Carnegie Primary Newsletter

11 February 2020
Issue One

Our mission is to inspire the self-belief and motivation in students that will enable them to achieve and grow.

Diary Dates
From the Principal, Linda Jones
Parenting Ideas
What's happening
Library News
Teacher Talk- Miss Batten
PFA  News
Aftercare News
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Diary Dates


Wednesday 12th 

House swimming Years 3-6


Monday  17th 

Second Hand Uniform stall 8.45-9.15am


Wednesday  19th

You Tell Us Sessions Years 1-6  2.45pm onwards

School Council Meeting   7pm staffroom


Friday 21st

Icy Pole day (PFA)

Second Hand Uniform stall 3.15-3.45pm


Monday  24th 

Second Hand Uniform stall 8.45-9.15am


Wednesday  26th

You Tell us Sessions- Prep 2.30pm onwards



Monday 2nd 

District Swimming


Wednesday 4th 

Prep Picnic 5-6.30pm


Friday  6th

Assembly in the hall 9am


Monday 9th 

Labour Day Holiday- no school


Wednesday  11th -Friday 13th 

Year 6 Camp

From the Principal,
Linda Jones


What a lovely, smooth and happy start to the school year we have had!  


It has been a joy to see such happy and enthusiastic faces as each school day commences. Students seemed to be well rested and keen to return to school after the holiday break. They were all happily engaged in activities in their classroom and are enjoying getting to know one another in their new classes. A focus in all classrooms over the first few weeks of school is our ‘Start Up’ program, led by Liz Harley, focusing on the creation and establishment of a positive, engaging learning environment where each child is known and  feels value as a new year commences.


We are very fortunate to have such a committed staff at Carnegie Primary School who work tirelessly to ensure the very best for each child, ensuring they are supported and their individual needs are considered. Throughout the year, I hope we will share many opportunities of watching our students shine in many ways. Staff have been busy over recent weeks preparing for a smooth start to 2020 and I would like to thank you, the parents, for your efforts in preparing your children so well for the start of the school year.


We welcome new staff to Carnegie Primary School this year. Some you are familiar with as they are returning from leave while a few are new to us this year. Kate McArdle and Keren Freeman have joined the Prep team as class teachers.  Abbey Pomeroy and Emma English have returned to teach part time at CPS and are also part of the Prep team. Janet Flack joins the Year 1 team working in partnership with Cate Allen while Beau Landes joins our Year 2 team.  Larissa Kennedy has also returned part time and is working with Cheryl Laing in Year 3. Joel Pollard has returned from his year’s leave and is working in Year 4 and Rebecca Batten returns to Year 5. Sarah Lockett has also returned joining us two days a week teaching Year 6. Ingrid Jones has been appointed as our 0.4 Music teacher for 2020 as Alice Dell has been granted leave. A full overview is a little later in this newsletter.


This year, we again welcome many new families to Carnegie across a range of year levels. As well as our beautiful preps, we welcome new children and families to other year levels at our school. I am sure the whole community joins me in welcoming you all to our school and I trust that your time with us is positive and enjoyable. I am certain that you will all quickly become part of our wonderful community.


In the coming weeks, parents will have a chance to meet staff informally before and after school. Our ‘You Tell Us’ sharing opportunity for Year 1 to 6 families is Wednesday, 19th February with the Prep one occurring the following Wednesday, 26th February.  Invitations have been sent home already. If you have any questions please ask your child’s teacher or call into the office.


We encourage an open door policy at CPS and an invitation is extended to all parents to visit the school or ring, should you wish to discuss any issues, talk through a problem or just have a chat about their child at any time throughout the year. All parents will also receive an Information Book via their Compass link, pertaining to each year level outlining some of the more general ‘housekeeping’ items for each year level as we commence a new year.


As this is the first newsletter for the term, it is full of many ‘housekeeping’ items but I do strongly encourage families to take the time to read our fortnightly newsletter as it is an excellent form of communication.


We are again looking forward to a wonderful year ahead at Carnegie Primary School.



In the last few days of 2019 I was touched by the thoughtfulness of families. As a staff we received a number of cards with kind words acknowledging the efforts of our school; we also received some culinary delights to share. There are certainly some fine cooks within our community.


Belated thanks also are extended to those parents who prepared delicious food for the staff luncheon on the last day. All staff thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic fare that was prepared for them. We all enjoyed this lunch along with Kris Kringle festivities. It was a lovely way to end our year together. We still have a few bowls, platters and serving spoons in the old staffroom that may belong to parents who cooked for us.


As part of the rigorous DET Accountability, our school, wrote a new Strategic Plan last year which will guide our school’s direction. This process enabled us to set purposeful goals and priorities. The specific goals that we’ve agreed upon and will guide much of our teaching, professional learning opportunities and resourcing are:-

  • To maximise learning growth in literacy and numeracy for all students
  • To foster an inclusive and respectful community
  • To empower all students to be motivated, curious and self–directed learners

A copy of our 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan is available on our website


Our yard is supervised by staff from 8.45 in the mornings and till 3.45pm in the afternoons. We realise that on fine mornings it is lovely to play in our yard before school or linger a little longer in the afternoons, but we ask that only children who are supervised by their family or friends arrive earlier than 8.45am or stay after 3.45pm. The Out of School Hours Care program is available from 7am each morning and until 6.30pm in the evenings.


I wish to remind families that any parent or carer who wishes to attend an excursion and supervise a group of students  (eg visiting the zoo, museum, Scienceworks etc) needs to have provided the school with a Volunteer Working With Children Check. Obviously, the primary duty of care always falls to our teachers but on such occasions, parents may be the primary carer for a period of time at an excursion.

These are free and relatively easy to obtain online at Thank you for your time and support in relation to this.

Such checks aren’t required for parents who attend sessions such as Book bags or the Parent Helpers program as activities such as this are exempt under the guidelines.


Our school banking program operates on a Friday morning. Thank you again to Donna McNamara and Effie Volakakis for their efforts supporting this. Information pertaining to this can be picked up from the office if it is something you would like to be involved in.


Parents are requested to advise the school if a child’s family situation, address or phone contact changes during the school year. It is important that all information is kept up-to-date in case the school needs to contact parents/guardians.


Children who are sick during the day are sent to the First Aid room. If children need to go home, parents or carers are informed and children are collected from school.

If children are very sick or more seriously injured and parents or their emergency contact person cannot be contacted by phone, we are obliged to ring an ambulance to take the child to the doctor or hospital. DET does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the costs of medical treatment for injured students including medical transport. Teachers cannot take children to the doctor or hospital in private cars. The cost of the ambulance will be the responsibility of the parents.

This can be very expensive unless parents have ambulance subscription. It is very important parents consider taking out ambulance cover. Health Care Card holders receive free ambulance service (children’s names must be on the Health Care Card).


Thank you to all those families who have already settled their 2020 School Contributions. It would be appreciated if all payments could be made by this Friday, 14th February.   If payments are causing any concern, please contact our office to make alternative arrangements. If you are unclear about any of these payments or require a new payment slip, then please call in to the office for further details.


Over the holidays we received the items we earnt from the 2019 Woolworths ‘Earn and Learn’ program. The sandpit equipment and sports equipment we received has been shared. I know it will be keenly used by our students. Thank you to our families and friends who collected the stickers last year.



Plant good thoughts, ideas, words and actions now. Enjoy good rewards later 😊


Linda Jones, Karen Bentata-Grimm

Parenting Ideas


A new school year means a fresh start for students. Regardless of your child’s performance last year, they start school with a clean slate. A break offers students the chance to begin new habits and adopt new behaviours. Here are seven ideas to help you make the most of the fresh start and make this year your child’s best year ever year at school:


1. Commit to your child going to school every day on time. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your child has a bright future is to make sure he or she goes to school every day – and gets there on time. Kids spend more time asleep than at school, so we need to maximise every day to get full value.


2. Help kids start each day well. A good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and some words of encouragement from you will help set a positive tone for a day of learning. This may mean that you adjust your morning routine so that kids have plenty of time get up, eat and get ready for the day.


3. Establish work & study habits. The most successful students are those that develop regular study habits that suit their lifestyle, their study style and their school’s expectations. Find out the work expectations from your child  and help them establish a routine that matches.

4. Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Many children and young people are sleep-deprived, which impacts on their well-being and their learning. A good night’s sleep consolidates learning, as well as assist future learning. Primary aged children need between 10-12 hours of sleep each day. Help kids get sufficient sleep by having a regular bed-time and get-up time each day. Have 45 minute wind-down time each night, and remove screens and mobile phones from bedrooms.


5. Encourage kids to exercise. Kids today get less exercise than those of past generations, which is an impediment to learning and mental health. Health professionals recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day for kids of all ages. Encourage kids to play sport; promote free and active play and look for ways to make moving part of their daily lives.

6. Focus on being friendly. Schools are very social places requiring kids to negotiate many different social situations each day. Encourage kids to be open and tolerant; to be friendly; to be involved in plenty of activities and to be social risk-takers.


7. Develop self-help skills. Successful students are often well-organised, self-directed and self-motivated. You can foster organisational skills and self-direction by developing simple, age-appropriate self-help skills related to their everyday lives. Such skills as making lunches, packing school bags and organising after school schedules can be great lessons that impact on how kids perform at school.

At the start of the school year, kids are more likely to adopt changes than at any other time. Make the most of the opportunity by focusing on two or three areas to really focus on and you’ll find that the rest will fall into place.

For more ideas, support and advice for all your parenting challenges please visit website.


What's happening


Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School




Akshara A

Prep B

“Twilight Sparkle and the Spell”

“Rarity and the Apprentice”

“Pinkie Pie and the Party”

“Rainbow Dash and the Double Dare”

Lucas M

2 A

“The Kid Who Came From Space”

Paloma S-M

2 D

“SlipKnot Sam”

Freya G-B

2 A

“The World’s Worst Teachers”






The State government offer financial asssitance to families who hold a Concession or Health Care Card. Please see attached flyer for further information.


Library News

Library News

We look forward to welcoming all students into our library over the week.

Each class is timetabled to enjoy a weekly half-hour library session. These times may change over the course of the year but classroom teachers will let families know which day students need to bring their library book and bag.

Some important things to note about library borrowing:

*Students must use a library bag in which to transport library books between home and school.



*Prep/Year 1/Year 2 students are allowed to borrow 1 book at a time.

*Year 3/4 students are allowed to borrow 2 books at a time.

Year 5/6 students may take 3 books at a time.

*Loans are for 2 weeks, after which a book will be registered as overdue. If students wish to keep a book for longer than 2 weeks, they can bring it back and re-borrow it for a further 2 weeks.

*If books are lost or damaged, families will be asked to pay a replacement fee of $20. Please let your classroom teacher know if a book cannot be found and a note will be sent home outlining this process.

*We hope that you will encourage your child to take responsibility for their library book, keeping it in a regular place at home so that it is easy to find.



We have a beautiful tradition at Carnegie Primary School, where students and staff are invited to donate a book or books to our school library on the occasion of their birthday. These donations are acknowledged at one of our whole-school assemblies and in our newsletter.

This is not compulsory. If you would like to make a birthday book donation, please attach a note with the student’s first and last name as well as their class and give it to the classroom teacher or place it in the “Birthday Book” tub in my office (which is in the Year 2 area in the BER).



We invite you to be part of our “Library Lovers”. This is a group of parent volunteers who help with the organisation of our library, stamping and covering of books and assistance with Book Week celebrations. Some parents come to help at a regular time each week, others pop in to tidy and help with jobs when they have a spare few minutes. If you would like to join this group, please email me with your details and I will add you to our communications.


With thanks,

Ms. Cate Allan and Mrs Angela Thompson


Teacher Talk- Miss Batten

Each newsletter we will be speaking to a different teacher to get to know them better and see what makes them tick! Today we speak to Grade 5 teacher, Rebecca Batten.

Favourite food: Dumplings – chicken and prawn

Footy team: Sydney Swans

Favourite band/singer: How can you ask me to pick just one!? Spice Girls, Back Street boys, Jamie Cullum, Freddie Mercury…. just to name a few.

Favourite TV show: Miranda (Such Fun!)

Favourite Movie: Mary Poppins (the original) and The Greatest Showman

Ideal Holiday: Anywhere with adventure, lots of local markets, hustle and bustle and history.

Siblings: Little brother Al (although he’s taller than me now!) and little sister Tilly

Pets: no pets just lots of succulents

Hobbies: singing around the house, travelling, gardening, going to markets

Go to Karaoke song: Brave by Sara Bareilles or Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen


You’ve just returned to Melbourne after a year teaching in Sydney. Did you come back because it turns out Melbourne really is better than Sydney? !

Haha! It’s so hard to compare these two incredible places on earth. Sydney for me has the huge draw card of being home to my family and very close friends. If I could pick them up and bring them here I would, or if I could pick up Carnegie Primary and take it there I would! They’re both great!


How do primary schools compare between the two cities?

The dense areas I was working at meant that schools had very little space so the majority of schools were in 2 or 3 story buildings with lots of stairs. Some schools had to walk a block a way to have their recess at a local reserve or carpark because there was not enough play space. All schools learn the same content but have different names for subjects and grade levels. For example, our prep is called kindy up there but it means the same thing – the first year of primary school. We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful school here in Melbourne.


You have an amazing singing voice. Did you participate in school productions in High School? And if so, what was your favourite?

Thank you😊  I didn’t participate in school productions but I did do lots of productions outside of school. I sang compilations of Wizard of Oz, Boy from Oz, Mary Poppins, Australiana songs, Fiddler on the Roof, Lion King, Bert Bacharach and many many more. My biggest performing thrills came from singing on the Sydney Opera House main stage and touring Australia performing for many international celebrities with the QANTAS choir.


Who was your biggest influence when you were at school?

I loved school growing up. Mrs Randall my grade 1 teacher reminded me of Miss Honey from Roald Dahl’s Matilda. My year 4 teacher Mr Irwin, made learning so much fun, we would laugh until we cried. But I guess my greatest influence when I was at school were my Mum and my Dad who weren’t afraid to take their 3 little kids all over the world on adventures we would never forget! We went to primary schools in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Sydney!


What made you want to become a teacher?

I don’t think there was one particular thing that made me become a teacher. I just always loved guiding a group to achieve their potential – bit cheesy. I was house sport captain in primary and high school so lead lots of cheer groups and hustled participants into events and then tutored and conducted young singers while I was going through uni. I guess it was always meant to be?


What do you enjoy doing on your weekends and school holidays?

You probably find me in the garden. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a garden bloom. If I’m not there, I’m off trying to find a new farmers market, or place to explore or of course… jetting off to Sydney to see my family and friends.


Where is one place in the world you would love to visit?

You’re seriously asking me to choose one!? My list gets bigger the more I travel! But if I had to choose one, I would really like to go to New York. I hear pretty special things!


What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m engaged!


Ed- Congratulations! Anyone we know? 😉


If you were left to live on a desert island-what 3 things would you choose to take with you?

My sunnies, my fiancée, a guitar (I’d finally have time to teach myself to play!)


If there was one thing you could make sure your students learnt from you, what would it be?

Many of my students have heard me chant this in the morning - We only get one shot at today, even if time travel was invented, we would never get this moment back - let’s make today great! But I also want everyone to remember that in the words of Ella Fitzgerald – The only thing better than singing, is more singing! Haha!

PFA  News


A reminder that our fortnightly Icy Pole Day is happening every second Friday during Term 1. The next one is next Friday 21st February.  Icy poles will be available after the second bell at lunchtime for $1 from the outside servery at the hall.



Icy Pole Fridays- 21st Feb.& 6th and 20th March

Hot Cross Bun Drive- more information to follow

Easter Raffle- March 27th  (last day of Term 1)



The PFA is a wonderful way to stay connected to the fantastic community we have here at Carnegie PS. We organise various events throughout the year which include social and fundraising activities for the CPS community.

We hold meetings once a month on a Monday night which anyone is welcome to attend. You don't need to be able to come to meetings to be a PFA member.

To become a member you will need to fill out and sign the form below and return it via the PFA mailbox at the office or email it to: You will then be kept up to date with PFA news and events via our mailing list.



Most year levels have their own private facebook page where parents can stay connected and post reminders about school events etc. A prep one has been created so if you are a prep parent and would like to join you can search for : 'CPS Class of 2026.'

Can I please remind you that the school does have a strict social media policy which can be found on our website under school policies in the 'Carnegie School Event Camera Policy' which states; "no photograph or video taken by a visitor to the school or a school event is to be shared via social media unless there is consent from the parent/guardian of all students featuring in the photograph or video. A school event can be on school grounds or in other locations either during or outside school hours."

Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours: 

Before School Care 7am-8.45am

After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm


CONTACT DETAILS FOR SERVICE                                                                          HEAD OFFICE CONTACT DETAILS:                                                                                      Email: 

Service Mobile Number: 0402 043 810                                                                  Phone: 03 8790 6511



Parents can enrol and book their child into the program through our website:


Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20

Vacation School Care

Permanent Booking: $55

Casual Booking: $60



Welcome back to all our families. The team look forward to another exciting year with your children and to meeting all our new prep children and their families to the service

Just a few reminders for the New Year:

  • All new families will need to fill out an enrolment form and booking form. Copies are available from the service directly or through our website at:
  • Existing families only need to RE-BOOK their children into the service, for prior bookings do not roll over for the new year. You can re-book your child into the service by emailing head office at: with the days and sessions that you require
  • Existing families please advise the service ASAP if your contact details have changed
  • The fees for the year are stated as above
  • Also families with children with medical conditions/allergies need to provide the service with an updated medical action plan as well as up to date medications that are required
  • Being Term1 of a school year, families need to provide their children with a hat for going outdoors

Please don’t hesitate to contact the service if you have any enquiries or concerns. You can contact the service through our email address at: or through our Mobile Phone No: 0402043810






























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