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19 March 2020
Issue Eight

We walk hand in hand to grow curious, caring, life long learners.

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Weekly Calendar

This information is also available on Compass!

Week beginning Monday 23rd March is an Odd Week.


Friday 20th March

  • CANCELLED ... Whole School Assembly 9:00 am. 
  • POSTPONED ... 5/6 Paddling Excursion at Lilydale Lake


Monday 23th March

  • POSTPONED ...Foundation Celebration of Learning


Tuesday 24th March

  • CANCELLED... Monbulk College Open Night


Thursday 26th

  • Free dress Year 6 only - Gold Coin


Friday 27th March

  • Free Dress Day Foundation - Year 5 - Gold Coin
  • Easter Raffle Draw
  • End of Term 1 - Dismissal is 2:30 PM


Tuesday 14th April

  • First Day of Term 2




Daily 9.05am - 10am

Each 1/2 class is looking for parent or grandparent volunteers to listen students read.

If you can spare a bit of time (most likely 9.05 till 10am) once a week to sit with a student one on one and listen to them read a reader, can you please contact a 1/2 class teacher ( Matt, Riaane, Lilly or Ange) with the day/s you are available. 

Please note you will need a volunteer Working with Children card. If you don't already have one this is a really simple process


Thank you



Woiworrung word of the week

Meaning - Older Sister




It is a unique time we all find ourselves in and the only certain thing we have at the moment is uncertainty.  We are dealing with something that we have never seen before and the situation is constantly changing. Much of the information in relation to COVID-19 will continue to be relayed through Compass. The Department of Education is providing regular updates and directions to schools, as the situation evolves each day. Of course, our priority is to maintain a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment for everyone at Menzies whether it be a student, teacher, integration aide or visiting teacher.  We are here to support our Menzies Creek community.


As the situation grows seemingly worse, the hysteria surrounding this outbreak can cause anxiety and angst to people everywhere, especially parents. Although children are considered to be in a lower risk category, this does not protect them from being exposed to news reports on television, radio or social media.  It is important to reassure your child, dispel any myths or untruths, and help them feel informed, allowing them to focus more on positive messages. It is important to remain calm, maintain routine, and let them know that we (home and school) are doing everything to keep them safe. Encourage the children to continue the hygiene routines they practice at school, including washing their hands, and coughing or sneezing into their elbows. 


Access to Information

For Victorian schools and their community members, the Department’s COVID-19 website is the single authoritative source of advice and information.


Student Absences

Again, the advice of the Chief Health Officer remains at present that our school should stay open, except in the case of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). If parents make the decision to keep their child/ren at home, our school will record this as a ‘Code 807 – Parent Choice School Approved’. Please include the word 'COVID-19' in the absence comments.


Student Learning

Our dedicated staff are preparing for our students to be able to continue their learning here at school and remotely for those students remaining at home.  Different levels will have different expectations.  Our students in Years 3-6 will be utilising Google Classroom and our students in F- 2 will be having work allocated through Compass.  We will be having a planning week next week and staff will further develop activities for home learning.


Please be patient as this is new for all of us.  Teachers will be communicating with students and I encourage you to do the same if you are having any concerns.  Having realistic expectations and finding balance will be vital.  We will try and provide a structure and routine for students as best we can to help everyone through this.  If you need any support don’t hesitate to ask.


There will be an online learning portal available from the Department that will have resources as well.  I will communicate this when available.


Year 6 Badge Presentation

Regrettably we have postponed a number of planned events that our students, teachers and community were looking forward to.  One event that is special for our Year 6 students is their badge presentation.  This will go ahead next Friday on the last day of term where Tanya Cooke will present the badges as requested by the students.  This event will be for the 5/6 students and families only.



Welcome to Menzies….

Next term we welcome Penny Isaac to Menzies Creek.  She will be teaching 3/4C, taking over from Christy Dux.  Penny will be involved in planning next week and is not new to the school as she has been a regular relief teacher.  Congratulations Penny and welcome to Menzies.


Early next term I plan to announce the new teacher for 5/6T who will take over in early May from Tiahn.


Working Bee

If you have seen our school grounds this week I’m sure you have noticed how fantastic they look.  We had a group of dedicated students, staff and parents who worked tirelessly for a few hours last Saturday.  On behalf of the community I would to acknowledge the guidance and direction of Jonathan Neilson who planned the work with Matt Cody.  The following families who were able to assist on the day deserve an acknowledgement too.  Thanks to the Coxhead, Moulday, Cunico, Jurewicz, Petkoff, Aiello, Coviello, Poole, Litterbach, Thuys, Coysh and Neilson families.  The crew were looked after by Rick Abdilla who was on the BBQ. 


Take care,

Dale McInerney




School Council News

Principal appointment

On behalf of school council, I’m delighted to announce that we have provisionally appointed Dale McInerney as the Principal of Menzies Creek Primary School. Dale has obviously been in the acting role this term and hopefully you’ve had the chance to meet him personally. However I'd like to share a bit more background to give you all an idea as to why he was chosen to join our community.


Dale joins us from Croydon Hills Primary School, where he has been Assistant Principal for the last 5 years. In recent times, Dale has brought renewed focus to his development, taking on the curriculum setting at Croydon Hills, commencing the respected Bastow ‘Unlocking Potential’ course for aspiring principals, and spending time at another school in an acting role to build his experience. Dale has school aged children and is a local to the hills where he is an active community member, particularly in the local sporting clubs.


Dale was offered the position as we are impressed with his clear passion for the school. He brings a lot of experience from his prior roles, which is important as we move through this transitional phase. Dale’s references were exemplary – they talked about his reliability and trustworthiness, a willingness to learn and develop, his passion for the children, and how much he was missed when he was absent. And we really liked his openness to learning about what makes Menzies Creek Primary School special.

We are also very impressed as to how Dale has handled what has been a pretty full on introduction to Menzies Creek in Term 1. The start to 2020 has had many challenges, with changes in office staff, teachers departing and new and ongoing recruitments.  Through these changes Dale, teachers and staff have continued in their professional development and he has made every effort to get to know our community of 30+ staff, 200+ students, and 150+ families! And on top of that, we now face the challenge of the of the Coronavirus, which Dale has done an amazing job of being open and transparent with the community and keeping us all well informed.  


Our motto at Menzies Creek is that 'we walk hand in hand to grow curious, caring, lifelong learners'. This does not just apply to the children but to everyone in our community, including parents, teachers, aides, office staff, and Phillip, our wonderful lollipop man. We are all on the same journey together. Even our amazing Tanya Cooke, that we farewelled last year, was not the same person at the start of her principal journey 15 years ago.


Menzies Creek P.S  is recognised for our inclusive approach and the manner in which we support all students to succeed. The strong Inquiry approach, that was recognised as best practice during review, is also something unique to our school.  It will therefore take any new person to our school a period of time to learn our ways. We ask that you give Dale your patience and support, particularly in this first year, so that he can properly understand the elements that make our school and community so special.


The School Council was unanimous in supporting Dale's appointment and are all looking forward to working with Dale in 2020. We will be offering him all the support he requires, as we are passionate about seeing him succeed, because when he succeeds our children succeed. 

If you are unsure about anything, or wish to offer some feedback, please reach out to Dale directly. He is very open to hearing from everyone. We are a positive community (it was the strongest attribute in the recent survey) and I’m sure with this attitude, we will continue to build on our reputation as a great community school.


Congratulations again on your appointment as Principal Dale – we are excited to have you and look forward to growing together with you at Menzies Creek PS!


Rowan Coxhead

On behalf of your Menzies Creek Primary School Council

Weekly Awards

Week Ending: Friday 13th March


Ziva B:- For showing your amazing 'sounding out' throughout writing.  Your persistence is fantastic.

Charlie A:- For your fantastic focus and always trying your best at every task.  Keep it up!

Xavier C:- For making such positive growth in your writing this week.  Keep it up!

Aurora M:- For being such a positive, caring and thoughtful friend to everyone!



Lucas E:- For your original and very detailed character description.  Your use of adjectives to describe personality, appearance and feelings was superb.

Leila S:- For shining brightly yesterday during our detective hunt of nouns, verbs and adjectives.  You certainly understand them well.  I was very impressed!

Lilliana S:- For doing such a brilliant job discovering all the verbs in your picture story book.  Well done!

Mirabel C:- For being such an amazing reader by reading at home and doing so well with your reading assessments.  You're a star!

Rhys L:- For teaching me all about bugs.  Your knowledge blows my mind!  The enclosure you have set up looks great.  Thank-you.

Alice C:- For always doing your best.  You are taking positive steps towards being an independent learner.  Well done!



Dash D:- For your amazing ability to code a robot.  I can't wait to see what you are going to create for your iTime.

Eden C:- For continuing to challenge yourself with your Times tables.  You are a number wizard!

Saskia J:- For sharing with us your gigantic zucchinis from your garden.  What an achievement!

Ruby V:- For being persistent with your word study investigation and finding words that are related.

Nicko L:- For being you!  You bring so many laughs and much support and friendship to our class.  You are a wonderful friend who is so sensitive to what others are feeling

Flynn L:- For stepping up!  I have noticed how hard you are always trying, your efforts are appreciated.  And for your wonderful Numeracy thinking.  You are a Maths Wizz.



Max K:- Thanks for all your laughter and videos.  You have done fantastic work, keep up the hard work.

Sally H:- You worked so well on English this week, keep up the independent work!  Also for being such a kind buddy.


Meet Hollie...

Student Wellbeing

Hi Families,

With all the chaos ensuing from COVID-19, I thought it might be useful for families to have some resources around staying calm in the midst of the anxious climate that seems to be surrounding us.

Our brain is amazing and you may already be aware that our brain's response to danger (perceived or real) is there to help us survive. But these survival tactics can also be unhelpful when danger isn't imminent and cause us to feel anxious. For a simple and fun explanation of the parts of the brain follow this link:

At school and home children can quickly pick up messages that communicate anxiety; sometimes the information they have received is a bit like Chinese whispers, ending up in some very strange misinformation which can be scary.

As grown ups who care for children we can be instrumental in helping them keep calm. Raising children has some great information particular to COVID-19. The main take away points: 

  1. Tune into your child's knowledge and feelings about COVID-19.
  2.  Use a calm and reassuring tone to relay the facts.
  3. Limit TV and social media exposure (good for adults too)

For more detail, access the webpage here:


Other things can help with anxiety too. Focussing on gratitude and using mindfulness techniques are simple but effective. 

Smiling Mind is a free app developed especially for children

Kidshelpline have some good resources for parents, a webpage and chat function for kids to connect with trained counsellors as well as their phone line 1800 55 1800.

One thing I find enjoyable and fun with my own kids is having some time each day where we share good and funny things. This can be over dinner, in the car or before bed. You can even write them down and collect them in a jar to look at later.

Despite COVID 19 there are still many wonderful things in the world and in our small corner of it here in Menzies Creek P.S. 

Take care and keep smiling,


MCPS Community Relations & School Fundraising Events

Easter Raffle - YES - It's still going ahead!

Please return tickets to the office by
8.45am on Friday 27th March


We still need donations for the Easter Raffle!!! Anything Easter themed would be much appreciated. These can be left in the basket in the office!  Raffle tickets have been sent home.

6 Tickets for $10    or    $2.00 each


Winter Market Cancelled

At this point in time, it has been decided to cancel the Winter Market. 

Thank you all for your interest and support.


A Call for One Parent Representative from Each Class for the Community and Fundraising Group

Dear parents,

We are asking for one or two parents from each class to step forward to assist in the organising of events. This year the events will be Hot food days, Easter Raffle, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Winter Market, Dance and Movie Night.


The main role of the group is to coordinate events but we also encourage the representatives to organise some social events for your class in the holidays. This may be as simple as a play in the park.  


Any time you can contribute is much appreciated. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to raise funds for the school, so suggestions are always welcome.


Why we fundraise

To provide the children of Menzies Creek Primary School with the best opportunity in all areas of their education, we raise additional funds to supplement government funding. The funds raised may go toward a number of areas within the school including reading resources; new equipment such as computers and playground equipment; sports equipment; etc.


Please let your child’s classroom teacher know if you are interested to get involved.


Warm regards,

The Community Relations Sub-committee (Florence, Anna, Sarah and Eric)

Preschool News



Pre-School Movie Night.... Postponed 

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but the fundraising Movie Night for the Pre-School has been put on hold until further notice.



2nd Fee Instalment

If you are paying your fees by instalments please be aware the the 2nd installment is due on the

27th of March.


CSEF ELIGIBILITY Please read and see if you are eligible for funding.


Community Information

Is our Lollipop Man Phillip the best!! (We know he is, lets tell the world)

Is your Lollipop person the sweetest?


Nominate your Lollipop person for the 2019/2020 School Crossing Supervisor of the year award.


Jump online and complete a nomination at Whitehouse is employed by the municipality of the Shire of Yarra Ranges.


Your support of this program will help ensure your School Crossing Supervisor is shown the appreciation they deserve for their commitment to the ongoing safety of our children.

Luna Drive in


School Holiday Program - Ages 2 - 8 


Healthy Eating Tips


Cockatoo Community House




Holiday Program Prep - Grade 6


Local sporting clubs

Mountain Dragons Basketball Club


Emerald Junior Football Club




Emerald Cricket Club


Belgrave Junior Football Club




Upwey Tecoma Junior Football Club




TheirCare provides a stimulating and safe environment for all children and an environment
where children come and enjoy their time in their program. During sessions children develop
life skills, friendships, confidence and creativity through play.

Menzies Creek Primary School has partnered with TheirCare to provide quality care, flexibility
and commitment to deliver on our promise to your school community.



Service Phone Number: 0418 395 767 Your service coordinator will be available during session
times. TheirCare support is available during office hours if required on 1300 072 410

How to Enrol
Visit TheirCare website: and click on 'Book Now' in the top right hand
corner to register your child's details.

•Standard fees excluding incursion /excursion costs
"Based on ABS published average family income for the suburb the school is located



Menzies Creek Primary School