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26 April 2017
Issue Five
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From the Principals' Desk 

Term 2

Welcome to Term 2.  I hope all our students and staff have had a relaxing and therefore refreshing break and have returned to school ready to take on the challenges that await us all.


By the time you read this newsletter, we will have completed the first set of Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences for 2017.  It goes without saying, that these conversations are very important and provide the valuable opportunity to clarify any issues, seek clarification or plan the path ahead.  As an AFL fan, I think of the conferences as being similar to coming together with the coach at quarter time.  We have finished the "first quarter" and the PST Conferences are a chance to stop, connect with the coach and reflect on the strengths of our performance to date and re-focus the the direction or game plan for the next quarter.  


From the Conferences, I hope that all students have come away with a good understanding of where they are in their development of skills and abilities while also having a plan for how they can continue to grow and progress in the remainder of the first semester.  


Likewise, parents should also have exited the conferences with an understanding of their student's strengths and how they will best be able to support their continued growth and development over the coming months.


Academic success and personal development in young people reaches its full potential when there is a strong partnership between the student, their teachers and the student's family and strongest supporters.  Nossal has a such a culture and we look forward to it continuing as our students go from strength to strength.

Top Designs 2017

In the last edition of Nossal News, Mr Page reported on the opening of Top Designs 2017, an exhibition of exemplary folios from students studying Unit 3 and 4 subjects last year.  The exhibition is being held at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton and is open until July 16.


During the holidays, I was able to visit the exhibition myself and as a former teacher of both Technology and Visual Communication and Design (VCD),  I am able to say with authority, that the featured work is of an outstanding standard.  Looking at the final solutions, I was reminded of the importance of the design process and this was no less evident in the thorough analysis and evaluation of our own Nossal students who featured in Systems Technology and VCD.  The planning and development work was exceptional and a credit to the students who were taught and coached by Mr Chattrah and Ms Cilia respectively.


On my visit, it was interesting to see the number of students, obviously undertaking studies in these Unit 3 and 4 subjects as well as Textiles, Foods and Furniture Design in 2017, who were present and eagerly scrutinising the techniques demonstrated in the folios. 



With Term 2 now underway, students are reminded that they should now switch to their winter uniform and ensure it is being worn appropriately.

A uniform is a statement about a school and a student's place in that school.  It creates a sense of belonging because it makes a statement about school identity.  


Nossal High School has a striking uniform.  It's colours are not necessarily those traditionally associated with schools and therefore are for many a statement of pride.  It was interesting to observe during the Year 10 visits to the universities during the Careers and Pathways Week, how not only did our students stand out in their impressive uniforms, they were identified too by others, especially those who were ex-students of Nossal.  


Like any uniform, there is a prescribed list and it is detailed in the Student Study Planner.  There are specific items designated for girls and boys to wear however some things are common including the wearing of the Nossal tie which should tied neatly, positioned correctly and on a shirt completely buttoned.  For girls, the tie is worn with the Nossal ecru blouse while for boys it should be worn with a long sleeve shirt that is tucked in.


Blazers should also be worn when travelling to and from school regardless of the method of travel.  Jumpers can be worn under the blazer but should never be instead of the blazer.  These can be stored in lockers once students have arrived at school and the jumper be worn as the outer garment.


Uniform is a statement of pride, it is a badge that says "I am proud to be a Nossalonian".  Parents are asked to support the school and their children by ensuring students have the correct school uniform available to them to wear to school.


Kicking Goals!

It's been a while in the planning and the building, but the day is almost here!


At the end of last term we were able to advise that the oval was nearing completion and that we would soon have this new asset available for both class time as well as recesses and lunchtimes.  During the holiday break we took another step closer and had the AFL goalposts installed and the boundary lines marked.  The playing surface was further rolled and we are now looking to holding an official "oval opening day" towards the end of May to coincide with the school's Health and Wellbeing Week.

We are now well within reach of our goal!


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Keith Butler

Assistant Principal


Important dates


School Tour

Wednesday April 26

Bookings essential - 8762 4600


School Council

Wednesday April 26



Yr 9 2018: Information Night

Thursday April 27

Two sessions:  6:30pm and  8:00pm

Bookings essential:


2017 Girl Guides Victoria Women of Note Casey Mentor Breakfast

Friday April 28


Southern Metro Region-  Boys and Girls Tennis

Friday April 28


NHS ANZAC Day Assembly

Friday April 28



Year 12 PE Exercise Research Australia Excursion

Monday May 1


Year 9 Science excursion: Healesville

Monday May 1


NHS House Athletics Carnival 2017

Tuesday May 2

Whole school event


Top Designs Excursion

Wednesday May 3


PFA Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday May 3 - 7:00pm

All welcome


Senior boys Soccer - Casey North Division

Thursday May 4


Senior girls Soccer - Casey North Division

Thursday May 4


Senior girls Netball - Casey North Division

Thursday May 4


Generations in Jazz Tour 

Friday May 5 to Sunday May 7


2017 Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

Friday May 5


Year 10 Dance Excursion

Tuesday May 9



Tuesday May 9 - Thursday May 11


Jazz Night

Thursday May 11

Everyone welcome!


Unit 1 Literature - Performance of Medea

Friday May 12


Digital Delivery Day

Wednesday May 17

Whole school event


Year 11 Ball

Friday May 19


Year 9 Altitude Day 2017

Monday May 29


Plain English Speaking Awards

Tuesday May 30

And beyond....

Year 12 Formal

Thursday June 8



Wednesday June 14

Unit 3 & 4 students


Nossal WABIAD Charity Dinner Dance

Friday August 4


House Performing Arts Festival

Tuesday August 29

Whole school event


Valedictory Dinner (Year 12 Graduation)

Thursday November 23


Speech Night 2017

Tuesday November 28

Whole school event

General News

Nossal in the News -

eLearn Magazine features outstanding forward thinking at Nossal High School


E-Learn Magazine -   2017/04/19


​7 reasons Nossal High School is different from the rest and leading the way for schools in the future

  • By: Christina Gómez Echavarría

Nossal High School in Victoria, Australia is determined to offer their students a different form of education that is far beyond memorising facts and dozens of hours of homework. They seek to prepare students for their professional and personal lives, to enrich their knowledge, and to prepare them for an adult learning environment.

Stuart Frankhauser is the Director of Digital Development and Innovation, as well as a physics teacher at the high school and he explains why it has been challenging and rewarding to teach in a completely different way compared to the previous 20 years as an educator.


1. They are a select entry school. What that means is that they offer the very best education to the best students. The reason why this is important is that Nossal High School is a mid-sized high school, so the teachers work very hard to ensure students are provided with as much one-on-one sport as possible. All students have also gone through a series of Maths and English tests to evaluate their abilities. Majority of students at Nossal have changed schools after being top of their class at their previous school. These students are highly motivated to learn and become better every day. Teachers make sure that they can make the most tools available to students to accelerate their learning.


2. They embrace what technology can do for education. Stuart Frankhauser started as the Director of E-Learning in the school. As director, he was in charge of managing new tools and planning what the expectations the school had in terms of technology. He first decided to implement Blackboard Learn as the main LMS of the school and then merged all of their pedagogical approaches through E-Learning. He realized that there was no reason to separate E-Learning from pedagogy and classical learning. This is a very big difference, because it doesn’t mean that they are using E-Learning with no real purpose and they wanted to make sure that every class was as cutting edge as possible. Why can’t every class be an incredible lesson? That can happen if the technology is implemented correctly and successfully merged with the pedagogical approach each teacher decides to give. All the classes, materials, and even the extracurricular activities are connected to Blackboard Learn in order to make them more dynamic. Teachers decided to embrace the change of a traditional education approach and wanted to know how they could move forward. For this reason, Stuart Frankhauser’s job title changed to Director of Digital Development and Innovation, a title that is very difficult to find in a traditional school.


3. Stuart made the school more progressive with Digital Delivery Days. He was inspired by a case in Singapore where, after some sort of infectious disease breakout, schools and universities had to be cancelled. After that, educational institutions decided to implement an E-Learning strategy to remedy the incident if it occurred again, and they were prepared to teach the students. Stuart thought that it was an interesting approach and decided to try it out. After purchasing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, they were able to do the first experiment. During the Digital Delivery Days (DDD), students stay home and connect to each of their classes through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Stuart explains that these days have three main advantages.


A. For starters, students become accustomed to a learning environment that is similar to a university, where they will have to manage their time and actually be able to study from home.


B. Stuart explains that students get used to the fact that when they are in a classroom and they don’t understand the material, the teacher will sense that confusion and try to get them to understand. During the DDD, this is not the case; students have to be proactive in letting their teachers know what they don’t understand, and therefore taking charge of their own learning.


C. Some of the students at Nossal have up to a 3-hour commute to school and back each way. With the Digital Delivery Days, their routine dramatically changes and therefore the lessons are even more memorable. “It’s nice to see that they are also creating memories through this,” Stuart says. After three years of DDD being held each school term, teachers no longer need any training in order to conduct their normal classes through Blackboard Collaborate, because it’s so easy.


After they realized that it was a good methodology, they also implemented a period of asynchronous learning at the end of the school year. When students are getting ready for their final exams, the school gives them a four-day weekend to prepare. This time provides them with more flexibility to study, hand in their work, and also have the opportunity to meet up with the teacher in a Blackboard Collaborate Room in order to ask questions and revise certain topics.


4. The Nossal High School motto is “Embrace the Challenge.” Stuart says that this has become a way of seeing life, for both students and teachers. Nossal is a relatively new school as it was founded just nine years ago. One of the challenges that the school has set is to make students become the best they can be for the future. For example, Stuart, as a physics teacher, knows that in the real world, 80% of his students won’t apply the physics he teaches them in their lives, but he also knows that the collaborative work in the classroom and the critical thinking that he teaches, will better equip them for university, their jobs, and in their lives in general. They also want to implement entrepreneurial skills that collaborative learning can bring to students. They want to teach all the 21st-century essentials that the students will need. However, it has taken many teachers time to get used to the idea and the different teaching methods. Stuart confesses that this has been the most difficult and yet most rewarding job he has ever had.


5. Nossal decided to adopt the “Five Minds of the Future” model, based on a book by Howard Gardner, which states that all people should develop their five different minds: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind. All the curriculums of different classes at the high school aim to teach all the different minds and nurture each one. The sir Gus Nossal Medallion is an award that students are able to earn at the end of year twelve. The award is named in honour of Sir Gustav Nossal, a famous Australian scientist whom the school is also named after. Students have to complete certain activities throughout their academic careers to develop all five minds. If students have enough points at the end of grade twelve, they receive the medallion. It is not easy and it’s very competitive. And yet, the students have embraced the challenge and work towards achieving the goal by understanding that it makes them more rounded and better-prepared people and professionals. Ultimately, the objective of the high school is not to memorize formulas and capitals, but to prepare the students for the real world.


6. The teacher’s role has dramatically changed. At Nossal, the teacher is not seen as the one with the last word or ultimate knowledge. Both the students and the teacher have something to bring to the table. For that reason, they are doing an experiment with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra where, in each class, the students are divided into small groups and sent materials, whether it be talking points or diagrams, for example. The group discusses the materials and the teacher might lead the discussion, but the learning is in the student’s hands. That way, the traditional model of a teacher standing in front of the class talking for hours is interrupted and the class is delivered using a very different method. The faculty role is well regarded and allows students to reach conclusions on their own.


7. Liberty is given to the teachers at Nossal High School. Stuart explains how the Principal of the school has a very strong vision for what he wants the school to be like and lays a wonderful foundation for the leading teachers. The leading teachers are those that are given a lot of freedom and opportunity to explore new ideas in education and pedagogy. “We have permission to fail,” Stuart says, and that is also the way the students are taught. As long as they have a reasonable reason for why they want to try something out (just like the Digital Delivery Days), they have an open mind to try it out and see if it works or if it doesn’t. However, it’s clear that this educational system is not for everyone and many teachers feel quite challenged by it. Trust is the ultimate power they have and allows for creativity and an opportunity to change something in the future of the students they are molding. As long as teachers have more liberty, they also feel more inspired by their work, they want to go the extra mile, they care about the student’s well-being, and they are willing to work for the future of these kids.


Nossal High School might be the future for schools and should be an inspiration. Stuart explains that his biggest reward is seeing the Nossal alumni, how they have applied every lesson they learned to their life, and keep coming back to the place that was not just a school, but a place of transformation, learning, and an embrace of education.

*Stuart Frankhauser, Director of digital delivery and innovation at Nossal High School.


*Photos by: AFP Mark Peterson

Pathways Week - Year 11

Pathways Week was an experience like no other. It was intended to better prepare Year 11s by improving our 'soft skills' and making us more employable for the job market.


We started the week off with a study skills workshop that covered everything from job application advice and learning how to write a resume to interview tips and tricks.


On Wednesday, we attended Wheel Talk and listened to an inspirational speaker talk about making the best of every situation. We were then allowed to choose two activities such as mindful colouring, meditation, wheelchair basketball, bootcamp and more to participate in, all intended to improve our wellbeing. The final activity of Wednesday was my favourite of them all – the Playground Sounds silent disco. Students were given headphones and we were put in the Lecture Theatre with the lights turned off and everyone just danced. It was tiring but great fun and by the end of the day, there was not a single person who hadn’t enjoyed themselves.


Thursday were the VET Courses and I opted for Food Safety Handler and Barista courses, both of which taught me many new skills and giving me the confidence to be employable.


And then came Friday, which was the day of the EduTest where the Year 11s retook the test we sat in Year 8 to gain admission into the school. I was expecting the worst, but it turned out to be fairly manageable and the best thing was, we got to go home early!


All in all, it was a week full of new and memorable experiences.  


By Anisha Gupta - Year 11


Pathways Week - Year 10 Uni Visits

On Tuesday March 21, the Year 10 Nossal cohort went on an excursion to the city for a visit to two universities – The University of Melbourne and Australian Catholic University. Both universities gave the students an insight into what is ahead of us in the future, and what we can do now that could impact or prepare us for university. They also informed us about what courses, activities and opportunities were offered at the university – which gave us an idea of what universities offer and which university could benefit us the most. 


The 22 street block campus of Melbourne University was a prestigious encounter for most of the students. The university staff that hosted the session informed us about the history of the university, its achievements, its courses, international opportunities, and what we can do in Year 10 to prepare ourselves for university life. The informative lecture inspired us to think about our future and what we wanted or could do with the help of this university. We also had the opportunity to hear from graduates of Nossal High School that attend the University. They gave us helpful and supportive advice on how to get through VCE and the transition from high school to university. We then participated in a self-guided tour around the campus, and explored its variety of large and small buildings and facilities. 


The modern design, international opportunities, and practical classes of Australian Catholic University gave us a different insight into life in university. The kind staff also gave us an informative lecture about the unique offers and classes that are at the university. ACU, differing from other universities in Victoria, evidently puts a lot more focus on practical activities such as nursing and midwifery practices. To the students, it was a lot different to the study, research and assignment based universities we hear about – and it influenced us to think more openly on what universities offer and which one could benefit us the best for the very unique and individual futures we seek. 


The Year 10 visits to the University of Melbourne and Australian Catholic University helped us understand how universities work, the offers and courses we should consider, and how we should prepare for our future. The visit inspired us to think more on our future, what we aspire to be and how we should achieve it – taking into account, the university could help us the most. 


David Buela - Year 10


WABIAD Charity Dinner Dance at Nossal High School

Nossal High School students are involved in raising funds to support Kids Cancer Project by writing a book in a day (WABIAD) on August 22. The books that they write will be distributed to children who are cancer patients in hospitals throughout Australia.


One of the fund raising events Nossal is running to help raise fund for this worthy cause is the WABIAD Charity Dinner Dance.


This event will be held in the school’s auditorium on Friday, August 4 from 6.30 to 11 pm.


All funds raised will be donated to Kids Cancer Project. Why not get a group of friends together and book a whole table for this fun night?


We invite family and community support for this very worthwhile cause. Get your tickets now for the Nossal WABIAD Charity Dinner Dance at


Kamla Reddy

Director of Information Resource Centre


Science News

Students design and build compost bins

In Environmental Science in Term One, one of the classes was given the task to design a compost system that would be suitable for Nossal as we only had two small plastic compost bins. We are hoping to improve composting at Nossal but needed suitably sized bins to meet the needs of a whole school. Students surveyed and measured up the site, conducted research into existing compost systems and, in teams, designed a system that they believed would work for Nossal. The winning designs were by Amelia and Amy, and Shehanee, Kaveesha and Carley. In our first lesson for Term Two, the students all worked together with the help of lab technician, Chris Bramich, to construct a 3-compartment compost system. The NEST team is now working on setting up a roster of volunteers to take compostable waste to the bins on a daily basis and we are hoping to get the City of Casey to come out and run a Composting Workshop with interested students.


Ms Jessica Ball

Year 9 Environmental Science Teacher


Science by Osmosis

Every little kid dreams about being a scientist and performing cool experiments; and in Term 1, the Unit 3/4 Biology students got to fulfil their childhood dream! Their first assessment task of 2017 proved to be both an exciting and daunting one; they were to play scientists and design their own experiments! The students had to plan and perform an experiment, centred around the topic of osmosis, and present their findings in a scientific poster.


The students took their basis for the experiments on one they had previously performed, involving potato cubes and different concentrations of saline solutions. For their self-designed experiment, they were free to manipulate the independent variable of their choosing, and the cohort showed impressive creativity in choosing the element to be changed. Some chose to use glucose solutions instead of salt, some chose to investigate different sizes of cubes, and some chose to change the vegetables altogether! Whether it was potatoes the students were using, or carrots, strawberries, or bananas, they were provided with the best materials and equipment, thanks to Nossal’s wonderful lab technicians.


The experiment was fully directed and performed by the students, who cut their own vegetable/fruit cubes, measured and labelled every cube and beaker of solution, and recorded all data and observations. They went on to use this data to create a scientific poster to relate their findings. In making the poster, the students learnt the crucial skills of evaluating the flaws and errors in their experiments (there were a few!), and communicating information in a concise manner so as to make the poster visually appealing.


As hopeful future scientists, this experiment was not only an enjoyable glimpse into the life of a scientist, but also enjoyable and worthwhile practice for when we perform more important experiments in the future.


Khanh Nguyen

Year 11 student and 2017 Science Student Leader


IRC News

“Write-a-book-in-a-day” (WABIAD) project

This year seventeen students from Nossal High School in two teams will be involved in a very worthwhile project to raise funds for Kids Cancer Project.  The project is “Write-a-book-in-a-day.” Our students will be involved in the upper secondary division. 


The project will require the teams to plan and commence writing the book at 8:00am on a chosen day and finish writing, illustrating, and binding by at 8:00pm on the same day.  All stories will be written from a unique set if parameters provided for each team at the beginning of the day of writing. The completed books will be distributed to children aged between 10 and 16 who are patients in hospitals throughout Australia.


The project, while encouraging the students to display their creative talents, is also aimed at raising funds for the Kids Cancer Project.  One hundred percent of funds raised through sponsorship donations and other fund raising activities will be given to medical institutions nationwide for their research into children’s cancer.


The students will be involved in a number of fund raising activities as well as sponsorship drives for this project. We invite family and community support for this very worthwhile cause.


Kamla Reddy

Director of Information Resource Centre


The photos below show the students being prepared by Mrs Reddy to participate in the competition.


Support our WABIAD Teams to raise funds for Kids Cancer Project

Get your tickets now for the Nossal WABIAD Charity Dinner Dance at

More information on the General News page of this newsletter


Languages News

John Heffernan ‘Hotaka’ Workshops

On Friday March 10, our Year 10 and VCE Japanese classes attended an hour long incursion with author John Heffernan, an Australian author of over 60 novels.


He shared his thoughts and insights into the writing process of his novel 'Hotaka', one of the Through My Eyes – Natural Disaster Zones series of books.  'Hotaka' explores the conditions experienced during and after the devastation of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan through the eyes of a child, who is surrounded by those who have lost everything dear to them. The story also included a vigorous exploration of Japanese culture and history. The Japanese classes are very fortunate to have this novel available to them in the classroom.


In addition to sharing his thoughts and insights regarding the book, Mr Heffernan gave us an insight into his own trip to Japan, sharing what he saw of the aftermath of the natural disaster and the sense of community he felt within these affected areas, an important characteristic of Japanese society. Mr Heffernan was an engaging speaker and gave us a greater understanding of Japanese customs and culture, furthering our own learning outcomes in Japanese studies. 


Kimiko Rathbone

Year 11 student and 2017 Japanese Cultural Liaison Leader



Parents & Friends Association News

Welcome back everyone from the long Easter holidays!!!  We hope everyone have enjoyed their time spent away from school.

The NEW Entertainment Book is here!

The Entertainment™ Book, and the Entertainment™ Digital Membership, are your guide to the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more, all with valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers.


The local restaurant and activity vouchers offer amazing discounts to various establishments including restaurants, cafes, activities, attractions, retailers, accommodation and travel.  Every Entertainment Book sold using our special link, raises  funds for Nossal and you get a year of saving money and get to do things that you probably wouldn’t normally do!


Ordering is simple! Drop into the front office and pick up an order form and check out the book we have on display to see the amazing offers inside or use the following link to securely order your Book or Digital Membership:


Contact Nellie Fung (PFA President) on 0434 450 035 for further details.


Important dates 2017

Our future PFA meeting dates:

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 - Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 20 May 2017 - Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Fountain Gate
Wednesday, 7 June 2017 - Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 2 August 2017 - Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 6 September 2017 - Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 1 November 2017 - Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - Committee Meeting (TBC)


Please feel free to join us anytime you are available.  PFA Meetings are held at 7:00pm in the Jean Russell Centre on the first Wednesday of the month in school terms.


Shanny Tan

PFA Newsletter Liaison

NHS & Community Events and News

PFA Second Hand Uniform Sale
- May 1


Jazz Night 2017


Support our WABIAD Teams to raise funds for Kids Cancer Project

Get your tickets now for the Nossal WABIAD Charity Dinner Dance at

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