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20 September 2018
Issue Twenty-nine
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Principal's Report

Coming together is a beginning.   Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.  Henry Ford.

Over the past week, I have been constantly reminded about the fabulous role I have at College and the sheer joy that living in a regional community can bring.  ‘Coffee and Conversation’ outings to Horsham, Ararat and Casterton provided invaluable opportunities not just to meet families but to learn where we can improve.  The Hockey and Soccer Grand Finals at Pedrina Park generated enormous goodwill and witnessed tremendous support from friends and family alike. At the final Clay Target Shoot for the season brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers all shared their common interest in the sport and I began to wonder where else in Australia could families share in a hobby together on a Monday afternoon.  Our Year 6 Concert demonstrated a combination of courage, talent and persistence while David Jones’ Percussion Concert was simply just class.  At important community events like the National Centre for Farmer Health Conference and the Hamilton breakfast for GenR8 Change I felt immense pride in the contribution and vision of past and current parents like Professor Susan Brumby, Dr Alison Kennedy and Mrs Amanda Adamson.  Finally the love and emotion invested in welcoming grandparents was tangible and it is hard to accurately describe the sheer pleasure of watching our Preps perform ‘The Cranky Bear’ at the Junior School assembly.  

Tomorrow (Friday) we have House Music and another wonderful opportunity avails for families to support their children and watch real House spirit unfold.  All families are welcome in the Simons Auditorium from 12.30pm.

I thank everyone for their commitment and support this term and I wish all students, staff and families a relaxing and safe holiday!

Dr Andrew Hirst

Associate Principal, Operations Report

Start of Term

Students return on Tuesday 9 October which is Day 2 of our 10 day cycle.  Please note that the student Record Book indicates the start of term is the Monday – this is an error.


Staff will be at school for professional learning activities on Monday 8 October and for Student/Parent/Teacher Meetings in the afternoon and evening.  In addition, VCE French students will, I believe, be travelling to Warrnambool for their oral examinations that day.

Student/Parent/Teacher Meetings

The first Senior School Student/Parent/Teacher meetings for the year, as previously notified in calendars, will be held for Years 6 – 12 in the afternoon and early evening of Monday 8 September. 


Parents are invited to make a booking to see teachers.  Bookings can be made on-line through the Parent Access Module (PAM).  The booking site will be opened for bookings on Thursday 20 September and will close at 5.00pm on Friday 5 October.  Parents can respond to, and amend if necessary, the bookings made by teachers through PAM. 


Please note that we expect that students will attend these interviews with their parents.

Neil MacLean

Deputy Principal, Senior Years and Wellbeing

Surviving Year 12 - A Few Tips for Parents

The final weeks of the VCE can be just as stressful for parents as it is for students.  One of the most important gifts you can give your child is to support them in studying smart. Below are a few simple tips to help them increase the amount of information learnt and prolong the length of time the information is remembered.

  • Guide, support and encourage your son or daughter.
  • Don’t nag.
  • Don’t tell them they will fail if they don’t work harder.
  • Encourage healthy eating, regular exercise and plenty of sleep.
  • Take their efforts seriously.
  • Create an effective work space in the house if they can’t study in their room.
  • Take a whole family approach to supporting the student.
  • Don’t overload them with domestic chores.
  • Let them know you’re there when they need you.
  • Encourage them to believe in themselves.
  • Remind them of their goals.
  • Give them positive feedback whenever possible.
  • Remember the final year is about them, not you.
  • Encourage them to take study breaks when necessary.
  • Help them put, and keep, the year in perspective.
  • Keep an eye on their emotional health.

Source: Surviving Year 12 – A sanity kit for students and their parents: Dr Michael Carr Gregg

Summer Uniform Change Over

Students may begin Term Four in either their summer or winter uniform. By Monday 22nd October all students must be wearing the summer uniform. Hats are compulsory in Term 4.

Boys will be required to wear long trousers and a shirt and tie for Speech Day on Friday 26th October.

Kristen Waldron

Myrniong - Early Learning and Primary

Term Three - 'Never a Dull Moment'

As Term Three draws to a close, I would like to wish all our Junior School families a well-deserved, safe and happy holiday.  It has been a jam-packed 10 weeks, with so many highlights;


Tremendous success on the sporting fields

Entertaining performances at IPSHA by Years 3 and 4

R.I.S.T. visits by our Year Four students

Myrniong grounds looking amazing


Thanks to our wonderfully supportive parents

Healthy activities in ‘Wellness Week’

Real success in the 2018 Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Enterprising Prep, Year 4 and Year 1 Assemblies

Early Learning Centre a hive of activity

Division 4 Hockey Success

On Saturday, College Drop Bears defeated Coleraine 2 - 0 in the Division 4 Grand Final.  At a less than tropical Pedrina Park, the Drop Bears played structured, combative and team hockey to win the 2018 title.  Isaac Hocking starred with a well taken first half goal.  Charlotte Rowe played strongly throughout and was rewarded with a second half goal to seal the win.  It was a super effort from the team that started the finals in 4th position.


2018 College Drop Bears- Ciaran Nelson ©, Isaac Hocking, Angus Dohle, Harry Mercer, Emily Ash, Tyler Butcher, Jack Addinsall, Jake Butcher, Zoe Addinsall, Charlie Duver, Cairo Cullinane, Charlie Noske, Lily Cush and Charlotte Rowe

ICAS English Results

Congratulations to the following students who achieved success in the ICAS English paper.  Certificates will be presented at our first Assembly in Term Four.


Merit - George Nicholls, Lucas Rouse, Amelie Shrive, Matilda Whitehead, Ava Schroeder


Credit - Rupert Merrin, Ned White, Charlie Hawthorne, Evie Kennedy, Sophie Rouse, Dougal White, Sophie Merrin, Miranda Page


Distinction - Kierun McClure, Frederick Milne, Lachlan Reid, Finlay Hunt, Millie Mould, Harriet Nicholls, Jock Nicholls

Mr Stephen Nelson

Head of Junior School

Teaching and Learning

VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examination Preparation

Students studying VCE Unit 3&4 subjects are now making final preparations for their formal examinations in November. To assist in this process, students are provided with many opportunities for revision and examination practice. Commencing on Friday 21st September with English and EAL, and continuing in Week 1 of Term Four, practice examinations will be held. These practice examination sessions are compulsory; the timetable is attached to this newsletter. Students are to wear full school uniform when sitting their practice examinations on Monday 8th October. Practice examinations will also continue within class time for the remainder of subjects. Students will have the opportunity to put into practise their examination preparation under timed examination conditions. Teachers will then provide valuable feedback regarding areas for improvement in the final weeks leading up to the examinations.


The next two weeks provides an opportunity for students to dedicate a significant amount of time to consolidating their learning and completing practice papers. Miss Reiher has copies of study timetables that could be of benefit to structure each day during the ‘holidays’. Ideally, they should mimic a school day with set tasks and breaks to keep students focused. Revision Lectures are being offered over the holiday break and are highly recommended as a means of revising course content and refining examination techniques. Students should also carefully read the examination preparation advice in their Term Three Report for areas of particular focus and specific instructions in regard to revision work to be completed over the holiday break.

Rebekah Bonnett

Head of VCE Studies & Head of Science


Middle Years 

In last week’s newsletter I wrote about the need for students to have increasing self-control as they become autonomous and capable young adults. At the end of each term it is natural for us to reflect on what went well and what needs improving. I would encourage all students to sit down quietly with parents and look through the report in an objective way. I encourage everyone to set some academic aims for Term Four, as this will help students have a focus and having several things to aim for raises motivation.

I recently came across an interesting article, “How to raise a Thriving Child” By William Stixrud and Ned Johnson. The last paragraph resonated deeply with me, both as an educator and a parent.

Without a healthy sense of control, kids feel powerless and overwhelmed and will often become passive or resigned…When they are denied the ability to make meaningful choices, they are at high risk of becoming anxious, struggling to manage anger, becoming self- destructive, or self-medicating. We want our kids to be able to participate in a competitive global economy, to be relevant, to feel they can hack it. We love them and want them to be happy and to thrive long after we’re gone. All worthy goals. But to achieve them, many of us have bought into some false assumptions:

False Assumption 1 - There is a narrow path to success and God forbid our child should fall off it. The stakes are thus too high to let them make decisions for themselves. This argument hinges on an assumption of scarcity, one that says that for young people to be successful, they must be competitive at all times – whatever the price.

False Assumption 2 - It is critical to do well in school if you want to do well in life. There will be some winners and many losers. It is Yale or McDonald’s. As a result, too many kids are either driven manically or have given up trying.

False Assumption 3 - Pushing more will lead our children to becoming more accomplished and more successful adults. College admission is getting tougher than ever? Yikes, let’s pack our kids’ schedules so they’ll learn and do more.

False Assumption 4 - The world is more dangerous than ever before. We have to supervise our kids constantly to make sure they don’t get hurt or make bad decisions.

Now many parents instinctively understand that these assumptions are untrue…But that perspective dissipates when they feel pressured – by peers, by schools, or by other parents – to ensure their child isn’t falling behind. The pressure is rooted deeply in fear, and fear almost always leads to bad decisions. We really can’t control our kids – and doing so shouldn’t be our goal. Our role is to teach them to think and act independently, so that they will have the judgement to succeed in school and, most important, in life. Rather than pushing them to do things they resist, we should seek to help them find things they love and develop their inner motivation.

I like to wish all our families a safe and relaxing holiday, and look forward to a wonderful final term.

Julia Winter Cooke

From the Business Office

Casual Bus Travel

Students who wish to travel on the Warrnambool, Portland or Mortlake buses must obtain a Bus Pass from Reception at either Senior or Junior School.  All bus drivers will be asking for passes.  If a student cannot present a pass they will not be able to travel on the bus and alternative arrangements will need to be made. The cost of casual bus travel is $16.00 per trip (one way).

Jason Bourke

Business Manager


Congratulations to all the boarders who got to experience playing in Grand Finals last weekend, and to the soccer players who played theirs last night. I know there were mixed results but I hope everyone can reflect on wonderful and fulfilling seasons. So many boarders received accolades at the Hockey Dinner that I cannot mention everyone, but it is great to see such committed and talented athletes receiving recognition for their efforts. I’m already looking forward to rowing and cricket season, and as an added bonus we will no longer have the soccer day students raiding our afternoon tea now their season has concluded.


It was terrific to see so many boarders attend the David Jones Jazz performance on Tuesday night. David was fairly impressive but Lachlan Craig and Alec Jagger were the standout performers for me on the night. Clearly they are two very talented musicians.


Our junior boarders moved rooms last night as we do every term. It is great to live with different people and to learn to get along with a mix of personalities. I am always extremely impressed with how well how boarders get along in this wonderful community.


We held a fun Footy Colours themed dinner on Monday night, and I'd like to say a big thank you to Gail for all of her organisation. Grace Austin, Tyler Hateley and Lucy Roberts won the footy challenge, Lucy backed up to win best dressed and Lizzie Duver, Eliza Jagger and Anna Spaull won the footy trivia. It was lots of fun and a great way to start the last week of term.


I am very excited to head west to Mundulla this weekend for the Saxondale Picnic. Hopefully lots of our South Australian families can attend, and a huge thank you in advance to the Andersens for hosting the lunch. Some of our finest boarders come from this part of the world, and I'm looking forward to visiting. 

We would like to wish Isaac Hocking and Phoebe Russell the best of luck as they head to Hobart for the National Hockey Championships. Chloe Andersen has been selected to umpire at this tournament which is also a wonderful achievement. Keep an eye out for Shayleigh as you may get a chance to see her in her natural environment.


We hope everyone has a very enjoyable holiday with family and loved ones. The boarding campus will be open all holidays and the Year 12s will be returning in the second week for the revision lectures. I will also be manning a College stand at Elmore Field Days to advertise and sing the praises of our amazing school. Enjoy the break and I look forward to seeing everyone again at the start of next term.

Alex Smith



Sports Report

As we near the end of term and some sports have finished, others continue their seasons or are about to start, I would like to thank all our students, staff, parents and friends of the College who volunteer their time to play, coach, manage, umpire or be involved in other ways in our extensive sporting program. A function will be held next term to recognise those people who give up their time to ensure we can offer the size of sporting program we currently do. More information and invitations will be sent soon next term.

It has been another successful winter of sport with many hockey premierships and the College Magpies Under 16 boys contributing to their team’s success. Our shooters have been doing well and have some competitions to go. The growth of soccer at the school continues and two of our teams are in the Grand Final this week.

Well done to our Head of Cricket Stephen Mirtschin who worked tirelessly over the year and this term in particular to organize the inaugural “Adelaide Cricket Tour” for the school. Departing Friday after school and not returning until the Thursday during week one of the holidays, this tour will see Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 cricket teams travel interstate to play against some of the leading Adelaide schools in various styles of matches the sport offers. The players have been training hard over the last month and it should be an exciting opportunity for them to play some more cricket as a school team and develop their own individual games also.

Well done to all our students who have had individual and team success with their community sporting teams over the winter. It is great to hear about and/or see in the media and share your successes.

Year 10 student and star swimmer Jack Sharp has been having great success recently at various Victorian club events and swam at MSAC last weekend for the Vic Open SC Champs. Jack has been training very hard and smashing many PBs for his events at these competitions.

Good luck to our Year 7 students Isaac Hocking and Phoebe Russell who will compete at the national under 13 hockey titles in Tasmania over the holidays. This is a great opportunity for them to compete at such a high level. Congratulations also to Year 11 student Chloe Andersen who has been chosen to umpire at the tournament. Well done Chloe!

Finally, congratulations to Todd O’Sullivan (father of Bella, Tom, Sam, Yolanda and Grace) and Co-coach of the College Magpies Under 13 side, who has won the AFL Western District Junior Youth ‘Coach of the Year’. He is now in the running to win this category for the Victorian Coach of the Year.

Leigh Alexander

Director of Sport


Girls' Hockey

What an amazing end to the 2018 hockey season with premierships in both the A and B Grade competitions.

In balmy conditions on Friday night the Division One Women completed the perfect season defeating Coleraine 4-1. Isabelle Musson was again the star up forward scoring three goals. Erin Powell, Shayleigh Ingelse and Maddi Mutch continued their brilliant seasons working alongside Isabelle to dominate the forward play. The backline of Chloe Andersen, Hannah Russell, Abby Hayes, Nikita Cavill and Chloe Russell have only conceded 7 goals for the whole season and they were again superb. Lindy Hayes was as solid as a rock in goals when needed and she can certainly retire on a high. Young Guns Oliva Allen, Ruby Cush, Phoebe Russell and Millie Dopheide were all key contributors and all have been vital in the success of this team.  Congratulations to super coach Peter Musson and manager Sally Allen who have been so important guiding this team throughout the season.

Better Players: Chloe Russell, Isabelle Musson, Hannah Russell, Chloe Andersen and Maddi Mutch.

Best on Ground as voted by the Umpires – Isabelle Musson

Hannah Russell was Runners Up in the Association Best and Fairest

Isabelle Musson and Hannah Russell Association highest goal scorers.

Chloe Russell was awarded the Baulch Family Trophy as the Best U16 Club person.


The conditions in the B Grade Women’s Grand Final were the polar opposite to Friday night. The girls endured gale force winds, hail and sideways rain. At one point my phone was saying it was -1! Despite the conditions the Scorchers played their best game of the season defeating Demons 2-0. Phoebe Russell scored first with a superb back stick goal that would have beaten the Australian Goalie. Gracie Austin followed up with a great running goal to put the game beyond doubt. Phoebe Russell, Gracie Austin, Chloe Lyons, Lucy Roberts, Emily Ash and Amy Boland were all stand outs in the game. Every player on the team contributed and I know coach James Russell was proud of the team effort. It was certainly a special day for our Mums: Di Austin, Sarah Roberts, Chantel Butcher, Kerri Ross and Jodie Russell. For one it was her first Grand Final ever. Credit to James Russell who has worked so hard with this team all season and their development has been quite amazing. Congratulations also to Captain Claire Dempsey for her inspirational leadership of the College Scorchers.

Well done to Phoebe Russell who was named best on ground by the umpires and to Georgie Snodgrass who was runners-up in the Association Best and Fairest.

Kristen Waldron

Boys' Hockey

The Open team commenced Grand Final proceedings last Friday but quickly found themselves on the back foot as our opponents, the Coleraine Bulls, stated very strongly.  Although we weathered the initial onslaught, we remained on the back foot and found ourselves down 0-2 at half time.


Our second half was much stronger and, at times, we had the run of the ball and felt the game was still alive.  A goal was needed to reward the effort and we went close a couple of times but, unfortunately, could not find the net.  Bulls scored a late goal to seal a 3-0 victory and they were clearly the better team on the night.


Reagan Simons was named Player of the Final, an award determined by the umpires, after an excellent game where his poise under pressure stood out.


Despite the loss, the boys have much to be proud of.  I was delighted with their resilience on Friday and we have played some very good hockey throughout the season.  With the ICCES success in July, there is much to look back on very positively.  They are a great group of young men too!


On Saturday morning, the two Division 2 teams, Blue and Gold met in their Grand Final.  This was a pulsating game, particularly in the first half, and very impressive team play and strong skills were displayed by both teams.  Blue have been on top all season and play an excellent brand of hockey; the younger Gold team has shown huge development and improvement.


Blue won 7-3.  Ferg Roberts scored six of the goals and Tane Nelson the other for Blue, their senior experience showing out.  Ferg was named Player of the Final and Leading Scorer for the Division while Tane won the Association Best and Fairest for Division Two.  For Gold, Jock Adamson, Isaac Hocking and Nick Gunn found the net. There were many good players on each side and Gold missed the steadiness of Clancy Munro in defence in the second half after he received a nasty hit right on half time.


It has been a good season.  Many thanks to all the parents who have assisted by transporting and supporting their sons to games.  Many thanks also to my year Twelves: Sami, Jack, Lach and Josh.    Great young blokes and I hope they keep playing hockey wherever they end up next year.

Neil MacLean

Hockey Dinner

Last Saturday night’s Hockey Dinner attracted some 190 people and we were able to celebrate the season with strong representation from all eleven teams which competed in the local competition and also acknowledge the additional two ICCES teams and the Hockey Sevens squad.  It’s been a great year!


We had four Premierships and two runners-up achievements to celebrate last weekend but the Dinner also provided a relaxed and informal time to enjoy the company of team-mates and parents and to celebrate the playing of the game.


The Coach and Captain(s) of each team spoke and various awards were presented.  Each coach had two trophies they could award and the awardees were as follows:

Division 4 Numbats: Tom Stratmann (best team player) and Natalie Featherston (most improved);

Division 4 Bandicoots: Finley Hiscock (most improved) and Gabe Marshall (best and fairest);

Division 4 Tassie Devils: Phoebe Russell (best and fairest) and Hamish Jeffery (most committed);

Division 4 Drop Bears: Angus Dohle (most improved) and Charlotte Rowe (best team player);

B Grade Blades: Jordy Brown (best and fairest) and Georgie Snodgrass (coach’s award);

B Grade Scorchers: Amy Boland (most improved) and Lucy Roberts (best and fairest);

Under 16 Gold: Zac Cunningham (best and fairest) and Isaac Hocking (best team player);

Under 16 Blue: Tane Nelson (best and fairest) and Ferg Roberts (highest goalscorer);

Women’s A Grade Thundersticks: Hannah Nichols (best and fairest) and Phoebe Sweeney (highest goalscorer);

Women’s A Grade Strikers: Ruby Cush (most improved) and Hannah Russell and Isabelle Musson (equal highest goalscorers);

Men’s A Grade: Josh Read (best and fairest) and Ferg Roberts (highest goalscorer).


The Captains introduced a series of quizzes this year and these gained considerable interest – and some questionable tactics as tables competed against each other!


Coaches and managers were thanked for their work and we acknowledged the wonderful support we have from parents who provide side-line encouragement, player transportation and fill a range of team-support duties.  Thank you all very much.

Neil MacLean, Stephen NelsonKristen Waldron


The second season of netball begins the first week back after holidays and we are in the midst of finalising arrangements.  The dates for the season are Saturday 13th October – Saturday 8th December, and I believe there will be a bye the week of the St Mary’s Christmas parade in Hamilton. Teams have been entered and we are awaiting finalisation of a draw from the Association (who meet this week).  We have entered 3 senior teams (15U/open combined) and 2 x 13U teams. 

Please contact me if you are willing to be a manager for a team; this mainly involves scoring, collecting forms, communicating messages and the like. It is a simple role but one where we need to have an official person representing each team.

Trainings will be Tuesday lunch times at this stage in our sports stadium, so I ask that students are prepared and committed.  Training begins on THE FIRST DAY BACK OF SCHOOL next term (Tuesday for the students) so I ask students to be prepared.

Fees need to be paid online so please jump online during the holidays and arrange payment. I have attached the HNA information pack for details about fees and forms to sign.  This all must be finalised before the third game. 

Draws are posted every week on the HNA (Hamilton Netball Association) facebook page, so it might be worth each parent and player liking the page so they can access the information quickly.

In other netball news, a number of our netballers have been involved in teams playing in Grand Finals in local leagues.  Some have been winners, some unfortunately not, but it has been an impressive season by many of our school students and staff! Congratulations to all students and staff playing in the surrounding leagues this season; many have been involved in finals and have been strong performers in league and club vote counts.

Some notable local league achievements that I am aware of have been:

  • South West District - League runner up in the 17U division – Amy Waters
  • Mininera District – League winner for the 15U division - Olivia Anagnostou
  • Mininera District – League winner for the 17U division - Louise Millear
  • Mininera District – League runner up for the 17U division – Kate Millear

I look forward to seeing you all courtside in Term 4.

Jody Ogle

Head of Netball


School Information

Uniform Shop


Dates to Remember 

Friday 21 September

Term ends - early dismissal

Tuesday 9 October - Friday 12 October

Cake Making, 8.30am (TMR)

Saturday 13 October

Cake Wrapping day, 9.30am (SC3 of Sports Centre)


Term 4 Calendar Dates



Careers Newsletter

Louise Manifold

Parents and Friends

Christmas Cakes

Thank you to all the people who were able to help out with the mixing and weighing day on Monday.  A great effort, well done.


Vicki Whyte is co-ordinating the Christmas Cakes this year and did a great job on Monday. 


Please email Fi if you are able to help on the following days with the making and wrapping of the cakes.


Tuesday 9 October - Cake making in the Tim Murray Room from 8.30am Wednesday 10 October - Cake making in the Tim Murray Room from 8.30am Thursday 11 October - Cake making in the Tim Murray Room from 8.30am Friday 12 October - Cake making in the Tim Murray Room from 8.30am Saturday 13 October - Cake wrapping in the room SC3 in the Sports Centre from 9.30am.


Have a great school holidays.

Jane Evans


Handbury and Winifred Berry Libraries

Is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

Ever wondered why the devices we issue at College have a pen and a keyboard?

Have you read about the value of using a pen and paper to master learning?

Microsoft have been developing Windows to specifically support this type of learning. The devices we use at school are different makes than the one referred to below, but they offer the same functionality.

Here’s an excerpt from a report citing research results that demonstrate that a digital pen has positive impact on the brain in the same way.

“Across March and May 2016, a total of 20 Master and Bachelor students between the ages of 21-25 were recruited by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to take part in the study.

The participants used 2-in-1 Surface Pro 4 devices as part of an experiment based on the popular family game, Pictionary™ (Hasbro, 1985). Twenty words were presented three times in a random order. For each trial participants were instructed to:

  • Typewrite the word repetitively separated by a single space using their right index finger on the laptop tablet keyboard,
  • Describe the word using their right index finger on the laptop tablet keyboard,
  • Copy the word using their right hand with a stylus on a second, identical laptop tablet. Two identical Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop tablets with Type Cover and Surface-pen were used. The laptop data produced by the participants were stored in Microsoft OneNote for offline analysis.

The scientists used a Geodesic Sensor Net (GSN) 200 – essentially, a very high-tech ‘hairnet’ – consisting of 256 sensors evenly distributed on the participant’s head, to measure brain activity throughout the experiment. The data captured from the sensors was analysed to deliver the researchers’ conclusions”.

Read more.

  • The laptop data produced by the participants were stored in Microsoft OneNote for offline analysis. This is the product we have selected as our teaching platform for many years now. Our Year 4 and 5 students have begun their use of this technology for learning.

Read about OneNote


Time to relax, wind down, exercise your body and expand your mind. For those taking a Unit 3 and 4 subject, this is a crucial time for preparation. Revisit class texts, redo Edrolo lessons, mind map concepts, make sketch-notes. For all other students – engage in something that will make your final years of school (and your adult life) better – READ!

We know the number of books that have been borrowed means that for many this is already on the agenda. Well done to those students!

Marg Simkin


Horsemanship 2018

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing break over the school holidays!


Thank you to those riders who braved the cold weather to participate in the Andrea Reidel Carrison clinic on the 15th September 2018. We thank Andrea for her time and commitment to our riders.

The Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre will be hosting the following events during Term 4, 2018. The entry forms are on our website and attached to this newsletter. We hope to see you all there! Entries are closing very soon so please make sure you enter as soon as possible!

Entries are closing soon!!!

THAC & Geelong Dressage Club Interschool Dressage Competition Saturday 6th October 2018 (Official Equestrian Victorian Qualifying Event)

Western District Interschool Equestrian Competition Sunday 4th  November 2019 (Official Equestrian Victoria Interschool Qualifying Event)

Horsemanship Term 4 2018

Those riders who would like to participate in our Junior and Senior Horsemanship programs in Term 4 are encouraged to complete the form attached to this newsletter and return prior to the end of Term 3, in order to reserve your place in our very popular coaching program. We will look forward to seeing you all next term!

howjumping Championship! An outstanding effort.Sophie Paton (year 6) placed 7th overall out of 35 competitors!! A fabulous achievement.Our community greatly appreciates regular updates of results of competition and the achievements of our students in their Equestrian sport! Please make sure you email me at or let Georgia Hodgetts, our Equestrian Captain, know what you have been doing and include as many photos as you like so that we can all celebrate and promote equestrian sport, your efforts and accomplishments for 2018.

Please make sure you join our THAC Equestrian Facebook page for regular updates and photos of all our Equestrian endeavours. Updates and entry forms for competitions are also posted on this page so make sure you keep up to date!

For updates, news, Calendar, entry forms, results and more GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:

Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series:

Equestrian Victoria:

Please note any horses who are regularly coming to and from the Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre must be up to date with vaccinations for Tetanus and Strangles and records of these will be maintained to ensure the biosecurity of the centre. You must also notify the Director of Horsemanship immediately if your horse has been in or originated from Queensland or Northern New South Wales. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Amanda Te Boekhorst

Polocrosse Write Up

During the 2018 Australian polocrosse season, Ally Gray and Annabel Michelmore were both chosen to represent Victoria in the under 16 girls’ team at the Australian Nationals, held in Perth. Starting on the 20th of September the two girls will spend two weeks travelling and then one week competing against other states of Australia, as well as New Zealand. Both Ally and Annabel have been training hard for the past few months, by themselves, to prepare their horses in readiness to represent their state. The two girls are very excited about the competition ahead and the College is proud of their achievements. We wish Ally and Annabel well and look forward to hearing about their successes on their return.

Phil Sanders (Mentor)

Connecting with the Community 

The Australian Pedal Car Grand Prix


Workshops @ HIRL


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