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09 October 2018
Term 4, Issue 1
Term 4 Dates
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Term 4 Dates


Oct 10 - 12 - Grade 6 Camp Melbourne

Oct 10 - Yr 5 Earth Ed (5AC & 5DS)

Oct 10 - Pre school Program

Oct 11 - Earth Ed (5AC & 5JM)

Oct 12 - Pre school Program

Oct 12 - Regional Aths

Oct 16 - Yr 3 Black Creek Farm

Oct 17 - Pre school Program

Oct 17 - Yr 6 Solar Boat Challenge

Oct 18 - P-2 Sports Day

Oct 18 - Yr 5 Quantum (5PD & 5DS)

Oct 19 - Pre School Program

Oct 19 - Yr 5 Quantum (5AC & 5JM)

Oct 19 -  Yr 3/4 Blast Cricket

Oct 19 - Yr 2 Sleepover

Oct 23 - Yr 3 Black Creek Farm

Oct 23 - Yr 6 Earth Ed (incursion)

Oct 24 - Pre school Program

Oct 24 - Prep Swimming

Oct 25 - BIG write

Oct 26 - Pre school Program

Oct 31 - Pre school Program

Oct 31 - Prep Swimming

Oct 31 - SC3 Earth Ed Incursion

Nov 1 - Yr 6 Graduation Photos

Nov 1 - PLP Meeting 2:30pm in staff room

Nov 2 - Pre school Program

Nov 6 - Life Education @ Scotsburn

Nov 7 - Scotsburn P-2 Sleepover

Nov 7 - Prep Swimming

Nov 7 - COLD Write

Nov 8 - Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Nov 9 - Ballarat Show Day - NO SCHOOL PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Nov 13 - Yr 5/6 Blast Cricket

Nov 14 - Prep Swimming

Nov 19 - Yr 6 Sovereign Hill

Nov 21 - Prep Swimming

Nov 22 - BIG WRITE

Nov 26 - 30 - Yr 3 & 4 Swimming

Nov 28 - Yr 6 Ecolinc

Nov 30 - Reports go home

Dec 3 & 7 - Yr 1,2 & Scotsburn Swimming

Dec 3 - Yr 6 Biocats (Gp 1)

Dec 4 - Yr 3 Sovereign Hill

Dec 6 - Parent Teacher Interviews (1pm finish)

Dec 10 - Yr 6 Bio cats (Gr 2)

Dec 11 - Prep Orientation Day
Dec 11 - Yr 7 (Public schools) Orientation Day

Dec 12 - Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)

Dec 12 - SC1 to Sovereign Hill

Dec 13 - Blue Light Disco (6-7:30pm)

Dec 14 - Preps to Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Yr 4 Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup (6pm)

Dec 19 - Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 Movies

Dec 19 - Yr 6 Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Scotsburn Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Yr 6 Graduation Evening (6pm)



Oct 12 - No Assembly

Oct 19 - P-3 Assembly

Oct 26- 4-6 Assembly

Nov 2 - Whole School Assembly


Nov 16 - Whole school /Family Group Assembly

Nov 23 - P-3 Assembly

Nov 30 - 4-6 Assembly

Dec 7 - Whole school /Family Group Assembly

Dec 14 - No Assembly

Dec 21 - Whole School Assembly

PDF Version of Term 4 Calendar


Principal's Report


Welcome back everyone and hope you had the opportunity to enjoy some of the lovely weather over the past fortnight. It’s all systems go at school and we’re away to a good start for term 4.  A big welcome to new families who started with us on Monday. 


We have lots to look forward to in term 4 including, starting our very own before and after school program, Grade 6 Camp (later this week), our Pre-Schooler Program (starting this week) the Solar Boat Challenge (next week…fingers crossed with regards to the weather), a Book Fair, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Woorabinda Camp, a Sleepover for the Buninyong grade 2 and Scotsburn P-2s, the P-2 Sports Day, Swimming Programs, Life Ed, more inter-school sporting events, Parent Teacher Interviews, another Blue Light Disco, Orientation Day and Grade 6 Graduation.  A calendar of events is included in this newsletter.


A reminder to everyone that school hats must be worn during break times during terms 1 and 4.  If your child doesn’t have a hat, please get them one as soon as possible.  It is your choice whether your child wears a broad brimmed hat or the bucket hat.  We have both in supply at our uniform shop.


Start dates for 2019

We know that some of you will already be planning summer holidays and are keen to know school start dates for 2019. 

  • Teachers are officially back at work on Tuesday, January 29
  • All students start back on Thursday, January 31

Note: Book collection days will be Friday January 25 and Tuesday January 29.


For those planning a little further ahead:

  • Term 1 ends Friday, April 5
  • Term 2 starts Monday April 23



We all know that it’s a significant step from kinder to primary school, so putting things in place to take the anxiety out of that process is a good thing. For us that began with visits from our local pre-school, which took place last term.  The next step is our Pre-Scholer program which starts this week.  As the photos from last year’s program suggest the Pre-Schooler Program is a great way for our future preps to become familiar and comfortable with the school environment. 

Pre-Schooler program reminder:

Pre-Schooler Program – Our 4 year old pre-school students are invited to come along to these sessions which starts this week.  Sessions at our Buninyong Campus will run on Wednesdays and Fridays, with participants coming to one or the other, not both.  Sessions at our Scotsburn Campus will run on Wednesdays.  The dates for this year’s program are:

Buninyong Campus:                     Scotsburn Campus (Wednesdays only):

Session 1 – October 10th or 12th                     Session 1 – October 10th

Session 2 – October 17th or 20th                    Session 2 – October 17th

Session 3 - October 24th or 26th                      Session 3 - October 24th

Session 4 – Oct 31st or Nov 2nd                       Session 4 - November 2nd


Sessions 1 & 2 will run from 10 - 11am and sessions 3 & 4 from 9:30am – 11am. 


To enrol your child in this program, simply call the ladies in the office and register their name 5341 3560.



We now have our results for the 2018 Parent Opinion Surveys.  We had 88 at Buninyong and 18 at Scotsburn complete the survey and we’re most appreciative for each of those parents who took the time to complete the survey and provide their feedback. 


The results for both campuses are really pleasing and present as a strong endorsement of the school.  One of the questions asked for a sense of general satisfaction, for which the responses were very high, which summarises the overall results.


As always, there are areas of strength and others that suggest opportunities for improvement.  At upcoming parent forums we’ll take opportunities to look closely at the results with parents to help us better understand parent perceptions and gather ideas for future directions.  If you’d like the opportunity to be part of these discussions, come along to the next PLP meeting (Nov 1, 2:30pm, School Staff Room) or the next Scotsburn Community Meeting (Oct 23, 9:00am, old school building).  The October School Council meeting will also feature an in depth discussion of the results. 


As always, the surveys provided the opportunity for parents to make comments in addition to their responses to specific questions.  Unfortunately we can’t direct responses to those questions to the relevant individuals as participation was anonymous, but encourage anyone who is ever concerned about anything to make a time to catch up with Bernie.



The last day of term 3 always has a really nice atmosphere with everyone dressed in their footy colours and ready to finish the term with a bit of fun.  Everyone got in the spirit and we had some great outfits across the school.  As always, the day featured a Staff Vs Grade 6 football match which was enjoyed by everyone.  The grade 6s entered the match with very high hopes, but unfortunately faced a ‘West Coast like’ opposition and so fell short.



Paint Job in Student Toilets - Holiday periods always present good opportunities to get a few jobs done.  Over the break we have had the internal walls and ceilings of the junior and senior toilets painted.  Students from grades 2-5 were involved in the selection of colours.  The junior students selected an ‘aqua’ colour which is quite bright and the senior students went with ‘gold dust, which is very royal.  The next step is to install signage that was designed by students in cooperation with one of our mums, Catriona Fox.  A big thankyou to Catriona for her efforts with this projects.  Hopefully we’ll get the signs up in the coming few days.


New Shade Sail – Most would have noticed that the shade sail over the 5-6 play equipment was hanging by a thread by the end of term 3.  Once again, we asked the students to select their favourite colour from the options available and they came up with a very bright blue.  They chose well, because it looks terrific.  This was funded by the proceeds from this year’s concert.  Funds raised through the concert will also fund a makeover of the canteen and the construction of a stage at Buninyong and a project (yet to be determined) at Scotsburn.

Landscaping Around the Gym – As mentioned in the Base 1270 section of this newsletter, quite a bit of work has been completed in and around the gym, which is a big improvement.

Student Wellbeing

New Safety Pads Installed

Late last term, we finally received our new goal post padding to place around the goal posts on the oval. These pads were purchased with some of the fundraising from the Blue Light Disco and help continue to make our grounds safer and more appealing for the kids. A special thank you to the boys who helped pop the padding on the posts. Pictured below is Jasper, Emil, Arlo, Lachie and Rowan. Thanks boys!


Preps in 2019 with Additional Needs

Families who have new Prep students coming to school in 2019 and have been identified as having additional needs (e.g. Speech therapy, paediatric investigation, Autism, significant medical condition, etc), are encouraged to make a time to talk to Scott.


Scott will be able to help those families in understanding the Department of Education’s support framework and provide information on how our school supports the transition into Prep and also any additional resourcing that we may have access to. To arrange a meeting with Scott, please call the office to book in a time.


School Procedures for the Bushfire Season


Congratulations to our wonderful Blue Light Award winners!

At our final assembly of term 3, we were pleased to award 2 students with the prestigious Blue Light Award from Ballarat Police. These two fantastic students were Samuel L from Scotsburn and Hayden S from 4AC. Well done to both students! We’re really proud of your efforts towards showing what it means to be a great student at Buninyong!

Teaching & Learning

Lions Club Public Speaking Competition

During the last 2 weeks of Term 3, the Buninyong PS Public Speaking Competition was held. We had good representation from students in grades 3-6 at both campuses. The competition involved students preparing a speech about a set topic and delivering it to an audience. The topics were:

  • Year 3/4: Pesent a case that homework is good/ bad for students.
  • Year 5/6: If I were Prime Minister for a day.

Four students have been selected to represent the school at the next stage next Monday evening at the Buninyong Bowls Club against students from schools across the region.

Congratulations and good luck to:

  • Year 3/4: Quinn M and Missy D
  • Year 5/6: Zoe K and Scarlett M


Book Fair

Next week the Library will be set up as the Book Fair. There will be no student borrowing from the Library during the week while the Book Fair is set up, however students will be given the opportunity to browse all the books on display. The Book Fair will be open before school from 8.15am and after school until 4pm should parents wish to come along and purchase a book.


Please note that all purchases will earn points for the school that helps ensure our library is well maintained and stocked with new and interesting books for the students to read.


Gaining a Greater Understanding of an Intercultural Capability

During the last few weeks of Term 3, our Japanese language coordinator, Narelle Sullivan, was lucky enough to be selected as part of a contingency of teachers and Principals from across Victoria to participate in a study tour of China. The tour is part of a Bastow learning opportunity that was focussing on how schools in Victoria can build the way in which Intercultural Capabilities are planned and taught in school.

Whilst on tour Mrs Sullivan was involved in:

  • a workshop at East China Normal University (ECNU) examining China’s education system and reform.
  • a placement briefing at Ganquan Foreign Languages School.
  • a visit to multi national R&D department of Huawei, examining technology and communication that is the “future of work”.
  • a 3 day in school shadowing program at a high performing school in Shanghai, Guan Long Primary School. 
  • a trip to the cross border trade town in Hangzhou to explored an emerging “tiger” economy.
  • a design thinking workshop around Designing Schools of the Future.
  • a visit to multinational company Alibaba (the Amazon of China!) before participating in a Country briefing and panel discussion hosted by Austrade.

Over the coming weeks Mrs Sullivan will be working with the Curriculum Team to identify ways in which we can use this new knowledge to build on the way we provide opportunities to have a greater understanding of Intercultural capabilities.


Numeracy and Literacy Tips to Help Your Child Every Day


BASE 1270


Base 1270 was up and running with before and after school care from Monday and the 1st few days have gone very nicely.  We are excited about what we can offer with an Outside of School Hours (OSH) program. 


The program will look quite different to the after school program that has been run on our site for a number of years.  Our intention is to provide the students involved with a range of fun and engaging activities, using resources from right across the school. 

Some will be interested in the origins of the name…Base 1270.  The school number is 1270, hence the use of this number.  The word ‘Base’, refers to the program being located at the base of Mt Buninyong, but also to the notion of the word ‘base’ referring to a secure and strong place.  The name was developed and chosen by some of our students.


Vacation Care is part of any OSH program and we can confirm that there will be a Base 1270 Vacation Care program running in the weeks of January 14-18 and 21-25.  If interested, look for details later this term.  

With sufficient interest the program will be extended to include Jan 30 & 31.  All Prep to 6 students commence school on January 31. 


Liam Rigby will be the Program Coordinator and will be on board from October 22.  For the moment Ash Meade is acting in the Coordinator role, but will then be staying on as an Educator.  We also have a bank of casual staff who will work in the service from time to time.  Sophie Cullinan and Ben Tovey are the casual staff that will be working at Base 1270 over the coming few weeks. 


There was quite a bit done over the break to improve the environment in and around the gym to coincide with us starting Base 1270.  The entrance has been repainted in a striking blue to highlight the main gym entrance.  The foyer inside has also been given a lick of paint and is looking great. 


Outside there has been quite a bit of landscaping done, which is a big improvement.  Areas that were uneven and covered in weeds have been transformed into mulched areas with trees or resurfaced with stone.  We have also added vegetable patches that will provide Base 1270 students with lots of fun and many learning opportunities. 

A big thankyou to the helpers who came along to the working bee on October 4th.  We had a productive team of parents and children who planted lots of trees, installed drippers and spread lots of mulch.


Base 1270 Admin

Thank you to families who have returned all relevant paperwork to complete enrolments for Base 1270. It has been a huge job! We know that there are many steps to the enrolment process and thankfully we only have to do it once!


Can you please make sure have completed all of the following steps: -

  • Provided a signed enrolment form for each child.
  • Completed and provided a direct debit authorisation form.
  • Logged in to Centrelink to confirm your CCS enrolment with our service.
  • Provided any action plans and medications.

If you have any questions about the program or difficulties with the enrolment process please do not hesitate to call Mel in the office or email oshc@buninyongps.vic.edu.au

Physical Education


Term 4 Calendar Events:

12 October – Regional Athletics

18 October – P-2 Sports Day

19 October (TBC) – Grade 3/4 Blast Cricket

22 Oct – 8 Nov – Life Education

13 November (TBC) – Grade 5/6 Blast Cricket

Regional Athletics:

Good luck to our Regional Athletics team who will be competing this Friday at Llanberris.  Thanks to all the parents who are supporting their child on the day (particularly those organising transport from Melbourne).

P-2 Sports Day:


2018 Prep – Grade 2 Sports Day 

18 October, 2018

Preps - 11.30am – 1.00pm

Grade 1-2’s - 2.00 - 3.15pm


The P-2 Sports Day is set to run on the school oval on 18 October, 2018, and spectators are most welcome to attend and support the students.  Participants are encouraged to wear their house coloured t-shirts (please see class teacher or the office if you are unsure of your child’s house and/or colour) on the day.  Please note that this is a participation based day and no results will be recorded.

A big thank you goes out to SEDA for being in attendance on this day and running each of the stations.

Please click here for more information.

Life Education

Harold and the Life Education team will be visiting the school between 22 October and 8 November, 2018.  Class teachers will be sending out class dates and times.  

Life Education delivers health and drug education through a unique mobile learning centre environment which provides students a chance to develop strategies and practice the skills required to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Lessons are age appropriate and the children will be covering a wide range of health related topics, ranging from the human body and how it works, healthy eating and nutrition, medicines and drugs, bullying, resilience and social skills.


Healthy Harold, the much loved Life Education giraffe mascot is always a much anticipated element of the visit. The sessions are always fun, interactive and really extend and develop the children’s understanding of the topics covered. We will be further broadening these topics in class both prior to and after the visit with the student workbook, which is included in the cost of the visit. It is important that your child attend this session.


As a charity, Life Education relies heavily on the generosity of local organisations to keep its fleet of mobile learning centres on the road delivering positive health and life messages to over 200,000 children in Victoria alone.


The cost for this incursion is included in your excursion levy.


There will be a parent information session running on Monday, 22 October, 8.45am – 9.15am.  More information can be found here.  Please print and complete the attendance slip at the bottom of the linked document to confirm your attendance. 

Missing Buninyong Sports Kit:

It would be greatly appreciated if parents could please take a look at home for any school sports kit (including singlets, jumpers and netball dresses) as we seem to be a few short.  These may have made their way home after a competition or the school concert.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Welcome Back

The staff at Scotsburn would like to welcome back all of our families and extend a big welcome to our new families. We hope that you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed the improving weather. We would also like to thank the Klein family for looking after Pip and the many families who dropped in to feed the chooks over the break. It is greatly appreciated.



Please keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter. The Scotsburn section will have important dates and information regularly on it. Please make sure you have a read each week.



Don’t forget to use your personal login details to access compass. Notifications and updates will continue in this space now that the school app has been phased out.


Arrival Times

8:45am is an ideal time to arrive at school, as the classrooms and playground are not supervised until then. All children should be ready to start the day at 9am. If your child is absent on any given day, please ensure that you contact the Buninyong Primary School office to inform them.


Sun Smart

This term hats are compulsory outside at recess and lunch play. It is highly recommended that students also apply sunscreen to their face/ arms and legs to prevent any sunburn. Please also ensure that your child/children have their hat named.                               


Gr 6 Camp

The Grade 6’s are off to camp at Melbourne this week . It’s sure to be lots of fun. A reminder for all Gr 6 students that the bus will be leaving from the Buninyong campus at 8.30am.


Pre-Schooler Program

The first of 4 pre-schooler days will commence this Wednesday. This is always an exciting time for our new preps. As always, we encourage you to make the new preps and their families very welcome if you see them during these times.


Winning and losing

With the warmer weather approaching, we generally see more of the students involving themselves in games at recess and lunch. This is great to see as regular exercise is wonderful for us all. We have noticed that some students find participating in a organised games a little tricky though. It would be great if all parents could take the time to talk through the following link with their children. Many thanks. http://www.cyh.com/HealthTopics/HealthTopicDetailsKids.aspx?p=335&np=286&id=3008


Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 4 will be on the (12th October). Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 3 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!


Term 3 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

9th Oct - Gr 4-6 Earth Ed Excursion

10th, 17th, 24th Oct & 31st Oct - Pre-schooler program for 2019 Preps

10th-12th Oct - Gr 6 Camp

8-12 October - Book Fair

18th Oct - Grade P-2 Sports

23rd Oct - Scotsburn Community Meeting 9am

31st Oct - Gr 4-6 EarthEd Incursion

6th Nov - Life Ed Van

7th Nov - Grade P-2 Sleepover

8th Nov - Grandparents and Special Friends Day

9th Nov - Ballarat Show

30th Nov - Reports Sent Home

3rd – 7th Dec - P-6 Swimming program

6th Dec - Parent teacher (1pm finish for students)

11th Dec - Orientation Day for 2019 Preps

12th Dec - Parent teacher (4pm-6pm)

14th Dec - Scotsburn Shared Xmas Lunch

18th Dec (6pm) - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup

20th Dec - Scotsburn (Fed Uni Pool) Break up




Grades Prep, One & Two:

What are the grade Prep, One & Two students bringing home this week? While Halloween is approaching, these are not ghosts!


Teru Teru Bozu are cute traditional handmade dolls that Japanese people hang in their window when hoping for a sunny day. They are often made by children the day before important events or festivities. This little good luck charm is believed to have magical powers to bring good weather and stop or prevent rain. When hung upside down it does the opposite and can act as a prayer for rain.


We are making ours in the hope of bringing good weather for our sports day next week.


Listen to the Teru Teru Bozu song here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnXl9jNy7o0

Grade 3, 4, 5 & 6


FOOD! This term grades 3 – 6 will be exploring the question: What is a Bento box and why is it culturally significant to Japan? What type of food will you find in a Bento? Throughout this unit, we will explore sentences, grammar, vocabulary and cultural aspects related to food, as well as putting our chopstick skills to the test!


It will culminate in making (and tasting!) some Japanese foods. We will require some parent & friends to help in the weeks we make food, look out for sign up details soon on compass.


Students are continuing to experience success in learning hiragana alphabet characters, and we are excited about how they are going – we can’t wait to see the progress that will be made in term 4!


CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have earned their Hiragana Karate belts in term 3.


White Belt

Heidi Donald, Jasmine Geddes, Tarni Goldsmith, Elise Howard, Charlotte Roberts, Oliver Verdoorn, Mille Young, Shylynn O’Malley, Zia Smyth, Cooper Greenbank, Mia Reynolds, Maddison Goulding, Ava Bruhn, Freya Campbell, Milly Huggins, Dylan Zhang, Thomas Croft, Zoe Gooding, Ava Jones, Lily Retallick, Gordon Hardy


Yellow Belt

Tahlia Jacka, Isabella Benn, Dylan Zhang, Xavier Cummins, Spencer Stewart, Isabel Hoffman


Green Belt

Tahlia Jacka, Tyler Leehane, Rachel Gerada, Spencer Stewart, Chelsea Oellering, Isabella Pearce

Orange Belt

Gemma Bridges, Zoe Kierce, Ava Mahar, Chelsea Oellering, Isabella Pearce


Blue Belt

Charlotte Crimeen, Gemma Bridges, Kiahna McQuie, Chelsea Oellering, Isabella Pearce


Purple Belt

Gemma Bridges, Isabella Pearce


Red Belt

Savannah Dalby




Please see details about the upcoming “Car Boot Sale” on Sunday 28th October and call Mel to book your spot!





Celebrating the Arts

Last term we celebrated the great work that showcased the work students have been completing with Mrs Noyce this year in the art room (at our Celebration of learning open night). It was a night where the students took the lead and gave parents a snapshot of their learning journey. For those who were able to see the Art displays, I am sure you will agree we have some very talented artists amongst us.

 A number of Art installations around the school and in the art room included:

  • The intricate marble chute and marble maze designs created by the Year 4 students.
  • The colourful block city that focussed on the study of shapes in Art by Year 1 and 2.
  • The Maths hexagon carpet which linked probability and Art created by students from across the whole school, linking the arts to maths.
  • The ceramic mosaic mats that were so carefully planned and put together by the Year 6’s. (Mosaics are to improve our school grounds)
  • The interactive shadow puppetry in the Library that highlighted the intricate elements required to tell a story in shadow and silhouette by the Year 5’s.
  • The ceramic face display by the Year 6’s, highlighting different emotions.
  • Triangular inspired sculptures developed by the Year 5’s.
  • The 3-dimensional cube sculptures planned and built by our Year 3’s.
  • The colourful and decorative water coloured cube paintings and landscapes created by the Preps.

For those of you who missed out on seeing our wonderful work last term, here it is again.



ICT News

eSmart Week

During term 4, the grade 5 students have worked on developing their top tips for posting online. They have had some great discussions around this topic and have developed some fantastic videos which you can view with the links below.


Click on the links below to view the full videos

Group 1 https://youtu.be/Woachd0ActQ

Group 2 https://youtu.be/DODroi6LZx0

Group 3 https://youtu.be/rZ1C4zTnBOw

Group 4 https://youtu.be/Lca8-_dxSNc


The grade 4 team have also put together a video on being eSmart. They’ve teamed up with Bon Jovi to create a number 1 hit!



BYOD Program 2019

Students in grade 3 will today receive an information note about the BYOD program in 2019. Please have a read over this as it provides important details in regards to entering the BYOD program in grade 4. Further information about recommended devices and where they can be purchased will be provided later in the term.

Resources for Parents

Below are two fantastic resources for parents and families around cybersafety. We regularly use these websites at school and they provide some great resources. They are also a useful place to go to if there are issues with device management, cyberbullying or inappropriate content.


Office of the eSafety Commissioner - https://esafety.gov.au/

Think U Know - https://www.thinkuknow.org.au/

Student News/Awards

Walk to School

Walk to School will be up and running in the first week back of Term 4 with a Tally of students who walk/ride or scoot to school.  Please see the attached document for further information. 


Act of Kindness



Now the sun is shining we are seeing more children in shorts.  Just a reminder that our school uniform is plain black shorts with no logos.

We have three types of shorts in stock – cargo, micro fibre and rugby knit as well as the box pleat and sports skort.

Please Note: It is a requirement for students to wear plain black shorts.  When purchasing school shorts for your child, please keep this in mind.


Feel free to come in to have a look or call the office to order and pay over the phone and we will send them home with your child.

A reminder to everyone that school hats must be worn during break times during terms 1 and 4.  If your child doesn’t have a hat, please get them one as soon as possible.  It is your choice whether your child wears a broad brimmed hat or the bucket hat.  We have both in supply at our uniform shop.





We are back for Term 4!! 


If you would like to help out in the canteen at any time please click on the following link and type your name under the date that you are available.  Volunteers are welcome any days they can come in not just the week their class is rostered on.  If you don't have a Google account, please call the ladies in the office and they can add you name to the list.


We need 2 volunteers each Wednesday and Friday from 11am – 1.15pm.


The following classes are rostered on for term 4 to help find volunteers if we need to fill spaces. I will contact the PLP the week prior via email if needed.


Thanks Tracey


0408 517 476

Term 4 PLP Canteen Roster




Our coffee machine is up and running and open to all staff, parents and students (for a hot chocolate) every morning.  

The canteen will open every school day at 8:00 till 9:15am.               

Perfect time to get yourself a coffee while dropping the kids off at school.


Coffee $4.00

Hot Chocolate $3.00



Community Notices

Buninyong Village Market


King of the Mountain


2018 Annual Kids Fishing Day


The Ballarat Little Athletics Club 


Saturday Morning Junior Tennis Competition




Monday's after school 3:40pm - 4:40pm

Week 2 (15th October) to Week 11 (17th December)

Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey & Frisbee

Preps to Grade 4

$132 for the 10 week program 

Enrol online www.kellysports.com.au


For any queries or assistance please contact: 

Zac Pullman: zac@kellysports.com.au or 0418 597 493

Buninyong PS Newsletter
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Lit Num Speaking and Listening.pdf
Blue Light Disco
Bushfire Policy.pdf
Walk to School Fact Sheet.pdf
2018 BDAA Kids Day School advert V2.pdf
BLAC2018 flyer 2.pdf
QkEnhanced Letter.pdf
Letter from Mr Conlan.pdf