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16 February 2017
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Welcome back for 2017.
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Can you host a French student?


Our successful French exchange program is now in its 8th year and this will be the fourth group of French students from the town of Arras to come and stay with us here in Castlemaine. The school organises some activities for the students and this year they’ll join our students in classes for a few days during Term 4.

The incoming French exchange starts during the Easter break and once again we’ll be hosting students from France. In particular we are looking for a family that doesn’t have a dog to host a boy for the two weeks. We are looking for the family of a boy or girl in Years 10-12 who would like to host – this time around you don’t have to be a French student to host!

If you are interested then please contact Jane Macdonald at the school on 5479 1111 or email


Photo: VCE Information held 7/2/17

Updates - ICT, VCE, Library 

Photo: VCE Information held 7/2/17

The start of the school is always a busy time for the ICT crew.

The setting up of BYO devices for the year 7s and students who have updated their devices over the summer, has kept our technicians on their toes – not to mention the transition to one campus. Ensuring projectors, photocopiers, the wireless routers, XUNO and the Moodle all work in the new buildings, the old buildings and the refurbished buildings has been amazingly smooth thanks to the anticipation and hard work of the ICT team.


However, the team is now starting to notice a disturbing trend with a particular device that some students have, the ACER Travelmate B115. These devices are probably around 2 years old and just out of warrantee and their motherboards are beginning to fail. This is a catastrophic failure with no easy solution. If you have bought one of these computers for your child and are having any issues, please call ‘Learning with Technologies’ on 1300 556 788.


You’ll be pleased to hear, over the last 12 months, we have transitioned to working with a local company, ‘Top End Technologies’ and they have been selling us quality devices at good prices. We are yet to see any issues with these and their service is second to none. 

Tristan Vale




The CSC Library website is a great resource for all students from year 7 to 12. It provides information and resources on research skills, study tips, copyright and databases, as well as Library programmes and events.


Students are also invited to share their reading experiences on our blog ‘The Compendium’.


The Library website can be accessed via  clicking on either  the links to  CSC Moodle. or directly CSC Library



Year 12 2017 Hoodie Orders (2nd round)

The opportunity now exists to place a late order for a year 12 hoodie. The order and payment is to be made on line by the 28th February.


The cost is $69 plus a $2 card fee. The hoodies will take about 8 weeks after the close of orders. Ordering details are shown in attached document 


What You Need To Know!

Year 7 Vacinations

The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to Year 7 students. These vaccines provide protection against:


    • Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) – one dose
    • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – three doses
    • Varicella (chicken pox) – one dose


Parents/guardians of year 7 students should look out for the vaccine consent card booklet coming home from school with your child. You need to read the booklet and complete and return Part A regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.


The Mount Alexander Shire Council immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. Contact the school by 28 February 2017 if you do not want your contact details given to the Mount Alexander Shire Council immunisation service.


To learn more about the Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines, the diseases they protect against, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination, go to or 






Year 10 Work Experience 2017

All Year 10 students at Castlemaine Secondary College in 2017 are to participate in a compulsory one week Work Experience placement of their choice, from the 24th July until the 28th of July.


Work Experience is part of the schools’ educational program where students experience the world of work, often for the first time. It involves students participating in a short-term industry placement to broaden their experience and understanding of the world of work and possible career opportunities. In general, students will observe different aspects of work within a specific industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor.


A major component of the program is for students to be active participants in the organising of the placement of their choice. It is also recognised that many students need support in finding their placements. To access this support I need them to come and make contact with me.


In the past, many students undertaking Work Experience have been offered apprenticeships, traineeships, school based apprenticeships or part-time work opportunities as a result of their placements.


For the Work Experience to be organised the following documents and tasks need to be completed:


  1. The Work Experience Arrangement Form.
  2. The Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form.
  3. Two Safe@Work Occupational Health and Safety Modules.


In order for the Work Experience Arrangement Document and the Travel and Accommodation Document to be completed prior to signing, I will require the following information:


  1. The Business Name;
  2. The Business Address;
  3. The Business Contact person – both First and Surname;
  4. The Business Phone contact;
  5. The Business email (if available).


Year 10 students who are undertaking a VET Program as part of their studies are encouraged to undertake the Work Placement component of the VET Program during Work Experience Week.


If you have any questions or there is any reason your child may not be able to participate in a Work Experience placement during these dates, please contact me as soon as possible on 54791163 or by my email (

Mr Cook

Careers/MIPS Co-ordinator



What's Up 


We are in the process of finalising the figures and itinerary for our trip to Japan this year.  The ten day tour commences Tuesday 19 September (last week of term 3) and concludes Thursday 28 September (first week of holidays). 


We visit Kyoto, Shizuoka and Tokyo with highlights being Ghibli Museum, Disneyland, Sky Tree and Asakusa.  We are fortunate to have two nights homestay and a school visit in Shizuoka.


This trip is open for Year 9 to 12 students.  If you have any queries please contact Lyn Ellery 5479 1111 or


Year 8 students to learn to help a friend experiencing mental health problems


In term 1 a new and innovative program is being trialled here at Castlemaine Secondary College. The teen Mental Health First Aid Program (tMHFA) will run over three weeks in March (the 2nd, 9th and 16th). This practical and informative program will teach students about mental health problems and how they can help a friend who is experiencing mental health problems, with the key action being enlisting the help of a trusted adult. Because this is a new program Mental Health First Aid Australia is evaluating the effectiveness of this program and students will be asked to complete surveys before and after the course.


Key dates:

Tues, Jan 31, 9:15am – Teacher information session

Wed, Feb 1, 9am-4pm – Parent information table at the Mentor Day

Friday, Feb 10, 9am – Student information session

Thursday, March 2, 9 and 16 – tMHFA course


An information sheet is attached. If you have questions about the tMHFA course or the research evaluation you can contact Dr Kathy Bond (

Teen Mental Health

teen Mental Health First Aid for students in Years 7-9 Information for Parents and Guardians 
About the project The Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne, and Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA), are conducting research on a new skills-based program, called teen Mental Health First Aid for students in Years 7-9 (abbreviated to tMHFA). The project involves presenting tMHFA in schools to Year 8 students, with the aim of evaluating the course content and materials to ensure it is effective and enjoyable for students. The training component has been embedded into the school’s curriculum, while the evaluation (research) component is not part of the curriculum and is additional to the training. 

Reach Out

Wellbeing Team Members

Alana Wearne (Head of the Wellbeing Team)

Lisa Cochrane (Student Wellbeing Worker/Chaplain)

Melissa Laragy-Walker (Guidance Counsellor)

Shera Blaise (Guidance Counsellor)




Kath Coff (Student Engagement Coordinator)

Alli McMillan (School Nurse) (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)



When a parent recognises a teenager needs help, they’re more likely to get it. That’s why ReachOut Australia – the country’s leading online mental health organisation for young people – has introduced a free new service to help parents help teenagers. Free and available 24/7, provides evidence-based practical support and tips that encourage effective communication and relationships between parents and young people aged 12–18 years, as well as easy-to-read information on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues. The service features more than 140 fact sheets, stories, practical tips and tools, and also provides access to an online community forum so that parents can connect with each other to share experiences in an anonymous, supportive space.


Teach your teenager to be a good friend

(Article taken from

We need to be conscious about how we model friendships and how we personally value them. Over years of watching you, your child will have seen your good and toxic friendships, arguments and fun times. They will listen to what is said by you about your friends – the good and bad. So use your experience to teach your teenager about choosing and developing positive friendships.


Things to teach your teenager about being a good friend:

Treat others as you wish to be treated. By showing respect to others, they are more likely to be respectful to you.


Show your friends that you value them. Actions speak louder than words, so encourage your child to nurture their friendships through kindness, respect and being supportive.


Nobody is perfect. An occasional fallout between friends is natural - all children go through friendship conflicts. If your child is upset with a friend, support them in working out their problems.


Teach them that forgiveness can help forge stronger friendships.


Not all friendships are forever. Everyone changes over their lifetime and the friends that your child is close to now, might not be the friendships that serve them in years to come.


Trust your instincts. If your child has a bad feeling about a friendship or isn’t sure the friendship is good for them, they should feel confident to withdraw from that person.


Encouraging them to talk it through with you or someone they trust can give them to confidence to take action.


By learning the skills to be a good friend, your child is more likely to build a strong and supportive peer network. This is key to their wellbeing and their ability to deal effectively with challenges that arise through the teenage years.



P.E.    SunSmart & Youth Awards




Physical Education is a compulsory unit for all Year 7, 8 and 9 students.  This involves three periods of PE a week and one period of Health.

If a student has a valid reason for not being able to participate on a particular day(s), they need to supply a signed, dated note from a Parent or Guardian, stating the reason ‘why they cannot participate in that class’. This measure is designed to safe-guard, both the student and the teacher.


When participating in practical PE classes, students are expected to have a full change of gear for these classes. This includes changing into the school sport uniform which includes the sport polo shirt, shorts and runners. Students will be given time to change into their uniform both at the beginning and the end of the lesson, they are to get changed back into their school uniform after PE. They are not to come to school in their sport uniform.

It is, simply, a return to policy of past years and we seek assistance from both parents and students in this regard.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me,

Shanee Squire (Learning Area Leader)


Sporting Event





Fri. 10th Feb5

Castlemaine Year 7/8 swimming trials

12.30-3pm Castlemaine

Fri. 17th Feb5

Castlemaine Swimming Carnival


Mon 20th Feb

Sandhurst Senior Cricket


Mon. 27th Feb.

Sandhurst Intermediate Boys Tennis

Bendigo Lawn

Wed. 1st March

Sandhurst Intermediate Boys Cricket


Fri. 3rd March

Sandhurst  Swimming

Bendigo Aquatic Centre

Tues. 14th March

Sandhurst Intermediate Girls Tennis

Bendigo Lawn

Fri. 17th March

Sandhurst Year 7 Boys Tennis

Bendigo Lawn

Mon. 20th March

Sandhurst Year7/8 Boys Cricket and Year 8 Boys Tennis

Bendigo Lawn

Thurs. 23rd March

LMR Swimming

Swan Hill

Friday 24th March

Year 8 Girls Tennis

Bendigo Lawn

Tues. 28th March

Castlemaine Cross Country

Blakeley Road.

2017 Mount Alexander Shire Youth Awards

Nomination Form

The 2017 Mount Alexander Youth Awards celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of young people in the shire by:

  • Recognising the diverse range of personal and community achievements of local young people
  • Encouraging young people in their chosen interests
  • Providing role models for other young people

The awards are open to anyone aged between 12 and 25 who live, work, study or play in Mount Alexander Shire by recognising the diverse range of personal and community achievements of local young people through eight different award categories.


Nomination process

To nominate a young person for the 2017 Mount Alexander Shire Youth Awards simply complete the following nomination form with as much information as possible that is relevant to the award category criteria.


Responses can be hand written or typed and can include supporting material such as samples of work, awards, press articles. All original copies of supporting material will be returned upon request.

Completed nomination forms can be submitted by:


- Confidential -

Melissa Fowler

Youth Development Officer

Mount Alexander Shire Council

PO Box 185, Castlemaine VIC 3450


In person

Mount Alexander Shire Council

Civic Centre, Cnr Lyttleton and Lloyd Streets, Castlemaine


For more information about the awards, or the nomination process, please contact Melissa (Youth Development Officer) on 5471 1826. Note: Nominations close at 5.00pm on Friday 17 March 2017.


Sing, Strum & Drum


With Teacher: Emma Bathgate

Students will learn the foundations in vocal technique, musical connectivity, increase flexibility in sound production & build singing strength.


Emma Bathgate teaches through a methodology of classical training as well as natural voice/body placement exercises & body awareness techniques.


Individual Lesson 30 minutes - Cost $30

Lesson Day: Tuesday

In the Music Department CSC


For Bookings please contact Emma Bathgate directly 

mob. 0425 719 084



Music is busy with lots of Ensembles.

Monday-After School is String/Flute Orchestra and Stage Band from 3:30pm-4:45pm.

All Year 9-12 music students are expected to attend and Years 7 and 8's are invited by their teachers if they are at a suitable standard.


Any CSC students are invited to join in the following ensembles;

  • Monday Lunchtime-Percussion Ensemble
  • Wednesday Lunchtime-Walking Band
  • Thursday Lunchtime-Jam Band
  • Friday Lunchtime-Choir


The Castlemaine State Festival Opening Night is heating up with a tribe of dancers busily learning choreography and a gaggle of percussionists busting out some cool beats. Any students wishing to participate in the dancing, rehearsals will be in the Old Gym every Tuesday and Friday for the next few weeks. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be given to students.

Kirsten Boerema
Music Coordinator

Community Notices


Needs you in 2017!!


We are looking for some more players in our under 14.5s football team. Birth dates: 01/07/2002 - 30/06/2005.

Please contact Marg Stevens on 0412 807 971.


We are also looking for junior netball players for under 13s, 15s and 17s.

Please contact Tan Fleeton on 0407 828 801.


We look forward to welcoming new members to our Creek football and

netball family.


Welcome back for 2017.

Since I joined Castlemaine Secondary College as Principal in 2009, I have been working towards redeveloping the Blakeley Road campus and merging the two CSC sites into one.  Over the past 3 weeks I have observed many benefits this campus offers to both students and staff members.  For example, our senior students interacting with and supporting our junior students, middle years specialist teachers reconnecting with returning students, senior students making very good use of the new senior study room and the whole school enjoying the social hub created through the new canteen facilities in Lawson Hall.


The precinct structure is also benefiting students and staff.  Students are already demonstrating their pride and sense of belonging to their precinct, a space that acknowledges and accommodates their interests and passions.  Through the mentor program, around 150 students per precinct across years 7 to 12 are known and cared for.


The redevelopment of CSC continues this year with the building of new Music and Drama spaces, the first stage of the Performers’ Precinct.  It is estimated that this work will take around 7-8 months to complete with demolition commencing in Term 2.  The Etty Street campus will continue to be used for the next 1-2 years as we complete more of our redevelopment program.


Building on the success of the Calm Learning Space set up in 2016, CSC is currently establishing a new Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program.  ‘FLO2’ will support students 15 years and over who may not be engaged in schooling to help them to reconnect within a highly supported environment.  Please contact Judith McLean, Assistant Principal or Melissa Laragy-Walker, Guidance Counsellor on 5479 1111 if you would like more details about this program.


Also new this year is the allocation of additional resources to the promotion of CSC to celebrate and communicate our achievements.  For example, did you know that our 2017 school captain Meagan Ferguson and fellow CSC student Emma Watson received Australia Day awards from Mount Alexander Shire Council for their youth leadership and work within our community?   The goal of our new marketing team is to share these great stories.  If you would like to get involved, please contact Elissa O’Connor on 5479 1111.


I would like to acknowledge the efforts of CSC staff, students, families and members of our community in completing the complex but successful move into the Blakeley Road campus.  This has been a huge undertaking over the last 6 months and I thank you for your passion and commitment.


At the end of week three we have already had lots happening at the school with our VCE Information Evening which had a record crowd in attendance. Today our SRC cooked up a storm and it was wonderful to see students enjoying their lunch while their fellow students entertain them with some rocking tunes.

I enjoyed meeting many new families this week at our Year 7 Welcome BBQ and I am very happy to meet with any parent or student regarding any issues or concerns. 

It is very important to me that each and every student at CSC reaches their potential in a supportive environment.

Mary McPherson

College Principal

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