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21 March 2017
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Principal's Report


Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other (John F Kennedy)


With our school leadership team, business manager and student leaders attending leadership professional development and leadership forums last week and this week, I have spent considerable time reflecting on the importance of developing leadership at all levels of the school and the important role it plays in student learning.


Leadership is all about empowerment. We build this empowerment by giving others the opportunity to lead and great leadership itself builds the empowerment of those we are leading. As teachers we are constantly looking to empower our students to take ownership of their learning journey, set goals, challenge themselves and be reflective learners. As Principal, I am also trying to empower the teachers, aides and office staff. With a sense of collective efficacy (a feeling that by working together we can achieve our goals) the school is able to constantly improve and provide better outcomes for all the students here.


Providing leadership opportunities for students at Marlborough happens both formally and informally. Leading group-work in class, demonstrating leadership in sports, being a leader in the school-yard and having official leadership roles are all ways that students have the opportunity to lead. As a school we must not only provide these opportunities to lead, we need to also explicitly teach the skills connected to leadership. We need to teach our students that great leaders need to be great listeners, reflective, trustworthy, flexible, visionary and great communicators.


As a primary school we are not just preparing our students for secondary school, we are aiming to support our students' first educators (their parents and carers) to help them to become active, confident and caring citizens. We are all called upon to be leaders at certain times, and preparing our students for this is something we are passionate about.


Good luck to our student leaders at the leadership forum this week and leadership conference next week. We are sure that you will represent Marlborough fantastically well and we hope you learn a lot from these experiences.


Working Bee

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the working bee on Friday afternoon and worked so hard to improve our school environment. The school is looking great thanks to your efforts and I am sure all of the students are appreciative of the changes we have made to the school environment.


At the working bee, the following things were achived:

  • Re-design of the area outside the staff room (fence removed, surface re-laid, garden tidied up). This area will become an outdoor chess area using the existing 5 tables.
  • Installation of another garden bed near the 3/4 unit.
  • General tidying and blowing of paths around the school.
  • Cleaning of drains.

Health and Well-being Survey

We have a working party of our School Council that is working on the 'Achievement Program'. The Achievement Program is a Victorian Government evidence-based framework to support the health and wellbeing of everyone in our school. Students, staff, parents and carers all perform better when we are healthy.


In order to focus this work on the areas of greatest need we are asking that you complete a school Health and Well-being survey. It will only take a few minutes to complete and will gave us great data to ensure that we can work on areas that the school community sees as the most important.

You can access the survey from this link: Health and Well-being Survey

2018 Enrolments

If you have a younger child that you are planning on enroling at Marlborough in 2018 please download an enrolment form from here or  collect one from the office. The sooner that we receive enrolments, the easier it is to begin planning for next year.


If you have any friends or family members in the area with children beginning school next year, please let them know that we have tours available at these times:


Tuesday 21st March 10:00am
Saturday 25th March 11:00am
Thursday 30th March 10:00am
Tuesday 18th April 10:00am
Saturday 22nd April 11:00am
Thursday 27th April 10:00am
Tuesday 2nd May 10:00am
Wednesday 10th May 6:30pm


To book in for one of these tours please contact the school on 9870 3468 or at


If you are unable to make it to one of these times, please contact the school and we can make an alternative booking.

Dates to remember


Wednesday 22nd

  • Cluster Leadership Day Two (Grade 6 Leadership group)

Monday 27th

  • Young Leaders Day (Grade 6 Leadership group)

Friday 31st

  • No canteen today
  • Last day of Term 1  -Early dismissal at 2.30pm


Tuesday 18th

  • First day of Term 2

Friday 21st

  • Whole School Cross Country

Thursday 27th

  • Prep/1/2 Auskick

Monday 8th

  • Mother's Day Stall

Wednesday 10th

  • PA Meeting - 7.30pm

Tuesday 16th

  • Whole School Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 24th

  • District Cross Country

Wednesday 31st

  • Gr 3/4/5/6 EFL Football Clinic

School News

Chaplain's Note

Kids Matter – Helping Children to Manage Feelings

Children can be quickly taken over by feelings of excitement, frustration, fear or joy and when the feelings come they are often intense.  When feelings take over children’s behaviour, they can often find it difficult to manage without support. Parents and carers can support their children in learning to manage their feelings and behaviour. Learning how to recognise and manage feelings is an important part of children’s social and emotional development.


Before children can learn to control their feelings, they must learn how to notice them. We can help children notice feelings by noticing them ourselves and giving them labels such as angry, sad, nervous, excited, frustrated, embarrassed, worried, surprised, or happy. Naming our feelings helps to make them more manageable. Learning to pay attention to how they are feeling helps children understand that all feelings are okay and that they can have emotions without being controlled by them.  Talking with children about what it’s like when you’re angry, sad, nervous or excited helps them find ways to express feelings without having to act them out through negative behaviours.  


We can support children by creating space for talking about difficult emotions. Although all feelings are okay, some feelings can be more difficult to cope with than others. We can help children to separate a feeling from a difficult reaction by helping them name it. Being able to say or think “I am feeling angry” means that children don’t have to act really angry before we take notice. Learning to name their feelings allows children to choose how they will respond.

Learning skills for managing feelings takes practice. Noticing and naming feelings comes first. Talking about feelings in everyday conversations makes it easier when the difficult feelings come up.

Additional resources are available for parents and carers on the KidsMatter website at

Dorothy Dullege
School Chaplain

No Canteen

Please note that there will be no canteen on the last day of term.



Selamat Datang Term 1, 2017!


 It is great to see the enthusiasm shown by the students as they learn not only the language but also learn about the culture of Indonesia. It has been a busy term already, particularly, for our new Preps who have embraced learning a new language.


The main theme this term is “bagian badan” (body parts). The students are learning new vocabulary through games and songs. Students in the middle and upper school are focusing on basic Indonesian sentence structure and grammar. The students will also develop their language skills through role playing, online activities and putting their language skills into practice.


Words to practise at home:

badan- body, mata-eyes, hidung- nose, mulut- mouth, telinga- ears, leher- neck, hati- heart, perut- stomach, lengan- arms, jari tangan- fingers, tangan- hand, kaki- leg/foot, jari kaki- toes.


If students have access to the internet at home, they might like to explore or revise their vocabulary at the Indonesian section of Languages Online at:


Last Thursday, the Grade 5 and 6 students took part in a workshop run by Bu Devathas, the Indonesian teacher from Heathmont College. The students enjoyed learning a Timorese dance, playing angklung and participating in language games. Indonesian is offered by a number of nearby secondary schools and we have close ties with the Indonesian Department at Heathmont College. Every year, our Grade 5 students, along with students from 4 other primary schools, participate in Asian Day at Heathmont College. We work together to manage transitions for our Year 6 students continuing Indonesian.


Our students will have the opportunity to participate in Sayembara Lisan, the state wide Indonesian Oral Competition. Last year, we had over 30 students enter and six students who made it through as finalists.  It will be held during May, with the state finals being held on Saturday 3rd June at the University of Melbourne. Details will be passed on when they become available.


Terima kasih (Thank- you),


(Bu) Mary-Ellen Dowling


Whole School Cross Country

Marlborough School Cross country will be held first week back on Friday 21 st April. It will be held during the morning and is for all Marlborough students. The course will be outside of the school grounds.  Parent helpers will be needed on the day - please contact Bonny Chisolm if you are available to help out.


5/6/7 year olds- 1 km approximately

8/9/10 year olds- 2 km

11/12/13 year olds- 3 km


Age group is determined by the age the student on  31st Dec 2017.

District cross country is Wednesday 24th May.


Start training !!

Bonny Chisholm

Baseball Program at Marlborough PS

Grades 3/4/5/6 have a 4 week program learning the basic skills of Baseball/Teeball. Tanaka and Abe from Baseball Victoria and Jeff from Heathmont Baseball Club, Penguins have been doing their program during PE lessons on Wednesdays.


The four week program involves throwing,catching, fielding, hitting and fielding techniques.  We learnt strategic practices, athletic position, hitting a ground ball, base running and fly balls. Baseball Victoria funded the program. Heathmont Penguins are looking for players to play in their under 13 team. The games are going to be played on Saturday mornings from 9am till 11am at Marlborough PS oval. The season begins on April 21st. Contact Mark Le Grew, 0429 610 886


email<> if you are interested in playing Baseball.


Grade 5/6 Sports Gala Day

On Friday March 17th the Grade 5/6 students took part in a Sports Gala Day.  Other schools involved were Tintervale, Park Orchards, Ringwood Heights and Croydon Primary Schools.  The weather was sunny and the students of Marlborough competed competitively and with great sportsmanship - it was an excellent day.  A big thank you to all teachers, parent helpers, coaches and especially to Marlborough 5/6 students . 


Well done Marlborough PS!



Teeball, Coach Michelle Mielnik

B Team - 1st place. 

A team - 2nd place


Basketball Open , Coach  Shae Warren 

Marlborough -  4th place


Basketball Girls, Coach Jamie Irvine

Marlborough - 3rd place


Hot shots, Coach Bonny Chisholm

Marlborough - 4th place


Bonny Chisholm.


Gr 5/6 Gala Day - Student Sports Reports

Hot Shots Tennis

On Friday at Gala Day we played Tennis at Park Orchards PS. We all played very well. We didn’t win every game, we only one game but we kept on going until the very end. The player of the day was Katie and Harua because they didn’t give up and they gave it their best. Thank you to Ms Chisholm and Rob for coaching and organising the day.

Nathan F and Thomas E


Tee Ball

On Friday we played Tee Ball and there were two Marlborough teams. I was in team 2. We played Park Orchards, Ringwood Heights, Tinternvale and the other Marlborough team. We were undefeated and the other Marlborough team only lost to us by 5 runs. The player of the day on Team 2 was Evie as she was most improved and she got home most of the time. Special thanks to Evie’s mum for helping out on the day and Ms Mielnik for coaching us. Player of the day in Team 1 was Bhavya as she did an amazing catch which won us the game.

Brodie and Adam


Basketball Girls

Last Friday we versed 4 different schools and won 2 games and lost 2. Overall everyone played really well and the best player was Annabelle Couchman because she played really well and had great sportsmanship. The most encouraging player was Olivia Anwin because even though she was hurt she was still very encouraging.

Special thanks to Mrs Irvine, Cherie Mountney, Caroline Anthony and Mary Grech for helping out with the team. Thanks 5/6 girls for playing. Lets go Marlborough, lets go!

Siobhan and Sasha


Basketball Boys

Last Friday we played Basketball at Ringwood Heights Primary School. We versed three schools – Park Orchards, Tintervale and Ringwood Heights. We lost all 3 games. Everyone worked really hard. The player of the match was Alec Cleaves. Even though we knew we lost, he pushed onto the end. A huge thanks to parents and teachers for organising this event.

Tom and Taylor

Bendigo Bank School Banking

Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.


Parent's Association

Easter Raffle

Tickets for this years easter raffle were sent home at the end of last week.

Tickets are $1 each and families will receive a bundle of 10 tickets (ie. $10 worth in total).

Please write your child's name/class and phone number (if family or friend) on the side that is stapled.


Please return sold/unsold tickets with the money by Thursday 30th March.

Prizes will be drawn on Friday 31st March at end of term assembly.


Prizes are:

  • Arnott's Hamper 
  • BeanGiving Coffee Hamper
  • Surprise Easter Hamper

In previous years we have asked for donations for the Easter raffle. This year we have had 2 families arrange awesome hampers to be donated to our school and we are very grateful to the Connell and Lanyon families.


If you do not wish to participate, please return your unsold tickets to the office. People who wish to sell/buy more tickets may then collect them from the office!!


Thank you!

Car Boot Sale

If you are interested in doing a letter drop for the upcoming Car Boot Sale over the holidays, please let us know.


Trivia Night Donations

Thanks for all those families that have made donations so far!  Can you please send your donations in before the end of term.  Please hand them in to the office or to your child's teacher.  Thanks again for your support.


Sarah Riedel


Movie Tickets

Discount Movie tickets are now available online!!  No need to fill out forms or wait for your tickets to be printed  - you can go straight the website and get your tickets instantly (and our school still receives the commission!).



Login: MarlboroughPS

Password: MarlboroughPS




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