08 September 2017
Week 3.8 Issue 14
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From the Dean of Studies
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Book Week
Catholic Performing Arts
Student Success
History Day 2017
From the SNC Parent Committee
Year 8/9 Girls AFL 
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Dear God
May we meet mercy each day, in light of our own heart, at the hands of our loved ones,
in the eyes of the stranger and the needy.  
If by chance we do not at first meet it, then may we search our heart for it, listen patiently for word of it, and it will tap us on the shoulder, a quiet surprise, a small gesture, the tender look,  
given and received in the encounters of our day. 
We pray for the strength to be filled with mercy as we walk on this,
our precious earth.  
We ask all this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

As Albert Einstein, the famous scientist once said, “Creativity is contagious, so pass it on”, and so it is with our Creative and Performing Arts Exhibition this week. Our wonderful Xanten Performing Arts Centre has been converted into a showpiece of amazing works of art in the form of cakes, clothing, sculptures, paintings, visual and technical arts pieces and a lot, lot more, displaying the amazing talents of our students. The delights on show were certainly contagious to those who visited the exhibition over the past few days. None more so than many of our feeder primary school visitors who all seemed intoxicated with the energy of the display. Congratulations to our Arts and Technologies staff who work tirelessly helping our students bring their creativity to life, and to our artists whose dazzling pieces have brought joy to many.

Following the exhibition opening on Tuesday night, the Performing Arts Showcase was held in the Xanten Theatre – again, another wonderful display of the rich talent that exists here at St Norbert College. The audience was thoroughly entertained from start to finish with musical pieces, drama performances and dance acts and all of our Performing Arts staff and students richly deserve the accolades.

With Jesus as our guide, a group of students accompanied by Miss Margaret Kyd and Miss Carrol Abel will soon embark on the Cambodia Immersion. The group will model servant leadership and offer gifts and talents to the Cambodian people; a people who in the main, have lived a life of hardship and poverty. We wish our students and staff safe passage and energy to bring hope and happiness to the people they serve.

It is my very special pleasure on behalf of Fr Peter and the College community, to announce and extend congratulations to Ms Sharon Rainford on her appointment to the position of Deputy Principal at our College, commencing in 2018. Ms Rainford’s leadership, expertise, personal qualities and dedication to our College community continue to be a wonderful gift to us all and we look forward to this continuing in this important ministry in the future.

A reminder that our College Parent Committee is hosting a free session for parents and guardians on Tuesday 13 September titled “Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Youth”. The seminar is facilitated by the team at Clan WA, a not-for-profit community organisation who work with parents and other organisations to contribute towards a strong, resilient community. Further details are contained in this newsletter.

A date to place in your diaries for Term 4 is the College Presentation Night held at the Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday 31 October. This is a compulsory event in the College calendar, so please plan ahead. One of the awards presented on this evening is the Br Patrick Doolan O Praem Award. In honour of the memory of Br Patrick Doolan O Praem, who passed to eternal life in January 2006, a medal carrying his name is presented annually to a member of the College staff who has given outstanding service to the College. I invite parents and students to nominate a staff member whom they believe fits the “outstanding service” criteria. Written nominations should be lodged with Mrs Angela Hughes by Friday 20 October 2017.

With the end of term fast approaching, I challenge all of our students to maintain a healthy focus on the constant task of developing their whole self and availing themselves of the many wonderful and varied opportunities at our College. Student engagement brings benefits to all.

God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

From the Dean of Studies

Japanese Exchange - Seijo

On Friday 25 August, we said farewell to our 14 exchange students and two teachers, from Seijo, Japan. Host families were entertained with a beautiful song and speeches made by each student.

Once again, I would like to acknowledge the generosity of our wonderful host families who opened their homes to our visitors. A big THANK YOU to the following families: Dato, O’Malley, Woo/Vincent, Breeze, Ngo/Nguyen, Perkins, Midgley, Snooks-Holding, Ricafranca, Pemberton, Popelier, Reder, Rowlands and Dhakal.


Mrs Anna McKenzie returned from parental leave and did an exceptional job with the ESL lessons. Thank you again to Mr Barry Groves and Mr Robert Preston who coordinate the program.


Thank you to all the Seijo and St Norbert students for your involvement and friendliness.


Congratulations to the following Year 12 students for achieving Honours at the College Assembly on Wednesday for their outstanding contributions to the College:

Jonathan Feleke          Honours            Soccer

Buobo Morna                 Honours            Soccer

Kaitlyn Fashho              Honours            Athletics, Basketball

Sophie Spanghero      Honours            Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country

Reece Hewitt                 Honours            Basketball

Jack Higgs                      Honours             Athletics, Basketball

Jordan Rigden              Honours             Basketball

Belinda Donovan        Honours             Athletics

Asala Ubu                       Honours             Athletics

Year 12 Exams & Seminars

A reminder that the Year 12 College examination  period will run from Monday 2 October to Tuesday 10 October. Normal classes will be suspended in the second week of Term 4 to enable ATAR students to attend specially organised seminars/tutorials for preparation and remediation before the commencement of WACE exams on Wednesday 1 November. If you are able to assist with exam supervision, please contact Mrs Tracey Burgoyne [email protected].

Presentation Night 2017 - Save the Date

A reminder that the annual Presentation Night will be held on Tuesday 31 October at 7:00pm in the Perth Concert Hall.  It is a special evening that showcases the special talents of our students and recognises student achievement.


Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Dealing with Teenage Behaviour


Disrespectful or rude behaviour in teenagers is pretty common. Although this phase will pass eventually, there are some strategies that can help you handle disrespect from your child in the meantime.

About disrespectful behaviour in teenagers

Sometimes you might feel that interactions with your child all seem a bit like this:

  • You – ‘How’s that book project going?’
  • Your child – ‘Why are you checking up on me? Don’t you trust me? I always get good marks, so why ask me about it?’
  • You – ‘I was only asking. I just wanted to know if you’re going OK with it...’
  • Your child – ‘Sure you were... mumble, mumble, mumble.’

As a parent, you might feel hurt, worried and unsure about what’s happened when you have conversations like this. Your child used to value your interest or input, but now it seems that even simple conversations turn into arguments.

There are reasons for your child’s behaviour. And there’s also good news: this phase will usually pass.


Disrespect: where does it come from?

Not all teenagers are rude or disrespectful, but some disrespect is a normal part of teenage growth and development. 

This is partly because your child is learning to express and test out their own independent ideas, so there will be times when you disagree. Developing independence is a key part of growing up and a good sign that your child is trying to take more responsibility. But they are also still learning about how to handle disagreements and differing opinions appropriately. 

Also, your child’s moods can change quickly. Because of how teenage brains develop, your child isn’t always able to handle their changing feelings and reactions to everyday or unexpected things. And this can sometimes lead to over-sensitivity, which can lead in turn to grumpiness or rudeness.

Sometimes disrespectful behaviour might also be a sign that your child is feeling particularly stressed or worried.

And teenagers are starting to think in a deeper way than they did a few years earlier, and they can have thoughts and feelings they have never had before. Some young people seem to burst into the world with a conflicting and radical view on everything. This shift to deeper thinking is a normal part of development too.

No matter how grumpy or cross your child gets, they still value time talking and connecting with you. You just might need to be a little more understanding if they are short-tempered or changeable. It can help to remember that this phase will usually pass.


Handling your teenage child’s disrespectful behaviour

Tips for discipline:

  • Set clear rules about behaviour and communication. For example, you could say, ‘We speak respectfully in our family. This means we don’t call people names’. Involving your child in discussions about rules means you can later remind her that she helped make the rules, and that she agreed to them.
  • Focus on your child’s behaviour and how you feel about it. Avoid any comments about your child’s personality or character. Instead of saying, ‘You’re rude’, try something like, ‘I feel hurt when you speak like that to me’. It’s OK to occasionally say clearly how you’re feeling – ‘I’m feeling furious with you just now. You’d feel the same’.
  • Set and use consequences, but try not to set too many. At times, it might be appropriate to use consequences for things like rudeness, swearing or name-calling.

Tips for communication:

  • Stay calm. This is important if your child reacts with ‘attitude’ to a discussion. Stop, take a deep breath, and continue calmly with what you wanted to say.
  • Use humour. A shared laugh can break a stalemate, bring a new perspective or lighten the tone of a conversation. Being lighthearted can also help take the heat out of a situation – but avoid mocking, ridiculing or being sarcastic.
  • Ignore your child’s shrugs, raised eyes and bored looks if they are generally behaving the way you’d like them to. 
  • Check your understanding. Sometimes teenagers are disrespectful without meaning to be rude. A useful response can be something like, ‘That comment came across as pretty offensive. Did you mean to behave rudely?’.
  • Give your child descriptive praise when they communicate in a positive way. When you have a positive interaction, point this out to your child. This lets them know you’re aware of and value their opinions.

Tips for relationships

  • Be a role model. When you’re with your child, try to speak and act the way you want your child to speak and act towards you.  For example, if you swear a lot your child might find it difficult to understand why it’s not OK for him to swear.
  • If there’s a lot of tension between you and your child, another adult you know and trust, like an aunt, uncle or family friend, might be able to support your child through this period. Involving someone like this can be a great way to ease the strain.
  • Check in with your child to make sure there’s nothing that’s making her feel particularly stressed or worried. 

Our Talking to Teens interactive guide explores some tricky parent and teenager situations. For example, you can see how different approaches to handling disrespectful teenage behaviour can get different results.


Things to avoid with teenage disrespect: 

Arguing rarely works for parents or teenagers. When we get angry, we can say things we don’t mean. A more effective approach is to give yourself and your child some time to calm down.

If you’re angry or in the middle of an argument, it will be hard to calmly discuss what you expect of your child. A more effective approach is to tell your child that you want to talk, and agree on a time.

Being defensive is very rarely useful. Try not to take things personally. It might help to remind yourself that your child is trying to assert his independence. 

Even though you have more life experience than your child, lecturing them about how to behave is likely to turn them off listening. If you want your child to listen to you, you might need to spend time actively listening to them.

Nagging isn’t likely to have much effect. It might increase your frustration, and your child will probably just switch off.

Sarcasm will almost certainly create resentment and increase the distance between you and your child.


When to be concerned about teenage disrespect

If your child’s attitude towards you and your family doesn’t respond to any of the strategies suggested above, it might be a warning sign that there’s a deeper problem.

You might also be worried if there are changes in your child’s attitude or mood, if they withdraw from family, friends or usual activities, or if they run away from home or stops going to school regularly.

If you’re concerned about your child’s behaviour, here are some things you can do:

  • Consider seeking professional support – good people to talk to include school counsellors, teachers and your GP. 
  • Discuss the issue as a family, to work out ways of supporting each other.
  • Talk to other parents and find out what they do.

Looking after yourself, especially your physical and emotional wellbeing, can help you stay calm and consistent when things get tough. Friends and family can be a great source of support, as can parents of other teenagers. You might like to connect in our online forum for parents of pre-teens or our online forum for parents of early teens.


More information on this topic can be viewed at:


The Pastoral Care Team

Book Week

Book Week 2017

Book Week is over for another year. The theme for this year was “Escape to Everywhere”. In the run up to our celebrations, students had the opportunity to examine where they escape to when reading. Such escapes included fantasy worlds, places and worlds in the future and the past as well as imagined and factual places within our own world. Signposts indicating places of escape were put up in the library and generated some interesting conversations.  


Staff and senior students took the opportunity to cosplay characters from books and showed the rest of the College their creativity during the College Assembly. This is the first time the students have had this opportunity and it certainly will not be the last. 


As the author, Neil Gaiman has said, “The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to teach them to read, and to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity”. Book Week was certainly pleasurable.


Miss M Smith (Librarian)


Catholic Performing Arts

Catholic Performing Arts Festival 2017 Final Edition


The final two weeks of the 2017 Catholic Performing Arts Festival have been busy for the musicians and singers of the school. With the completion of Drama and Dance performances, it was time for the final few individuals and ensembles to represent St Norbert College at the Festival.


Congratulations to the following students who represented the College in solo performances:

  • Yajnah Juggessur (Guitar)
  • Caris O’Hara (Guitar)
  • Ariannah Tilli (Voice)
  • Nyssa Coutinho (Voice)
  • Ira Sanchez (Voice)
  • Siena Kelly (Voice)
  • Livinia Cupitt-Neville (Voice)
  • Elijah Edmonds (Piano)


Congratulations are also extended to the following students who were awarded an Outstanding Award in the Instrumental/Duet section of the Festival:

  • Blake Jenkins (Solo Voice)
  • Blake & Cooper Jenkins (Voice Duet)
  • Frances Macapili (Solo Piano)

The St Norbert College Concert Band performed at Newman College on Friday 25 August and played extremely well considering the change of directors over the last six months. The Concert Band received a well-deserved Excellence Award and were very happy with their performance.


The St Norbert College Choir performed at Trinity College on Monday 28 August and were awarded a Merit Award. Special thanks to Mr Ross Burford for his unwavering dedication and passion in preparing the students for this performance in his role as Choral Director.

From the Performing Arts Team

On behalf of Miss Kerri Hilton (Drama) and Miss Laura Alban (Dance), thank you to the many people who have supported the participation of all of the students involved in this fantastic event over the last month.


Thank you to the parents of these students for the time that you have dedicated for the many rehearsals and performances that they have been involved in. Thank you to the St Norbert College Leadership Team for their attendance at all the major ensemble performances and for the many staff who volunteered their free time to supervise and support the students.


And finally, thank you to the students for their love, passion and drive in all three disciplines of the Performing Arts. Keep up the hard work and never stop performing!


Mr C Beins (Director of Music)

Student Success

Student Success

Not a day goes by without another St Norbert College student achieving success in their chosen field and it brings me great pleasure to acknowledge the following sporting achievements:

  • Elizabeth Skinner-Drakeford was recently selected in the final team of 10 for the ACC Representative Netball team (from over 60 who tried out). This team competed against a combined government school team last Sunday in an exhibition match with the ACC team winning convincingly and all reports about Lizzie’s game were more than glowing. Thanks to Ms Hughes and Ms Fogliani who went out to support Lizzie. Well done Lizzie.
  • Our future Olympians MJ and Jaco Jansen van Rensburg recently competed in the School Sport Cross Country Championships in Hobart. The two boys had a very successful trip with Jaco coming 20th of 53 runners in the U/16s event and MJ coming 15th of 81 runners in the U/18s. Through a little bit of good fortune, MJ also qualified to represent Australia in an international event next year in Paris. Congratulations boys.
  • Back in Term 1, I congratulated Ivy Harding at assembly for making the State Touch Rugby team. A few days later, Ivy came up to me and said that she hadn’t actually made the team yet, but had been invited to try out. Well… it must have been a good omen because recently Ivy did actually make the State Touch Rugby team. Ivy will be traveling over East later this year to compete. Congratulations Ivy!

ACC Athletics

Every Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, the team has been training very hard in preparation for the upcoming ACC carnival. From throwing and jumping to running, many of the PE staff have been down at trainings to push us and make us work hard to improve on our skills and techniques to perform at our best on the day. Steven Tucker has been with us every step of the way, pushing us to the best of our ability and motivating us as a team to work together. We are not only being taught better running techniques and improving on our fitness, but also we have learnt how to come together as one team to achieve our goals.


We will use this motivation and team cohesion we have created among ourselves to give it our absolute best on the day and to push each other to hopefully come out on top and win the ACC B Division carnival! 

(Sophie Spanghero and Jack Higgs - Athletics Captains)


Congratuations to the following students for making the 2017 ACC Athletics Team:

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

History Day 2017

HISTORY DAY 2017: 1st September… a day to remember!

On Friday 1 September half of the Year 10 HASS classes were involved in History Day. On such a symbolic date, the anniversary of the start of World War II, both Extension and Enrichment classes merged to pay a visit to the Holocaust Institute in Yokine. Students shared real stories of individuals who experienced, both directly and indirectly, the effects of discrimination, fear and repression. However, topics such as forgiveness, righteousness and hope were also discussed. As George Bernard Shaw once said: “Though all society is founded on intolerance, all improvement is founded on tolerance”.

“Once we arrived, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor welcomed us. She shared with us the story of her mother’s life, Renata, who was born in a village called ‘Kavno’, in Lithuania. She was a shoemaker until she was captured and taken to a concentration camp, but managed to survive. We learnt how the Jews had to experience horrific events during the Nazi occupation of Baltic countries and many more in Europe. The Holocaust Institute is rich in images, such as photographs and posters of World War II and concentration camps, as well as witness accounts. We also watched a documentary about the Holocaust, which featured the rise of Nazi Germany, the building of the concentration camps and interviews with the survivors.

My special thanks goes to the Humanities Department and to Ms Silva and Ms Macoboy for organising such a wonderful experience. I appreciate it.”

[Milutin Milankovic, P2]


At the same time, Mainstream 1 explored the World War II Tunnels in Mosman Park and the Army Museum in Fremantle. Through the tunnels students had the opportunity to witness the impact of war on our society, particularly after the bombing of Darwin (19/02/1942) and Broome (03/03/1942). At the museum they also had the opportunity to investigate the peacemaking process and the return of diplomatic relations. As American journalist Norman Cousins wrote: “War is an invention of the human mind; therefore the human mind can create peace with justice”.


“Once arrived in Mosman Park, we had a pleasant 300m stroll among the bush to get to the top of the hill, where the entrance of the tunnels is located. Then we were taken down into the tunnels where soldiers were stationed during World War II from 1942, in case a Japanese attack was coming. We saw where ammunition was kept, soldiers rested, and potential injured soldiers medicated.

We were also shown how ‘big guns’ work and how they measured the range to protect Western Australia's coast from a possible attack. Around noon we caught the bus to Fremantle, to pay a visit to the Army Museum of Western Australia. After a brief lunch together, we were split in two groups.  The galleries have numerous material on several conflicts and battles, including explanation of the causes and consequences of wars, the Kokoda track, the Home Front, the Japanese army, the Australian army, prisoners of war overseas and internment camps in Australia. Both tours were very informative and taught us a lot about the role of Australia in World War II.”                                                                                                     [Calum Tavani, P3]


For the rest of the Year 10 cohort (HASS Mainstream 2, 3 and 4) History Day has been rescheduled to Week 10, on Thursday 21st September. Guest speaker Mrs Hetty Verolme will share her memories under the Nazi rule, surviving a concentration camp as a child. A story that is still relevant to our times and inspirational for all of us.


Mr A Runco (Head of Learning Area - HASS)

From the SNC Parent Committee

SNC Parent Committee

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The SNC Parent’s Committee is sponsoring the presentation of a seminar dealing with depression and anxiety in adolescents on Tuesday 12 September 2017. You are warmly invited to attend the Br Patrick Doolan Centre at the College from 6.50pm for a 7.00pm start. While an RSVP is not essential, prior notification of your intention to attend will enable sufficient seating to be made available. This may be done by sending an email to [email protected]  by close of business on Monday 11 September.  We look forward to seeing you there. 


Dr Paul Costantino (Chair)



Instrumental Lessons 

Instrumental Lessons Reminder – No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term 3, without financial penalty, Music Administration must receive written notice from parents by Friday 8 September 2017.

Mr C Beins (Director of Music)

Year 8/9 Girls AFL 

Year 8/9 Girls AFL Team

It has been an exciting few weeks for the Year 8/9 Girls AFL team. Our round five match on Tuesday 29 August saw the St Norbert girls play at home against John Forrest Secondary College, a must-win game to secure a place in the top two and a home ground final. As it edged closer to bounce down, the crowd grew by the minute. There were some stellar performances in the first half, with Shenae Hartree dominating in the ruck to allow our key forwards to kick goals early in the game. Despite John Forrest's strong attack in the first half, our defence were quick to change up their game plan and stop some important goals close to the end of the half. Ella Reilly seemed to be everywhere in the back line, running, tackling and intercepting every ball that came into John Forrest's possession. Going into the second half our game plan was to not slip up in defence, a strategy that the girls have been working hard on over the past few weeks. The girls did not disappoint, putting on a show for our home crowd. Lilli McAuliffe proved to be the girl of the match, kicking an amazing four goals for the game, and Teyharna Curry wasn’t far behind her, tackling girls that were double her size. We finished the game with a score of 56 to 25, securing a win and a home ground final for the following week.

On Tuesday 5 September, the day of the elimination final had arrived. With the Grand Final so close, the girls were anxious to secure a win against Yule Brook College. Nervous energy was in the air, for both the players and the coaches, but an ear-ringing cheer saw us ready to start the game. By this time, an incredible crowd had assembled, by far the biggest we've seen all season! The scores were level for the first 10 minutes; goal for goal, point for point. Ivy Harding showed a level of class beyond her years, with her precise marking, kicking and game sense, and proved to be a pivotal player throughout the game. Assisted by Jade Greenwell, Chloe Watson and Asta Breeze in the midfield, the girls worked hard to ensure the ball always ended up in the hands of our forwards. Up by three goals at half time, the girls were feeling the effect of the heat and tough competition they were facing. With a sugar boost and a motivational cheer, the girls were out and ready to finish the job. We continued to mark the scoreboard, thanks to another stellar performance by Lilli McAuliffe and Chloe Reilly in the forward line. Our defence was working hard to keep the ball off the opposition, with Grace White and Lila Martin covering the back line with their height and quick hands, making it difficult for Yule Brook to score. With a tense countdown, the final siren sounded with a score of 47 to 30, seeing the girls through to the Grand Final!


Coaches, staff, students and families are all extremely proud of all of the girls and what they have been able to achieve so far this season. They have shown a remarkable level of sportsmanship and talent, and have proved to themselves, and everyone else, that hard work and commitment really do pay off!


The girls will play Governor Stirling Senior High School in the Grand Final, this Tuesday 12 September at Altone Park, Beechboro. Bounce down will be at 4.00pm. We would like to encourage you to come along and support the girls in the Grand Final. It really is a great achievement for the team and promises to be an outstanding game!


Miss A Fogliani and Miss L Mirco (Coaches)


College Sports and Co-curricular Photo Day

College Sports and Co-Curricular photographs will take place on Wednesday, 13th September 2017 (Term 3, Week 9).


These photographs are taken for official school records and used in publications such as the College year book.

Uniform requirements for the day are as follows:

  • Sports groups - FULL TRACKSUIT with COLLEGE SPORTS SHIRT and correct SPORT SHOES.
  • Junior and Senior Dance Clubs - Full College Dance uniform with tan jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop Crew - Full College Dance uniform with black Hip Hop shoes.
  • Non-sports groups - students are required to wear their FULL WINTER uniform (white College socks for girls).

It is important that all students are in attendance for their group photos so please keep this day free from appointments. Students who are in any sports group photos may attend school in full College Sports uniform.


Your ongoing support in maintaining your child’s uniform and personal presentation standards is always appreciated. Please be aware these photos are used for official purposes including the year book. As such, if your child does not meet College standards they are at risk of not taking part, hence their photo will not appear in this publication. Please contact Roger D’Almeida ([email protected]) if you have any queries regarding this matter.


Mr R D’Almeida (College Photograph Coordinator)


Upcoming St Norbert College Reunions

Venue:       The Merrywell - Crown Casino

Time:          6.00pm onwards

Details:      No bookings or tickets required - come for an hour or stay on for dinner. More details will follow here and on Facebook.                               Please spread the word!!    

Enquiries:  [email protected] 

CLASSES OF 1997, 1987, 1977:  Please register your interest in having a reunion at the email address above. Please get in touch with any contacts you have from these years.

Semester 2 Accounts

Semester 2 accounts were due last Friday 1 September, a big thank you to those families who have already paid their school fees or who have made payment arrangements to finalise accounts for 2017. If you have not already paid your school fees or contacted the school regarding a payment arrangement, please do so as soon as possible. Families who have difficulty with the payment of school fees are asked to please contact Finance Officer Mrs Lindy Munnings on 9350 5433 or email: [email protected].



ICEA Classic

The ICEA Classic is on at Cottesloe this Sunday 10 September:

The ICEA Classic is a youth-run festival that celebrates everything that makes WA great - Noongar culture, surfing, skating, basketball, live music, and good vibes. 

This year’s Classic will be bigger than ever with Thelma Plum headlining the main stage.

Perth Redbacks - Basketball Team

St Norbert College would like to extend its congratulations to the Perth Redbacks Men’s State Basketball team. The Redbacks won their first SBL championship since 1997 breaking a 20-year drought. The Perth Basketball Association is our affiliated club aligned to the Specialised Basketball Program at St Norbert College. Congratulations to head coach, Nik Lackovich and captain, Joel Wagner on their great accomplishment.

Mr L Ford (Specialised Basketball Coordinator)


  • Tuesday 12 September – Parent Information Seminar, Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Youth – Br Pat Forum, 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 13 September - Year 7 (2018) Placement Test, Br Pat Forum, 4.00pm – 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 20 September – Cert Night – Xanten Theatre, 7.00pm-9.00pm
  • Friday 22 September – End of Term 3