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02 April 2019
Issue Three
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From the Principal's Desk

From the Principals Desk 

Active Learning is the key to a Deeper Understanding 


School Improvement Policy

It has been great to observe so many students across Years 7 – 11 voluntarily staying behind on a Thursday afternoon from 3.15pm – 4.30pm to either undertake a second opportunity to improve their grade on a Common Learning Task (year 7 – 10) or undertake an Outcome Completion Task (Year 11) to ensure they receive an S for the SAC and therefore avoid being ‘At Risk’ of failing the VCE Unit.


I have personally been tracking the number of students who have taken up the opportunity to improve their grades over the course of Term 1 and I am delighted to indicate that approximately 180 students (Years 7 – 11) have made a commitment to achieving the best result they can by organising with their classroom teacher to undertake an Improvement or Outcome Completion Test.


On Thursday 28th March we had 75 students across Year 7 – 11 stay behind after school to undertake an Improvement Test/Outcome Completion Task.  I am so proud of the academic commitment that is being shown by the students at such an early stage in the year. Such levels of determination throughout the year, will certainly help the students to achieve success in all their subjects. Well done to you all and keep up the great work

Student Academic Uniform 

I have been very pleased with the high level of cooperation from both parents and students that has taken place over the course of Term 1, whilst we make the transition with Year 7 – 10 students to always be dressed in our College Academic Uniform, (listed on page 31 & 32 of Student Engagement Policy) at all times unless they have a Physical Education Class, Outdoor Education Class, Year 10 Fit to Play or Inter-School Sport.


We are now approaching the colder months of the year and it is essential that all Year 7 – 10 parents and students are aware of the approved College garments to be worn during the colder months of the year.


I have been informed that our school supplier (Lowes, Corio Village) will have the new Soft Shell Jackets in store as of Monday 8th April 2019.


Please be aware that any student who is not correctly dressed in our College Academic Uniform (on a day that they do not have a Physical Education Class, Inter School Sport or Outdoor Education) will be deemed 'Out of Uniform' and the consequences listed on Page 30 of the Student Engagement Policy will apply.


I appreciate all parents support in this matter to ensure all students develop a sense of belonging and pride whilst attending Lara Secondary College.

Wayne Terrill


Upcoming Events

Monday April 1st -                                          Year 9 Connections Physical Challenge Day 1


Tuesday April 2nd -                                         Year 9 Connections Physical Challenge Day 2
                                                                                      Drum Circle Week 5 for selected students 


Wednesday April 3rd -                                   Year 9 Connections Physical Challenge Day 3


Thursday April 4th -                                          WMR Swimming Finals for selected students
                                                                                        Yr 12 VCAL Café Excursion to Coffee Cartel session 4
                                                                                         Parent Teacher interviews 4pm-7pm


Friday April 5th -                                               Parent Teacher Interviews 9am-12pm

Friday April 19th -                                             Good Friday Public Holiday


Monday April 22nd -                                        Easter Monday 


Tuesday April 23rd -                                          First day of Term 2  

Seniors Years Report 

Carmen's Road Safety Presentation  

Earlier this term we were lucky enough to have John Maher from Carmen’s Road Safety present to our year 11 & 12 students about road safety. This was not a presentation focussing on road safety education, it was about the effect that road trauma can have on loved ones due to road accidents and road deaths. John has had multiple road trauma events in his life, most notably the loss of his 18 year old daughter in a car accident 22 years ago. John now presents to schools & other organisations delivering this important message. To say this presentation had a profound effect on all students and staff in the room would be understatement, and was certainly a timely reminder to stay safe on our roads.


Junior Years Report 

Junior Years Report 

The run into the end of term one has been a very busy for our Junior School students. It has been great to see so many students being recognised by their teachers for Improvement and Consistency awards, congratulations to all award winners!


Our Year 7 classes have almost completed their first term of secondary school and have continued to make new friends, build relationships with staff and build their learning in new subject areas. I am sure they are all ready for a restful break!


The Year 8 classes have also had a very positive term and have settled in well. In this week’s Year 8 assembly, Mr Morrow acknowledged all of our students that have an attendance of 100%. Well done to the following students, keep up the great effort!

Dean Argyros, Lydia Ash, Grace Baker, Mason Blackman, Chloe Bruns, Georgia Collis, Kwan Drew, Jack Goodwin, Charlise Hately, Xavier McGregor, Blake Menzies, Annabelle Nisbett, Mitchell Osolnik, Andy Quach, Ren Jan Ronquillo, Kiara Stones- Wereta, Madison Tait, Hayley Taylor, Lara Whitworth and Elise Wilson.


Our Year 9 students are finishing off the term with their Connections Physical Challenge excursions based in Melbourne and Geelong. The excursions involve students pushing themselves out of their comfort zones by participating in activities such as rock climbing and an Amazing Race around the Melbourne CBD.

Sport Report 


Maths and Humanities Report


It has been an exciting time in Humanities during Term 1 with students at all year levels engaged in interesting, new topics.


The eager year 7's have been introduced to humanities by beginning the year with a unit on Geography. Students have been exposed to the geographical concepts and are learning about the ‘liveability’ of places.  The year 7's have also been exposed to the Interactive Workbooks and are working diligently to utilise them effectively.


The year 8’s are building on their medieval historical knowledge by learning about the Vikings! The students have studied the Viking way of life, culture, food, housing and work. Students will soon be moving on to study Shogunate Japan, during which they will explore the role and life of the Samurai.


In year 9, the students have been completing a history unit on the Industrial Revolution. This unit has students explore the period in which massive economic and infrastructural growth was generated throughout the world. Specifically, students have investigated the development of electricity, steam engines, transport as well as evaluating the working and living conditions for people at the time. Students have been able to investigate the role of a key individual during the Industrial period such as Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, Marie Curie, Henry Ford and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The year 9 students are also excelling at utilising their Interactive workbooks.


At year 10, students are taking part in various humanities based subjects. In American History, students have studied the American Revolution and are beginning to explore the period of Slavery in America. The Show Me the Money students have been studying economics and consumerism. Furthermore the students in year 10 Philosophy have been focusing on the topic of ethics and are immersed in ethical discussions and activities.   


Lastly, the VCE students have begun undertaking study in their chosen areas including, History, Business Management, Accounting and Legal Studies. We hope that the VCE students have a successful year and are able to pursue their interests well into the future.


Mathematics has taken off in 2019 with the establishment and implementation of open ended tasks and challenging problem solving. Below are some images of students altering the variables associated with the 36 flavours of frozen Fanta and its application to recurrence relationships.

How many flavour combinations of frozen Fanta would there be if there were: 4 original flavours? 6 original flavours? Or 11 original flavours?

Mr Tomkins class had to apply their knowledge of factorials and number patterns to solve the issue that all McDonald’s staff are asked daily (we hope).


Additionally, below are two images of students in Year 7 using number cards and rectangular array to solve a problem during one of their Numeracy sessions.

  1. Here is a 100 square board with a counter on 42. Using only the operations x2 and -5, what numbers on this board is it possible to visit?
  2. Investigation: Is it possible to visit every number on the board?


Library News 

Introducing SORA, our new Ereading app 

If you enjoy reading on Overdrive, you’ll love reading on SORA,  SORA is the new mobile and desktop reading experience from OverDrive, designed with students and educators in mind.  The App is available from the schools Intranet page or download the free app from the Google Play and Apple App stores or try in browser at   

Students now have a choice as to which App they’d like to use for ereading.  They can continue to read on Overdrive or switch over to SORA.


At Lara Secondary College, students can access our ereading library, which provides 24/7 access to books.

eReading is ideal for reading on iPads / tablets / phones

Download the Sora app. Set up an account using your network login. Select Lara Secondary College as your library and you are ready to borrow.

Log into Sora using your network login

Books available 24/7

Over 700 titles to choose from

Easy to use

No overdues


New Ebooks available 


Over the holidays 



New traditional books available for borrowing 


Footy Books 

Football season is back with us.  Did you know we have a large number of AFL books available both in our library at school and also in our ebook library on SORA? 


Tradional books available in our library at school include 


The ebooks available on SORA / Overdrive include —plus many more


Musical Production 2019 




As we come to the end of Term 1, at a pace which is hard to believe, there are many exciting things going on in Careers and Pathways. This really is such an exciting and rewarding area of education because we get to work with the students on setting goals, fulfilling dreams and achieving wonderful outcomes in the world beyond school.



Year 10 Work Experience 

Every student in Year 10 will attend a work place of their choice from June 24th to June 28th. If your child is any Year 10 and hasn’t found the placement they’re looking for yet, the holidays might be the perfect time to send some email enquiries or pop in the businesses and organisations. All students have been provided with email templates and sample conversations scripts.

Deakin Step On Campus Program 

Step on Campus gives students and their families an opportunity to take a personalised tour of Deakin University during the Term 1 school holidays. Participants will be offered a 45 minute tour with a current Deakin student to learn about Deakin’s study areas, campus life and how to make the best transition into university.


For key dates and more information visit:



Year 10 and 12 Careers Expo and Caufield Racecourse 

All Year 10 and 12 students will be attending the VCE and Careers Expo on May 2nd at Caulfield Racecourse. This is an amazing opportunity to choose from over 140 tertiary institutions, organisations and business and to discover or consolidate pathways beyond school. This comes at a perfect time for decisions about subjects or post-school options.


Please pay and give consent before the end of the term so that we can ensure all students can attend the event. The event organiser will not accept any ticket purchases after April 4th.


For more information about the 140+ exhibitors and the seminars, visit:


Career Action Plans 

As part of a number of exciting initiatives from the Department of Education in the world of Careers Education, all students will create a Career Action Plan to help identify future pathways, set goals to achieve them and put themselves in the best possible position for a rewarding pathway post-schooling. Every student from Year 7 - 12 will create a Career Action Plan in Term 2.


You will be provided with personalised access to your son or daughter’s plan, as well as to the college website.



Our New Website 

If you haven’t already, please go and explore our new careers website: There is so much information and insight to be gained by students and parents alike. There is a calendar of important events, useful links, information about work placement, job guides, quizzes and more. Additionally students get their own secure log area where the can access lessons, store resumes and cover letters and learn more about making career choices.



Some Further Reading 

This week we’re loving this article about 8 of the coolest jobs in the world. It is hard to believe that some of them truly exist but it is such a great reminder that dream jobs come in all shapes and sizes and some of them haven’t even been invented yet. It is so empowering to think that our limit is our imagination and that there really is a pathway for everyone.



Year 12 Physics to Luna Park 

Year 12 Physics to Luna Park Excursion 


Lara Secondary SRC

Lara Secondary SRC 

The SRC is now complete with the selection of two year 7 candidates, Manix and Jackson. Congratulations to both of these boys for nominating and for the positive contributions that they have made so far.


Most students in leadership positions attended the Student Leadership Camp on the weekend of March 1st to 3rd at Lady Northcote Camp near Bacchus Marsh. The camp was a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, develop their leadership capacity and also start planning projects for the year. The camp was facilitated by Burn Bright, and organisation devoted to developing leadership in students. The presenters were engaging, knowledgeable and skilful which maximised both enjoyment and development for students.


So far, one team of students have worked to promote student and teacher awareness of the Improvement and Consistent Achievement Awards, nomination for which they have successfully requested also attract House Points. Students believed that it is important for House Points to reflect Academic Achievement as well as sporting achievement. They believe that this will promote Academic Pride throughout the College.


In term one, students have earned the following points towards the overall House Competition:

You Yangs – 272

Hovell – 260

Flinders –243

Serendip – 230 


Great work so far from all houses, especially You Yangs who are leading the way academically!


A project team are working closely with Rhys Mawson from the City of Greater Geelong, to run a Positive Mental Health Week early in Term Two.  This will focus on both prevention as well as early intervention in regard to mental health, and will involve class activities as well as lunchtime activities.


Other projects include the creation of a Buddy System that will support connectedness across year levels, the creation of interest clubs at lunchtime or after school, fundraising to support the creation of more shade in the yard through a week of student/teacher activities, and also a project to work with the House Captains to run a Dance Competition.


All teams are working productively to achieve their goals, and have shown a commitment to our Vision and Expected Behaviours. It is a pleasure to work with such a positive and competent group of students, and I look forward to what they can achieve as the year progresses.

Hands on Learning 

Hands On Learning 

Our Hands On Learning Program has been busy over the past week contributing to our
community. On Thursday the 28th February and Friday the 1st of March our two groups
participated in Clean Up Australia Day activities. The Thursday’s group conducted the clean
up down along Hoffmans Walk and Friday's group worked over at the You Yangs to clean up
certain areas. All students worked really well together and enjoyed completing a positive
activity for their local community. Well done to Jess Winduss, Deejay May, Des Menhennet,
Andrew Roberts and Kayla Tanner for their work on the Thursday and Gone Summart,
Mason Honey, Carol Anne Barnard, Jack Shanahan and Coen Tanner on the Friday.


Year 8 Immersive Experience

Year 8 Immersive Experience 


Year 7 Parent/Guardian Welcome BBQ


Year 9 to Avalon Airshow 

Year 9 to Avalon International Airshow 

Our Year 9 students have also had a very busy start to the term and on Wednesday had the opportunity to attend an excursion to the Avalon International Airshow, as part of the STEM project. At the Airshow, students learnt about physics, technology and mathematics in the aviation and defence industries and participated in a wide range of hands on activities. They especially enjoyed controlling the various robots, including a Mars Explorer machine, and also different Virtual Reality experiences. They also had a chance to tour parts of the Airshow along with Air Force personnel guides which was a great experience.


Community Notice Board 

Karen Feldman’s Dance Studio - Lara Studio - is open for enrolments for 2019...

Classes are on Monday afternoons at the Bisinella Community Centre, 75 Buckingham St, Lara. They offer a mix of styles with a bit of jazz, funk, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and cheerleading (depending on age range).

All classes are just $10 (pay as you go...week to week)

We have an online registration system set up on our website - you can sign-up automatically for the class you want! Its just pay as you go, so you can come along & test out a class in the first few weeks!

We kick off the year on Monday 4th February....


For more information give Karen a call on (03) 5276 1357  or 0432 493 527










Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund




School Dental 



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