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28 June 2019
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Principal's Report

The end of first semester. Half way through the year; more if you’re in Year 12.

As the term ends we can reflect on what we have both collectively, and individually, achieved. Our school, and therefore our students, have achieved so much throughout the term and throughout the semester. Since the last newsletter we have completed semester one, reports have been finalised, House Chorals has taken place, VCE students have undertaken the GAT, the Year 10 students sat the EduTest (again!), LOTE Week has added colour to our lives and we held the Winter Music Concert!  And while they are not yet our students, the prospective 2020 Year 9 students sat the entrance examination; and we are very proud of the fact that we have significantly more first preference applicants than previously. Suzanne Cory High School is increasingly becoming a school of choice.


Schools are not static; successful schools are always reflecting and improving. Change is a constant.  Writing in the 19th Century, the English clergyman, William Pollard, wrote: “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” The reality is that if we do not embrace change and prepare for the future then we will have change foisted upon us. We will always reflect on what we do and consider what changes need to be made to ensure that we provide the best possible educational experience for our students. The staff of SCHS are, invariably, both innovative and open to change.


The opportunity to change often comes from changing circumstances of which we have little control.  One example is the change to student counselling services at SCHS. Our two main counsellors left the school to pursue other opportunities and as a result we have been able to progress changes that may have taken us considerably longer to achieve. The importance of providing quality counselling services cannot be overstated. In the past month we have consolidated the plan for the future which has enabled us to provide more experienced and better qualified counsellors for our students. Starting next term, Ms Boon Chin Oh, an educational psychologist, will join us and work with two consultants who have been working with us for most of this term: Ms. Bec Cavanagh and Mr. Pat Cavanagh. And MS Lina Paye will continue to work with the students as well. We are in the process of improving our counselling systems and believe that we will be able to provide more effective services for our students.


One of the exciting additions to the counselling services has been the therapy dogs. One of the great advances in mental health services has been the introduction of therapy and assistance dogs. The effectiveness of these trained animals cannot be overstated. I have witnessed the positive effect that they have had on the students, and staff, in the short time that they have been with us. We have had students learning how to pat a dog and students who just want to spend time with the dogs to relax and de-stress. We will continue to explore the ways in which these therapy dogs can support our students.  And I must also emphasise that no student will be required to engage with the therapy dogs.

One of the issues the school constantly faces is the lack of alternative spaces; the problem with an open plan school!  We are investigating the plausibility of a Wellness Centre to further the effectiveness of the delivery of counselling and wellbeing services to our students.


In previous newsletters over the years, I have discussed changes to curriculum. We have started the process of investigating and applying for candidacy to be able to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Often referred to as just the ‘IB’, the diploma program is the senior years (Year 11 & 12) level. The IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. The IB offers high-quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision. Informed by the values described in the learner profile, an IB education:

  • Focuses on learners - the IB’s student-centred programmes promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge.
  • Develops effective approaches to teaching and learning - IB programmes help students to develop the attitudes and skills they need for both academic and personal success.
  • Works within global contexts - IB programmes increase understanding of languages and cultures, and explore globally significant ideas and issues.
  • Explores significant content - IB programmes offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced, conceptual and connected.

This, and additional, information is available at These are all aims that fit within the philosophy of the school.


The accreditation process takes some two years and requires extensive commitment from the school in terms of resources. The School Council has agreed that we should expend time and money on the process to be able to offer the IB Diploma Program starting in 2022. While this means that it won’t affect the curriculum offerings for our current students, we will be seeking feedback from both current students and their parents about the school offering the IB in the future. Given that the Year 9 students in 2020 are the first cohort who would have access to the IB here at SCHS, they will also be surveyed once they have been enrolled in the school.


The IB will an option, not a replacement for the VCE. Offering the IB provides a differentiated approach to accessing tertiary education. The IB is internationally recognised and also generates an ATAR. We will continue to keep the school community informed, and engaged, in the process. There will be links made available through posts on Compass for students and parents to respond.


I hope you all have a relaxing an enjoyable term break. It is important that our students, from all year levels, balance their time away from school. This is an opportunity to recharge the batteries, so to speak, catch up on work and consolidate what has already been learnt, while also preparing for the term ahead.


Colin Axup




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Upcoming Events

Curriculum Day
| Monday, 15 July

The first day of Week 1, Term 3 (Monday, 15 July) is a curriculum day. This is a day of teacher training and planning, and as such, no students are required to attend school on this day.

First Day of Term 3
| Tuesday, 16 July

The first day of Term 3 for all students is Tuesday, 16 July. Classes will resume on this day and all students are expected to attend.

ADT Week
| Week 1: 16 July - 19 July

ADT (Art, Design & Technology) Week will run throughout Week 1, offering students a full program of lunchtime and recess activities including green-screen photography, art challenges, life drawing, pottery, music performances, and more! Students should check Compass and the House TVs for more information.

France Tour 2020 Information Night
| Tuesday, 23 July

Students from Suzanne Cory High School have the opportunity to travel to France from March 18th, 2020 to participate in a culture and language tour. Interested students and their families are invited to attend an information session on Tuesday, 23 July from 6pm in the Auditorium. For more information, click here.

Subject Expo 2020
| Thursday, 25 July

The annual Subject Expo will be held on the day and evening of Thursday, 25 July. Year 10 students will have the chance to talk with subject teachers throughout the day, while parents are invited to attend an information session in the evening.

Green Week
| Week 3: 29 July - 2 Aug

Green Week celebrates Suzanne Cory's culture of ecological conservation, and will run throughout Week 3. Students should check Compass and the House TVs for more information on the program, which includes bake sales, sustainability challenges, and an inter-school conference.

SCHS Musical 2019
| "Cinderella" | 8 - 10 Aug

The 2019 school musical is Rogers & Hammerstein's classic rendition of "Cinderella" - a tale of magic and enchantment that's perfect for the whole family! Running Thursday 8 - Saturday 10 August in the Suzanne Cory Auditorium. To book your tickets, click here.

Parent-Teacher Interviews
| Tues 13 - Wed 14 Aug

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday, 13 and Wednesday, 14 August. Parents will be able to book their appointments in early Term 3. Please check Compass for more information.

Student Opportunities

Film Competitions
Budding filmmakers of all skill levels are invited to participate in some great upcoming competitions, many with excellent prizes up for grabs! Check out the posters or see Ms. Hall for more info.


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Student News

Relay For Life | Citizenship Fundraiser

Rain, winds, extreme winds, extreme rain and sunshine. These were all things the 127 students were subjected to over the 24-hour continuous relay event way back in March, Relay for Life 2019. Even though it was freezing cold and very wet and muddy, Suzanne Cory Soldiers soldiered on and managed to complete the somewhat gruelling 24-hour challenge.


Our team managed to run around the track, keeping the relay going and achieved a total of 437 laps with the baton in hand, but if we counted the laps people did without the baton, it would be well over 1000, showing what an amazing effort students put into this event. This was only furthered by the amount of donations that students received from family and friends, which amounted to just over $7000 dollars, truly an impressive feat for students to achieve.


All of this allowed Suzanne Cory High School to become a recipient of their first ever research award which allows for all 100% of the money we raised go towards a cancer research area, and we chose Low Survival Cancers, which includes stomach, brain, lung and liver cancer. The award is presented on the school's award display cabinet, so for anyone that participated in Relay for Life, go check it out!


Thanks again to everyone who participated, a big shout-out to Alyssa, Tarisha and Luan who stayed up all night to keep the baton moving, and congratulations to Isaac, Kevin, Charlie, Joel, Annmaria and Ngoc who all reached an amazing 100 laps on their own. Look forward to seeing you all again at Relay 2020!


Noah N and Mehar P

Whole School Citizenship Captains

Science & Engineering Challenge 2019

This year, Suzanne Cory’s STEM competition team competed in a challenge that tested their mental capabilities and problem solving skills. With the students showing dedication and commitment by attending the event on their day off of school, there was a display of exceptional teamwork and hard work.


Activities ranged from building and earthquake-proof building that could withstand heavy weights, a bionic hand, to developing codes to transmit information along fibre optic rods. After an enjoyable day, the team won the competition and placed first. Well done to all the students that participated.

Read more about Suzanne Cory's success on the Victoria University newsletter, and in the Star Weekly.


Bishoy K and Karan S

Art, Design and Technology (ADT) Week 2019

During Art, Design and Technology Week (Tuesday 16 - Friday 19 July) there will be a series of ADT themed activities and competitions running to celebrate the diversity and creativity of Suzanne Cory students. Students who participate will receive participation House points, and the winning teams will be eligible for additional house points. Please see your House Art Captains and the Compass posts to sign up for any of the following activities or competitions.


Photography Competition 

If you're a keen photographer or just getting started enter the ADT Week Photography Competition. Your photo should incorporate or reflect this year’s ADT Showcase theme ‘Doorway to Another World’. The competition is open to all year levels and can be captured on any device e.g. iPhone, SLR, Digital Camera etc. It is one entry per student and images need to be submitted to Ms. Velisha ([email protected]) by Tuesday 16 July - jpeg file preferred. The submitted photos will be displayed on the SCHS Agora screen and the winner will be revealed on Friday 19 July. 


‘ADT Showcase’ Poster Competition

We are looking for a budding artist or designer from any year level to produce a creative and unique poster that will be used to promote the upcoming Term 4 ‘ADT (Arts, Design and Technology) Showcase’. The poster that is chosen will capture the theme of ‘Doorway to Another World’.


As well as contributing to House points, the winner’s poster will be displayed throughout the school and will also be used to promote the event in the school newsletter.


To be included on the poster is the following information:


1. The name of the event – ‘Doorway to Another World’

2. 2019 Arts, Design & Technology Showcase

3. Suzanne Cory High School

4. T-wing

5. Monday 25 November (Term 4, Week 8), Exhibition Opening: 6.00, Performances: 7.00

6. Must be at least an A3 sized document.


Submission due date: Entries close End of First Week of Term 3- Friday 19 July

Please submit entries to Ms. Tait via email at [email protected] or on a USB.


Schedule of Activities


Tuesday | Lunchtime

House Baking | Blackwood | T2

Art | Totem Art Challenge | T4

Media | Film Quiz | Agora

Photography | Green Screen Shoot | T7

Wednesday | Lunchtime

House Baking | Cottrell | T2

Art | Totem Art Challenge | T4

Music | Workshop & Demonstration | T8

Photography | Green Screen Shoot | T7


Thursday | Lunchtime

House Baking | Kororoit | T2

art | totem art challenge | T4

IT | Algorithmics Presentation  | T6

Music | Demonstration | Agora


Friday | Lunchtime

House Baking | Rothwell | T2

Art | Totem Art Challenge | T4

Media | Green Screen Showcase | Agora

EcoCore Update | Raised Garden Beds

The passionate students of Suzanne Cory High School’s EcoCore have created a second self-watering “wicker” raised garden bed. In these garden beds the students have planted many herbs, vegetables and fruits. They hope to create two more raised garden beds outside the technology wing for use by all students.


Mr. Bruce Drummond

EcoCore Supervisor

Green Week 2019

HEY CORY! In Week 3 of Term 3, EcoCore is hosting GREEN WEEK! During this week, we will be running a series of activities that will help you to be more environmentally aware, but will also be lots of fun! Get pumped for Green Week and we’ll see you all there!!


Week-Long Eco-Challenges: Challenge yourself to be more eco-friendly all week long!

  • Paper Straws: in order to reduce our plastic waste, EcoCore will be supplying paper straws at the canteen for the entire week.

  • Nude Food: this week, we encourage you to join us in having Nude Food! Rather than bringing packaged food, why not use reusable containers?

  • #SCHSSustainability: during the week, use the hashtag #SCHSSustainability and tag us on Instagram to show us how you’re being environmentally aware!

Schedule of Activities


Monday: Clean Up Cory

Clean Up Cory in Term 1 was a huge success so we’re bringing it back! Meet outside the Agora in groups no larger than 5 to help make the school cleaner and more environmentally friendly. There will be prizes for the group that wins!


Tuesday: Lights Out with The Lorax

During Homegroup we will be holding a school-wide lights out to raise awareness of our energy consumption and encourage the school community to think of ways to reduce it.  Then at lunchtime we will be screening the animated film ‘The Lorax’.


Wednesday: High School Conference

Students from the four select entry schools will spend the day participating in a range of workshops and discussing the small steps we can take to a bigger change. If you want to get involved, DM us on the EcoCore Instagram account @schsecocore to volunteer OR send us a video answering the question: “What small steps do you take to make a bigger change?”


Thursday: Bake Sale & Climate Change Kahoot

We will be hosting a Climate Change Kahoot in the Agora during lunchtime. The winner will get a prize! 


While the Kahoot is running we will also be hosting our famous EcoCore Bake Sale: there will be lots of yummy treats and proceeds will go towards upcoming EcoCore projects to make our school greener.


Friday: House Tree Planting

To conclude Green Week, each house will be planting native trees in their designated areas. As well as making our school more environmentally friendly, the tree planting will symbolise the life the houses bring to the school and serve as a legacy for future students.

Biology Camp 2019

The 2019 Suzanne Cory High School Biology Camp was a wonderful opportunity for students to conduct real-world investigative fieldwork in some of Victoria's most picturesque and unique environments. Students studying Biology Unit 1 undertook fieldwork at Healesville, Marysville and Lake Mountain. The students were able to study in detail the flora and fauna that inhabit this gorgeous alpine region and later write a field report on their work.


Students stayed overnight at Marysville and hiked the stunning alpine forests of Lake Mountain. The students rounded out the trip observing native fauna and birds of prey show at the iconic Healesville Sanctuary.  All in the name of science!


Mr. Bruce Drummond

Science Teacher

Co-Curricular | Aviation

Students undertaking Aviation at Suzanne Cory High School, as well as those interested in undertaking Aviation as a career, were able to attend the Avalon Airshow Careers and Skills student information day.


Mr. Bruce Drummond

Aviation Co-Curricular Coordinator

Co-Curricular | Golf

Golf is often described as a good walk ruined, however under the expert tutelage of the pros at Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club, the golf co curricular program has been a huge success. Each Wednesday afternoon the students have been put through the basics of the biomechanics behind an effective golf swing. There are many facets to building a successful golf swing and the students have worked hard to build the fundamentals of both the long and short games. The facilities at Sanctuary Lakes golf club are fantastic for practicing both elements of the game, and I look forward to the Semester 2 program being as equally successful.


Mr. Travis Hand

Golf Co-Curricular Coordinator

Creative Writing Competitions | Student Winners

Our creative students had further success in the 2019 Young Adas, the writing competition run as part of the Williamstown Literary Festival. Of the 10 shortlisted writers, four of these were Suzanne Cory students.


Congratulations go to Katrina D, whose story ‘We Same’ won the competition. The judges’ report said that this was ‘remarkably assured’. Congratulations also to Ilham A whose ‘The Art of Being ‘Fine’’ was judged in Runner-up position. Both Katrina and Ilham were shortlisted for the competition last year as well. This is a huge achievement.


Yasmin A’s story ‘The Flower that Withers in Surrender to its Thirst’ was awarded a Highly Commended, and described as ‘poignant’ by the judges. Prabhas G was shortlisted for his work, ‘Stranded’. Prabhas, a Year 9 student, has also been shortlisted this term for another story in the Write4Fun competition.


Some of the students’ writing was inspired by our English work, particularly the Year 11 work on Adichie’s short stories. The students were awarded their certificates, and a prize for Katrina, by author Carmel Bird, who has written books about how to write.


If you’d like to read our students’ stories, you can find them in the award publication in the library. 


We are very proud of our writers and look forward to more success next year from our wonderful writers. If you’re writing and interested in entering a competition, please come and talk to me in the Kororoit staffroom, or to your English teacher. And thanks to our students’ parents for all your support!


Helen Bradwell

English PLT

2019 Musical | ‘Cinderella’ Competition Results & Show Tickets Now On Sale!

Congratulations to Catherine T for her outstanding entry in the poster competition! Please keep your eye out for her winning poster, to be seen around the Agora and T-Wing next term.

Suzanne Cory High School warmly invites you to attend our 2019 school musical: CINDERELLA.

The timeless enchantment of a magical fairy tale is reborn with the Rodgers & Hammerstein hallmarks of originality, charm and elegance. Originally presented on television in 1957, Rodgers & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA is adapted for the stage with great warmth and more than a touch of hilarity.

Suzanne Cory High School is thrilled to present this heartwarming musical, and we hope you can join us for a magical night of entertainment that's fit for the whole family!

CINDERELLA by Rodgers & Hammerstein
August 8th - 10th
Thursday & Friday 7:30pm | Saturday 2pm & 7:30pm

Performed by Suzanne Cory High School students at the SCHS Auditorium, 225 Hopper Lane, Werribee.

Produced and directed by GJ Productions
Purchase tickets online or on the door (cash only)
$20 Adult / $15 Concession / $45 Family (any four tickets)

House News | Rothwell

Semester 2 has been a one-of-a-kind rollercoaster ride for the Rothwell House filled with many ups and downs. At the end of this long journey of chorals 2019, the meritorious results reflected the amount of hours, emotional investment and tears shed by all Rothwellians. We have finally achieved a chorals victory! This great accomplishment was only possible due to the hard work put in and the thriving house spirit of the teachers, house leadership team and the Rothwell students. Not to mention, the physical and emotional energy and enthusiasm  that every Rothwellian had on the day of chorals was just outstanding.


In addition to winning house chorals, Rothwell also came first in the House Arts Competition! Congratulations to the Rothwell house art team behind the outstanding painting. On behalf of the Rothwell Leadership team, we would like to say a special "thank you" to all Rothwellians who came to school early, sacrificed their lunch breaks and even stayed back after school, those who put in the extra effort to represent Rothwell and contributed to an outstanding performance.


Aside from winning both Chorals and house arts, two Rothwellians, Vivian and Izzy, will be going to Nationals for Taekwondo in the Gold Coast and we would like to congratulate these two students, who have for Taekwondo reached a state level of competition.


 Rothwell House Captains


Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Rothwell students on what an excellent start to the new House system this semester. While change provides challenges, it also provides opportunities and the student leaders this semester have been outstanding. Thank you to the excellent student leadership team. We have seen a significant increase in participation and commitment to the house program from all the students in Rothwell house. Lastly, we would like to remind you of the commitment you have made to put some time into your wellbeing these holidays, please ensure you have a restful break, so you are full of energy for next term. Have a happy and safe holiday.


Mr. Travis Hand and Mr. Damien Van Wyk

Rothwell House Leaders



Parent News

France Tour | March/April 2020

Students from Suzanne Cory High School have the opportunity to travel to France departing on March 18th, 2020 to participate in a cultural and linguistic tour. As part of the 18 day tour, we will visit Paris and its iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and Le Louvre, where we will stay for 3 days. We will also take part in a cooking class and travel the Seine by boat. Following our visit in Paris, we will take a coach to Versailles and visit its palace on our way to the Loire Valley, where we will stay with a French family and attend a school, which will give you the opportunity to live like a French student for a week. Then we will explore the Loire Valley and its castles, and the Futuroscope (technology and innovation theme park). Travelling to the north coast, we will stop at the Mont-Saint-Michel and reach the D-day beaches. We will look at World War II sites before reaching the Sir John Monash Visitors centre, recently opened at Villers-Bretonneux and stop by the Victoria School. Finally, before spending a last day in Paris, we will meander in Monet’s garden in Giverny. This trip will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the French culture and way of life, trying out different French food (baguette, camembert, croissants…). There will be many chances for down time in the trip, where you will be able to go shopping and practice your French.


This opportunity is available to all students from all year levels, although those currently studying or intending to study French in the senior levels will be given priority, as places are limited. Interested families are invited to attend an information session on Tuesday 23rd of July from 6pm in the Auditorium. There will be a presentation by the organising teachers and the travel agent for 30 minutes, then parents are encouraged to ask their many questions.


To register for the information session, please click here.

Subject Expo Evening | Thursday, July 25

The annual Subject Expo will run on Thursday, July 25 (Week 2, Term 3). During the day, Year 10 students will have an opportunity to meet with teachers to learn about the different subjects offered in VCE. In the evening, Year 10 parents and students are invited to visit the school to gain advice regarding VCE structure, Subject Scaling, and Subject Selection.


Complementary light refreshments will be provided on the night for all parents. Please check Compass for more details of the event in Term 3.


Brendan Taig

Careers Coordinator

Greece & Italy Tour | 2020

After our hugely successful trip with 40 students from Years 9-12 in 2018, SCHS will be offering the Europe Tour again in 2020! With a new and improved itinerary based on student feedback, we will be departing on September 16th 2020 for a 16 day trip of Greece and Italy. The trip is based on the Units 1&2 History: Empires, Units 3&4 Ancient History and LOTE Latin courses. However, it is open to all students from all subjects and year levels, allowing students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience travelling and different cultures - and great food! 


Some of the exciting places we visit include the Acropolis in Athens, the ancient Greek temple complex at Delphi, Olympia (where the ancient Olympics were held), Pompeii, Naples (new addition!), Rome (including the Colosseum, the Forum, the Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and a night light show at the Forum of Augustus), Tuscany (Siena, Pisa, Lucca and Florence) and our final amazing destination, Venice. As the 2018 students loved Siena so much, we are going to spend a night there this time! Activities include swimming in the Gulf of Corinth, the very popular cooking class in Florence, a student and teacher race in the original ancient Olympic stadium (Quan Nguyen is the reigning SCHS Olympic Champion)  and yes, free time for shopping! Transport will be a combination of flights, private coach and train (including the train track floating over the Venetian lagoon), all of which are included in the price. 


Please note the final cost will be determined by the number of students attending. Students will be accompanied by SCHS teachers and travel agent guides throughout the trip. There will be a lunchtime information session in Term 3, including the opportunity to talk to 2018 trip participants, and a Parent Information Night in Term 4, with the travel agent and participating staff. Stay tuned for details.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organising teacher, Ms Raquel Fenby (VCE History teacher) at the school.

Edrolo Learning Resources

Edrolo is an online study resource for VCE and HSC students. Edrolo provides on-demand and unlimited access to online video lessons presented by experienced teachers. Perfect for both struggling and advanced students, Edrolo incorporates detailed and comprehensive video lessons, interactive quiz questions, a Study Planner, bookmarking capabilities and more to help students stay on track and do their best. Edrolo also provides powerful data tools to help teacher track  their students’ progress and target their teaching as exams draw closer.  Students can watch videos before class to come prepared and better understand your lessons, or they can watch lessons after class to consolidate their learning. Edrolo is also an invaluable revision tool, with short videos arranged by topic that allow students to target their study before exams.


Implementation: This has been in use at SCHS for all Unit 3&4 studies from 2016 and parents pay for this as part of their subject levies.  We are currently also trailing it with unit 1&2 in the sciences, though I’m not sure if we’ll continue this next year.


Access: Students all have an individual account and most of them have already activated.  They should then get a full list of their eligible subjects on them, linked to their correct teacher.  After major subject changes we send Edrolo an update that reflect these.  If a student hasn’t yet activated:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your surname and check that it recognises your correct first name
  3. Enter your email address and choose a secure password that you will remember
  4. Click ‘Let me in’
  5. Edrolo will send a confirmation email to the email address you used above – head to this email and click the activation link within this
  6. You'll then be logged into your account!

Western Chances Scholarship


Western Chances Scholarship provides opportunities and financial support for students living in the west of Melbourne. New applications will open July 22, and close August 30. 


To be eligible students must:

  • Live in the West of Melbourne

  • Demonstrate talent (Academics, Leadership, Music or Art)

  • Demonstrate financial hardship (Health Care Card, Centrelink support)


Please visit the above website for further details of the scholarship and eligibility requirements. You can also download a Sample Scholarship Form and Document Checklist to view the application process.


Students can visit Mr. Taig in Term 3 for assistance with the application.

Year 9 Morrisby Careers Assessment and Counselling

In Week 3, Term 3 all Year 9 students will complete the Morrisby Online Careers Assessment. This forms a part of the Department of Education’s focus on transforming career education. The Morrisby Assessment helps students to identify their skills and attributes, and to find career options related to their strengths. 


Following the assessment, all Year 9 students will attend a careers counselling appointment in Week 8 and 9, Term 3, with Department of Education Careers Counsellors, who will help students to interpret their Morrisby results.


For additional details, please check the Compass for a Morrisby Event. Parent/Guardian permission must be provided via Compass.


Mr. Brendan Taig

Careers Coordinator

Achievements & Results

Co-curricular Wrap Up | Semester One

This week wraps up the Semester One Co-Curricular subjects.  There were a wide variety of subjects offered in Semester One and I thought it is a good opportunity to share some of the things the SCHS students have been doing.  I also would like to thank the external groups who have allowed us to offer such a wide range of activities. 


Next year there are even more subjects offered and students are encouraged to try something different. They will be selecting their Co-Curricular and Sport subjects early Term 3 so now is the time to think about it.


The list of 2020 subjects are:

Below are just a few photos of students getting involved in bedside buds, dance and the Duke of Ed Program. 


Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Ed students have been planning their practice and qualifying camps. They have been participating in initiative activities, menu planning, minimal impact, and navigation. The practice camp involves a first aid course, indoor rock climbing and bushwalking in Werribee Gorge. The qualifying camp includes hiking in the Grampians and Outdoor rock climbing.



Bedside Buds

The bedside buds program is a great class to get out and about in the community working with a local aged care facility. The students create small plants and deliver these to the elderly, they then form friendships and interact with the community members fortnightly. This Co-curricular subject is led by the students and is a great way for students to make a difference.




Dance co-curricular is an opportunity for students to exercise and practise their dance skills in a fun, judgement-free environment. The focus is on body-positivity and personal fitness, and no experience is necessary. This semester we enjoyed Broadway jazz and hip-hop, and embraced our inner Beyonce to be Fierce and Flawless. We also tried Konga, which is a program created by The Jungle Body to combine dance, cardio, boxing and sculpting. Special thanks to Jade and Delaney from BeDancefit and Annalie from The Jungle Body for teaching us during the semester.



Sports News

VCE Volleyball House Competition

Like last term, we had a VCE competition running during lunchtime on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, where Year 11s would compete on Tuesday and Year 12s on Thursday. This term students had the opportunity to participate in volleyball and the games overall were close, although we didn’t have the opportunity to hold finals matches due to cancelling two weeks for chorals. For Year 11, Cottrell came first, followed by Blackwood, Rothwell and then Kororoit. For Year 12, Kororoit took first place, with Blackwood coming in second, followed by Cottrell then Rothwell. We were pleased to see the number of people that were a part of the competition, and hope that next term with soccer this enthusiasm continues. Can’t wait to see the competition that Term 3 holds!


Vinoli Fand Jordan N

School Sport Captains


Intermediate Badminton

Both the girls and boys intermediate badminton teams went to Eagle Stadium to participate in the first round of the interschool competition. There were only 3 schools in the intermediate section - Werribee Secondary College and Truganina P-9 College. The round robin format saw us facing off against Werribee, where both our girls and boys teams had won in similar fashion, 5-1 in match score. The SCHS boys and girls carried this momentum into their encounter with Truganina, winning comfortably 6-0 in match score. 


Due to all SCHS matches scheduled first, we finished on top of the competition early in the day which allowed us to train extra hard for next round. SCHS Year 9s and 10s looking good!


WMR Cross Country

On Thursday June 20 our cross-country team travelled to Brimbank Park to compete in the Western Metropolitan Regional Cross Country competition. The various age groups all competed on the same cold, slippery and hilly course. Everyone ran 3km except for the 16 and 17+ boys who ran 5km. On a physically challenging course it was great to encourage each other as a Suzanne Cory team! We had plenty of success as a team and as individuals since more than half of the girls progressed to the next round (State Trials), coming home with banners for our school. While the SCHS boys had some great races no one was able to qualify to the next round, although we did achieve some personal bests and had a unique experience.


Placings Achieved:

15yr girls team – Second place (Erin C, Premika T, Gurnoor K)

16yr girls team – First place (Anushka A, Alana M, Ashviqha S R, Mehak C)

17+yr girls team – Third place (Sophia A, Suvasini T, Nidhi M, Christina N, Maya A C)


Senior Basketball

Both  the senior boys and girls basketball teams took the eagle stadium basketball courts on Monday 24th of June, for what was an exceptionally high standard of basketball. They were competing to represent the Wyndham region in the next round of competition. The boys battled hard especially defensively but were unable to secure a win during the day. However there were a few highlights including a number of 3 pointers. The girls went down in their first two matches but responded well to win their last match of the day, well done girls!


Intermediate Boys’ Netball 

This year the intermediate boys’ netball team displayed exceptional dedication and put in the hard yards at training. Arriving at Eagle Stadium early, they were given enough time to warm up and to run drills. Once the games finally began, the boys started off with a challenging start, finding it difficult to overcome the nerves. However, with an extremely intense game, the boys were able to manage themselves adroitly, winning the game by two points. From this match, the boys were able to retain all of the things they had done well and to learn from their mistakes. As the day progressed the boys were put against difficult teams with great players; one being seven feet tall. Despite all of this, the boys did not let this intimidate them and were unnerved, using their strong team spirit to win their games. This placed the boys in the finals of this event, where they were up against Manor Lakes College (who competed at the state championships in the previous year). After a wonderfully played game, the boys were able to knock them out of the competition, which placed Suzanne Cory first out of the several schools that attended. Well done to the boys for their hard work and dedication and for sacrificing many of their lunch times training for the competition.


Bishoy K and Karan S

Suzanne Cory High School