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27 June 2019
2019 Issue 10
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Principal's Message

What Are You In For?

The vision of Bayside Christian College is to nurture and prepare students for a life of responsive discipleship. At the heart of this vision is the nurturing and preparation of leaders; leaders who will engage in the world with passion, confidence and courage as God’s people, in His place, under His rule.


Dan Allender however warns that “if you’re a leader, you’re in the battle of your life” (p.1). Leading, Allender goes onto say, will not only most likely be the most costly thing you will ever do. But also, it will not bring riches or fame or praises in exchange for the great sacrifice made. Interestingly Allender also says, “if you want to love God and others, and if you long to live your life now for the sake of eternity, then there is nothing better than being a leader”.  


It is this juxtaposition that I would like students to begin to actively engage with. The problem though, is that many of the leaders that students see including their teachers, pastors as well as the more high profile, public leaders that they watch, rarely show their failures or weaknesses in preference to hiding them. Sadly, the perception is often that good leaders have not or don't fail, and certainly don't have weaknesses.


The truth however is starkly different. Leaders all fail from time to time, and they all have their weaknesses. Furthermore, I think we are all acutely aware of our failures and our weaknesses, so much so often we think it is better to hide them than share them. Sadly, some of us have even lived or worked in cultures that taught us that showing a weakness meant discrimination and ridicule.


Because our goal is to help students learn to lead, one of the key things they need to learn to do is identify and understand and learn from their weaknesses and failures. The ability to do this will enable them to not only lead better in themselves, but also show those whom they lead that they understand what it is, and how it feels to be a person with weaknesses and failures who strives to serve well.


Dan Allendar offers the following piece of advice for those who hide their failures: “Hiding failure prevents leaders from asking for and receiving the grace they most desperately need to live well and lead well” (p.4). 


Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our Thailand Mission Trip team, that God would watch over them and that they would be learning many wonderful things.


Pray that families would be refreshed over the school holiday period, and for their safety.


Please pray for our staff as they attend the International Transforming Education Conference in Adelaide during the holidays - for a greater understanding of Christian education.


Pray for those in our community struggling with ill-health or who have other needs, that God would supply HIs comfort and provision.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

What a busy and wonderful term we have had. This week the Primary students had the opportunity to show their work to their families at the ‘Celebration of Learning’. There were many visitors in the classrooms and a range of work viewed.  

I would like to thank families for their continued support of their children in so many different ways: all of the regular classroom helpers, the Banking Team, the Class Carers, the basketballers, those who attend the fortnightly prayer group or are involved in the Bayside Family Network - all your contributions are really appreciated.  


As we head into Term 3, there is a need to get a couple of people to help run the Book Club. Lisa Berry and Kaye Knapp were involved in setting up and running the Book Club for many years, and it is now time to hand the responsibility to parents with students in the younger classes. Please come and see me if you are interested. Lisa and Kaye would be happy to explain all that is involved in running Book Club.  


The Class Carers have organised a School Holiday Gathering from 10-11am on Thursday 18 July at Gravity Zone. The students will bring home a flyer and an email will be sent out with the details. As it is not an official school function, parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times while on the event.


I pray that the holidays are a time of rest and/or adventure for all families!


May God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary


Musician and puppeteer Jennie Flack came to visit Bayside Christian College and presented a puppet show with Mr Elkington as part of the NAIDOC Week assemblies in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. The puppet show was based on the national theme for the week, 'Voice, Treaty, Truth- Let's work together', and featured two puppets named Wharoo and his son Djoondie. 


Well done Sitaya

One of our Year 6 students has been working hard on and off the court. Sitaya played in the Basketball Australian Championship a couple of weekends ago. What an opportunity, privilege, and honour it was for Sitaya to play with some of the best basketballers from Victoria. Playing against teams from Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, and Perth is an incredible experience for all players involved.


The team Sitaya played in made it into the grand final, however, unfortunately lost to Bulleen in a high-intensity game. Nonetheless, her team is now ranked second in Australia for under 12 girls. On behalf of the Bayside community congratulations Sitaya!


Zacc Klan

Primary PE Teacher

Making Club

On Thursday lunchtimes there are lots of busy

Primary kids (and some helpful Secondaries) making all kinds of creations at Making Club. We make a lot of mess and do some brilliant problem solving along the way!


Joanne Moore

Primary Teacher


Learning is Fun in Years 3/4

Some Years 3/4 students were enjoying learning multiplication strategies by using Cheerios! 

They also conducted a scientific experiment to see how their heart rate changed after exercising.

Then the 3/4 and 1/2 Buddy classes ventured over to the North Campus to enjoy our new facilities on a glorious day. The Secondary students were very friendly and had a great time together over lunch.


Winter Sport

Winter sport is fun for everyone. It teaches you how to work as a team and introduces you to new sports that maybe you haven’t played before. My experience of the winter sports so far has been very good. The Football team played super well and ended up winning our division, but losing the game against the other division. It was a pleasure to play and captain the football team.


Well done to everyone - by Maison.

Mixed netball was so much fun this term. All my teammates have been awesome - they're all really supportive of each other. It was great fun to play netball, it's such an awesome sport to play all different positions. It was also fun to play with people you don't normally know and a great experience. Everyone has improved so much over the term and being their team captain has been a very enjoyable role for me. I was proud that our team made it into the finals and winning not only our division but beating the other division too. I also want to thank the other teams for their awesome sportsmanship.


Thank you Mr Klan and Miss Wight for choosing me as Captain and for all your help and guidance - by Sam.



Across the College

Music Showcase Concerts

On Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June were our biannual  Music Showcase Evenings, where students were able to share what musical work they have been learning this semester with their family and friends. There were performances on guitar, keyboard, drums, voice, violin and cello, as well as some wonderful performances by small ensembles, including the Primary Choir, 'Bluebells', 'Hummingbirds' and the newly-formed String Ensemble. It was another amazing pair of evenings which again showcased the musical talent of our upcoming generation of musicians, and the effort which they had all put into preparing their performances. 

Thanks are due again to our amazing instrumental teachers, Rach Lomulder (voice), Sarah Roberts (piano), Beck Mulholland (drums) and Jacob Mahoney (guitar) for all the work they have done with the students this year. This evening also couldn't have run without the help of Tim Mann in organising the sound system, as well as all the volunteers who pitched in to help. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making these concerts such a success!!!

Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Year 10 VCAL Assessment Panel Presentations

The Year 10 VCAL class recently presented their Semester 1 work to Mrs Williams and myself. They had to prepare their folio and slides to show what they had learned so far this year in VCAL. They also needed to speak for five minutes about challenges they'd overcome in their projects, things which worked really well and added a Christian perspective to their work. This was a very daunting prospect for many members of the class.


As a group, we spent time preparing for this presentation, and students made cue cards and prompt materials, and practised their speeches in small groups. The resultant oral presentations were outstanding, with several students giving excellent speeches. I was incredibly impressed with the entire class as they supported and encouraged each other and displayed real growth and maturity throughout this process. 


I'm looking forward to pushing the group throughout the remainder of 2019 to further develop their skills and confidence in this vital life skill.


Ken Berry

Year 10 VCAL Teacher

Media in Years 9/10

Years 9/10 Media students recently experimented with ‘Multicam’ editing functions to produce their latest films. As the name implies, ‘Multicam’ allows multiple cameras to be synchronised to an audio track, allowing the editor to simply make a decision regarding which is the most relevant clip to show. This technique is used in most multiple camera filming setups used by professionals.


Our students made a parody of an exercise video, and a talk show.


Joel Kong

Media Teacher


Year 7 Mugs

Year 7 Art students have recently been making ceramic mugs out of special clay. The students had to design then craft their mugs, and are currently painting and glossing them before a final seal in the kiln.



Musician and puppeteer Jennie Flack came to visit Bayside Christian College and presented a puppet show with Mr Elkington as part of the NAIDOC Week assemblies in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. The puppet show was based on the National theme for the week 'Voice, Treaty, Truth- Let's work together', and featured two puppets named Wharoo and his son Djoondie. 


Work Experience

After much planning and preparation, our Year 10 students have been out on work experience placements this week! Students have been busy

at kindergartens and schools, as well as learning alongside psychologists, engineers, physiotherapists, sport and recreation managers and IT professionals. One of the highlights of my year is hearing back from employers at the end of the week, as they consistently speak so positively about the positive attitude and solid work ethic demonstrated by our students. Well done to everyone involved, and a little reminder to Year 9 students and parents that it's never too early to start thinking about work experience week in 2020, which will be 22-26 June!


Claire Dawson

Careers & Work Experience Coordinator

Thailand Mission Trip

Last Sunday 23 June, a bunch of Baysiders headed off for the Thailand Mission Trip.


They arrived safely and have settled into their life in Thailand for the next  12 days. We look forward to seeing lots of photos and hearing life-changing stories when they return.


Basketball Rally Days

Year 7

On Tuesday 18 June was Year 7 Basketball Rally Day. The students were fantastic all day, with the Girl’s A team finishing runners-up, and the Boy’s A team winning the competition. Well done everyone!

Year 8

Last Thursday 20 June, some Year 8 students represented the College at the Basketball Rally Day. Everyone had a great time and the Girl’s A team won the title - well done!


Year 9 Humanities

The Year 9 Humanities students have experienced a busy first semester. Our historical studies begun with a five-week overview of the four major events causing change that will be explored in their studies this year: the Industrial Revolution, the spread of European empires, the movement of vast numbers of people around the globe, and the spread of new ideas. Students took the opportunity to examine sources of information, develop their analysis and interpretation skills, and their communication and presentation skills. They took tests as well as crafted their own Industrial Revolution models that were presented to their peers.


The other side of Humanities is Civics. In Civics we spent first term examine personal finance - the accumulation, organisation and use of finances. Students constructed their own budgets and researched ethical investment opportunities. In second term students had the opportunity to work in groups to develop their own businesses. They presented their business ideas as a plan to a 'shark tank' panel. If successful, their business received a loan from the school to establish and run their business at the Bayside Community Market on the Thursday of Week 10. 


Students are commended for the hard work they have demonstrated this semester. We look forward to seeing them back refreshed and ready for another exciting adventure in history and politics in Term 3.


Jay Johnstone

Secondary Teacher

Careers News

SHIFT Mission and Ministry Expo: Tuesday 23 July, 6-9pm (One Church - 184 Surrey Road, Blackburn)


SHIFT offers a chance for young people to check out some great study, internship, ministry and mission opportunities from a number of theological colleges, training institutions and mission and ministry organisations. If you are passionate about growing in your faith, as well as exploring ways to live that out in everyday life; if you are looking for a 'gap year' experience OR not sure about your longer term course direction, then SHIFT may just be for you! More information here:



Ally started Karate when she was 9 years old.

When she started competing in kumite fights, people were asking where she came from because she was a natural at it. She started winning from the get go most of the time.

Ally has won three Australian opens, two Australian Schools Championships, a bronze and silver medal in international competitions for Australia, four times Victorian champion, three times National Champion, and has been awarded the rising star award  and the cadet top gun award for Victoria.


She has just been selected to represent Australia in the Junior World Karate Championships. She is training six days a week and has a very busy schedule. She loves Karate and it's been a dream of hers to compete at the world championships. She will be going to Chile in October to compete. Well done Ally!


Years 11/12 Happenings

Final Words for Term 2…

This week, some of our students headed off to Thailand for the annual missions trip. We pray that they will be able to bring blessing to those they meet there and that they will in turn learn much about another culture.


On Thursday, the Community Market will take place in G block. Please come along and support our students as they develop their entrepreneurial skills and learn to use businesses to honour God with their craftsmanship and finances. This term, we also have the Year 9 students, as well as many Primary students, parents and friends offering stalls. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in community as a College.


At North, the amphitheatre has been progressing well and is nearing completion. We look forward to performances here soon! The

Corner One cafe at the Trades Skills Centre has been operating all term and, if you haven’t visited yet, it is a great place to have a coffee and muffin - maybe schedule this in for next term. It has been an absolute privilege to have our Primary students visiting us each Monday this term and spending lunchtime with the Years 11/12 students. We look forward to continuing this next term.


A reminder that the upcoming break is a three-week break. Students will have work that they are required to complete during this time for all their VCE subjects.


As the year progresses, we continue to talk to our students about the importance of developing resilience. 


Resilience is defined as:

  1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

As people, we are designed to live out of a sense of purpose. Without purpose things have little meaning and, when hard things happen, it can be difficult to come to terms with them and ‘spring back’.  The word of God speaks to us about why we are here, and what the point of it all is. With this framework, even significant challenges start to make sense and we can see that everything can be turned for good.


The capacity to recover quickly is only developed as we encounter challenges on a regular basis. This helps us to develop strategies and understand how to deal with big challenges when they come along. If we avoid challenges we actually deny ourselves the opportunity to learn these skills and then, when something significant happens, the danger is that we might fall in a heap.


As adults, it is important that we allow our young people to dig in and face the frequent small challenges that come their way. If we allow them to run away from challenges or look for others to solve them, they will not develop the skills they need when times get tough. Please encourage your young person to have the tough conversations, seek advice, pray and face challenges. As they do this, they will discover that, in God, they are a lot stronger than they think.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Coordinator

A Word from our Captains

What has happened in the last fortnight?

  • Life Skills Week

  • TRAG session

  • NAIDOC Week

  • Thailand mission trippers left

  • The Primary kids joined us on the north side.

This fortnight has been rather busy at Bayside, and it started off with Life Skills Week, which was a valuable week of learning. We were taught many skills that will be used throughout our lives that aren’t taught in conventional classes. It’s great to go to a school that doesn’t focus simply on academic education but provides a more holistic approach to what should be learned by students.


In the next week, we were back to learning and growing our gifts and abilities through regular classes. We had the Primary kids join us for Monday lunch at the Senior Precinct, and all the Years 11 and 12 students enjoyed playing games, talking to, and having fun with the little ones. This is just one of the ways that Bayside bridges the gap between the two campuses and Primary and Secondary Schools.


Last Sunday, some of our Years 10 and 11 students headed off to do God’s work on the Thailand mission trip. Having been on this trip two times, we know how valuable an experience it is not only for the people impacted in Thailand, but also the people who go on this trip. So we wish them safe travels, and pray that the work they do impacts Thailand beyond our comprehension, and also changes the students that have gone on the trip.


Monday marked the first day of NAIDOC Week at Bayside. This is a week where we learn about, and celebrate the culture and lifestyle of, the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people of this land. This year with a focus on ‘voice, treaty, and truth’, we kicked off with a puppet sketch about the storytelling tradition and culture of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people. We look forward to seeing what else this week will bring.


The Year 12 students attended a TRAG session. TRAG is an organisation that tries to reduce the risks that drivers (particularly young drivers) take on the road by showing the potential consequences of their actions. This was a highly impactful presentation for everyone who attended, and was a much-needed reality check that we are ‘not invincible’ as young drivers.


Ellen Bond & Matthew Dumicich

College Captains

Excellence for Lucy

Year 11 student Lucy Waring has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in her SBAT (School based Apprenticeship Traineeship) in  Early Childhood Education and Care for Term 2 at VFA learning.  Well done, Lucy!


Year 11 VCAL students researched the use of recycling bins at both the North and South Campuses to see if students were using the bins correctly. What they discovered is that many students across the Primary and Secondary Schools were throwing food waste and plastic wrappers into the recycling bins. They then looked at ways to encourage students to put the right waste into the correct bin and came up with these bright and self-explanatory posters to put onto school bins. We are hoping that students will now think more about their waste before it goes into the bin.


Uniform Reminder

A reminder that school uniform is to be worn correctly every day. Students must not come to school in PE uniform - they should change at school in and out of formal uniform. Beanies and scarves are to be College colours only. Black school leather shoes only are to be worn. Please check the uniform policy if you are unsure as to what is acceptable uniform. Students are provided with one warning if they are out of uniform, after which they will be issued with a lunchtime detention. Your support is very much appreciated in checking that uniform is correct before arriving at school, and that notes are sent to the Home Group teacher if needed.

Subject in Focus


VCE Visual Communication Design is one of a handful of subjects that continues to be held at the ‘South Campus’.


Last week, one lesson was held at the North Campus, as groundworks have recently commenced for the ‘Arts Building’.


Students studying technical drawing had a chance to look at the building plans, comparing it to the site works, in an attempt to visualise where their future classroom will be. We plan on regular visits to the site to see how spaces on paper compare to spaces in reality.


It is anticipated that the Arts Building will be completed in time for the 2020 school year.


Joel Kong

VCE VCD Teacher

Community Market

Thursday 27 June in G block at 3:15pm


As well as free activities for the children, some of the products on offer include:


  • Wood Crafted Creations - cheeseboards, signs and coasters
  • Garden Goods - handmade plants and boxes 
  • Recyclable Beeswax Cloth 
  • Brownies/Shirts
  • Home Decor 
  • Burgers 
  • Sweet treats
  • Gift boxes/pamper packs 
  • Pancakes 
  • Jewellery
  • Cards
  • Stationery
  • Hair creations
  • Knitted little people
  • Blankets and children’s clothes
  • Clothing and decals
  • Cupcakes
  • And much, much more...

Insight Academy

During Life Skills Week we were very fortunate to have Samantha and Rory visit us from Insight Academy. Coming from a tertiary provider that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation, I

asked them to run a session on some of the 'soft skills' that employers increasingly look for in staff. We decided to focus the session on emotional intelligence. On the Tuesday afternoon of Life Skills Week, the Year 11 students talked through the six major emotions - joy, sadness, anger, disgust, fear and surprise - and explored what positive purpose emotions can serve in our lives, even those ones that we often prefer to avoid! We were encouraged to practise 'love-based trust': allowing ourselves to feel, moving forward in courage, trusting who we are and our deep sense of purpose or call. 


Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Coordinator


VTAC Information Sessions

VTAC is running community information sessions for Year 12 students and their parents, which may be of particular interest for those intending to apply for university entry in 2020. There is a session planned in Mordialloc at 6:30pm on Tuesday 13 August. Please refer to the attached poster for more information.



Dates to Remember

Community Market                        27 June - 3:15pm

Last Day Term 2                                28 June - 2:30pm

Casual dress - gold coin donation to World Vision

First Day Term 3                               Monday 22 July


Please be reminded of the trading hours for the Dobsons uniform shop during school term: 

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.

During the school holidays, the shop will be open Thursday 18 July from 1:30-3.30pm.


Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group.

Trades Breakfast 31 July


This month on SchoolTV - Positive Parenting

Despite the best efforts of parents around the world, the reality is, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect parent’. However, arming yourself with the right information is a good start!


Research shows, that one of the most important protective factors in the lives of young people is a close relationship with a supportive adult. With the mental health of today’s young people being at an all-time low, it is simply not enough to parent effectively. Parents need to familiarise themselves with practical skills, knowledge and strategies when it comes to raising children.


Many parents today are over-protective, resulting in children being less independent, unable to problem-solve or self-regulate. Parents are failing to set clear boundaries, which is unfortunately making kids feel less secure. There is too much pressure on kids today. Parents fill their days with too many activities in an effort to avoid their child’s boredom.


In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn what is the best approach for primary and secondary school aged children. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.


If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.


Here is the link to this month's edition:

Camp Australia Newsletter


2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply for some year levels.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We have already commenced Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews, with places filling fast.


Current ELC4 students are guaranteed an ongoing enrolment at the College - you do not need to lodge a separate Prep application form but do need to confirm your ongoing enrolment.


The deadline for ELC 2020 applications is 30 June 2019, including for siblings. Late applications may be considered after all on-time applications, and subject to the availability of remaining places.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, via email or call 5971 6709.


Frankston City Council - Holiday program


Australian Youth Choir


Mt Martha House activity programs


Junior Rangers


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