12 December 2019
Term 4 / Week 10
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From the Principal

Dear Families,

Advent is a joyful time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  As the Church, we wait during Advent and look forward to celebrating the fact that God loves us so much that he sent his Son into the world to save us. This time of waiting is full of the hope that God promises us as we prepare for Christ in the feast of Christmas.


St Andrew’s School Advent Prayer - Monday 8.50am

We thank the Senior and Middle level teams who have led our whole school Advent Prayers throughout the past fortnight.  We invite all families to join us next Monday from 8.50am as the Junior Team lead us in prayer.  


The Year in Summary

Can we really be at the end of the 2019 School Year?!  How quickly the year has passed by! It is timely to reflect on our year and to celebrate the learning journeys of each child and each staff member, to celebrate the development of the partnership between families and the school and Parish and School, as was so evident at our recent St Andrew’s Feast Day celebrations and the weekend Carols.  We celebrate the friendships, the acts of kindness so often witnessed but not often highlighted and celebrated and the emphasis on developing St Andrew’s School into being an aspirational community in which we aim for excellence.

There were many events and celebrations that took place throughout the 2019 School Year.  We are excited that many of these events and celebrations are now highlighted through our Social Media Facebook and Twitter sites.   Next year we launch into our Instagram platform.  A major benefit of this initiative is that we now have a comprehensive visual calendar of the highlights of 2019.   Please refer below to events that took place in Semester 1 and Semester 2:
●    Semester 1 Photos

●    Semester 2 Photos 


Thank you Staff

I thank our staff team for their contributions and professionalism throughout the past 12 months.   Throughout 2019 we have had a major focus on developing teamwork with the aim to improve our own learning and teaching practices so as to have a direct positive outcome on student growth.  I thank the staff for their willingness to work in teams and for their focus on the academic, emotional and social, and faith development of each child.  
I thank the members of leadership for their contributions to our school improvement focus.  I specifically thank Kelli Johnston in her role as Deputy Principal/Teaching and Learning Leader.  Kelli has demonstrated great foresight, rigour, accountability and support for the staff and children of St Andrew’s.  At the final Education Board meeting of the year, Angela Rako, in her role as Education Board Chairperson, expressed her thanks to Kelli and noted the impact that Kelli has had on our school culture in the 12 months that she has been with. We look forward to the expansion of our Learning and Teaching focus in 2020 as we employ Nella LoPresti and Emma Strom in the roles as Learning Outcome Leaders.  
I thank our teaching team and our Learning Support Officers for their daily work with our students.  In addition I thank Annette Fullman and Marie Bernard for their contributions in the school office and for their direct support for me on a daily basis. 
I also express our thanks to Fr Joe for his ongoing support of our parish and school community.   We thank Fr Joe for his welcome to our children at school and parish masses and in the celebration of the Sacraments.   We also acknowledge the efforts of Fr Joe to encourage a spirit of community at St Andrew’s as witnessed most recently with the St Andrew’s Fete, the Parish Feast Day celebrations and the Carols. 
Next week we farewell Jasminka Jaslovec who takes a year of leave in 2020.   We wish Jasminka a most relaxing and rewarding 2020.   

Thank you Families

We thank our families for joining us to build the partnership between school and families.   The research demonstrates the powerful impact on student outcomes when parents become active partners in the schooling of their children.    We celebrate the steps made in developing this partnership.   The 2019 term 4 feedback from parents, as received in the new CEMSIS surveys, provided the following feedback to the school:
●    94% of our parents feel that the school is a welcoming environment. 
●    94% or our families report that their children have respect for the staff at St Andrew’s. 
●    89% of our parents provided positive feedback in regards to ‘Families’ perceptions of the social and learning climate of the school’. 
●    87% of parents ‘Based on their experience with the school are likely to recommend the school to prospective families’. 
Whilst this recent feedback from parents is positive we look forward to further opening the doors to our school community and to encourage all parents to be active in their presence.  

We thank all members of the community who are so supportive and active within our school setting.   Throughout 2019 we celebrate the numbers who have attended our school events, as parent classroom/excursion helpers, at our Father’s Day Breakfast, the Carols evening, each Parent/Child/Teacher Interview, the Sacramental evenings and celebrations, Parents and Friends Committee meetings, Education Board meetings along with all other events on our calendar.  
We give thanks for the energies and skills of volunteers on the Parents and Friends Committee and on the Education Board, to those who have helped with school excursions, in the school canteen, in the uniform shop, with the student banking……the list goes on.
We wish all families a safe, relaxing and holy Christmas. 


Thank you Children

Undoubtedly and always the stars of the show, whether they be on show at major events or in their everyday interactions, we celebrate our children.    We thank them for their spirit of fun, for their openness to learning, for their acts of kindness and for their individuality.   We congratulate our Foundation children who have successfully completed their first year in the world of school.  As we welcome our new friends we farewell our Year 6 children who soon begin the next stage in their education.  We wish them every success in their future endeavours and hope that St Andrew’s will always bring warm memories.   

Class of 2019 - Farewell and Good luck
to all Year 6's





6D 6E










Bun Choeun




























































On behalf of the School Staff I wish families the blessing of peace, hope and love.  May the greatest gift you receive be that of your children, family and friends throughout your Christmas and New Year. 


Paul Wakeling


Congratulations - Carols Performance

We thank the many children who contributed so greatly to the St Andrew’s Carols evening held on Saturday evening.  Our thanks to all participants for their vocal skills, their enthusiasm and for their regular attendance at Carols practice sessions.  We thank Celsus Fernandes for his role in coordinating the Carols and Rosemary Restaino for her ongoing support. 
Congratulations to the following children who excelled on Saturday evening: 
Jaida, Rio, Rhianna, Joshua, Kashvi, Melodie, Marieta, Annie, Esther, Koby, Rachel, Evan, Esther, Matthew,  Hannah, Matthew, Jeremy, Sanouli, Clara, Jacob and Aidan.  
We also greatly appreciate the numerous staff for their support of the Carols evening.


Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony - This Evening (6pm)

Tonight we hold our annual Graduation night for year 6 students as they say ‘goodbye’ to their Primary School years. We thank all involved in tonight's events including, Father Joe, Judith Sivasubramaniam, our music teacher who has prepared our Year 6 for their dance, and all staff for being present and to the senior teachers, Daniela Dal Santo, Michael McDonough, Daniela Polites, Nella LoPresti, Paddy Edwards, Callum Mills and Peter Tyndall for their work in planning a superb graduation evening.

Families are invited to join us for the 6pm Graduation Mass followed by dinner (pizza) and entertainment from our graduates in the school hall.   It is envisaged that the evening will conclude at approximately 8.30pm.

End of Term Dismissal

Classes will be dismissed on Tuesday 17th December at 3.15 p.m.

As has become tradition, the whole school will form a Guard of Honour for the Year 6 students at 3.00 p.m.   This is a special way of wishing them well for the future and thanking them for their contribution to St. Andrew’s.
We warmly welcome and encourage parents to join us for this farewell.

2020 School Calendar - Students resume Thursday 30th January 

The 2020 School Calendar is available on the School Website, under the ‘School Community’ link.  We will endeavour, where possible, to remain true to the dates on the 2020 calendar. We would recommend that parents make a regular visit to the school website to see updates on all 2020 school events.

Please note that students begin the 2020 school year on Thursday 30th January.  Staff resume with professional development on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th January.  



Term 1 Tuesday 28 January (Staff only)  – Friday 27 March
 All Students commence Thursday 30 January
Term 2 Tuesday 14 April – Friday 26 June
Term 3 Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September
Term 4 Monday 5 October – Tuesday 15 December
Staff conclude - Friday 18 December

Move Up Transition Sessions with 2020 Class Groupings

The children gathered yesterday in their 2020 classes to briefly meet their 2020 class friends and 2020 class teachers.  The children will gather again in 2020 class groupings tomorrow, Friday 13th December (11.40am to 1.30pm) and on Monday 16th December (1.00pm-1.40pm).     We have planned these sessions to provide all children with a chance to meet their new class friends for 2020 and time with their new teacher/s.   This will hopefully be a supportive format, allowing our children the opportunity to experience their 2020 setting prior to the Christmas holidays. 

Semester 2 Reports & 2020 Class Lists – Distributed Wednesday 11th December

We advise that 2020 class lists were sent home in envelopes to all families yesterday.

Semester 2 student reports were distributed yesterday through the Nforma parent portal, which parents first accessed in Semester 1.   Student reports are one of the valuable links between school and home to allow you to gain an insight of how your child is progressing with their learning at St Andrew’s.

The online portal has many advantages which include:

-    Easy access to your student’s archived reports from 2018

-    Accessible on multiple devices

-    Environmentally friendlier than printed reports

Forgotten passwords: If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'forgotten password' link. Please note that your new password needs to be at least 7 characters long and must include at least one non alpha-numeric character, e.g. *, - / or similar. If you have requested a password reset and the email does not appear, please look in your junk/spam folder for an email from

If you still have trouble accessing your child’s report you are encouraged to contact one of the below staff for assistance:

Michael McDonough –

Callum Mills –


Stationery for Cebu - Donations of pencils, books, rulers..

We thank families for their continued support for our partnership with our Philippines community. 
As the end of the year quickly draws to a conclusion we ask that families consider donating unwanted stationery to our children at Maghanoy Elementary School.  Donated stationery will be shipped across to the children for use within their classes for next year. Families are encouraged to donate pencils, textas, rulers, basically any unwanted items from home or school.  
A collection bin for stationery will be housed in the school administration area.

Crossing Supervisors

Parents please take the opportunity throughout the next week to thank our ever present and ever caring crossing supervisors.  They are there for our children rain, hail and shine.    


Canteen Closure for 2020 - Tomorrow, Friday 13th December

We advise families that the School Canteen will close for the school year at the close of lunchtime of Friday 13th December.  As advised in last week’s newsletter, take the time in the coming weeks to drop in and thank Nancy & Helen for their contributions to our community.  

Outstanding Fees & Levies

Thank you to families that have or continue paying their school fees.  Term four end next week and we would appreciate the finalising of any outstanding monies.

The payment of school fees is a commitment families made at the time of acceptance of a position at St. Andrew’s. Please contact the Office if you are unable to finalise your fee account to discuss options available to help you meet your fee commitment.

Non-Food Sharing at Christmas

Parents please be aware that we are a non-food sharing school.  With the increase in the number of children who have allergic reactions to different food groups we must be vigilant on the non-sharing of food. Whilst it is most generous for children to want to bring lollies/food to share with their classmates we ask that parents prevent this from occurring. 

Important Dates for your Diary

It’s that busy time of year where we have many events scheduled.  Please refer below for details on many of the forthcoming events.  

End of Year Assembly – Monday 16th December (2.30pm-3.10pm)
The end of year assembly will be held on Monday 16th December.  We invite all families to join us for the assembly as we celebrate with the Year  6 children their final assembly, along with celebrating a wonderful year at St Andrew’s.  

End of School Year Thanksgiving MassTuesday 17th December – 
All families are invited to the End of School Year Thanksgiving Mass to be held on Tuesday 17th December at 9.15am.  

Guard of Honour Year 6 Graduates -  Tuesday 17th December - 3pm

We invite all families to join us as we hold our traditional guard of honour for our graduating students.  

End of School Year– Tuesday 17th December – 3.15pm
Students complete the 2019 school year on Tuesday 17th December at 3.15pm.   


2020 Book Lists

Families who have yet to place book orders for 2020 are able to visit Link Book Supplies in Mount Waverley. (Address: 341 Waverley Rd, Mount Waverley VIC 3149)  All stationery and book requirements for the 2020 school year can be purchased from there.

Collection of Pre-ordered Book Boxes

We have a number of pre-ordered student Book Boxes waiting to be collected from the school office. 

Out of Hours School Care - Youth Leadership Victoria - January Holiday Program

Parents of students requiring Vacation Care during the holidays are advised that the holiday program commences on Monday 14th January. 
Refer to or contact or 8790 6511

Students Departures/Future Numbers:

If your children (Grade Prep-5) will not be returning to St Andrew’s in 2020 we ask that you notify the school office  as soon as possible.


Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates

Thur 12 Year 6 Graduation Mass - 6.00 pm
Fri 13

Parents & Friends Morning Tea -  8:45am – 9:30am

F - Yr 5 students in 'Move Up Session'

Mon 16

Students in their 2020 Classes

Advent Prayer - Year 1/2 JOY

                              - Foundation LOVE

End of Year Assembly - 2.30pm  
Tues 17

End of School year Thanksgiving Mass - 9.15am

Guard of Honour - 3.00pm

Final day of school for students - 3.15pm

Wed 18 Staff Professional Development Day
Thur 19

Staff Professional Development Day - First Aid 

Thu 30th Jan Students Begin Classes for 2020 

Mr Paul Wakeling



Cyber Safety Information Evening

Cyber Safety - Parenting in a Digital World 
February 11th, 2020

This Parent information session will be hosted at St. Andrew's on February 11th, 2020.

This is a PARENT ONLY session and will run for 90 minutes.


School Office News

Advent Prayer - December

We will gather each Monday morning during the Season of Advent, in the hall at 8:45am, to reflect on this time of waiting and the coming of Christ at Christmas.
The Liturgies will be run by each year level as follows:
WEEK 3 (JOY): Monday 16th December - Year 1/2
WEEK 4 (LOVE): Monday 16th December - Foundation (straight after the 1/2s)

School Office Hours

Tuesday 17 December

8.00am - 4.00pm

Wednesday 18 December

8.30am - 1.30pm

Thursday 19 December Closed 

School Fees

Please contact the office if you are unable to finalise your fee account to discuss options available.

Lost Property

There is a huge amount of lost school clothing waiting to be collected from our Lost Property cupboard. If you have lost an item of clothing, please check here. Named clothing will be returned to owners otherwise items not claimed will be forwarded to charity.

Uniform Price List


2020 Book Lists

Families who have  not placed their book orders for 2020 can visit Link Book Supplies at 41 Waverley Road, Mount Waverley

All stationery and book requirements for the 2020 school year can be purchased from here.

We have a number of pre-ordered student Book Boxes waiting to be collected from the school office. 

2020 School Terms

Term 1    Tuesday 28 January (Staff only)  – Friday 27 March
                    All Students commence Thursday 30 January
Term 2    Tuesday 14 April – Friday 26 June
Term 3    Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September
Term 4    Monday 5 October – Tuesday 15 December
                   Staff conclude - Friday 18 December

School Times

8.30 a.m. Classrooms are open
8.45 a.m. Classes begin
11.00 - 11.40 a.m. Morning recess
11.40 a.m. Classes resume
1.25 - 2.15 p.m. Lunch play
2.15 p.m. Classes resume
3.15 p.m. Dismissal

New Digital Membership

Give Santa a break, and give the Gift of Entertainment, guaranteed to please. The New Digital Gift Membership is instantly available, valid for 12 months from activation and helps support our fundraiser. Everyone wins, especially Santa! Check out the new 12 month digital memberships at our payment page here


New Digital Membership Information


Parents and Friends

Dear Families,


Leanne Ngo
St. Andrew's P & F President


Summary P&F survey feedback

Thank you to Helena for co-coordinating the survey. Overall, the general feedback was positive. Here are some verbatims:
“Your dedication and efforts towards all the events is remarkable! Keep up the great work!”
“Families are busy and may not always be able to attend, but appreciate the efforts made by the P&F team”

These comments are really encouraging. We organise a variety of events and activities throughout the year. We also had feedback about

‘…bringing in fresh ideas or sharing best practice with other schools’.

We have a mix of new and existing members this year, and with new Foundation parents expressing their interest in joining P&F 2020, we anticipate we’ll be able to pull together again and enhance what we do to support our children, families and school community.

As usual, we welcome all your comments and feedback. Have a chat with one of us or email:
We thank you for all your feedback and time to complete survey. 

P&F Committee member spotlight – Nicole Robinson

“My name is Nicole and in the photo, you see Jeremy (Jez) and Lennon. Lennon is in Grade One in 1/2DW this year. I’ve been with P and F since the start of last year. I’ve been collecting the fruit from Woolworths for the before school sport run by Mr Tyndall. On Mondays when I’m not working you may see me in the secondhand uniform shop and I’m often one of the people helping to run P and F events! I’m a teacher, last year teaching Year 7 and this year as a relief teacher in primary schools. Jeremy works for a company that buys greens and vegetables from farmers or the market and sells to chefs in restaurants and usually works at night. Lennon is interested in playing sports and video games! We love to spend time with our extended family but unfortunately, none live close to us. We’ve lived in the area for a long time and are enjoying being a part of the school community!”
Thank you to Nicole for co-ordinating the fruits before school activities. 


Term 4 Activities

  • Social Morning Tea – Friday December 13th 8:45am – 9:30am

Next P & F Meeting

The  P & F will meet on 5th February, 2020 at 7:00pm in the Conference room

Friendship School in the Philippines

Maghanoy Elementary School 

Kadasig established the Friendship School Program in 2008 in Cebu, Philippines. The Program enables Australian school students to connect with students in disadvantaged schools in the Philippines. This program is one of sharing, caring for others, and developing friendships.
St Andrew’s has partnered with Maghanoy Elementary school in the Philippines so that we can provide many basic resources for children at the school. 
Our Social Justice Actions for Term 4 are:

  1. To understand the issue of poverty and the rights of all people, and
  2. To share our resources with our friends in the Philippines at Maghanoy School

We are asking students to donate any of the stationery items listed below:

Grey lead pencils
Coloured pencils
Exercise books
Paper (white and coloured)

Pencil cases                            






Once we have collected everything to send to our Friendship School, we will order some balikbayan boxes. These boxes will then be packed by each class and sent to the Philippines. Donations must be in by no later than Tuesday 10th December, 2019. We will receive photos of our donations when they have arrived at the school.
Remember: each box costs $120 for shipment so monetary donations are greatly appreciated! 


Staff visit to the Philippines

We are also excited to announce that two staff members from St Andrew’s will have the opportunity to visit the Philippines next year in February, where they will learn more about our partnership with Maghanoy School and the work of Kadasig.
Callum Mills and Paddy Edwards will depart for the Philippines on Friday 21st February and arrive back in Melbourne on Friday 6th March. They will be travelling with staff from other schools who are also a part of the Friendship School Program.
Part of the trip will involve: a visit to the Kadasig office to learn more about the projects and programs that Kadasig run in Cebu, a visit to Friendship Schools, and opportunities to learn more about some of the communities in the Philippines and the work of Fr Shay.
We are asking for monetary donations so that Callum and Paddy have money available to support any immediate needs within the communities they visit.   Financial donations handed to the school office by Tuesday 10th December, 2019 please. 
Your support is greatly appreciated!

Community News

Christmas and New Year Mass Times


Parish New Years Dance


Transport Needed

A school family in Melaleuca Drive, Clarinda is requiring transport to pick up and drop off to St. Andrew's each morning and some after school day

Transport is also needed for OLSH, Bentleigh

If you can be of assistance, please call Carol Londy 0423001232


Salesian Sports Academy Information Night


Salesian Sports Academy Activities Day


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