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07 February 2018
Issue Two
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Upcoming Events


Students finish Term 2 on Friday 29th June and classes resume for Term 3 on Tuesday 24th July. 

It has come to our attention that the mid-year holiday dates on the College Magnetic Calendar are incorrect.  The first week of July should be greyed-out to indicate holiday dates.   



Major Dates in Term 1:

14th February - Ash Wednesday Liturgy

17th February - P&F Commencement Mass & Social 5.30pm

19th February - Jnr School P/T Interviews (Evening)

23rd February - Academic Awards Assembly #1

24th February - Old Boys vs College Gala Day

28th February - Yr 6 Camp  → 2/3

5th March - P&F Mtg

6th March - Yr 12 P/T Interviews

7th March - Yr 8 Camp  → 9/3 /Yr 5 Camp  → 9/3


29th March - Easter Liturgy

30th March - Good Friday

1st April - Easter Sunday

2nd April - Easter Monday

6th April - P&F Cocktail Party

11th April - Interim Reports Yrs 5-11 issued

12th April - Term 1 Concludes for Students

25th April - ANZAC Day Holiday (inside Term 1 holidays)





2018 Complete College Calendar 


2018 Term Dates





















Photo: Work done during the holidays: Your Building Fund at Work

From the Principal     

Photo: Work done during the holidays: Your Building Fund at Work

  • Prayer  
  • 2018 – Our College Goals
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • Work done during the holidays
  • Swimming Carnivals - New Record Set

Prayer:  A Gentle Reminder From Pope Francis

During the holidays I came across the reflection below and am not absolutely sure that it came from Pope Francis. It certainly appealed to me and I think you might enjoy this as the pace of life picks up again for our year.


This life will go by fast. Don’t fight with people, don’t criticize your body so much, don’t complain so much. Don’t lose sleep over your bills. Look for the person that makes you happy. If you make a mistake, let it go and keep seeking your happiness. Never stop being a good parent. Don’t worry so much about buying luxuries and comforts for your home, and don’t kill yourself trying to leave an inheritance for your family. Those benefits should be earned by each person, so don’t dedicate yourself to accumulating money.

Enjoy travel, enjoy your journeys, see new places, give yourself the pleasures you deserve. Allow dogs to get closer. Don’t put away the fine glassware. Utilize the new dinnerware; don’t save your favourite perfume, use it to go out with yourself; wear out your favourite sport shoes; repeat your favourite clothes. So what? That’s not bad.

Why not now? Why not pray now instead of waiting until before you sleep? Why not call now? Why not forgive now? We wait so long for Christmas; for Friday; for Reunions; for another year; for when we have money; for love to come; when everything is perfect...look... Everything perfect doesn’t exist. Human beings can’t accomplish this because it simply was not intended to be completed here. Here is an opportunity to learn. So take this challenge that is life and do it more, forgive more, embrace more, love more intensely and leave the rest in God’s hands. Amen.

From the Pilgrims’ Center website:

2018 – Our College Goals

In summary I share with you the five central goals of this year’s Annual Improvement Plan.


1.  Theme for 2018 – Stewards of Creation

  • Environmental sustainability – water, power, paper, etc
  • Recycle, reuse, reduce
  • Integration across curriculum
  • School projects for environmental sustainability
  • Improving the physical environment in sustainable ways

2.  Teaching and Learning

  • Improved classroom pedagogy
  • Improving HSC results
  • Use of technology for learning

3.  Literacy

4.  Professional Learning for Staff

5.  Masterplan, and developing our school facilities - especially on the Chatswood Campus


Parent Information Evenings

This week we have had excellent meetings as we begin the year together. The Years 5, 6 and 7 Parent Information Meetings were very well supported on Monday and this Thursday evening, 8th February, we are holding the Years 10 and 11 Parent Information Evenings.


Work done during the holidays

Your Building Fund at Work

During the vacation period the College was very busy developing the College facilities.

  • I am delighted with these, especially the removal of all the fences and barriers in the yard which was made possible with the installation of an electric gate and reorganisation of facilities that were part of the Brothers' community.  
  • All the Science Labs have been reconditioned and painted which was a huge undertaking.
  • Additional classroom facilities have been developed through the conversion of the Bookhire facility and what was previously the Junior School computer room. These will now be classrooms for Music and Junior School use.
  • The Leary Learning Centre classroom has been reconstituted into two rooms with an operable wall for versatility.
  • The Tower on the Sarto Centre has been restored.
  • Carpets have been cleaned in Classrooms and various painting and repairs completed.
  • Oxford Falls is an absolute picture with further groundswork undertaken.

I sincerely thank our Maintenance Team and Ground Staff for their excellent work.


Mr John Couani - Principal

Swimming Carnivals

STOP PRESS:  Barron House win the double, taking out both the Senior and Junior Swimming Carnivals for 2018!  More details can be found on the Senior and Junior Sports pages.


Congratulations to Jonathan Yang of Year 5 who broke  the U11 50m Breaststroke record with a time of 43.85 seconds.  This record has been held since  1991.


Congratulations to Thomas Hunt Year 11

Congratulations to Thomas Hunt in Year 11 who has continued his excellent development in Athletics, particularly in the Hurdles and 400m events.  Thomas trained during the Christmas break and can be seen with his three brothers in this photograph with Sally Pearson, our Australian Olympic Gold Medallist.


Thomas has been selected in the NSW 400m State team and has been competing in the NSW Open Championships.  We wish Thomas well for his further training and congratulate him on his major achievements in Athletics.

It is also wonderful to have four boys from the one family currently attending the College. Congratulations to the Hunt Family.

Mr John Couani - Principal

Photo: Lenten Bible Studies: The Grace of Forests

Mission & Identity
Youth Ministry

Photo: Lenten Bible Studies: The Grace of Forests

  • Mission & Identity 
  • Youth Ministry:
    World Youth Day 2019
    -  Lenten Bible Studies


Mission & Identity

This week we launched the ‘2018 Stewards of Creation’ theme at assembly. Our Cultural and Sustainability Prefects encouraged students to listen to the message of Pope Francis in Laudato Si and become aware of how they can incorporate small changes into their lives which will have a significant positive environmental impact. We look forward to the Homeroom Creation Projects coming in next week. Congratulations to 5 Red who have decided to be more energy efficient one day a week. It is small initiatives like this that can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Next week we have our Commencement Mass which will be celebrated by Father Jim McKeon and the Ash Wednesday Liturgy which will begin the season of Lent. A reminder that Ash Wednesday is a day of abstinence and no meat can be consumed.

Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity


Youth Ministry



A Praise and Worship event will be held at the Waitara Cathedral and the adjacent Light of Christ Centre on Friday evening.  Please see or email Youth Minister Mr Adrian Brannan for more details if you are interested.


Building excitement and enthusiasm as we begin our Diocesan journey to WYD 2019 in Panama, the night will include a WYD style ‘Bishop’s Catechesis’ worship led by our Praisefest team and a Panamanian themed festival. This night is going to be epic so don't miss out and be sure to bring your friends and family to celebrate the beginning of our CYBB journey to WYD!

Everyone is welcome - whether or not you intend going on the WYD pilgrimage, it will be a great evening.

Where:   Hornsby Cathedral Parish & The Light of Christ Centre, 23 Yardley Ave, Waitara

When:    Friday, 9 February 2018,  6:00-9:00pm



LENTEN BIBLE STUDIES:  The Grace of Forests

Breaking open the Gospel word and contemplating and meditating on the beauty and fragility of our Australian native forests.  Inspired by the weekly Gospels of Lent and the Stewards of Creation – Creation is a gift from God, theme; we will hold weekly Bible Discussion on a Monday lunchtime commencing 1pm on Monday the 19th of February in the Christian Brothers Chapel.


The Weekly discussions will run through until Easter and all students and staff are very welcome.  Please contact Mr Adrian Brannan for further details:




Churches of the Diocese of Broken Bay will be open on Fridays in Lent, 7pm - 8pm, for quiet time and prayer, with the Sacrament of Reconciliation available.



Fide et Labore


Mr A Brannan - Youth Ministry Coordinator

Photo: Last Sunday’s Kokoda Track Expedition Training Hike

Student & Parent Matters

Photo: Last Sunday’s Kokoda Track Expedition Training Hike

  • From the Deputy Principal:  Correction to Holiday Dates on our Magnetic Calendar
  • From the Head of Student Services:   
    -  Email addresses for Communication
    -  Tuesday Morning Mercy College Mass
  • An Introduction to Library Services
  • Public Speaking & Debating
  • Chess
  • Kokoda Track Expedition Training Hike​
  • Lads & Dads/Mums & Sons BOOTCAMP
  • Army Cadet Unit​
  • General Notices
    -  Teaching Learner Drivers Workshop

From the Deputy Principal

Correction to June/July Holiday Dates on our College Magnetic Calendar

Students finish Term 2 on Friday 29th June and return to school on Tuesday 24th July. 

It has come to our attention that the mid-year holiday dates on the College Magnetic Calendar are incorrect.  The first week of July should be greyed-out to indicate holiday dates.   

Mr M Casey - Deputy Principal

From the Head of Student Services

Email Addresses for Communication

It has become apparent in communication that some parent emails on our database are incorrect.  If you wish to change your preferred email for communication please do so by either the Portal or by emailing


Tuesday Morning Mercy College Mass

Thank you to representatives of 6 Red, Cooper Anderson and 6 Blue, Blake Markulin who represented St Pius X College at the weekly Mercy College Mass on Tuesday morning before school.


Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


An Introduction to Library Services


A warm welcome to new St. Pius families from the library and some information about our services.




The Library is a Popular Place

Library staff are enjoying meeting new students and welcoming them to our school library. Our library is a popular spot before school and at lunchtimes for reading and subject studies either independently or with friends.


We Support Learning

The library supports students in their classroom studies in a number of ways, such as:


  • Quiet spaces for individual study and reading
  • Meeting spaces for group work
  • A green screen for multi-media productions
  • Books, journals and a range of eResources to support curriculum studies
  • 24/7 access to Library resources including eBooks & audiobooks via the Senior Library tab on the Portal and a website ( to support research assignments
  • Photocopying, scanning and help with printing

Reading - a Key Goal

Supporting adolescent book reading is one of our key goals as research shows that “reading for pleasure” develops literacy and contributes to academic success. We encourage students to read in a number of ways:

  • Together with our English teachers in Years 7 to 10, students have one lesson per cycle in the library. The focus of the class is independent reading.
  • We have reading challenges - all students from Years 5 to 9 are enrolled in the Premier’s Reading Challenge and the Edmund Rice Readers’ Challenge for Year 10 students
  • We stock all the latest fiction, supported by exciting themed displays and author visits. 

Our aim is for every visit to our library to be a positive one, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.

Mrs K Keighery - Teacher Librarian


Public Speaking & Debating

Public Speaking & Debating information can be found in the document below:

Mrs M Waterson - Debating and Public Speaking Convener

Chess Training

Chess training begins on Monday 12th February from 3.15 to 4.30pm in D1. Training is open for all students - beginners to experts!  We welcome any student who is considering taking up Chess as their extracurricular activity and will allow them a free two week trial.

Competition matches are played on Friday afternoons during Term 2.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs Janelle Dempsey or Ms Denise Ramsey.

Ms D Ramsey - Convenor of Chess


Kokoda Track Expedition Training Hike

The first Sunday of term provided a great opportunity to train for the Kokoda Track expedition. At 7.30am 28 willing participants met and hiked the 13.4km from Cowan to Brooklyn. With the lower temperatures and cloudy sky the day was perfect for walking.

It is difficult to replicate the conditions that the participants will experience on the Track. The mountains, heat, humidity, clay, mud, roots and many insects will only add to the experience.

Many thanks to the participants who treated this as a training hike and also to the members of the College community who joined us for a bit of exercise and a casual chat. All are welcome.

The dates for the next training hikes are:

  • 4.           Sunday 4th March 2018
  • 5.           Sunday 8th April 2018  (date change due to Easter)
  • 6.           Sunday 6th May 2018
  • 7.           Sunday 3rd June 2018

Thank you also to Mr S. Brannan, Mr Reay and Mr Long for their assistance with the hike.

Mr P de Silva - Outdoor Education Coordinator


Lads & Dads/Mums & Sons Bootcamp


You’re invited to join 206 Army Cadet Unit

The 206 ACU (Army Cadet Unit) is currently recruiting.  It is our Centenary Year – so it’s a great year to join because we have lots of special events planned!  Australian Army Cadets is a leadership program for teenagers in Year 8 and above. It provides young Australians with the opportunity to learn, develop and practice many interesting, fun and valuable skills. It is the only government sponsored youth group in Australia.


The 206 ACU is the regional unit closest to SPX. We parade every Tuesday night of the school term from 5:30-8:40pm and we attend one bivouac (weekend camp) at the end of each term.  As a cadet there are lots of other activities you can participate in like: an annual camp (one week); leadership, abseiling and watercraft courses; military marches (such as on ANZAC Day) and much more. We learn lots of skills such as first aid, navigation and organisational skills as well as obtaining real leadership experience.


Come along to our information night on Tuesday 13 February 2018, 7:00pm at Marist College North Shore, 270 Miller St, North Sydney.  If you are interested in finding out more please check out our website

If you have any questions you can contact CAPT Tim Wark on 0400 369 312 or speak to one of our cadets at SPX.

James Spencer – Year 12



General Notices

Teaching Learner Drivers Workshop

MindMatters for Students & Families


  • Welcome
  • 'Tuning In To Teens' Parenting Course


A very warm welcome back to the new school year to all our SPX families.  Once again, we look forward to providing confidential, emotional and social support and guidance for your son and family throughout this year.  Let me introduce our College Counselling Team and relevant contact information for your safe-keeping.

Mr Rick Russo

Counsellor (Full Time, Monday to Friday) working with students across all year groups. 


Direct Phone:  9414 4359

School Mobile (in case of emergency):  0418 438 325

Mrs Joe McCarthy

Psychologist (2 days a week, Wednesday and Thursday) working with students across all years.


Direct Phone:  9414 4322

Mrs Judy Gill

Psychologist (2 days a week, Monday and Tuesday) working with students across all years.


Direct Phone:  9414 4322


Throughout 2018 the Counselling Team, together with the Learning Support Team, look forward to providing CONFIDENTIAL support to assist your son to build his SELF CONFIDENCE/SELF ESTEEM and RESILIENCE within a caring, supportive, Catholic school community.  Please do not hesitate to make contact with any of the above team should the need arise.


Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing for Students 

Building your son’s resilience and encouraging him to use his strengths and talents

RESILIENCE … it’s a familiar word, isn’t it?  But what does it really mean?

When we talk about resilience we’re talking about a student’s ability to cope with ups and downs, and to bounce back from the challenges they experience during late childhood and adolescence – for example moving home, changing schools, studying for an examination or completing an assessment or perhaps, sadly, dealing with the death of a loved one.

Building resilience helps students not only to deal with current difficulties that are a part of everyday life but also helps to develop the basic skills/habits that will help them deal with changes later in life during adolescence and adulthood.

Most significantly, RESILIENCE is vital for a student’s positive mental health.  A student with greater resilience is better able to manage stress, which is a common response to difficult events.  Stress is a risk factor for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, if the level of stress is severe or ongoing.


Let me briefly share a few of the possible ways your son can learn to build RESILIENCE at SPX.

BOXERCISE is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.


This photo is from our Boxercise Program’s peer connection initiative at the end of Term 4, 2016.  As part of this program, students from Years 5 to 11 (aged between 10 and 17) participate in our early morning before-school class with the young ladies from Mercy Catholic College in Chatswood.


We will aim to repeat this across-school peer connection at least a few times each year with the hope that increased students, both boys and girls, can meet together in a safe and supportive environment, and focus on their health and well-being.

In times where more students are turning to technology to connect with one and other, this program seeks to bring students together to improve their physical and emotional well-being which in turn improves their mental health … it’s a winner and a no-brainer !!

MENTORING:  This one-on-one student support program is now in its sixth year at SPX.  It is a wonderful buddy program where a senior student (Year 11 or 12) volunteers to provide a younger student (Year 5, 6 or 8) with a listening ear and a close supportive relationship built up over time.  Students meet weekly at lunchtime and are given the additional opportunity to participate in the teacher-led activities of rock climbing, trampolining, kayaking, beach/bush walks, paddle-boarding at Balmoral.  Limited spaces are available and preference is given to students who are new to the College.  Please note that the first MENTORING ACTIVITY, Rock Climbing at Artarmon, will be held early in March.


For further details on either Boxercise or Mentoring, please contact Mr Russo by either phone or email as per details above.


'Tuning In To Teens' Parenting Course

5 Session Parenting Course for Parents of Teens

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teenager?
  • Understand your teenager?
  • Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions?
  • Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?
  • Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

Below is a flyer for the next Tuning in to Teens course in Chatswood starting 6th March and also a flyer that includes both the Chatswood and Brookvale groups for families who may prefer to attend in Brookvale.


Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

Photo: The P&F Commencement Mass will be held at Our Lady of Dolours Church on Saturday 17th February

P&F Events

Photo: The P&F Commencement Mass will be held at Our Lady of Dolours Church on Saturday 17th February



Welcome Mass

Come and meet new parents and our new Parish Priest at the P&F Welcome Mass & Light Supper 5.30pm on Saturday 17th February

All Families are invited to the P&F Commencement Mass on Saturday 17th February 2018 at 5.30pm in Our Lady of Dolours Church, followed by a light supper in the College grounds.  

To help the P&F to organise the catering please RVSP by clicking on this link!   See invitation below.


Call For Class Parents - Years 5, 8, 9 and 10.

If you'd like to get involved in the school community the perfect opportunity has arisen!  We are looking for class parents for Year 5, 8, 9 and 10.   The role of class parent is an easy one at SPX -  distribute the contact list to your class/year group and organise a couple of gatherings throughout the year!  


Please contact Cassie Buono via if you are able to help.  Cassie coordinates the class reps and will give you all the information and help you require for this important, but simple and fun task!

Nadine Robson - Assistant Secretary P&F

0412 272 056

Photo: News from the Performing Arts Department

Department News

Photo: News from the Performing Arts Department

Performing Arts  


On Monday evening Years 11 and 12 Drama students attended this showcase of best performances from the 2017 HSC cohort. All students were enthused and inspired by what they saw and it has certainly given much “food for thought’ when it comes to their own programs. We look forward to seeing how their works progress during the year.



These ensembles offer all of us a great opportunity to step outside the academics of Drama and explore the nature of acting and the disciplines of theatre through plays and improvisation. We will be exploring rich texts that will allow each student to stretch their abilities and enable human agency and empowerment. As a young actor I was consistently given the opportunity to strive for the truth and be the best version of myself both on and off stage. I hope that the experience of being in these Ensembles will go some way towards teaching our young men the power of true communication, as well as listening to each other and connecting with others on a deep and profound (and fun) level. The students will perform twice a year in the Sarto Centre which will give a focus and direction to what we do. I look forward to meeting many students over the coming weeks. For further information, please email


Senior Drama Ensemble (Years 9 – 12) is on Monday afternoon 3.30 – 4.30pm and Junior Drama Ensemble (Years 5 – 8) is on Friday morning 7.30 – 8.30am. Both groups will meet in the Drama Room.


“Where the hand goes, the eye must go, where the eye goes, the mind. Wherever the mind, there the feeling (Bhava/Love). Where the feeling, there the mood.” (Sanskrit verse)



We are looking for students in Years 5 and 6 to join the Junior Choir. There is an exciting calendar of performances ahead for this ensemble, including the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival which  will be held at the Sydney Town Hall in Term 3. The Choir rehearses on Thursday morning 7.30 – 8.30am in Music Room 1. The Director for this year is Ms Waters and  Ms Rawle is the accompanist. Interested students should simply attend tomorrow morning. For further information please contact Ms Waters,



With the exception of the Junior and Intermediate String Ensembles (who will commence next week), all other groups have now started. Students should check the lists on the Performing Arts Noticeboard if they are unsure where they have been placed. The schedule of rehearsal days and times was in last week’s Woodchatta.



The College Orchestra is in need of at least two more cello players. Interested students should speak with Ms Bates or email



Congratulations to our Performing Arts Captain Jasper Choi (Year 12) on attaining Honours in his Grade 6 Violin examination.



Mr Cranney who is the Director of the College’s Guitar Ensembles will be holding ‘taster’ workshops for beginners in North Sydney. Please see the PDF flyer for further information.



Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator


Photo: Boys catching up with each other about their day, at After-School Study

Learning Support
& Enrichment

Photo: Boys catching up with each other about their day, at After-School Study

  • Request for updated medical information on your son for the NSW February Census
  • Term 1 2018 Intake for Touch Typing & Handwriting courses
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • After-school Study Program (NOTE:  There will be no After School Study Program on Thursday 8th February due to a staff meeting)​
  • Maths Drop-in Centre

Request for updated medical information on your son for the NSW February Census

The Learning Support and Enrichment (LSE) Department is responsible for liaising with our Counselling team and gathering the necessary details (on nature of the condition, the latest diagnosis or doctor’s report, etc.) for the purposes of the upcoming NSW Census data compilation in February 2018. This is the annual, mandatory government census, involving the collection of information from all schools and families in the State.


To assist us with this task, we ask that you please check your son’s latest medical documentation for an updated diagnosis (or arrange to get one from his treating health practitioner) and send it in to the College, or via scan as a PDF and directly email to the following Student Support Staff member: Joanne Raheb-Mol, LSE Coordinator, on (for learning difficulties and related conditions), or Rick Russo, Coordinator of Counselling Services on (for all mental health and related conditions). Student Support staff welcome copies of such documentation at any time in the school year, and will be grateful for your ready assistance, each time your son’s doctor or therapist provides a review or update.


Medical information includes updated diagnostic reports, assessments and letters, from a registered doctor, psychologist, specialist or therapist, which identifies and/or confirms your son’s medical or psychological condition.


The College is required to provide summary information only to our advising body, the Catholic Education Commission (CEC). The information you provide will remain confidential between our school and our designated advisers at the CEC, as it is used for identification of support needs and school funding purposes.


Your forward-thinking action in this matter will directly benefit your son and his ability to succeed and enjoy his schooling, as the LSE and Counselling teams are able to update teachers confidentially about students and make recommendations about ways to better accommodate your son’s learning or emotional needs in the classroom, and in exam situations.


If you have queries about what documentation is required or if you have a query about any aspect of the above, please contact Joanne on 

Term 1 2018 Intake for Touch Typing & Handwriting courses – limited places available

These are intensive small group courses, open to all students at SPX in Years 5-10, who are interested in improving vital writing and typing skills. They are proving to be a great way to enhance writing skills at school. Each course involves one nominated afternoon per week for a block of 8 weeks, and is run by our experienced occupational therapist and registered provider, Anna Orchard. For Term 1 2018, the courses will run for 8 consecutive sessions (with a break where the schedule is affected by the Easter holidays) at a cost of $280.00 for students. All classes are held at St Pius X College in the Leary Centre, LC1. Students who have attended these courses in the past and would like to reinforce and build on their skills, are also welcome to register (see flyers below for details).


Da Vinci Decathlon

Da Vinci Decathlon – interested boys should attend each Thursday lunchtime in LC1 (Yr 7 and 8), or in LC2 (Years 9 and 10) 

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an interschool one-day competition for motivated creative-minded students in May 2018, at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga. It is an academic gala day of cultural and academic enrichment activities for teams of 8 students from Years 7-10. In past years, the Decathlon has proven a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for those involved as it poses challenging problems whilst encouraging teamwork. The Decathlon involves the following disciplines: Engineering, Art and Poetry, Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Games of Strategy and General Knowledge. Boys who would like to train and have the opportunity to be selected are welcome to attend from Week 2.

Any queries? Please see or email Mrs Waterson at: or Ms Raheb-Mol at:


After-school Study Program

(NOTE:  There will be no After School Study Program on Thursday 8th February due to a staff meeting)

WHAT IS IT? A quiet time and space where you can get a head start on your homework and assessments, catch up on missed work, do some wide reading, study or do research with a friend, or get some one-to-one reading, writing, or maths help. You are welcome to use your time as you wish for learning purposes, or make the most of having teachers, Ms Raheb-Mol or Ms Leonardi, on hand to assist you with your homework and assignments.  Note: Regular attendance is rewarded with merits.

WHEN? Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, from 3.15 - 4.30pm

WHO FOR? - Open to all students in Years 5 – 10. Come or a regular or casual basis, just sign in when you arrive.

WHERE? - Senior Library, top of A Block (SRC). Library seminar rooms are also available

QUERIES? Please email Ms Raheb-Mol at:, or Ms Leonardi at:

Maths Drop-in Centre

WHAT IS IT? A place to get some extra maths help with difficult concepts, topics or homework. You can also come along for some extension work, so you can revise or get ahead. This is an ideal place where students can come and feel comfortable to ask questions. Students are encouraged to bring along specific queries, tasks, assessments, homework, general revision and problems to work on, with teachers on hand ready to help:  Please note: Regular attendance attracts merits

WHEN? Monday lunch time 12.50 -1.30pm (bring your lunch) and Thursday morning 8.00 - 8.30am each week.

WHO FOR? Open to all students in Years 7 – 9

WHERE? Maths Classroom C1

QUERIES? Please see or email Mrs Fileman at:


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator



  • Careers News
  • Careers Newsletter


Careers News

Finding relevant and accurate information can be challenging when exploring tertiary study and careers pathways.  The links below are to reliable and helpful sites.


JobJump - Parents and students please watch YouTube video and sign up

Sign up to JobJump for information about tertiary study options, ATAR’s and apprenticeship and TAFE information. Create a resume, sign up for news alerts.

To register go to

Search school – St Pius X Chatswood

Register with an email address

Password – pius (lower case)

Parent information:


Must see websites:


Ms D Janes - Senior Studies Coordinator and Careers Adviser


Careers Newsletter

Ms D Janes - Senior Studies Coordinator and Careers Adviser

Photo: Senior School Swimming Carnival

Senior School Sport

Photo: Senior School Swimming Carnival

  • Senior Swimming Carnival
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football News
  • Rugby - Chatswood Junior Rugby Club
  • NSTA Tennis

Senior Swimming Carnival

In marked contrast to last year's washout the Senior School Swimming Carnival was held yesterday in sparkling summer weather.  School spirit was to the fore with participation levels at a record high.  In a tight battle, with the score see-sawing throughout, Barron House piled on the pressure in the relay events and were crowned 2018 Senior Swimming Carnival Champions.

Final Scores:  Barron 935, Purton 916, Rice 850 and Treacy 828.



Venue changes:  D teams will be playing their games against Oakhill Gold teams at Oxford Falls this Saturday. This was meant to be an away game; however, Oakhill has too many games to run at their courts.  B teams will be playing Redfield teams at Hills Basketball Stadium this Saturday.


I was very impressed with the spirit and mental toughness our boys showed during the games I saw on the weekend. All the A teams played tough, hard matches against St Augustine’s teams and the boys kept their composure after heavy collisions, along with displaying good sportsmanship.  Other games, regardless of the score, the boys were obviously enjoying playing the game with their friends. Something I think we miss, at times, at the schoolboy level.


Plays of the day: Jack Thiessen slots a 3 pointer to win it on the buzzer for the 13Cs.  Toby Stockeld (17Ds) fast break at full speed, lays it up, to be cheered by both teams.

Game of the day: 13Fs win an absolute epic by one point against St Patrick’s 13D team. Well done to new coach Mr Wall.

Deserves a mention: Michael Fakhoury, Tom Findlay – 1sts;  Adrian Joson, Kelani Lenehan – 17As;

Joel Ghannoum, Jack Garrett – 15As;   Max Harmata – 14As;   Sam Holm, Stefan Senicic – 13As;  

Charlie Hamill, Will Stanley – 14Es;  Issac Nistico, Issac Jee, Lachie Griffith – 13Es;  Conor Lo – 14Cs.  Frank Houlihan - 13Fs.


Use the link below to see all of the ISA Basketball Teams Results:,

Draw for Saturday 10th February:

Mr N Gibson - Convenor


ISA Round 7 - 1st XI v Chevalier College at Oxford Falls  

Following a successful Tour and first half of the 2017/18 Season the 1st XI took on Chevalier College. Jordan Furlan (1st XI Player #639) received his 1st XI cap from Mr Couani before play started and the team found themselves in the field. A disciplined bowling effort which was well supported in the field with sharp catching resulted in the opposition being bowled out for 44.


The wickets were shared between Louis Mosmann (2-4 off 6 overs), Mackenzie Carrall (2-9 off 8 overs), James Brown (2-9) Dan Hall (1-6) and Liahm Williams (3-2) who cleaned up the tail to take three wicket in seven balls along with three catches.

Captain, James Brown, and vice-captain, Tom Colgan steered the team to a nine wicket win in just 17 overs with some clever placement and aggressive running between the wickets. This was a strong performance leading into two challenging matches against Oakhill and St Stanislaus’ Colleges.

                                                                                                                   Mr P Rodgers and Mr D Reay

Results and Draw:

Match Reports:


Football News

Football News can be found in the document below:



Chatswood Junior Rugby Club:  Please see the flyer below regarding playing Junior Rugby in the local community area.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


NSTA Tennis

Welcome back all students and parents to NSTA . A quick note to let you know that there has been a change in the start date for NSTA and the boys will now begin games on Saturday 17th February.  Prior to this date please check that all uniforms still fit.  If necessary uniforms can be purchased next week at the Uniform Shop.  (See the Canteen & Uniform Shop page of this newsletter for details.)  The teams and divisions will be placed on the noticeboard this Thursday morning, 8th February.


After consultation with Mr Stearn, Senior School Sportsmaster, a decision has also been made that the Senior boys will be put on a roster to umpire the lower divisions. The boys would only need to do this once during the term. When your son is rostered on he will need to be at Talus Street by 7:45am, ready to start. I will ensure that the boys who are umpiring will also be playing at Talus St on their rostered week.

Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Tennis Convenor

Photo: Barron House wins the Junior School Swimming Carnival

Junior School News & Sport

Photo: Barron House wins the Junior School Swimming Carnival

Junior School News

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to Barron House who won the Junior school Swimming Carnival.  It has been five years since they last won so well done gentleman, a great team effort.


Special mention should be made of a record-breaking swim by Jonathan Yang of Year 5.  Jonathan broke the U11 50m record for breaststroke in a time of 43.85 seconds which has stood since 1991.  A fantastic achievement.  Well done Jonathon.


Thursday sport

Tomorrow we have a sports day all day.  The boys will be bussed down to Oxford Falls (the exception is those boys playing tennis who will spend the morning at Roseville Tennis Club and then be bussed to Oxford Falls  in the afternoon.) Please ensure your son has his morning tea and lunch for the day.  The boys will know their teams on Friday and they will be participating in our Saturday sporting competition on Saturday.


Parent Information Night for Years 5 and 6 

Thank you to all the parents who attended the parent information evenings.  I trust you found it useful.  Year 5 parents will receive a letter regarding the Year 5 Camp this evening with a medical/dietary link.  The Camp has asked that they be completed by next Wednesday 14th February. (Just a reminder that next Wednesday is St Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday!)


 Medical Records

If your son has a medical condition where we are required to carry medication such as an asthma plan/puffer or an epipen, could you please ensure that we have all this information.


Some Dates to keep in your diary:

  • Saturday 17th February – P &F Commencement Mass and Social at 5.30 pm
  • Monday 19th February – Junior School P/T interviews (short interviews where you tell us about your son)
  • Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March – Year 6 Camp
  • Wednesday 7th March to Friday 9th March – Year 5 Camp
  • Saturday 17th March – College Open Day
  • Friday 6th April – P &F Cocktail Party

Thanking you for your support.

Mr T Long - Head of Junior School


Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport:  All day sport again this Thursday as we finish our summer sport trials. A full packed recess/lunch are required. Boys may be collected at 2.20pm from the car-park at the conclusion of Sport.


Twitter / Wet Weather Procedure: Follow @SPXJuniorSport for instant updates regarding late sporting changes, cancellations etc. Full details here.


House Captains: Congratulations to the following students voted by their peers and staff as leaders for 2018.


Basketball: The first game of the 6 week, Term 1 season begins this Saturday 10th February. Boys will be notified of their team and issued a singlet on Thursday/Friday after our final session of trials. All relevant information is on the College website. Please ensure boys are correctly attired in College-only uniform and at their venue 20 mins prior to tip-off.


Softball: The first game of the 6 week, Term 1 season is against Trinity College this Saturday. Wet weather procedures will be in place (as per the season draw and information letter). All relevant information is also on the College website. Please ensure boys are correctly attired in College-only uniform, have protective equipment and are at the venue 20 minutes prior to commencement time.


NSTA Tennis: Rd 1 is on Saturday the 17th February. Boys will be notified of their team and will be given further team, draw and venue details once the Competition grading has been released. The summer competition is graded and run in conjunction with the Senior School. Boys are graded in ability groups and grading may transcend year groups. Please check under NSTA Tennis in the Senior School Sport section for future correspondence.


Rugby: Trials for the upcoming Armidale Rugby Tour will take place on Thursday 15th February as part of sport. Year 6 students playing Rugby for the College are invited to trial. The tour takes place from 13th to 15th April in Armidale, NSW. All tour management, including transport, accommodation and meals are organised by the College. Parents and friends can attend in support if they wish to make their own arrangements. Accommodation books out very early but the Rugby Club has secured several rooms on behalf of SPX parents – more information to follow after team selections are complete.


Football (Soccer): Trials for the upcoming Tamworth Football Tour will take place on Thursday 15th February as part of sport. Year 6 students playing Football for the College are invited to trial. The tour takes place from 13th to 15th April in Tamworth, NSW. All tour management, including transport, accommodation and meals are organised by the College. Parents and friends can attend in support if they wish to make their own arrangements.

Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster



Chatswood Junior Rugby Club:  Please see the flyer below regarding playing Junior Rugby in the local community area.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services

Canteen & Uniform Shop


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.

To see the 2018 Canteen Roster please click below:

Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors


Uniform Shop

Blazer fittings were held this week. If your son missed out on a fitting he needs to go to the Uniform Shop on Monday lunchtime (12th February) to be fitted.  Blazer Orders need to be placed via  by 16th February 2018.





The online ordering system  can be accessed via

An Price List is available on the College website.                                       


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line):

  • Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.
  • Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.

Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   

Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  


Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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