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20 December 2019
Issue Seven

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Principal's Report

With the school year almost at an end, it is time to reflect on 2019.

This year, the school’s ninth, was one of further growth and achievements. Schools are not static, they are constancy growing and changing and SCHS is no different in that respect.


One of the major changes for this year was the vertical House and Home Group system. The change has been a success and while there are still improvements to be made, the positive changes of the structure have already been seen and felt. The system has enabled more effective transition for all of our students; greater support for the students from their peers and a greater connection to the school and the house. 


The success of the new House system has been possible sue to both staff and students. The Heads of House, their assistants and home group teachers, enthusiastically set about creating their ‘new’ Houses and the vertical home groups. The students also approached the change with positivity and the results have been outstanding.


When I consider the calendar of events for this year, I am heartened by the sheer breadth of opportunities the school provides for its students. The central tenet of the development of the culture of the school since 2015, the Renaissance person, is based on broad opportunities to expand the educational experience of the students. These opportunities are only possible due to the willingness of the staff to give their time and enthusiasm to ensure that such events run. I have lost count of the number of sporting teams that have represented the school, the numbers of subject based excursions, the camps, field trips and overseas trips that have all occurred in the school year. And all this has been achieved while our results remain outstanding.


At this time of the year the VCE results figure prominently. And while I am quite dismissive of the media’s focus on statistics about that the VCE that reduce our students to just a part of a percentage or number, I understand that we must deal with the public reality of the data. Well, the 2019 VCE cohort did exceptionally well; as we should expect! However, the metric that is of most importance to us as a school, and should be of most importance to the students, is the percentage of students that received one of their first three university course preferences. Interestingly, this year VTAC decided to make offers this week for 50% of the available places. We were very pleased to note that all but two of our students have received offers this week; an early Christmas present! It will not be until late January that we have a better understanding of the destination of our students; however, already we know that the vast majority of our students will be very happy with their offers this week.


I would like to acknowledge this year’s dux De Kai Chue, who achieved an ATAR of 99.8. Kai’s subjects were English, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Accounting and Legal Studies. And while he did extremely well in these subjects achieving study scores in all his subjects above 40, including two 49 scores, he was heavily involved in the wider school program. Kai was instrumental in the success of Bedside Buds, was a state finalist in the Plain English Speaking Awards, a debater and a member of the school orchestra; another truly Renaissance person.


This year, like any year, we have staff leaving to pursue other opportunities. After eight years at the school, Darren Nicholas will be leaving to take up the position of Assistant Principal at Williamstown High School. This is a fantastic achievement and we wish Darren all the best for the future.  It is with sadness that we also farewell our communications and marketing guru, Jack Richardson, who is going to concentrate on his passion in theatre production at a new school. Matthew Janineh will be leaving for another school and Andrea Maher and John Trajanovski are on twelve month transfer to other schools. Finally, Anna Hamilton and Amy Rashid will be taking a period of leave. On behalf of the school I wish them all well in their future endeavours.


It is a privilege to be the principal of Suzanne Cory High School and I would like to thank all members of the school community for their ongoing support of the school. I wish you all the best for the festive season and hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable summer break. I look forward to 2020 and the tenth year of the school.


Colin Axup




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Upcoming Events

Term 1 Commences:
Year 9 Students
| Wednesday, January 29

The first day of Term 1 for Year 9 students is Wednesday, January 29th. Please be aware that Tuesday, January 28th is a staff-only day, and that Monday, January 27th is the Australia Day public holiday; the school will be closed on this day.

Term 1 Commences:
Year 10-12 Students
| Thursday, January 30

The first day of Term 1 for all Year 10-12 students is Thursday, January 30th. All students are expected to be present for the start of the school term.

Swimming Carnival
| Tuesday, February 4

The annual House Swimming Carnival will be held on Tuesday, February 4th, at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC). Students are required at the venue between 8:30am and 9:00am. This is a whole school event and attendance for students is compulsory. Parents are warmly invited to come and experience the outstanding Suzanne Cory house spirit first hand; please arrive by 9:30am.

Whole School Photos
| Thursday, February 6

School photos will be taken on Thursday, February 6th. Information regarding photo orders will be sent home with students in Home Groups; please check Compass for more information.

Year 9 City Program
| February 10-14

All Year 9 students will be involved in the City Program from Monday, February 10th to Friday, February 14th. This is fantastic week-long event, full of culture, excursions, and valuable experiences. Information about the Program will be provided to students; please check Compass for more information closer to the date.

House Athletics Carnival
| Thursday, February 27th

The annual House Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday, February 27th at the Victoria University Sports Centre (located across the road from Suzanne Cory High School). This is a whole school event and attendance for students is compulsory. Sign-up information will be provided to students closer to the date.

Labour Day Public Holiday
| Monday, March 9

Monday, March 9th is the Labour Day Public Holiday. Please be aware that the school will be closed on this day and that no students are expected to attend.

Year 9 Phillip Island Camp
| Wed March 18 - Friday 20

The Year 9 Phillip Island Camp will be held from Wednesday, March 18th to Friday, March 20th. This camp is a fantastic opportunity for students to build new friendships and complete their transition to Suzanne Cory High School. More information will be provided to students closer to the Camp.

Parent-Teacher Interviews
| Wed March 25 - Thurs 26

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Wednesday, March 25th and Thursday, March 26th. Parents will be able to book interviews with this child's teacher directly through Compass. Please check Compass closer to the date for booking links.

End of Term 1
| Friday, March 27

The last day of Term 1 is Friday, March 27th. Please be aware that this day is a curriculum day, and that no students are required to attend on this day.

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Student News

ADT Showcase & Film Festival

The Arts, Design and Technology Showcase occurred in Week 8 of Term 4 and was met with huge success and very appreciative crowds that consisted of student alumni, parents, teachers and current students!

This year's showcase was our biggest to date and took up all the open space in the T-wing, in addition to three classrooms. The work on display is a testament to the hard work of both our teaching staff and dedication by students. The evening concluded with music and drama performances in the auditorium. A highlight for me was hearing the laughter and gasps from a little boy sitting a few rows back whilst watching one of the Year 10 drama performances.

This year also saw the beginning of what we hope will become an ingrained tradition - Suzanne Cory Film Festival. Beanbags and free popcorn were placed in the auditorium as staff and students watched the 2019 VCE Media students’ final products. A crowd favourite was Samuel Maceroni’s animated film that consisted of 8000 individual frames compiled together. 


Overall it has been a big year for the ADT team and I would like to thank the teaching and instrumental staff their continued support and hard work. 


Ms. Nalan Velisha 

Arts, Design and Technology Faculty Leader

Cambodia Trip | 2019

On the 6th of December, 9 eager students, accompanied by Mr Yang and Ms Breed, flew out to Cambodia with the Global Learning Foundation for a 10-day trip filled with sight-seeing and charity work. Our first day in Cambodia was filled with the glorious sights of the Cambodian temples, visiting Angkor Thom, the Bayon temple and, of course, Angkor Wat.


The next day began with disappointment, as Ms Breed was unable to sign-up and participate in the 24th Angkor Wat International half-marathon. Regardless, we drove 45 minutes to the Pasao (Provide, aspire, school and opportunity) school where we were to begin our 4-day project. Our first day involved digging plant holes and levelling the volleyball court with sand under the scorching sun. The team made astonishing progress, finishing the day’s assigned work before lunch. After lunch, we began to dig the holes for various fruit trees to be planted and helped fix the village road.

Over the course of the next 3 days, we managed to complete the volleyball court, build bookshelves and plant numerous trees, despite some of the difficulties we faced such as concrete burns, broken tools, holes that were dug in the wrong spaces and even digging holes that were too deep. However, the gratitude and thanks expressed by the children and villagers made persevering through these challenges worth it. 


We spent the rest of our time in Cambodia visiting more sights, visiting the landmine museum, the Angkor Wat national museum, the APOPO hero-rats exhibit, a killing field from the Khmer regime all in one day. We then hiked up the Kulen mountains to see the giant lying Buddha, see the Pagodas and swim in the waterfalls in the mountains. Our last day included visiting the floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake before heading off to the airport and flying home to Melbourne.


Overall, the trip was a breath-taking experience and we are grateful for the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Cambodian culture, eat local Cambodian food and the chance to meet amazing friends in Cambodia who we will never forget. 


Cambodia Participants

Student Leadership Day

The Student Leadership day for 2020 leaders was held on Monday November 18th at the Westgate Indoor Sports Centre. Our new leadership teams were put through their paces with a variety of activities that worked to build trust and to highlight the strengths in the team. From rock-climbing to beach dodgeball, our leaders threw themselves completely into every activity. It was especially impressive how well they all worked together to get through obstacle courses and to avoid any falls from a great height, much to the relief of all the Heads of House that accompanied them.

Our team building session was followed up with planning time, allowing the students to reflect on their year, set goals for 2020 and make headway into achieving these goals. Keep an eye out for the fantastic new House, whole school and SRC initiatives coming your way in 2020 – the leaders put in amazing work and have lots planned to make 2020 a great year for all.

A big thank you for the time and effort on the day of all of our new student leaders, Heads of House, Assistant Heads of House, Ms. Boon Oh, Mr. Tony Paye and Ms. Claire Breed. The new year is shaping up to be a fitting tribute to 10 years of outstanding student leadership at SCHS.


Student Leaders 2020

Terry Bennett Cup 2019

Each year, the Year 9 cohorts of Suzanne Cory High School and Nossal High School get together for a day of friendly competition. 2019 was the ninth year of the event and it was our turn to travel to Berwick to be hosted by Nossal HS.


Nossal High School Principal Mr Roger Page opened proceedings by welcoming our students and staff, encouraging us all to enjoy the opportunity of coming together to celebrate everything that is good about friendly competition. Even though they are from opposite ends of Melbourne, our students have more in common with students from Nossal HS than with students from any other school, being the only students in the State of Victoria currently in Year 9 from a fully select-entry, co-educational school.


As the photos show, students took part in many activities and not all were designed to be competitive. In fact, some of the most successful activities required students from the two schools to work in collaboration. This may in fact be the direction that the Terry Bennett Day takes in the future, given that the day is designed to build on a spirit of friendship and what our students have in common, not what sets them apart. Activities included ‘MasterChef’, Chess, Origami, Soccer, Theatre Sports, Debating, Engineering and Mathletics.


For the last nine years, the host school ‘wins’ the trophy and this year was no exception. Terry Bennett himself presented the trophy to Principal Roger Page. Having said that, Suzanne Cory High School was very, very close to upsetting this pattern!


 Thank you to all the staff and students who took part on the day.


Ms. Claire Breed

Director of Sport & Student Engagement

Wellbeing News

Young Women's Group: Golf Australia All Girls Teen Golf Program

As part of a wellbeing initiative for the Young Women’s Group, our female students were able to participate in Golf Australia Teen Girls Golf Program devised to empower girls and to increase their confidence through developing golf skills.


This pilot program which was conducted over three weeks recently, provided girls with the basic skills such as putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, team bonding, course play, behaviours and etiquette, scoring and safety. In addition, they were also able to develop skills such as team-work and communication and connect with new friends, GA and SLGC staff members. From some of the feedback received, students felt:


“… More confident of playing the game”

“… Willing to venture onto a golf club outside school hours”

“... Golf is not only for rich people…”

“… Glad to discover new interest for a sport I wouldn’t normally contemplate playing”

“... Coaches were great and helped to explain and breakdown the techniques”

“... GA staff were friendly, attentive, engaging and made the experience more enjoyable…”


This was a great experience for the students and we appreciate the time and energy contributed by all members into conducting this program and thank the following people: 

Coaches (SLGC): Chris Andrews, Grace Hallinan & Matt Rogers


Golf Australia

Female Engagement Senior Manager: Chyloe Kurdas

Championships Senior Manager: Jo Charlton

Female Pathway Manager: Stacey Peters

Regional Development Officer: Sharna Faralla

Participation Officer (Inclusion): Sabrin Nyawela and especially

Participation Officer (Victoria): Henry Paye for putting this program together.


We also like to thank our SCHS Director of Sport and Student Engagement, Ms. Claire Breed and our Principal Mr. Colin Axup for supporting this program. Thanks also to Joy L (11B8) for helping to take some of the photos.


We hope to have an opportunity to work with these professionals again and integrate golf into our regular SCHS wellbeing program, particularly for our female students in the future.


Ms. Lina Paye

Wellbeing Counsellor

High Notes! News & Updates from Term 4

A big term four hello to all our musical families for the music department.  There has again been much to celebrate with fine concerts and music-making throughout the school since our last report.  


Instrumental Music Students Re-enrolment

A reminder to all families that retuning instrumental music students in all areas, must re-apply via the E-form google doc on re-enrolment day.


Presentation Night

The Music Department was again highly visible on the School’s greatest occasion of the Year Presentation Night.  In a revised format to previous years, Music was still very much a highlight of the evening with the School’s major flagship ensembles represented with the evening culminating in the Whole School Massed Singing Bracket accompanied by the Orchestra (some 58 piece this year).  This year’s Singing Medley was conceived and arranged by Year Twelve students with songs of significance to their cohort featured. The Melbourne Town Hall again proved to be a most appropriate venue for our celebration with the famous Town Hall organ and Mr Tony Way, our guest organist on the night, helping to enrich our celebrations.

Local Community Music Visits

One of the Music Department’s endeavours here at SCHS is to be involved with music-making in our local community.  For a second year now, musicians and Staff from SCHS have been invited to perform for our local council and business in the Point Cook and Wyndham areas. On Wednesday, October 23 our musicians and staff visited two Primary Schools to perform for students and to promote the value of music in schools, especially Primary Schools. In the morning, the Symphony Orchestra with Mr Paye, Ms Scott, Ms Iacona and Ms Wu performed for the Bellbridge Primary School students. The Bellbridge Primary School proved to be very attentive and knowledgeable about music and musical instrument.  They were also fascinated to hear Ms Emma Wu sing some Italian Songs accompanied by 2020 Music Captain Alexi M. Our other new Music Captain for 2020, Krystelle C was responsible for organising the day and a big thank you is due to her. Krystelle and several other SCHS Symphony Orchestra members were actually ex-students from Bellbridge Primary School. It was great to see them reconnect with several of their former teachers.

That evening, several members of the VCE Music Class were invited to perform as guest of the Manorvale Primary School Arts Day. This is an ongoing arrangement that SCHS has had with Manorvale Primary School and it was a great opportunity our students to perform repertoire for their upcoming VCE Recitals.


Girls’ Choir at the Point Cook Christmas at the Lakes

Our fabulous Girls’ Choir was again asked to perform at this year’s Point Cook Christmas at the Lakes. It is wonderful to be invited again to perform at this family fun event held at the Lakes in Point Cook for their version of Carols by Candlelight.  Ms Wu and Ms Tung led our students through a specially rehearsed bracket of songs that were well received by the enthusiastic crowd. Many thanks to the group and their teachers for giving up their time to contribute to our local community.

Class Works

As we head to the end of our term, semester and year, it is again performance time in music in the classroom.  We have our VCE Group and Solo performances, Year Ten Music performances based upon Film Music and Opera and our Year Nine Blues Band performances. The students really enjoy this aspect of the course work.

Our Year nines have just finished the final part of their Music Course which is a look at how sound is made and how musical instruments are constructed. This is a fun way for the cohort to finish their music class as they examine how instruments are made and construct their own musical masterpieces!


ADT Showcase

Monday Evening November 25 saw the ADT Faculty hold our annual ADT Showcase. This grand event celebrates all of the work from students and teachers in the ADT Faculty and has come to demonstrate that the great work of the staff and students from Art, Music Drama, Media and Food Technology is a central and important part of the fabric of our School. In Music, we celebrate the achievements of our students through the performances of our small ensembles, both in chamber music and in contemporary music alongside the Art Show and the evening finishes with a grand concert in the Auditorium featuring our large ensembles (Orchestra, Band and Choirs) with the addition of two wonderful performances from our Drama students.  It was great occasion marked by a fabulous turn out from our community. I would like to thank all of the staff and students who worked so tirelessly and enthusiastically to hold such a grand event.


Mr. Tony Paye

Director of Music


Message from our new Music Captains for 2020 Krystelle and Alexi

Hey everyone, this is Krystelle and Alexi, your 2020 Whole School Music captains. Being one of the biggest parts in our school program, we’re really honoured and excited to help expand and grow the music program here, especially planning and coordinating the BEST house competition, Chorals. Although 2020 hasn’t started yet, we’ve started to plan on ways to improve music at SCHS, starting with an event that Krystelle coordinated with Bellbridge Primary school. Our school orchestra performed for the young students at their school, hoping to inspire them to pick up a musical instrument, and strengthening our bonds with the community. 


We’d really like to thank and show our appreciation for the job that this year’s Music Captains, Damien and Chloe have done, especially in establishing the position of Music Captain for you all.  Between the two of as Music captains, we hope to promote the idea of giving everything a go. We hope to see more of you participating in the arts here at Suzanne Cory, and if you ever need a head start or advice for music, just talk to us and we’ll get started. 


Krystelle and Alexi

SCHS Music Captains 2020

Parent News

Suzanne Cory Swimming Carnival 2020

Come and show your House spirit! The 2020 Swimming Carnival is fast approaching - the venue is booked, the sign ups are done and house preparations are well underway. For the first time ever, the annual Suzanne Cory Swimming Carnival is open to parents and families! Join us in supporting our students as they compete in the annual House swimming competition at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC), Albert Park, on Tuesday, February 4th.


Students are required at the venue between 8:30am - 9:00am. The first race will start at 9:45am. Please note that this is a whole school event and attendance is compulsory.


Suzanne Cory Swimming Carnival | Tuesday, February 4th

When: Tuesday, February 4th | 9:30am - 2:15pm

Where: Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC) | 30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park | Outdoor Pool


SSV School of the Year Award

This year Suzanne Cory High School won the inaugural School Sport Victoria School of the year award. School Sport Victoria focuses on promoting school sport for all Victorian students ensures that the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of each student compliments their sporting and physical activity alongside their academic success. SSV aims to foster commitment, leadership, teamwork, participation and appreciation for others.


Suzanne Cory High School was awarded the awards because of the programs we offer. We have compulsory sport for all year levels which increases participation in physical activity as well as improving the holistic health and wellbeing of our students. In the last 3 years we have seen tremendous growth in the number of students participating in both our intra-school program and interschool program.


Our whole school Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country are fantastic events and allow progression into the SSV pathways. Aside from these events our house program is littered with sporting competitions and our students are full of school and house spirit. The VCE program involves numerous community organisations to support the program with the aim to keep students active beyond Suzanne Cory High School.


In 2019 we introduced whole school domain captains to compliment the house domain captains. This change in leadership structure has seen the development of more student led events and more opportunities for students to develop leadership skills throughout sport.


We have more students being active at lunchtime that we have in the past and we are seeing more successes at an inter-school level with more teams progressing to Western Metro region competition and State finals.


Although we may not be the most athletic school we certainly value the importance of sport in school and encompass the qualities SSV advocate for.


Well done to the whole Suzanne Cory Community on this achievement!


Ms. Claire Breed

Director of Sport and Student Engagement

Achievements & Results

Season of Excellence | Media Studies

Top Designs 2020

Congratulations to Nicolai Bertoli whose stunning photographic installation, created as part of his Year 12 Media studies, has been selected to feature in the 2020 Season of Excellence - Top Designs exhibit at Melbourne Museum next year!


Nicolai’s installation is one of only 7 VCE Media photography works to be selected for exhibition, which is an impressive achievement considering that over 350 works were submitted for consideration and of that 41 were shortlisted. Top Designs 2020 runs from 20 March to 12 July at Melbourne Museum.



Congratulations to Shi Hui (Chantielle) T whose short film ‘Days of the Future Past’ has been selected to screen in the international short film festival Flickerfest at Bondi Beach next year. Flickerfest is the leading Australian competitive short film festival and receives thousands of entries every year from filmmakers across the globe. The festival is BAFTA recognised and Academy Award accredited. 

Chantielle’s film will be featured in the FlickerUp competition, which is a specialised category for primary and secondary school entries. Prizes on offer include $500 cash and editing software valued at $3,400. Competition will be fierce so we wish Chantielle the best of luck! For more information about the festival, click here.


Ms. Helena Hall

VCE Media

House Sports | Results

State Table Tennis

On November 29th, the 6 intermediate table tennis boys set of to MSAC to compete in the State Table Tennis competition. The atmosphere in the stadium was humming with schools from all corners of Victoria ready to compete. The competition was fierce and I have never seen such high level table tennis. All the teams in our pool were very friendly and the boys were self directed in playing all the rubbers and keeping score. We lost our first match but won the next two pool matches to progress to the semi finals. In the semi final we met Melbourne High School our rivals. Unfortunately we lost this match but the students didn’t go down without a fight. A great achievement for all the boys, hopefully we see them make the state final again in 2020.


Chess Nationals

There are many clubs at Suzanne Cory High School, social, service, recreational, sports, etc. What they all have in common is the ability to bring together people with a shared interest, and help them upskill and excel in such areas.


The club of analytical thinkers, known as the Suzanne Cory High School Chess club, was created in 2014; since then, Chess has become an integral part of student experience at Suzanne Cory High School as a lunch time activity, as a club, as part of the co-curricular program, as part of the house program, and as a mental sport our students practice and compete against other schools across the country.


The Chess journey in 2019 is by far the best one yet. Our first ever female Chess team were the runner-ups for the Girls Secondary State Finals, our open secondary team achieved the 6th place in the state finals by Chess Victoria.

However, perhaps the highlight of the year was when our team qualified, and later competed, in the 2019 Chess Nationals by Chess Unlimited. The Chess Nationals was a two day event where 43 participating schools from Australia and New Zealand competed for the Nationals title. Our school had two teams, the middle school and the open secondary. Games took a more professional form as participants were required to note their moves and were given plenty of time between rounds to reflect and re-energise.


By the end of the second day, our middle school team achieved the 5th place in their division, and the open secondary achieved 9th. As always, our students attitude during the event was amazing, and the experience overall was nothing short than wonderful.


Mr. Isaac Ryan

Chess Coach


Debating: Middle Years Inter-house competition 2020

The middle years finals debating topic this year was ‘That artificial intelligence will harm and not benefit humankind.’ In the grand-final, Cottrell took the affirmative side and Rothwell took negative side. After a closely fought match, Rothwell came out the winner.


Many thanks to the 2020 debating captains, all the volunteer adjudicators and the participants who took part in the middle year’s debates.


Mr. Paul Byrne

Debating Coordinator

Suzanne Cory High School