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12 December 2018
2018 Issue Four
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From the Presidents

Our first six months as Co-Presidents has been enjoyable and rewarding. The old adage A Job Shared is a Job Halved  is definitely a truism for us. However, it is the talented, creative and generous Alumnae Committee members who give the Association its esprit. They bring fresh ideas to our meetings and readily share their skills to ensure the success of our events throughout the year.


We enjoy a most amicable relationship with Anna Masters, our School Principal, and play an an integral role in the current School Community management committees and activities.

Many alumnae have participated in Class Reunions, the Mass of Remembrance, the Generations Afternoon Tea, the French Village Fair and the Small Pleasures Annual Lunch, during 2018.


Our success is due in great part to Melinda Adams, the Alumnae Relations Manager. She is the exemplar of Cor Unum. As well, Marian Andrews provides wonderful background support, ensures our events run smoothly and helps us leave the School without leaving a trace!          


We look forward to sharing Alumnae events with you in 2019. The AGM and High Tea is on Sunday 19 May and the Mass of Remembrance on Saturday 16 November.


We wish you and your families a Christmas season that is filled with love, happiness and peace.


Kerry Bergin and Marianne Cassin

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Alumnae Events

Small Pleasures Lunch

As always, the Small Pleasures lunch held at Leonda on Saturday 27 October was a wonderful day showcasing everything  that is so special about the Sacré Cœur community.  

This is an excerpt from Kate Burley's welcome:

Today we have 357 wonderful women in the room supporting The Small Pleasures Fund.  A fund which was established to honour my sister in her fight with cancer and to support other alumnae members who may be experiencing a life threatening or debilitating illness or injury.  As a committee we are proud to put a smile on so many people’s faces at some very difficult times in their lives. 


To date we have provided a “small pleasure” to over 50 people to a value of over $45,000. We thank you for your continued support to enable us to do this.


These events don’t just happen. Behind the scenes the committee work tremendously hard to ensure we give you an action packed and fun filled day, but furthermore give of their time so generously to provide “small pleasures” to those in our community that need one.  I would like to publicly thank the continuing hard work of our amazing committee, Susie Smythe, Emma Fay, Ange Szeleczky, Natasha Vukelic and Nadia Mezzina.


In preparing for today I came across my sister’s speech that she read at our inaugural lunch, in it she said

“ I am no different to anyone else, I have mourned for the past, I worry about the future, I anticipate troubles and I struggle to live in the present wisely and earnestly. Over time I have mourned to be healthy and fit, mourned to jog around the tan and be more independent -  some of the stresses that I have endured have prevented me from living in the moment.  May we all learn how to live in the moment”


So today, I remind you, as my sister would have loved to: embrace life and live in the moment.

Kate Burley (1989)

Small Pleasures Cup

Turn the volume up and Click here to listen to the Small Pleasures Cup race call!

Get to know the Alumnae Committee

Treasurer – Charlotte Stolz (2010)

Pictured above Charlotte with Co-President

Kerry Bergin


I joined the Year 9 class of Sacré Cœur in 2007, after moving to Melbourne from Brisbane. Without me even seeing the school, my parents chose to enrol me at Sacré Cœur largely based on my twin brother being accepting into St Kevin’s College, keeping us in the same community, and our new house being in walking distance.


After climbing the mountain that was Dorrington Avenue each morning, I embraced every opportunity to play the sports offered each term, and loved studying Art, Maths and Science.


The end of 2018 marks my third year as Treasurer for the Sacré Cœur Alumnae Association. I value the opportunity to be involved closely with a group of strong women that offer many different talents and experiences. I have enjoyed remaining part of the school community after finishing Year 12. I currently work as a structural engineer and am even lucky enough to be involved in the early stages of design for the School’s future upgrade works!

Secretary - Genevieve Grabau (1976)

I started at Sacré Cœur in 1967 in Grade 4 in what was to be the start of a long, proud family association with the School lasting 37 years.


I found the transition from a local Catholic primary school challenging.  Girls wearing smocks and playing “elastics” in the playground was very different for a young ‘tomboy’.


In the 1970s I saw the School (and the RSCJ) go through interesting and changing times, as was happening in the broader society.  I have very favourable memories of the traditions upheld by the school and the focus on developing the students into independent women with a sense of Social Justice. 


I am blessed that many long-lasting friendships which were established at school continue today. 


As an Alumnae Committee member I value the opportunity to continue my association with the school.  Our committee members come from different decades at Burke Road.  I love hearing their stories and perspectives on Sacré Cœur across the years, all from the one shared tradition.

Alumnae News

Mandy McCracken (1991)
Speaker, Writer, Radio Presenter and Disability Advocate

Many of you will be familiar with Mandy McCracken's journey.

In 2013 she lost her hands and feet to sepsis. It shook their lives. But with the support of her husband Rod and their three daughters, together they have used the experience to help and inspire others to find their inner strength and zest for life. 


Recently Mandy was interviewed by ABC Life which highlights the incredible work she is doing including advocating for those with disabilities.

Watch the wonderful video


More information and updates can be found via her website


Mary Kiernan (1938)

Mary Kiernan is Pauline Steedman, our  Careers Counsellor's  aunt and a prominent alum. She is included in the 125th anniversary book along with her sister Marjorie. 

The Unforgetting of Mary K is a play about this fascinating woman and was recently performed at the Grainger Museum in Parkville.


It paid tribute to this brilliant pianist and composer.

Read more of this story here:

Forgotten female composer's fire inside

Only music and mystery remain of 1940s Melbourne piano prodigy Mary Kiernan.

Visit to Sophie's Farm by
2018 alumnae

Five of our newest alumnae from the Class of 2018 recently arrived in the Philippines to be  part of the  Immersion program at Sophie's Farm.  

They were meet by Sr Lydia who took them to lunch and will escort them on a tour of Manila before flying to Samar and Sophie's Farm.  We are very proud of them all and wish them well on their travels. 

Pictured above clockwise L-R are Yooni Kim, Mia Connors, Emily Howell, Ellen Stockton,

Sr Lydia and Clare Salmon

Maureen Hansen (1949) and Dr Anne Lynch (1949) 

It was wonderful to welcome back to Sacré Cœur at the AGM earlier in the year, two wonderful alumnae from the Class of 1949, Dr Anne Lynch and Maureen Hansen. We thank them for their continued support of the School and are pleased to witness the longevity of this school girl friendship.

Teacher Update

Kathy Couzens 
Teacher at 
Sacré Cœur 1988 - 2018 

When I returned to Australia from travelling overseas in 1987, Lois Bunn and Colleen Abbott interviewed me for a teaching position in the primary school. I commenced in 1988, which was the centenary year, and I wondered how I could possibly grasp the history and traditions at such an important time. Indeed, it was the best opportunity for immersion. I immediately felt in love with the sense of community and the charism of the School.


I have so many fond memories of my eleven years in the Primary school and twenty in the Secondary School, in particular the RSCJ, who were amazing, inspirational women who were so supportive of all that we did.


A change that several people have pointed out is that I would have seen quite a few Principals; actually there have been six in all. I would like to especially thank John Fox who had faith in my ability to contribute to the education of students in the Middle Years. This is where I feel that I have developed most as a teacher. I have been truly privileged to teach with many outstanding colleagues across four faculties: English, Religious Education, Humanities and Learning Enrichment.

Over the years, the school gave me so many opportunities to impact on the curriculum, three major ones being Tournament of Minds, Aboriginal Perspectives and Philosophy. These programs continue to this day in various re-incarnations.


Building community is always so important to our School so it is significant that it is this year’s focus goal when I am leaving Burke Road.


I shall take that wonderful sense of community with me into my retirement from teaching at Sacré Cœur.


Cor Unum


French Village Fair

French Village Fair Proves a Great Success!

Set against a backdrop of beautiful weather and strong community spirit, the 2018 French Village Fair staged in October was a fantastic success.

With over 3,600 attending, including many alumnae, our local community gathered at Burke Road to raise money for the RSCJ Sophie’s Farm Mission, and celebrate our School’s rich French origins.


There were many highlights on the day including 35 stalls (including an Alumnae Association stall) and rides, high quality music performances, silent auction and enticing cuisine and crafts.

Entertainment for the day was superbly organised and led by Sacré Cœur music students and headlined by the Battle of the Bands staged in the afternoon. In what was a keenly contested musical showdown, De La Salle College took out first place.


Director of Community Relations, Alastair Lee says that the community support for the Fair was amazing.


‘We had over 250 community volunteers involved on the day, including so many of our alumnae, along with over fifty cash, in-kind and silent auction sponsors. The support was just outstanding for the Fair and Sophie’s Farm, and our alumnae particularly were magnificent with their support.’


In a further highlight, Chairman of the East Malvern Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank, Mr Peter Norman OAM presented Principal Anna Masters with a sponsorship cheque on stage for $10,000.


As for the final fundraising result, Mr Lee says that a significant amount of money looks to have been raised for Sophie’s Farm.


‘I am pleased to announce that the Alumnae Association stall raised a very impressive $1,698.40 over the course of the day through sales of alumnae merchandise and the wonderful new publication, One Heart 1888-2018. I really can’t thank our Alumnae Association enough for their great support of the Fair and particularly for such a great stall fundraising result.’


‘The School will also make an official announcement in the coming days about the overall amount raised from the Fair, but it looks like our community has raised nearly $38,000 that will go towards vital life-changing infrastructure projects for Sophie’s Farm. The final result is going to be substantial,’ he said.

Where are they Now?

Maddy Friend (2008)

Since graduating from Sacré Cœur in 2008, I’ve had a number of wonderful experiences and opportunities.


After studying a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree at Monash, I was fortunate enough to be selected for a Graduate Program in the Department of Defence in Canberra. In my time at Defence, I’ve worked in a variety of policy areas, met some fantastic people, and been given opportunities I’d never have otherwise received, including touring Defence bases throughout New South Wales.


I was also fortunate to spend a year working overseas, at the Australian Consulate-General in New Caledonia. This allowed me to use my French language skills (which I started learning in  Sacré Cœur's Joigny way back in 2000!) and experience living overseas.


The values instilled in me at Sacré Cœur- treating others with respect; and the importance of education, community, and personal development - are ones I have carried with me in my career thus far.

Jess Southey (2010)

Pictured above : Rebekah Malin (2010), Jess Southey (2010), Tanya Southey and Anthony Harb 

Jess Southey was a student of  Sacré Cœur from 1998-2010. She is currently working full time as an artist/illustrator in Melbourne. Her work primarily focuses on portraiture and pop culture working with mediums such as graphite, watercolour, oils and gouache. Jess’ work can be viewed here. For commission information please make contact via email


Tanya Southey, Jess' mother,  is a Melbourne based author. She grew up in South Africa before moving to Australia in 1997.  Tanya has always loved reading, writing and telling stories, however, up until recently she spent most of her life in corporations.  Her favourite time of the week as a child, was when the library bus would rumble into her sleepy suburb.  Rain or shine, she needed to be first in line to get on the bus and borrow as many Enid Blyton books as possible!

Ollie and the Starchaser is a children’s book illustrated by Sacré Coeur alumna Jess Southey and written by her mother Tanya Southey.

Ollie and the Starchaser is an adventure story set in Broome, Australia for children aged 8 to 12.


Nanoo is Ollie’s beloved grandmother and an astronomer who discovered the planet Terenza, in a gentle galaxy east of the moon. When Nanoo disappears on a trip to the Outback, Ollie cannot accept that she is gone. He is worried, sad and refuses to believe that Nanoo would leave him. He feels helpless sitting around on his farm with only his faithful Labrador, Chloe, to listen to his feelings. However, his luck changes when the Starchaser and his Star-fordshire Terrier, Buddy, plot a way to get to Earth from Terenza. The boys and their dogs begin an epic adventure to find Nanoo. Their journey takes them across the Outback, up the Steps to the Moon and into space. But will Ollie find her, and will he bring her home?


Copies of the book can be purchased directly with the option to have them signed. A copy is also available in the Sacré Cœur library!

School News

2018-2019 Blue Ribbons

We are excited to announce the Blue Ribbons for 2018/19.

Many of the girls have a proud family history with Sacré Cœur:

Kiara Bayros (Justice Action Prefect)

Sister of Karen Bayros (2014)

Emma Denver (Creative Arts Prefect)

Daughter of Rebecca Denver (1989)

Lucy Kehoe (School Captain)

Sister of Annabel Kehoe (2016 Digby Co Captain)

Anna Lewis (Sustainability Prefect)

Sister of Bridie Lewis (2016) and Megan Lewis (2017)

Meghann Logan (Sports Captain)

Daughter of Libby Priddle (1986)

Emma Rahilly (Digby Co Captain)

Sister of Jennifer Rahilly (2015 Digby Co Captain) and Meg Rahilly (2012)

2018 Alumnae Awards

This award is made to one student from each year level from Years 7 to 12. This award is made in consultation with teachers, Year Level

Co-ordinators and the Deputy Principal. 
 This award is signified by the symbol shown together with the year embroidered on the blazer pocket. The student receives a book.
 This award will be made to students who:

  • in the daily life of the school strive to live the Goals of Sacred Heart education
  • participate fully in the life of the school through academic endeavour, involvement in cultural and social activities and participation in sporting events
  • display an attitude of courtesy, co-operation and generosity towards staff and students
  • exhibit a willingness to abide by and support the rules of the school and show a sense of responsibility and appropriate behaviour both at school and in public

The 2018 recipients are:

Year 7: Isabella Ronchi

Year 8: Lucy Meagher

Year 9: Sophie Rodrigues

Year 10: Adele de Silva

Year 11: None awarded

Year 12: Grace Muller

Welcome to our newest alumnae - 2018 VCE Students!

The Alumnae Association Presidents, Marianne and Kerry met with the Class of 2018 at the end of Term 3 to welcome them to the Alumnae Association.  It was a timely reminder of the importance of the Sacré Cœur bond......


Most of you have spent a third or even two thirds of your life as part of the warm and vibrant Sacré Cœur community and within a few months you will be saying farewell to your teachers, class mates and taking one more glance at the brown stair case!


However it is not farewell but rather Au Revoir because you are now a LIFE MEMBER of the Sacré Cœur Alumnae Association.  Your parents paid for your life membership upon enrolment!


After your exams and schoolies, your lives will branch out into many different communities and take you down challenging and interesting paths.  The Sacré Cœur Alumnae Association is a kind and caring community and we are here for you at any stage of your lives.


We hope you enjoy reading our publications - the Burke Road Bulletin and Esprit de Cœur newsletter which will keep you up to date with news on your fellow alumnae and all the traditional and new events held by the Sacré Cœur Alumnae Association – all of which you are invited to!  You will most likely have numerous residential moves so please email our Alumnae Relations Manager, Melinda Adams or the school so we can update our database.


The Alumnae Association is also connected to AMASC - The World Association of the Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart and it can be exciting to see what is going on throughout the world via their website.


We wish you all the best for your next step in life!

We look forward to connecting with you in the years ahead whether it be at our events or as a contributing member of our beloved Alumnae Association Committee!



2020 Scholarships

Sacré Cœur is offering the following scholarships to commence in 2020

Applications for all scholarships close on Friday 1 February 2019.

Scholarships do not include:

  • entry fees
  • uniforms
  • text books
  • camps
  • transport
  • annual building fund levy
  • sundry charges that may arise from time to time

Please direct any enquiries about Scholarships to the Admissions Manager or call +61 3 9835 2713.


Academic Scholarships – Years 5 and 7 in 2020

  • Testing for Academic Scholarships for students who will be in Years 5 and 7 in 2020 will be held on Saturday 9 February 2019. Please click here to apply.

  • Scholarships awarded to commence in Year 5 provide partial remission of tuition fees until the end of Year 6 only, subject to the student’s continuing superior performance and her ongoing contribution to the life of the School. Candidates may reapply in 2021 for a scholarship to commence in Year 7 in 2022.

  • ​Scholarships awarded to commence in Year 7 provide partial remission of tuition fees until the end of Year 12, subject to the student’s continuing superior performance and her ongoing contribution to the life of the School.

  • All scholarships are awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

General Excellence Scholarships – Years 9, 10 and 11 in 2020​

  • General Excellence Scholarships provide partial remission of tuition fees until the end of Year 12, subject to the student’s continuing superior performance and her ongoing contribution to the life of the School.
  • All applications will be assessed and some candidates will be shortlisted and may be invited to attend an interview with the Principal. Further information can be found on the application form.
  • To apply for a General Excellence Scholarship, please click here to download the application form.

  • All scholarships are awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

Music Scholarships – Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in 2020

  • Music Scholarships provide partial remission of tuition fees until the end of Year 12, subject to the student’s continuing superior performance and her ongoing contribution to the life of the School. Students who are awarded a Music Scholarship are expected to be involved in the Music program at the School.
  • Applicants will be shortlisted and some applicants will be invited to attend an audition and an interview with the Principal.
  • To apply for a Music Scholarship, please click here to download the application form.
  • All scholarships are awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

2019 Welcome Function

2019 Welcome Function - Save the Date 
Saturday 2 March 2019

A new function for 2019 which will bring the whole school community together at Sacré Cœur to celebrate the beginning of the new school year.

Alumnae are most welcome and encouraged to attend.

More details and booking information to follow in the New Year.

2019 Save the Date

2019 Events

Event Welcome Cocktail Party 

When Saturday 2 March

Time  7.30pm

Where Sacré Cœur


Event Foundation Golf Day 

When Monday 29 April  

Time 12.15pm

Where Commonwealth Golf Club


Event  AGM,1949,1959 Reunion

When Sunday 19 May

Time 2pm 

Where Sacré Cœur


Event School Open Day 

When Sunday 26 May 

Time   1pm-4pm

Where Sacré Cœur


Event Generations Afternoon Tea

 (for Grandmothers and Mothers with a child currently at Sacré Cœur )

When Tuesday 17 September

Time 3.30pm

Where Sacré Cœur


Event Small Pleasures Lunch

When TBC     

Time TBC  

Where TBC 


Event  Mass of Remembrance   

When Saturday 16 November   

Time 10am 

Where  Sacré Cœur

2019 Reunions

Event  1969 Reunion  (50 years)

When Sunday 14 April     

Time 12pm

Where Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

Contact Denise Stone 


Event 1979 Reunion (40 years)

When August TBC

Time 4-6pm

Where Sacré Cœur

Contact Gabrielle Garlepp 


Event 1989 Reunion (30 years)

When Saturday 23 March

Time 4-6pm

Where Sacré Cœur

Contact Marcia Endacott  and  Kate Burley


Event 1999 Reunion (20 years)

When Saturday  11 May

Time  4-6pm 

Where Sacré Cœur

Contact  Karen Schulze and Karyn O'Loughlin


Event 2009 Reunion (10 years)

When Friday 30 August   

Time 6-8pm

Where Sacré Cœur

Contact Gemma Merlino and  Sarah Saliba 


Event 2018 Reunion (1 Year)

When Friday 30 August     

Time 6-8pm

Where Sacré Cœur

Contact  Melinda Adams  Alumnae Relations Manager                                 

In Memoriam


Margaret Curmi (1939) passed away 3 October 2018        

Sister of Monica Burder (Curmi 1939) and Sr Hilda Curmi RSCJ (1942) dec

Aunt of Helen Curmi (1975), Veronica Curmi (1978), Madeleine Curmi (1980) and Shelagh Curmi (1983)


Alison McInnes (Murphy 1944) passed away 31 October 2018

Mother of Helen McInnis (1970) and Anne McInnis (1971)

Sister of Helen Murphy dec, Isla Wimpole (Murphy) dec, Maud Murphy (1938) dec, Dorothy Murphy (1940) dec and Enid Neal (Murphy 1947) dec

Aunt of Margaret Wimpole (1966), Catherine Neal (1975) and Margaret Neal (1981)


Her daughter , Anne McInnis  (1971) shared some memories....

Mum was so proud of reaching the age of 93 yet lost her chase in her wish of reaching 94 and more. 

She always loved her days at ‘Sac ‘ as did I. Mum was a boarder at Sacré Cœur and said she always felt like a welcomed member of the family when she returned after weekend leave. Mother Boyle always featured in her conversations and Mother Percy Dove (short and chubby and lovely) always gave her a warm welcome home.  I think she was Mum’s welcoming Mother dove back to school each time.

Mum loved it plus kept up with her old school friends as the years have gone on. Mother Hilda was there when I also attended as a day student. The only thing Mum didn’t like were the cold balcony sleeping conditions. That age group continued on to be a stoic influence to us all and deserve to be remembered in such a warm and friendly environment as the  Sacré Cœur Chapel. I personally always loved the side chapel – so peaceful. Liz  Vinning  (Hoy 1969 )is Mum’s god daughter and they loved each other's company.


Elspeth (Bunny) Munday (Britten-Jones 1951) passed away

25 September 2018

Sister of Patricia Marriott (Britten-Jones 1960)         


Patricia O’Donnell (1962) passed away 16 October 2018 

Sister of Robin Moser (O’Donnell 1959) dec and Mietta O’Donnell (1966) dec


Genevieve Scurry (1969) passed away 15 October 2018  

Sister of Anne Scurry (1965) dec, Sophie Fleming (Scurry 1972) and Veronica Dickson (Scurry 1976)

Aunt of Rose Fleming (2005)

Mass of Remembrance

The Mass of Remembrance was held in the School Chapel on Saturday 17 November and was well attended by those remembering their loved ones.

A list of those who have passed from our school community in 2018 can be found here.






Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne Bicentennial

This year we celebrated the life of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, a pioneer missionary of the

Society of the Sacred Heart, who came to St. Charles, Missouri, from France and founded the first free school west of the Mississippi in September 1818.


Please enjoy this video highlighting all of  events during this bicentennial shared by Sheila Hammond, RSCJ ,Provincial, Province of the United States – Canada


From the Archives

(1948 Elementary Class pictured above)


Can you please help to add to our archive collection?


We would especially love to receive some more photos and memorabilia from the 1970s.


Photos can be scanned and returned to you.


Please contact our Archivist Barbara Kowalski if you can assist. 


From the Foundation

Cor Unum Walk Pavers

With the completion of the tennis court/carpark redevelopment the Cor Unum Walk, which creates a physical and distinctive welcome to our visitors and students, is seeing increased daily foot traffic from Burke Road and the new carpark. 


Through the purchase of a tax deductible engraved paver, the Walk provides an opportunity for us all to be part of these remarkable gardens into perpetuity. Contributions of our students, alumnae, School families and friends can be celebrated, and current and future students inspired for their own journeys of learning and life.


If you would like to be included in this historic addition to our remarkable gardens, please call 9835 2776, email or download an application form.


Orders submitted by 1 September 2019 will have their engraved brick included in the Walk during Term 4 2019. Orders are installed on an annual basis.

Securing our financial independence

The Foundation works together with the School Board to secure the long term financial independence of the School. Without the strong and active support of the School Family, we would not have the capacity to complete many of the major projects that will enhance the education of our girls.


Ultimately, the Foundation aims to provide Sacré Cœur with a secure level of financial independence, and assist families whose financial circumstances might preclude them from enrolling their daughters at Sacré Cœur.


All donations to the Sacré Cœur Foundation’s Building Fund or Scholarship Fund over $2 are tax deductible.


Please complete a donation form, phone the office on  9835 2776 or email.  Donors are acknowledged annually as requested in the June edition of the Burke Road Bulletin.



Thank you to all our sponsors for your generosity in supporting Sacré Cœur Foundation events. Your contributions help make these events a great success and are deeply appreciated. We are planning an exciting 2019 and beyond.


Through your support the Foundation aims to provide Sacré Cœur with a secure level of financial independence and assist families whose financial circumstances might preclude them from enrolling their daughters at the School.


Tax deductible gifts may also be made to the Foundation’s Building or Scholarship Fund. Donors are acknowledged annually in the June issue of the Burke Road Bulletin.


For further information, please contact us on 03 9835 2776 or email for a confidential chat.
Esprit de Cœur Sacré Cœur Alumnae Association Newsletter
Charlotte and co-president Kerry Bergin
Susie Smythe (1984)