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20 July 2017
Week 1  term 3
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Principal's News

Prayer for Students

God of Light and Truth,

thank you for giving me a mind that can know

and a heart that can love.

Help me to keep learning every day of my life,

for all knowledge leads to you.

Let me be aware of your presence in all things and at all times.

Encourage me when work is difficult and when I am tempted to give up;

encourage me when my brain seems slow and the way forward is difficult.

Grant me the grace to put my mind to use exploring the world you have created,

confident that in you there a wisdom that is real.


Term 3

After two weeks away from school it was great to return to school and commence what is commonly known as the consolidation term.  I’m sure that after the first two terms, with  the school reports distributed and shared the  parent teacher interviews completed,  our  students are ready for further improvement and a term again packed with many learning opportunities.  It is amazing how quickly everyone slips into the  rhythm of school life quickly.  It may still be a challenge in this first week to move children along at home in the morning with the cold weather still with us, however the general tone across the school is positive with an enthusiastic outlook on school life.

Holidays are filled with good times.  The chance to have longer periods of play, visit friends, go away on big holidays or day trips, read books, lay in bed for a longer time and keep the pyjamas on all day, make holidays a wonderful time for us all.  We can’t do this all day everyday so it is good to get back into a  structure of organisation.


We welcome some new students this term to St James.  We welcome  Federica (Prep) Lorenzo  (Year 2) Francesca  (Year 4) Keeley  (Year 1) Imogen (Year 4) and Mia (Year 5) and their parents Mark and Luz, Bradley and Linda, and Daniel and Vicky.


Thank You

In the final week of Term 2,  I drew reference to Refugee Week, TED talks  and the association I was able to experience with young  Afghani boys/men from Christmas Island when I was there and now in Melbourne and Geelong.

Maureen and I have been amazed by the generosity of spirit provided by our St James families.  We have had many emails, donations and offers of support.  It has been amazing and on behalf of the boys,  I thank you  for your kindness and magnificent support.  They are now well placed in their home in Dandenong and are so proud and excited with what has been donated in the form of kitchen appliances, white goods, lounge suites, bedding and much needed cash. Jawed,  Habibullah and Ali are so grateful.  On Saturday night they invited our family out to their home for an Afghani meal (sitting on the floor) as a gesture of thanks!  

They are all working now as concreters and the ‘homely’ help aids in their ongoing adjustment to life in Australia, even though the precarious nature of uncertainty of their future hangs over them. They are still awaiting news of the processing of their applications and one is to attend a court hearing in mid August regarding his status.

Your generosity provides them with a sense of belonging, something that has been lacking in their lives for a long time.  It changes the way they move in the world.  This in essence speaks volumes of our humanity as we are all connected as part of the world family.    

I know that there are many ways and many people who support our refugees.  

Attached to today's newsletter is an article and email which we received this week that demonstrates one of our family’s solid commitment to employ refugees in his business.

‘Felix's dad has been working with the Brotherhood of St Laurence on a refugee employment program and now has 6 refugees in his plant.

 I have also mentored refugees through the same program as part of ANZ's partnership. It is an amazing program- the name pretty much sums up the philosophy "Given The Chance".  It aims to give refugees a much needed start in the workforce with support and compassion.

 I thought it would be great to promote to the school community, as other parents may be in a position to provide employment to refugees through the program too.



The refugee situation is a question of our character as community.  Our school values of compassion, inclusion, respect and courage speak to the challenge of how we do respond.


I know that I have not responded to all inquiries as yet and I will leave the door open for what could assist in the future.  Thankyou.


Welcome Miss Sharon Portelli

This term we welcome Miss Sharon Portelli who will be assisting Mrs Busch, Miss Whiffen and Mrs Chapman as the Learning Support Officer in the Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms.  Sharon was appointed in the last week of the term from a strong field of candidates and we are confident that she will provide great assistance for the children and teachers.    Nat Dodds and Claire O’Dea also have strong learning links through educative support not only with all classes but also with a particular focus in the junior grades.  Nancy Ohlert will also continue to provide her thorough literacy support in these rooms.


 Fr  Martin is back

Fr Martin is also back from his break away in Sicily. He called in to school on Tuesday and the rest has been great for him.  Year 3 preparation Masses continue this week with Fr Martin on Saturday evening (6pm) and Sunday morning (9am).


School News


This term we welcome Jacklyn Mahoney who will be delivering a Wellbeing program that will develop the heart, mind and spirit of our children and teachers.  Yes2Yoga classes are so much more than traditional yoga, as the children will become more attuned to their body awareness and learn how to twist and move their body to enhance their mood.


The children will learn numerous breathing techniques and useful tools to help combat everyday issues. The children in working with Jacklyn,  will learn how to recognise different emotions and how to deal with them appropriately. Mindfulness techniques are taught and experienced so that children can feel the difference immediately.

Jacklyn is a VIT registered Primary School teacher who is aware of aligning curriculum to the developmental need of the children. Children in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 will have a one hour session on Wednesday’s and the Year 3 - 6 students on a Friday.

Funds from the Parents Association will fund this important program for Term 3.

Wednesday  - NB  Students to wear Sport Uniform

9am     Prep

10am   Year 1 and 2


9am        Year 6

10am      Year 5

11:30am Year 4

2:30am    Year 3


3 Reasons why we should practice mindfulness

1. Reduces Stress.

Human beings are wired to be doers; constantly moving from one activity to the next. Mindfulness is about slowing down and connecting with the present moment. It shifts you from a “mode of doing” into a “mode of being”. Studies show that this shift helps you regulate your emotions and feel more relaxed. When you allow yourself to stop, take a breath and check-in with your physical and mental state, you bring an awareness and acceptance to your feelings which leads to a greater sense of calm.

2. Improves Performance.

Mindfulness practices can help sharpen your focus and clear your mind. Phil Jackson, one of the best NBA coaches of all time, is known for integrating mindfulness into his work with the Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers. Affably nicknamed the “Zen Master” he used mindfulness techniques to teach his players how to become mentally strong, give one-pointed attention and reset their minds after a setback.    

3. Increases Self-Compassion.

Writer Henry James said, “Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” Yet, kindness isn’t only an interpersonal strength to be extended to others. It’s imperative that you also show kindness to yourself. Self-compassion is associated with greater emotional resilience and contributes to your overall well-being because it buffers you from judging yourself too harshly. Mindfulness strategies boost self-compassion by reducing your tendency to focus on negative, critical thoughts and instead allow you to take a more gentle, loving approach to yourself.   

(VIA Institute on character)

Tournament of Minds

Mr Buckley will be coordinating Tournament of Minds this term for those students interested in Years 5 -6.  TOM is a problem solving programme for teams of students who are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges.

Tournament of Minds is an opportunity for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way.


St James Musical

Kate Kennedy will be focussing on the school musical, The Lion King, in the next two terms.  The students in Year 5 and 6 were informed of their respective roles on the final day of Term 2 and on Thursday this term they will be focussing on the musical production.



Gymnastics will also be conducted this term. Many thanks to Chris Kidman for liaising with the Sporting group to ensure our children are provided with this opportunity.

Wednesdays- 11.30-1.30pm

Wednesday 26th July  

11.30-12.30 pm -Foundation

12.30-1.30 pm -Year 6J

Wednesday 2nd August

11.30-12.30 pm -Foundation

12.30-1.30 pm- Year 6O

Wednesday 9th August

11.30-12.30 pm- Foundation

12.30-1.30 pm - Year 6J

Wednesday 16th August

11.30-12.30 pm -Foundation

12.30- 1.30 pm - Year 6O

Wednesday 23rd August

11.30-12.30 pm -Year 6 J

12.30- 1.30pm- Year 6 O

Year 5 students will have the opportunity in 4th Term. Sara Palladinelli will be the gymnastics instructor.  Students will need to wear their Phys Ed uniform on Wednesday.


Tweens and Screens

A parent and child talk with Dr Philip Tam

On today’s newsletter there is an important message for ALL parents and for students in Year 5 and 6.  At last night's Parents Association meeting there was some uncertainty regarding the audience.  All parents are invited to attend not just the Year 5 and 6 parents.  Please book early to avoid disappointment as our other Brighton Catholic schools and St Mary’s Hampton are also invited.


St James Refurbishment Project

The progression of the St James Refurbishment Project  continues to evolve.

The overall goal of the St James Refurbishment Project (SJRP) is to bring to fruition the refurbishment of the existing school buildings into modern learning spaces that will fulfill progressive pedagogic demands, within the allocated resources.

The Project Control Group recently met with architectural firm Baldasso Cortese to discuss the next stage of the project.  They presented proposed sketch designs of the building's interior and exterior. They have been asked to make adjustments and will return with modifications early this term.

The Planning Building and Finance Committee of the Catholic Archdiocese assessed our finance application on Wednesday July 12, and have progressed it to the next stage.

On Friday 14th July, Baldasso Cortese met with Bayside  Council members from the Statutory Planning Department regarding the planning permit and the Property Officer in regards to the air rights (which will allow the joining of the two school buildings), which is a significant adjustment to the school.  This was a successful pre-application meeting and the Bayside Council  response was positive.

This is an exciting time for St James school, the children, parents and staff.   The refurbishment  is a necessary undertaking for the future of our school to ensure that St James is a modern and progressive learning environment.  

Further details will be made available when all of the applications have been approved. 


To the Year 6 students

With only two terms of Primary education remaining for our Year 6 students, I encourage you to continue to deliver your modelling of sound leadership to the rest of the school.  This year you have all had the chance to model a leadership of service to others.  A reminder to you is that your internal state of who you are is reflected outwardly.  What you do and who you are is radiated out to others.  

After seven years of education for most of you at St James and a significant time for others who have not been at our school for as long,  I encourage you to conclude the St James time with a positive mindset and a belief that what you have acquired  and what you consolidate in the next twenty weeks, will enable you to be proud of not only who you are but also how you will make an impact in our world.  We are always proud of our graduating St James students.


Motivating the Gifted Child     

Most parents don’t experience the joys and pains of having a gifted child.  Indeed they may look enviously upon the parents of bright children and feel that they have no motivation issues at all.  If only their child was more academically gifted, they muse, and then they wouldn’t have to be constantly motivating them.

Not so – it is quite often that gifted children become unmotivated;  this is not least because they can find themselves bored at school as the work presented in the general classroom isn’t stimulating. They may have already mastered the content or are able to master it quickly and then they become bored with the repetition that many general students require.  This can then become such a pattern that they have low expectations and actually miss some new material as they weren’t paying attention. They often develop quite a narrow, well defined area of interest which may be rarely touched upon in the classroom.

Some specifics that may be helpful in motivating your gifted child might be:

  • Always ensure that their curiosity is turned into action. When they express an interest in a topic from a TV program or other outside stimulus then encourage them to take that curiosity to a deeper level. Do some research, write a paper, and construct a model based on it.

  • Take them to many different places that will encourage them to learn and stretch their minds. The growing trend of museums to become more hands-on and experimental makes them great places to take enquiring minds.

  • Share your child’s interests with their school and see if there are places in the curriculum that can be expanded for your child or additional work can be set to meet their subject interests.

  • Don’t allow your child to assume that their giftedness will be sufficient for them to gain all they need in adult life. Show them that they could continue to grow and learn and create even more opportunities for themselves as they mature. Help them to see the wisdom in lifelong learning.

  • Challenge them to use their abilities to increase their motivation level. Through discussion and their research help them to work out what are the causes of their dilemma and come up with a number of possible solutions [this may be achieved by brainstorming]. Help them, use decisions making techniques to work out the most viable solutions and then put them into practice.

  • Make contact with other gifted students, maybe through a local institution or online group, to both connect your child with others and also for you to learn from similarly placed parents.

Written by Nigel Lane. Used by permission


Head Lice

Throughout 2017 we have had a number of cases of head lice in our school. We have engaged a company called ‘The Itch is Back’ to check our students’ heads next Monday. 

For any family whose child has experienced the discomfort and anxiety associated with having head lice, will understand that a schoolwide response to the eradication of head lice is imperative.

 I seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair. Thank you so much for your support with this matter!


School App

Please find attached information re the phone app which St James has implemented.  We are aiming to start using the app in the next couple of weeks. 

Please download the app in anticipation.



















Faith & Wellbeing

Cathy Ferrari

Wellbeing Leader

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a innovative grief and loss education program that uses the imagery of the seasons to illustrate the experience of grief.  It aims to strengthen the social and emotional well being of children who are dealing with major life changes including death, separation, divorce and other significant losses by:

  • exploring the impact of change and loss on every-day life

  • learning new ways to respond to these changes.

I have successfully implemented Seasons for Growth at our school last year and I will be running a group with children in Term Three. If you think your child may benefit from the small group support program or are interested to hear more please email me as soon as possible.


Many thanks, 

Stacey Nelson

[email protected]

Break Out Space

This has been previously advertised, but may be valuable information for the students who have recently  joined us at St James:

On Mondays and Thursdays in 3C at 2:00pm till 2:30pm there is a Break Out Space on offer.  Students who want to go inside and draw, read, sit quietly and/or build with blocks are very welcome. We make an announcement at 2:00pm for people to line up at the steps. Two Well Being students will be there to play with the students along with Miss Dillon and Miss Coelli on Monday and Mrs Ferrari on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there.  

Adelle M, Clare N, Sienna C and Elke L

Student Wellbeing Leaders 2017

First Eucharist

The Year 3 children will be making their sacrament of First Eucharist in Term 3. Preparation Masses for the Sacrament commenced in May (please see below for dates). It is an expectation for children to attend one of the Masses for each of the 6 Preparation Masses in the lead up to the sacrament. There are two masses per weekend and you can choose which you would like to attend. Each Mass has a specific focus in preparing the children for the sacrament. 

If you have a child in another class who is planning to make their First Eucharist, please contact me through the office. 

If you have yet to book Mass for the Sacrament of First Eucharist, please do so via Online Bookings using Code 3ctff


Elly Dillon 

Religious Education Leader


Class Masses


Family Faith Night Dates


Sacrament Dates


An Evening of Reflection and Discussion


23 Sept - 4 October 2017



This is a journey – a pilgrimage – to the heart of Australia.  Many of us live on the periphery of our country and never go to the heart.  As well, many of us live on the periphery of our lives and never take time to go to the heart.  This pilgrimage combines both those activities.


Our first stop is Penola, where we visit the Mary McKillop Centre, recalling how she said:  “If you see a need answer it.” 

Then through Adelaide, Coober Pedy to Uluru for 3 nights and onto the Centre with 4 nights in Alice Springs. 


Brochures are in the foyer of the school and the church.  Fr Martin can fill you in if you need more details.

Fr Martin Dixon

Class News

Semester 2 Class Leaders

Congratulations to all students who were voted by their peers as Semester 2 Class Leaders.

We also thank the outgoing Semester 1 Class Leaders for all their good work throughout Terms 1 and 2.

​Semester 1 Leaders

We would like to thank these Foundation children who undertook the daunting leadership roles last semester of Social Justice, SRC, Sport and Environment.

Each child fulfilled the role by attending meetings, working with the Year 6 leaders, reporting back to class on any notices, speaking to the class about ideas and suggestions to help make St James a better school.

What an amazing job these children have done.

We congratulate them on the wonderful job they have done for Foundation and St James. Well Done!!


Foundation has a new student!

We welcome Federica and her brother Lorenzo Year 2 and Francesca Year 4 from Mosman in New South Wales.

Federica is loving St James and being able to see her cousins more. She can speak Spanish and a little Italian.

We know you will love the St James community. Hola!


Foundation Wobbly Tooth Club

Many children in the Foundation class lost teeth over the holidays.

These children in Foundation are currently waiting patiently for their wobbly tooth to fall out!

They can’t wait for a visit from the tooth fairy!


Cathy Busch

Foundation Teacher


Hi we are the Year 6 Environment Leaders of 2017. On Tuesday the last week of term 2, the Environment Leaders had a meeting with a Dad from St James. His name was James Harris. James is a landscape gardener and he gave us some tips for the garden. This year we had an idea to make an indigenous garden.  We think our school needs a prayer/ meditation area for juniors and seniors to hang out and relax. We also think that classes situated near the garden, could do Christian meditation, prayer and circle time in that spot.  It is not only for RE it is an indigenous garden, for remembering that this was their land first so we will be planting natural plants together with some decorations in this area.  

We have organised that each class will do something to participate in this and these are our thoughts.  Foundation and the Year 1s will make clay hands, the Year 2s will be making wooden flowers, the Year 3s will decorate stepping stones, the Year 4s will be making a waterproof quilt, the Year 5s will be decorating boomerangs and the Year 6s will be making  sunset tiles and dot rock art!

As an extra activity, the preps and their buddies will decorate fake candles.

 Also we would like to inform and let you know that we have a coffee cup bin in the office to reuse as pot plants!

Angelique M,  Grace JC, Hilary N,  Lily D & Mercedes H - Year 6 Environment Leaders


We congratulate Erin H and her team for winning first place in their division of Cheer Leading.    Fabulous first time effort Erin!


Learning and Teaching


This term the Year 5 & 6 students were all invited to take part in Tournament of Mind. It’s an amazing opportunity for students to really push themselves and test their creativity, problem solving, motivation and their ability to work with others.

The tournament culminates with a presentation on the weekend of 19th & 20th August at Deakin University. The students who have committed to the program will be giving up some recess and lunchtime in order to complete the long term challenges.


About Tournament of Minds

Tournament of Minds is a problem solving programme for teams of students from both primary and secondary years. They are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following disciplines:

  • Science Technology

  • Engineering Mathematics

  • Social Sciences

  • Language Literature

Tournament of Minds is an opportunity for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way.

Tournament's aim is to enhance the potential of our youth by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and competitive environment.

Tournament offers students a unique, total experience, providing challenge and growth through its six week problem solving structure. The Tournament process provides a platform for excellence and equips participants with strategies and skills which will support future success.

Working in teams, effective problem-solving, thinking outside the square and the use of technology are values that employers are searching for in the employee of tomorrow. Tournament of Minds mirrors what successful businesses practise.


  • Provide the stimulation of real, open-ended challenges

  • Develop creative problem solving approaches and techniques

  • Foster cooperative learning and team work

  • Promote knowledge and appreciation of self and others

  • Encourage experimentation and risk taking

  • Expand and reward creative and divergent thinking

  • Stimulate a spirit of inquiry and a love of learning

  • Develop enterprise

  • Celebrate excellence


Encouraging Teamwork

Teams are required to work together on a Long Term Challenge for six weeks without assistance from teachers, parents or peers. They are encouraged to explore possibilities and experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best possible solution. They develop a creative and original way to communicate this solution to others, working within predefined parameters such as limited materials, complex challenge criteria and the deadline of Tournament Day.

Students present the product of their ideas - their challenge solution - to a panel of judges and an audience on Tournament Day. They have ten minutes in which to present and must do so within a 3 metre by 3 metre performance area.

The teams must also participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Tournament Day. This challenge requires rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think creatively and well developed group cooperation skills.

Judges for both the Long Term and the Spontaneous Challenges are professionals chosen from all areas of education, the arts and industry. They are thoroughly trained to enable them to assess the creative performance and technical aspects of the presentation.

They are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following disciplines:

  • Science Technology

  • Engineering Mathematics

  • Social Sciences

  • Language Literature


Liam Buckley



You may have seen some of the posters around the school for 'Pass It On'. At St James we have brilliant storytellers and writers. Often we don't get the time and opportunities to share our stories and writing with others. 'Pass It On' will be a podcast for people in our community to tell their stories and share some well known literature. 


Listening and passing on stories is such a special tradition. We all remember the literature we loved from when we were younger, our stories form who we are. My hope is that this podcast will give a range of people in our community the chance to write, develop and fluently present a range of special stories for others to access at school and home. 


With the help of some amazing students in Year 6, we are hoping to get our podcast up and running this term. We've already started recording our first episode, stay tuned for more information!


Natalie Dodds

Literacy Leader





Number Intervention

It is Term 3 already!!!   In the ‘St James Maths World’ this means the beginning of a new Semester and another group of students to be welcomed onto the Number Intervention program.   This week I have been assessing Year 1 and 2 students for their suitability for the program.  Despite excellent classroom teaching, some students begin to develop ‘gaps’ in their learning.  This can mean that they are more likely to experience confusions or difficulties with learning more complex concepts.  The purpose of the Number Intervention program is to give students further practice in the development of important mental strategies.    Parents will be consulted before the program commences.


Year 2 Maths

Yesterday, I visited the Year 2 classroom for a lesson on fractions.  But they seemed to be having way too much fun!  They were making playdough worms to demonstrate their understanding of fractions.  They were also asked to feed to some very hungry kookaburras.  Their tasks included:

Three kookaburras had to share 2 worms.  What fraction would each kookaburra receive?

The ‘trial and error’ and the discussion were amazing.   Well done Miss Chapman and Year 2!


It is great to see the number of students still using  Mathletics  during their holiday break.  All our new students have their log-in information and have been assigned their levels. 

Once again,   I encourage all parents to support their child(ren) by allowing regular times for them to complete Mathletics tasks at home.  

We now have another two students who have achieved their Gold Certificate.   This makes a total of 13 for the school. 

Congratulations to the following students:

Callum M. (2) and Charles S. (1)

Claire O’Dea

Numeracy Leader

and Number Intervention Specialist












On Tuesday the 18th July, the Foundation –Year 3 students enjoyed a fabulous Basketball Clinic run by Ethan O’Daye and Jerry Evans. They are both from the United States and are over here playing for the Sandringham Sabers.  The students asked lots of questions and learnt new skills. Some of the questions were:

 How tall are you? Where have you played? Are you on TV? Can we have free tickets for a game? How many games have you played? How high can you throw the ball? Etc.


For our feedback session the general consensus was that they enjoyed everything. Some students noted specific games, which we will continue to do in our Basketball unit over the next few weeks.


Even better if feedback was: Wish we had more time? If it hadn’t rained for one class who had their session in the Hall.


These Clinics are very valuable for Staff and Students. The Year 4-6 students will participate next Tuesday 25th July.



FOUNDATION- GYMNASTICS-Students will need to wear sports uniforms; Wednesday- 26th July, 2nd August, 9th August & 16th August.


YEAR 6-J/O- GYMNASTICS- Students will need to wear sports uniforms;

Year 6 J-Wednesday -26th July, 9th August, 23rd August.

Year 6 O- Wednesday-2nd August, 16th August, 23rd August.



The Athletics Team will be finalized next Tuesday due to wet weather for Hurdle Trials.

All information will follow including training dates we of course will need Parental assistance on the day and at Training Sessions.





Check CARE MONKEY next week.


Beachside Division Carnival- FRIDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2017 Lakeside Stadium (backup date Tuesday 12th September Sandringham, Glamis Ave).



FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER- HOOP TIME TEAMS –MSAC Years 5-6-Parental assistance required.


MONDAY 4th SEPTEMBER- HOOP TIME TEAMS-MSAC Years 3-4- Parental assistance required.

Chris Kidman  

Sports Co-ordinator

Football Lightning Premiership

On Friday 23rd of June last term, the football team went to the Football Lightning Premiership. We all had a fantastic day and made it through to the Semi - Finals. We would like to thank John Costa for coaching us on the day, Derek Stewart for umpiring our games, Mr Johnson for going with the Year 6’s every week, Mr Flanagan for going with the Year 5’s every week and Ange and Imelda for booking the buses for both Football and Netball.

Jenna M - Year 6


Netball Lightning Premiership

On Thursday the 22nd of June the Netball Lightning Premiership was held in Hampton on the Thomas Street courts. The St James B team played really well, making it all the way through to the semifinals.  Although we were beaten in the semifinals by St Columbus we still had a lot of fun. We would like to thank everyone who helped us to participate, including Mrs Ferrari and her daughter Tilly,  Miss Orengo and Prue Marks.  A big thank you also to Ange and Imelda for organizing our buses to the venue.

Leila R - Year 6

Last week of term on Thursday 22nd of June, the St James A team netballers played in the lightning prem. The day was so much fun and everyone played so well and did such great job.  The A team got into the semi finals but didn’t win, we came ¾ and we really enjoyed the day. Thank you Ange and Imelda for booking the bus to and from every game, and another big thankyou to the coaches: Tilly,  Mrs Ferrari,  Miss Orengo and Prue Marks.

Sadly this is our last time playing netball for

St James.

Hilly N - Year 6

Performing Arts

St James Art 

Foundation Art



Parents Association


Dear Parents

The Major Fundraiser Committee have been working feverishly to host an amazing event for us all. Let's show them our appreciation by booking tickets to the St James Major Fundraiser by this Friday 21 July 2017 so that catering can be finalized.
For bookings go to:

Many thanks for your support.

If you have any queries , please do not hesitate to contact anyone of your Major Fundraiser team:

Bernie Dodd, Belinda Chapman, Mel Harrington and Mel Fuller .




Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

  • Fri          18 August
  • Mon       21 August
  • Mon       06 November
  • Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)
  • Mon      27 November  



Upcoming Dates


24 July       'The Itch is Back' Check

29 July       Major Fundraiser

25 Aug       School Closure - Staff PD

 Please refer to the 
Parent Google Calendar

Click  HERE   for additional dates

and the FAITH & WELLBEING page for Sacraments, Class Masses and Family Faith Night Dates.

2017 Save the Date

31 Aug       Thursdays Experts -FootyNight

01 Sept       Fathers Day Breakfast

09 Nov        Oaks Day Lunch

08 Dec        End of Year Parents Party

18 Dec        St James School Musical

19 Dec        St James School Musical

Wednesdays  2:50pm

26 July    Year 6J

02 Aug     Year 6O

09 Aug     Community

16 Aug     Year 5B

23 Aug     St James Week

30 Aug     Year 5N

06 Sep      Book Week

13 Sep     Year 4

20 Sep     Musical Assembly Practice


Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

Fri          18 August

Mon       21 August

Mon       06 November

Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)

Mon      27 November  

Parents' Association Meetings 7:30pm


23 August

11 October

29 November AGM

13 December PA Dinner


Term 1      31 January - 31 March 

Please note due to Staff Retreat/PD the final day of Term 1 will be 29 March 2017

Term 2    18 April       -  30 June

Term 3    17 July       -   22 September

Term 4    09 October-   20 December


Dads' Gatherings
From 7:30pm

·         Thurs 20 July – Wine Larder - Martin St 

·         Thurs 24 Aug - TBA

·         Thurs 21 Sept - TBA

·         Thurs 19 Oct - TBA

·         Thurs 23 Nov - TBA

2017 TERM 3
School Closure Days

25 August     Staff Professional Development


Fri        29 Sep        AFL Grand Final

Tues    07 Nov        Melb Cup Day

Mon    25 Dec        Christmas Day

Tues    26 Dec         Boxing Day


What's On & Worth Noting


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An Evening of Reflection & Discussion
​at St Joan of Arc






















Dear parents and families,


Welcome back to Term 3 and hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.

I would like to remind all families that there is an upcoming 'Student Free Day' on Friday 25th August.  Please ensure that you book your children in early, as OSHClub will run dependant on the number of bookings.

If we can anticipate how many students will be coming,  we can ensure the right amount of staff and organise games and activities to suit the group.


Just a Few Reminders:

  • For any bookings please log in to your account online at Any issues with your online account please contact the St James account manager, Narelle, directly. You can email her at [email protected] or phone her on 03 8564 9027.
  • For any on the day bookings please call the program phone on 0412 570 934 and leave a message. Alternatively you can text the same number.

    Come by and say hello for a chat whenever you like!

Have a good week,

Parent Information

Coordinator: Melissa (Mel) Barbu

Phone Number: 0412 570 934       

Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Ann Yik

OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.

Who do I contact ?


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App Information (1).pdf
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