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21 March 2018
Term 1 Week 8
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Education in Faith

Prayer for the Week


Holy Week Celebrations

Next Thursday 29th  March we will celebrate Holy Week. Our Year 5/6 students will act out the significant events of Holy Week and each class will visit the scenes. Families are welcome to join us however we ask that a prayerful silence is observed during the liturgy. If you wish to follow the Holy Week story with your child’s class the approximate commencement times are:

11:30:                        Year Prep N

11:35:                        Year Prep V

11:40:                        Year 1/2C

11:45:                        Year 1/2H

11:50:                        Year 3/4C

11:55:                        Year 3/4L

12:00:                        Year 3/4Z


The first scene, Palm Sunday, will take place near the statue in the Ormond Road playground.

Social Justice News: Project Compassion

During this season of Lent we have been working together as a community to raise awareness of the work of Caritas Australia through supporting Project Compassion. Caritas Australia’s work is shaped by the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching.


The Catholic Social Teaching principles cover all spheres of life – the economic, political, personal and spiritual. The principles are inspired by the writings of the Pope and other Catholic leaders about social issues.


Project Compassion brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. We are encouraged to focus on the following Catholic Social Teaching principles:


Dignity of the Human Person

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore has inherent dignity. No human being should have their dignity or freedom compromised. The dignity of every person, independent of ethnicity, creed, gender, sexuality, age or ability, is the foundation of Catholic Social Teaching.


Preferential Option for the Poor

Caring for the poor is everyone’s responsibility. Preferential care should be shown to poor and vulnerable people, whose needs and rights are given special attention in God’s eyes.


At the end of this week we will conclude our Project Compassion initiative for 2018. Thank you for your continued support. Next week we will tell you how much money has been donated throughout the term and how Caritas Australia may be able to use the money to help others in need.


Each Week of Lent Caritas features a different story for people to engage with. Focused on the theme “A Just Future,” and featuring a new country each week, the stories explain the issues faced in each country. This week is Evangeline's story.


Each Week of Lent Caritas features a different story for people to engage with. Focused on the theme “A Just Future,” and featuring a new country each week, the stories explain the issues faced in each country. This week is Ditosa's story.


We aim to empower the students at Corpus Christi to build a just future for themselves and others, as Pope Francis has asked us to do, through cultivating “the seeds of goodness, beauty and truth that God sows in every new generation."


Rosabella, Molly, Ashley, Natalie, Leila and Leena


(Social Justice Leaders)


Jane Wilkinson


(Religious Education Leader)

Parish Palm Sunday and Holy Week Ceremonies


Saturday Vigil : 5:00pm  - Mass   St Augustine (Solemn entrance)                

Palm Sunday : 8:00am -  Mass   Annunciation (Solemn entrance)              

9.30am - Mass   St Augustine (Solemn entrance + Procession)

10.30am - Mass   St Augustine (Solemn entrance) Italian

11.00 am - Mass   Corpus Christi (Solemn entrance + Procession)

11.30am - Mass   St Augustine (Solemn entrance) Polish


 10:00am - Mass (St Augustine)

10.30-11:00am  -  Confessions (St Augustine)

7:00-8:00pm - Confessions (St Augustine)


9.00am  - Mass (St Augustine)

11.00am  - Chrism Mass (St Patrick’s Cathedral)

7:00pm-8:00pm  - Confessions (Corpus Christi)


 8.30am -Mass (Corpus Christi)

 9.30-10:00am - Confessions (Annunciation)

10.00am -  Mass (Annunciation)

6.30-7.30pm - Holy Hour + Confessions (St Augustine)



9.00-10.00am -  Confessions (St Augustine)

11.00am-12.00pm -    Confessions (Corpus Christi)

7.00-10:00pm - Mass of the Lord’s Supper+ Adoration  (Corpus Christi)

7.30pm-12:00am - Mass of the Lord’s Supper + Adoration  (St Augustine)



9.30-10.30am - Ecumenical Service

(Beginning in St Augustine's Church then to Pilgrim to Uniting Church finishing at Westgate Baptist Church)

11.00am - Stations of the Cross (Corpus Christi)

11.30am - Stations of the Cross (St Augustine)      Polish

3.00-4.00pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Passion (St Augustine)

3.00-4.00pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Passion (Corpus Christi)

 6.00pm  - Stations of the Cross (St Augustine)       Italian



10.00am-11am - Confessions (St Augustine)

1.00-2.00pm - Polish Service (St Augustine)

7.30-9.00pm - Easter Vigil (St Augustine)


8:00am - Mass  (Annunciation)

9.30aam - Mass    (St Augustine)

10.30am - Mass    (St Augustine)   Italian

11.00am - Mass    (Corpus Christi)

11.30am - Mass    (St Augustine)   Polish


10.00 amMass (St Augustine)


10:00am - Mass (St Augustine)

From the Principal's Desk

A Letter From a Parent

We often receive  letters and notes of appreciation from families which is always lovely and much appreciated so thought I'd share (with permission) a letter we received a couple of weeks ago which really stood out.


Dear Mr Hyde,
I wanted to reach out to you this afternoon to share a moment I witnessed this morning at drop off which has stayed with me for most of the day.

After my Preppy had put her bag away, and before the bell, she found her little Prep friend and asked her teacher if they could go out and play which they were given permission to do. Well, they made a beeline for the Big Kids playing Duck, Duck, Goose. I believe the group was made up of Year 5 and 6-ers as there was a mixture of Leavers t-shirts and yellow sports shirts.

I held my breath a little watching my baby approach the Big Kids, thinking how brave she was. I hoped that they would let them play… and they did. They embraced them into the group and treated them as one of their own.

I wanted to reach out to you this afternoon in the hopes that you might say thank you to The Big Kids on behalf of this Prep Mum. I know what it is like to be a Little Kid, idolising the Big Kids and what it is like to be a Big Kid sometimes wishing I could sit with my friends and talk at lunch rather than be a Big Buddy. I also now know what it is like to be a Prep Mum, worried that your child may be having a hard time transitioning into school, that they are lonely without you and struggling to make a friend. What I witnessed this morning has left me confident that my child is safe and happy.

SO Big Kids, thank you for your kindness and patience. To the teachers and parents of this group, there are so many things to be proud of and I can only hope that when it is my Preppy’s turn to be a Big Kid, that she might show the same level of care and leadership.


A Prep Mum

New Appointment

Next Monday we welcome Miss Emilia (Milly) Foti who has been appointed as an additional Learning Support Officer: Student Needs at Corpus Christi School.

Some of you will already know Emilia as she has been working as our assistant co-ordinator at our OshClub program for the past few years. 

Email and Contact Details

With most school communications now electronic it is imperative that family details including email addresses  are kept up to date by families. Too often we are assisting with the recovery of CaeMonkey accounts and the like due to changes in email addresses.


This is easily avoided by simply updating your CareMonkey profile with the new email address prior to discontinuing the old one. We will be automatically notified of these changes and can then update our business systems to reflect the changes. In fact we get automatic notifications of any update you make to your  CareMonkey profile.


Making sure your details are always up to date allows you to  receive necessary communications. If you are not receiving Newsletters, Fee/Levy accounts and CareMonkey requests you need to check your email details now.

Casual Clothes Day 

This Friday 23rd March, children are invited to wear casual clothes to school in return for an Easter egg donation on the day. These Easter egg donations will then be packaged as prizes for our annual Easter Raffle which is drawn after our Holy Week celebrations  (see Education in Faith Page) on the last day of Term 1. Please drop the Easter Eggs into the hall on your way into school. Be careful with your eggs as it is also Ride2School Day.

Easter Raffle

Please remember we are looking for donations of cane baskets to package our Easter egg prizes for our Annual Easter raffle. These can be donated at any time and handed in at the school office. Make sure you  return raffle tickets and money to the office by next Wednesday 28th March.


Easter Egg Wrapping

We will be holding an Easter Egg wrapping morning (to wrap all our raffle prizes) on Monday 26th March, straight after Assembly) in the hall from 9:15am. If you are able to help, please click here to reply: [email protected] 

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Time Table Changes

A reminder of timetable changes over the next week to facilitate extensive planning for Term 2.  See the amended timetables below.


Years 1 - 6 Learning Conferences

For any family of children in Year 1-6 who is yet to make a booking for the upcoming Learning Conferences, you need to do so ASAP. Please go to and enter the event code of:   xr74m to book interviews for the times that suit YOUR FAMILY.


Families who fail to make a booking by Sunday evening will be allocated a set time to attend.  Learning Conference are scheduled for next Wednesday 28th  March: 2:00pm - 8:00pm

Athletics Carnival

This year’s Athletics Carnival will be held on Monday 23rd April (which is the second Monday of Term 2) at Moonee Ponds Athletics Track (Aberfeldie Park). All children (Year Prep – Year 6) will be transported by bus to the track for a 9:30 am start and will return around 1:30pm.



You will all receive an e-Form (Permissions Form) via CareMonkey and this NEEDS to be ‘signed off’ so your children can attend.


All children will be involved in the sprint events. In addition, Years 3-6 will participate in the field events while our Years Prep – 2 children will participate in a tabloid sport arrangement. 


The children will eat lunch (which they will need to bring) upon their return to school. Children will need to:

  • Wear sports uniform (Children may wear a T-shirt of their team’s colour)
  • Bring a refillable water bottle
  • Bring ‘playlunch’ in a plastic disposable bag (please pack an extra ‘something’ as the children will not be having lunch until their return to school)
  • Have an extra-large healthy breakfast!

In order for such an event to run smoothly, we will need several parent volunteers to assist. On the CareMonkey notification, you will notice that there is also an area, which calls for volunteers. Please respond here if you are able to help out on the day and you hold a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Long Service Leave

Mrs Nives Childs will taking a period of Long Service Leave commencing next week and we wish her well on her travels. Mrs Karly McGregor, whom we all know well,  will be  teaching  our Preps in Nives' absence. Mrs Child's will be back on deck on 23rd April.


Student Wellbeing News

Weekly Overviews

Year Prep: Making choices, friendly and unfriendly decisions

Year 1/1: Understanding and coping with stress, creating a calm classroom

Year 3/4: Understanding choices and consequences, responding to bullying situations

Year 5/6: The importance of a growth mindset, the concept of positive self talk 

Year 1/2 Update

In Year 1/2 we have been focusing on stress. We have been exploring different things that can make us feel stressed and ways that we can manage it. We worked together to make a poster to identify what stress looks like and strategies to get back to the green zone. Some of the strategies we identified were reading a book, having quiet time, watching a movie, using a stress ball and taking deep breaths. 


Bullying No Way Day

Last Friday 16th March was the National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying. 2018's focus is on imagining a world free from bullying.


Over the coming week, classes will be running some activities to teach students how to recognise and respond to bullying situations. They will also have the opportunity to imagine a world without bullying and design their own poster. These will be displayed around the school as we continue to promote a respectful and caring school environment. 

Ride2School Day

This Friday 23rd March is Ride2School Day! We want to encourage everyone at school to get active and look after their health. There are also great prizes to be won for the schools that have the most number of students riding, walking, skating or scooting to school on Friday. 


On Friday morning at 8:15am, students and parents are invited to meet myself and the student leaders at Hansen Reserve. We will meet on the footpath near the playground. Students are invited to walk, scoot, skate or ride to school. 


Once we arrive at school, we will have a running circuit set up for students to get active before the school day begins. We will also have some fruit platters to enjoy. 


Everyone is welcome to participate and we hope to see you all at Hansen Reserve on Friday morning. 


Melanie Larkin

(Student Wellbeing Leader)



Awards and Celebrations

Happy Birthday!

18th March

Kenneth Tanielu

19th March

Giang Khong

21st March

Beau Trevethan

22nd March

Cameron Clark

23rd March

Natalie Cheesley

Francesca Miller


Kanga Cricket Hat-trick

Congratulations to our Number 1 Boys Kanga Cricket Team who were crowned District Champions for the third year in a row. What a wonderful effort to go back-to-back-to-back!


And congratulations to all our Year 5/6 Teams for the spirit in which you participated. Well done!


Diary Dates


19th - School Photo Day

23rd -  Ride 2 School Day

Casual Clothes Day: Easter Egg Donation

26th  - Year 3/4 Gymnastics Program at FCGC

Easter Egg Wrapping Morning 9:15am (in hall)

Year 6 Confirmation Family Night: 7:00pm

28th - Years 1-6 Learning Conferences 2-8:pm:  All students (Prep - 6) finish at 1:00pm

29th  - Holy Week Celebrations 11:30am

End of Term 1: Students finish at 1:00pm


16th - Term 2 Commences

18th - Open Morning 9:00-11:00am

Bishop Mark Edwards to visit Year 6 Confirmation candidates @ 2:00pm

20th - Open Morning 9:00-11:00am

23rd - School Athletic's Carnival at Aberfeldie Park 

24th - PFA Annual General Meeting

25th - ANZAC Day

26th/27th - Year 5/6 City Camp  

29th - Confirmation: Year 6 Candidates 11:00am

30th - School Athletic's Carnival Back Up Day


2nd - Parent Support Group Meetings 8:30am-4:30pm

4th - Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

Year 5/6 Inter-school Sports (Winter) Vs St Bernadette's PS

7th - Parent Support Group Meetings 8:30am-4:30pm

8th -  First Communion Family Workshop 7:00pm

9th - Years Prep-2 Farm Excursion

11th - Mothers' Day Stall 9:00-11:00am

Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

15th - NAPLAN Year 3 and 5

16th - NAPLAN Year 3 and 5

17th - NAPLAN Year 3 and 5

18th - Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

Year 5/6 Inter-school Sports (Winter) Vs Footscray North PS

25th - Year 5/6 Inter-school Sports (Winter) Vs St John's PS

View our full Calendar Here



Parent Partnerships

Parents and Friends Association (PFA) AGM

Our Annual General Meeting for our Parents and Friends Committee (PFA) will be held on Tuesday 24th April at 7:00pm.


All parents are invited to attend to find out all about our direction for 2018. As per our PFA Operational Guidelines, at the AGM  a brief Annual Report will be presented by the Chairperson and Treasurer and then the office bearing positions of Chairperson and  Secretary will be declared open and we will call for nominations of candidates and elect our new committee.


The Parents and Friends Association has a key role in developing the community of parents, students and staff and exists to help the school in the following ways:

  • To foster family/school engagement
  • To support the school with social/family activities
  • To help the school financially by raising funds for specific/ general purposes
  • To assist with special activities
  • To suggest the priorities for the disbursement of P & F funds

Meetings are only held once or twice each term.


The Parents and Friends Association is open to all parents who have children enrolled in the school and any interested members of the Parish community.


So, if you are interested, please come along.

Parenting Ideas

Here's the latest article from Parenting Ideas. This article is written by

Martine Oglethorp -  a speaker, counsellor and educator with a passion for building resilient kids in a digital world.


Happy reading and viewing!


OshClub News

OSHClub News
After School Care Program

Hi families; our week of activities programmed from our catch-up meetings with the children was great fun and we’ve had some beautiful works made so far in our painting week. We’re also playing games by request this week and have so far played dodgeball and bean-bag tag.


On Tuesday we had 30 children! This is the maximum we are licensed for and I strongly suggest that if you require ASC on a Tuesday that you book ahead online. Once we hit 30 we have to reject bookings. Please be prepared to make sudden alternative plans if you try to book last minute on the day on a Tuesday.


Congratulations to Milly, who is starting a new job as an Educational Aide with CCK next Monday!


Next week we will be doing some Easter crafts and activities and wrapping up the term. I’m really hoping our Easter craft materials arrive in time - we might have to wing it. On Wednesday and Thursday next week we will run long sessions from 1pm when the children finish up at school.


The Before School Care survey at the sign-out desk has LOTS of entries – please pop in and add your name if you would use BSC were it available. We will present the survey to Mr Hyde and OSHClub at the end of term.


During the school holidays the new Footscray West PS Vacation Care Program will run from our room at Corpus Christi while construction is completed at the other school. Please feel free to enrol your children in to Vacation Care with Corpus Christi if you would like your children to attend Vac Care at CCK these holidays. I have had some feedback about the difficulty of doing this. If you are having trouble, please call customer service on 1300 395 735 between 8am and 6pm.


You are always welcome to stay for a while when you collect your children to play with them, look at the Reflection Scrapbook, your child/ren's portfolio, or our Quality Improvement Plan. We’re always grateful for your feedback on any topic and any concerns or suggestions you may have. Write us a note, send us an email or a text message, or just have a chat to us.


REMINDERS: If you need to cancel ASC please do so on the internet 24 hours in advance, otherwise leave a message on 0401 501 661 on the day, or pop in to let staff know you are collecting your child so that we know where the children are. OSHClub is open 3:00-6:00pm. There is a $2/minute fee for each child that is picked up after 6:00pm.


Information for Families

OSHClub program phone: 0401 501 661

Coordinator: Kristen                     

Assistant: Emilia (Milly)

OSHClub Customer Service: 1300 395 735            [email protected]


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember enrolling is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.


For on-the-day bookings please contact Kristen on 0401 501 661.

Community News

ABC Music Group



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