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12 December 2018
Issue Twenty-three
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From the Principal

Dear Parents / Carers,

There was excitement across the school yesterday morning. Grade swap day had finally arrived.  The students met their new teachers and classmates for 2019. Both new teachers and students arrived to take part in the day. Many of our students acted as buddies to our new students and I am                                pleased to report that they undertook this                                                               role with responsibility.

Our 2019 Foundation teachers visited their new students in their Early Learning Centres.

As I roved around the playground after school there were overwhelmingly positive comments from students about the day. The work of building learning communities for 2019 has commenced!


The grade structure and teaching staff for 2019 are as follows:

Usually, we don't make any changes to classes after grade swap day because as professional educators, we have taken great care in the development of homeroom classes. We have invested a great amount of time and effort into the construction of learning groups that take into account the needs of individual children and the ways they relate to various teacher styles. We know which children work well together and those who do not. Each class is balanced as much as possible with an equal number of boys and girls, with a range of high to lower ability levels and we are careful not to place too many children with challenges in a single classroom. We have also taken into account student requests. We have tried to head off any changes by providing ample time for one-time opportunities for parents to make requests and these are considered in the early stages of class formation. These decisions are made very carefully by considering the best learning situation for all of our children. Changes at this stage of the process undermine school attempts to provide the best situation for all children.


Specialist Teaching Staff for 2019:

I look forward to meeting with families at the Christmas Concert on Monday 17th December at 5.30pm.



Anne Babich


From The Assistant Principal

Dear Parents/Carers,

Tomorrow we will acknowledge and thank our parent helpers for their efforts in supporting our school and students at a special morning tea in the staffroom. 

Research shows that when families are involved in their child’s education and learning, children and young people simply do better. Parental engagement is one of the best predictors for how well a child will do at school.  Family engagement in education is all the things families can and do to help their child to learn. It ranges from ensuring their child has a space to study, is free from distraction and is getting adequate rest, to asking their child to explain what they are learning at school, to helping their child access sporting or community based programs outside of school.               “Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”  Bob Beauprez.

Christmas is a special time for families and friends to get together and make special memories.  Sometimes in the busyness of life, especially at this time of year, we forget about the small things and how one small gesture can have a positive and lasting impact on someone’s life.

Oscar from 1A is making a difference and bringing happiness to families in our community this Christmas with his collection of food items as part of his Joey Scouts badge.  Congratulations on your act of kindness, Oscar. There will be some very happy people from your efforts this year.   


Acts of Kindness at Christmas 

Show your child the spirit of giving by packing up some toys to donate. 

Let your child lead the way in buying a gift for a less fortunate child.

Donate some food items to a food bank.

Talk to your child about giving a donation in lieu of receiving a gift.

Wrap a gift and pop it under the Kmart Wishing Tree.

Sing some Christmas carols to grandparents or elderly neighbours.

Bake some Christmas cookies and deliver them to an aged care home.

Christmas Acts of Kindness are a great way to focus on the joy of giving, rather than just receiving.  Talk to your child about how they can make a small difference at this time of year.    









Have a great fortnight.

Mrs Tiffany Bamford
Assistant Principal

What's ahead

December 2018

Monday 17th to                                  Swim Fun Sessions - Foundation to Year 5

Thursday 20th December

Monday 17th December                 Evening Christmas Concert - Details Below

Wednesday 19th December          Year 6 Graduation Evening 

Friday 21st December                      Final School Assembly commeces at 1.15pm

                                                                   Final Day of school for 2018 - Students dismissed at 2.30pm

January 2019

Wednesday 30th January              First Day of Term 1 - School commences at 8.45am


Parent Payment and Booklist Information for 2019

Please open the attached document for all the information regarding parent Payments and booklist ordering online. This document is being sent home this week and available on Compass.


Physical Education

2018 Junior Hooptime Championship Finals
                    -Rowville Raiders-

Last Thursday, the Junior Future Stars Hooptime team, The Rowville Raiders, played in the State Finals Championship at Dandenong Stadium. Thirty two teams from around Victoria came together to compete for the ultimate title of State Champions. Our first 3 games would see us finish top of our pool. We started the day strong with excellent team work and impressive ball skills. Nate was a stand out in the jump ball and rebounding moments with Max always there to back him up whilst scoring some impressive baskets himself. Hudson and Dylan were a team, a force to be reckoned due to their speed and agility. Brianna showed off her experience with impressive blocking skills and Anjelika proved a pro at making a break into our offensive zone. Logan worked hard and could often be found ready for a pass whilst Nicole was a valuable team member when it came to reading the play and definitely held her own amongst the older, taller players.


At the beginning of the day, the players were more nervous than they’d even been. Luckily all of our pool games were on the same court which turned out to be our lucky court as we won all three games in a row here. At the end of each game we were spent and puffing with sweat dripping down our faces.


After our 3rd game we went to the parade and as we walked on to that court (with about 100 eyes on us) we discovered that there was no turning back. It was now time for our first final. When we walked over to our court, adrenaline shot through our veins as fast as when a bullet leaves a gun. We were about to enter one of the most important games of the day. We were losing by 1 point until the team got a steal and fed the ball into Logan who scored, putting us in front by 1. It was then that we heard the sweet sound of the siren ring in our ears. We were off to the semi-finals!

We all felt amazing, like nothing could stop us – but it was time for the semifinals – if we thought we were nervous at the start of the day it was nothing compared to now! It was a very close game but we ended up losing by 1 point in the final seconds.

We were all very upset we lost but we knew we’d tried out hardest and gave it our all. When we discovered we had come 3rd out of all of the teams in Victoria we were all so proud.

A big thankyou to our coach Jonathan and co-coaches, Brady and Georgia. Thank you so much to all of the parents who were there with us on the day and to Miss Moorhouse for managing us on the day.


By Logan, on behalf of the team.


Literacy News

We have come to the close of another fantastic school year and I am so excited  how enthusiastic the students have been with their reading and writing this year. I have had so many students come to share their favourite books and their writing.

 I would like to remind students to continue to read over the holidays and to capture their thinking in a Writer’s Notebook. Our local libraries are a great place to visit with so many books to borrow.

These students wrote some great poetry which we would like to share.


Ants come on us because they want to bite us.
Or scratch us.
Some of the ants have long legs.
And some have little legs.
All of them have very sharp teeth
They love eating food.

            Dakota 1B


Here’s to you

You are the thing that sets me free

Each night I sit there filled with glee

You fill me up with happiness

How many times? I cannot guess

I flick through each and every page

           Time will pass you shall not age

           In Summer sun or Winter snow

          Spring time flower or Autumn blow

          You will be there for me

          For you are the thing that sets me free

          So I can sit and read.

         Jessica B 6B


Some of our students wrote and shared persuasive texts.

Dear Mum,

I really want a puppy. You can play with a puppy. I would care for my puppy. I would give attention to my puppy. A puppy would make me happy.

They need food, water and shelter. I would get water for my puppy. They need to be kept clean and they need exercise. I would walk the puppy.

Can I please have a puppy?
            Isabella 2B


I love reading because it’s the best in the world. You can learn new words and get better at reading. You can learn from the books. Kids need to read more because then you are going to get better and better and better.

Amira N 2B



Trish Welti

Literacy Leader and Year 3 Teacher

STEM Centre / Library


I recently asked for students to tell us about their favourite book for 2018 and why they chose that book. I was pleased to receive lots of replies with for many different reasons.

“My favourite book is Pig the Pug because it is funny” Jazmin 1B

“My favourite book is The Three Kittens and Other Number Rhymes because I like the rhymes and I read them to my brother and my mum. Ava 1B

“My favourite book is Saving Tigers because I like tigers.” Matthew 1B

“My favourite book is Hetty’s Day Out by Pamela Allen because it is very interesting and funny and the cat goes to so many houses and eats all the food and gets fat and he can’t get                                        through his cat door and he tries and tries.” Maddison 1B

“My favourite book is Reader’s Digest World Atlas because I love maps!” Harley 1C

“My favourite book is Daddy’s Having a Horse by Lisa Shanahan. It has funny pictures and I like the title.” Code-Justice 1C

“My favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar because it uses fruit!” Curtis 1C

“My favourite book is Nancy Drew High Risk because it is interesting.” Ella 2B

“My favourite book is Liquids: Elementary Physics because I like science.” Axel 2B

“My favourite book is The Purrfect Pawse: A Little book to help children pause, stretch and be grateful by Avril McDonald. It’s a beautiful poem and yoga themed. Two of my two favourite things. The illustrations are beautiful too.” Ms Ferroni 2B

“My favourite book is The Phoenix of Destiny by Geronimo Stilton because I love all the font in the book and all the interesting words!” Brianna 3B

Our favourite books are always changing. We all have a favourite book for a different reason depending on our age and interests. I wonder what the answer will be in the future.







All library books borrowed from the main library and classroom libraries are now due back to school.  Everyone can login to the Oliver Library Operating System through Compass.  Please check your library loans and return everything you have borrowed.

Over the past few weeks teachers have also been given the lists of students in each grade who have overdue library books.  Thank you to the students who have returned their books however, there is still some missing. Could all students please have a look for them over the holidays?  I will follow these up again early 2019. 

If you have any enquiries about the books you have on loan please come and see me or email so that we can sort it out as soon as possible. Thank you.


I would like to thank everyone for your support of Scholastic Bookclub. Every purchase enables our school to order additional books and resources for the library which in turn benefits all of our students. It’s a win-win situation and many popular titles have been added to the collection. I look forward to your support again next year. 



We have some new Christmas books at Rowville Primary School.

Maccas Christmas Crackers by Matt Cosgrove.  Macca the llama faces the dilemma of having no money to buy presents so he comes up with a great idea to make something and shows us all about the true spirit of Christmas.

Santa’s High Tech Christmas by Mike Dumbleton.  Even with all the best technology sometimes everything goes wrong! How will Santa deliver everything on time?

Sammy Claws the Christmas Cat by Lucy Rowland.  Sammy Claws is clever, he discovers some villains are plotting to rob Santa! How is he going to stop them?

The Australian ABC Christmas Book.  Here is a great way to explain the Australian way of celebrating Christmas – beaches, barbeques and ice-cream!

And my favourite Ho Ho Ho! There’s A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Christmas Cake By Hazel Edwards.  I’ve been told that this new release might be the last in the Hippopotamus series by Hazel Edwards. A beautifully illustrated picture book sharing the joy and fun of preparing for Christmas with the family.

It’s wonderful to share stories with your family at this special time of year.



Over three weeks of competition we recently completed our Chess Champion Tournament for 2018.  Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition. I was pleased to see that our students showed good sportsmanship, had patience, competed in a friendly manner and most of all enjoyed playing the game.  Congratulations to our runner up this year Scarlett 3C and our Chess Champion for 2018 Rodrigo 6B.  You both did very well and I hope you keep enjoying the game of Chess.




I encourage all students to enjoy a good book over the holidays. It’s a great time to refresh and relax with stories. Dive into adventure, explore the world, dream of far off places, search for fact or immerse yourself in fantasy.  Books have it all!  Enjoy the holidays, be safe and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


Jackie Hicks – Library Technician



The Achievement Certificates and bookmarks for every student who met the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge were distributed in November. This year for the first time, every student in the school was registered to complete the challenge.

Our Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students read 30 books with their classroom teachers. Students in Years 3 – 6 read 15 books (or more!) to complete the challenge. We would like to say well done to everyone for completing this year’s reading challenge. We know that the students at Rowville Primary School are enjoying their reading journeys. 

Emily Higgins (F-2) Celia Williamson (Y4-6), and Jackie Hicks – Reading Challenge Co-ordinators



Attendance Matters

Fact sheet for parents/carers

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence using one of the following methods:

  1. Online: log the absence directly using Compass.
  2. Telephone: the school office and let the staff know your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.
  3. Email: the school and provide the staff with your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.

Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.


Why do I need to notify the school if my child is absent?

Schools need to know when and why a child is absent and you need to know if your child isn’t at school.

From the end of Term 2 2018, all Victorian government schools are required to contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence. If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to explain why, the absence will be marked as unexplained.

This system also promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind.


What is your responsibility?

You are legally required to ensure your child attends school every day or you must provide an explanation for their absence. You should let the school know in advance of any upcoming absences or let them know in the morning if your child won’t be at school. In order for schools to implement the same day notification requirement, it’s essential that you provide the school with your most up-to-date contact details.

Generally one notification will be sent per family. Should there be circumstances that require both parents and carers to be notified, please contact the school to make the necessary arrangements.

Rowville Kids Cafe


Volunteers Needed

The canteen is needing some extra help from volunteers. If you are free to assist on a Monday or Friday please see the canteen staff or leave your name at the office.  Volunteers need to have a current working with children's check card.


The canteen has new specials on Monday - Salad wraps and Thursday  - Fish burgers. More details are available on the attached pricelist.


Please click on the link to view the current Kids Cafe menu:

  or visit QkR™, the online ordering app.


Thank you to following volunteers for next  week

Thursday 13th December        J. Ng

Friday 14th December               K. Hopkins 

Monday 17th December           Help needed

Tuesday 18th December          L. Mcconnochie

Wednesday 19th December    B. Jarvis

Thursday 20th December        No Lunch orders

Friday 21st December               No Lunch orders

Rowville Kids Cafe
Online Ordering

We are excited to now offer online ordering for parents’ convenience using a credit card via QkR™. We are delighted that many parents have used the app and have reported back on how easy it is to use. 

QkR™ is an app developed by Mastercard (which is very secure) that can be downloaded to your Android or Apple system by following the attached instructions.

Windows based phones can access the ordering system via the website.
TIP:  When creating a password, ensure you include a number in the password. 
Orders can be placed in advance up until 9:00am of the day they are to be delivered to the classroom.

Children can still lodge their lunch orders via the classroom if you do not wish to use the online system.

​If you would like some assistance using the app, please call at the office.


Community Noticeboard



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