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08 November 2018
Issue 35
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2018 Calendar

2018 Camp Dates

  • 5-7 December - Year 4

2019 School Dates

Term 1 -30.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

  • All students (except Prep) commence Wednesday 30th January 2019
  • Foundation (Prep) students start Thursday 31st January 2019

Foundation students do not attend Wednesdays for the month of February 2019.


Fri 09/11

Year 6 - Footy Clinic incursion

Year 5/6 Selected students - Blast Cricket Cup

Mon 12/11

School Council meeting at 7 pm

Snr Unit - 5c & 10c Trail Competition (all week)

Snr Unit - Gardening Sale (3pm-3.30pm)

Wed 14/11

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Snr Unit - Wear your Favourite Colours (casual clothes day)  50c donation

Mon 19/11

Schoolpix photos - Gr 6, School Captains, portrait re-takes

Snr Unit - Soak the Teacher week (all week).  20c a throw or 3 for 50c

Wed 21/11

Keyboard concert 6.30 pm in the Music room

PFA: Casual clothes day (Christmas Day Raffle donations)

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Wed 28/11

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Sarah's Wind/Drums concert

Fri 30/11

Year 3-6 Orienteering at Hanging Rock

Snr Unit - Year 6 Disco - Time/Cost TBD


Saturday 1/12

Alex's Guitar concert

Mon 3/12

Strings concert at 7pm

Wed 5/12 - Fri 7/12

Year 4 Camp

Wed 5/12

PFA meeting at 7.30 pm

Tue 11/12

Whole School Transition Day

Wed 12/12

Whole School Concert.  5.30pm arrival for 6.30pm start.

PFA BBQ 5.30 pm  - 6.30 pm

Thur 13/12

Year 4/5 Project Display (9am Woodend, 2pm Carlsruhe)

Thurs 15/11

Parent Forum at 7pm

Fri 16/11

Parent Forum at 9am

Tue 18/12

Year 6 Graduation - 6pm dinner, 7.30pm start

Wed 19/12

Year 6 excursion

Sushi Day

Friday 21st December

  • 1.30 PM FINISH

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis

Remembrance Day

This Sunday we commemorate 100 years since Armistice on the 11th of November 1918. This is our opportunity to remember all who were impacted by the war including our service men and women, their families and the animals that served.

I have dedicated our newsletter this week to our Indigenous Australians who proudly and loyally fought for their country but were not recognised on their return.


Indigenous Soldiers

Over 1000 Indigenous Australians fought in the First World War. They came from a section of society with few rights, low wages, and poor living conditions. Most Indigenous Australians could not vote and none were counted in the census. But once in the AIF, they were treated as equals. They were paid the same as other soldiers and generally accepted without prejudice. It is estimated that 1,000 to 1,300 Indigenous soldiers served in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War, of whom around 250 to 300 made the ultimate sacrifice. 70 Aboriginal men are believed to have served at Gallipoli, 13 of whom were killed in action.


When war broke out in 1914, many Indigenous Australians who tried to enlist were rejected on the grounds of race; others slipped through the net.


Why did they fight?

Loyalty and patriotism may have encouraged Indigenous Australians to enlist. Some saw it as a chance to prove themselves the equal of Europeans or to push for better treatment after the war.


For many Australians in 1914, the offer of 6 shillings a day for a trip overseas was simply too good to miss.


Indigenous Australians in the First World War served on equal terms but after the war, in areas such as education, employment, and civil liberties, Aboriginal ex-servicemen and women found that discrimination remained or, indeed, had worsened during the war period.


Aboriginal women also played an important role. Many enlisted in the women’s services or worked in war industries. In northern Australia, Aboriginal and Islander women worked hard to support isolated RAAF outposts and even helped to salvage crashed aircraft.


 (Kath Walker) Oodgeroo Noonuccal joined the Australian Women’s Army Service in 1942, after her two brothers were captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore. Serving as a signaller in Brisbane she met many black American soldiers, as well as European Australians. These contacts helped to lay the foundations for her later advocacy of Aboriginal rights.


Prior to 1980, individuals enlisting in the Defence Forces were not asked whether or not they were of an Indigenous background.


Black soldier depicts Lesley Murray's grandfather. Based on a photograph taken during the Second World War, this is a private work of commemoration. It is also intended to serve as a tribute to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers who served in the Second World War but who may not have received recognition.  C965256, Australian War Memorial licensed copyright.


In our school library Susan has purchased a number of new books that help us to understand and remember the impact of war.



Gardens / Mowing

Recently we have had a few parents who have taken on the huge task of mowing at the Carlsruhe Campus. Each month out of our budget, we pay a substantial amount to get the oval, Carlsruhe and other areas mowed. The help from these parents is highly appreciated and helps to free up some of our budget for learning programs and resources.


Parent forum

I invite you attend the Parent Forums that I will be running in the Library.  There will be two Parent Forums; Thursday 15th November at 7pm and Friday 16th November at 9am.  This will be an open forum where you can ask any questions you might have about the operation of our school, our policies, our wellbeing and behaviour management programs and our learning programs.

I look forward to seeing you.

Ongoing School Improvements

Although the government have allocated money towards our current building project, we also continue to invest our own school money for ongoing improvements.   As part of the building project our heaters were converted to natural gas. However many of our heaters were old and could not be converted so we have paid to install new heaters in the Art room, the admin office and some classrooms.

We have also spent around $5000 for the delivery of the soft fall mulch for the playground areas.

Virtual Learning

This week we had a new Virtual Learning System installed in the library. These units were provided by the Education Department to support greater opportunities for on line learning for staff and students. Being in a regional area, most of our meetings are at Bendigo or in the city. The Education Department are also hoping we will be able to have more virtual meetings so that we can lessen our time away from schools.

Parent Survey

As communicated in a previous newsletter we were extremely pleased with the results of this years’ Parent Opinion Survey where parent perceptions of our school had increased in 18 out of 21 areas.

  • 93% of parents responded that they are able to get the information they need through the schools regular communication channels.
  • 90 % of parents said that they felt there is effective two way communication between the teachers and parents at the school.
  • 88% of the parents feel confident that this school provides a good standard of education for our students.
  • 93% of respondents said that teachers are enthusiastic and positive about teaching.
  • 95 % of respondents said that teachers at this school expect their child to do well.

We are particularly pleased with these results however we will continue to listen to feedback and look for ongoing opportunities for school wide improvement.

School Captain Interviews

This week myself and Mrs. Graham and the current School Captains, have had the pleasure of interviewing of prospective 2019 School Captains. With 23 applicants this has been a long but exciting process.

The students were asked a number of questions but the 3 main questions were:

  • Explain why you want to be School Captain at WPS.
  • Describe the skills, strengths and qualities that you have that would make us want to choose you as SC for WPS.
  • If you were taking parents on a school tour, describe the 3 main or best reasons that you would give them to choose WPS as the school of choice.

Although it is always difficult, we look forward to making the final choices and start training our new School Captains for their 2019 role.

From the Office

Working Bee

Dear Carers

It was unfortunate that we had to cancel our Working Bee due to the unfavourable weather conditions at the time. However, our sincere thanks go out to the families who have since then helped out with various jobs, such as mowing, weeding and trimming hedges. Carlsruhe is now back under control and looking fantastic.

There are still a few areas in the main school which are in need of some much needed attention, including whipper snippering, weeding and spreading some mulch. If you are able to help with any of these please reply by return email to graham.victoria.v@edumail.vic.gov.au.

We are also looking for old chaff or horse feed bags which we could use to transport mulch to difficult to access garden areas. If you have any please drop at the office.


Many Thanks

Victoria Graham

Bookpack ordering for 2019

detailed information and ordering instructions will be issued in the next few days to all students/families via Compass and a paper note sent home. ALL ORDERING IS ONLINE from 9th November, NO PAPER ORDER FORMS WILL BE ISSUED.

REMEMBER, if you order your books by 2 December 2018 there is no processing or delivery charge and books will be delivered to your home address.

  • Bookpack Requisites for Year 3 – 6:
    - ORDER ONLINE FROM 9TH November at www.officemaxschools.com.au – goods will be delivered to the student’s home address NOT to the school
    - order BEFORE 2nd DEC = FREE DELIVERY & guaranteed delivery before 31.12.18
    - order AFTER 2nd DEC = $12.95 per family and delivery before the start of school
    - bus and netbook fees can be paid at the same time as bookpack ordering
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from mid November 2018
  • Bookpack Requisites for Year Prep – 2
    - students do not receive an individual bookpack – parents pay for their child’s requisites, which are delivered, directly to classrooms. Payment for these essential requisites is compulsory and expected. Payment options are:
    1. via www.officemaxschools.com.au
    2. via QKR from 9 November 2018
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from mid November 2018
  • There will be NO SPARE PACKS AVAILABLE from the school, as bookpacks can continue to be ordered online at Officemax until the end of Term 2

To advise a student absence

Notification as soon as possible on the absence day is requested however before 10am is preferred.

  1. Log onto the Compass portal – click on ‘Add Attendance Note Approval’
  2. Phone the school’s absence voicemail – 5427 2455 – Option 1

Payment Methods for School Activities




Prizes are going out as quickly as possible, please be patient.  The major prize draw will be in December so there is still plenty of time to return your sponsorship, either in cash or on Qkr.


Thank you for your support.

Sandra Mann

Movember 2018

Movember 2018 edition

Hello everyone,

It is that time of the year again when many men across Australia start growing their moustache’s for a wonderful cause, the Movember Foundation.

This year Mr. Spilsted, Mr. Condon and Mr. Bruns will be doing their best to grow their moustaches in an attempt to raise awareness and more importantly money, for men's health.

Mr. Spilsted, Mr. Condon and Mr. Bruns are kindly asking for any donations to support them this Movember. Last year the Woodend Primary School Movember team raised a whopping $1,797. This year they are aiming to match it or raise even more money!

Please go to the below link and donate as much money as you possibly can. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.



Senior Unit

Funfields Fundraising Update

The Year 6 students have been busy with their fundraising for their Funfields celebration at the end of the year. They have already been successful in raising $416 through a number of initiatives such as busking, a Zooper Dooper stall and even babysitting. We thank our wonderful community for their support for our students.    Jordan Chamerski - Year 6 Coordinator



The last few weeks you may have realised that the Year sixes have been doing some fundraisers for their Year 6 celebration to Funfields. Frida, Elsie, Jacob and Charli have been busking a couple of times to do their part in the contribution. The first time they made $99.90 and it was a big success so they did it again at the farmers market a couple of weekends later. The farmers market was a big success and they made $153.20! Overall they have made a big contribution of $253.10. They might do it again so lookout for them. -Frida

Zooper Dooper Update

On Monday the 5th we sold Zooper Doopers to fundraise for our end of year celebration.  We were very successful last week we raised a total $66.40. So, on Monday the 12th we’re selling icy- poles again in the courtyard. They will be 50 cents each so make sure you bye an icy-pole! By Lily, Holly & Makenzie     

5c / 10c Trail Competition

As you would know, the Year Six students are going to Funfields for an end of year excursion and we are fundraising the cost. Next week from Monday to Friday, we invite all classes to collect 5 cent and 10 cent coins to bring to school. At the end of the week, a few Year Six students will collect the coins and create a trail of the coins that the class collected, in the hall. The Year Sixes will then measure the trails. During the day, the classes can come and take a look at the trails to see how long they are. The winning class with the longest trail will be announced that Friday at assembly and they will receive their prize of icy poles the following week. Good luck to all classes! May the longest trail win!


Carlsruhe Annexe

Sun Safety

Please ensure your child has a wide brimmed school hat to keep them safe during the many outdoor activities that are part of the Carlsruhe program.

Zoos Victoria - Phone Cycle


Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

In MU5 we have been learning about random acts of kindness as a part of our Social and Emotional Learning.

The students were put into groups of three and were given a random act of kindness to perform in front of their classmates. Their performances were wonderful and the students really enjoyed performing to their peers.

Over the next few weeks MU5 will be performing random acts of kindness around the school and at home to try and colour in their kindness flower completely.

Here is a snapshot of what some of the students have learned so far in the classroom:

I have learned that you can help people and thank people for giving something to you. I enjoyed making the performance. - Audrey

I have learned that it is very important to thank someone after they have given something and to also thank someone who works at your school because they help you with lots of stuff. -James

I have learned that you need to be kind to people and not be rude to people. I enjoyed making the play so we know how to be kind to people. - Reeanon

Something that I learned was to help someone if they are really hurt and help them if they cannot walk. I enjoyed performing in front of the class. - Giselle

I have learned that it is really nice to smile at people because it tells them that you care about them. I enjoyed acting out my random act of kindness. - Lotti

I learned that it is good to do random acts of kindness to friends and other people because it makes them feel happy inside. - Liam

I learned that you can do lots of different random acts of kindness and not just one. My favourite random act of kindness is playing with a new friend. - Alice

I have learned that giving a good compliment to someone makes other people happy and it helps you make more friends. A random act of kindness I would like to do is tell someone why they are special to me. - Hunter


Year 3

This week in Year 3, students have continued looking at Procedural writing. They have completed their final writing task which was a recipe for a healthy snack. The students have shown the ability to follow the writing structure carefully and produced work to be very proud of.
In Maths, students have been working with fractions in a number of different ways such as fractions of shapes, groups and also where they fit on a number line.
In STEMS the students have been completing ‘hands on’ activities by solving design problems. The students enjoyed our ‘Fashions on the Field’ activity where they had to design an outfit for the Melbourne Cup and model it on the catwalk. They also enjoyed designing a replica Eiffel Tower using only aluminium foil.


Junior Unit




Student Awards & Achievements

Team Briody Clear have completed their 2018 Great Cycle Challenge!

Matilda & Pollyanna each rode 250km during October & raised well in excess of their $500 target. Donations are still coming in but at this stage they have raised over $2000 to help the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s fight against childhood cancers. 


Thanks to all those who have supported, encouraged & particularly those who sponsored our efforts. It was certainly challenging at times, but ultimately a very rewarding experience. 


* longest ride was 50km on the O’Keefe Rail Trail from Heathcote to Bendigo.

* favourite ride was the Castlemaine to Maldon Trail (racing the train!).

* most commonly ridden was the 5 Mile Creek Path & Buffalo exercise loop.

Students of the Week

JU1 - Carter

For trying really hard to write on the dotted thirds. Well done Carter!

JU2 - Dash

Taking care with his writing to produce a neatly written weekend recount which included capital letters and full stops.

JU3 - Jenson

For generously sharing the materials he had brought in for a craft activity.

MU1 - Max

Working hard on his fairy tale about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

MU2 - Jamie

For his wonderful and very spooky quick write about a haunted house. Fantastic effort!

MU3 - Kai

For a terrific Readers Theatre performance - using wonderful expression and actions.

MU3 - Hugh

For settling really well into his new grade and school.

MU4 - Bodhi

For his excellent science skills this week, learning about dinosaurs!

MU5 - Lily

For showing a great attitude towards her learning and always following teacher instructions.

MU6 - nil

MU7 - Kurtis

Persisting with his fraction wall activities.  Awesome effort.

MU8 - Callan

For the outstanding effort and enthusiasm he is showing while completing tasks in class.

CU1 - Archie

For showing great persistence and accuracy when creating his isometric building designs.

CU2 - Tommy

For his outstanding presentation on Saint Mary Mackillop. Great Job!

CU3 - Espen

For reading the book “Little Elephants” to the class, displaying great expression and excitement throughout the story engaging the audience.

CU3 - Tom

For his hard work with writing, editing and publishing his fantastic story “Minotaur”.

CU4 - John

For his persistence and effort when working on any challenging classwork and in particular maths problems. Awesome work John!

SU1 - Sonny

Making an awesome effort while analysing song lyrics!! You Rock!!

SU2 - Thomas

For kicking goals when analysing songs in reading and showing AWESOME persistence when solving division equations. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!




9th  Marga, Heidi

14th  Jo

15th  NO help needed

16th  Sandra, Michael

21st  Emma

22nd  NO help needed

23rd  Robyn, 1 x helpers needed

  • Please contact me if you can help at woodendcanteen@gmail.com or mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only 9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


  • A huge thank you to Tracey, Lou and Jade for filling in last Friday at such short notice.
  • please remind your child(ren) to place their own lunch bag in the classroom tub prior to 9am.
  • Sushi Day is booked for Wed 19.12.18 - This will be our last canteen day for the year. No other lunches will be available on this day.  All orders via Qkr.
  • Pasta Bolognese is currently unavailable.  The item has been removed from the Qkr menu.


  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • Term 4: NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.

Gardening Group

Woodend Community Children's Garden

Where:  WPS Community Children’s Garden

When:  12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required with lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club

2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parents' gardening session (pruning and garden maintenance)

BYO: Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in: Please sign in at the Office before gardening

Contact: Nicole Middleton 0418 233 366


Congratulations team!

Monday lunch time Kid’s Gardening Club have finally finished covering the long garden beds in the Woodend Children’s Garden with newspaper and woodchips.  Great effort everyone!! (volunteer parents and Environment Leaders included). We have been working on this activity weekly since the start of Term 3. Next year we’ll plant these spaces with the indigenous garden, raspberries, blue berries, gooseberries, cranberries and other fruiting goodies. 


Monday next week the Grade 6 Environment Leaders will be running a garden plants and produce sale at 3.30pm.  Come along to grab some Spring goodies!




Wow, only 3 weeks left for borrowing from the library for this school year.

  • All library books will need to be returned no later than 7 December 2018.
  • However, all overdue books need to be returned ASAP.


Thank you for your help regarding this.


Susan Machell


Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

Flynn, Catherine, Ethan

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

Archer, Mariella, Zoey, William, Charlotte

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home

Sophie, Carter

Welcome to School Banking


Term 4 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 4 - Slushie Cup Maker and Zoom Flying Disc

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop News

Lost property is located just in front of the uniform shop and part of keeping it under control is that I will return any clearly named items to the class room. To do this, I need a readable first and last name, although if room is an issue a first initial and last name will also work.


I have also found a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        



Please do not hesitate to come and see me with any questions, I am happy to help. 

Uniform Shop Hours

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop

Community News

Local Community


Honour Their Spirit,
Armistice Day Centenary at Woodend


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

Teaching kids to ask for what they want

Much behaviour that annoys parents stems from children’s inability to ask for what they want.

Most parents have experienced a young child yelling, “Mum, he took my toy. It’s not fair.” Perhaps you’ve experienced a child who whines like a dripping tap because they want something from you.

Maybe you have a teenager who’d love to ask a friend out to the school formal but hasn’t the courage or the words to use. (This may not annoy you, but it frustrates the hell out the young person who becomes wracked with self-doubt simply because they can’t ask for what they want.)

An important task for parents is to give kids the skills they need for independence, so they are not reliant on you to resolve their problems.

An important independence skill for kids to learn is the ability to articulate their needs and wishes clearly, respectfully and appropriately. Here’s how you can help:

Start young

Recently I saw a mother tell her three year-old to ask his 12 month-old brother if he could play with a new car his little brother had been given for his first birthday.

Clearly, the twelve month old couldn’t answer, but his mother did so for him. Mr. Three said, “Ben, can I play with your car.” His mother answered, “I’m sure Ben would be happy to let you play with it.” And so Mr. Three played with the car, without taking it away. This mother had established that asking, rather than taking is the way to do things in her family.

Use your words

When kids whine, whinge, mumble or point at what they want remind them to use their words. Rather than respond to their mumbled, garbled, ill-formed requests teach them to stand still, make eye contact, stand tall and ask for what they want. If it’s not asked for, then it’s not given.

Give them words and phrases that work

A number of years ago my son wanted me to persuade his sports teacher to allow him to try out for the school swimming team. This particular teacher was often dismissive of such requests, but I thought my son had a right to ask, as he was sick when the swim trials were held. Rather than make a phone call, we sat and talked about the best way to approach this teacher and the words he could use to get his attention and also to make his case. My mentoring must have worked as the teacher made time for a new trial, which was good news for my son. When kids don’t have the words the best thing we can do is give them the social scripts they need to get what they want.

An important task for parents is to give kids the skills they need for independence, so they are not reliant on you to resolve their problems. An important independence skill for kids to learn is the ability to articulate their needs and wishes clearly, respectfully and appropriately.

Coach them about time and place

Effective communication is as much about time and place as it is about the choice of words. It doesn’t matter what words are chosen, but a teenage request to go to a party, just as you are dashing out the door in the morning is the wrong time to ask a question. It deserves to be met with, “Would you like to ask that question at a more appropriate time?”

Help them not to take no personally

Kids, like adults, with low confidence levels take rejection personally, while those with high confidence levels don’t take rejection to heart. Discuss with kids that others, including siblings have a right to say no to a request and that a no may occur for many reasons, none of which need reflect poorly on them.

No means No.

Children have a right to ask others for what they want but that doesn’t mean they keep asking if they meet a refusal. A child’s request for an ice cream just before mealtime that’s met with a refusal should be taken at face value. If a child keeps asking or asks another person, then it’s appropriate to let your child know strongly of your disapproval. Your parenting mantra could be: No means No.

You can get a complete plan for developing independence in your child or teenager in Michael’s best-selling book Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent kids.

School Information

Whole School Assembly

Every Friday at 3pm in the school hall

Student Banking

Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom

Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

Tuesdays       8.45 am - 9.15 am

Thursdays     3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

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