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30 November 2017
Issue Ten
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From the Principal

The Meaning of Christmas

With children about to go on school holidays and the most popular holiday season just around the corner, it seems like everyone is trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Stores are lining their aisles with Christmas goodies and decor, TV shows have switched to the theme of giving and love, and Santas are starting to appear in shopping centres. And why shouldn't they, after all it is that time, the meaning of the season, right?

Yet, the very first Christmas seemed to do without all of these. The very first Christmas somehow started a frenzy without the power of TV, without Candy Canes, without Santa, and without Christmas sales. Even more amazingly, the very first Christmas involved a poor couple, nobodies, who would lay the most precious child of all in a manger (Luke 2:4-7).

As we head into the Christmas season, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas... Peace on Earth, Good will toward Men, for the Saviour has come to show us how to love, and to give us the greatest gift of love (John 15:13). Instead of buying fancy toys, think of how you can give to those who would normally go without. Ask yourself how you can help out others who are not as fortunate as you. Show them the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of God's love (John 13:34), and love others as God first loved you (1 John 4:19)

I wish all College families a happy Christmas.

Allister Rouse


College Plans for 2018

As Christmas ends, our thoughts turn towards the following year and all that holds. As a College we have been planning for 2018 for some time now and I want to take this opportunity to outline some of those plans.

School Fees

The good news is that the School Council has decided that for a second year in a row, there will be no increase in school fees for 2018. The Council and the College appreciate the sacrifice families make to send their children to the school and that school fees add increased pressure to the family budget. This freeze on school fees for 2018 is largely possible due to increased government funding and reduction in College debt. There will be, however, some small increases in the consumables levy, due to increased costs to the College in these areas.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As outlined in a previous edition of King's News,  students in Year 7 to 12 will be able to choose the type of computing device they bring to school (BYOD) to support their learning. All students in Year 7 to 12 will be required to bring a device to school, so families will need to make a choice about which device to purchase. Previously, students in Year 7 had to purchase an iPad, but now have other, more cost effective options such as a ChromeBook for around $300. Please refer to the information sent home with students for more information about his program or refer to the College website .


In Junior Years, we will be creating a role for a Junior Years Curriculum Coordinator. This person will play a key role in reviewing curriculum in the Junior Yeas and developing approaches to the teaching of literacy and numeracy from Prep to Year 4.

In Year 7 and 8, to support the BYOD program, we will be introducing the Pearson Places digital platform and e-books for use in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities. This product represents excellent value and will encourage student engagement in teaching and learning in the upper Middle Years.

Continuous Online Reporting

In 2018, the introduction of Continuous Online Reporting from Years 5 to 12  will allow parents to log in to Compass for up to date reports on their child’s assessments. At any time during the year, you will able to see assessment tasks, date dues, teacher feedback and  achieved results. Reports will be up to date with the progress of all subjects and results published a short time after an assessment task is completed and marked. In 2019, we plan to introduce the same type of reporting in Junior Years (Prep to 4).

Chaplain's Corner 

The Meaning of Christmas


This is my favourite time of the year. I enjoy the summer months and like to make use of the sunlight hours as they drift into the evening dim. The fact that we live on an amazing coastline with family friendly beaches provides a natural playground to explore, it is a wonderful area in God’s created earth.

During this last term of the school year, King’s College has been a buzz with so many events during and after school requiring participation from every corner of the school community and the hierarchy of school personnel and students. All staff are working towards finishing off 2017 competently and preparing for year 2018.

The busyness leading up to Christmas, New Year and the school holiday period can place a number of relational strains within families. Modern societal Christmas norms such as financial pressures to procure presents, family gatherings, work and social break-ups, changes to routines, hot days and nights, keeping children entertained and ‘not bored’, provide real challenges amongst parents. Each year we can become overwhelmed by advertising relating to “The Spirit of Christmas.” However, it is predominantly consumer driven and provides a limited time of enjoyment.

Jesus’ earthly parents, Joseph and Mary certainly had their challenges making their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem as required by Caesar Augustus to participate in the global census (Luke 2). Their journey was ordained by God as was the prophecy of Jesus’ birth, the fulfilment of scripture, the work of the Holy Spirit, the messages provided by angels to Mary and Joseph, the Herald of Angels appearing to the shepherds and the appearance of the star in the East. These events are truly miraculous and changed the course of history for all mankind. The biblical and historical events leading up to what we now celebrate as Christmas are the foundation for our children’s knowledge of how our heavenly Father provided the way of reconciliation to him. Jesus, left his heavenly Godhood position in an act of obedience to God and out of love for mankind, Jesus came to us through human birth. Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given..” John 1:14 “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us….” Galatians 4:4,5 “But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive the full rights of sons.” What truly momentous occurrences that no modern author has ever or could ever devise to supersede the biblical meaning of Christmas. May you and your family enjoy Christmas and celebrate that we can freely read about Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection found in the living word of God, The Bible.

Parenting Resources

Looking for a encouraging parenting website? Then click onto Focus on the Family Australia at and scroll through the menu. It contains wonderful articles, youtube clips and broadcasts full of useful and supportive ideas.

Early Years

Celebrations in Early Years

As a busy year comes to an end in the Early Years Centre we relish in the opportunity to make " play the thing" as children immerse themselves in the wonder of the Christmas Story. As adults we may get a little bored or jaded or even uninterested in the nativity story...but not children. 

The drama is real! A young girl is met by an angel (really? Wow that's awesome) who tells her she's going to have a baby (ohhh, cute) and no, Joseph's not the Dad (you're kidding? How? ) She rides a donkey all the way to an overcrowded village, gives birth in a bunch of hay surrounded by animals (stinky), wise men bring cool gifts ( who is Frank Insense?) and shepherds are tripping over themselves to meet the lamb of God. Meanwhile a bad King Herod is plotting to kill Jesus and wipe out all male children under two (that's so bad, he's nasty). Angels, glory, stars and desert nights... This is the story to end (or begin) all stories.

Our final weeks at kinder are a celebration of all that it means to be a child. We are thankful for the wonderful families and children who make up our special little community and we wish everyone a blessed Christmas and New Year. 

Susan Hurley

Early Years Team Leader


The Art Show

The Wombat group worked together to make an apple tree for our art show. The children also each made an apple print, and looked to find the star inside! We acted out a story about someone who couldn't find a little red house with no doors, no windows, a chimney on top and a beautiful star inside. The little red house was an apple! Several of the Wombat children enjoyed visiting the art show with their families, and pegged up some of their drawings they did on the night. Some of our Junior Years and Middle Years students also made use of the drawing table, and the string was overflowing with artworks! On Wednesday the Wombat children visited the exhibition and got to see their artworks. 

Duck, duck, goose

Children have been enjoying each other's company with group games like duck, duck, goose and hide and seek. As part of our interest in ducks and chickens the Friday Wombat group each drew a chicken shape during circle time, then added feathers, eyes, and other features. We love our chickens at kinder and are very excited when they lay eggs! The Wombat group have been learning how to care for our chickens by thinking about their physical needs and remembering to move gently around them.


Bugs and Butterflies

The Wombat group have enjoyed some of their favourite things: Bugs and butterflies during Term 4.  We explored the process of metamorphosis and life cycles through games, stories, drama, puzzles and art.

The children can identify the stages of development from a butterfly egg to an adult butterfly. They have been using the correct terminology and can pronounce Metamorphosis successfully and have been teaching their families at home what it means!

Next we looked at the life cycle and metamorphosis of frogs, and the children can identify eggs, tadpoles, froglets and adult frogs.

We moved into another favourite activity - colour mixing, and we discussed changes that occur in colour blends. 

We have enjoyed looking at changes in lots of ways during term 4 !



We have been exploring animal features through art, and thinking about why God made animals in different ways. We have been learning the story of Noah's Ark, with a focus on Noah knowing that he needed saving, and our responsibility to look after animals. This connects to the Christmas Story as we reflect that God promised not to send another flood, but we still needed saving - God sent Jesus as a baby to be our Saviour. ​​


Coming Up...

06 Dec                  JY Night of Celebration

12 Dec                  Orientation Day

13 Dec                  Semester 2 Reports Issued

                                 Final Day EY - Year 8

15 Dec                  Teaching Staff Final Day

19 Dec                  College Office Closes


Junior Years

Together with Purpose


November has been a wonderful month of community in Junior Years, with two class excursions, the Junior Years concert, the King’s College Art Exhibition and the annual King’s College Fair. Each occasion drew students, staff, families and friends of the College together to share and celebrate. 


1 Corinthians 12:27 “Now you are the body of Christ and each one is a part of it.”


As Christians unified in our love for God and passion for Christian education we form the ‘Body of Christ’ at work at King’s College. The Bible uses this term to describe those whose trust is in the Living God, working together with common purpose using our God given gifts and talents for His glory and the benefit of others. This means that together we can achieve purposes beyond ourselves to bless others and share God’s love. We are called to service, to share Jesus, to worship God and to love one another.


This has been abundantly evident this month as each calendar event came to successful fruition through a team effort involving parents, students and staff. Successful school excursions rely on the help and attendance of parents in many roles. In reflecting on the amazing talent of our students, the Junior Years concert also recognised the dedication of parents to finance, encourage and support our budding musicians and the work of Junior Years music teacher, Mrs Parker. The King’s College Art exhibition saw a host of families and friends encourage and congratulate our students on their work and form a most appreciative audience at the award presentations. Perhaps the most obvious example of servanthood and dedication is the King’s College fair!  Last Saturday was a wonderful time of family, fun and community.  Thanks to the dedicated Fair committee who inspired us to action, working tirelessly for many months to benefit the College and our families. As we worked together in unified purpose, the blessing and joy of giving was evident.


What a delight and privilege it is to serve together with each of you, experiencing the blessing of your encouragement and love, the benefit of the gifts and talents you bring, and the honour of partnering in the work of God’s Kingdom together.

Lyndell Tucker

Junior Years Team Leader

Junior Years Concert
06 November

A wonderful afternoon of musical entertainment was provided at the Junior Years Concert earlier this month. The King’s College Pipes and Drums band opened the concert in rousing fashion. Impeccable timing and precision added to the enjoyment, fascination and pageantry as the band performed. An appreciative audience joined with us in thanking Donald Blair and Pete Moir for another year of dedicated voluntary service in training our pipers and drummers. Under the direction and inspiration of our Junior Years music specialist, Mrs Robyn Parker, each class presented an engaging musical item for our enjoyment, showcasing the variety of skills taught during the year.  A number of individual musicians from Years 1 to 4 also inspired us with their dedication, courage and skill, playing piano, guitar or violin.  It was certainly an inspiring celebration of talent and commitment, with every Junior Years student contributing to the success of the afternoon.

Year 2 Kangaroobie Excursion

Year 2, together with Miss Job, Mrs Tucker, Mr Benfell, Mr Haberfield, Mr Draffen, Mr McCosh and Mr Ciccocioppo travelled by bus to Kangaroobie on Friday, November 3, 2017.  Enjoy these recounts of the day from the perspective of a few students:


On Friday we went to Kangaroobie but first we went to the twelve Apostles. When we got there it was freezing. Then we got back on the bus and went to Kangaroobie.  When we got there we got off the bus and went to a place to sit. Then Matt came and told us we are going to see the pigs. When that was over we got in the trailer. While we were in the trailer we stoped to get some hay. When we got the hay we went to the cows and fed them. One of the cows head butted me and I went flying!  After that we had lunch. When we finished we went and played cricket. Then we saw the gar-gar pit so we got to play gar-gar. I did pretty good – not!  After that we went to make huts in the bush. When that was done we went to the camp cabins and had some afternoon tea. We ate it very quickly and played more gar-gar. Sadly it had to ends so we got back in the bus and went back to school. When we got back we had hot dogs and we got to watch a movie of Year 2 from start until now. After that our mums and dads took us home.

      Dalton Luciani


On Friday we were going on the Year 2 Excursion!  First I got out of bed and made my lunch and dad’s. Then we got in the car and drove away to school and most of the class were ready to go. Next we got on the bus and drove to Kangaroobie. For half an hour we stopped to see the 12 Apostles. We got out of the bus and went to the toilets then we went down the path to look at the 12 Apostles. It was so windy there!

Then we got back on the bus and finished our trip. Finally we were at Kangaroobie. First Matt told us stuff about the farm. Then we went over to see the pigs. We went in the trailer. We went in the trailer so the cows could follow us. When we stopped and got the hay the cows came running at us. Ten minutes later we got on the trailer and we went to see the baby sheep and calves and pigs. After we had met the animals we got back in the trailer.

      Riley Ciccocioppo


On Friday year 2 went to Kangaroobie. First we saw the pigs. Matt said that we could kiss it’s backside if we wanted a ride but nobody wanted to. Then we fed the cows with hay. One cow head butted me. Next we got on a trailer and went to Matt’s house with baby pigs. We chased them around. Then we got into groups and made huts. I fell in cow poo. Next we played Gar-Gar and then we got on the bus and got hot dogs.

            Joshua Benfell


Art Exhibition

With every wall showcasing amazing art work, the Junior Years wing was transformed into an Art Gallery for the week commencing Monday November 13. In addition, the premiere screening of the Year 4 ‘Cyber Savers BEAT’ movie drew large crowds to Mrs Zeunert’s cinema room. Lots of laughter and gasps of surprise echoed through the room as the plot unfolded!  Those admiring artwork were treated to musical items from Junior Years musicians, Bethany, Maggie, Matthew, Joshua and Lachlan. At 7.00pm a packed auditorium eagerly anticipated the announcement of award winners for our Annual Art Exhibition. Congratulations to those students whose fine artwork received specific acknowledgement and to every student whose prolific work was proudly displayed throughout the school.


Year 1 Port Fairy Excursion

In the midst of the sunny, warm weather last week, Year 1, together with Mrs Wills, Mrs Tucker, Mrs Hodgens, Mr Ballinger and Mr McHutchison, slip-slop-slapped the sunscreen and headed to Port Fairy, Tower Hill before returning to the Warrnambool Botanical gardens at the end of the day.


Year 1 tell it best in the following student recounts of the day:


Yesterday we went on a trip.

First we had breakfast. I ate milo flakes. It was yummy.

Next we went on the Year 4 playground. There was bird poo on the slide. It was fun.

Then we talked about safety rules, like putting seat belts on while driving and don’t get out of your seat.

Then we got on the bus. I was sitting next to my bag.

Next we had snack at the Port Fairy playground.

Next we split up into groups. I went to the museum first. I went to the lolly shop second.

Then we went to Tower Hill. We had a Quiz hunt.

Next we went to the gardens. The person who owned the gardens was named Mr Sheely. Then we ate icypoles there. We played ‘Duck Pop” there, too.

Then we went back to school.

By Liezel Groenewald






Yesterday we went on a trip.

First we had breakfast. I had Milo cereal. It was very YUMMY!  I really enjoyed it.

Next we went to the Year 4 playground. I couldn’t play on it because I hurt my pinky. I was sad.

Then we talked about safety rules on the bus, like always wear your seat belt when the bus is moving.

Don’t talk too loudly.

Then we got on the bus. On the side of the bus it said ‘Christians”. Mr Wills was our bus driver.

We went to the Port Fairy playground. It was very hot. I had fun. Then we split into two groups. One went to the museum, the other went to the lolly shop. Then we swapped.

Then we went on a walk to the lighthouse. It was at least two kilometres. I felt very tired.

Then we went to Tower Hill and did a quiz or went in the shade and finished some activities in our activities book.

The last thing we did was visit the Botanical Gardens. We saw Mr Sheely in the rotunda. He talked about the Botanical Gardens.

Then we went back to school.

The end.        

By Freya Raven


Yesterday we went on our trip.

First we had breakfast. Then we went on the Year 4 playground.

Next we talked about being safe on the bus. Then we went on the bus. Mrs Wills drove us to Port Fairy.

Then we went on the playground in Port Fairy and had a snack. Next we went into groups and went to the Museum and to the Lolly Shop.

We walked to the lighthouse and then we had lunch and our lolly.

Then we went to Tower Hill.  At Tower Hill I did a quiz.

Then we went to the gardens and met Mr sheely. Next we had a lemonade icypole and we played games.

Finally we went back to school.

By Sophie Burrows


Yet to come...

As the year draws to a close, we are enjoying every moment together in our classrooms, lingering with the group we’ve come to know and love so well and celebrating their amazing achievements over the course of 2017. At the same time, we are already thinking and preparing for 2018, planning bigger and better things for the year ahead!

Although we will again have five classes across Junior Years, capably taught by current classroom teachers, there are new initiatives planned to further strengthen our successful Junior Years program.

This includes welcoming two new teachers to our classrooms:

  • Mrs Beth Raven

Mrs Raven will be sharing the Year 1 classroom with Mrs Carin Wills, working two consecutive days as classroom teacher. Mrs Wills will remain classroom teacher for three days a week.

  • Miss Christie Stephen will be sharing the Year 4 classroom with Mrs Gail Zeunert.

Miss Stephen will work one day per week as classroom teacher. Mrs Zeunert will remain the classroom teacher for four days per week.


Shared classrooms have an excellent track record at King’s College over many years. The expertise, experience and dedication of two teachers strengthens opportunities within the classroom, bringing variety in skills and passion, yet consistency in expectation and management.


In 'From the Principal', Mr Rouse communicated the introduction of a new role, the Junior Years Curriculum Coordinator.  We are pleased to have Mrs Carin Wills commencing in this important role next year. Working one day a week in specific curriculum and pedagogy planning, this will ensure we continue to implement best practice and improve on the high standards already set in Junior Years.

Coming up....

06 Dec                  JY Night of Celebration

08 Dec                   Relay for Life Casual Dress Day

12 Dec                  Orientation Day

13 Dec                  Semester 2 Reports Issued

                                 Final Day EY - Year 8

15 Dec                  Teaching Staff Final Day

19 Dec                  College Office Closes



Middle Years

Exciting Changes in Middle Years


As the year winds up quickly with student reports being written and people’s minds turning to Christmas and summer holidays, plans are being made for 2018. The ability for students to bring their own device within the specifications provided and the introduction of new textbooks for Year 7 and 8 should allow for some changes in the teaching and learning at those levels. In years 5 and 6 some exciting changes are being planned in the Design and Digital technologies.

As we plan for the new, it is good to reflect on the year that has been. Students have been busy with activities in many areas: sports, camps, French Day, Debating, Eisteddfods, Leadership workshops, ANZAC marches and the College Fair to name a small few. Of course, this is all set within the context of regular classroom learning. However, much of regular classroom learning is different today from what it was when parents and teachers attended school.

Students of course still learn the skills of numeracy and literacy. The Australian Curriculum emphasises these skills. Alongside the basics though, students learn skills and modes of operation for the future. Collaborative learning, understanding other cultures, digital learning  and more have joined the familiar subjects of our past.

Over it all though, learning that we are children of the most loving, gracious, heavenly father is our overarching rule. Curricula may change and educational trends may rise or fall, but the Kingdom of our God and learning about our place in that Kingdom are eternal. In Middle Years we continually seek to demonstrate God’s grace and love and to ensure our students know “whose” they are.

As we ponder Christmas and make our plans, may we always remember that Jesus coming to earth to save us is part of the best plan of all.


For to us a child is born,

   to us a son is given,

   and the government will be on his shoulders.

And he will be called

   Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

   Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Louisa Doherty

Middle Years Team Leader

Buddy Bench Progress

The buddy bench is expected to be painted this week and then to be installed in Junior Years. Thanks to Mr Perry for his assistance with the painting and to Mr Mick Dowling for the donated paint.

Christmas Gift Tags

Gifting at Christmas is a way we appreciate the people we love and care for as we reflect on the Lord's greatest gift of His son Jesus. 

This year, the Year 7's have wonderfully put together beautiful Christmas gift tags which contain words of encouragement and Christian values inspired by God's Word. 

Jazz up your Christmas with some loose change- $1.50 per pack of six or six packs for $5 with all profits donated to Operation Christmas Child. 

Available for purchase at Reception. 


Year 7 & 8 Canberra Tour

The Canberra tour was a full trip with many activities over the course of the week. Students visited many cultural, historical and scientific venues. Highlights from their feedback included the Royal Australian Mint, Old and New Parliament House, the observatory at Mt Stromlo, Questacon,  the National Gallery and the Indonesian embassy. Students enjoyed Long Ball under Mrs Diack’s direction and were fiercely competitive in the Team Trivia competition. Mr Diack, Mrs Champness and Mrs Doherty enjoyed the time spent with the students outside of the normal classroom, getting to know everyone more over the course of the trip.


Year 5 Poetry

In English Year 5 students have been working on a unit of poetry. They have been writing lots of different types poems and creating their own poetry anthologies. Here is an example of a colour poem.


Yellow looks like a field of sunflowers swaying in the wind,

Yellow tastes like the middle of a vanilla slice, freshly made,

Yellow feels like the sun warming you up on the beach on a summer’s day,

Yellow smells like a banana and mango ice-cold smoothie,

Yellow sounds like a horse galloping in its field on a winter’s day,

Yellow looks like the sun setting after an extraordinary day,

Yellow feels like a bubble in your tummy, bursting,

Yellow tastes like lemonade in your tummy, fizzing.

By Eliana Veenstra

Year 7 Science 

Year 7 have been studying habitats in Science. We have modelled food webs by giving each person a plant or animal and connecting them by ropes to see who eats who. We got into a big tangle but this shows how complex ecosystems are and how living things rely on each other. We also had a trip to the Marrakai Wetlands (also known as the back corner of King’s College) and studied the plants and animals we found.

Year 8 Classroom

Year 8 have finished studying the novel “Trash” in class and have been reading Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” together. Reading aloud with our Pre-Service teacher, Mr Kingsley has been fun - as was role playing a real-life plot to understand the ideas of conspiracy.

In Maths we have been studying algebra and finding that working with letters as well as numbers is not as hard as we may have thought.

Middle Years Volleyball

Our MY Volleyball teams have continued their run of success. We have recently had three teams from Year 6, 7 and 8 represent our district at the Greater Western Region level in Horsham.  The two boys’ teams won their respective events and have now represented us at the State Finals at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong.  Congratulations to all of our teams.

Coming Up...

08 Dec                  Relay for Life Casual Dress Day

12 Dec                  Orientation Day

13 Dec                  Semester 2 Reports Issued

                                MY & SY Presentation Night

                                Relay for Life Casual Dress Day

                                Final Day EY - Year 8

15 Dec                  Teaching Staff Final Day

19 Dec                  College Office Closes


Senior Years

Thankful for the Greatest Gift

Matthew 1:21

 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.


With December upon us we turn our attention towards Christmas and the story of the birth of Jesus. This story though is not simply about the birth of a baby who would grow up to become a great teacher and wonderful example, although Jesus was those things and more. Rather, it is an incredible story of the birth of the Saviour of the world.

We all at some time need saving from something. Some need saving from downing in the ocean, others from being lost in the bush, from fire or some other natural disaster. In each case it is we who save each other, the life guards, fire fighters, SES volunteers and the like.

When the Bible talks about Jesus as our saviour it is talking about someone who can save us from something we are incapable of saving ourselves from no matter what we do or how hard we try, our sin, which separates us from God.

Only someone who doesn’t need saving themselves can rescue another. In our case, only someone not born into sin and therefore needed rescuing, could save us by taking our sin upon himself and bearing our punishment. Jesus, the son of Mary and therefore human, and the son of God and therefore sinless, could do this. How amazing is the love of God, that he would offer this gift without cost to us?

As we give and receive gifts this Christmas let us reflect with thankful hearts the greatest gift ever given to people who did not deserve it.

Have a very blessed Christmas.

Michael Tucker

Senior Years Team Leader

Year 9 Community Tour

From 06-10 November, Year 9 students spent the week serving on their Community Tour. 

Again we travelled to Northern Victoria and served around the Red Cliffs and Mildura regions.

We assisted local Churches, visited senior residents at a retirement village, delivered Meals on Wheels and worked with Mildura Parks and Gardens and LandCare.

Once again our students worked well to provide some respite to local volunteer groups.


Year 12 Graduation Dinner

This year, the graduation dinner coincided with the day the last VCE exam was undertaken by our students. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the end not only of exams, but of formal schooling forever. This was another enjoyable evening attended by students, their parents, relatives, friends, and teachers.

For three of the class, Sheridyn Speed, Kate Rauert and Ashlee Stow, this marked the end of thirteen years at King’s College, their entire school life. For seven of the eleven families this also marked the last year they would have a child at our school. While this is always sad for King College, we are always extremely thankful for the terrific support our school families have provided through their many years of involvement.


Year 11 Leadership Camp

After completing their exams and as part of their year 12 orientation program, year 11 students headed off on their three-day leadership camp to Anglesea. During this time students spent time considering leadership principals from a Christian perspective, participated in activities that fostered teamwork and challenged them personally, as well as enjoying the company of their peers and teachers. This year, students were accompanied by year 11 coordinator Mr. Perry, Mrs. Hannagan and Mr. Tucker.


Coming Up...

07 Dec                  Yr 9 Connect Celebration Evening

08 Dec                  Yr 9 Last Day

                                 Relay for Life Casual Dress Day

13 Dec                  Semester 2 Reports Issued

                                 MY & SY Presentation Night

15 Dec                  Teaching Staff Final Day

19 Dec                   College Office Closes




Community Fair

A fantastic day was had by all who attended the Community Fair on Saturday 25 November. The Fair was well attended, with positive feedback about the new format. Thanks to the Parent's Club Fair Committee for organising such a wonderful, familiy focused, community event.


Parent's, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

From 2018, the Parent's Club will be known as the Parent's, Teachers and Friends Association or PTFA for short. The School Council made the change to broaden the membership of the Association to include teachers and friends. This allows for current parents, staff, grandparents and others with an associated interest in the College to be involved in activities of the Association.

Current President and Secretary roles come to the end of their term this year.  Thank you to Melisa Champness (President) and Jade Drake (Secretary) for their diligent service to the College over the last two years. At this weeks AGM, it was announced that Lauren McHutchison will take on the role of President and Naomi Pech will take on the role of Secretary for the next two years. We wish Lauren and Naomi well in their new roles.

School Shoes

Parents are reminded that students in Year 5 to 12 are required to wear black leather lace-up or T-bar school shoes as part of the school uniform. Students in Prep to Year 4 may also wear Velcro-style black school shoes in addition to those mentioned above. Suede shoes, bootie style shoes  or  casual flats are not an acceptable option, as they do not provide adequate protection from and OHS perspective.  Please ensure that your child has the correct school shoes when returning to school for the start of 2018. 

Good to Great Fathering Course

The Good to Great Fathering Course could well be the most challenging course you will ever complete and the most significant. The programme is modelled on the Australian SAS training programme. The end goal is what your children need: an involved, loving, responsible and committed father. The Good to Great Fathering Course is primarily a fatherhood course, but it is also a relationship course, marriage course, 'self-development for men' course, leadership course, 'how to be a great husband' course, men's health course, sexual integrity course and a 'how to have fun with your children' course. The 10 week programme involves meeting once a week to work through the course material, a 'dads and kids' weekend away, a family concert night, a variety of homework tasks and a graduation night upon completion of the course. 

If you're up for the challenge, here are the details:

- Starting on Monday 5th February, 2018. 7pm

- Venue: King's College Library Classroom, Warrnambool, 44 Balmoral Rd

- Cost: $250

For more information, visit or call Matt Jellie on 0438256196 or Peter Lim on 0439616716



A reminder that students are required to wear hats and sunscreen when playing outside at recess and lunchtime in Terms 1 and 4 each year. Please ensure your child has these items when coming to school each day.

Coming Up...

06 Dec                  JY Night of Celebration

07 Dec                  Yr 9 Connect Celebration Evening

08 Dec                  Yr 9 Last Day

                                 Relay for Life Casual Dress Day

12 Dec                  Orientation Day

13 Dec                  Semester 2 Reports Issued

                                MY & SY Presentation Night

                                Final Day EY - Year 8

15 Dec                  Teaching Staff Final Day

19 Dec                  College Office Closes



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