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22 October 2019
Issue Ten
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

The beginning of spring with days of warm weather and our magnificent cherry trees in blossom has certainly helped in providing an uplifting start to Term 4.  Many students have told me that they had a great holiday but are pleased to be back at school enjoying the company of their friends and teachers. 

Relay For Life Has Our Students Raising Money For Cancer

Thanks to an outstanding group of teachers and our SLC and sports leaders who generously gave of their first weekend of the holidays to participate in ‘Relay for Life’. They raised in excess of $12000, which was the largest sum of any organization.  Funds will be used to support the most important priority of cancer treatment and research.  The students were exceptional ambassadors for our school, completing the midnight marathon and many circuits of the Ballam Park Athletics Track.  Congratulations and a huge thank you to these amazing young people (teachers and students) we are so fortunate to have at our school. 

Welcome Back To Our Intrepid Central Australia Adventurers!

Year 11 students have returned from their Central Oz trip that began in the latter part of Term 3 finishing midway during the holidays.  Many thanks to staff who sacrificed their personal time especially their holiday time away from family and friends to support our students in having a trip they will remember for the rest of their lives.  Staff reported on the excellent behaviour of students on this trip with many travelers in Central Australia commenting on how friendly and courteous our students are.  Such positive feedback makes me very proud to be Principal of Frankston High School. 

Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR) Track And Field Finals:  Students And Staff To Be Proud Of!
Frankston High School Winners!

Last week the students representing Frankston High School at the SMR Finals epitomised our motto of doing their best and showed great sportsmanship throughout the day.    Frankston High School are yet again SMR Champions and this is a great achievement since our competition involved many other schools who regard themselves as elite sporting schools.  There has been an extraordinary team of staff who have devoted many early mornings, weekends and school holidays to coaching and enthusing our students as members of Semper Squad.  Thanks to Mrs Chloe Stevens, Mr Mal Burt, Mr Steven Bonfadini, Ms Joanna Beck and Mrs Kylie Grech who have supported our athletes.  Our students are most fortunate to have staff who are prepared to give their all to create such an exemplary sporting culture.  We wish our team every success and enjoyment in their participation in the up and coming State Championships.

Year 12 Holiday Exams Prepare Students For Final Exams

A huge thank you to Ms Helen Wilson who sacrificed more than a week during the holidays to organise and oversee the Year 12 holiday practice exams.  Students have commented that this was a great learning experience enabling them to further perfect their exam techniques and

to become aware of areas of their course requiring more focus. 

The last few weeks of school for Year 12 students and the SWOT VAC period can make all the difference to final subject scores.  My suggestion to all Year 12 students is to establish a timetable of study and to practice as many exams as possible under exam conditions and then to constantly seek teacher feedback about their performance.  This is a very demanding study period so it is essential to have an hour off each day apart from meal times to do something that you find relaxing.  I look forward to wishing the Class of 2019 every success and happiness in the future as we say farewell on Celebration Day and join with parents at our up and coming Valedictory dinner.

Wishing everyone a Term 4 that is full of fun and challenging learning activities at our great school.

Sponsor A Seat: Performing Arts Theatre

As a fundraising initiative, families are able to sponsor seats and have their family name inscribed on the back of a seat.  Get in early because some families are competing for their favourite seat number and/or position.  Contact Stav Smaragdiou if you are interested or book via Trybooking




Mr John Albiston


Senior School News

Welcome Back

Welcome back to what is a critical and very busy time of year for our senior school students. 

Year 12 September Exam

I would like to thank all students and parents for the overwhelming support for the Year 12 exams which were held over the September holiday period.  This program was an outstanding success, and I hope it is a valuable learning experience for students in terms of perfecting exam techniques and time management.  It is now important for students to act on the feedback which has been provided by their teachers to further improve their learning outcomes and examination performance.

 I would also like to thank the supervisors who assisted with the exams in particular Mrs Bev Valentine, who worked tirelessly to ensure the exams ran efficiently and under VCAA guidelines.  I would also like to acknowledge the extra work and dedication of our Year 12 teachers in the setting and marking of these exams.

Year 11 Central Australia Tour

Another successful tour of Central Australia and the Northern Territory has arrived home safely with students and staff reporting on a memorable and enjoyable trip.  Congratulations to the students who were excellent ambassadors for Frankston High School.  I am sure you gained an invaluable appreciation of Australian culture and will have life long memories of this tour.  Thank you to the staff involved, under the leadership of Mrs Adrienne Shepard who gave of their personal time and worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the trip – their commitment and dedication is outstanding.  Thank you also to Mrs Anne Thomson for the excellent organisation of the trip.


We have now reached the most critical time of year.  Year 12 students have less than one week of class time left and Year 11 students have four weeks before their exams.  All students should have implemented a comprehensive study plan/timetable to prepare for their examinations.

Some useful hints for exam preparation:

  • Prepare summaries in your own words and use pictures, tables and graphs to help you remember the theory
  • Highlight the key words that you need to remember and create the theory
  • Work with a study partner and ask each other questions about the notes or explain the concepts to another person (parents come in handy here!)
  • Study in blocks of time eg. 50 minute blocks followed by a ten minute break
  • Practice as many past exam papers as possible so you get used to the timing and types of questions examiners ask
  • Don’t cram before exams; a bit each day is a much more effective way to learn
  • Establish a regular routine in studying, eating, exercising and sleeping
  • Study and sit previous years’ exam papers at home at the same time as the end of year exam.
  • Don’t stay up all night; it’s not an effective way to learn

I would like to remind parents and students of the Elevate presentations where the importance of completing past exam papers was stressed.  The presenters stated that a critical component of student success in Year 12 is completing past exam papers under timed conditions and receiving feedback from teachers on their answers.  As a minimum 5-6 practice exam papers should be completed per subject; based on research the top students in each study are completing 20-30 practice exam papers and meeting with their teachers to receive feedback.  Students should also be reading the Assessment Reports on past exam papers which are available at

Performance and Oral Examinations

Students in studies with a performance or oral component have been given a timetable for these examinations.  Any student who has not received a timetable should see Mr Cameron immediately. The examination period begins on Monday 7 October and ends on Sunday 3 November.  Students should arrive at their examination half an hour before the scheduled start time and must have photo identification with them.

Good luck to all students involved. 

Important Dates

Year 12 Examinations begin Wednesday 30 October and conclude on Friday 22 November.

Year 11 students are not required to attend school on Wednesday 30 October due to the Year 12 English Examination taking place on this day.


Year 11 Examinations begin on Monday 18 November and conclude on Friday 29 November.  The results from these Year 11 examinations are very important and determine subject selection and promotion to Year 12.


The final submission date for all work for Senior School students is Friday 8 November.


The Early Commencement Program will run from Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December.  Attendance is compulsory for all 2019 Year 11 and Year 12 students.


I wish all senior school students the very best for their upcoming exams.

Congratulations To Amelie Schumann

Amelie was recently selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), a two-week residential program held at the Imperial College of London.  Below is an article written by Amelie on her invaluable experience.

"A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), a two-week residential program held at the Imperial College of London. The website puts it this way: ‘Founded in 1959, LIYSF aims to give a deeper insight into science and its applications for the benefit of all mankind; and to develop a greater understanding between people of all nations.’

After participating in the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in January, I was ecstatic to apply for the international programs. The LIYSF caught my eye because it hosted over 75 countries, with a total of 500 students! I realised that with this diversity in culture I could learn a lot about STEM’s role in a global sense.

The LIYSF experience was surreal. On one day, I learned about a student’s research project about muon-detectors on the surface of Mars, and on the following day, we were learning Italian dances in a fountain. Because every student was unified on the idea of science, I was always very comfortable walking up to people and making conversation. For example, I could ask, ‘what country are you from?’, and ‘what field of science are you passionate about?’; they may answer ‘Cyprus’, and ‘nanorobotics’, and I would instantly learn about new ideas and ways of thinking!

From the LIYSF I learnt a lot of things. I learnt about a variety of cultures and their arts, food, and more. I learnt about the significance of STEM in our everyday lives; how we can use science as an effective tool in solving major issues. I learnt more about my passion in physics and saw where it could take me moving forward. I also learnt how to make a really nice tea.

That brings me to the support of Frankston High School and other incredible organisations such as Rotary International. With the school’s financial aid, I was able to further explore my passions and see the real-world applications of STEM. Thank you all for helping me!"

Amelie Schumann

Year 12

Congratulations to Jess Vize

Jess completed a three day geospatial technologies course at RMIT during the July school holidays. The event was called the Geotech Spatial Hackfest.  At the Hackfest, Jess learnt to use geospatial software and data sets, found out how geospatial technology is used in workplaces and worked to solve problems using the software. She was one of 15 students selected for the course on the basis of her marks and recommendation from her Geography teacher at Distance Education where she is undertaking Units 1 and 2 Geography this year. During the course she worked with experts from emergency management Victoria, ESRI, Victoria Police, City of Melbourne and visited the State Control Centre. The students worked in groups to use open access software to analyse and solve a problem related to the city of Melbourne and safety.

At the award ceremony she listened to talks by Rob Gell who is the patron of GTAV and who presented the current science behind our climate crisis, Nova Peris, who spoke about Aboriginal culture and climate action, and a student advocate who is using social media to build knowledge of the climate movement and sustainability.

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

The Year 12 Valedictory Dinner will be held on Wednesday 23 October at The Pullman Melbourne, Albert Park from 7.00 pm to midnight.  Students should have finalised their tickets and tables as catering numbers need to be confirmed.  I would like to thank Mr Simon Cameron and Ms Elise  Roper for their excellent organisation of this night.  I look forward to seeing Year 12 parents and students at this important event. 


Wednesday 23 October

The Pullman Albert Park

65 Queens Road, Melbourne

6:30pm to 11:30pm 

$95 each ticket

Year 12 students may purchase 3 tickets

(1 for themselves and 2 guests)

Tickets can be purchased online (refer to Compass information)

Any enquiries please contact Ms Elise Roper on 9783 7955 or


The Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship

Applications for this annual scholarship are invited from government school students of VCE Music - Solo Performance.  The selection panel will consider applicants who can demonstrate a commitment  to music in recent years and to a future career in music performance.  The students’ study scores for VCE Music - Solo Performance will be taken into consideration. This scholarship was established by the family of the late Margaret Schofield in recognition of her achievements as a musician and her commitment to music education and is coordinated by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The annual scholarship will contribute towards the cost of tertiary education in music performance. 

The application form is published on the VCAA website:

DOXA Hollingworth Cadetship Program

This program is designed to provide disadvantaged youth who have satisfactorily completed their Year 12 studies, with the opportunity to pursue university education and gain future employment.

The current cadets are studying a range of degrees including Social and Environmental Science, Applied Science, Law, Arts, Commerce, Transport and Logistics Management, Economics, Business, Computing, Engineering, Accounting, Public Relations, Human Resources, Psychology, Arts, Urban Planning and Architecture.

The Doxa Cadetship provides: 

  • Financial assistance
  • Work experience with a corporate organisation
  • A mentor
  • Book allowance
  • Professional and personal development

If you are interested in applying, please see me.   


The David Burgess Foundation

The David Burgess Foundation has provided scholarships to well deserving, disadvantaged students for the past 27 years.  The Foundation aims to help young people from State secondary schools who have had to struggle to overcome adversity, who have shown commitment to their goals and those of the community, and who, with some help, have the opportunity to succeed in their studies and future life.


Any Year 12 students who satisfy the criteria and are interested in applying for this award are asked to please see me.  Details regarding the criteria and additional information regarding The David Burgess Foundation can be found at


Applications for 2020 scholarships close on 28 October 2019.

Best Wishes To The Class Of 2019

As this is the final newsletter for our Year 12 students before they embark on their final examinations, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere best wishes for their examinations and their future goals and ambitions.  I wish them every success in the future and I would like to thank them for their excellent contribution to Frankston High School.  They have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  I would also like to congratulate and thank the excellent work and leadership of our two School Captains Anzali Nedumaran and Jade Roberts and Deputy School Captains Lily Chapple and Guy Taylor.


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



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1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sara Dawson & Adele Tonroe

Telephone 9784 9080





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10.00am - 12.00noon



Melbourne Cup Weekend






Either Summer OR Winter uniform (but not a combination) can be worn from the beginning of Term 4 until Melbourne Cup Day.  Summer Uniform must be worn from thereafter until the end of school year.

And The 2020 School Production Is......

We are excited to FINALLY announce that next year we will be staging 'Chicago' as our first show in the beautiful Performing Arts Theatre!!




Kingswim Car Park
 Monday & Wednesday before 11.00am



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Frankston Life Saving Club

Nippers Information Night
Friday 25 October


Community Sport


Student Wellbeing News

Exams Time......Top 7 tips for parents and families

These tips can help you support your teenager in the lead up to exams:

  • Talk about symptoms of stress at home and help your teenager to identify when and why they might be feeling stressed. By understanding what makes them stressed they can build the skills to cope better and reduce stress in the future. You may want to share some of your own experiences or tips for coping.
  • Help them set up a quiet and comfortable place to study and help them get organised. Talk through their study planning and help them set achievable goals and break their tasks down into bite-sized pieces.
  • Help them to write a study timetable that includes breaks and time to relax and socialise.
  • Give them some time off household chores during their exam period and schedule family time around their study timetable. Be responsive to their needs and don't ask them to stop studying for something that isn't urgent.
  • Help them write a list of things they can do to relax. Making time to relax can help to reduce stress and calm their nerves. By identifying things that help them feel relaxed, they will have a toolkit for managing stress next time.
  • Encourage them to be active, eat well and sleep well. Go for walks or be active as a whole family and make healthy meals (limiting caffeine and sugar - teenagers should not drink more than 100ml of caffeine per day).
  • Look after yourself. Take time out to relax, have fun and do something for yourself. Even if it's for ten minutes before the kids get up, practicing a little self-care every day can help to reduce your own stress. By taking care of your own wellbeing you will be in a better place to support your teenager through this stressful time.

What to do if your teenager isn't coping!

If your teenager really isn't coping with their study load it may be time to seek further support from a professional. A psychologist or counsellor can help them learn strategies to manage their stress. You can also talk to one of the Wellbeing staff about ways to support them at school.

It is also important to talk about different types of achievement. Getting the right ATAR is not the only way to achieve their goals.

This is a resource from


If you have any concerns about a young person who attends this school please feel free to contact any of our Wellbeing staff members:


Michelle Beirouti (7-10 Campus),

Myriam Camilleri (7-10 Campus),

Kirsten Bakker (VCE Campus)

Out and About

History And The Development Of Indigenous Knowledge And Awareness

In recent times, the History Faculty has set ourselves the challenge of providing our students with more exposure to Indigenous resources within our local area.

Over the past three years, Lionel Lauch from ‘Living Culture’ has presented students in ‘Australian History’ with a rich and highly interesting cultural workshop. Its interactive nature has seen students sampling nutritional native plants as well as learning of their medicinal qualities.

Lionel, who is the nephew of famous Australian singer/songwriter Archie Roach, has also spoken frankly about his stolen generation experience, enabling students to better understand the short and long-term consequences of colonisation.

Finally, his workshop entails instruction in fire making, Marngrook playing, weaponry and hunting as well as didgeridoo playing and healing: a highlight.  Lionel is a master storyteller.

Last term, all our Year 7 groups attended a cultural immersion workshop at Willum Warrain Aboriginal Centre in Hastings. This is an outstanding resource in our local area. Students participate in activities ranging from smoking ceremony to dance. The care and knowledge imparted from elders makes this day both special and unique.

Next month, recently retired Age journalist and renowned novelist and biographer, Martin Flanagan will visit the school to talk to students and teachers about Reconciliation and the importance of History in our lives.

Mr John Russell

History Teacher

Victorian Secondary Schools’ Parliamentary Convention

On Tuesday 3 September, Keelia Ebanks, Michaela Goggin, Perri Hobbs, Matisse Knight, Anastasia Parkhomenko and Louis Robson were invited to attend the Victorian Secondary Schools’ Parliamentary Convention at Parliament House to debate the topic “Should we abolish the Legislative Council in Victoria?”. Together, led by Mrs Cindy Bryant and Mr Isaac Bakker, students researched the pros and cons of both bicameral and unicameral parliamentary systems before concluding that Victoria is best to remain a bicameral system and, therefore, the Legislative Council should not be abolished. The group prepared a two-minute opening address detailing their reasons, which was confidently and professionally delivered by Keelia Ebanks and Louis Robson to Victorian Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Maree Edwards and 100 delegates from schools around Victoria. Students were then separated into interschool discussion groups to further delve into the issue before re-entering parliament and debating the issue in an open ‘Soap Box’ format. Each Frankston High School student volunteered to speak, sharing their own creative arguments for remaining a bicameral parliament. At the end of the day, the issue was decided by vote, with the majority of delegates deciding that the Legislative Council should remain.


As students were gathering their belongings before leaving, I was approached by several organisers of the event and teachers from other schools who commended Frankston High School students for their strong public speaking skills and unique contributions to the event, with one organiser stating that “Frankston High School students were the most well-spoken”. Congratulations to all Frankston High School delegates for representing the school with strong critical thinking and respect for others.


Mr Isaac Bakker

Business Studies 

Netball Champions!

What a bright lookout it is for Frankston High School Netball.

Over 80 players represented the school last season in the Domestic Netball League, playing against strong competition, including Toorak, Peninsula, Flinders and other local schools and clubs.


Our Year 9 Redbacks made it to the finals against Year 10 girls and we really hope they’ll give it one more go next year; they are brilliant!


The Year 9/10 Spiders, being it their first season, really lifted as they played more together and made the finals too, a fantastic effort.


All the Year 7 teams made it to finals, sometimes against all Year 8 teams, and the Year 7/8 Vipers showed everybody how the game should be played, with an exemplary attitude towards the sport, playing for the fun of playing and competing together.


Section 1 Whitetails and Section 2 Dragonflies both saved their best games for the Grand Finals, bringing home a fantastic season as champions!!

Many thanks to Ms Libby Nicol for the Semper training, to Mia Blood, Jade Keane, Lottie Shinkfield and to the dedicated coaches Julie, Lily, Kerri, Shannon, Audrey, Sue, Emma, Juanita and Andrea.


And finally a huge thanks to all the parents for their support of the girls, the teams, the league and Frankston High School sport.


We are very proud of your spirit and great achievements through a long, hard season and wish all the girls best of luck in the summer competition.

Mr Chris Sutcliffe

Netball Coordinator

Soccer News

On Tuesday 10 September the Year 8 girls soccer team competed in the State Finals at the Darebin International Sports Centre. The team played in three group matches against Victory Lutheran College, Trinity Collage Colac and Wonthaggi Secondary College wining all three games, scoring six goals and only conceding once.


The final was against the undefeated sports academy Rowville who were boasting an exceptional side including a junior Matilda. The game was a very close fought battle at an extremely high standard with both teams displaying amazing skill and fair play. After a nil all halftime score line the game ended with Rowville winning one nil, resulting in the team finishing as State Runners Up.


The team played extremely well throughout the whole campaign, not only showing dedication and constant improvement, but also fantastic sportsmanship and representing Frankston High School in an exceptional manner.


Mr Paul Don

Soccer Coordinator

International Student News

Excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria

On Tuesday, 17 September, we took 19 students to the National Gallery of Victoria and four students had the opportunity to go to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition while we were there.  Fifteen of the students were from the ELC and it was a great opportunity for them to see Melbourne and travel by public transport.  We were also invited to have a Chinese lunch at one of our agencies who refers students to our school, JJL Overseas Education.  It was an excellent day with very good behavior from our new students who have only been studying at our school this term.  Thank you to Karen Williams and Mindy Fischer with helping supervise these students.

Farewell Rui, Hana and Jenny!

On Friday, 20 September, we said farewell to Rui Sekita on exchange from our Japanese Sister School, Hana Shimamoto from Japan and Jenny Son from Korea.

We enjoyed having the three girls study at our school and organized a farewell afternoon tea.  They invited many of their friends, both International and local.  We wish them all the best for their future study back in their home countries.

Welcome to Frankston High School!

We recently welcomed four new students to our school from China, the Philippines and Hong Kong.  It was lovely to see their families come to help them settle into our school.  They all put on their school uniforms and enjoyed the opportunity to start in their classes with everyone making them feel welcome.

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