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02 May 2019
Issue Five
From the Principal
Dates to Remember
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From the Principal


Welcome back everyone. I trust all families had a restful and enjoyable break. It was really great weather so hopefully lots of outdoor activities were undertaken. Second term is a very busy term with lots of extracurricular activities happening so please check our Facebook page and COMPASS for constant updates.


Congratulations to two of our staff members who are expecting a new addition to their families in the next few months. Jaclyn Knowles is expecting her third child in September and Sharni Oliver her first child in October. We wish both well during this very exciting time.


Unfortunately Lachie Wright injured his knee playing football and required surgery over the school holidays. We hope to see Lachie back at work very soon and have been told that Nala has been looking after him during his recuperation.


Our Year 3 & 5 students will be taking part in the National Assessment Program, NAPLAN beginning on Tuesday May 14th. Each day the children will be required to complete tests over a range of learning areas including Reading, Writing, Number, Spelling and Grammar. Every child approaches these tests differently with some handling the situation well and others finding it very challenging. We ask that you support your child by not placing any undue pressure on them to perform. Our teachers are doing a marvellous job preparing the children for this experience and hopefully this preparation will support the children in their efforts.  A student can only be exempt or withdrawn from this testing with the approval of the parent or carer. If you feel your child needs to be exempt please contact me for further information. It’s important to remember that NAPLAN results provide a snapshot in time and is not necessarily the only indicator of a student’s future success.


We value Student Voice as a means of improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction. To further enhance our students input into their education, Rollins will participate in the annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training. Students from Year 4-6 will participate in the survey. All responses to the survey are kept anonymous and only general trend data is returned to the school for future planning.

Last year the survey results were influential to our whole school review and helped identify key improvement areas to further assist your child’s learning opportunities.


We will be holding our annual Mother’s Day stall on Wednesday May 8th (Batesford Campus) and Thursday May 9th (Rollins Campus). This is a great opportunity for our students to purchase a gift for their mother and also acts as a fundraiser for our school oval. We would be extremely grateful if each family could donate a small gift to be sold at the stall. Please send all donations to the school office. Many thanks in advance for your support.


Just a “Heads Up” for parents. On Monday 27th May we are planning a staff development day to enhance the teaching of Numeracy at Rollins. As a result the school will be closed on this day while teachers are up skilled in this curriculum area.


If you are purchasing school windcheaters for the coming colder months please note that they need to be navy blue, not red. The red jumpers are reserved for the Grade 6 students.


My thanks go to our School Captains, Kyden and Aaliyah, who attended the Geelong Schools ANZAC Ceremony at Johnstone Park on Wednesday 24th April. Kyden and Aaliyah laid a wreath on behalf our entire school community and represented us with a great deal of pride.



The school Band will perform for you.                             

Principal's Pondering (A Growth Mindset message)


Dates to Remember


Monday 6 - Grade prep, 1 and 2 Responsible Pet Education Program

Wednesday 8 - District Cross Country - selected students

Wednesday 8 - Mother's Day Stall - Batesford Campus

Thursday 9 - Mother's Day Stall - Rollins Campus

Monday 20 to Friday 24 - Education Week

Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 - Bookfair

Wednesday 22 - Grade 5 & 6 Corio District Winter Lightning Premiership

Monday 27 - Curriculum Day - NO STUDENTS REQUIRED AT SCHOOL


Tuesday 4 - Grade 3 & 4 Geelong Library and Johnston Park excursion

Monday 10 - Queen's Birthday - PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Wednesday 19 - The Ridiculous Rhyme Show - whole school incursion

Friday 28  - Last Day of Term 2



Monday 15 - Curriculum Day - NO STUDENTS REQUIRED AT SCHOOL

Tuesday 16 - First day of term 3 for Rollins students

Star Of The Week

Star Of The Week

Congratulations to the following students.
Certificates will be presented at assembly.


Student Name


Prep JK  

Bridgette Hopwood

For having a great start to Term 2 and always having a go at everything she does. Great job Bridgette, keep it up!

Prep JT 

Lincoln Horvat

For always having a positive attitude to all his learning and always having a smile on his face. Keep it up!

Prep ST

Lila Spooner

For having a positive attitude towards her writing and learning in general. You are a Superstar student Lila, keep it up!


Bria Taylor

for her hard work to meet the targets in her written recounts and achieving her goals. Well done!


Francisco Pagtolon-An

For getting through a really 'tough' week of work with little fuss and a big smile. Well done Francisco.


Zarah Charles

For her amazing recount on the Grade two Sports games.


Evie Witney

For always striving to improve and for her home reading over the holidays. Well done!


Eamon Warriner

For putting in a huge effort with reading this week. Great job!


Indiana kee

For her consistent work in problem solving during maths. Well done Indi!


Krista Taylor

For her consistent hard work in writing and creating amazing stories.


Anastasia Young

For always having a positive attitude and being a great participant in activities.


Lily Hathway

For contributing to class discussion during Kahoot quizzes. Keep up the great work Lily!


Seth Eliott


Caylan Washington

For taking great responsibility  for his learning by consistently asking questions and seeking answers.

 For displaying a positive attitude across all curriculum areas towards his learning.


Makayla Jacobs

For a great start at Rollins and demonstrating a very positive attitude to working hard and fitting in with everyone.


Bailey Fitzgerald

For saving the teachers sanity and being a fantastic Tech wiz!


Isabella Kalezic

For her commitment to the GALS program. keep it up Bella.


Aliyah Posterino

Great keyboard playing for the ANZAC song.


Jack Westmoreland

For his positive attitude and enthusiasm in Art. keep it up!


Caleb Walker

For trying his best and improving his skipping skills. Well done!

Other Information

School Updates and Information

Family Night Fun helped raise more than $4,000 to go towards our new oval!

Mother's Day Stall


Office News

Some may have already noticed but we have a 'Compass Kiosk' at the front office which allows for electronic signing in for visitors to the school, plus signing in late students and early departures.  It is very simple to use and Sandy is always happy to assist.


Permission and payment for most excursions/incursions/activities is available online through Compass, and is easy, safe and convenient.  A paper note doesn't need to be completed if giving permission through Compass.  If paying by CSEF or cash the paper note still needs to be returned please.


CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund) applications close on 21st June, so if you are a new eligible Health Care Card holder please see the office for more information or see information in Compass School Documentation.  If you applied for CSEF in 2018, you do not need to complete a new application form in 2019.  Thank you.

Rollins Primary School recognises that every day of attendance at school contributes towards a student's learning and that maximising school attendance enhances academic outcomes.

Each newsletter the attendance rates of Rollins students will be visible for the entire community. We take attendance very seriously at Rollins PS and have a goal to have as close to 100% of student attendance as possible.

Whole school year to date (YTD) % Whole school past fortnight %
92.4% 88%


Grade Prep Grade1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
% attendance YTD 93.3% 91.7% 91.1% 91.9% 92.3% 93.8% 92.5%

For more information regarding attendance please follow the link to the Education Department's Attendance Policy

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