30 November 2018
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General School News

School For Student Leadership Community Event - Celebrating Agriculture  Wednesday December 5

Parents & members of the Community are invited to join the Year 5-9 students for a Celebration of Local Agricultural Industries on Wednesday December 5. The event is being organized by the students who attended the School for Student Leadership and is a component of a project they must complete. The day aims to spread awareness of the local agriculture industry and will include a number of guest speakers and interactive activities for the students. Please RSVP to the Front office by Tuesday December 4.


Donations of 2L plastic bottles are required - please bring into the Front Office early next week.


Taffy Adams, Imogen Hollis, Talia Cardnell, Danika Hollis, Cody Hessey and Tristan Honner, Year 10 Students


School Captain Speeches - Assembly 19/11

On  Monday 9th November a Year 3-11 Assembly was held, to allow those running for College Captains present their speeches to the school. Ariana Smith-Ralph and Ashleigh Kouroupakis are the two students running for the position. Students and staff were then invited to vote, with the results being announced at the College Award's Night on December 19. Voting also took place for Student Representative Council Members for the following year levels; 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11. 

Edenhope Show

Congratulations to all those who participated in some way to support another successful Edenhope Show. Here are just a few of the many prize winners from the Junior Craft and Needlework section.




Pastoral Care

During Pastoral Care lessons this Term, students have been working in their Vertical Home Groups on ideas for a College Mascot. Each group has come up with a design and a brief outlining what their design represents. 

SRC Casual Clothe & Coin Drive - Royal Flying Doctor Fundraiser


On November 23rd, the Edenhope College SRC, held a fundraiser for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) - they asked for a gold coin donation to come to school in casual clothes for the day and at lunchtime there was a coin trail. It was a very successful day and the coin line measured 33m! An amazing amount of money raised which was $305.65 ($130 casual clothes and $175 from the coin drive. We are very happy with everyone’s donations and all the funds will go to the RFDS.


Thank you to all the students, teachers and families who kindly donated to this very important cause.

Emma Toms, SRC Year 6 Representative



Twelve QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy students (from Years 5 -7) finished off their year with a luncheon to celebrate their achievements.  They were presented with a certificate to recognise their successful completion of the program. 

Quicksmart is an intervention program for middle school students focusing on developing numeracy and literacy skills. Quicksmart Numeracy is  designed to improve students' learning by focusing on developing fast and accurate basic facts. Quicksmart Literacy is deisgned to improve literacy skills by developing basic skills such as word recognition, decoding, vocabulary knowledge, fluency and comprehension.


Principal's Report

I wonder how many of you (teachers, parents, carers and other members of the wider community who read this newsletter) will be aware of the work by Diana Baumrind, a clinical psychologist who developed a framework for identifying the effect of certain parenting styles, a framework that has since been applied to teaching, and even to the wider world of people management.


Essentially, Baumrind categorised parenting styles on two particular traits we, as parents (and teachers and managers) demonstrate in our actions towards our children, students or employees:

  1. The extent to which we have high expectations or high demands – this is known as Demandingness.
  2. The extent to which we respond to the needs of our children or students – this is known as Responsiveness.

Baumrind then developed a model where Demandingness and Responsiveness intersect, creating four distinct quadrants, each identified as a particular ‘parenting style’.



As you can see above, the four parenting styles identified by Baumrind end up being:

  1. Neglectful
  2. Permissive
  3. Authoritarian
  4. Authoritative

The Neglectful parent (or teacher), is exactly that. They have little involvement in the life of their child (or student) and are not overly concerned with their development. They expect little, and provide even less in return. Children raised in such environments (and sadly there are many in Australia) are usually categorised further as being victims of what is known as both ‘Type 2’ and ‘Complex’ Trauma. Parental involvement, care, stability and nurturing are virtually non-existent for these children. We now know that young people raised in neglectful homes will eventually incur permanent neurological disorders in most cases. Neglectful teachers, I’m sure you would agree, should perhaps consider another profession.


The Permissive parent loves their child. Similarly, the permissive teacher usually wants to be liked by their students, to be considered a friend. They try to meet all of the demands the child place upon them. They love and nurture, or love teaching and parenting, though they fear doing anything that might create stress for the child. However, they demand little from the child in return. As a result, the child’s growth and maturity can be stunted. Unfortunately, both the permissive parent and the permissive teacher can, at times, be enablers of student dependence on adults, lack of motivation and responsibility for their actions, and, eventually, academic problems.


The Authoritarian parent or teacher usually has quite the opposite effect. They try to shape, control, and evaluate the behaviour and attitudes of the child in accordance with a set standard, an absolute standard that they have constructed, or has been constructed by another authority. The authoritarian parent/teacher values obedience, and favours punitive measure to curb student self-will. Autonomy of the student is therefore highly restricted. Authoritarian teachers are low on involvement and relationship building, and high on enforcing strict discipline. There is little opportunity for discussion or argument, and rules are sacrosanct. Responsiveness is often low; poor behaviour is punished, and poor student results are ignored. Such children and students eventually resist this form of control, and a clash of wills usually results.


As with most things, the middle ground is the ideal place to be when developing children or students into independent and resilient adults.


The Authoritative parent takes the best from both worlds. They place high demands on their children, but are also highly responsive. The parent attempts to direct the child using a rational, issue-oriented, approach and manner. They encourage verbal give and take, and share the reasoning with the child behind their rules and directions. The authoritative parent values self-will in the child, and while they exert some control where the child and parent disagree, they try to not hem the child in with restrictions. The child’s individual interests are encouraged, but standards for behaviour are still set by the parent. Crucially, the parent does not assume that they are always right.


Similarly, the Authoritative teacher employs a blend of high involvement and firm but fair discipline. They care about their teaching and their students, and reward outcomes, not necessarily effort. Teachers see students as having responsibility for their actions, but are willing to teach, correct, support and help those students improve in both their achievement and their behaviours.


I would encourage all parents and teachers to do as I have done, and consider where their own practice might fit within the context of Baumrind’s model. In doing so, maybe you could ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you think these styles are accurate? Do they actually exist as described, in both the world of parenting and teaching?
  2. Do you, as either a parent or a teacher, tend to employ one of these styles, or elements of different styles to varying degrees depending on the situation?
  3. To what extent does your chosen approach have an effect on the development of the child/student for which you are responsible?
  4. Has your parenting or teaching style changed over the years, and if so, in what way has it changed?

Generally our parenting and teaching styles are shaped by our own preferences and our own prior experiences. In each case, I would suggest, we all would have cause to reflect on our styles, and consider what we could do differently. Will we always get it right as parents? No, of course not. Will we always get it right as teachers? Same answer, of course we won’t. Will all of us try to improve for the sake of our children/students? I believe we all will.







Jon Neall

November 30


Primary News

End of Year Concert

The annual end of year concert is fast approaching. We are encouraging students to wear bright colours and/or dress festively in the spirit of Christmas.


As it is getting close to Christmas, we don’t want parents/guardians going out and buying things just for the concert. You may even have some extra Christmassy things you could share with others (just make sure they’re labelled so they come back).

Some classes may require costumes & classroom teachers will send home notes with that particular class in the next few weeks.


We look forward to seeing family and friends coming and supporting their child/children on Monday 17th December at 11am.


Ms Fry 

Music Teacher


Foundation Veggie Garden

From little seeds big things grow ... there is certainly lots of growth down in the Foundation veggie garden. Students have been carefully watching the progress of the seeds & seedlings they planted at the end of last term.



Memory Lane Cafe

On Wednesday, we walked to the Senior Citizens Club Rooms. First, we read a book to the elderly people. Next, we played two different games. Then we sang the National Anthem. Ajay Lees, Year 2

On Wednesday, the 21/11/18 we went to the Senior Citizens Clubroom. First we walked to the Senior Citizens Club. Then we went into the Senior Citizens Club and sat on the floor. Next we read to the elderly people. After we played some games. One of the games was one with dice and we had to colour in cupcakes. The other game was a bingo game. Then we sang Advance Australia Fair. I like it because we played games. Bailey Hartas, Year 2


On Wednesday 21st of November we went to the Memory Lane Cafe to play games and read. First we found a partner and read to them. Then we played a game. I played cupcakes and I won. Next, we sanf Advance Australia Fair. Then we went back to school. I liked it because it was fun. Teneisha Phillips, Year 2

Primary Assembly

On Monday November 26, the second primary assembly for the year was held. Awards were given out to the following students;


Emma Toms was the November recipient of the Primary Giraffe Award - she has been sticking her

neck out to by showing initiative and helping others in her classroom.


Mrs Domaschenz presented Reading Awards to Bridie Hartas, Adelle Joubert & Chloe Smith from the Foundation Class.

Reading Awards were also presented to Christa Jain, Ajay Lees, Marcus McIntyre, Jack Smith, Teneisha Phillips & Lily Eyles from Year 1/2. Ms Thornton also presented Merit Certificates to Sean Neall & Marcus McIntyre for always showing improvement in Maths post-tests. Thomas Dunstan also received a Merit Certificate for improved focus and for sharing his ideas & opinions with his peers.


Ms Bruce presented reading Awards to Gia Vy Vertue, Caleigh Munn, Layla Linto & Lolah Joubert. 

She also gave the 3/4 Class a special award for making her transition to Edenhope College as easy as possible. Ms Bruce commended the students for helping her settle in and for coming in with a smile on their face everyday, ready to learn with a good attitude and good listening ears.


Ms Hausler presented the Year 5/6 Class with Certificates of Participation from their Sovereign Hill Camp. The students did a presentation on their camp at the Assembly.


November Star Readers

At the Primary Assembly on Monday November the 26th, the final Star Readers for this year were announced. Our winners were Bridie Hartas (Foundation), Chloe Smith (Foundation ), Marcus McIntyre (1 / 2), Caleigh Munn (3 / 4), and Merrin Doelle (5 / 6).


Congratulations to all our winners for 2018.  


Ms Austin


Secondary News

Year 12 Dinner

On Friday November 16 , we celebrated the class of 2019 at the Year 12 Dinner. Thank you to all the students, parents and staff who attended the dinner and the celebration of the end of 13 years of schooling. 


Guest Speaker Hayley Campbell, (Graduate of 2012) offered an insight and some assurance that everything will turn out okay. This was valuable encouragement for Year 12 students, who are at that point in their lives wondering where they should turn next.


The dinner was the result of the organizational efforts of Mrs Jude.  Thanks also goes to all those staff members who assisted with preparations, including Mr Neall, Ms Tiddy, Ms Shuttleworth, Mr Duncan and  Mr Bucknell.


Thank you also goes to Kings Katering for providing a delicious meal and the students - Imogen & Trinity Hollis, Sarah Kennedy and Josie Neall - who assisted in serving it.


Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Camp - Hatherleigh

Year 9 Advance students had a fantastic trip down to the South East of SA to the sleepy little hollow of Hatherleigh & Beachport. One thing that was not sleepy was the weather, we had 40km an hour winds & constant rain which made tenting an impossibility & our hikes a bit of a nightmare.


On the first day, we set off on the bus to Beachport; we were all pretty excited and keen to start our adventure. We made our way through Penola and as we drove through stopped at the lolly store to get a few bits and pieces for the upcoming hike, as we arrived at the beach we grabbed a hot chocolate and waited for the weather to die down.


We began the journey around the town of Beachport with our packs and took off to the beach and its beautiful views. We walked casually for a couple of hours and thought to finish up soon and head back to camp. We stayed at Mr McClure’s old football teams' ground where he use to coach. We decided to stay indoors for the night as it was pouring and windy. We had hot showers and a nice warm place to stay so we set up our beds and headed out to cook dinner, we made spaghetti bolognaise and soup for an entree. We ate around the fire and shortly after headed to bed.


We all woke up with a bit off a sleep in and met everyone out side to make breakfast, most of us made pancakes and shortly after that was lunch. We then went to Mt Gambier and went out for lunch as a reward for completing Bronze Duke of Ed. We had pizzas, wedges, burgers and more, we all ate for a little while and talked about what movie we would all like to see in the cinemas, - our next activity. We ended up splitting into two groups and watching "Fantastic Beast Crimes of Grindelwald" and "Bohemian Rhapsody". We got drinks, lollies and popcorn each and split off into the different cinemas. They both took a time of two hours each so we all got out at the same time; we headed back to camp to play games for a couple hours and started cooking dinner. We had burritos while other groups had pasta with sauce and soup. We finished cleaning and decided to head to bed, we slept in the change rooms again because of the wind and rain. When we got back the next day we cleaned & packed away all the equipment and finished with a 7km hike (as we missed our hike the 2nd day due to the weather.


Overall, it was a great experience and we all had a great time. A big thanks to Sam and Sally McClure who came as helpers/supervisors.


Tristan Honner

Year 9/10 Food Technology - Christmas Cakes

Over the past few weeks, Mrs Angela Wait has been teaching the Year 9/10 Food Technology students how to  make and decorate a Christmas Cake. Students displayed enthusiasm, persistence and creativity in this assessment task, and their final products are a credit to them.


Thank you to Mrs Angela Wait who completed her second teaching placement at Edenhope College last week, we thoroughly enjoyed having you.

Mrs Annabel Hawkins

Food Technology Teacher


The cake making and decorating was a really good idea by Mrs Wait, it was very enjoyable, but quite fiddly. Adrian Ferluga

Creating and designing the final product was an enjoyable experience, using fondant icing and using different molding skills was a new and enjoyable skill for me. Brock Loveday



VCE & VCAL Headstart Program - Weeks 9 & 10

Get a headstart on your studies!


During Weeks 9 & 10 of this term, Year 10 & 11 students at Edenhope College will being their VCE/VCAl studies for 2019.

This will give you the opportunity to get ahead in your studies, and maximise your chances of academic success next year. 

It is crucial that all Year 10 and 11 students attend school in these two weeks.

  • Students must attend classes with paper, books and pen/pencils
  • Students will not be expected to have textbooks at this time. Teachers will provide resource material for students.
  • There will be little opportunity for students to "catch up" on work missed in 2018 in preparation for the 2019 year. The Headstart program is the beginning of next year's studies. 


Sports News

National Primary Track & Field Championships


On the 25th November, Talia Iese represented Edenhope College at the National Primary Track and Field Championships at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park.

Talia was very nervous but, quietly confident prior to the event. She threw a personal best in the Shot Put of 11.41m to finish 2nd place in a very close 12/13year old girls National competition. There were 16 girls in the competition and Talia was beaten by a Queensland girl.


1st place 12.24m  Qld

2nd place 11.41 Talia Iese  Vic

3rd place 11.34 Qld


Talia said “It was a big achievement” and she is more inspired to train harder for next year. Congratulations Talia !!

Swimming Consent Forms & PE Clothes

Swimming consent forms have been sent home with students this week. These will need to be returned and pool membership paid before swimming can commence during PE lessons. Students from Foundation to Year 9 will therefore be required to bring BOTH a change of clothes for PE, AS WELL AS their swimming gear to their PE lessons for the remaining weeks of term 4.


Agriculture News

F/1/2 Ag Science Excursion - Farm Tour

On Friday the 16th November, the F/1/2 class drove around the farms. We saw the shearing and the yabby farm. We also went to the strawberry farm. It was fun. Ivy Linto

On Friday the 16th November, we, the F/1/2 class went on a trip. Mrs Rainsford drove the bus. We saw the shearing and the yabby farm. We went to the strawberry farm. We saw the Longhorn Cattle on the Ag trip. It was wonderful. Bridie Hartas.

On Friday the 16th November, we went on an Ag trip. Mrs Rainsford drove the bus. We saw the Longhorn Cattle. We drove around the farm. Last we saw the shearing and the yabby farm. It was fun. Adelle Joubert


The class went on a Field Trip to some farms on Friday. First, we got on the bus. Then, we went to see the cows. We stayed in the bus. Then, we went to the sheep farm, we had recess. Then, we went to the strawberry farm, we got to eat some strawberries and then we went to catch some yabbies. Then we left. I liked it because it was fun. Sean Neall, Year 1

On Friday we went to four farms with Mrs Rainsford and Mrs Domaschenz. First we got on the bus and we went to Mrs Rainsford's place. Then we went to the shearing shed and we had recess and then we had a photo taken and then we went to the bridge that Andy made.

After, we went to the strawberry farm and we had some yummy strawberries and then we went to the yabby farm and I held a yabby.

I like going on trips because they are fun. Declan Joubert, Year 2

When it was Friday, we went to the strawberry farm. We got to see the strawberries. We had lunch there, then we went back on the bus with Mrs Rainsford and Mrs Domaschenz. After I felt tired. Marcus McIntyre, Year 2

On Friday the F/1/2 class went to a yabby farm and a strawberry farm. I went because I wanted to go and because I thought it would be a good experience. I picked up a yabby and I got to eat strawberries and they were yum. I liked it because I thought it was fun. Mason Colgate, Year 1


On Friday, the F/1/2 class went to Mrs Rainsford's farm. First, we saw the cows. Then we went to the shearing shed. We went to the sheep yards and we went in the shearing shed. Then we opened the gates. Then we went down the shoot, I was the first person to go down. 

Next we went to the strawberry farm. When we drove to the strawberries it took a long time. When we got there, we looked at the strawberries. The lady had a shop and they had good strawberries. We had some strawberries. Then we went to the toilet. Then we had lunch. Then we went on the bus to the yabbies. We we got there we saw the sheep get shorn. Then we saw some little yabbies. We touched the yabbies. Then we got on the bus. I felt it was a good trip. Jack Smith, Year 2

Year 8/Ag Elective Agricultural Field Trip - Naracoorte & Frances

On Tuesday November 27, Year 8 and Agriculture Elective students went on a Field Trip to the Naracoorte Saleyards, Mini Jumbuk, Dalgety Wool and Frances Strawberries.

At the Saleyards the students thought the weighing of cattle after being sold was interesting, as too was the automated weigh bridge system. It was also a good learning experience as they now know why the electronic ear tags are used & appreciate what an organised and efficient system it was.

They watched the auctioneering of the cattle which they found very quick and enjoyed watching the College cattle being sold.

Hector who was bottle fed earlier in the year by students, was sold at $2.56/kg and weighing in at 436kg, made a total of $1,113.60.


The three heifers were also sold. The roan heifer made $562.50, the black heifer $273 and the sandy heifer $506.25. These three were all purchased earlier in the year, making a total profit of $591.75.


The students noted that the big shed over the cattle yards makes it a much better area to work in and helps to  either preventing sunburn or keeping everyone dry.  The observed the auctioneers using microphone headsets to save their voices.


The students also noted that all the water and waste at the saleyards is collected and recycled

Next stop for the group as at Dalgety's, where they learnt that they could persue wool classing as a career. They learnt that Dalgety’s store bales of wool for the farmers. The farmers then read the wool and decide the best time to sell their wool. Wool prices are very good now. They learnt what the different grades of micron are used to make - with 17 micron wool turned into suits & 30 micron wool becoming carpet wool.

The last stop in Naracoorte was at Mini Jumbuk, whi employs 40 people and has become more automated in recent years. the business exports quilts all over the world. Before the wool is made into quilts in Naracoorte, it is sent to the China mills to be processed.

The day ended out at Frances Strawberries, which  has increased in size over the last 3 years. Water is sourced from the seed sheds, 1 km away and four big tanks store the water onsite for use. Strawberries are planted off the ground for ease of picking. They are able to control the elements the strawberries grow in eg water, nutrients and coconut husk.  They have very little wastage-as they couldn’t afford to waste the strawberries, instead value adding to their business by using all strawberries picked e.g. jam, ice-cream, sorbet and also recently opening a cafe serving tea and coffee. Very little wastage-couldn’t afford to waste the strawberries.


Careers Report


It is now only two weeks until our VCE students will get their ATAR results. In January, students will receive their University offers. I invite both students and their parents to come up to the School to discuss their ATAR results and to consider changing their VTAC preferences.


Preferences can be changed to suit a lower or higher ATAR. That is, if a course required an ATAR of 65 for admission and a student has only gained a 55, there may be other more accessible courses for that student.

The same may be said for students gaining a higher ATAR than expected and deciding to gain admission to a higher level course.


I am available to assist in any way, including contacting Universities directly on behalf of a student.


All Universities are available after the release of ATAR results to assist with planning for 2019.


I have attached a link of TAFE courses that are fully funded by the Victorian Government. TAFE options provide pathways into employment and further training.



An excellent employment opportunity is available in Edenhope with GWM water. Please see full advertisement. The date for applications has been extended.


Tax File numbers

All students seeking work are required to have a Tax file number. Please follow the link for more information regarding the process:



With students entering the workforce, the following website clarifies the rights of all workers. This site looks at pay and conditions:



The Youth Central website is a great resource for jobs and careers for young people. It includes templates for resumes and job applications.



Victoria Heffernan

FedUni Info Day


Employment Opportunities

Please note the deadline has been extended. Year 12 students are invited to apply




School for Student Leadership Community Project - Celebrating the Local Agricultural Industry

Wednesday, 5th of December

Time: 9:30am to 1:30pm

At: Edenhope College

Years  5-9

Parents & community members are most welcome to attend


Lunch will be provided by the College for students in attendance. Please RSVP to the College by Tues 4 Dec if attending, for catering purposes.


DONATIONS OF 2L PLASTIC BOTTLES REQUIRED! Please send them into the College or bring with you to the event!

Pet Sitters Required

The school guinea pigs are looking for a Summer holiday home. Mint and Minny will supply their own cage and food. Please contact the school if interested.

FREEZA - Kaniva Pool Party

Bookings are required by Tuesday December 4th - with a minimum of 5 required for a bus to run from Edenhope.

Youth Event Permission Forms for this event are available at the Front Office or from the West Wimmera Shire Office.

FREEZA - Christmas Drop Zone


Christmas Carols at Henley Park - Thursday December 13

Notes will be sent out on Monday regarding this. If your child(ren) would like to participate please complete and return the form by 6/12/18.


Edenhope Library




  • Restore Me by Tahere Mafi – book 1 of a new series


  • The Orb of Eternal Fire: a Jack McCool novel by R.E. Devine
  • Nancy Drew Clue Book: Springtime Crisis by Carolyn Keene
  • A Pony Called Secret: A Friend in Need by Olivia Tuffin
  • Ten Pound Pom: our stories by Carole Wilkinson & Liz Anelli (CBC Shortlisted)


  • The Speaking Land: myth and story in Aboriginal Australia
  • The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook by Betty Edwards
  • Manga: Masters of the Art; Making Your Home Sustainable: a guide to retrofitting


  • Tim’s Goodbye by Steven Salerno – Margot is sad because her beloved pet, Tim, has died
  • Grandma Wins by Tessa Quinlan & Dave Atze – Tessa Quinlan was 12 years old when she won the 2017 Redgum Book Club Young Writers’ Award for her original and funny story about the special relationship between a boy and his slightly wacky grandma.

WOULD YOU RATHER HEAR IT THAN READ IT? The Library has a huge collection of audiobooks on CD or available for free MP3 download. This can be a great way to keep up the reading you love when you aren’t able to sit down with a good book; listen to an audiobook in the car, on the tractor (ideal for long stints during harvest!), while you walk or work out, if you’re incapacitated – in fact, you don’t need a reason or an excuse! You can borrow CD Audiobooks for 4 weeks. Come and check out what we’ve got.


Summer Reading Club

From real creatures to the imagined, actual to mythological, microscopic to megafauna, and Australia’s marvellous marsupials to all the classification of Animalia in between, this summer children and young people will be encouraged to explore and connect with a curiosity of creatures. The club begins on 1 December and encourages children to:

  • learn about real life animal heroes
  • explore the concept of anthropomorphic characters (fictional talking animals, that possess human-like qualities but appear as creatures)
  • celebrate Australian classics such as May Gibbs’ Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
  • explore Non-fiction–animal facts and kingdoms
  • explore books whose narratives are informed by or grounded in Australia’s landscape, flora or fauna, such as Dorothy Wall’s Blinky Bill
  • connect to books with websites/apps – extending reading beyond the text on the page
  • explore titles that explore the strange, odd, peculiar, funny, unusual, bizzare, weird, eccentric, unexpected, unfamiliar, abnormal, and macabre, such as Ransom Rigg’s series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • discuss and consider the concept of curiosity and discovery.


Visit the library to register, or go online http://www.summerreadingclub.org.au/program-portal/for-parents-and-carers/ for further information. This is a FREE program, all you need is a current library membership (which is also free)!


We will be screening a special animal film at the end of the program to celebrate participation, and there is a prize draw to enter.


Looking forward to seeing you in the library soon.


Melanie Y’lang

Branch Manager - Edenhope Library


Edenhope Swimming Centre



Week 9 

December 3

Deadline for Booklists to be submitted to school


December 3-14

Headstart for Years 10 & 11 - see Secondary News page for the Headstart Timetable


December 6 - 9

Silver Duke of Edinburgh Camp - Wilson's Promontory

Week 10

December 10

Operation Flinders Catch Up Day


December 11

Whole School Transition Day

Week 11

December 17-21

Activities week


December 17

Primary End of Year Concert


December 19

Awards Night

School Info


The deadline for booklists to be submitted to Edenhope College is Monday December 3, if collecting the books from the College on January 16. Payment options on the day are by cash, credit card, money order or EFTPOS.


If completing the booklist online, payment is required at the time of completion.

Notebook Returns

During Week 9, Primary students will start to return their notebooks. By the end of Week 10 Secondary students will do the same. All notebooks, with cases and chargers must be returned to Mr Duncan by Friday December 14.

Swimming & PE Clothes

Swimming consent forms have been sent home with students this week. These will need to be returned and pool membership paid before swimming can commence during PE lessons. Students from Foundation to Year 9 will therefore be required to bring BOTH a change of clothes for PE, AS WELL AS their swimming gear to their PE lessons for the remaining weeks of term 4.

Dates 2018/19

Term 4: 8.10.18 – 21.12.18

Term 1: 29.1.19– 5.4.19

Term 2: 23.4.19 – 28.6.19

Term 3: 15.7.19 – 20.9.19


Please remember to notify the school if your child is going to be or is absent from school.


You can either email the College  [email protected] or call on 03 5585 1277 & dial 2 to leave a message on the absence hotline.  You will need to give the students name, parent name and contact number, reason and date of absence.


Edenhope College is mandated from the Department of Education and Training to follow up on student absences  daily and in a timely manner, so your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Details 

If any family contact details have changed - address/phone number/ living arrangements etc., it is important that you notify the Front Office as soon as possible so we have the correct information. Forms are available on the College website, at the Office or your details can also be updated via Xuno > under Students > Contact Details 

Edenhope College Facebook Page

If you haven't already 'liked' the official Edenhope College page on Facebook, make sure you do so you can get updates from us!


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