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18 August 2017
Issue Eight
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

Congratulations to all students, staff and Extra pArts volunteers involved in this year's production of Chicago.

The musical was again a highlight of the program and testimony to the hard work, creative endeavour and talents of the cast, crew and orchestra. 

As the final curtain falls, it is a reminder that education is so much bigger than being able to measure a narrow band of achievement and opportunities such as these add such richness to the College program.


Individual results for the annual NAPLAN testing program for Year 7 and Year 9 students, have arrived at the College and are now being forwarded home.


If you are a parent in these levels you will be receiving an individual report of your child's results for the tests they sat in May. These tests further provide a snapshot of how students are progressing in areas of literacy and numeracy.


Students in Years 7 - 9 will shortly have the opportunity to try out for this year's production of Shrek Jnr. Keep an eye out on Compass for details.


This week we have celebrated the work of our Education Support Staff at Ringwood. The combined efforts of everyone are important in ensuring that our students have the best chance of success in their secondary education.

We are beginning to turn our attention to fitting out the new Junior School Building so that it is ready for use in Term 4. Photos of the latest works are scattered through the pages of the newsletter.


Michael Phillips




Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Curriculum Day- August 11

It is often noted that any workplace relies on the co-operation and collaboration of motivated, independent and dedicated staff to achieve their goals. Accordingly, our Curriculum Day was very productive with staff awareness of the General Capabilities improving and their application of the capabilities as outlined by the Victorian Curriculum into the Teaching and Learning programs clarified. The capabilities, which are a set of discrete knowledge and skills that can be taught explicitly in and through the Learning Areas are: Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, Personal and Social. Identifying the set of capabilities that every student in Year 7-10 is to have has been documented.


Some staff feedback on the day:

 It has been delightful to have time to consider what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Everyone is productive and happy to be in each other’s company.

It’s been a reminder that we are working with great people.

It’s a great team- we got a lot done.


Parent Student Teacher Interviews- August 30

Parent Student Teacher Interviews will take place on Wednesday 30th of August 12pm-8pm in the College Library and the 5oos. It is a terrific opportunity to meet with teachers about student progress at this stage of the year and especially for directions about revision and study before the VCE examinations for Year 12 students. 

Booking interviews online has opened in Conference Booking in Compass and will remain open until Tuesday 29th of August.


Languages Opens Doors- National Languages Competition

There are many benefits to learning another language and in recognition of this, SBS is holding a National Languages Competition which is open to all students studying a language other than English. Language teachers are promoting the competition to students. For more information please click on the link below.


Alex Lyne Award- Geography award for Benn Jamieson

Congratulations to one of our teachers, Benn Jamieson for being recognised by the Geography Teacher’s Association, as an educator who has provided a highly rigorous and engaging program for his students. Below is the letter Benn received notifying him of his award:


Dear Benn

Thank you for your entry to the 2017 Alex Lyne Fieldwork Award. 

The judging panel were very impressed with the quality of the submissions and we are pleased to inform you that your entry has been awarded “Honourable Mention Alex Lyne Award – Senior Category”.

 Your entry provided appropriate and challenging activities and reflected all that is “Best Practice” for Geography teaching. The range of data collection and recording techniques used by the students was outstanding.


We look forward to publishing a photo of Benn in our next newsletter upon receipt of his award on the 27th of August.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

Ringwood Secondary College continues to thrive as a learning community. All our students are involved in their learning, their friendships, their whole school engagement and all the extracurricular programs that the College has to offer. Students from Year 8 upwards will be entering their subject selections over the next couple of weeks that will assist with college planning for 2018!


Please remember that the College always welcomes parents to communicate with the co-ordinators and teaching staff to best support the students in their learning. The list of Heads of Sub School and the House Co – ordinators is set out below:


Year 7/8 – 

Junior School Sub Leader – Jonathon Rogers


Frazer House – Sam Asbury

Freeman House – Jessica Friend

Mabo House – Kim Watson

Jackman House – Faith Stepniewski


Year 9/10 –

Middle School Sub School Leader – Matthew Tucker


Frazer House – Shane Asbury

Freeman House – Benn Jamieson

Mabo House – Alyce Bailey

Jackman House – Michael Kent


Year 11/12 –

Senior School Sub School Leader – Cathy Menz


Frazer House – Jason Tan

Freeman House – Emma Lim

Mabo House – Sarah Catton

Jackman House – Fiona Pourgoutzidis


Please be mindful that the College is working in a climate of positive psychology and respectful relationships. As such, we expect interactions between co-ordinators, staff  and parents to be professional, respectful and solution/action focussed.


On another note, congratulations to all the students involved in the latest RSC Production of ‘Chicago’ – the show is amazing and we have so many talented students here at the College.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

2018 Leadership positions

Students in years 7-11 are encouraged to apply for the 2018 leaderships positions that will be advertised in the next few weeks.




Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the Chicago musical production. It is a high-quality show that displays the wonderful talent of our hardworking students. Looking forward to the junior production later this year!


Heritage and Alumni Perpetual Scholarship

The Heritage and Alumni group is offering a perpetual scholarship to all current and potential VCE students. The aim of the scholarship is to support the selected student who faces some form of hardship, to undertake the VCE (Years 11 & 12). The scholarship will assist the student with study requisites, recognise persistence and effort, credit resilience and endeavour and encourage learning and opportunity. The closing date is October 30 with interviews in mid-November. Contact Mrs M Allison (AP) for details.


Wellbeing Focus for this week…


Wellbeing Builder: Sleep and Rest


Wellbeing Element: Exercise and Health


Character Strength: Love


Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Strengths Spotting


Sleep deprivation is a massive issue amongst 21st century adolescents and it has a profound effect on their wellbeing. Expecting them to concentrate well and be engaged in class is unrealistic because it’s almost humanly impossible to do so when lacking sleep.


Their 24/7 addiction of being electronically connected to their peer groups and having their phones on throughout the night communicating with others, makes deep sleep more than difficult. Interestingly, studies have revealed that some 60% of adolescents are unhappy with and exhausted from being 24/7 connected and also understand the consequences of a lack of sleep and rest. Yet in spite of this, the reason they continue to stay connected is FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.


Insisting of no mobile or computer use after 9.00 pm is the answer. It may lead to defiance, but to improve their health and wellbeing it is well worth weathering the storm. At least nine hours deep sleep and rest are non-negotiable essentials for the healthy all-round development of young people because they provide timeout for their eyes and vital organs and essential growth hormones are released and learnt material is stored in their long-term memory during REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Exercise can help students to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly—as long as it's done at the right time. Exercise stimulates the body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which helps activate the alerting mechanism in the brain. This is fine, unless you're trying to fall asleep so aim to finish exercising at least three hours before bed or work out earlier in the day.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Ringwood Training

Introduction to Welding Short Course


From the Library

We’ve partnered with Eastern Regional Libraries to allow students to access local library resources using their RSC Compass ID card.


Facilities Report

Lots is on the go at Ringwood SC!


The Junior School is rapidly moving towards completion and we look forward to its opening in mid-October.

Currently several key jobs are being undertaken including vinyl laying, plastering, painting, concreting and wall panelling to name but a few. Work is continuing at the front of the library and over the next few weeks the Eastern side of the library will have major works including storm and sewer upgrades.

Wherever possible, we have upgraded major infrastructure to futureproof the College. This includes the installation of a major storm water pipe across the back of the school, capable of carrying water from future buildings.

Other recent works include:

-Major garden works in the centre of the school

-Painting of fascias around the 100s

-Replacement of Auto external lights

-Steam cleaning of Hall and Cave carpets

-Work on staff recreation area


A reminder of the Facilities Meeting on Thursday 24th August, 7.30pm.


OH & S

Recent works

-OH & S Workplace inspections

-Testing/Replacement of Emergency/Exit lighting


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Language News


SBS Radio presents the SBS National Languages Competition 2017 to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. We are calling out to all school students across Australia, who are learning a language other than English. Entries open on Monday 24 July and close on Friday 1 September 2017.


  • Category C: Junior High School (Aged 13 – 15)
  • Category D: Senior High School (Aged 16 – 18)

How To Enter:

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: Fill in the entry form

Step 3: Upload a video (max 30 seconds) telling us ‘What learning a language means to you?’ The video should be in a language other than English

Step 4: Include a written script in English, translating the video content

Step 5: Submit your entry


Terms and Conditions apply




If you would like more information, please contact Miss Lundie ([email protected])


All RSC Languages teachers (both French and Indonesian) are here to support students with their entries.


Good luck!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages


Start typing your article in here...

Careers  Newsletter

It is a busy term and subject selections for Years 9, 10 (21st August) and 11 (22nd August) are coming up. Students also need to make sure all appropriate forms are completed and submitted. Students who need assistance need to drop by the careers room.


Year 12

Year 12 students applying for courses in 2018, need to register on the VTAC website.

 ‘ABC of Applying 2018’, booklets were distributed in Common last week and if you did not receive one drop by the Careers Office.

Students need to have explored courses on VTAC and made a list of prospective courses so that they can be discussed in their compulsory interviews. Our timetables are in the careers room so that students can book in interviews.

Remember that there are courses that close early – CHECK THE DATES CAREFULLY !


 The Melbourne Access and Monash Guarantee schemes are explained in the Careers Newsletter email to all Year 12 students. Please read the information.


How to be ready for exam time: Our Top 7 Study Tips


Years 9 ,10 and 11.

There are many resources available on the RSC Career Website accessible from the portal. For example students can access the myfuture: Career Bullseyes

The myfuture Career Bullseyes have information on different careers you could undertake depending on what you’re interested in and what level of study you want to undertake.


Competitions/ Opportunities

La Trobe Young Writers’ Awards

Victorian Year 10 students can enter this creative writing competition. This year’s theme is ‘Roads’. Work should be between 800 and 1000 words. Submissions close 25 August.


Videos for Change

This is a team-based competition for students in Years 7 to 10. Students create a 1-minute video on a social issue they feel passionate about. Entries close Sun 17 September.



Information from Universities and other institutions

International students: Meet UTAS

International students can meet representatives from UTAS and find out what it’s like to live and study in Tasmania.

Melbourne: Fri 11 August, 1pm – 5pm

Melbourne: Fri 18 August, 12pm – 5:30pm

Defence Jobs Info Sessions

Online: 15 August, 4pm AEST – Science and Engineering

Melbourne: 16 August, 6pm – Trade Careers

Melbourne: 23 August, 6pm – Indigenous Pathways & ADF Careers

Sunbury: 24 August, 5:30pm – Defence Careers


Monash Pharmacy Online Info Sessions

Pharmacy: Wed 30 August, 6pm – 7pm AEDT

Pharmaceutical Science: Thu 31 August, 6pm – 7pm AEDT

Find out about Monash’s pharmacy degrees and have the chance to get your questions answered. The sessions will be recorded and made available for those who can’t make these times.


Monash Pharmacy: VCE Biology and Chemistry Revision Lectures

Biology: Wed 27 September, 1pm – 3:30pm

Chemistry: Thu 28 September, 1pm – 3:30pm

These lectures will provide revision for Unit 4 Biology and Chemistry. Both will take place at Monash’s Parkville campus. The seminars are free.



CASPer is an admissions test required for entrants to many teaching courses. Make sure you read prerequisites for your preferred courses carefully. Find more information on the VTAC website or this VTAC factsheet.



Helen Doherty


Junior School

Year 8 Wellbeing Days

On Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th August Year 8 students attended the Wellbeing Days at EVs in Croydon. Students were involved in discussions and activities in which they learned more about respectful relationships, safe and legal use of social media and the support services on offer for youth in the Maroondah district.

It was great to see Year 8 students positively engaged in the discussions, contributing their ideas, working with peers, and respecting the session leaders. The Year 8s enjoyed a lunchtime break at the park, before returning to complete the final session of the day.



Year 8 Celebration Activity

At our combined assembly on Tuesday 8th August, an announcement was made about a plan to take the Year 8s out for a celebratory activity at the end of Term 3 2017. We kindly thank those Year 8 students who have put forward their suggestions for the special event. The Junior School team will now meet to discuss possible options, and to decide on what will best suit the cohort. Stay tuned for more information.

RSC Production

On Thursday 10th August Year 8 students were treated to a performance of this year’s production of Chicago. We would like to thank the Year 8s for their wonderful behaviour and respect shown towards the performers. From all accounts, our Year 8 students were blown away by the performance, and the production team was thankful for the opportunity to perform their show to a packed audience.

The event also included an exciting announcement (made during interval) about this year’s Junior Production of Shrek Jr! which will take place in Term 4 2017. We highly encourage Junior School students to get involved in the Junior Production, whether they audition for the cast, or apply for any of the behind the scenes teams, including stage crew, make up crew or the tech team. So, keep your eyes on the Compass news feed for more details and information about the show, or head to

Middle School

City Experience Program
Parent Information Night

Just a reminder for all Year 9 Parents and Guardians,


We are very excited about this year’s City Experience program. Held over the week of 11-15 September, students will spend the full week travelling to and from the city. During the week they will develop independence, confidence and time management skills as they learn to navigate their way around the Melbourne Central Business District. They will engage with a variety of programs designed to expose the students to all facets of city life.


The City Experience Parent Information Night is on Thursday 24th August at 6.30pm in the school hall. All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. Due to limited space in the hall, students are not required on this night. The students will be preparing for City Experience during InterGREAT classes the week before City Experience.


Please contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT coordinator

From Mr Tucker

Term 3

Students have had a busy and exciting beginning to the term.  Large numbers of students have been involved in a range of extra-curricular activities such as production, music, sport and beginning the course selection process for 2018.


There are a number of key dates upcoming in the near future, so please refer to the list below to ensure students and parents are aware of these and other important information.


Wed. 23rd August:      Year 8 into 9 Student Course Selection closes

Wed. 23rd August:      Year 9 into 10 Student Course Selection input

Thur. 24th August:     Year 9 City Week Parent Information Evening  (6:30pm)

Wed. 30th August:      Parent Teacher Interviews  (12pm – 8pm)

Mon.  4th September: Year 10 Formal  (Linley Estate)

Mon. 11th – 15th September: Year 9 City Week

Sat. 16th September: Year 10 Central Australia Tour Departs


I hope students have begun the term by working hard to achieve excellent results across their studies. It is also important to remember with so many extra-curricular activities currently occurring, students must be responsible in completing any work from classes they may have missed.


Year 10 Holocaust Excursion

Year 10 students recently attended a Holocaust excursion as part of their English program. Below are some student accounts and learning experiences from their day:


During our visit to the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Museum, we were given lots of interesting and saddening facts about the Holocaust. We were given a tour of the exhibits by guides who had either been involved in the Holocaust, or had some family who had been, and we also heard the personal story of Abe who had been sent to Auschwitz in 1944. I was inspired by Abe’s need to teach people about the Holocaust and to keep a legacy of the events, even though it seemed painful for him to remember some parts of his history.

Mark Reynolds



The visit to the Holocaust Museum was certainly something to behold. After learning so much about the tragedies of WW2, facing it through a personal account felt surreal and like it complemented the learning unit very well. Speaking to David the Holocaust survivor is something I will protect in the archives of my mind, as his story is nothing if not a phenomenon and something that should be cherished. 

Jacob Hargraves


I thought that it was a very intriguing and moving visit; it really made me think about what I had and how grateful we should be for what we have today. The thing that stuck with me the most would just be seeing how the prisoners of Germany in WW2 were treated, they were treated like animals. It was truly horrifying but created a desire within my classmates and I to do well. I believe that everyone should be grateful for what they have now and how we should all respect each other and accept each other without hostility or violence.

Declan Caldecoat


The trip to the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick was long but it was worth the wait. The tours we experienced and were involved in were quite intriguing and left me wanting to learn more. Most things I experienced throughout this experience was new and really hit home to me about what happened over 50 years ago. The most important thing I took home from the experience was that there is only one race, the human race. The experience ended with Abram (Abe) who was one of the founders of Jewish Holocaust Museum as he recounted his story of his experiences during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a traumatising event and really makes you think and feel sorry for those people and their experiences but the real thing that it makes you question how one human being can do this to another human being?

Daniel Smith



Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader

Senior School

Year 11 VCAL Sausage Sizzle

Well done to the year 11 VCAL class for planning and organising a sausage sizzle to raise money for the Salvation Army.

It was a great team effort and they raised $150. This will go towards buying blankets for the needy.

A special thankyou to Connor Morphett and Jemma Bravery- Van Praet who also raised money for the RSPCA by making cup cakes.

Well done Year 11 VCAL class


Voula Margellis

VCAL teacher 

Award Recognition

Aimee Platts, our Well Being prefect and a Senior VCAL student, has been awarded the Deakin Community Award for her dedicated work in programs and events with the Maroondah City Council.


Stacey Miriklis

VCAL Coordinator


Girls Basketball

On Thursday the 10th of August three Intermediate Girls Basketball teams travelled to Dandenong Basketball Stadium to compete against schools in our zone. All the teams played extremely well and exhibited fantastic sportsmanship. The A team were successful in getting through to the next round and we would like to wish Paige, Taylah, Ally, Maddy, Pyper, Nicole, Lara, Mel and Izzy all the best in Regionals. A huge thanks to Kiara for coaching the girls to victory.


Anna Benson



Senior Girls Region Basketball

On Tuesday the 8th of August, six students took to the courts at Dandenong Stadium to compete in the 2017 Senior Girls Region Basketball. In terms of players, they were by far the most outnumbered team, with only one on the bench; despite this, the girls battled their way through three fast-paced games and came away with two wins and one (very close!) loss.


It was a commendable effort by the team, not only for demonstrating fantastic basketball skills and representing Ringwood SC with pride, but also for being able to balance their demanding senior-school timetables with their love of sport.


Well done to Caitlin Grimmett, Georgia Krueger, Isabella Mayne, Emma Nixon, Kiara Simons and Sarah Snary on a fun and successful day.


Miss Marissa Lee

Performing Arts and Music

'All that Jazz'

Ringwood Secondary College is a truly unique community that fosters the talent and passion of the exceptional students and staff. This unique group of diverse individuals have been drawn together by a shared passion for musical theatre and performing arts education. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to you our 2017 season of Chicago.

This production has been a real challenge for this year’s cast. Early in Term 1 we held auditions for Chicago and began learning the music/singing with our wonderful vocal coach and ex-student Stephen Amos. For the rest of the term, once a week for 3 hours after school the harmonies and lyrics were executed with precision. At a first glance the music may seem like a simple Broadway score, but this show has cleverly woven in some difficult time signatures and complex harmonies that have challenged the students to work beyond ability and achieve great results.

Term 2 saw the show come to life with scenes being blocked at lunch times and complex choreography being memorised.

During rehearsals, the cast have worked solidly and efficiently, breaking the ensemble into many smaller teams. The cast have worked together, made friendships across ages and have combined to form a strong and hardworking ensemble that has spent much time laughing and learning. The cast have approached rehearsals with enthusiasm and positively interacting with each other every step of the way. I congratulate each and every member of the cast on their enthusiasm and commitment to this iconic musical. I myself have learnt a great deal during the rehearsal process and I am most certainly proud of each and every cast member.

The 'Chicago' team has been a fantastic machine, I’m truly amazed at the amount of support we have here at RSC for this mammoth event!

As with any show teamwork is essential. This year Denise Rash, Karen Carden and their team of busy bees have had a mammoth task of costuming over 80 students and creating over 200 individual costumes, the Extra pArts team is such an essential and integral aspect of every production. The end result is spectacular and I congratulate all involved in the costume team and also Kayla Whitfield and the magical make-up team than bring our show to life.

Our three (yes three) talented ‘dancing dames’ have once again outdone themselves in the role of Choreographer. Their organisational skills are second to none. Gaynor, Kate and Jess have contributed so much of their time and effort making this production polished and highly efficient. This may just be the most choreography EVER in a RSC production!

An extra special thank you goes to an extra special person Corey Lucas-Evans, he has trained and organised the amazing Tech Crew who have completed tasks both big and small. They are the glue of this production and I thank each and every one of them.

Annmarie Stelfox has also been an integral part of Chicago, as Production Manager she has completed tasks both big and small and without her assistance and commitment I guarantee you would not be seeing a production tonight.

Another staple of the production family is Kevin Lewis, has been the work horse of this production. Together with Samantha Asbury and our dedicated Stage Crew they have built the incredibly safe monolith you see before you tonight.

I sincerely thank them for the literal blood sweat and tears that have gone into this set.

Last but not nearly least I would like to commend a staff members who is not new to the school but moving into a new role in the production this year. Kevin Bonnett has taken on the mammoth task of Musical Director, including assembling and conducting the Chicago orchestra, tonight you will be treated to the skill of many of our talented musicians. Kevin, along with the entire production team have worked tirelessly to achieve the most out of each and every rehearsal and I thank all involved for persevering and becoming very economical in the limited rehearsals that we had.

Our rehearsals have always been punctuated by laughter, a little bit of panic and much enjoyment. I thank all other students who have given up their free time and helped in any manner whether on stage or behind the scenes. I also offer thanks our RSC Staff and parents for their support in the lead-up and during production – many people have assisted us in numerous ways and it has been much appreciated.

Our Photographers:

A very special thanks to our team of parent photographers that assist each year.


John Nichol has taken shots of the cast for approx. 8 years and this year marks the end of the family connection with the College with their last student finishing Yr 12.


Peter King from Burst Creative, 

Karen Carden, Fiona Cooke, and 

Gary Smith from Tr8photography have 

produced another amazing collection for the students to keep as a memory.


We hope you all enjoyed CHICAGO!


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts


Congratulations to the following ensembles on their performances at the Victorian Schools Music Festival over the past week. The results to date are:

Symphonic Band, Gold Shield

Intermediate Concert Band, Silver Shield

Senior Choir, Silver Shield

Junior Choir, Bronze Shield


Best wishes to all four Stage Bands and Junior Concert Band for their performances over the next two weeks at the Victorian Schools Music Festival.


After much deliberation, we have decided to cancel the Almost Spring Concert and replace it with a series of lunchtime concerts, depending on hall availability in the week leading up to the ensembles’ performances at Ballarat. More information regarding these concerts will be available during this coming week.


Next week, Band Tour auditions will be held in the PAC. Those who have registered for the auditions please ensure you have placed your name on audition sheets in PAC. As mentioned in the event letter and email you have received, the following will be considered in the audition process: music to be prepared for audition, attendance of lessons, rehearsals and performances, as well as overall behaviour, plus intention to continue in 2018.


To celebrate all our achievements for 2017, don’t miss our Gala Concert at George Woods Performing Arts Centre at Yarra Valley Grammar, Thursday 21 September, 7.30pm.

Tickets will be available on Trybooking. Ticket costs are $19 Adult, $11 Concession and $42 family of four. Details regarding the event will be published soon.


Thank you to everyone for their wonderful work during this busy term.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music


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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves"  

William Shakespeare ( 1564-1616)

Maroondah Freeza

The Maroondah Freeza committee have some fantastic events coming up that could be of interest to your students and the young people you work with.


Anxiety Assistance

Looking for some ideas to cope with anxiety


Pathways Walking

Supporting walkers in the area


Sexuality and Gender FAQ/info night

Guest Speaker - Ro Allen


New Partnership

We are pleased to share with you that Ringwood Secondary College have developed a new partnership with a local specialist family violence service to support members of our school community who may be experiencing family or domestic violence. This free service can provide information and specialist support or are simple available just to have a chat. If you would like any further information or have any questions please contact Julia Norlinger on 98702002.



Blackburn Cycling Club

In a few weeks Blackburn Cycling Club is launching the summer season and it will be the perfect time for new kids to get involved.  The summer season (which is focused on track cycling) is held at the East Burwood Velodrome (on Burwood Highway next to the Basketball stadium). 

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