Photo: Our talented Year 12 performers

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30 August 2019
Issue Eight

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Celebrating our students
Our awesome Year 7 helpers
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Empowering students
Sports Shorts
International students visit
Never stop learning
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In our Community
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Photo: Congratulations Year 12

Celebrating our students

Photo: Congratulations Year 12

Principal's Report

It's ground-breaking






In two words it's history-making

'Changing Lives" by Chad Beguelin and Matthew Sklar from 'The Prom'.

Year 12

There are only four more weeks at school for our Year 12 students.  In terms of my introductory quote, the entire high school journey is certainly life-affirming, gut-wrenching and history-making and our wonderful Year 12 students are nearly there.  It is vitally important that Year 12 work with their teachers in the next four weeks to complete past papers, seek feedback and improve their syllabus understanding.  We look forward to celebrating the end of their time at school in Week 10, Term 3 with our graduation ceremony and formal, before we wish them the best for their exam preparation.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As a BYOD school, we require all students to bring their devices every day.  This is an important part of our school plan and Strategic Direction #2: ‘flexible, future-focused and innovative teaching practices’.  You can find a copy of our school plan here and on our school website.   It is important that we teach students using technology so that our students have an edge when they enter the world of work. 


The last few weeks, our teachers have received training in the use of a number of new apps, websites and programs which are among 90+ digital tools in the NSW Department of Education’s new Digital Selector Toolkit which you can read about here.  We will continue to provide professional learning to teachers on digital tools but we require students to bring their devices to support their own learning.  We have Year 11 and Year 12 students using Edrolo for a number of courses to help their HSC progress and this is an example of how we are using technology to improve student outcomes.


Our online BYOD portal  is run by HP and offers an entry-level laptop for $415 which can be paid off over 24 months interest free.  This equates to less than $4 a week.  The device only weighs 1.27kg.  In the past, just as schools required students to bring a pencil case and book to class, we now add a device to the list as this is an essential 21st century learning tool.

SASS Recognition Week

This week is SASS Recognition Week where we celebrate and value our school administrative and support staff.  This includes our school learning support officers, front office staff, library, technology & applied studies, science and careers assistants, business manager, general assistant and school administrative managers.  On behalf of our teaching staff, I extend our warmest thanks to our amazing SASS staff who work tirelessly each and every day to make sure our school is successful.

Helping At Home

At our most recent CHAMP assembly, I challenged students to reflect on how they help at home.  It’s important for young people to contribute to the running of their family home.  In my discussions with parents, more responsibility can be given to young people including chores and helping with household routines.  I encourage parents to establish these expectations in the home.

Technology At Home

In further discussions with parents, a number of students routinely use their mobile phones as an alarm clock. 


Parents of my vintage may recognise a traditional alarm clock radio:


Children should always check their mobile phone in with their parents each night before bedtime, as having a mobile phone in the bedroom overnight can lead to distractions, interrupted sleep and unsafe behaviour.


Congratulations to Mr Andres Vargas, our wonderful Technical Support Officer, who was awarded with a T4L Award recently for developing our Connect app. 

The software supports teachers to track student data and deliver student learning sessions through our morning Connect program.  This is a prestigious award from the NSW Department of Education and I know you will join me in congratulating Mr Vargas on this significant achievement.

Parenting Resource

Access the website here. It contains a wealth of parenting information covering numerous topics and this month’s focus is positive parenting.  It is a very useful resource that is worth accessing.

Celebrating the talents of our Visual Arts and Music students

What an amazing evening as we celebrated the official opening of our exhibition last night at the Club Marconi, showcasing the development of student skills from the nascent and playful Year 7 works using colour theory which culminated to the more sophisticated portraiture works of senior students.


The exhibition is evidence of the skill and dedication of the CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) staff led by Antonella Verter.  The student art exhibition will be open to the public at the Club Marconi until Thursday, 5 September 2019.  It's certainly worth a visit.

Showcase Event

To our Year 12 students - Wow! what an amazing night of entertainment.  You were just fabulous. 

Congratulations to each and every one of you. There were many special moments.


To make any performance a reality takes passionate and committed people in every aspect of the show.  On this note,  I would like to especially acknowledge the dedication of Mr Darren Abbott. This Showcase event would not have been possible without his vision and drive to create the greatest performance possible, working tirelessly behind the scenes - teaching students not only how to perform, but how to have fun and be confident in doing it.

P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 2 September 2019.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 5 September 2019.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.


Mark Sutton, Principal

Our awesome Year 7 helpers

Visiting primary schools

A huge thank you to Nikola Alavanja, Ella King, Zeljko Medic, Suzan Merza, Setare Nafisinia, Ahmed Trad, Grezzu Vella and Marcelina Youssef from Year 7, for all their hard work visiting our three local primary schools earlier this week.


Miss Cupac and Mr Wilcox (Year 7, 2020 Advisers) visited Cecil Hills, Bonnyrigg Heights and Kemps Creek Public Schools with this fantastic group of Year 7 students, to give our future students an insight on what high school is all about. Year 7 spoke about all the amazing things our school has to offer and really engaged with the Year 6 students. - we're very much looking forward to welcoming Year 6 students to Cecil Hills High School!

Miss Cupac & Mr Wilcox 


Destination Moon

More missions, more science

Cecil Hills High School enjoyed celebrating National Science Week this year with daily lunch time activities. Every year, during National Science Week, schools celebrate the past and present achievements as well as future inspirations.


This year’s theme -  along with the 50th anniversary landing on the moon - was Destination Moon: More missions, more science. Together, we viewed Year 7 creatures and the Science club satellites, analysed ooblek, participated in orbiting the moon games, built rovers and launched rockets.​

Huge thanks to the Year 7 Science club for their planning, building and promotions for the National Science Week, our wonderful Library staff for their dress ups and decorating the library and to the Science faculty for assistance with displays and activities.


Ms A Ha, Science teacher

Empowering students

On Thursday 22 August, two of our senior student representatives Laura Giovenale and Jennifer Sackprasit  attended the Young Women’s Leadership Seminar at Parliament House of NSW.

The program initiated by Parliament educators included a keynote speaker, panel of women MPs and a discussion on issues around effective leadership in society and the potential obstacles that women may experience in leadership roles.


Students were also given insight into a key role of Parliament House by watching leaders debate over a bill, observing the application of communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Laura and Jennifer had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with our local Member of Parliament, Tanya Davies,  leaving the seminar feeling a sense of inspiration and empowerment. 


Ms Golijan and Ms Occhiuto, SRC Representatives




Photo: AFF U19 Youth Championships in Vietnam

Sports Shorts

Photo: AFF U19 Youth Championships in Vietnam


Congratulations to our 2018 school captain Jarrod Carluccio for his continued outstanding performances in football this year. Jarrod was a valuable contributor to the Young Socceroos winning the AFF U19 Youth Championships in Vietnam.

He scored a goal and provided an assist throughout the tournament. We are thrilled and very proud of one our own competing on the international stage.

Regional Athletics Carnival

Fifty one students competed at the Regional Athletics Championships in week 3 this term.

Our 15 years Boys 4x100m relay team set a new SSW record and were the fastest team of all the relay events.  Congratulations to all students on their fantastic efforts. 11 students have qualified for the NSW CHS Championships in week 7. We wish them the best of luck.

Our standout performers were:

Cayden Boyter

1st in 14 years boys Shot Put, 1st in Discus, 2nd in High Jump, 3rd in Triple Jump, 4th in Hurdles

Simon Lim

1st in 15 years boys Long Jump, 2nd in Triple Jump, 3rd in Hurdles, 3rd in High Jump, 5th in Discus

Zaia Korkis

1st in 15 years boys 100m 1st in 200m, 6th in High Jump

Georgia Portelli

1st in 16 years girls Shot Put, 2nd in Javelin

15 years boys 4x100m relay

1st (new SSW record)

Branson Po

2nd in 14 years boys 100m, 2nd in 200m,

13 years boys 4x100m relay


Edwin Tarawali

3rd in 16 years boys 100m, 3rd in 200m, 4th in Long Jump, 5th in Discus, 6th in Hurdles

Alexandar Sanna

3rd in 13 years boys Shot Put

William Has

3rd in 15 years boys 200m

Bianca Dempsey

4th in 17+ years girls 1500m,

Jay Waetford

2nd in 14 years boys Discus, 4th in Shot Put, 5th in Javelin

14 years boys 4x100m relay


Adrijana Prostran

5th in 12 years girls 800m

Renae Prasad

5th in 1500m, 6th in 16 years girls 800m

12 years boys 4x100m relay


Jorja Jackson

6th in 13 years girls Hurdles

Olivia Barreto

6th in 14 years girls Hurdles

Chiara Miceli

6th in 15 years girls 800m

Danni-Elle Carnovale

6th in 400m, 6th in 1500m, 7th in 16 years girls 200m, 7th in 800m

Vanessa Parada

6th in 17+ years girls 400m

Jack Scully

6th in U15 years boys Triple Jump

Vladan Konjevic

6th in 15 years boys Javelin

14 years girls 4x100m relay


16 years girls 4x100m relay


16 years boys 4x100m relay


Max Krol

7th in 15 years boys Shot Put

13 years girls 4x100m relay


Jasmine Scully

8th in 16 year girls Triple Jump

Brendan Prasad

7th in U15 years boys 3000m, 8th in 15 years boys 1500m

Oztag Gala Day

Our year 12 boys’ team competed at the State Champions of Champions tournament in week 4. The boys performed admirably against classy opposition. A big thank you to Miss Saliba and Mr Dunn for their time and effort in training and coaching the team.

Year 8 Gala Day

In week 4, our students competed in the Bernera Zone Year 8 Gala Day. This day provides students with the opportunity to play competitive sports in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The boys participated in Basketball, Oztag, Softball and European Handball while the girls played Soccer, Netball, Hockey and European Handball. A number of our teams achieved success on the day:

  • Pool Winners - Girls 7s Soccer x2, Boys Basketball x2, Girls Hockey, Boys Handball
  • Pool Runners-up  - Girls Netball x2, Boys Oztag x2, Boys Softball, Boys Handball, Girls 7s Soccer                                                             

Congratulations to all our students for their efforts at the Gala Day, all displaying good levels of skill, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. A big thank you to the year 9 and 10 student helpers for their refereeing and coaching. Your leadership and maturity was outstanding. Your assistance is very much appreciated by the students and PDHPE staff.

Knockout Competitions

 U15 Girls Basketball              Round 5    lost to Fairvale HS (Regional runners-up)


Mr B Condon,  Sports Organiser


Photo: Welcome to our Chinese visiting students

International students visit

Photo: Welcome to our Chinese visiting students

English Immersion 

Cecil Hills High School had the pleasure of hosting 21 International students from China throughout week 4. Throughout this English Immersion Program, the International Chinese students were buddied up with our very own student volunteers. Students spent the week participating in varied activities across the school and in essence, capturing the spirit Cecil Hills has to offer.


First up on the agenda was traditional Aboriginal Dot painting with Ms Phan. Students got to paint their souvenir Cecil Hills High School key ring with colourful dot painting. This artful activity allowed the students to decorate their key rings whilst experiencing a traditional art from of storytelling.  A small gift students can take home and treasure forever.


The week’s activities further saw students part take in Interactive Medieval History lessons with Mrs Campbell, energetic Music class with Mr Joannides and our Support Unit,  Maths seminar with our top Year 10 classes and Geo-tagging with Mr Collins. No visit to an Australian school would be complete without cooking and tasting the delicious food Australia has to offer. Led by Mrs Marando, students had the pleasure of making double chocolate coated lamingtons topped with fresh Australian strawberries.

The highlight of the week were the unforgettable memories and experiences created between both cultures that will last a lifetime. It was an absolute pleasure and honour for Cecil Hills High School to create such special connections with our visiting International students.


Welcoming students from China to our successful school would not have been possible without the dedicated students and teachers Cecil Hills High School proudly has. Thank you to all teachers and students who participated in the International student visit. It was an incredible week jammed packed with all sorts of activities creating lasting memories.  



Ms D Kulevski

International Student Coordinator


Photo: Our Creative & Performing Arts team

Never stop learning

Photo: Our Creative & Performing Arts team

Because life never stops teaching

During Week 2, early career teachers were given the fantastic opportunity to attend the 2019 Cecil Hills High School Beginning Teachers Conference, organised by Belinda Ward (Beginning Teacher Mentor) and Bernadette Adams (Relieving Beginning Teacher Mentor). The purpose of the conference was to enhance partnerships, as part of an ongoing network, to support teachers in the early stages of their career journey, whilst also delivering targeted professional learning in areas requested by the Beginning Teachers Team.


The beginning teachers engaged in valuable sessions aligned with the school plan, particularly with:

Strategic Direction 1: Respectful, responsible and successful learners and

Strategic Direction 2: Flexible, future-focused and innovative teaching practices.


Denise James, Deputy Principal of Year 7 and 10, commenced the conference by addressing the diverse perspectives of welfare in the classroom, and answering burning questions prepared by the Beginning Teachers Team through a Q&A session.


This was supplemented further by a workshop led by Kate Piromalli and Marina Zuzic from NSW School-Link, specialists in child and adolescent mental health services. This workshop allowed us to discuss the importance of addressing mental health issues in open dialogue as well as the impact that these issues have on student wellbeing and learning. Participants were provided with a range of practical and useful strategies to support student welfare in the classroom and foster engagement.


Principal, Mark Sutton, also delivered a highly informative and beneficial workshop detailing school procedures, CV writing and interview skills to support the career journeys of beginning teachers.


Lastly, Dr Richard Schiliro (Teacher Mentor and Head Teacher Teaching & Learning at Glenwood High School) guided the participants through the process of Accreditation in which teachers provide evidence of how their teaching practice meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This was a great way to end the conference as participants were provided with tips and strategies to unpack the (now less daunting) accreditation process. 


Overall, the Beginning Teacher Conference was an insightful and informative experience and all participants were grateful for the time and efforts of the knowledgeable presenters and, of course, our Beginning Teacher Mentors for organising this wonderful day.



Ms Priya Kumar and Ms Ninowy Tiary 

 Beginning Teachers Team


Our leaders

Student Representative Council

As Year 12 comes to an end, we continue to share our 2019 student representative council leaders' stories:



Photo: Clock creations by Year 9

Timber creations 

Photo: Clock creations by Year 9

Proud achievers

Students from Year 9 Timber have had the opportunity to place their wooden clocks on display at the school office.   The display of clocks was well received from parents and students  who visited the school office.

Students learnt new skills in cutting, joint construction and finishing processes. The use of the school's laser engraver was used to create the clock face.


Students are very proud of their work and we are sure families will be proud of their achievements when the clocks go home for display.


Mr L Miller, Head Teacher -  Technology & Applied Studies

In our Special Education classes

Celebrating Luke

Luke Thatcher was a much loved student at Cecil Hills High School. This week, together with Luke’s family and friends,  we celebrated Luke’s life at his memorial service held at the Plough & Harrow Park on Elizabeth Drive on 25 August 2019.

At the memorial service, teacher, Margaret Beadle, spoke about the living memories of Luke.  All who knew him will always remember Luke as the fun loving, innocent happy person who wanted to live his life to the fullest.  It was a privilege to be part of this memorial service.


Our school bus is a legacy of the hard work of Luke’s mum - Julie and her friend Isabella - whose daughter Rosanna was Luke’s classmate. The Luke Thatcher Express  is named in honour of Luke who passed away on 23 August 2009.




Work Experience

Ethan Nashmi started his work experience this term. He is learning skills related to work, and overall being respectful and responsible to have a successful experience.

Ethan is enjoying working outdoors and is developing appropriate knowledge of a good worker.


Mary Lukose, Head Teacher - Support Unit

Electives to entice

Year 8 2020

On Friday 28 August, year 7 had an information assembly regarding possible elective choices for 2020. The session was very informative and students left feeling eager and excited for the array of options they have to choose from. The electives that students have to choose from are:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Create a Cake
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Food Lovers
  • Football 101
  • Leaf It To Us
  • Mind Your Own Business
  • My Story
  • Psychology
  • Recording Music
  • School of Rock
  • Street Art
  • Survivor
  • Xhibit It!

Students were encouraged to choose subjects that they would enjoy and be passionate about. The Innovation Team and Year 7 Advisers look forward to seeing what this year group will achieve next year.


Ms K Fagan, Innovation team member

In our community

Careers Newsletter

Supporting your child with study and work opportunities.

What's happening at Fairfield City Museum


Helping your child become a better driver


Photographic Competition


Supporting your child


Student Exchange



teach.MathsNOW Scholarships are now open

Parents and carers, this is for you. Do you know an industry professional or current university student in a career area requiring tertiary studies in mathematics - for example, in engineering, accounting, finance or IT - who would make a great secondary mathematics teacher? The teach.MathsNOW Scholarship offers an opportunity to change career path and retrain as a mathematics teacher in a NSW public school.  
teach.MathsNOW scholars will receive up to $50,000 in equivalent upfront course contribution fees, paid part-time employment during studies and a guaranteed permanent teaching position in a NSW public school on successful completion.

To find out more about these and other great opportunities, please visit the 
teach.NSW website and follow the teach.NSW social channels (FacebookInstagramTwitter).

Thank you in advance for your support and please contact if you require further information about this request.








In our Community

Uniform Shop - Sale


Parking restrictions, road safety and fines



Congratulations to Theo Nikolaros and Monika Galjer on their marriage.  Theo and Monika are both Cecil Hills High School graduates.  Theo proposed to Monika in Santorini in 2017.  Five members of the bridal party were also former students from Cecil Hills High School, with one still attending. 



Here are some words from the family:
"Your school created an environment where they have held a strong bond and have kept in touch with many of their school friends".

Share the Care


Important Dates


Monday, 2nd

Breakfast@Cecil available every day for all students from 8 am in Common Room

Wednesday, 4th

CHS Athletics Championships

Refugee homework help after school every Thursday

Thursday, 5th

CHS Athletics Championships

Friday, 6th

CHS Athletics Championships

Monday, 8th

Kindness week

Wednesday, 11th

Year 7 vaccinations - second dose


Monday, 16th

Year 11 Preliminary exams begin through to Friday, 27th

Thursday, 19th

NESA HSC Practical Music exam

Friday, 20th

Year 10 Geography to Cronulla

Year 12 Picnic day

NESA HSC Practical Music exam

Monday, 23rd

Year 12 Graduation Ceremony 4pm at Club Marconi

Tuesday, 24th

Year 12 Formal event - Doltone House, Walsh Bay 

Friday, 27th

Year 11 Preliminary exams conclude

Last day of Term 3 for all students





Tell Them From Me

Student Survey

In Term 3 2019, our school is taking part in the Tell Them From Me student survey. The survey will provide us with valuable feedback on what our students think about school life, how engaged they are with school and the different ways that teachers interact with them.  Schools in Australia and around the world have used the Tell Them From Me survey to help them improve. The survey is completed on-line and is run by an independent research company, The Learning Bar, which specialises in school based surveys.


If you do not want your child to take part in the survey, please complete the attached form and return it to the school by Wednesday, 4 September 2019.

Please find attached:

- Self-explanatory letter

- Non-consent form

- Frequently Asked Questions 

Photo: Connect After the Bell - every Thursday afternoon

Connect after the bell

Photo: Connect After the Bell - every Thursday afternoon

Connect After the Bell is a weekly after school study session in the Library. Students from all grades are welcome to join with friends and teachers to work on homework and assessment tasks. Teachers from across the school are on hand to support the students with their school work. It is a great way for students to have a positive experience doing homework and tasks.


Teachers from various faculties regularly give up their time after school to help students. The students have always displayed respectful, responsible and successful behaviours at Connect After the Bell. By staying back after school, these students are being successful as they are showing great commitment to their learning.


Of course, Connect After the Bell would not be complete without the biscuits! Students (and teachers) are rewarded for their efforts with some lovely biscuits and fresh cold water from the school’s new water bubblers!

Connect After the Bell happens in the Library every Thursday afternoon from 2:55pm  to 4:30pm.


Sean Griffiths and Kathy Ha

(Connect After the Bell Coordinators)

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