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08 May 2017
Issue Four
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Diary Dates & Events                             

Diary Dates & Events


Tuesday 9 - Friday 11 May

Year 7 & 9 Naplan Testing


Tuesday 16 May 

Finance Committee Meeting 6 pm


Thursday 18 May

College Council Meeting 7 pm


Monday 19 June – Friday 23 June

Work Experience - Year 10



Wednesday 7 June - Thursday 15 June

Year 10 & Year 11 Exams


Monday 12 June 

Queen's Birthday - students not required at school


Tuesday 13 June

Education Committee Meeting 5 pm

Finance Committee Meeting 6 pm


Wednesday 14 June

VCE Year 11 & 12 GAT Exam

Year 9 English Exam


Thursday 15 June

College Council Meeting 7 pm

Yer 9 Math Exam


Friday 16 June

Report Writing Day- students in Years 7-11 are not required at school.

Year 12 Exams


Friday 30 June 

Last day of Term 2 early dismissal at 2:30 pm



Monday 17 July

Term 3 commences


Tuesday 18 July

Education Committee Meeting 5 pm

Finance Committee Meeting 6 pm


Thursday 19 July

College Council Meeting 7 pm


Saturday 22 July

Performing Arts Production

'Darling James Goes Back to School'

The Mahon Theatre Aquinas College 7 pm - 11 pm



College Principal's Report           

Welcome Back to Term 2

Term 2 is always a very important time as it brings together much of the learning undertaken throughout Term 1 as teachers test for student understanding and application in major assessment tasks and in the case of our senior students prepare them for their mid-year examinations.  It is also the term in which NAPLAN is conducted in all schools across Australia. It is therefore paramount that as a College we balance our learning values of rigour, responsibility and relevance in addition to student wellbeing.  This can only be achieved if our families keep our student services team informed of any concerns that may arise.


This term our Year 10 students will be finalising their arrangements for their week of Work Experience and there are a large number of music, leadership, lunchtime activities and sporting events that will involve many of our students across all Year Levels.


As parents you should be proud of your children as they are showing great pride and continue to work hard as they prepare for their final assessments prior to the end of semester. Teachers are also consistently modelling our core learning values. They are being responsive to globalisation and using latest research and innovation in what they teach, they are incorporating relevance for the acquisition of skills, knowledge and attributes for the student’s futures and are being rigorous by setting high expectations.


Open Day

Wednesday April 26 was our Open Day and Night and what an outstanding success it was. The school facilities, programs, staff and students were showcased to hundreds of visitors. We were very pleased to hear the number of comments about how impressive our students are, how proud our staff were working at Scoresby, the quality of every teaching program, and the positive energy in our College. A special thank you to all staff and students who contributed to producing such a dynamic evening and to our student leaders who led the evening welcome and tours.


It is an exciting time for our College as the growth in community confidence continues. This is shown in the multiple tours for prospective students that have taken place from the start of the year with further bookings continuing.



Anzac Day is a significant event set aside for remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought and died at Gallipoli in 1915.  It is important as a school to continue to educate our future generations about our Nation’s history.


To commemorate on the day, Frazer Spence, one of our Year 12 captains, represented the College at the Anzac Day Commemorative Service at Waterford Park Village in Knoxfield. Frazer was very inspiring as he read a special Anzac Day poem to the large gathering of residents and family members present.

Waterford Park each year invites a student leader from our College to participate in the service. I was pleased to gain feedback on the value of our involvement and the importance the residents place on having a member of our younger generation paying tribute to this day.


Respectful Relationships Presentation at Principals Conference

On Friday 28 April we presented to a full audience in a workshop on the Respectful Relationships Education in Schools Program. Respectful Relationships is a holistic approach to school based primary prevention of gender based violence. It uses the education system as a catalyst for generational and cultural change by engaging schools, as both education institution and workplaces to comprehensively address the drivers of gender-based violence and create a future free from such violence.


Scoresby has been one of nineteen schools from three regions who participated in the 2015 – 2016 Respectful Relationships Education in Schools Program pilot which was aimed at building school and community partnerships to embed a culture of gender equity and respectful relationships in schools. A team of our staff were initially provided professional learning for delivering the Building Respectful Relationships: Stepping Out Against Gender Based Violence curriculum by Our Watch and introduced the program at Years 8 and 9 in 2015 and 2016 through our Challenge Program. This year, further staff have been trained and the program expands into year 10 after the mid-year exams.


The Respectful Relationships Education in Schools Program is not to be confused with the Safe Schools Program which has been under scrutiny in the media. The Respectful Relationships Education in Schools Program is an excellent program and our College has been instrumental in ensuring the content and delivery is consistent with our core values and community expectations.  The integrity of the program has been monitored through an expert team who have conducted staff surveys, student evaluations and gained parent and other feedback, which contributed to the final report and recommendations for the final program being rolled out in all Victorian schools from this year. The program aligns with the general capabilities within the Victorian Curriculum and forms part of student assessment.


Last term we were notified that Scoresby Secondary College has been selected to be a lead school for this program. This will mean our College will receive additional resourcing to support other schools to introduce the program so it becomes a whole school approach.  We have insisted on this approach so the program is not only what happens in the classroom. It’s about school cultural change and creating equal and respectful cultures not only for students at our College, but for staff at work as well. In a society where respect is valued we know that this program aligns with our goal to prepare all of our students, not just for further study, but also for the world of work and their role as global citizens.


New Uniform

Compliments continue to flow from sources within and outside of the school for the new Scoresby Secondary College uniform.  The full uniform is available from PSW and all items are in stock. Students in Years 7 and 10  who were required to be in the new uniform are wearing it with pride and look superb, making them fine ambassadors of the College’s philosophy and values. As well as the compulsory year levels, there has been an uptake of the new uniform by other students and I applaud their keenness to transition and embrace what we stand for. From 2018 all students will be required to be in our new uniform.  A reminder that all dresses and skirts must be of a modest length.


Gail Major


Assistant Principal's Report

Attendance - Everyday Counts

It was great to see the number of students who are making the most of their learning opportunities by attending every day in Term 1.


I would like to congratulate the following students who attended every school day in Term 1:

Year 7

Gareth Amor

Corey Burridge

Melissa Butler

Olivia Chalkley

Tahleena Connolly

Michael Fankhauser

Poppy Johnston

Mason Rimmer

Marie Silich

Devon Smith

Kevin Sun

Cameron Thompson

Annie Tongnim


Year 8

Bj Calkin

Ty Diaz-Baird

Ally Kendt

Roimata Manavaora

Brianna Ridd

Tatira Tatira

Caitlyn Tilley

Samuel Williams


Year 9

Brodie Paroissien

Tyler Smith

Matt Sutton

Zac Tarquinio

Shannon Toogood


Year 10

Lauren Ashley

Marcus Brown

Thomas Casey

Erwin Diesta

Tully Green

Kaushal Kumar

Annie Prendergast

Emillio Standish

Christopher Swenson

Ryan Turnbull


Year 11

Chris Clarke

Callum Ellison

Annabel Glossop

Serena McCurdy

Jake Nielsen

Michael Nikolaou

Olivia Parsons

Amy Pearson

Jake Peirce

Bryce Prissman

Avalana Prithchard

Aussie Reid

Christine Shaw

Abbey Short

Caleb Smith

Aaron Tarquinio

Dylan Toogood

Angeline Yeong



Bridget Caesar

Bec Carpenter

Luke Dodson

Ivory Eerden

Jake Foster

Calista Jensen

Danica Koch

Bronwyn Larter

Amy Lucas

Sukhmeet Maan

Natasha Orfanidis

Frazer Spence

Mislav Tosic


The Year 11 students are leading the way with the best overall percentage of students attending every day. 38% of students in year 11 have attended every day. The Year 12s are in second place with a percentage of 34%. Third is the 7 students 33% attending every day. Which year level will have the best attendance for Semester one.


ANZAC Commemoration Service

On ANZAC day I had the pleasure of attending an ANZAC commemoration service at Waterford Park. During the service one of our student leaders Frazer Spence represented our school in reading the ‘In Flanders Field’ poem and he did a fantastic job.

Pictured is Frazer – placing a poppy as a mark of respect to the ANZACs.     



This coming week students in Years 7 and 9 will participate in the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). Students undertake national testing in areas of Language conventions, writing, reading and numeracy. Students are encouraged to try their best. Parents/Carers will receive a copy of their child’s actual results and a pamphlet that explains how to interpret the report during Term 3.


Attitudes to School Survey

The Attitudes to School Survey will be conducted during class time of the week 6 of this term. The overall objective of the annual Attitudes to School survey is to collect data about the opinions of students from Years 5 to 12 to assist schools with planning, developing curriculum and supporting students. The survey assists schools to gain an understanding of students’ perceptions and their experience of school. It provides schools with valuable data on students’ views of their wellbeing, teaching, learning and school in general. At Scoresby Secondary College we take this survey very seriously and use the results and subsequent student forums to guide our practice in all areas.


End of Semester Exams

(Year 9, 10 and 11 students)

Year 10 and Unit 1 exams commence on Wednesday 7 June; which is now less than a month away. All Year 10 and Unit 1 subjects will have an exam. All Year 10 and Year 11 students have been advised to begin their preparation for these exams if they have not already done so. There are a number of purposes of conducting exams at Year 10 and Year 11, all of which aim towards improving student achievement in the Senior School. They include;

  • Consolidating the learning gained over the semester
  • Students practicing to manage the workload of exams
  • Students practicing the skill of exam preparation
  • Students practicing writing under timed conditions
  • Decreasing stress experienced in exams by familiarising students with the processes

Year 10 and Unit 1&2 exams are a significant indicator of a student’s ability to cope in that subject in the following year. Exams assess the student’s ability to make connections between and within learned concepts (higher order thinking). Exams are the best opportunity to present students with an assessment where they apply skills over a broader content knowledge.


Students sometimes feel some anxiety as they perform in exams. The first step in managing exam anxiety is to prepare well. Students have been advised to take the following actions;

  • Take notes during term and review these regularly
  • Always maintain ordered notes – use trigger words and colour coding
  • Create mind maps
  • Use practice questions or practice tests and exams to test your knowledge and skills
  • Practice the skill of including enough detail in responses under timed conditions
  • Manage and organise study timetables using the Student Planner

Students in Year 9 will also have the experience of undertaking exams; however these exams will be specific to English and Mathematics only.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal







Junior School

Term 2 in Junior School

A warm welcome back to the Junior School students.


The start of Term 2 continued to see our students experience opportunities which enhance their learning outside of the classroom. All Year 7- 10 students witnessed an exciting production titled Cyberia which addresses cyber bullying in schools and helps to improve student mental health and wellbeing. This showcase was thoroughly enjoyed by all and promoted discussion about the perils of the digital age. It is encouraged that parents engage in open conversations with their children about their use of social media.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank those junior school students who helped out with Open Night. It was a resounding success and it was great to see our students take a leadership role and engage with the community.

Term 2 will be a busy time for students as they continue to work hard in order to complete all work requirements and assessment tasks for the semester and to prepare for any tests. Students in Year 9 will also be studying for exams in English and Maths which will be conducted over two days, on Wednesday 14 June and Thursday 15 June.


Learning & Bullying Audit

In the last two weeks, we have conducted a learning and bullying audit to gauge how our students are feeling and to allow them to give some sense of their experiences to date. Their responses were anonymous. The purpose of such an audit is to get a real snapshot of what needs to be done to support our students collectively.


Such audits are not uncommon. We have conducted them in the past at all year levels including this year at Years 7 to 12.


The results of this semester’s audits for Junior School students highlight some real positives: students working well, not being interrupted by others, engaged in their learning, connecting with their peers and their teachers. The results also point to areas that we need to address as a school and that as parents, you need to be aware of. For example, a few students indicated that even though they were not being bullied at this school, they were being bullied online by students from other schools.


The performance “CYBERIA” which Year 7 to 10 students attended at the beginning of this term was in direct response to concerns around Cyberbullying that all schools face.


We will conduct a similar audit once again in Semester 2.


Michael Alexis

Head of Junior School

Senior School 

Term 2

Welcome back from holidays!  It was lovely to see all the Senior School students return from their holidays, rested and ready for the term ahead.  Whilst the term break was a timely opportunity to recharge the batteries, it was also an invaluable time for further study and revision in order to embed the knowledge and skills gained throughout Term 1, something our Senior School students continue understand and appreciate the importance of as they progress through their studies.  We encourage all students to continue this habit of revision and regular study to assist in the understanding of new material and applying this to previously learned content.


It was lovely to see so many students, and especially our Senior School students, involved in Open Night – they were all so full of smiles and positive about Scoresby Secondary College, as well as what they can achieve.  A huge thank you to all students who gave up their time to assist in promoting the College; it was very much appreciated by staff and the visiting parents. 


Our Year 10 and Year 11 students returned safely from Central Camp and, although weary, it was great to see students’ faces light up as they talked about their experience.  Of note seemed to be the walk around Kings Canyon, the reptile visit, and seeing Uluru.  Thanks must go to Ms Morris for her hours of organisation prior to the camp, as well as to those staff who attended – Ms Morris, Ms Lawson, Mr B Phillips and Mr H Wang.  The students were very appreciative of the time you gave up so that they could enjoy this amazing experience!


Term 2 is a busy one, with numerous activities and programs running to assist our Senior School students.  These include lunch time clubs and activities organised by the student leaders, Elevate seminars, Year 10 work experience, exams for the Year 9-11 students, as well as the commencement of Unit 2 and Unit 4 at the VCE level.  For the first time, we are also running trial exams in English and Maths (both Further Maths and Math Methods) for Year 12 students on Friday 16 June.  These exams will give students the best opportunity to practise writing under timed conditions, as well as further experience of exam conditions, prior to their VCAA end of year exams.


We wish all Senior School students well for Term 2!


Ellen Sawyer

Head of Senior School


Central Australia Camp 2017

The end of term one and the first week of the school holidays saw 38 students from Year 10 and 11 and 4 staff head of to the red center on the college Central Australia Tour.


The very first day our central camp started with meeting at school early in the morning, and once everyone had arrived, said goodbye to our parents- we started on the 8-hour drive towards Adelaide. On the way we had a glimpse of both a pink salt lake and some albino kangaroos in Boarder Town, and once arriving and settling at the Adelaide shores caravan park we had a trip to the beach and then dinner in the rain. The next morning saw us on our way to Cooper Pedy, stopping at a supermarket for a snack top-up we hit Woomera, a town that held an old rocket museum as it has been a site of rocket launching. Upon arriving at Cooper Pedy, we got to go into an opal mine, watching an opal demonstration and getting to buy some ourselves. That night we stayed in the underground cabins- which although were a bit smelly and claustrophobic, kept a steady temperature through the night. The next morning we went on to Alice springs- setting up camp for the next two nights. We visited the Royal Flying Doctors Service learning about Sir Reverend John Flynn and the work he had done bringing medical service to the outback.  A visit to Simpsons Gap for the group photo and then we headed to Ellery Creek for a relaxing, although cold swim. That night we had a visit from a reptile expert, and got to hold some lizards and a giant snake called honey. We headed off early the next morning for Kings Creek campgrounds, stopping along the way at an Anzac memorial. Once we set up at camp, we built a campfire and made s’mores and damper.

Next morning we headed off to Kings Canyon- with all the boys prepped up and beautiful for the 6km hike. The climb was challenging, with the first part a very steep incline. It was otherwise a beautiful walk, and we got to see the town stretched in front of us. Once we finished the walk we headed toward Yulara, with a stop at Mount Connor (fake Uluru) as well as a salt lake, arriving at camp before 7 pm. Some of us visited the pool, while others stayed at the camp to relax. We were excited for the next day at Uluru, and once we got there, we were given a guided tour around the bottom of it, and learned about the interesting culture of the Aboriginals and some dreamtime stories. We had the chance to sit on the rock, and we all agreed that it looked bigger up close than in the pictures. Once back in town we had a trip to the shops, and then we went to the Olgas or Katta Tjuda. We walked to the middle of the Olgas, and relaxed there for a bit before going back to Uluru for the sunset viewing watching as the sun changed the colour of the rock.

That evening many students were preparing for the 36-hour trip back home. While it was a long trip we had many stops including hand feeding emus, pizza in Cooper Pedy, watching movies, playing games and we received our awards before finally arriving back at Scoresby Secondary College. Overall, it was an amazing trip and was absolutely worth the visit.


Annie Glossop and Abbey Short

Year 11


Student Highlights of Central Camp

The Kings Canyon walk because it was great to see Australia’s natural land formations and it had spectacular views.


My highlight was going to the waterhole and floating in the refreshing but cold water for a while.


My biggest highlight from Central was the camel riding; it was a completely new feeling but an amazing one!


It is a life changing experience and have never been to places with such a magnificent landscape.


Staff Profile

Dr Robin Wang

Dr Wang is a Maths and Science teacher at Scoresby Secondary College. He is currently teaching Year 11 and 12 Physics, Year 12 Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics at school. Dr Wang has a PhD degree in Engineering from RMIT University before obtaining his Graduate Diploma of Teaching from The University of Melbourne.


Prior to becoming a secondary teacher Dr Wang had been teaching in universities while working as a research fellow. In 2009 he volunteered as an after-school homework tutor at Lalor Secondary College. It was then he realised that teaching secondary school students brought upon immense joy. Feedback from students and the school had spurred and motivated him to become a secondary teacher.


Dr Wang’s passion is to teach Mathematics and Science in an inspiring way by examining and collating effective teaching techniques to improve students’ critical thinking skills. He believes every student has a potential and strives to get the best out of each individual student. As a team member of Scoresby Secondary College Dr Wang is keen to make a contribution towards achieving VCE excellence for the College.


Maths & Numeracy

CAT Competition Results

The Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition is a one-hour problem-solving competition which seeks to identify computer programming potential—something which students might not normally have an opportunity to demonstrate. 


Scoresby Secondary College students have been successful in gaining 5 credits this year. They are

Year 7

Poppy Johnston

Gareth Amor

Drew Bondini


Year 10

Beth Dodson

Tony Cullen


Students will receive their credit and participation certificates as soon as they arrive.

Here is a sample question to give parents an idea of the test.

Leanne Wilson

Mathematics and Numeracy

Community News

Feed Me Appeal


Pre Service Teachers

Students at Scoresby Secondary College may have noticed new teachers in and out of their classes. In 2017 the commitment to improving teacher training has increased and more preservice teachers have been allocated to Scoresby Secondary College than previously.

This term we have hosted and mentored,

Steven Ancevski from Deakin University, mentored by  Emma Rooke & Andrew Young 

Helen Munn from Monash University, mentored by Sarah Gerrard

Anthony Johnston from Monash University, mentored by Leanne Wilson

Michael Hammelmann from Monash University, mentored by Frank Martinek

Courtney Waddell from Monash University, mentored by Emma Morris

Mary Tur from Monash University, mentored by Vicki Manioudakis

Hosanna Cheng from Monash University, mentored by Emily Phibbs & Casey Lawson


These opportunities are mutually beneficial to the universities and the college providing professional development opportunities, which involve reflection on current practice in line with cutting edge research.


Leanne Wilson

Preservice Teachers Coordinator


Darling James 



Term 1 Sport Review

Term 1 is always a busy term in sport. Year 7 boys and girls played in the district volleyball and represented the college extremely well. Both teams just missed out on finals but should be proud of their effort in a very strong competition. Senior boys had two boy’s teams in district volleyball and again just missed finals in a very competitive competition.

It is always a pleasure to take Scoresby teams out on sport. They always try their best and their behaviour is always exemplary.


A very warm day on March  7 greeted us on our annual College Athletics Carnival at the Knox Athletics Track. It is the only time that the college can get together as one and have great day which indeed we did. The competition was fierce and everyone had a wonderful time.


The final results and age group champions are as follows:

1st – Bradman 1064 points.

2nd – Dunlop 1018 points.

3rd – Chisholm 992 points.

4th – Sutherland 804 points


Age Group Champions:

13 year Female – Melissa Butler

13 year Male – Jackson Matic

14 year Female – Kelly De Vera

14 year Male – Jordan Haag

15 year Female – Shannen Toogood

15 year Male – Alex Barfuss

16 year Female – Jaymee Thompson

16 year Male – Gage Pitman

17 year Female – Skye Inwood

17 year Male – Jacob Turnbull

20 year Female – Bec Carpenter

20 year Male – Brad Bishop


The District athletics will be held in September and all students that came first in an event will compete at that carnival. A special thanks to Tracey Carpenter who gave up her time to be our official starter once again.

The District Cross Country will be held at King’s Park in Ferntree Gully on Monday 22 May. I encourage as many students as possible to be a part of this day as it is an excellent opportunity to represent the college against other Knox schools.


Andrew Young

Sport Coordinator


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