18 August 2017
Issue Twenty-two
From the Principal
School Council 
Child Safe
The Lakes South Morang P-9 School
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From the Principal

From the Principal

This week we have explored England. The started with a trip to Stonehenge; it was chilling. The aura surrounding the stones was a little overwhelming - a top 5 for our trip. The Roman Baths in Bath were also intriguing and put what we saw in Pompeii in perspective. The engineering and architecture was stunning.


In London we have used our feet and the train (the tube) to visit all the features from the crossing on The Abbey Road Album, Lords to watch some cricket, The London Eye, The Shard, London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, Hyde Park, Harrods, Covent Garden and I feel like we are on a Monopoly Board.


Our trip has been humbling, intriguing and inspiring however, it's time to come home.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone next week.


Massive thank you to Warren for steering the ship and to Bill, Marcus, Maria and Chris K who have kept The Lakes thriving in my time off.




School Council 


School Council meetings will be held on Tuesday in Week 3 of each month.

School Council President:                Todd Sprague

School Council Vice President:     Julie Buick

School Council Treasurer :                Anna-Lisa Tewma     

School Council Executive Officer   Kerrie Heenan

School Council members                  Fiona Adrichem, Harry Agrios, Michael Benfari, Jessica Heatley, Theodore Kiosses, Fenella Russell, Annette Spence, Derek Whiteside


Sub Committee meetings will be held in Week 1 of each month.


Convenor: Chris Beare

Members: Fiona Adrichem, Harry Agrios, Michael Benfari, Julie Buick, Maria Parks, Fenella Russell, Todd Sprague, Warren Tofts



Convenor: Anna-Lisa Tewma

Members: Chris Beare, Kerrie Heenan, Amanda Kent, Theodore Kiosses, Marion Small, Warren Tofts


Buildings & Grounds and OHS

Convenor: Bill Panas – B&G, Fiona Walker - OHS

Members: Theodore Kiosses, David Tewma, Derek Whiteside - together with the members of the OHS subcommittee



Convenor: Annette Spence

Members: Fiona Adrichem, Harry Agrios, Josie Benfari, Liam Brooke, Samantha Egan, Connie Ellul, Jessica Heatly, Chris Kilmartin,  Theodore Kiosses (if available), Belinda Pattison, Jodie Reid, Fenella Russell, Natalie Serra, Helen Skendaris, Jessie Stengewis



Acting Principal’s Report – Warren Tofts

Enrolment is 368 at Early Years, 455 at Middle Years totally 823 at the moment.  We currently have 38 preps enrolled for 2018.


John Baratta and Michelle Napolitano started at the beginning of the term: John in the Year 7 team and teaching digitech, whilst Michelle is in the Year 6 team.  Both have fit in extremely well.  Dave Collins was also employed for this semester to fill a PE ‘overflow’ timetable and can also be used for a range of covers as people are absent.  Dave has worked at the school as a CRT and therefore is knowledgeable in our school’s programs and processes. 

Kerrie remains on leave, having one week left.  Chris Beare, in the second last week of term 2, broke her shoulder and is currently off work on Work Cover and so I had to take on the position of Acting Principal.  That also necessitated Chris Kilmartin taking on the acting Assistant Principal role on Early Years to cover my position.  Maria Parks continues in the role of acting Assistant Principal role for Chris Beare.  Both have been doing an incredible job in those positions.  Bill Panas is now back from his leave and we need to acknowledge the amazing job that Marcus Abney-Hastings did in Bill’s absence.  I personally would like to thanks all three for giving me such wonderful support over the last four weeks.  Cindy Chapman and Marc Heenan, both having had four weeks LSL, began back yesterday.



We had a successful Middle Years Expo night which also contained the Year 8 & Year 9 Elective Information sessions; both of which were full to capacity.  The Expo night was again a great success at showcasing the wonderful opportunities that are afforded our students. 

The Preps celebrated their 100 days at school and they, and the teachers, attended school dressed as if they were 100.  There were some fantastic costumes and everyone had an amazing day of celebration.

All the Principal Class attended the North Eastern Melbourne Area Principal Forum at the MCG yesterday.  The focus of the forum was on Leading Improvement, Innovation and Change; particularly looking at the literacy improvement strategies that form part of the Department’s FISO (Framework for Improving Student Outcomes) initiative.

The August Census and Supplementary Census have been completed and formed quite a large component of the past month’s work.  The collected data is used in multiple ways, including being used for budgetary outcomes for 2018.

We received the Attitudes to School Survey Results, which, on first glance, are extremely positive across all year levels.  A deeper investigation of these results will take place across the next month or so and will be presented to the whole staff.


NAPLAN results were released today and will be analysed over the next couple of weeks.  More information to come in reference to that.

After attending a number of meetings as our school’s representative I would like to acknowledge all the work Kerrie does with the new tech schools in the area.


Education Sub-Committee Report – Maria Parks (acting convenor)

The Elective Handbook for Year 8 & 9 in 2018 was discussed including changes: food technology will be the only technology offered due to not being able to secure a permanent wood tech teacher; Academy selection will not prevent students from participating in other similar domains; academy ‘in class’ components will run in the new ‘Extend’ block.  Students will not be able to elect for two academy as classes will run concurrently. 

Changes from four teaching sessions a day to five a day were discussed.  Possible changes to lunch time of 30 minutes, finishing at 3pm require further discussion and feedback.  Semester 1 Report process went smoothly.  Parent/teacher interviews were positive with many parents booking in to talk to teachers.  Some policies were reviewed and require more work before being submitted for approval. 

Year 2 sleepover was outlined.  The Year 1 dinner happened this week.


Finance Sub-Committee Report – Anna-Lisa Tewma (convenor)

The financial reports for June & July were approved.


Building & Grounds and OHS Sub-Committee Report – Theodore Kiosses (acting convenor)

The upgrade to the telephone system has been completed.  The drainage completed in front of the year 1 and 2 pods, more top soil is required.  Crushed rock was laid around the new basketball area.  Investigations still underway for the school oval irrigation.  A possibility of shade sails over the EY fitness gym and the little sand pit at Early Years will be discusses.  As the school is now 10 years down the track, we need to refresh the carpet and paint work in the learning spaces on both campuses.


Fundraising Sub-Committee Report – Annette Spence (convenor)

Woolworth Earn & Learn boxes are at Plenty Valley, South Morang Central & Rivergum supermarkets.  There is also a box at Early Years, and one coming for Middle Years.  Father’s Day Stall preparations are underway. Upcoming events are a Christmas raffle, Out Of Uniform day and on the Night Under The Stars evening – a cake stall, sausage sizzle & slushy machine.


Middle Years School Captains’ Report – Grace C., Thomas R., Naomi T.

City Experience

On the 3rd, 4th, 14th and 15th August the Year 9’s had City Experience.  This year the days have changed from being over one week to groups of days spread across a few weeks.  Our goal has been to improve travelling skills on public transport in a series of different events, to put our knowledge of transport to the test and to expand our comfort zone in the real world.  Some places we attended were: the Shrine of Remembrance, the Melbourne Museum and the National Gallery Victoria.  Some days may have been a challenge but we all found it quite enjoyable.

School of Rock

At the end of term 3 the 5/6 MAD students, Drumline & Senior Band attended School of Rock.  It was an amazing experience as they yet again got to perform in front of an audience but also watch other performances from schools all around Victoria.  All three performances were outstanding and our music teachers were all very proud.  All students representing The Lakes had much fun and enjoyed the day very much.

ICAS testing.

Over the end of term 2 and the start of term 3 a handful of students have participated in the ICAS testing.    The students chose subjects they would like to be examined on and met at the AUSLAN room after school to sit the test.  Some of the subjects that were chosen were Science, English, Maths and Writing.  We hope all students who participated have done well and wish them luck with their results.

Jeans for Genes Day.

We held a Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 4th August with many students wearing jeans and raise $402.70 for the charity.

Domain Expo Night and Year 8 & 9 Elective Information Night

On 8th August we had our domain expo and Elective Information Night on the Middle Years campus.  All of our community was invited to come and see work that students have completed over this term and exhibit what our school offers.  We had performances from the MAD academy, a sausage sizzle held by the SRCs and some of our Year 9 Leaders and we also had our Fast Track academy performance.  We also had many areas around the school set up with work from different core subjects at our school.  The Years 7’s and 8’s attended an Elective Information Night for their electives in 2018.  We had an amazing turnout with many students attending and receiving important information that will help them in choosing their elective subjects for next year.

Vietnam Veterans’ Day

This past Saturday a handful of Middle Years students participated in the wreath laying for the veterans who were caught in the Vietnam War.  It was an amazing turnout as we remembered many fallen veterans but also thank the ones who live on.  The students would also like to thank Fiona as she organised the event.

Tech school

After being nominated to be a student ambassador for the new tech program at Melbourne Polytechnic, Gracie was excited to join in and help get the program up and running.At our first meeting we brainstormed some issues that we can link to create an inquiry focus.Closer to the end of the meeting we came up with ‘and our question waswhich we believed was linked to all or most of the issues we had brainstormed in the beginning.At our second meeting we discussed what we had come up with to teachers from many schools round the area.I hope to continue in this opportunity to help and cooperate for the Whittlesea Tech Program opening success.

Thank you and we hope to continue to have a good term.



Question – prep enrolment seems quite low.

Response - enrolment is higher in numbers that it was at this time last year.  This time last year we had enrolments in the twenties, and we ended up with 76 enrolments this year.  A Prep Information evening is coming up.  Information and flyers have been sent to all the Early Learning Centre as and child Care centres in the area.


Question – the reports did not seem very personalised.  Would be nice to know where the weaknesses are to help, going forward. 

Response – parent/teacher interviews are great for strategies to assist individual students.  Will take that back to Curriculum Executive for further discussion.


Upcoming camps were approved:

Year 4 camp to Hi Ace on the Mornington Peninsula with 70 students from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd November, with staff consisting of Alex Price, Kitty Wilson, Amanda Allan, Elana Rose, Josh Beare, Mitch Thompson, and a preservice teacher Naomi Tonan, at a cost of $260.


Year 6 camp to Warnambool with 50 students from Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th October, with staff consisting of Naomi Harris, Elise Greaves, Jade Atkins, Kerrie Heenan & Michael Heenan, at a cost of $390.


Next Meetings:


Finance sub-committee meeting - 9:30 am Tuesday 5th September 2017

Education sub-committee meeting - 4:45 pm Tuesday 5th September 2017

Buildings & Grounds and OHS sub-committee meeting - 3:40 pm Wednesday 6th September - TBC

Fundraising sub-committee meeting  - 3:30 pm Thursday – 7th September 2017

School Council meeting - 7:00 pm Tuesday 12th September 2017



Finance sub-committee meeting - 9:30 am Tuesday 17th October 2017

Education sub-committee meeting - 4:45 pm Tuesday 17th October 2017

Buildings & Grounds and OHS sub-committee meeting - 3:40 pm Wednesday 18th October - TBC

Fundraising sub-committee meeting - 3:30 pm Thursday – 19th October 2017

School Council meeting - 7:00 pm Tuesday 31st October 2017



Finance sub-committee meeting - 9:30 am Tuesday 14th November 2017

Education sub-committee meeting - 4:45 pm Tuesday 14th November 2017

Buildings & Grounds and OHS sub-committee meeting - 3:40 pm Wednesday 15th November -TBC

Fundraising sub-committee meeting - 3:30 pm Thursday 16th November 2017

School Council meeting - 7:00 pm Tuesday 28th November 2017




Whole School


Tuesday 5th – Finance Sub Committee Meeting – 9.30am

Tuesday 5th – Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting – 4.45pm

Tuesday 5th – Education Committee Meeting – 4.45pm

Tuesday 12th - School Council Meeting - 7pm

Thursday 21st – Parent Teacher Interviews – NORMAL school Day – 3.30pm-8pm

Friday 22nd – Last day of term – 1.15pm

Middle Years


Tuesday 22nd - Year 9 Real Industry Interviews - 9am

Tuesday 29th – School Tour – 9.30am

Tuesday 29th – Year 4-6 Amazing Authors Melbourne Writers Festival

Thursday 24th – Science Fair – 4.40pm


Friday 8th – Year 9 Amazing Race

Tuesday 12th – School Tour – 9.30am

Early Years


Tuesday 22nd – Book Fair commences

Wednesday 23rd – Year 4 Melbourne Museum Excursion

Wednesday 23rd – School Tour – 9.30am

Thursday 24th – After School Sport – Ultimate Frisbee (Selected Year 3 & 4 students)

Monday 28th - Book Fair concludes

Tuesday 29th – Year 4-6 Amazing Authors Melbourne Writers Festival

Tuesday 29th – Prep – Year 2 Water Awareness Program

Thursday 31st – After School Sport – Ultimate Frisbee (Selected Year 3 & 4 students)


Tuesday 5th – Prep – Year 2 Water Awareness Program

Wednesday 6th - Year 3 Gundwindi Camp commences

Wednesday 6th – School Tour – 9.30am

Thursday 7th – After School Sport – Handball (Selected Year 3 & 4 students)

Friday 8th - Year 3 Gundwindi Camp concludes

Tuesday 12th – Prep – Year 2 Water Awareness Program

Tuesday 12th – Celebration of Learning – 4pm

Thursday 14th – After School Sport – Handball (Selected Year 3 & 4 students)

Friday 15th – SRC Footy Day

Tuesday 19th – Prep to Year 2 Water Awareness Program

Wednesday 20th – School Tour – 9.30am



Book Week

Book week is Tuesday 22nd – Monday 28th August

 This year’s theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere’


On Friday 25th August, after our Early Years assembly, we will have our book character parade.  We ask that students come dressed inspired by the theme ‘Escape to Everywhere’, or as a book character, to participate in our annual parade.  Throughout the rest of the day, students will be participating in activities to highlight the importance of reading.


The Book Fair will run on Early Years during this time. The Book fair will be open 8:30-9:00 am & 3:15-4:00 pm

2018 Prep
Enrolment Evening

Thursday, 24th August


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Starting on Wednesday 26 July, when anyone from your community – staff, parents and friends – shop at Woolworths, they can collect stickers to place on the Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheets provided.

It’s easy to stick together
They'll get one sticker for every $10 they spend*. Once they complete their Sticker Sheets, they can place them in a Woolworths Earn & Learn Collection Box located at either your school or local Woolworths.


Breakfast Club

Just a reminder to families that Breakfast Club runs every Tuesday and Thursday on the Early Years campus in the COLA and on Middle Years in the Breakfast Club Room  from 8.15 until 8.45am.  Come along and get some toast and a warm drink.


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