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16 August 2019
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Principal's Post 

Michael Phillips

It’s a wrap, as tomorrow night the curtain falls on our 2019 production, Spamalot.

A special thankyou to the Director, Mr Karl McNamara and the whole production company, for creating such a wonderful production. It has been delightful to see so many families enjoying the performances of our students in this lively and fun-filled production. I would like to congratulate all of the students involved for their hard work dedication and creativity, whether as a cast member, technical crew person, backstage or makeup or as a musician in the orchestra. The support of so many staff and parents  contributes greatly to the quality performances that our students achieve.


Congratulations to Intermediate Girls Football team on reaching the Victorian state finals to be held later this month. This is a first for Ringwood and another significant highlight for our sporting program.


Our musicians, continue to work hard with great results being obtained in the Victorian Schools Music Festival including a number of Gold and Platinum awards. Check out the details from our music department


There is lots happening at the moment   in the college relating to subject and course selections for 2019. In the coming fortnight, many students will be finalising their senior pathway choices.


There will be a further opportunity for reflection on progress during the current semester on Wednesday August 28th, with parent teacher and student conferences scheduled on that date. Classes will not operate on that date to allow teachers the time to conduct conferences between 12.00 and 8pm. Bookings can be made through Compass.


The next stage of our building program is about to commence with all of the advance preparations complete. The builder is due on site by the end of the month with a construction period of just over 12 months for completion. We expect to occupy our new senior school centre in Term 4 2020.  We have been delighted with the favourable tender outcomes and all options for the building and related works have been included in the construction program which will ensure a similar quality build to what was achieved with the Junior school.


Michael Phillips



Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

I was privileged to attend the Middle School Awards ceremony and make a speech at the Junior School Awards ceremony this past fortnight and meet with students and their families to extend our congratulations to students who have worked effectively and consistently across all their subjects. Every student has the opportunity to aim for their best at the college and these high achieving students were recognised for their exemplary learning behaviours and their academic performance at this stage of the year. We encourage them, and all students to work hard, be engaged in the learning process and act on the feedback they receive from their teachers to improve their outcomes in Semester 2.

I was also involved in celebrating student success in language learning with a Languages celebratory event organised by the Head of Languages Jess Lundie and supported by the Languages department. Our Year 12 Prefects, Alice Darcy and Amelia Phillips, highlighted the rewards that their second language brings and they will leave secondary schooling this year as bilingual students.

An article from Deakin University on Why learn a language in Australia today?

promotes the benefits of language learning.

What’s the point in learning a second language? 

Perhaps you’ve thought learning a language is too hard, or that there’s no point. Because the whole world speaks English, why should you need to learn another? Dr Weinmann and Dr Arber are particularly passionate about busting these myths. ‘The reality is that the majority of people worldwide speak and study several languages and it’s just a part of life. The “it’s too hard” debate is based on an assumption that languages are not necessary. We don’t hear this debate around mathematics, science or PE, where students are told it’s good to push yourself intellectually and physically.’

The link below provides further information.


The Maroondah Network of schools has seen a number of schools participate in a Community of Practice involving a primary and secondary collaboration focussing on the skill of reading. Overall the goal is to improve our understanding of Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition and last Friday a group of staff from the network undertook Learning Walks with classes at Eastwood Primary School and Ringwood Secondary College to observe how the skill of reading is taught in both settings. A post Learning Walk discussion will be held by staff to draw out similarities and differences in approaches and to gain new insights and ideas about our teaching in each setting. It is a fantastic experience for all involved.


Parent Student Teacher Interviews will be held on Wednesday 28th August in the Junior School building and the library and we encourage students to accompany their parents/guardians to participate in the conversations about their progress. Progress reports focusing on positive learning behaviours will be accessible on Compass prior to the interviews. Students display positive learning behaviours when their engagement and wellbeing are high and opportunities to discuss this should be taken up by parents and students on the day.


Subject selections for most students and discussions and decisions about their pathways with parents and careers counsellors are in full swing. It is a busy time in the Careers Department as students utilise the resources available at school to plan their pathways for 2020.



The month of August always brings with it the challenges of winter weather including outside movement, staying warm and healthy. The number of activities outside the classroom including the college production, ‘Spamalot,’ the Victorian Music Festival, Royal South Street Competitions in Ballarat, sporting events and finals, offer students the opportunity to participate, collaborate, develop their skills and engage in their passions during this wintry period of the year. There have been many successes. We wish students all the best in their endeavours while managing their time and health and keeping up to date with academic commitments.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

Ringwood Secondary College continues to thrive as a learning community. All our students are involved in their learning, their friendships, their whole school engagement and all the extracurricular programs that the College has to offer.


Students from Year 8 upwards will be entering their subject selections over the next couple of weeks that will assist with college planning for 2020! Where has the year gone?? Information nights have assisted students, together with their parents to make viable pathway decisions in their secondary schooling. Thus, the hard work of the team in Careers cannot be taken for granted, as well as the ongoing support of all our teaching staff and House Co-ordinators.


The Year 12 cohort are busy! busy! busy! The final weeks of a secondary education are nigh and this time is so, so important in setting up study notes, working out what’s best for each individual student as a study routine and completing old VCAA exam papers. The best way forward here is that there should be a three step method in exam prep:


1. Attempt an old paper, untimed, open book. Check answers for accuracy and clarity with the VCAA examiners’ report at the same time. Focus on the language that the examiners use to give you information about their expectations. Exams are no longer just a regurgitation of information, rather, the focus is more on analysis, synthesis, high end vocabulary and depth of answers….focus specifically on this shift in expectations.


2. Complete the same exam, closed book and untimed – this one goes to the teacher for a quick turnaround and feedback.


3. Complete exam paper under timed conditions, closed book, as per the same conditions that will be stipulated in November – submit for raw score feedback.



This is not Barut’s ground breaking study tip – this method has data and educational merit to support success in exams. Thousands of highly successful VCE students were surveyed and the two main defining factors to success was the above exam prep and teacher relationship/feedback. Please share this information with your son/daughter.


The College always welcomes parents to communicate with the co-ordinators and teaching staff to best support the students in their learning. The list of Heads of Sub School and the House Co-ordinators is set out below:


Year 7/8 – Junior School Sub Leader – Anna Urbano

Frazer House – Marissa Lee

Freeman House – Jessica Friend

Mabo House – Kim Watson

Jackman House – Faith Tucker



Year 9/10 – Middle School Sub School Leader – Matthew Tucker

Frazer House – Krissi Friedli

Freeman House – Beatrice Dauguet

Mabo House – Jackie Godfrey

Jackman House – Peter Vlahos



Year 11/12 – Senior School Sub School Leader – Cathy Menz

Frazer House – Caitlin May

Freeman House – Emma Lim

Mabo House – Matthew Saunders

Jackman House – Lucy Moore



Please be mindful that the College is working in a climate of positive psychology and respectful relationships. As such, we expect interactions between co-ordinators, staff and parents to be professional, respectful and solution/action focussed.


And finally, congratulations to all the students and staff involved in the latest RSC Production of ‘Spamalot’ – the show is amazing and we have so many talented students here at the College.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

Flourishing together: Building wellbeing in Maroondah Appreciative Inquiry

On Friday, August 16th, Maroondah City Council and the Communities of Wellbeing held an Appreciative Inquiry (AI). The aim of the AI is to help create a future where everyone is equipped with the skills and knowledge to live each day with enhanced wellbeing. This event was a great opportunity to meet new people and to be proactive in shaping the future of our community within the City of Maroondah. It was great to hear study voice through some Year 10 students who represented Ringwood Secondary College.


Wellbeing Profiler (WBP) data

Last term, Ringwood Secondary College organised the WBP survey to be conducted with each year level, staff and parents/carers. This project was a collaboration between The Department of Education and Training Victoria (Maroondah Network) and Maroondah City Council. It is funded by The Department of Education and Training Victoria.


The benefits for the school include accurate measurement of student, staff and parent/carer wellbeing; a detailed wellbeing report that can help identify where resources and effort need to be directed; the collection of baseline wellbeing data providing the future option of assessing changes in student, staff and parent/carer wellbeing over time and evaluating the impact of educational intervention or programs at RSC and the broader network of schools. Results will be published in the near future once the data is fully analysed. I would like to especially thank the parents and carers who completed the survey for taking the time to complete this task and respond to our request in a timely fashion.


‘Spamalot’ Musical Production

Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the musical production ‘Spamalot’. It is another high-quality Ringwood Secondary College production that showcases the wonderful talent of our hardworking students.


Intermediate Girls Football

Congratulations to our Intermediate girl’s football team for their skilful, persistent efforts to excel in the wet conditions. They now move into the State Finals and we wish them all the best. Thank you to Roi Boutsikakis for her expert coaching.


Junior/Senior Choir/Senior Stage Band

Beautiful voices in our choirs! Congratulations to the Senior Choir, Mr Jaques (Conductor) and Miss Kenna (Accompanist) on achieving Gold at Victorian Schools Music Festival for Choirs. It was also very pleasing for the Junior Choir receiving Silver for their performance. I was very proud of our Senior Stage Band who performed well on Tuesday evening to bring home platinum for RSC. Well done to students involved and a special thank you to Mrs Pero (Conductor).

Wellbeing Focus for this week…Sleep and Rest


Wellbeing Element: Exercise and Health

Sleep deprivation is a massive issue amongst 21st century adolescents and it has a profound effect on their wellbeing. Expecting them to concentrate well and be engaged in class is unrealistic because it’s almost humanly impossible to do so when lacking sleep. Their 24/7 addiction of being electronically connected to their peer groups and having their phones on throughout the night communicating with others, makes deep sleep more than difficult. Interestingly, studies have revealed that some 60% of adolescents are unhappy with and exhausted from being 24/7 connected and also understand the consequences of a lack of sleep and rest. Yet in spite of this, the reason they continue to stay connected is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.


Insisting of no mobile or computer use after 9.00 pm is the answer. It may lead to defiance, but to improve their health and wellbeing it is well worth weathering the storm. At least nine hours deep sleep and rest are non-negotiable essentials for the healthy all-round development of young people because they provide timeout for their eyes and vital organs and essential growth hormones are released and learnt material is stored in their long-term memory during REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement.


Exercise can help students to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly—as long as it's done at the right time. Exercise stimulates the body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which helps activate the alerting mechanism in the brain. This is fine, unless you're trying to fall asleep so aim to finish exercising at least three hours before bed or work out earlier in the day.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

Around the School

Heritage and Alumni Group



The RSC Heritage and Alumni group is proud to again offer VCE Scholarships to selected Year 10/11 students seeking to extend their learning.


Information will be on the website along with an application form due in by Friday 18th October 2019.

These scholarships are especially referenced for students with a community spirit and a willingness to exert oneself against a challenge.


Application forms are available from the college by contacting the college on 9870 2002.

Interviews will be held in November and we invite you to consider applying.


It is the contribution of funds by former RSC/RHS students that make this scholarship offer possible.




Here is a timely opportunity to experience a trial interview before you go to your real job interview.

The RSC Heritage and Alumni Group offers students leaving school the opportunity to experience a ‘trial’ interview before having a real interview.  The feedback from students who have had these interviews has been good.


You can arrange an interview at a time that suits you; talk to your Careers Teacher to make an appointment.  These trial interviews demonstrate the interview process and provide valuable information on how to get the best from your job interview.


This is a great opportunity provided by experienced interviewers.


Barry Ring

Convenor - RSC Heritage and Alumni Group.

Green Team Action

The Green Team are busy getting ready for Ringwood Secondary College’s annual Enviro-Fest! Enviro-Fest is a whole school event, designed to encourage staff and students at RSC to learn more about the environment and sustainability and to improve our environmental footprint as a school community.


This year, Enviro-Fest will be held in week 6 on Friday the 23rd of August. We have a range of fun activities planned for the day, including DIY cookie decoration in the hall, games and music on the quadrangle and a movie in the hall at lunch time.


We encourage staff and students to bring nude food lunches for the day, or to enjoy the delicious vegetarian canteen menu.


We will also be running a clothes drive with Closet Cleanout throughout week 6. Students and Staff are encouraged to sort through their closets and to bring any unwanted clothes or shoes to the Link Corridor (the corridor between the staffroom and main office) by Friday the 23rd of August.

We are looking forward to what should be another great Enviro-Fest. 

Thank you for your involvement, together we can make a difference!


RSC Green Team



The preparation for commencement of the new Senior School is going well. Staff from the old 100s block are scattered around the school in new offices and Cisco/IT is running out of the RT building. The new offices including Careers, Middle School and International have proven to be a hit with staff and the addition of new furniture over coming weeks will further enhance these areas.

Staff are stripping items of value from the old buildings such as airconditioners, furniture items and heaters and re-locating them around the school to update areas needing improvement.

Bring on the new building!


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

From the Chaplain

Back to school and back at it!

Lots happening around the school this term with building work and moving rooms. For those of you still looking for us, Breakfast Club is now in Room 404. This is a great new facility to use with new opportunities.


Other big events coming up are the Maroondah, Billy Cart Challenge and South East Melbourne Phoenix basketball clinic on the 20th of August lunchtime. Change and busyness can add a lot of pressure in our world but can also add new life and new opportunity.


I love spring which feels like it's around the corner almost... This too represents new life and change and opportunity as everything wakes up after being dormant over the colder months of the year. I hope you too find new opportunities as you embrace change and new challenges these coming months.  


Adam Bryant


Year 9 Indonesian Excursion

On Wednesday the 19th of June, the Indonesian class of Year 9 went to the city by train to visit the Indonesian Consulate followed by a visit to an Indonesian restaurant called Pondok Rempah. On arrival, we were greeted by Prima Januar who is the Vice Consul for information, social and cultural affairs. I learnt that Indonesia has 5 companies with ‘unicorn’ status. (A unicorn company is a company that is worth over 1 billion dollars) compared to Australia who only has 1 ‘unicorn’ company.  I also won a beautiful sarong from getting a question right in a trivia quiz. Indonesians are very generous and they also provided us with some snacks. Followed by this we participated in a Gamelan workshop. (Gamelan is traditional music from Central and East Java, and Bali.) I played the Bonang which is fairly similar to banging a stick onto metal bowls.

After this we travelled by tram to Pondok Rempah and Indonesian restaurant. I had a delicious plate of Pondok- Rempah-style style stir-fry black pepper beef and rice.  Thanks to Bu Lundie for organising this excursion and Pak Jamieson for coming along on the day!


Caitlin Dowding


Celebrating Languages Lunch

On behalf of the Languages faculty staff, I would like to say congratulations once again to all of our students who were nominated for the Celebrating Languages Lunch held on August 7th.


Each year the Languages staff have the opportunity to nominate one student per French/Indonesian class to be publicly acknowledged (and rewarded with a yummy lunch provided by the canteen!) for their commitment to their Languages studies. It was great to see all of these students celebrating their success with one another!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages


Middle School

Year 9 Careers Discovery Day

Year 9 Careers Discovery Day

Students across Year 9 all participated in Careers Discovery Day on Tuesday the 30th of July. Catherine Manning, from SEED Workshops, was the keynote speaker, who wowed the students with information about gender equity in the workforce and breaking gender stereotypes in careers. Earlier in the term students had been given the choice of 12 different workshops to choose 3 from. On the day they participated in these workshops to learn more about the profession, career pathways and the day to day routine of people within these fields. The Year 9 students were respectful, enthusiastic and gained much from this experience. Some of the students gained contacts that they may use for Work Experience in 2020 or they may assist them with their Careers Research Task that they are currently completing in InterGREAT.


Alyce Bailey

 Positive Education & Pathways Leader


On Tuesday the 30th of July, the year nine students at RSC participated in ‘Careers Discovery Day’, where we got to partake in 3 career workshops. The career workshops were different people from different types of careers coming in and giving us information about their careers, such as what they do in a typical day, what subjects were handy for the profession and also answering any questions we might have about the profession. The workshops I took place in were Paramedics, Law and Physiotherapy. Personally, I hope to become a paramedic when I’m older, and being able to talk to a paramedic was really interesting and helpful. I know what subjects I need/would be most helpful to study to be a paramedic, what skills are needed and also what I can get involved in now, as a 15 year old, to aid and prepare me for paramedics. Overall, the day was really helpful, interesting and fun, I’m glad we got this chance as it helped me and answered questions I have been dying to ask!

 Ebony K, 9I.


On Careers Discovery Day we got to delve into the details of some of the jobs that we were interested in. I think that it was a really fantastic day and I had a really good time. It is the perfect way to finally get a more professional view on the things that you had been aspiring to get into. The people who ran the sessions were extremely supportive and gave lots of very important and helpful information that will contribute to what pathways we end up taking and pursuing in the future. We learnt about what studies we should be taking and which qualifications we will be needing if we wish to continue on the path of the specific career we were learning about. We did some hands-on learning as well, for example, in my dance session, we actually got to learn some choreography to make the experience that more exciting and interesting to take part in. it was really great to make that first of many steps into what my future might look like.

Liljana H 9A


Today we all participated in 3 different workshops giving us a little look at potential career path options for us. The first one I participated in was the traineeship option. We had a man named Andrew speak to us about the traineeship option after school that helps us earn a certificate in something that gives you pay and on the job training after school. The next one I did was youth services. We got told how being a youth worker is so rewarding and fun! The hours are very flexible and you get to help the youth! The last one I participated in was Nursing and education. With a partner during the workshop we planned a year 3 course on Climate change. We had to include 3 things we wanted them to learn, where we would go for an excursion, 1 task they could complete and how we would finally asses them at the end of the unit. I overall had a really good time listening and learning about the different pathways and opportunities we have that we can take!

Hannah W, 9A


On this day, year 9 students completed three half an hour session to get a very good understanding of what we want to do as a career. My first session I went to was law, where two lawyers from Slater and Gordon came in and talked to us about a case that they have had to take to court. They also went through how both lawyers became lawyers and how they chose this career. One thing that I learnt was that you have to take into consideration both sides and what fault they both had in that situation. Something I found interesting was that you have to have a really high score to be a lawyer. My second session was Physiotherapy, and I absolutely LOVED it! I learnt that you have to have an atar score of 96%, and that you can take a science subject and still be a Physio. As a physio, you travel around the world to famous places, and I found that really interesting. My last session was the police force. I chose this because I want to work in the law, unfortunately, the police officers didn’t show up, so we checked out their website. I learnt that you have to be in really good physical health. I found the fact that there are police officers with disabilities was really interesting. The year 9 career discovery day gave me a good understanding of where I would like to head with my studies and career path.

Emily W, 9C


On Tuesday the 30th of July the year 9 students of Ringwood Secondary College had the opportunity to take three courses that would prepare us for future employment. One of the courses I did was the trainee apprentice called SportsReady which helped young kids get paid while getting real work experience and going to school at the same time. In the next session I did trade apprentice I learnt that if I did VCAL and learnt a trade I could get multiple certificates while getting work experience, getting paid and going to TAFE and if I didn’t like the trade I was doing I can change it. I was really interested in doing a trade apprenticeship and am thinking of taking it up next year. The last session I did was the paramedic one. While I found it interesting I knew that I wasn’t cut out for it because you had to get really good marks in school and do three years of university.

Mia F, 9C


Senior School

News from Senior School

Subject Selection 2020

Year 11 and Year 12 2020 students will be selecting subjects next week.

Year 12 2020 on Monday 19th August, and Year 11 2020 on Tuesday 20th August.

There will be a timetable and some further information on Compass during this week.


Important Notes:

  • All current Year 10 students should have met with either a member of Senior School or Careers to discuss their options.
  • VCAL interviews are happening last week and this week. Students will be notified of the outcome by the end of Friday. If student are NOT successful at gaining a VCAL place, they will be expected to select VCE subjects for 2020 next week.
  • Students will receive a printed confirmation of their subjects. They need to have this signed by a parent/guardian which confirms their choices. If they would like to make changes, they should indicate the changes required on this form.
  • This form MUST be returned to the Senior School Office by FRIDAY 23rd AUGUST.
  • Numbers of classes and the timetable will be constructed using this information. There will be a chance to request a change later in the year, but changes will then be subject to blockings and capacity in classes, and hence may not be able to be accommodated.


If there are any questions, please speak to a Senior School House Coordinator or Careers.


Cathy Menz (Head of Senior School)

Emma Lim (Freeman Coordinator)

Caitlin May (Frazer Coordinator)

Lucy Moore (Jackman Coordinator)

Matt Saunders (Mabo Coordinator)

Stacey Miriklis (VET & VCAL Coordinator)


Year 12 Students - Holiday Revision

As Year 12 students are fast approaching the end of their schooling, there are some important dates to remember:


1. Holiday Revision Sessions

Most subjects will run a revision session/practice exam over the holiday period or after school during the first two weeks of Term 4. A timetable will be published on Compass Newsfeed by the end of August.

There are also revision sessions run by Connect Education for some subjects. These are events on Compass, and cost $30 per student, per subject. There are strict cut off dates for payment. These are optional sessions to provide further revision opportunities to students.


2. Celebration Day

The event is on Compass, and payment needs to be made by the end of this Term. This is an optional, but highly recommended, last excursion for the Year 12s to Gumbya World on Tuesday 22nd October to celebrate the end of their schooling. Any questions should be directed to Miss Emma Lim (


3. Year 12 Exams

The Year 12 exam timetable is available from VCAA


Exams run from Wednesday 30th October to Wednesday 20th November.

Students who have an oral or performance exam will be notified of their specific time and venue by Friday 23rd August.



Intermediate Girls Football


Congratulations to the Intermediate Girls Football team!

They had a fantastic win at the Eastern Metropolitan Region final which was held on Thursday the 25th of July.  It was a tough contest, with only a couple of points in it for most of the day.  The girls managed to score a couple of quick goals at the start of the final quarter and did a great job defensively to keep Lilydale goalless. There were some wonderful skills on display throughout the game and real determination to win the ball at every contest. It was a well-deserved win and one we have been working towards for the last couple of years.

Well done girls. Best of luck for the State Quarter finals coming up on Monday the 12th of August.

Yr 8 Boys Eastern Metropolitan Region Soccer

On Friday the 26th of July, a pupil free day for Ringwood students, our Yr 8 Boys soccer team met at 8:00am in the morning to travel to the State Football Centre in Darebin. The boys were really excited and for many it was their first time competing at Region level.  They were able to start the day with a hard fought win against East Doncaster but unfortunately lost there next two games against Brentwood (1-0) and Doncaster (3-0).

The boys displayed some excellent soccer skills in their games and James Barr and Iokia Bongers did a great job in coaching the team.

Well done boys.


Miss B

Year 7 Regional Girls Netball

Congratulations to the year 7 girls who competed in the Regional Finals Wednesday August 7th,  at Waverley Sports Stadium, successfully making it through to the Grand Final. An amazing achievement to win 4 games straight against solid competition from the Eastern Metropolitan area. A very busy day with 5 fast paced matches each of which were twenty eight minutes duration. Darci Innes, did a fantastic job at coaching, including court time rotations, ensuring the girls had plenty of game time, along with dedicating her time to train and organise game strategies.

The girls finished ‘Runners up’ to Rowville Sports Academy in the Grand Final, and are already keen to make it in 2020. The team included: Remy Busch, Hannah Day, Sammi Grace, Taylah Innes, Cheyna  Kefford, Piper Marshall, Alyssa Ohi, Lily Ryan and Amber Waugh. Thank you, to Cassidy Work who assisted with scoring throughout the day. Well done Girls!


Mrs. Edwards


RSC Music

Congratulations to all ensembles who have already performed at Victorian Schools Music Festival.


Tally so far:


Senior Stage Band

Junior Stage Band



Senior Strings

Senior Choir

Junior Concert Band



Symphony Orchestra

Intermediate Stage Band

Junior Choir

“Break a leg” to the remaining ensembles to perform, Training Stage Band, Intermediate Concert Band and Symphonic Band.


Look forward to everyone’s performances at Royal South Street Comps at Ballarat towards the end of this month and the beginning of September.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music


Music and Performing Arts 

What a Show!

When I was asked why I wanted to direct Spamalot, I didn't have to think twice about my answer: Because it's silly!


More importantly because I want to bring the wit and characters of Monty Python to a new generation of theatregoers, young and old, who may have never experienced the style of humor these talented boys from England created. For those experienced 'Pythoners', I want to take them back to their youth to relive the newness and off the wall silliness that Monty Python's Flying Circus was. In order to do all that, I felt that this show needed someone who gets their humor, who knows their silliness, innuendo, and has the ability to recreate it on stage. Thank goodness for the entire production team, who vested in me that challenge and responsibility. I feel #soblessed to be sitting in this director chair surrounded by a like-minded (Pythonesque) staff of theatre professionals.


Spamalot is a unique piece of musical theatre. Most musical theatre takes the audience through a storyline with each scene setting up the other through dialogue, dance, and music. Spamalot, on the other hand, is a tapestry of skits woven together with catchy songs and rollicking dance numbers. The show, at best, has a sketchy storyline with no real purpose other than to entertain its audience. It is intelligent farcical slapstick at its very best.

Eric Idle and John DuPrez adapted Spamalot from the 1975 movie 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. The characters in Spamalot have been lovingly recreated to mirror the characters originally created by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, & Michael Palin in 'Grail'.

With the help of our wonderful RSC staff, it is my Holy quest to bring these very characters back to life on our stage, as Idle originally wanted them portrayed: very, very, silly.

This year we celebrate Kevin Lewis and his amazing contribution to RSC productions over the past 32 years. If you think you will be able to help out with set construction in the coming year, please contact me as we appreciate all the help we can get!

I would like to give a genuine and hearty THANK YOU to all who helped out with sets, painting, wigs, costumes make up, props, rigging, lighting, sound, shoes, hats, gaffa tape, ushering, OHS, encouraging, engineering, puppeteering, fish slapping and hundreds of other elements that make up this massive event that has been embraced by such a supportive community.

As a very wise person once said
- 'we did good!'

Karl McNamara
Director of Performing Arts


Wellbeing and Community

Music and Mindfulness

Do you love music?
Would you like to learn about how mindfulness and music can help you cope with day-to-day stress?

Stress Less and Mental Wellbeing

Wednesday 9th October - 7 pm - 9pm

Join us for an informative evening


Whitehorse Historical Society - Heritage Family Day

On behalf of the Whitehorse Historical Society, we have attached the flyer for our popular Heritage Family Day to be held on Sunday 15th September 2019.

The theme this year is “Healthy Heritage”.


 The Family Day is held as part of Whitehorse Council’s Heritage Week and it is a great day out for all the family.

Kilsyth East Netball Club

Kilsyth East Netball Club is looking for new players to join us from the ages of 6 to 18+ for our 2019 Spring Season.


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