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30 November 2018
Issue Twenty-eight
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Principal's Report

I've spent some time over the last week working closely with our Leadership Team and also our School Improvement Team looking at the future focuses for our school.  It is a very exciting time of the year and a pleasure to work with such committed professionals who have the improvement of our students at the core of everything they are doing - as parents and students of the school you should be very excited and proud of the wonderful school you have chosen.


New signage has been installed around the school this week



Teachers have been working on your children's reports, BPS provides comprehensive reports that detail students’ achievements and progress, along with the next steps for educational development. The report aims to provide consistent, clear and concise information to parents about your child’s achievement against state-wide standards.


Taking on board feedback from families, we have designed a simplified report that includes a general comment about a student’s social and emotional development, work habits and overall performance. Reporting about the curriculum areas  is in checklist form and uses jargon-free language and provides clear personalised areas for future learning (goals) looking at the students next stages in the learning progression.


Feedback from teachers is that our new report format is clear, concise and easily understood, without losing the personalised qualities that characterise our reports.


I am very pleased to announce, following a comprehensive selection process, Marianne Fusillo has been provisionally appointed to the Assistant Principal position at BPS. Marianne comes from a range of roles here at BPS and has spent the past two years as the Acting Assistant Principal, whilst there has been a transition in the schools leadership.  I look forward to continuing working  closely with Marianne and I know the commmunity will be very excited to hear this news for her.


A special thank you to the teams of parents who put together the election day BBQ and cake stall.  It is greatly appreciated by the school  and a wonderful part of going out to vote!



Potential allergic reactions to nuts, nut products, seeds & other food products

As you may be aware for some children even a minor exposure to nuts or foods containing nut products or seeds can set off a severe allergy which may cause loss of breathing. The parents of children who may have a severe reaction would like you to help us make the school environment as safe as possible by exercising caution when packing school snacks and lunches. Whilst students with severe allergies can learn to manage and control what they eat there is no real way of protecting themselves from nut traces that may be present in the environment such as on clothing, furniture, drink taps and of course on other people’s hands.


- Please avoid preparing school lunches with products that contain nuts, nut spreads, sesame products or chocolate that may contain nuts (e.g. Peanut Butter, Nutella and Tahini)

- As part of our Policy we do not encourage students to share food. All students will be encouraged to wash hands before and after eating.

- Please avoid packing any whole nuts as part of lunches for children 


Parents and caregivers must keep their children well informed of transportation arrangements, play dates, after school care etc. Confusion arising over where a child is supposed to go after school and the whereabouts of children causes great anxiety to parents and school personnel. Please be certain that all children are aware of after school arrangements and instruct your children not to go home or with friends without informing you and the school. Some parents find a note in the lunch box is a good reminder to the children of where they need to be.

Curriculum Days 2019

The following dates have now been confirmed by school council for the student free curriculum days for 2019:

Tuesday 29th January (Day one of school year, statewide mandated)

Friday 22nd March 

Friday 26th April

Tuesday 11th June


What an outstanding cafe here at the school on November 20. Led by over 20 of our amazing Year 5 students. Please see the attached report and I look forward to sharing a gallery with you next newsletter.


A great article in this weeks Leader Newspaper about our Day for Daniel fun run on October 2, check your mailboxes if you haven't seen this news!



The usual practice in schools is no parent parking on school sites. However , because there is virtually no “on road parking” available at BPS, School Council has made an exception to this usual practice. To maintain this situation it is important that parents driving onto the school site take extreme care ( especially in the kiss’n drop zone) and also by not parking in the bays reserved for staff parking. Staff often need to attend meetings during school time and require a space available on return. Teachers frequently carry books and equipment and parking at the church for families at drop-off and pick-up times. Likewise, every morning the staff need a guarantee of parking so they can commence their working day on time.


Some important must dos for Kiss and Drop to work effectively and ensure the safety of our children :

- Children to exit only from the left hand side of the car

- Parents and carers to stay inside the car at all times

- Bags and instruments to be inside the carriage of the car not the boot

- Once children are out of the car they will be asked to keep moving to the footpath, so please relay messages before drop off not after they have exited the car

- Drive to the very edge of the kiss and drop area to drop off children

- Children only to be let out of the car when they are in the Kiss and Drop Zone (tennis court side)

- No children to be let out of the car in any other area except the Kiss and Drop Zone unless directly asked to by a teacher

- Remind students to be on time for after school pick up. You will be asked to complete a lap of the car park if your child is not ready. Please do not park in the area.

- Car drop offs to only occur in the Surrey Road Car Park

- Please display family name on dashboard when picking up students (these cards will be distributed for 2019)

- Follow directions from staff on duty (moving forward, moving on)

- Once children have been dropped off please move away from the Kiss and Drop Zone when it is safe to do so


November 2018

30 Friday - 2019 Foundation Transition #5 (last one)

December 2018

4 Tuesday - Parent Helpers Morning Tea

5 -7 Wed-Fri - Mango Delivery Expected. TBC

11 Tuesday - Statewide Orientation Day for Grade 6 students

12 Wednesday - Grade 6 Graduation @5.45pm @ One Community Church 

12-14 Wed-Fri - Last week of Lunch Orders

19 Wednesday - Meet the Teacher for 2019

21 Friday - Grade 6 Cheers and Tears Final Assembly - 9.15am

21 Friday - Last Day Term 4 - Extra Early Dismissal - 1.30pm

Term Dates 2018 

Term 1 - 29 January - Teachers/30 January - Students  to 29 March 

Term 2 - 16 April to 29 June

Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September

Term 4 - 8 October to 21 December


Term Dates 2019

Term 1 - Tuesday 29 January (Teachers Only) Wednesday 30 January (Grade 1-6 students Commence)                                Thursday 31 January (Foundation Commence) - End of Term is Friday 5th April

Term 2 - Tuesday 23 April - Friday 28 June

Term 3 - Monday 15 July - Friday 20 September

Term 4 - Monday 7 October - Friday 20 December

Curriculum Days 2019

Tuesday 29th January (Day one of school year, statewide mandated)

Friday 22nd March 

Friday 26th April

Tuesday 11th June


Classroom News

Foundation News

Reading and Writing:

In week 7, the children read ‘The Very Grumpy Bear’ as a class.  Children focussed on making connections, punctuation, inferencing and plurals.

We started on our author study - Eric Carle, in week 8. We have been reading the book ‘Mister Seahorse’ and using this text to focus on making connections (e.g. when was a time you had to look after something / be responsible? ), punctuation, and looking at different vocabulary (e.g. what word can you use instead of gently? - slowly, lazily etc.). Grouped reading activities included reading about Eric Carle’s biography and answering questions, cloze and making connections.

In Writing, children worked on writing different recipes using the seed ‘Wombat Stew’. They also focussed on rhyming words.


In weeks 7 and 8, children once again delved into addition and subtraction.  We looked at concepts such as adding on from the higher number for addition, and counting back for subtraction.  Children explored these strategies using fingers, concrete materials and games. More advanced children looked at how friends of ten can be used to add more complex sums. Some were introduced to repeated addition with a foray into setting the foundations for multiplication.


We are in the final weeks of our ‘Materials’ topic. Children explored the properties of glass and how it is made in week 7.  This culminated in making stain glass windows using cellophane.  In week 8 children will be exploring rubber and its properties.

Respectful Relationships:

We continue to teach Respectful Relationships this semester using the curriculum document ‘Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Foundation’ on the FUSE website.


*The date for the last Transition session is Friday 30th November!  While the Foundation classrooms are used for Transition (Friday’s between 9:00-10:40), the children will be escorted by some Year 6s to join in activities with different grades. Foundation children are asked to line up as usual with their bags etc., however Foundation classrooms will NOT be open as the teachers will be setting up for the Transition. This means that children will not be changing readers at that time.  At 9:00 some Year 6 buddies will lead the class to another year level to join in with their activities.  The children will take their bags, take home readers, drink bottles etc. with them and will return just before the recess bell to unpack their bags, change readers etc. 

*Please continue to practice high frequency words and letter formation with your child, if your child’s teacher has spoken to you about this in the past.

*Please return all completed iPad forms to the class teacher as soon as possible, as these are now overdue.

Grade 3 & 4 News


Students have been enchanted and engrossed by the shared text “Fox” by Margaret Wild this fortnight. This beautiful picture story book tells a simple story of 3 animal friends – fox, magpie and dog. Through rich language and evocative illustrations the text explores ideas of friendship, difference, loyalty, deceit and loneliness. Students will use visualisation as a strategy for exploring the mood of the text and the way the author has use language to create strong visual images.

We will again use our shared texts as a model for developing our own writing, noticing the author’s craft, for example:

  • Use of figurative and descriptive language (“mouth of the cave”, “creamy with blossom”)
  • A range of verbs (streaming, whisper, flinches)
  • Strong, interesting characters
  • Using the features of a narrative text

Students will also continue independent reading of their iPick books, capturing their thinking by using sticky notes.


We continue our measurement unit with lots of hands on measuring of capacity this week. Students will use calibrated measuring jugs and containers to measure the capacity of unmarked containers by using difference (eg, pouring a litre jug into a container and noticing how much remains in the jug). They will play games and complete activities to practise converting between litres and millilitres when these amounts are recorded both as words, decimals and fractions.

Again, cooking together provides lots of opportunities for students to apply their measuring skills!

In coming weeks we explore2 and 3 dimensional shapes and their properties.

Integrated Studies

Students will develop their final assessment task in our “The Country We Live in” unit over the next fortnight. They will use iPads to create a digital presentation reflecting their understanding of the role of local government titled “What does my local government do for me?”  


Gratitude, Fairness and Honesty are ideas revisited during wellbeing sessions this fortnight. Wellbeing sessions often involve picture books, role plays, games and small group work to explore ideas.


  • Homework due each week


Grade 5 & 6 News

What we are learning


Grade 5: Students have been focusing on comprehension strategies during their independent reading. In writing, we are examining the structure of procedures to be able to write up science reports. We are also developing a variety of writing pieces for our Writer’s Gift.

Grade 6: We are finishing our scientist biographies and beginning to write our yearbook pages.


Grade 5: We are looking at algebra and investigating different strategies to solve algebraic equations worded problems.

Grade 6: We are examining different strategies to solve worded problems.


Science- Students are progressing through their home experiments in preparation for the Science Fair. The Grade 6 students will be presenting to the Grade 5’s and then swapping. Thank you to the parents supporting and filming experiments at home.


We are progressing through our unit on Respectful Relationships and are continuing to explore positive characteristics and personal strengths.


All library books to be returned by the 7th December.

Please refer to the notice that went home last week regarding the return of iPads for Year 6.

Ipads to be charged AT HOME and brought to school daily.

Any preloved books you no longer want and are happy to donate to the school would be greatly received at your child’s classroom for classroom libraries!

Upcoming Events

3rd December 5/6 Science Fair

7th December all library books returned

7th December Year 6 iPads remain at school for rest of year.

12th December Year 6 Graduation Night

21st December Year 6 Cheers & Tears Assembly

The BPS Umbrella
Dementia Cafe

'The Communication Leaders'


Written by Maisy B, Matilda D, Jasmine M and Ellie A

Last week on Tuesday the 20th November, we hosted out first dementia cafes in our gym foyer and it was a HUGE success!!  We had delicious food, breath-taking performances the Year 1’s, Christian M on guitar and one of our guests, Gladys, singing Spanish songs for us.  It had such a spectacular atmosphere felt by all.

It was so good because everyone got involved with our visiting elders and we all had the opportunity to talk to everyone.  Our guests talked to us about he invitations we sent and how the invitations made them feel so special, welcome and included in our community.    One of our guests said it made him cry and he’s every framed it to put on his mantle piece at home!!

We really enjoyed playing with the old fashioned toys on the table, asking our guests to explain what it was and allowing them time to tell their stories.  It was fun trying to guess what each toy was and sharing laugher as we played with each toy.   Everyone had a story to tell.   We discovered how the Marble game actually goes and we were taught the flicking technique.  AMAZING!

We learnt that people living with dementia don’t forget everything.  They remember childhood stuff really well, so we had lots to talk about.  We learnt that some people have been coming to the Umbrella Dementia Cafes at the Church since the beginning, when it first started in 2016!  They love it so much as its gets them out of the house.

We loved seeing everyone singing along to Cary’s harmonica ‘Waltz Sing Matilda’.  He said it’s his favourite song, even though he’s from New Zealand!  Everyone couldn’t help but dance to Lisa Shatlock’s Grade 1’s class who sand and danced to  ‘We Like To Party’, and these Grade 1’s did so well they even got an encore.  

We heard how three Grade 1’s (Louis R, Ivy D and Scarlett C) and two Grade 3 students (Sage D and Bella C) raised nearly $100 for the Umbrella Dementia Cafes!  The students told us how they used the money to buy a ‘Prop Box’ for the regular dementia dancing cafes they do at the Church.  The box was full of very fun sparkly stuff to make people laugh while dancing!

All the leaders did a wonderful job and represented our school values perfectly!

We are now in conversation with our teachers and Kirsty Porter from the Umbrella Dementia Cafés to do this again next year!!

And a big thank you to everyone involved in allowing us to meet our local elderly community.  A special thank you to Mr. C, Megan Gibbs and the BPS Dementia Cafés Committee for making it happen!

Written by Maisy B, Matilda D, Jasmine M and Ellie A (absent)

BPS Lunch Orders 

Miss Peppercorn

Please be advised that our last week of lunch orders will run from Wednesday 12th December to Friday 14th December 2018.

Warm regards

Melissa Howard

Business Manager

t: 9877 5183 | m: 0427 418 372
e: [email protected] | w:
8 Lawrence Street | Blackburn South VIC 3130

Library News Update

The Big Book Hunt is On! Olly needs your help.

We have to do a full Stocktake in the Library beginning on December 11th so all our Library books need to be returned by this Friday, 7th December. 

It would be appreciated if parents could help their children check that all books have been returned.

Thanks for your help,

Tricia West                                                                 Olly

Library Technician                                                Library System Mascot

Physical Education

BPS Sports Shorts

Caitlyn and Sophie a class act for BPS Equestrian!

On Friday 23 November, our BPS Equestrian team travelled to a wet and windy Hillcrest Christian College in Clyde North to compete in their third and final interschool equestrian event for this year, against a field of 18 competitors representing 13 schools across the State.

This time it was a show jumping event comprising of a 2-phase round racing against the clock followed by a Grand Prix comprising 3 rounds of progressively increasing fence heights with a final round comprising 70cm fences (the highest for the primary school freshman grade) for the top riders in a timed finale.

Our BPS combination of Caitlyn Duncan (Grade 6) riding her beautiful Connemara pony, Sophie, managed to successfully clear all rounds, including the final Grand Prix round, with no penalties, collecting her second interschool ribbon of the year with an overall 6th place.

In their first year of competition, this is a fantastic result and a great end to the year, which also saw Caitlyn move up a grade in her show jumping discipline.


The Patch News Update

The Patch

Do you have any wonderful allergen free recipes to share?

I am always on the look out for recipes to cook with our students and would love your help. As many of our students have allergies or food intolerances, it can be challenging to find appropriate recipes. If you have any tasty vegan recipes (ie. no meat, eggs or dairy) that are gluten-free, nut-free and sesame-free and which can be made within 45 minutes (excluding baking time), I would love to hear from you. Please email a copy of any suitable recipes to [email protected] 


Thanks to our weeders!

Thank you to Jo, Sam and Lucy S for joining me in the garden after school Friday week ago to stay on top of the weeds and to keep our gardens maintained. 


Cooking Class Helpers Needed 

Next week marks the end of cooking classes for the term but helpers are still needed for these final classes. No cooking experience is necessary but a working with children check is required. The classes provide a great opportunity to share in your child's education, to get to know their classmates and to have fun making delicious food together. As many classes do not have parents who are available to help out, please consider volunteering in any class with a vacancy, regardless of whether your child is in that class.

You can sign up to help at


Thank you to our volunteers

Thank you to all those wonderful parents and grandparents who have  volunteered your time to help with our cooking classes this year. Our parent/grandparent helpers are invited to attend our thank you morning tea on Tuesday 4th December, to thank and acknowledge your contribution - we couldn't do it without you!


Donations of egg cartons required

We are looking for donations of empty egg cartons for use in composting. Please consider saving your empty egg cartons and dropping them in at the office.


Thanks - Claire Pattison - Patch Co-ordinator.


Junior School Council

CAKE RAFFLE - Friday 30th November

This Friday will be one of our last cake raffles for 2018, with all money raised going towards the soccer goal collection. This week Xenia Bradford is baking some yummy looking smartie cookies.


Tickets can be bought from the honesty box outside the office or keep your eyes out for it in the yard before/after school. Don't forget its 50 cent per ticket or 5 for $2.

Circle Time - Wellbeing 


Over the last couple of weeks, the JSC have been exploring the world of student wellbeing during circle time. They have been asking all students what wellbeing means to them.

The common ideas/themes included:
- mindfulness
- staying safe
- being happy and feeling good
- kindness
- staying positive
- coping with difficult times
- friendship
- comfortable with yourself

Over the next couple of weeks they will begin to ask questions about improving student wellbeing at BPS and what matters most to our amazing students.

Parent Volunteers Needed

Baker Needed - 14th December

The JSC Cake Raffle has continued to be a success in Term 4... we are now just looking for a baker for the 14th December. This would be a great opportunity for someone who loves Christmas baking...


If you love to bake and would be willing to donate something for the Cake Raffle (including cakes, cupcakes, slices and biscuits) on 14th December please contact the P&F at [email protected]

Calling for Foundation Parents....

21 December -  Grade 6 Graduation Morning Tea

As part of our school's tradition, we ask Foundation Parents to host a 'Cheers and Tears' morning tea to farewell our Grade 6 children and parents.  This is a gesture of thank you to the Grade 6 children for the special friendships made, as well as returning the favour for the Foundation parents first day of school morning tea, which was hosted by the Grade 6 parents.

We would like you to bring a morning tea dish for our Grade 6 children and parents.  We also need helpers to set up, serve tea/coffee as well as helpers for setting and pack up.  Please see sign up roster below.

2018 Sickbay Washing Roster

December 14 - Yang Y

December 20 - Kelly B

A very special 'Thank you' to all the parents that have helped with the washing of our sickbay linen. Without the generosity of their time, this would not be possible for our school.

We are now looking for new volunteers for 2019. If you are able to assist, feel free to contact the school office.

Working With Children Check

Parents who wish to participate in school events such as volunteering,  need to have a current Working With Children Check.   If you haven't got one yet, please register via the link below.   Once you have your Working With Children Check, please register it with Connie at the office.

Parents and Friends

Key Dates

29th November - Year 4 Dinner

21st December - Grade 6 Graduation Morning Tea hosted by Foundation Parents (See Volunteer page for details)

Coby's Cakes and Bakes &
Election Day Sausage Sizzle



Well another Election Day Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall has been undertaken and completed with great enthusiasm and success!!  The Cake Stall (Coby's Cakes and Bakes) was a lovely way to pay tribute to a community member whose passion was cooking and baking (and BPS) - Coby would have been very chuffed.


Thank you to all those who baked, served people, cooked, organised and prepared - a great effort by all and so very much appreciated.  It is one of those things that makes our community great.


Thank you to Noel Jones who sponsored the sausage sizzle and provided 3 copies of the Whitehorse edition of Monopoly to be raffled off - their contribution is much appreciated.


A special thank you to the lovely teams who put this together - Rebecca Pooley and Louise Comrie who put together the sausage sizzle; and Kim Persson, Jodie Dyt Inston and Marissa Sprott who arranged Coby's Cakes and Bakes.


And we raised around $2,500.....what an awesome effort!!!



Thank you to ToyWorld Forest Hill

The Parents and Friends Association would like to thank ToyWorld Forest Hill and their customers who have participated in the School Benefit Card program. Through this program, the BPS Parents and Friends Association has been the recipient of a $80 gift voucher, which was used in the Friends of the Band raffle and helped to raise much-needed funds for the BPS Band program. 


To find out more about the ToyWorld School Benefit Card program, please see the School Fundraising page.

Call for P & F Volunteers

At the end of 2018 we will be losing some key people who have provided invaluable assistance in vital roles. Therefore, the P&F are looking to identify people who have an interest in these areas who could take on these roles in 2019.  If possible, it would be great to have volunteers for these identified in Term 4, so there could be time for hand-over. Most of the roles do not require a large investment of time (or could be shared to reduce the time involved), but would be providing support to event coordinators around these key areas.


These roles include:

  • Food Safety
  • Social Media
  • Communications

We are also looking for people with great ideas to coordinate events (both social and fundraising) in 2019 and to help continue activities such as School Banking.


If you are able to help with any of the roles for 2019, or have a great idea for a social or fundraising event, please contact me via email ([email protected]) or phone (0400 824 186) – I would love to hear from you.


Nicole Wernert

BPS P&F Coordinator

School Fundraising

Entertainment Book fundraiser

The Entertainment Book is a great way to raise money for our school, while saving you hundreds of dollars on places you normally shop!  There are 100's of local businesses and big name shops to choose from and so many ways that you can save, that it is possible to save $1000's per year.   

Order now via the link below

Here are a sample of a few offers that will cover your Membership cost!


ToyWorld Forest Hill School Benefit Card Program

Your Christmas shopping can help raise funds for the school!

By shopping at ToyWorld Forest Hill and joining their School Benefit Card Program (with Blackburn Primary School as the nominated school), your purchases will contribute 4% in free product (given to the school in the form of a gift voucher at the end of the year). In the past, the P&F  have used this voucher either as a prize in itself, or to by toys to be used a prizes or auction items, which then generates extra funds for the school.

In addition, participants receive a 10% discount all year after they have accumulated $100.00 of spending in store (excluding sale items).

School Banking

Did you know the CBA Dollarmites School Banking program helps raise funds for our school as well as helps our children to learn to save. Our school receives 5% of every individual deposit made at school (up to $10), along with other benefits.
For more information on how your child can participate, see link below.

How to join School Banking

Banking Day is Wednesdays

For all of our new families who may not be aware, please note that the Commonwealth Bank runs a school banking program at BPS.

The banking program is voluntary and is open to all BPS students.

To participate in the program, you simply have to set up an account at your local Commonwealth Bank branch.

At the bank, your child will be issued with a deposit book and wallet that you use to fill in any deposits you wish to make – just remember to secure any money being deposited in the pocket of the deposit book wallet and pop it into the grey zip up satchel on Wednesday mornings (note: each class has it’s own satchel). 

The school banking co-ordinators will process all deposits using an on line portal that allows Commonwealth Bank to keep track of how many deposits individuals make.

For each deposit made, students will receive a silver dollarmite token and once 10 are collected they can then be redeemed for a reward (note: it can take up to three weeks for rewards to be issued by Commonwealth Bank).

For parents who have done the program previously, please note that the gold tokens have now been discontinued.

If you want to join the program or have any queries, please pop into the staff room on a Wednesday morning and talk to one of our friendly school banking team.

Cheers and happy saving - Diane and the banking team.

Got a Fundraising Idea?

If you have a fundraising idea that you would like to kick off please email [email protected] with your proposal.


Chaplain's Corner

You did what?

This is a tale of years gone by. While it happened some 6 years ago, the memory of it still looms large in our family psyche. It took place just prior to Christmas 2012. The Simpsons headed away for a cheeky mini-break for a couple days prior to Christmas. We packed our prized Mitsubishi van and headed to Phillip Island.

We had a wonderful time. The weather was amazing as was the seaside villa with a beautiful view over the beach and bay. It was just the tonic before cranking up for Christmas day and beyond. My lovely wife took care of most of the pre-trip arrangements. She organized our clothes and worked out what beach toys would make the journey. She also made arrangements for the many and varied pets and she even gassed up the people mover prior to departure. This made our exit from Melbourne much smoother than it otherwise might have been. I was extremely grateful to her for her forward planning. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for one final detail that she imparted to me just as we pulled onto the Monash.

As I was joyfully motoring along the Freeway, thinking happy thoughts about my mini break, she casually informed me that she had inadvertently put unleaded petrol in our DIESEL van. WHAT? WHEN? HOW MUCH? ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME AT HOME? Yes, the capital letters do indicate a slight rise in decibels. Not significant, but noticeable.

I loved my diesel van. It had been so reliable over the years. Not long after I got it, I had the diesel pump rebuilt. I just about needed to sell my firstborn to pay for it. So at the time, I had this bouncing around in my head. Now I’m no diesel mechanic, but I was pretty sure that multiple litres of unleaded wasn’t going to enhance its performance or longevity. As soon as Lara told me about her misdemeanor (I mean the very second) I detected a change in the van’s performance.  I instantly became acutely aware of all the noises and rattles. It seemed to be spluttering. Was it going to grind to a halt? Before filling it to the brim, Lara realized her mistake and then changed nozzles. She asked the man behind the counter and he said it would be fine. That was good enough for her. BUT HE’S NOT A MECHANIC!

To cut a long story short, the van lived to fight another day. No permanent damage to report. If anything, it seemed to get slightly better mileage and run a bit cooler. Who’d have thought? To all you diesel owners, why don’t you give it a go? We might be onto something. Or not. I think Lara must have got the balance just right – If anyone would like any specific advice on ULP to Diesel ratios, I’m sure Lara would be up for a chat.

In my experience, it doesn’t matter how organized you are, there are always things that pop up when you least expect them; things that you can’t predict or plan for. That’s just the way life is. As we all contemplate the end of 2018 and the beginning of a new year, it’s right and proper to have a plan or two for 2019. In a quiet moment in early January, write your plans down somewhere – maybe in your diary or journal or phone. But recognize that there might be the odd set-back or two. Try not to panic when they happen. Try to see them as just part and parcel of the bigger plan. There’s so much about life that we can’t control. Try to put your time and energy into the things that you can. You’ll sleep better and smile more. I guarantee it.

Cheers – Phil Simpson – School Chaplain - [email protected]

Final Shednite for 2018

Our final Shednite speaker for 2018 is Max Meyers. Max is a remarkable bloke with a fascinating story. After leaving school at the age of 12, Max worked in a factory to pay for private flying lessons. At the age of 15 he obtained his private pilot’s licence (flying Tiger moths) before undertaking his National Service in the Royal Australian Air Force where he trained as a Fighter pilot. After 6 years in the RAAF flying a wide variety of aircraft (including Vampire Jets),

Max moved to Papua New Guinea with his wife and kids. He spent 11 years in PNG working as a pilot with Missionary Aviation Fellowship (“MAF”). During his time in PNG, Max flew in and out of some of the most remote and isolated communities on earth. He became the master of navigating tiny jungle airstrips as he delivered supplies to the vast highlands of PNG. These experiences gave Max and his family a front row seat to a unique and memorable time in history. 

All up, Max worked for MAF for over 30 years, eventually heading up its global operation based in California. During his time with MAF he travelled to over 180 countries. Max is a father of 5, Grandfather of 14 and Great Grandfather of 2. He’s lived a very full life and he’s picked up plenty of insight and wisdom along the way. 

Despite his vast overseas experience, Max still has the dust of Blackburn on his shoes. He and his family lived for a number of years in Justina Street, Blackburn. After many years abroad he and his wife Jo have again re-settled in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

This promises to be an awesome night. 

When? Friday 30 November 2018
Time? 7.00 pm till late
Cost? $10.00 (covers a meal and softies)
Where? Factory 1/1 Mary Street, Blackburn
Who's it for? BLOKES - mid teens and up

Any queries through FB or email to [email protected] or send me an email.

Cheers – Phil Simpson

[email protected]



OSHClub Updates

OSHClub News


Hello everyone,


As we're all aware term 4 is well underway! At OSHClub we've had an exciting and eventful start to the new term so far. Over the last 2 weeks the children have enjoyed activities such as craft and group games based on fun themes. Outdoor play has also been very popular as our children are very active. (We continually promote safe outdoor play, particularly when using the play equipment).


Our goal towards promoting sun smart practice  (ie. bringing a hat to OSHClub) for outdoor play has been reached by most of the children. We provide sunscreen. As a reminder we have been asking the children and families to please remember to pack a spare hat in the children's bags. (As a requirement we are no longer able to provide spare hats for the children). Many of our children love active outdoor play, however no hat means no outdoor play.


The themes that we have followed over  the previous two weeks have been Movie Magic and this week Halloween. Last week some of the activities included  designing movie posters and making popcorn holders and answering some fun movie trivia questions. On Thursday morning, the Remember Daniel Day the children came dressed in  red and  since we were cooking pancakes they helped to make and decorate a large red pancake topped with strawberries!




This week our theme of Halloween has included activities such as making orange & black chain rings, pumpkin lanterns, bats, decorating the room and a group game of Spooky Fruit Salad. On Halloween Day we even face painted some of our children in a great assortment of tricky Halloween designs!








Parent Information

 OSHC program phone: 0423 781 984 

 Email: [email protected]

 Coordinators: Reynold C      

 Assistant Coordinator: Natalie L

Educators: Siân E, Kate H, Marnie K & Tim DF

 OSHClub Head Office &

 Accounts contact:  1300 395 735 &  [email protected]

 All families must be enrolled to attend the program.

 Please create an account online at

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.


Please be advised that when using your new online booking system all bookings must be made in advance, more than 24 hours business days. For all bookings where this is not possible, meaning those required to be made in less than 24 hours (business days), please contact us ASAP or leave a message on our service phone 0423 781 984 and we will advise you at the start of our next session time if we have a vacancy. The same applies to cancellations and we ask for your assistance on contacting us regarding last minute cancellations as this helps to open vacancies for other OSHClub families.


If you have any issues managing or changing your account details please contacts the accounts team on the above phone number or email.

Community Pages 

Deb's Babysitting


Smile Council Orthodontics

Please call Smile Council on 1300 733 077; or take a look at



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Strachan Eyecare


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1x short shorts, size 10 ladies ($9)

1x blazer, size 75 (small) ($45)

1x jumper, size L ($20)

1x summer dress, size 14 ladies ($20)

1x house polo, "Lourdes" size 12 child ($7)

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Enquiries, after hours, to Stephanie - (ph) 0405 465 855 

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