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03 May 2016
Issue SIX
What's Coming Up Summary
Coming Up -Literary Talkfest  
Coming up - NAPLAN 
Coming Up - Assessment
Coming Up - next Night Sky Viewing 
Ruby & the World track Cycling Championships
Principal's Report
Music Report
Report - Which Maths do I need?
Sport report
Report on Languages Week 
Report on Yr 7 camp 
Report on Open Day 2016
Calling on Parents!
Report on Yr 10 "Fun theory"
Report on Middle Years (& Dolphins!)
Report on studying in Italy
Pathways and Careers
Community News
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What's Coming Up Summary

Summary of upcoming events


Wed May 4 - Cycling Safety Day (Ride your bike safely to school. The Green Team and a spokesperson for Darebin Council will be outside the library at lunch with many giveaways and safety advice.)

Thurs May 5 - Literary Talk Fest, 7.30 pm (see next page)

Thurs May 5 - Resilience Forum for Yr 8 parents, 7.00 pm


Thurs May 5 - Sun May 8 - Generations in Jazz Music Trip


Frid May 6 - GPA available


Tues May 10 - Thurs May 12 - NAPLAN testing for Yrs 7 & 9 (see full page article)


Tues May 10 - NCAT Open Day (see Pathways & Careers page)


Thurs May 12 - Guided Book Club for parents, 7.30 pm  (see Community Update page for details)


Frid May 13 - Yr 7 Cross Country


Tues 17 May-  9am to 10am
Parenting young people with low school attendance

Parents and Carers are invited to attend this free forum

Morning Tea will be provided.

To book please register on:



Wed May 18 - NT Trip Info session 6 pm GCC

Frid May 20 - IDAHOT Day


Mon May 30 - Yr 9 English Exam

Thurs June 2 - Yr 9 Maths Exam


Thurs June 9 - 2016 Yr 11 Social.
More Info soon!


And far off in the distance


Term 3 - Exploring what matters "Action for Happiness" Course for parents. 8 week course

Thurs August 4 - Comedy night  @  Thornbury Theatre
More info soon! 

Coming Up -Literary Talkfest  

Photo: Scene from our 2015 Literary festival

Coming up - NAPLAN 

10, 11 & 12 May 2016


The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It has been an everyday part of the school calendar since 2008.


The tests will be held at school from 10 to 12 May 2016.

NAPLAN tests the sorts of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken nationwide, every year.

NAPLAN is made up of tests in the four areas (or ‘domains’) of:

  • reading
  • writing
  • language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  • numeracy.

All students in years 7 and 9 are expected to sit the NAPLAN tests.

However, there are some instances where students may be exempted from one or more of the NAPLAN tests or marked absent (for the purpose of the tests) or withdrawn from the tests. The National protocols for test administration provide the framework for understanding student participation.



Exemptions may be granted for students with a language background other than English or for students with a disability. In both cases, Northcote High School will discuss the proposed exemption with the student's parent/carer and gain their permission prior to the testing period.



NAPLAN tests are a routine part of the school calendar. However students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer if there are religious beliefs or philosophical objections to testing. This is a matter for consideration by individual parents/carers in consultation with their child’s school.

If this is relevant to your child’s situation then please contact your child’s Year Level Program Leader before Thursday the 5th of May and the school will send you the appropriate paper work.


Coming Up - Assessment

Feedback on-line


As highlighted in previous newsletters, students and parents will receive feedback on student assessment performance throughout each term.  This will occur as tasks are completed rather than waiting until the end of semester reports.


Teachers have been working very hard to provide students with assessment feedback online through our myNorthcoteHigh portal.


For students in Year 7 to 10, major assessment items are known as Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) and students receive feedback on the skills and knowledge they have shown in the CAT via a rubric, which outlines the level of achievement across the task, along with a comment highlighting areas for improvement and future focus. This feedback is all available in the myNorthcoteHigh portal.


VCE students and parents will be able to see marks and feedback (highlighting areas for improvement and future focus) for each School Assessed Coursework task (SACs) or School Assessed Tasks (SATs, usually portfolios in the arts subjects) as they are completed throughout the year.


The end of Semester Report will be a summary of each subject and will not contain comments for each of the CATs, SACs or SATs, so it is important you regularly log in to myNorthcoteHigh to review and discuss your child’s achievements an next level of focus on a regular basis.


To visit myNorthcoteHigh please click here


For information on how to access online assessment feedback please click here


Please Note:  GPA Feedback regarding learning behaviours through GPAs (Grade Point Average) is ongoing and can be reviewed via Compass then the Reports Tab.


Below are some screenshots of what you should expect to see once you log in. (Click on the image to enlarge it)



Mr Josh McDonald


Coming Up - next Night Sky Viewing 

Photo: Mars, planet of mystery



Our terrific telescope (courtesy of the Telescopes in Schools program) will be set up in the courtyard near D13 on

  • Thursday 12th May 7.00pm to 8.00pm*

Come along and see what Jupiter and Mars really look like!

Students, teachers and families all welcome.

For more information please see Ms Hutchens.

*Weather permitting. If it is a cloudy evening we will reschedule.

Ruby & the World track Cycling Championships

Photo: Ruby Roseman-Gannon of Yr 12 - in front!

Help send  Ruby to represent Australia!

Ruby Roseman-Gannon is a  17 year old track endurance cyclist and has been a student at Northcote High School since 2011. 

She has been selected to represent Australia in the 2016 UCI Junior Track World Cycling Championships after recent success at the National Titles where she claimed two silver medals. The competition will take place in Aigle , Switzerland this July. 

Ruby is currently studying year 12 and balancing VCE with intense training to prepare for the championship.

A large levy is required to cover associated costs (training camps, travel, accommodation, insurance) and any financial support from the school comunity would be greatly appreciated.  


To support Ruby,  go to


Principal's Report

Photo: Filming Cybersafety for ACMA


Your Opportunity to participate and Influence the Current and Future Direction of NHS

There is compelling evidence that an involved, participative and dynamic school community results in better educational outcomes for our children/students.  Currently, we have vacancies to join school council .

There is a lot happening at NHS in the coming months with plenty of ways you can get involved:

  • NHS 90th Birthday Celebrations
  • Fun(draising) – Book TALKfest (Thu 05 May) and Chuck a Buck Comedy @NHS
  • Campus Facilities Upgrades
    • Performance Hub and VCE Centre – New build
    • Art and Design Hub (refurbishment)
    • Planning for community Gym (2 x court)
  • Project Refresh - Realising the Vision for our Children
    • Changes in the world (technology, how work is done) and therefore the programs, learning and teaching at NHS
  • Internationalisation through closer ties with:
    • Our new Sister School Tianjin Foreign Language School (more next newsletter)
    • Partnerships with Huaibei No. 1 High School through the VCE Offshore Project
    • 2017 Music Tour to China and Vic Young Leaders Program to China in Nov 2016
  • Programs such as Music, Debating, Production, Sports and year level philanthropic projects


Recent changes have meant that there are TWO vacancies to join school council. 

To be part of school council you don’t need to know anything in particular.  You just need to be interested and curious about what the school is doing and why, be available to attend monthly council meetings and willing to participate in a working group.

Existing council members will help you to make a meaningful contribution whilst on council (or a working group).

Whilst Council will welcome all nominations, there is a particular need for parents with expertise in the following areas:

  • Governance/Legal
  • Communications
  • Project Manager/Architect/Engineer
  • Finance

If you are keen or would like more information please contact:

Gabby Ostrognay, School Council President via [email protected]

Kate Morris, Principal, via morris.kate.l



Northcote High School is a founding member of the Safe Schools Coalition (SSC) and as such has been asked to comment on the recent public debate regarding the SSC program and funding.  Most recently we have partnered with Darebin Council and their voice of support for the Safe Schools Coalition particularly advocating for social inclusion and human rights for all, regardless of sexuality, gender identity or sex characteristics.



Over recent months we have been working with Fiona Richardson (Member for Northcote) in regard to facilities planning and securing funding now and in the future for our growing school.

In the recent State Budget we were delighted to receive an extra $1.5M to top up the initial $3M funding for the Performance Hub – which will fund the extra brand new build including:

  • Black box theatre
  • Music rehearsal room
  • Instrumental music spaces
  • Music classroom, staff spaces, storerooms and
  • VCE Centre

This is a great outcome for NHS!



We are now reliant on our school community to deliver a high level fit out for the Performance HUB through fundraising – think furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Please embrace opportunities to be part of the NHS community and contribute:

  • BOOK TALKfest this Thursday (05 May)
  • Chuck some Bucks Comedy nite in August 
  • Give generously to the NHS Building and Library Fund Tax deductible donations


Part of the extra $1.5M is to begin the planning and development of a business case, concept plans and cost planning for a Community Stadium (2 x Courts).  If you have expertise in this area – it would be great to hear from you.

Kate Morris, Principal


Music Report

Photo: 18 of our 25 Student Musicians for China

Off to China

25 Senior Music students will travel to China in early 2017, for a performance tour of a lifetime - Shanghai-Huaibei-Tienjin-Beijing-X'ian and home. It will be 15 days of profound musical, educational and cultural experiences.

Senior Stage Band

Our musicians have been busy performing in our community. The Senior Concert Band entertained park goers at Edinburgh Gardens on a sunny Sunday in March (pictured). The music from the rotunda was varied and appealed to all ages, many families staying for the entire afternoon of music.


Thomas Hewitt, Saro Blaikie, Callum McKinnon-Mintzis and Joshua Robinson performed at the re-opening of the Preston Tram Depot in April (pictured). The group improvised for tram enthusiasts as they waited for the tour of the new depot.


We wish the Senior and Intermediate Stage Bands and the Senior Vocal group all the very best for the competitions next weekend at Generations in Jazz. All three groups have worked extremely hard to prepare for the biggest jazz competition in the world and we are already very proud of their achievements.

Lorie's Violin comes home!

Lorie Butcher has kindly donated his violin to the school, this is a violin he purchased brand new as a boy. Lorie joined the Orchestra in 1945, he played 2nd violin.  There were 30 students involved in the Orchestra at the end of World War 2, including some returned soldiers who joined the school Orchestra.

Report - Which Maths do I need?

Which Maths do I need?


This question often arises during course counselling, and numerous myths do the rounds as to whether (or which) Maths is needed. Attached is a summary of many courses available in Victorian universities and their prerequisites from a Maths perspective. Please note that this information is subject to change, and that the document is a GUIDE ONLY. You should always double-check these facts by checking the “search” function on AND the university websites. Links to all the main universities are available via the myNHS Careers page (under Student Services).


Sport report

Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 21 April, we held our  Athletics Carnival at Collingwood Athletics Track. We were successful in holding off the rain to ensure the event went ahead as planned. Many of our students secured places for the next athletics meet as well as achieving personal bests. Along with competitive track and field events, novelty events proved to be popular, giving students the chance to have some fun and participate in friendly house competitions. This year students had the opportunity to participate in tug ‘o’ war, vortex throwing and hoop races, all of which were a great success in getting more students involved in the Carnival.


Congratulations to the students below as well as those securing places in the Darebin Division competition.


Age Champions :

16 Yrs : Alexander Phokos, Sophie Uwland

15 Yrs : Arlo Sutcliffe, Ruby Williams & Nadine Robinson-Danckert

14 Yrs : Alex Johnston, Molly Uwland

13Yrs : Sara Vaelaa, Charlie Turnbull-Jones


Overall Results:

Sumner  468            

Batman   462

Merri     428

Plenty     350


Many thanks to Staff, Sport Captains, Peer Support Leaders, Students and Parents for their enthusiasm and participation on the day. 

Ms Blanchard

State Swimming Finals- Tuesday 19th April MSAC

10 students from Northcote High School qualified to swim in the State Schools Swimming Finals.

The Program runs from 10am till 4.30pm and includes the multi class events for students with disabilities. We were all struck by the courage and skill of these students, their events were a highlight of the day.

Our first event saw Katie Gevaux take on the 50m Butterfly swimming just outside her personal best coming 6th. In her later event the 50m Backstroke she made a podium finish 3rd!

Next up was Hayden Nunn in the 50m Freestyle again swimming just outside his PB to finish 5th.


Our final individual event saw Tim Ingram take on the state’s best in the 50m backstroke and he finished 1st! Well Done Tim!


Next up saw our relay teams take to the blocks!


- Will Stevens, Tim Ingram, Matthew Kanizay and Julian Krieger ,4th Medley Relay

- Charlie Turnbull-Jones, Connor Lester, Jackson Bedggood and Hayden Nunn-4th Freestyle Relay

- Will Stevens, Tim Ingram, Matthew Kanizay, 

and Oliver Lamb -2nd Freestyle Relay

Congratulations to all and a big thankyou to the wonderful parent support crew on the day!

Ms Lester

Report on Languages Week 

Teaching in another language

Thank you to all the subject teachers who volunteered to deliver Maths, Science or Humanities classes in a LOTE! It takes courage to do anything in a foreign Language, let alone plan and deliver a lesson ! So, a massive thank you to Monsieur et Madame Templin, Sophia Griffith, Jo Healy, Kun Qian for giving students the opportunity to students to use their LOTE in a different context. 


Report on Yr 7 camp 

Year 7 Camp at Phillip Island

was super fun! When we left on Monday, 7A-E were really excited as we lined up to get on the bus. The bus was PACKED with our luggage but we JUST managed to get it in there. The excitement in the bus died down, eventually, but we couldn't wait to get to camp. We stopped at San Remo for some lunch and pelican-sighting, then we got back on the bus energised and ready to start camp. We checked out our cabins and then went to the first activity. Some of the best activities were: raft-making, the giant Swing, flying fox and the team rescue challenges. Group 3's first activity was the giant swing and they all loved it! Most of them went right to the very top. When Mr O'Shaughnessy went on, he made the best (and funniest) noise, ever. He let out a giant scream when he had to pull the rope to be released. Group 6's first activity was raft-making, they split into to two teams. They built a raft each, then had a race to see whose raft could stay afloat. Team 1 (Yuvani’s team) won by a landslide (pun intended), their raft stayed together the entire time.


After an early dinner (4:30) we got on the buses to go see the Little Penguins (that's their actual name, by the way). We weren't allowed to take photos, but we understood it could harm them. We learnt a bit about the little penguins and watched as they made their way back to their homes. On the way back to the buses we got up really close to the penguins and they were ADORABLE!

Back at camp, we a cup of hot chocolate and went to bed.


Day 2 was a lot of fun, the clear favourite activity was team rescue, as it combined, strength, teamwork, and skill. Here's the scenario: Our group had been in a plane crash. We had only some wooden planks and rope to get through the crocodile infested swamp with this life-sized dummy we called Eddie, across on a stretcher. Group 3 (of course, because they're the best group) won the Team Rescue with just 141 points! It was lots of fun. That night, we had a nice walk to the beach and a fun trivia that had the BEST PRIZE (CHOCOLATE!!!)


It was sad to leave, but we knew we couldn't stay forever. On the way back home, lots of people fell asleep; the teachers seemed pleased! When we got off, it was nice to see our friends and families again. It was a really great camp and we had lots of fun!!!!!



By Tahlia and Yuvani – 7A

Report on Open Day 2016

Photo: 350 Coffees!

Some great feedback!

Over 700 parents and students visited us on Open Morning and for the evening information session! In addition, about 1,200 people have attended our day time tours over the last four months. They come to a close this week, while we go into assessment season (NAPLAN etc). Special thanks to the dozens of students who have assisted on Open Morning and with tours.
One visitor wrote...
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how impressed I was with the presentations at the open morning today. I was especially impressed with the 3 students who provided insight to their experience at NHS. My youngest son (xxx) and I were also fortunate to be guided through the school by a fine young man from year 8 by the name of Leon who was able to answer all our questions articulately and confidently. 

Thank you for an informative and well structured information morning,
Regards...Grade 6 Parent"

Calling on Parents!

Parenting Forum


Parent  young people with low school attendance
Tuesday 17 May (Week A)

9am to 10am

Room M16


Parents and Carers are invited to attend this free forum featuring current and past parents speaking about their experiences of supporting their students at Northcote High School. The forum aims to e both informative and supportive and will provide you with the opportunity to meet other parents and carers at NHS as well as to talk to Student Wellbeing Staff.


Morning Tea will be provided.

To book please register on:


Questions contact: Felicity Marlowe on (03) 9488 2321 or [email protected],


This is a FREE event.




As year 7&8 parents would be aware we recently sent a survey link so that you can tell us about you. We would love to be able to connect with you in purposeful ways at times in the future around areas of interest to you. 


Thank you to the many parents who have already provided feedback via the survey at


The survey will close in 1 week. If you have not yet had a chance please visit the site (it will take about 5 minutes).


Here is a snapshot of some of the data so far:



Dr Butler

Action for happiness


Term 3 - Exploring what matters

Course for parents. 8 week course



Report on Yr 10 "Fun theory"

The Fun Theory Expo


"The thought that something simple and fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better”


In Term 1 Connect, all Year 10 students were asked design a ‘FUN Theory’ project that would create a positive change to people’s behaviour at Northcote High School and/or within the City of Darebin. The only thing that mattered was that it was a change for the better. Students worked collaboratively in groups to create a model, a presentation and a pitch. These were then shared amongst their peers at the Fun Theory Expo at the end of last term.


Awards and prizes were given to the following groups: 
-       Most beneficial change to Northcote High School

-       Most beneficial change to the City of Darebin

-       Best designed model

-       Best presentation

-       Best pitch

Below are reflections from two of the awarded groups:

First of all, I'd like to express my gratefulness to Northcote High School for their encouragement to me as well as their consideration. I am lucky enough to be taught to care about tomorrow, to realise that we are using nature as an unlimited credit card. Since the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it, my plan is to take actions. 

Water-creating system is the result after my 32 days of working, thanks to my teachers and lots of knowledgeable people. When the sun comes up, the solar panels will received energy and provides electrical energy for the whole system. The fan will take the air from outside into the system; there is a filter at the snorkel's mouth to purified the coming air, this helps prevent the system from getting dirty easily, as well as increasing the purification level of the water. The moment the purified air touch the refrigerator's pipes, the air will get condensed and become drops of water. There are vents attached to both sides of the system for unnecessary air to escape, so there will be less pressure on the system . Thanks to the gravity, drops of water will fall down to the second filter and get purified. Finally, purified water will go through big pad of cotton and stay in the water store. When you open the valve, which attached to the water store, the purified water will go through the cheesecloth- at the valve's mouth and come out to be used efficiently. 


I think the real happiness is to globally warm our hearts and change the climate of our souls, to save our only home. I hope all of us will soon realise that we are not a part from nature, we are apart of nature; not until all the trees have been cut down, all the animals have been hunted, all the waters are polluted, all the air is unsafe to breathe, then we would discover that we cannot eat money. If we do not all work together to save the environment, we will be equally extinct. Thank you for reading. 

Bui Nguyen Kieu Khanh (Kathryn Bui) 10A

Makey-Makey Model Summary


The model that we designed was based around a device called a makey-makey, which is able to connect up to any conduct able object and make it act as a button on a keyboard. The conductible device we used was foil squares stuck to a table  (because the table had a metal exterior, we were able to create a circuit that connected up all the bits of foil). The way to get this model to work, you had to put one hand one the metal part of the table and the one pressing the foil button. Because the human body is partially conductible, this action is able to create a circuit that travels through the body, which results in the pressing of the button being registered. By doing all of this, we were able to create something boring, namely a table, and make it into something fun and entertaining.


Declan D-Y, Max E., Bas & Thomo – 10J

Report on Middle Years (& Dolphins!)

Central Aust Trip

Information Session for the Year 9 & 10 Central Australia Immersion and Community Service Project Camp.


Date: Wednesday 18th May

Time: 6:00pm

Venue: G7 (in GCC Building).


James from GET Tours will be presenting and we will also hear from a staff member and students who attended the trip last year.  They will also be there to answer questions you or your child may have.

Dolphin Swim for VET

VET Sport & Recreation


As part of our Vet Sport and Rec curriculum we were required to organise a day of activities that incorporate all 4 sectors of the Vet Sport and Rec industry. Each group was able to choose their sector – either fitness, sport, community or outdoor recreation.


The fitness session included running, push-ups, burpees and tuck jumps on the beach. After that a group led a sport session where we played touch rugby and volleyball on the beach. We then walked into town, saw the lighthouse and pier and bought lunch from the local shops.  


As an outdoor recreational activity we chose to do a seal and dolphin swim in Queenscliff and were given the incredible opportunity to swim along side seals and dolphins along with other extremely fun activities onboard our boat. This was such an amazing experience and it was really great to see everyone out of their comfort zone doing something different. The instructors onboard were really informative and taught us quite a bit about the outdoor recreation industry, and more specifically the ups and downs of seal and dolphin swims. They all made sure we had superb time and it was really good to be able to learn in such a unique and adventurous way. 

Leyla Araci & Owen Terrens – Year 10

Engineers with Borders

Engineers Without Borders visited Northcote High School last week.

The Year 10 Environmental Engineering STEM class were lucky enough to have an incursion with EWB. They held two workshops with the students tackling real life problems in our world and learning about Engineering pathways in the future. The class are now designing a renewable energy powered watering system for our vegie garden and orchard that were both designed and planted by previous students in the subject.


Young Changemakers Program – Session 2


On Monday the 18th of April a group of year 10's went to the second session of the Young Changemakers program with The Inner North Community and Community Bank on Queens Parade. We shared our research on the 3-4 charities we had chosen in small groups. We decided on our top three charities within our group and shared them with everyone else. We then went through a process of deciding on our top three charities overall. We heard about each charity and then voted on which ones we thought we could help the most. The charities we selected were the Fitzroy Learning Network, YSAS and the Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre (RILC). We also chose St Mary's House of Welcome as a back up. 

The Inner North Community Foundation is now contacting the first three charities asking them to apply for grants with what they could do with the money we are going to give them (a share of $15,000).

Overall it was a good afternoon. We learned about lots of different charities and about what others are passionate about. We also got some more food, which was one of the most popular highlights from the last meeting.

Esther Bentley & Violet Tolhurst (Year 10)

Report on studying in Italy

by Charlie O'Brien 9D



My Timetable


This is my timetable that repeats every week and yes there is school on Saturday - on a Monday and Wednesday I have two extra periods.

Lunchtimes: during lunchtimes I will go with classmates to either the pizzeria or the McDonald's across the road.


Art Subjects

Storia dell'arte:
Art history, at the moment  in art history we are studying the history of architecture and how it has developed. I don't really do the work in this class because it's all in Italian and the teacher has no interest in helping me!


It translates to plastic art but it is working around clay. In this subject we are sculpting different parts of famous statues. This is my hand that I'm attempting but it's not finished yet. After I have finished this I will move on to sculpting the statue of David's eye.


In are we are studding Vermeer and statues. This is my favourite subject. The teacher we have is really awesome, she brings us food and enjoys talking to us unlike other teachers at the school. The drawing I'm working on at the moment is one of Vermeer's fruit still life paintings, I am using colour pencil and it's taking me forever....




Technical drawing:
This subject for me is the most confusing, it's all about shapes and drawing them up with tools. I can't understand the teacher because she speaks Italian but it slowly is beginning to make sense.



This is folder that I take to school everyday it cost me $300 for all the materials needed. All my other subject are the usual except religion (in my first lesson he tried to convince us that baby's come from the sky.) At the school we also have art lectures and we get taken through the schools gallery.


Pathways and Careers

Important dates for Year 12 students:



Is this You?

If you are a former student, parent, or community member, and would like to help our young people with their career development, we’d love to hear from you.

We would welcome:

  • Hearing personal career stories – either for the newsletter or in person at the school.
  • Help with work experience placements.
  • Sharing other skills or knowledge related to the working world.

Please contact Kylie Witt, our Careers Practitioner.

Work Experience Guidelines 2016


Year 10 students have started to organise their work experience placements. An outline of the procedure is attached here for your information.


Events & Workshops


Whilst all the tertiary institutions run open days later in the year, many of them also run special activities in the holidays. These shorter activities are often more targeted, and there are fewer visitors, so you can get more individualised information. We will promote them at school, but you should make a habit of actively looking for them as well.

A couple of examples are listed below:

  • Meet Melbourne – events, seminars, holiday programs, – go to  and sign up for their newsletters.
  • Inside Monash Seminar Series –  information on all study areas, spread out through the year. March offerings include Business & Economics, Science, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – more info at
  • RMIT – runs workshops throughout the year – follow this link to see what kind of events take place, bearing in mind that some of them are during school hours -


NCAT Open Day 10 May


Community News



Ratko Dimkovski, telecommunication engineer

- Tutoring students Year 7-12

- Place: Northcote library (preferable) or any other in area by means of mutual conformity

- Time: -from 5pm, -from 10am to 4pm, -from 1pm to 5pm

- WWC  card

e-mail: [email protected] Mob: 0405 133 365

Kumon Services




Wed May 4-Cycling Safety Day

Ride your bike safely to school. The Green Team and a spokesperson for Darebin Council will be outside the library at lunch with many giveaways and safety advice. See you there!


Alphington Autumn Fete


Northcote High School Newsletter
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Maths prereqs 2016.pdf
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Maths prereqs 2016.pdf