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01 March 2019
Issue Two
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Principal's Post 

From Mr Phillips

How time flies as we are now half way through a busy and productive term 1.


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to accompany a number of our senior students to the Inspiring Australians Oration, presented by the Order of Australia Association.

The key presenter was the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp. Her messages resonated well with all those present in the audience, at Deakin Edge in Federation Square.

Two in particular could apply to all of us: “Have a go at doing good stuff” and Respect Failure - there are lots of barriers and headwinds but equally opportunities to learn, adjust and pivot towards new goals”

Another highly successful Prefects’ induction was held last week with Timothy Phillips who graduated in 2009, being our guest speaker. Timothy has maintained regular contact with the College and was able to highlight the varied pathways that are now open to students as they navigate the New Work Mindsets and the importance of being able to view the world through different lenses, than those typically conferred to privileged white males.

Congratulations to all of our Prefects who have started really well in their portfolios: Chaplaincy Jaslyn King, Cultural Diversity Lian Zaathang, Environment Ebony Llewellyn, Frazer House Kayla Jenkins, Olivia Ricci, Freeman House Damon Delaney, Amelia Phillips, Jackman House Mitchell Hart (Head Prefect) Charlie Wakeham, Mabo House Piper Copeland (Deputy Head Prefect), Patrick Cottin, Music Angus Delaney, Ianthe Volbrecht,    Philanthropic Alice D’Arcy (Head Prefect),  Performing Arts Melanie Arthur, Michael Syme (Deputy Head Prefect), Sport Harry Norman, Lachlan Shield, Visual Arts Fraya Jordan, Wellbeing  Phoebe Roach.

Tomorrow evening, I look forward to joining with many of our Year 11 students and families as we celebrate another Presentation Ball at the Grand in Wantirna. The participants have given up many evening hours to rehearse and learn their dance routines.


Term 1 is a timely reminder about Private Property being brought to School. The Department does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs.

As part of RSCs voluntary charges, student accident insurance/ambulance cover is available and can be arranged by parents/guardians for individual students.


Please also note that private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage.


Michael Phillips



Assistant Principals

From Mr Barut

Across the Sub Schools

Students have settled in very well into the school year.


Everyone is getting used to the 5 x 60 minute periods and in such a large school, all students are moving to class quickly and respectfully, mindful of each other.


It was great to see so many Year 7 parents attend the Year 7 information night, where they met all the House Co – ordinators, and parents familiarised themselves with the College Learning Behaviour focus, the Bounce program and the wizardry of Compass.


To that end, students at RSC are very lucky to have committed school leaders, teachers and support staff to support them in their developmental growth throughout their secondary schooling, both academically, socially and in a welfare paradigm. We see the journey as everyone working as team – school leaders, teachers, students and of course, you, our parents/carers. Thus, as a school community we all need to work together as a team to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.

House Co-ordinators are available to answer any query you might have that relates to the learning or welfare of your son/daughter. These conversations need to always be respectful, timely and cover off on three aspects; decision, action and accountability. To expand on this idea, decision pertains to an outcome, action reflects putting structures and agreements into place and accountability points to all parties keeping up their end of any negotiated action. The importance of being solution focussed must be at the forefront of every interaction, in a positive environment.


MSP Photography

MSP are now the new providers for school photos, working in concert with the Compass ordering system. You can order your photos through their ordering and checkout portal on Compass. At this stage, photos will be delivered to the school early next term.


James Barut


From Mrs Stathatos


The middle of the term brings with it a familiarity of routines which support effective learning and participation in all that the college offers.

Parents will receive feedback on their children’s Positive Learning Behaviours in the Term 1 Progress reports on the 22nd of March and have an opportunity to meet with teachers at the Parent Teacher Student conferences on the 4th of April. Information about bookings for the conferences will be delivered closer to the event.

It is always enjoyable to meet with parents at the information nights and inform them of the direction we are taking the teaching and learning program. The new parents to the college appreciated the Junior School team’s presentation last week with positive feedback about the start to the year for the youngest members of our student population. Further information nights will follow in the next few months.


For parents interested in learning about the college and would like to be involved in a meeting group of parents, the Parent Citizen Teacher Association, PCTA, warmly welcomes new members. Please contact the college on 9870 2002 if you would like more information about the committee. The first major event on the committee’s calendar is the Debutante Ball which takes place tomorrow night at The Grand on Cathies. Excitement is building and we look forward to a wonderful night of celebrating our students.


In addition, as an outward looking school which provides a wide range of experiences to students, we will be wishing students and teachers the very best on their adventures around the world performing to thousands of students in seven locations on The World Tour.


We urge parents to please note the following student drop off/pick up and parking

key points to ensure the safety of all:

  • Students are not to be dropped off or picked up at the main administration area
  • There are 4 by 2hour carparks at the top of Rosewarne Ave for during the day
  • Please endeavour to drop off or pick up students at least 200m from the College grounds.

Eg. Best St, David St, Marwara St, Myrtle Ave (A short walk using pedestrian crossings assists with easing congestion around the College)

  • Students should not be wearing earphones in the vicinity of roads/traffic

Eleni Stathatos

From Mrs Allison

The weeks are flying by and with numerous events coming up soon it is a timely reminder for all students to focus on their organisational skills to help improve time management and seek assistance when necessary.


Student Leadership

Student leaders from Years 7-8 attended their leadership training at EV’s, Croydon on February 14th. The morning training commenced with a ‘Plus 10 Schools’ collaborative event for Year 7 and 8 students, facilitated with Maroondah City Council, Heathmont College, Norwood Secondary College and Ringwood Secondary College.


Back at Ringwood SC, students from Years 7-11 were led through an inspiring leadership training session by the Maroondah Youth Services team. The highlight of the day was the team building activities, well led by our College Prefects, who co facilitated these exercises later in the afternoon. The focus on building our students leadership capacity will hopefully result in effective, influential teams in years to come.


I extend my sincere thanks to all staff and students involved, especially to Ms Karly Horton (Director of House and Community Engagement), who coordinated the event.


Music Recruitment evening

The Music Recruitment evening held last week was a very well-attended evening with over 100 students signing up for an instrument. The Music Association now has several new members, and always keen for extra parent helpers, so if you have time please contact the College. The year ahead looks busy but very exciting, so ensure you attend our upcoming Jazz Night and other scheduled performances.



Positive Education focus

Wellbeing Element: Exercise and Health

Character Strength: Hope

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Adventure, Eat

Wellbeing Reflection Activity: Out and About


A balanced student lifestyle places an equal emphasis on all of their elements of wellbeing; they work together, like their signature and top supporting strengths as a family, to build the student’s wellbeing. To ignore any of these, adversely affects the others. If the skills and achievement element is pushed too hard and the exercise and health element is not also focused on.

Active and positive people are more likely to achieve what they set out to do and are healthier. Recommendation are that each students’ personal timetables should include:

  • an hour of pulse lifting exercise every day 
  • quality outdoor leisure activities with friends and family which are light and bright 
  • frequent opportunities to have fun and laugh with others to experience positive emotions 
  • plenty of timeout from electronic pursuits; try brain leisure activities such as reading, chess, board games cards, or Sudoku. 


Exercise and Leisure activities will enable you to:

• lift your heart rate to burn excess kilos

• enjoy uplifting spirals of positive emotions

• be in charge of your breathing

• provide relationship building time with others

• clear your mind with private me time.


Some quality ones include:

• a brisk walk, run, swim, bike ride, yoga, playing a sport, aerobics, pilates, gym workout, tai chi, zumba, dancing, gymnastics, resistance training, surfing, skateboarding or bushwalking.


Happy students enjoy and flourish on their school and life journey.


“The three words to consider for self improvement and success – Care, Share and Dare.” 


Maria Allison



From the Office

Facilities Report

Lots of action happening at RSC over the past few weeks. Recent works include:


- Construction of a Timetable office-a valuable office was recently constructed at the West end of the staffroom.

- Re-stumping of Science and installation of new base coverings

- Emergency lighting and exit signs checked across the school

- Facilities Meeting-Next meeting is scheduled for Mar 21st, 7.30pm, Conference Room. Please contact Chris Salisbury if you are interested in participating.

- Soundfield systems installed in rooms for students


- Service of Air conditioning units

- Oval works-watering, watering, watering!


Despite the lack of rain the oval is looking terrific


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Open Night 2019

The College Open Night for Prospective Year 7, 2020 Students in coming up and will be help on Wednesday May 1st. Please see attached flyer for details

Leah Pritchard

Director of Admissions and Marketing


Regular attendance at school is important for your child’s educational, social and emotional wellbeing.  Students who regularly attend school find it easier to maintain relationships and remain engaged in their school community and are less exposed to ‘at risk’ behaviours.


A commitment to attendance and punctuality is important in preparing students for roles and responsibilities in adult life


Some Interesting Facts.

  • Being late to school 30minutes on a regular basis between years 7-12 - is the equivalent of missing six months of learning
  • Absences of 8-10 days per semester between years 7-12 – is the equivalent of missing over 1 year of learning


Managing Student Attendance

  • Ensure your child is only absent from school for legitimate reasons
  • Please call the attendance line each time a student is absent
  • Provide a Medical Certificate for two or more days absence due to illness or medical conditions


Early Departure

Students will only be allowed to leave school early if they have a note or the school has been contacted prior to departure.  In both cases, students must sign out via the office so there departure time is recorded and we know they have left the grounds should we have an emergency of any kind.

Students who are ill during school hours must report to First Aid and not leave the school grounds without permission.  First Aid staff will contact parents who can give permission for a student to leave or collect them from the school if necessary.


Extended Absences

For extended absences of three days or more, parents are requested to contact their child’s Year Level Coordinator to discuss what arrangements need to be made in regard to continuity of work and study. 


We thank you for your continued support and assistance with your child’s attendance at RSC.


Kay Priestly



Ringwood Training

Our next welding course commences 14/03/19, please see the attached information for details.


Upcoming Car Show

Make sure you note the date and come along


Junior School

News from Junior School

New Parents Information Evening

It was our pleasure and privilege to meet some of our new year 7 parents at last weeks’ new parents information evening. We strive to create a learning partnership with our families in order to best support our students. If parents, co-ordinators and teachers are all working from the same page, we are in the best position to support learning of our students- not just in the classroom but socially and emotionally as well. In case you missed the information evening, here are some of the key points we covered:

Learning Behaviours

Students will be assessed on the following Learning Behaviours in the upcoming progress reports

The Junior School Team


Mabo House Co-ordinator: Kim Watson

Jackman House Co-ordinator: Faith Tucker

Frazer House Co-ordinator: Marissa Lee

Freeman House Co-ordinator: Jessica Friend

Junior Sub School Leader: Anna Urbano


If you need to contact a member of the Junior School Team, please check your child’s house first and contact the relevant house co-ordinator. Email contact is usually best as we teach, complete yard duties, attend meetings AND look after the students in the junior school! It’s a very busy office so booking in advance to see your childs’ house co-ordinator is essential. If you have booked an appointment in advance is also important to sign in at the front office of the College when you arrive and notify the office staff of the person your appointment is with. If you haven’t made an appointment, contact your co-ordinator via telephone or email.


Transition Program

Mrs Voula Margellis looks after our Transition Program. Activities of the transition program were highlighted at the information evening. The main one coming up for parents will be a coffee morning where parents are invited into the college to see their child in class in action! There are limited places for this so keep an eye on compass newsfeed, calendar and your child’s compass page to book and also for all upcoming events throughout the year.



We remind families that when a student is out of uniform to please provide a written note of explanation and to encourage your child to obtain a uniform pass before school. Please also be reminded when purchasing items to check the Dress Code online to ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform.


Compass Parent Portal

Parents were taken on a walk-through of compass and it’s functions during the information evening, if you are unsure of how to use compass, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. We remind parents to check compass regularly to keep up to date with attendance, homework and learning tasks as well as managing events.


Digital Learning and Communication

All year 7 students took part in this session on their second day of school with their ipads to learn how to navigate compass, construct a professional email and also ipad etiquette in the classroom and at home. We shared suggestions given to students with parents in order to facilitate the partnership with the school in parents giving the same messages at home. Some suggestions around this included:

    • Charging ipads away from bedrooms
    • Putting all screens away at least 1 hour before going to sleep at night
    • It is a learning device but is not their only tool, students are reminded to bring all other required materials to class and home.
    • Label ipads for easy identification
    • Students will be using apple classroom to manage devices whilst in class. This is not used when at home or outside of the RSC network.
    • Ipads are usually collected up by teachers in class and distributed when needed.
    • Ipads are also not to be used at lunchtime/recess.


Managing homework

As a guide, students in junior school should be spending at least 30mins per day on homework or study. This will help to build study habits so when increasing the time in future years it is already part of their routine. Study planners are encouraged and students can manage their homework using the reminders app and compass app as well as syncing their calendar with compass.


Bounce Program

Parents were introduced to our Bounce Positive Education Program by Kati Recinos. Some strategies below were shared with parents, please contact Kati if you wish to discuss any suggestions further some. These included:

    • Asking students “What went well” or “What was the best part of your day”
    • As a family, share 3 things you are grateful for each day
    • Keep a gratitude journal
    • Try mindfulness activities such as origami, mindful colouring, sodoku, chess, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, meditation (smiling mind or buddify apps are great for this)
    • Random acts of kindness
    • Model emotional regulation as best you can and label emotions
    • Ask “how did you feel when…”
    • Identify emotions in your child when they are experiencing them
    • Try to link physical feelings with emotions to encourage regulation eg sweat palms, increased heart rate etc.
    • Routine bedtime, healthy eating, try to eat meals together as a family, listen to your kids and praise them, try to spot their strengths in action “that was so kind when you helped with…”


Become Connected to Your Childs Learning

Parents were also encouraged to become connected to Ringwood SC in many ways. This will build on the partnership with the school and will also help the students to connect with the College as well. We encourage parents to take part in extra curricular activities such working bees, school productions or music association, join school council etc. There are many ways you can be connected with RSC, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to do so.


Anna Urbano

Junior Sub School leader

Middle School

News from Middle School

Recently the Years 9 & 10 students had their first Year Level assemblies for 2019.  During this assembly, we had the pleasure of introducing the student leaders in front of their peers.  The Middle School Team look forward to working with the following students throughout the year.

Year 9 & 10 Level Leaders

Year 9:            Emma Hanly & Brooke Humphreys

Year 10:          Lucy Philp & Emilie Young


House Captains

Frazer:             Charlotte Jackson & Holli Budd

Freeman:         Jemima Wilson & Patrick Wallace

Jackman:         Caitlin Dowding & Lucy Philp

Mabo:              Jessica Suares & Emilie Young


Chaplaincy:                 Emily Waite

Cultural Diversity:      Smile Pe

Dance:                         Sienna Sleigh

Environmental:           Emma Hanly

Music:                         Hannah Walne & Charlie Lodge

Philanthropy:               Lucy Philp

Performing Arts:      Brooke Humphreys & Tara


Sport:                Angus Norman & Megan Rennick

Visual Arts:                 Charlotte Jackson

Wellbeing:                  Holli Budd


Year 9 Phillip Island Adventure Camp

It is now not too long before Year 9 students depart on their camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. Consent should have already been given via Compass and students should have returned their medical forms to the Middle School office. For further information about camp, please refer to the documents available on the ‘Resources’ tab of the Compass Event: Year 9 interGREAT Camp 2019. 

For any further information or questions, please contact the Middle School Office.



Year 9 CERES Geography Excursion

Recently Year 9 students had Field Trips to CERES.  Some students have shared their experiences from the day.

On Monday 25th we set out to CERES! There was no sign of a cloud, so it was the perfect day! Firstly, we learnt about recycling our phones and how they hurt the environment just from collecting the materials we need to make them! We also learnt about many different trees native to Australia which help the environment in different ways. Overall, we learnt so many different ways to help the environment by just making a small change in our lives! It was great that everyone came together and bought nude food for the whole day. Our excursion to Ceres was a fantastic way to learn about how they’re making amazing contributions to the environment and inspiring visitors like us!

  • Brooke Humphreys 9B

My experience at CERES was a really good one. Although I had been there before it was more enjoyable because I understood the information. I was really intrigued by the fact that this place is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city and I learned a lot about how sustainable they are and plan to be in the future. Most importantly I learned about how sustainable I wasn’t being and I will try to recycle, reuse and dispose responsibly in the future.  That was my experience at CERES, try it for yourselves because it really opened my eyes!    

  • Matthew Nolan 9B



What a fantastic start we’ve had to InterGREAT this year. We have had two remarkable guest speakers share their inspiring journey. First Cam Greenwood spoke about how he turned his dreams of creating surfboards into a successful business Monsta Surf and the Live Passionately movement. Cam also spends a lot of time working in developing countries helping create things like access to clean drinking water as well as helping rebuild after natural disasters hit. 


Secondly Tammy van Wisse spoke to us about her success as a marathon swimmer. Tammy has shown such incredible perseverance and she explained how developing a growth mindset helped her enter the Guinness Book of Records as the first person to swim across Bass Strait (and the only person to do so thus far!) Tammy’s story was truly inspirational and a perfect example of how far perseverance can take us.


Thank you to both Cam and Tammy for your talks.


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT Coordinator



Year 10 METEC Excursion

As part of the Year 10 Health course, we are focusing on promoting positive health behaviours in a range of areas that impact on young people. One of these areas is road safety and driver education. We investigate risks associated with driving and campaigns to reduce youth car accidents and deaths.  Students have the exciting opportunity to take part in a day long program at Melbourne East Traffic education Centre - 112 Colchester Road, Kilsyth on Thursday 16th of May, 2019 (Mabo and Frazer) and Friday 17th May (Freeman and Jackman).

The students meet at 8:15am at the venue, and dismissed from the venue at 3:30pm. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL EXCURSION. Students do NOT have to be 16 years of age to be able to drive at METEC.

Payment is due by the 29th March.


Bianca Batley

Head of Learning Health & PE



General Reminders

Thank you to all parents who are continually updating Compass in regards to any student absences.  It is important that if any student is absent, that Compass is updated to reflect this information, or alternative please contact the Attendance Officer to report any student absences.


Matt Tucker

Middle School Sub School Leader

Around the School


England 932 A.D. 
A Kingdom divided: To the West the Anglo-Saxons, to the East the French. Above nothing but Celts and some people from Scotland. 
In Gwynned, Powys, and Dyfed - Plague. In the kingdoms of Wessex, Sussex, Essex and Kent - Plague. In Mercia and the two Anglias - Plague. With a 50% chance of pestilence and famine coming out of the Northeast at twelve miles per hour. 
Legend tells us of an extraordinary leader, who arose from the chaos, to unite a troubled kingdom. A man with a vision who gathered Knights together in a Holy Quest. This man was Arthur, King of the Britons. 
For this was England!


This week the Cast for our 2019 Senior Production of 'SPAMALOT' was announced - we look forward to another great season at Ringwood Secondary College!

Please see for ticket details which will be released later in the year!


Karl McNamara

Performing Arts Director

World Tour 2019

Australians are very lucky to have a culture that is surrounded by water, and natural resources. We are historically passionate and we embrace freedom whilst remaining grounded. We all have a voice, and we must be educated in order to protect the things that we have without taking them for granted. We can all be inspired to stand up and be heard.


In our show we begin with four members of a rock band: ‘The EleMentals’ who discover the 2019 Aussie Song Contest. They decide to enter the competition but struggle to find inspiration. With a crash of thunder, physical representations of the four elements appear before the band to motivate them and base their song around water, fire, wind and earth. Will the band find inspiration? Which element will be the most convincing? Can they win the song contest?

Come along to support the World Tour students before they jet off around the world with this stellar show! Book tickets to the premiere performance at


RSC Study Group

The study group is running again in 2019. The aim of the Study Group is to assist students with completing classwork/assignment in all subject areas, time management, organisation skills and work habits. Senior students will be tutoring the junior students in small groups.

The semester 1 program will commence on Wed 13th March and conclude Wed 26 th June. The session times will again be held after school on Wednesdays between 3:15 and 4:15 in. room 109.
If interested please complete the application form attached and pay at the office by Tue 12th March. Payment and permission must be received before your child is permitted to attend. The cost for semester is $100.


Eddie D'Alfonso
Study Group co-ordinator


This year Art Club will continue to run at Lunchtime every Tuesday in room 02, starting in week 5!


Bring your lunch, be creative and socialise.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator

Year 12 Studio Arts Excursion

Recently, year 12 Studio Arts students ventured into the city to view the ground breaking exhibition, Escher X Nendo ‘Between Two Worlds’ at the National Gallery Victoria International. It features the work of Dutch Artist M.C. Escher in dialogue with the work of acclaimed Japanese design studio, Nendo.

This ticketed exhibition is still running, and I encourage the wider community to attend.


Students viewed the work of Julian Opie, a British, popular culture artist who represents the natural, urban and figurative world utilising his bold and pared back signature style.

Towards the end of the day, students briefly viewed the ‘Art of Dr Seuss Collection’ which is currently being held at Harvey Galleries in the Block Arcade, Collins Street, Melbourne. This included an extensive range of limited edition Dr Seuss artworks for sale. It is free and really brings back childhood memories


Melbourne is a society that values the artistic and creative industry and the students of Ringwood Secondary College are lucky to have accessible opportunities and experiences at their doorstep. Students took from this day that ‘Inspiration is not Imitation’ and are eagerly awaiting upcoming exhibitions to enrich their artistic journeys.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator

Careers Department

Please see the attached information in regards to careers




Yoga is back at headspace! starting on the 13th of March. Jassie will be bringing yoga and good vibes to the young people of Headspace! Come along for some creative yoga flows, where we will run through mindfulness breathing, fun poses and not taking ourselves too seriously. Beginners are welcome, no experience required just a willingness to give it a try. Mats provided and please come 10 mins early


Please refer young people to Jassie Rennie at or 0411387946

Harmony Day Celebrations

As part of Harmony Day celebrations, the Migrant Information Centre (MIC) (Eastern Melbourne) is holding a movie fundraiser featuring the screening of Constance on the Edge.


Filmed over 10 years, Constance on the Edge is an unflinchingly honest portrayal of one refugee family’s resettlement story in Australia.

The event is being supported by Maroondah Council and Yarra Valley Water and will run at the Karalyka Theatre in Ringwood East on Thursday 21st March 2019. The event will kick off at 7pm.


For more event details go to


There are a number of ways that you can get involved, including…

  1. Promote the event to your networks, friends and family (flyer attached)
  2. Buy a ticket and attend the event. Tickets: $15. To purchase your ticket today, go to:
  3. Buy a raffle ticket. Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5


You can also check out our screening listed on the Constance On The Edge website here:


If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to be in touch.


Thank you!


Jessica Thompson

Youth Settlement Worker

Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne)

Community Notices

Car Boot Sale

Marlborough Primary School is holding a car boot sale and craft market on Sunday, March 17.

We are looking for stallholders and well as inviting the community to come along on the day.


We greatly appreciate your support.


Natalie Lanyon

0432 968 203

Rotary Youth Exchange Program

Rotary has been providing secondary school students an opportunity to study abroad for the past sixty years. The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is an outstanding personal development opportunity and with its superior infrastructure, is the most sought after. This is a twelve-month program and the benefits for the students are many and include:

  • Confidence building and resilience gained from living 12 months away from home in another culture
  • The immersion in another language that inevitably leapfrogs their progress and their academic results in that language
  • Studies show that such an opportunity can equate to seven to nine years of personal development

Ringwood Baseball Club

Established in 1968, Ringwood Baseball Club has been providing a safe and family friendly sporting facility for 50 years.  We are a non-profit making organisation focused on encouraging our young players to participate and enjoy the great game of baseball.  We offer T-Ball and Baseball for players 4-16 years old. 

South Croydon Junior Football Club

Upcoming football clinic flyer from South Croydon Junior Football Club

Kilsyth Junior Football Club

We have our fun day/Registration day in a couple of weeks all are welcome, with Peter Hitchener as special guest.

Have you Tried Lacrosse?


East Ringwood Junior Football Club

The East Ringwood Junior Football Club is a not-for-profit Family Club that strives to develop young players, both individually and in a team environment. Within our club, we aim to instil the core values of respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, persistence, enthusiasm and spirit. We are currently looking for boys and girls to join our fantastic club for our 2019 season! 


Boronia Heights Primary 50th Birthday Celebrations

Anyone that attended Boronia Heights Primary, we would love for you to attend.


RSC News
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