4th December between 3 - 5pm.

2020 School Canteen Manager Role 

Parents were advised through the Newsletter in August of the restructure to the services as offered through the School Canteen beginning from Term 1, 2020.  Aligned to the restructure of the Canteen is the employment of a sole School Canteen Manager for the 2020 School year.
Please refer to the link below to gain an insight into the Role Description being advertised and the process for application for any members of our community who may be interested to apply.
Parents seeking further clarity on the role are invited to contact either Kelli Johnston  or

Paul Wakeling 





Term 1      Tuesday 28 January (Staff only)  – Friday 27 March 

                    All Students commence Thursday 30 January

Term 2      Tuesday 14 April – Friday 26 June

Term 3      Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September

Term 4      Monday 5 October – Tuesday 15th December 

                     Students conclude 

                     Friday 18 December - Staff conclude

                     Staff conclude

Walk to School Wednesday - Thank you for your involvement!

Congratulations to all of our ‘walkers’ who have pounded the streets throughout the past 3 Wednesday morning’s. Thank you to all staff who have volunteered to supervise the children and to all families who have joined the walk.   Hopefully, given the Spring weather, more families are inspired to walk to school on a frequent basis.   On a somewhat related note it has been terrific to see such a growth in the number of bike riders making their way to school each day!


Foundation 2020 Transition - Session 1 

The first of the four Foundation Transition Sessions will be held on Thursday 7th November, 9.00pm-10.30am.  
Additional Sessions will be held on:

Foundation Transition Session 2 - Thursday 14th November,

Foundation Transition Session 3 - Wednesday 20th November

Foundation Transition Session 4 - Tuesday 26th November

All sessions run from 9am-10.30am 


2020 School Fees & Levy Charges

Please find the 2020 Fee and Levy charges below.  These fees and levies are set in consultation with the school accountant, school leadership, the Education Board and Father Joe


Are you aware of families looking to enrol at St Andrew’s?

We continue our planning for the 2020 school year, and as advertised above, have our New Families evening scheduled within the next month.  We ask parents to advise any prospective enrolments to St Andrew’s to make contact with the school at the earliest possible opportunity so as to secure a place at the school and assist with our transition procedures. 

Working Bee - Saturday 9th November (8.30am-10.30am)

Parents please be aware that the next Working Bee has been scheduled for Saturday 9th November. 
Details of the Working Bee have been distributed via the Skoolbag App. 

Term 4 Summer Uniform & ‘No Hat - No Play’

We alert parents that children can make the transition to summer uniform at the beginning of Term 4. We also remind parents that term 4 has a ‘No Hat – No Play’ Sunsmart Policy.   
As a SunSmart registered school all children will have access to Sunscreen. 

Students Departures/Future Numbers

If your children (Grade Prep-5) will not be returning to St Andrew’s in 2020 we ask that you notify us through the CareMonkey form as previously distributed. This information is essential as we plan for 2020 class structures.

CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Parish Primary School Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates -


Fri 1st -     School Closure Day 
                     Final date for enrolment acceptances for Yr 7 2021 placements
Mon 4th - School Closure Day 
Tues 5th - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday 
Thu 7th -   2020 Foundation Transition Session 1 - 9.00-10.30am 
                     District T20 Cricket Day for Yr 5/6 
Fri 8th -     School Assembly 
Sat 9th -    Term 4 Working Bee 8.30am-10.30am 
Mon 11th -  Remembrance Day 

Tues 12th - Parents & Friends meeting 2pm-3pm

Wed 13th -  Foundation Parent Transition Evening with guest psychologist, Carley McGauran

Mr Paul Wakeling




Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

As previously outlined, staff collaboratively work together each week to plan lesson sequences for students learning. Professor John Hattie outlines that a key starting place for lesson planning is the learning intention. If one bookend for learning is the learning intention, the other bookend is the success criteria. (Hattie, Visible Learning)

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) define learning intentions as the descriptions of what learners should know, understand and be able to do by the end of a learning period or unit. Learning intentions are the basis for tracking student progress, providing feedback and assessing achievement.  Furthermore AITSL define success criteria as the measures used to determine whether, and how well, learners have met the learning intentions.

Hattie outlines that the single most important thing that teachers can do is to know their impact on student learning. When learning intentions and success criteria are clearly communicated,both teachers and students are able to be active in looking for evidence of learning. For students this means knowing what they are expected to learn (learning intentions) and what the learning goal looks like once they have achieved it (success criteria).

AITSL outline:


  •  Ensure all students know what they are going to learn and where they are heading.
  •  Provide guidance to teachers on what their chosen teaching and learning activities are  seeking to achieve.
  • Provide the basis for feedback and reduce discrepancies between current student  understanding and intended learning.
  • Assist students and teachers in tracking and assessing student progress.
  • Help teachers to understand the impact of their teaching and learning activities, and when they may need to adapt or change these.
  • Help students understand what improved performance looks like. 



  • They provide students with appropriate challenge
  • They are matched to teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks
  • Students share a commitment to achieving them, as they are then more likely to seek feedback
  • They are generalisable to allow effective transfer of learnt skills to different contexts.

As staff work together to collaboratively plan lesson sequences for their students, careful consideration is given to the creation of learning intentions and success criteria.  This aligns with Hattie’s notion that strategic use of learning intentions and success criteria promotes student self reflection. Our aim is to create students who are self reflective lifelong learners.


Maths Activities At Home Part 1

As a teacher we are often asked ‘ What can I do at home to help my child with maths?’

Students’ knowledge of Mathematical concepts is greatly helped by making links to Maths in everyday situations. Below are some everyday activities which can be used to help reinforce  Mathematical understanding:


  • Investigate the units of measurement for items in the pantry or refrigerator
  • Cut the sandwich in half: “Can you cut the sandwich in half creating a different shape?”
  • Mix a drink for the family: e.g. measuring cordial, fruit and water
  • Estimate how much each item weighs, then check how close the estimates are
  • Find the time we start cooking the rice so that our food is ready to be served at the same time?
  • Change a recipe that serves 6 for 4 people (or 6 for 3 people for lower levels). How much of each ingredient will we need?
  • Be a junior Masterchef: e.g. measure and weigh ingredients, apply ratio, consider cooking time, and serve portion sizes


  • Estimate the total cost of your supermarket purchase
  • Estimate and weigh the fruit and vegetables;
    Compare two items for the best value for money
  • Discuss if an item on “special” is really that special
  • Find specific items (e.g., medium-sized tin of red beans, 2 litres of milk, 250g of mince)
  • Find how many apples/bananas will weigh a kilogram
  • Look for the best buy between different brands of the same item then different sizes of the same item
  • Cut items from shopping brochures that add to different values
  • Estimate how many bags you will need to carry your grocery shop
  • Disassemble a package to create a two-dimensional net
  • Compare packaging sizes for a litre and a kilogram

Are we there yet?

  • Collect important dates and mark them on a calendar
  • Time how long does it take us to travel to school
  • Estimate how far you’ve travelled, the distance to your destination, and how long it is going to take
  • Find the arrival time: e.g. If it is 4:38 pm now and it will take us 15 minutes to get there
  • Enter dates into a digital calendar: e.g., identify the day of the week, the time between dates and set reminders
  • Help you to make a travel plan using timetables
  • Read the public transport maps to follow along with each stop

Around the Classrooms

Year 3/4KC

Greetings to our St. Andrews community,
Though a busy term thus far, the main event of our term has been the Year 4 Camp at Camp Oasis on 21 st - 23rd October.
Amidst a combination of nervousness and excitement (and that was just the loving parents), we departed from St. Andrew's on Monday morning.
Fortunately, the weather was clear during the two days of our camping experience. We participated in a wide variety of activities as we crawled, climbed and swung across the low ropes course. Students engaged in the challenges of the rock climbing wall with enthusiasm and amazing agility. The flying fox proved to be as popular as ever, as students zoomed over the oval accompanied by the sounds of a scream or two ( of delight of course!). Not all activities were of a daring and frenzied variety. The students enjoyed the colour and creativity of candle making. It proved to be quite a calming, relaxing opportunity for all. Our final activity was archery which proved more difficult than we expected. As bows were stretched and aim taken, arrows zinged above, around, under and occasionally hit the target.
Camp was not however, only about the activities. It proved to be an excellent opportunity in building teamwork as students had to assist in setting the tables for meals, cleaning up and sharing the facilities. It built resilience and independence as they took charge of organising their cabins and belongings. It contributed to the development of social skills as students had to cooperate and adapt to a variety of different individuals in different settings.
I congratulate all our students for their excellent behaviour and the respect and support they showed each other during the two days. 

Here's to Camp 2020.


Year 3/4 Classroom teacher- Kathy Cunningham



BEST Awards

Week 4


School Office News

Primary School Wear is moving!

Last day of trade is Saturday 26th October 10 AM - 1PM




Primary School Wear Uniform Price List


Outstanding Fees

All school fees and arrears should now have been paid. Thank you to the families who have finalised their fees, or continue paying their school fees in instalments.  Term 4 Fees were due on 18th October.

If you are having difficulties with your account, please make an appointment to see the Principal to discuss alternative payment arrangements.


Foundation - Year 2 Swimming Program fees are due by 15th November.

Lost Property Cupboard

It is sad to see the cupboard full of unclaimed school jumpers.  If your child has misplaced an article of clothing, please call past and see if you can find it.


Parents and Friends

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunny weather as we lead into summer shortly. I would like to highlight a very important item from our Parents & Friends committee – P&F Feedback Survey.  We are seeking your valuable feedback. 
P & F Committee Feedback Survey
 The P & F committee is run by a group of parent volunteers.  In the past few years, the committee has been actively organising family events and activities for our children and the greater school community.  Our goal has always been to sustain an effective partnership with the school to enhance our students’ overall educational experience.
We are interested in understanding how the school community feels about the work of the committee. Please take a few minutes of your time to complete a quick, anonymous survey via this link below:  
We value your thoughts and feedback which will greatly assist in shaping the work that we do now and in the future. 
It would be appreciated if you could complete the survey feedback by Friday November 7th, 2019.
Thank you for your continued support,

Leanne Ngo
President, St Andrew’s Parents and Friends


Term 4 Activities

  • P&F Meeting – Tuesday November 12th 2pm, Conference room
  • School Disco – Friday November 15th 5:30pm – 8:00pm, School Hall
  • Vision Portraits – Saturday November 23rd, St Andrew’s Primary School
  • Social Morning Tea – Friday December 13th 8:45am – 9:30pm, Staff room (We will be organising an afternoon tea soon. Dates TBC shortly and will be outside in the beautiful warmer weather!)

Vision Portraits - 
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Help St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South raise funds this year and book your $15 family photo today! Include your whole family or just the kids in the session. Book now to secure your place.

Your shoot will take place at St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Your $15 includes your photo session and a 10" x 13" portrait of your choice with frame. There is a $1 booking fee.

$15 of your booking fee is fundraised for St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Booking link:
Use the password fundraise2019 to gain access.

Once in the home page,  scroll down and select St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South  You will then be able to make your booking time.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Open each Monday from 2.45 - 3.10pm.  All items are $5.00

Donations to the second hand shop can be left at the Office.

P & F Reach and Connection

If you want to lend a hand but without the long-term commitment, you can join our casual Parent & Friends email registry of helpers.  Please email us your interest at
We will add you to the email list and notify you of any upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. If one catches your fancy, simply respond back and let us know how you can assist.

School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster

Fri 1st November School Closure Day
Mon 4th November School Closure Day
Tue 5th November Melbourne Cup Day - Public Holiday
Wed 6th November Volunteer Needed
Thur 7th November Volunteer Needed


Activity Programs

Netball Players Wanted

Cheltenham East Dolphins Netball Club is having a Come and Try Clinic




School Canteen Staffing for 2020.pdf
Canteen Role Description October, 2019.pdf
Canteen Role Description October, 2019.pdf
School Canteen Staffing for 2020.pdf
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