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31 October 2018
Issue Twenty
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From the Principal

Dear Parents / Carers,

Friday was a very special day for our teachers. It was Australia’s World Teacher Day. Schools are now faced with the challenge of providing our students with a diverse range of learning experiences that will equip them with the multitude of skills required for life in an ever-changing environment. Teachers play a vital role in developing the social fabric of our society.


Teaching involves moral responsibility. Precious children are handed over to teachers every day. Teaching requires an investment of time, effort, energy and emotion paralleled only by parenting itself. During their career, a teacher will influence the lives of 22- 150 students every year, as long as they teach.


Teaching as a profession is undergoing a transformation from one where the teacher was the transmitter of knowledge, to a science where the teacher simultaneously links parts of a lesson and builds understanding of the curriculum whilst building ongoing relationships. It is complex work and it needs to be complex if we are to successfully prepare students to participate in a modern and complex society.



I thank our parents for the generous food and gifts for a special morning tea where we acknowledged the valuable contribution of our teachers.


The school will be closed on Tuesday 6 November for Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday.


Have you noticed how everyone seems to suddenly in a hurry? It is almost the start of November and everyone starts to get impatient- on the roads- in the shops- everywhere! At this time of the year we often are faced with emotional situations involving students. As a school we work with students when they are feeling upset or hurt using an approach where we engage students in conversations and develop strategies for moving forward. This week’s newsletter contains some strategies that parents can use to help children to deal with their feelings in a way that raises emotional resilience.


Love and listen

Combining love and listening is truly a highly developed skill. Most of us love our children dearly and because of this, we frequently do not really listen and give them a chance to talk, sort through their feelings and come up with possible solutions. Instead, our love urges us to fix the problem for them so they can be released from the discomfort. We prematurely jump in with our wisdom and sage advice or even worse, take on the responsibility for something the child could handle himself and learn from. Work at being a great listener. When your child has something to say, focus on what he is saying and skilfully reflect back what he has said. This is a wonderful help for children wrestling with          intense feelings. Your goal is to help your children process their feelings, not to fix their problems.

Distinguish between genuine and manipulative feelings.

Remember that not all feelings have equal value. It is common for parents to confuse how to respond to their children’s genuine feelings with how to respond to their children’s manipulative feelings. Just as adults do, sometimes children use their feelings to manipulate a situation. We hear these feelings when they say: “If you loved me you would.....” “You love her more than me.” “If I can’t go, I might as well die!” “I have the right to....” Manipulative feelings are best ignored or calmly confronted by telling your child you understand that he is upset, but hurting, whining and being emotionally demanding isn’t acceptable and will never help. We need to learn to tell the difference between children’s manipulative feelings and those that are truly genuine. Genuine feelings need to be attended to with love and ingenuity.


Learn the art of acknowledging upset feelings.

Trying to cheer up your child when he is hurting emotionally isn’t always helpful. Being upset or unhappy is a genuine human feeling. It is part of life and is experienced by all of us. The most helpful approach is to acknowledge how your child is feeling by recognising his upset or disappointment. Refrain from saying, Hey, it’s not such a big deal” or “Why get so upset about that?” Children need to know you are here to listen and understand. Their concerns are very real to them.


In practical terms, dealing with children’s upset feelings is really an art. On one hand, the more parents tell their children to “get over it,” the more their children don’t feel listened to and will tend to emotionally shut down or get louder. We all have experience the empty feeling of being dismissed and it doesn’t feel good!


On the other hand, we don’t like to see children in emotional pain. The spontaneous reaction to appease this pain might be to buy them gifts to cheer them up or to spend an excessive amount of time chatting and dissecting the issue. These of course, are poor strategies. They deflect children from learning to use their feelings productively and prevent them from setting up independent patterns of recovery.

Reference: Mark Le Messurier, Parenting Tough Kids


Just a friendly reminder that if parents have aspects related to their child’s learning that they would like us to consider when placing their child in a class group please write to me. Letters can be emailed to the school email address [email protected] or sent to the office addressed to me and marked confidential. Alternatively, I invite parents who would like to have a conversation about any aspect of grade placement for 2019 to make a time to have a conversation with either Mrs Bamford or me.


Please ensure that any correspondence relating to student placements reaches me by Monday 12 November 2018.  I will inform teachers of any parent input prior to the formation of classes. We will be unable to consider any correspondence on this matter after this date.

The placement of children into class groups commences in the third week of November, once all assessments and reports have been completed. It needs to be noted that during a unit of work students may move into groups that include students other than those in their class to relearn, reinforce or extend their learning.



Anne Babich


From The Assistant Principal

Dear Parents/Carers,

Last Tuesday I had the honour of welcoming representatives from the Tasmanian,  Northern Territory and Western Australian Education Departments.  This was a fantastic opportunity to share learning from work in our school and Victoria with colleagues from across the country and across the Tasman and our guests were incredibly impressed with what they saw.


This year, as a school we have implemented a number of the Victorian Education Department initiatives to build teacher capacity and increase the school’s capability to implement the high quality teaching practice principles to enhance student learning.  During the visit we were able to share our 2018 Annual Implementation Plan goals and targets, visited classrooms to see our instructional model in action as well as how we will continue to embed these high quality teaching practices into every classroom in our school.  It was very pleasing to hear our guests’ feedback, especially that there was evidence of Rowville Primary School being a school of learners (staff and students), with high levels of respect and engagement demonstrated by students and the teachers showed an ongoing commitment to their students and their profession.

21st Century learning


Our students require a range of 21st century skills that include technical capabilities, critical thinking capacity and character qualities.  The foundations for education start with Literacy and Numeracy.  Students first learn to read and write and continue to read to learn more.  Along the way, they master critical thinking, develop their character and learn how to adapt to and thrive in an ever-changing world, involving the use of technology to enhance learning.  Our 1:1 device program provides students with the opportunity to engage in rich learning experiences that extends the student’s interactions with local and global communities.  The use of technology in our learning programs is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become competent, critical and creative users of a range of digital tools that will assist them with lifelong learning.


Over the last couple of weeks, our teachers have been focusing on elements of the Writing Workshop.  During my classroom visits this week, I was impressed by limericks written by some of our Year 2 developing authors during the workshop time.


There once was a chicken from Disneyland

Who had popcorn in his hand

He threw it up in the air

It landed in his hair

So he ran away to the sand

By Isabella


There once was a dog from Socks

And loved to wear jocks

The dog likes balls

Also the dog is tall

And his friend is from Knox

By Martim

There once was a girl named Snow

She lived in a show

She had nowhere to go

She had nowhere so?

She was feeling low

By Ella L


There once was a puppy from Mars

Who had quite a lot of purple cars

He ate his mug

He slept in a rug

But he jumps up and down in Bars!

By Lauren


There once was a puppy from Darwin

Who played poker and got a far win

He can do a flip

And he can do tricks

And he has loads of pins.

By India


I look forward to more classroom visits next week to talk with more students about their growth as a writer this year.





Mrs Tiffany Bamford
Assistant Principal

What's ahead

October 2018

Monday 29th to                                       Year Five and Year Six Swimming

Friday 2nd November

November 2018

Thursday 1st November                  Region Junior Hooptime - Selected Students

Wednesday 7th November             Year 3 & 4 Tirhatuan Wetland Field trip

Thursday 8th November                 7pm Parent information Session - Years 5 & 6 for Interrelate / Family Life

Monday 12th November                 Correspondence relating to student classroom placements for 2019 due

                                                                   by today to Ms Babich or Mrs Bamford

Monday 12th - Friday 16th              Beyond Boundaries Week


Tuesday 20th November                 Years 5 & 6 for Interrelate / Family Life Program

Tuesday 27th November                 Years 5 & 6 for Interrelate / Family Life Program

December 2018

Tuesday 4th December                   Years 5 & 6 for Interrelate / Family Life Program

Tuesday 11th December                Transition Day for Year 6 students attending Year 7 in a Victorian

                                                                  Government Secondary College in 2019 

Monday 17th December                 Evening Christmas Concert

Wednesday 19th December          Year 6 Graduation Evening

Friday 21st December                      Final Day of school for 2018

Starlight Reserve Tree Planting

On Wednesday 17th October students in Year 1 and 2 as well as Foundation students and their Year 6 buddies, travelled to Starlight Reserve in Rowville to participate in Knox City Council’s One Tree Per Child Indigenous tree planting project.

The Reserve is an important local site home to two endangered vegetation classes (Valley Healthy Forest and Swampy Woodland) and is considered to be a site on biological significance. This means the trees we planted will provide essential habitat for local wildlife, particularly as the trees grow older and more established and even once they die and fall, providing shelter for ground dwelling animals.

This excursion was funded as part of our Junior Landcare Biodiversity Grant and we were thrilled to be able to hear the sounds of frogs calling in the wetland area, including species such as the Eastern Common Froglet, Eastern Banjo (Pobblebonk) Frog and Striped Marsh Frog. Students participated in a Nature Walk and Habitat Game with Knox Council’s Biodiversity Officers and tree planting with the guidance of Council’s Parks team members.

We strongly encourage families to revisit Starlight Reserve so that students can see their plants grow over an extended period of time. Well done to all Rowville Primary School students who participated in this project, together you have made a real difference to our local environment.


21st Century Learning Space​ / Library

Library News

Overdue Books

Could I please remind students to check their library loans on a regular basis.  Everyone can login to the new Oliver Library Operating system through Compass.

When logged in to “Oliver - My Library” you can access features such as loans, reservations, book renewals, and news, as well as topics like ‘matching your interests,’ ‘new items’ ‘popular’ and ‘recently returned.”  A link on the Search page also takes you to Orbit where we can access over 1300 ebooks. 

If you have any enquiries about the books you have on loan please come and see me so that we can sort it out as soon as possible. Thank you.



The Library is open for borrowing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday recess, every lunchtime and afterschool until 3.30pm.

Happy Reading!

Jackie Hicks – Library Technician



Over the last couple of weeks, students in our school have been reading, writing and talking in poetic language. I have been very excited as enthusiastic students have been coming to visit me on a daily basis, in my classroom and even whilst on yard duty, to share their poetry writing as well as their Writer’s Notebook entries.

The following students shared their writing at assembly on Monday 8th October.  Students from 2C, Marina and Madeline presented a shared writing piece and Matthew used a picture prompt to instigate his ideas in his Writer’s Notebook. Elora shared her descriptive poem whilst students in Year 2B, Lauren, India and Alyssia wrote in their Writer’s Notebook whilst sitting out in the garden and so they were inspired by nature around them.


Last Monday, Logan 4B, Evangelina 2A, Josh 2B and Maddison 1B also shared  their writing at assembly. Below are a couple of examples.

‘The Flowing River’ by Evangelina . Year 2A

The flowing river is a peaceful place,

Looking beyond it,

Ready to sail out,

Ready to do new things.


So get out there,

You listen to the breeze,

Then get in a boat,

All wobbly and oh so shaky,

You untie the rope.


A little blanket and a pillow,

You lie down and cover yourself,

So snug and so warm.


A little lamp as bright as one million fireflies,

You find three little fish as quiet as mice,


The flowing river.


I was bouncing off the walls with excitement.  My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was pounding out of my chest.  The adrenalin kicked in as Dad and Jill bought 2 tickets.  My sister and I walked to the front of the line.  I was about to get in the shiny blue and red cart when I felt butterflies in my tummy as my sister and I stepped into the cart.  A man came and locked us in and that is when I realised there was no turning back.  We started to go up a slant on about 55 degrees.  I looked over to my sister and we started to have a conversation about why this was the worst part of a roller coaster.  We were at the very top. We were going fast at the turns; I kept saying to myself

“Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down!”

Somewhere along the line a huge amount of fear entered my body.  Before I knew it, we were going straight down on a 90-degree angle.  I felt the sweat on my hands as I was holding on the bar.  The cart was on its side, I was laughing so hard.  Everyone on the coaster was screaming.  The feeling was incredible.  We were at 100 K.P. per hour.  Suddenly we were upside down.  I felt like I was floating.  I felt like nothing in the world could stop me.  We were slowing down. That’s when I discovered the ride was over.  It felt like I blinked and it was over.  It was amazing I loved every second of it.

By Logan 4B



Rowville Primary School is my second Christmas,

This school is cool like a cucumber,

We do reading and writing everyday

Then we have recess and lunch to play.


Every class is quiet like a mouse,

Except our class,

It is louder than a house with 40 people in it.

I love this school like a brother.

By Josh Grade 2B



Breaking Literacy News!

We have an accomplished writer and mentor, Alan Wright coming to visit and share poems from his new Poetry book on Monday 26th November at our school assembly. Mr Wright is an experienced author and educator who has been a great inspiration with his collection of Writer’s Notebooks. He has worked at Rowville Primary School in the past with teachers and students igniting a passion for writing. His last poetry book called ‘Searching for Hen’s Teeth’ was a very popular read.

On Monday 5th November students will be able to watch a question- answer clip with Alan in our 21st Century Learning Space, during our lunchtime session called Awesome Authors.

If anybody would like to purchase his new book called ‘I Bet You There’s No Broccoli on the Moon’ these will be available from the Office for $12.00. A book signing will also be arranged for pre- ordered books.

Italian News

The Italian Competition Year 3-6 Language Perfect.

It’s on again! The final round of the competition for 2018 began on Monday 29th October and it will run until November 7th. Students have the weekend as well as Cup Day to participate and they are encouraged to get onto Language Perfect and complete as many tasks as possible. In order to gain more points students need to repeat the lessons. Speaking, listening and writing words once does not allow the students to place those words in their memory and learn them well.

Let’s see if we can beat the Rowville Secondary College students and it would be great to see a different class win the $100.00 Pizza Party. Individual certificates will be presented to students and our top achiever will win a $50.00 JB Hi Fi voucher.

I was very excited to hear that our students have answered over 1,000,000 questions so far this year.

Buona Fortuna,

Signora Welti



FORPS Student Disco - 26th Oct.

The annual FORPS student disco was a huge success last Friday night. We would like to acknowledge and thank the many parents and staff who volunteered their time to support this event and especially the FORPS committee for organising a fabulous night for the students.

Election Day BBQ

Rowville Primary School will be hosting a Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser on Election Day on site, on Saturday 24th November 2018, outside the polling booth (our gym).


This is a chance for you and/or your partner to show off your BBQ skills whilst having some fun on the day and making new friends. We are aiming to have at least 3 people on each time slot from 10am until 3pm, if we get enough volunteers.


If you are able to pull up your sleeves to assist, please email us at [email protected] with your preferred timeslot or fill in the form below and return to school by Friday 16th November.


If you are unable to donate your time, you could donate a slab of soft drink, bottled water, napkins or bottles of sauce and leave them at the office.


Otherwise, we hope you will support our efforts and buy a snag or more, when you visit the Election Polling Booth at Rowville Primary School on Saturday 24th November.


Entertainment Books

Entertainment books are for sale at the office for $70 each or you may purchase online.  The school receives $13 for each book sold. To purchase a membership  or book please go to:


Cadbury Chocolate Drive

Payment for the Cadbury chocolate boxes is now due. An event has been created on Compass for families who have not paid or returned chocolates to make payment for the full box of $60.


Attendance Matters

Fact sheet for parents/carers

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence using one of the following methods:

  1. Online: log the absence directly using Compass.
  2. Telephone: the school office and let the staff know your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.
  3. Email: the school and provide the staff with your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.

Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.


Why do I need to notify the school if my child is absent?

Schools need to know when and why a child is absent and you need to know if your child isn’t at school.

From the end of Term 2 2018, all Victorian government schools are required to contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence. If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to explain why, the absence will be marked as unexplained.

This system also promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind.


What is your responsibility?

You are legally required to ensure your child attends school every day or you must provide an explanation for their absence. You should let the school know in advance of any upcoming absences or let them know in the morning if your child won’t be at school. In order for schools to implement the same day notification requirement, it’s essential that you provide the school with your most up-to-date contact details.

Generally one notification will be sent per family. Should there be circumstances that require both parents and carers to be notified, please contact the school to make the necessary arrangements.

Rowville Kids Cafe


Volunteers Needed

The canteen is needing some extra help from volunteers. If you are free to assist on a Monday or Friday please see the canteen staff or leave your name at the office.  Volunteers need to have a current working with children's check card.


The canteen has new specials on Monday - Salad wraps and Thursday  - Fish burgers. More details are available on the attached pricelist.


Please click on the link to view the current Kids Cafe menu:

  or visit QkR™, the online ordering app.


Thank you to following volunteers for the next two weeks

Monday 5th November             Help Needed

Tuesday 6th November            Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Wednesday 7th November      A. Diab

Thursday 8th November          J. Ng

Friday 9th November                K. Hopkins   

Monday 12th November          Help Needed

Tuesday 13th November         L. Mcconnochie

Wednesday 14th November   B. Jarvis

Thursday 15th November        K. Lacanau

Friday 16th November               K. Hopkins 

Rowville Kids Cafe
Online Ordering

We are excited to now offer online ordering for parents’ convenience using a credit card via QkR™. We are delighted that many parents have used the app and have reported back on how easy it is to use. 

QkR™ is an app developed by Mastercard (which is very secure) that can be downloaded to your Android or Apple system by following the attached instructions.

Windows based phones can access the ordering system via the website.
TIP:  When creating a password, ensure you include a number in the password. 
Orders can be placed in advance up until 9:00am of the day they are to be delivered to the classroom.

Children can still lodge their lunch orders via the classroom if you do not wish to use the online system.

​If you would like some assistance using the app, please call at the office.


Tip for this fortnight


Community Noticeboard

R.S.L. Poppy Badges

11th November 2018 is Remembrance Day

To commemorate Remembrance Day the school is selling Small Red Poppy Badges for $1.00, Large Red Poppy Badges for $2.00 and Poppy Wristbands for $3.00.

Proceeds from this Appeal are used in the welfare work carried out by the RSL for ex-service men, women and their families.

Poppy badges will be sold daily in the classroom from next week and are available at the office.





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